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comes from the paintings in the world. also on the way and needs the networks the door. top. during tours the two storey bridge in the car exploded. my neighbor admitted killing me was a direct order of the receipt as the number of deaths from terror attacks and rex is towards new sidekick records of state documents is that the civilian casualty for the death takes the brakes on the road and ten. what we're looking at now hard to ask specifically for all terror attacks this year alone and the figures while the figures speak for themselves. also
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the silence parents on a good neighbor is the long awaited breakthrough in the photo looks with a rather seems closer than ever. but israel's far from happy about the impending agreed the community top of that too. this is a theory that also come to britain was declared a global hub of financial secrecy is by his bones will the potty actually traced to the country's offshore zone to the independent report the call. the debris could even cheaper to do is to step in and you start it up to become the most. iraq suffers the worst surge of london sydney is the number of those killed rising almost everyday the civilian casualties of naughty for making it meant the mainstream media
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headlines. we got to you've decided to launch a special online project to keep track of them. molly city seven more people were killed on friday the suicide bombers across the country of mexico fiscal reports on high with a spike in terror attas is destroying any hopes the iraqis one of that the piece. a journalist from baghdad. razak has grown used to being in the center of events that never before did he become the story himself until one day she was driving to work when suddenly during tours the two storey bridge and cards lol. i became conscious only twelve days later finding my leg was amputated he survived but was shocked again after finding out who was behind the attack and it's my neighbor admitted being an al qaeda member since two thousand senate she said. killian was a direct
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order if you receive. the aha the situation in iraq is long gone beyond the meanwhile. it has become clear. iraq has become subjected to a war of genocide by terrorists were targeting all spheres of life last week mr murray team met with president obama and the leaders and media iraq was in urgent need of help with the signs general statements nothing concrete email went out to see people's lawrence on the ground. you will i and anyone who walks in the streets and anyone with a fake come home. much like a little blue an exclusive built. at any moment. anyone may be killed. instead the rate of years now and talking about the new security plan. nothing changes the situation is only good thing was. it's all been either new checkpoints to rest more cost of anti terror operations seem to be enough to gain control. it's nearly impossible to establish exactly how many civilians were killed in iraq since
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the us led invasion in two thousand and three meaning became casualties during military operations including short out and showing some died due to lack offline health care and when the infrastructure of blocked what we're looking at now our deaths. specifically from terror attacks this year alone and the figures while the figures speak for themselves. the book is going off rte. moscow. and indeed sadly most of time though was the deadliest month so far with more than twelve hundred lives lost according to the widely quoted awarded a racquetball the catch. it is on the world's largest of the databases of civilian deaths in iraq. it shows a total of over one hundred thousand civilians died a violent death of the country since the start of the us led invasion. back in two thousand and three. many new tricks but say is that very um intervention has led to upgrade his rapid rise in the country to with a round full thousand suicide bombers blowing and blowing themselves up in the last decade. under a fig is today show that it's becoming
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deadlier by the month aunties cooperating with the right body count has launched an online project iraq twenty fifteen a year of college laura smith spoke to one of the site's co founders about what's driving the work and how they find an accurate date. a prominent us general said if the war in afghanistan on weekends to fourteen pounds. it's soo hard. they said to get accurate information out of such tales of this decade has been leaving the human cost of war must be counted states iraq body count was born and according to websites big as the bca has been the deadliest in iraq since two thousand and eight. i made other things that i have found a common one is upset to find it's more than seven thousand people being killed this year. the civil rights and faxes to one of fox's that we tend to focus on because we are looking to rise in the statistical eyes and this is the cycle of violence. one of the things
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that we've accepted that as the violence rises you get more reason for the ones to rise to yet again in the same days people to obey. there were fifty five guys don't get a lot. i'm going to be pedantic but we didn't hear anything. because this is the accepted as normal for iraq is the first gospel to the rockies and into this new form of freedom the government had added in iraq seem very reluctant to publish any kind of civilians to tell. it's embarrassing this is all this it doesn't paint a very good picture of the rock pool there hounding management of the findings in the country. the great taste is too difficult to get a fake as the eu seems to attack the uk. for most the information we can use from these small news wire type reports in iraq today reports on but the greedy make the news that the norm in these consumer would say in dallas texas researcher or too cold to get all these smaller ports to come from different parts of the country and that is what you think of a small events
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yet carnage than in iraq and if you want actors information about what's day on tuesday to a website starts he's taken special projects with the iraq body count then taken it from friday. laura smith though some expense the melee with the situation in iraq play the blame for the sake of others lies with iraqi government of the special community for not putting enough pressure on it. why the government is failing because the politics that is being played by the prime minister said among the key at the moment. it's it's feeding into the bed anticipating the fight in the speaking into the barriers that had the idea that somehow the baby so they don't either i think it's a three d this is reading the little to do so because it's bad luck and actual attention to that invitation from the actual problem. the three of the government to do what it is undoubtedly the police the awful things i've to take
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ktm based rather than rational and legal exchange information. but i think the problem of the present moment is that most of the government in the world treating the cabinet raging in iraq as if it's the normal rate you could only concentrate on the ratings they don't like with its mighty your stereo saddam or whatever but everybody seems to be quite happy to deal with the with the iraqi regime. and for my cute to see the timeline of rampant violence iraq's of the city can check out these special one. watching the clock just watching a special project to mark the appalling state of mind you. what you should
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know. i just want to lead brazil to visit offers recent united nations general assembly about safeguarding internet privacy and restricting mass of the islands. it follows revelations that us intelligence at the moment the leaders of both countries and conducting large scale spying on the terror trees but too jealous and little m is my normal to lie to them he says that if he thinks it just a political stunt. he gets treats of color all sorts and can only make sure that our government or german government is doing now. it would please the opinion if we remember thinking to include both the thirteen this year when it came open he was america's first line of men's german citizens. our government. any advice on the market open to him that all things are not his words sink in the summer to fall apart ness and friends. so now when it came on that piece by american samoa by phone the moment is
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delightful and the us americans for all of our chants been a very embarrassing situation because that she must be traded off course by washington in nineteen four there is enough to know she's under pressure to quit because in college can all accept that a foreign power is buying one or malays especially when the storyteller it means to be our partner. but was no disclosures raised new doubts over into producing boosted demand for encrypted email services that provide the use by snow himself and spending all that it was forced to shut down all this but auntie spoke to my mind is defined government pressure says he's created an online oasis tequila from prying eyes the site of the data center and hair were taking an exclusive tore through one of the eu would be the company's standing up to the us government in the name of privacy. i think we do president will act very well p ashdown is the owner of the exhibition included paintings internets service provider based in salt lake city utah with our hear handel's most part. unlike
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most power players in silk on valley exhibition refuses to give the nsa back door access to its networks in the nineteen ninety eight exhibition has rejected a dot to dot us government but not for customer information stored on why conservatives like these we you don't share our information about our customers of bp don't have a war of the majority of law enforcement requests ashdown says he's received and perfumes have been sticky ness lacking accountability and necessary approval by a judge. this is actually an amiga since launching his company in nineteen ninety three town says he spilled no more than two customer data requests from the federal government did not work and your data out there. the current climate of america's and restraint surveillance matrix has been facilitated by the corporations who spent years secretly working with the nsa regulation government contracts and non monetary
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compensation are in my opinion the three reasons why their cooperation and ironically utah is probably the most unlikely home for privacy champion. roughly twenty seven miles away from x mission. is the anna sees newly constructed one point five billion dollar data center. i think it's a stain on the tech industry of utah all the nsa activities are a stain on american internet businesses ashdown has vowed to face jail time if that's what's needed to protect his customers from being monitored. what surprises this fourth amendment had the cake is that the data companies like google will promise to get the st carina i am rt you tell. kind of relate to the sound of twisting tensions with russia is criticizing the finest of greenpeace activists on the dutchman has shipped from trying to spell that out to go oil rig which resulted in
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the iraqi government was concerned about him. less than a day left so the typical boston's first of this place will only accept thoughts he went to mission control to vote no to the carrier. rather the six world powers movie close to the striking a deal which will freeze in the toronto comic production in return for easing sanctions that much in agreement scholes outrage in israel though with the premise that neon describing it as a mistake of historic proportions the introduction to the top of that to you. this is of the really bad. the lesson love the sims much more enthusiastic that the agreement set to take joan kerry stokes has two of the middle east conflict to geneva to take off negotiations. so what is odd is a professor of political acumen attention to run it only israel's upset because it feels is losing its closest ally. i think a mess and the singer who is isolated and the closest
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friend that isn't had the united states he is moving to va from the hawkish the step of the season of good that it was hard the day and the fact that serve five plus one currencies of its right to be to deal with the yuan is the making him upset him more for the mass that many years to manufacture a crisis and to those who have guns peaceful nuclear program. me and he seemed all his foot so that going away and he is obviously upset should be upset. but you wouldn't know also said that israel will not be obliged by the pending agreement of the country will do everything to defend its security has resided in these provinces in case this in my profile outside iraq he's basically saying that says that it has the option to attack you done that in the cadets to put people in the desert health issues have been using for the last many
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years. many europeans that if you don't pay shipping on economics in the middle of packing on the charity obviously given the fact that israel has attacked its neighbors. every few years for the last many decades you always have to worry about the visit of prime minister making threats like that. but overall i think that that type of threat is losing its effectiveness and i think europeans organizing the break we look into why britain's overseas terror case to become a slave and destinations for tax code is i live. i just use your mind the video. she was. she used
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it to be grateful the stories. q and access keys off. i do. i am. am i in mexico because one is predicted to be the hub of global tax evasion of pressure group report says along with its overseas tour to see if it controls much of the wills on the candy cash there are some of the findings of a new school and hubby said the rate she says could be hiding up to thirty two trillion dollars in eighteen two tax haven countries a quarter of those have strong links with the uk
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apparently their british overseas countries crown dependencies and some commonwealth bank. some of the cost estimate to two minutes and thirty billion dollars is the allegedly in the hands of london's bank is a swell of people employed reports homebody the secrecy so hard to resist the government has been boxing tax avoidance for months in fact i miss david cameron made increasing tax transparency exceeding seventy eight summit that taste good idea to forget that this was the fact that the supreme court expects adjusted to the black press in the wilds blast of fans at the financial secrecy the exciting dependencies by the queen is the head of states by the way to rank among the top fifteen a secret its tax jurisdictions in the wilds. the rules relating to the side and dependencies such as the cayman islands then you need a jazzy and dun seem to be appraised in london state and penn state that the onus
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is on west main set to clean up their acts. the bse on joint by some unseen in the midst of the international tax review magazine. simon thank you for joining us felt that people had to pause and then money in these tax havens do you think is her legal scheme supports the fuss about it anyway. but i think it's a misconception to describe tax avoidance as legal. it's just not a legal and the reason for the kids and governments of being unable to anticipate the yep the scheme's employed by multinational corporations in that highly paid to ami says accountants and lawyers that they felt they sent across the world to resell the best deals that clients first was made to a loss of steps to create transparency especially the recent months the sassy spoken of what's about to be surprised by these negative rankings. i'm not surprised but no i mean except the crown dependencies neighbor sees the trees that have long been considered among the west bank is also
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of wealth tax saving me. what is surprising is that the that the british government's not been very much about today is really nice to get the network of tax havens offshore in the you know what. thomas and thank you very much for joining us well. reports that large corporations and sinker which ended the chills had been taunting the names of towns in texas think in tiny equally polls have closed called great in sydney's that britain has been labelled the walls through direct tax havens is unlikely to be met by chance above the trees overhead. wait like an odd scene and ten. so here's disappearing money online virtual currency the compre how that can be stubborn the story of that coin bank heist that was the reason the doctor that we got to go on the robbery the mystery deepens we trundled around little ones. and the uk in russian secret services have received from age seven of the death of former russian spy in london. but with security forces have spoken
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again because you'd think the salty wind tournament then they bring the intelligence community's back together again until the story. on monday tensions are running high between russia the netherlands these days which is inspiring and the rest of the state to greenpeace activists attempted to hold onto the little ring. moscow's not criticizing the dutch government for failing to prevent the protests the sista but must say as the lakers. the russian ministry spokesman has said that to the netherlands it is too painful. haha the situation has that unfolded at the name and to the rusted did say that to release a statement saying that the actually had cars that madeleine's to halt the ship which was not approaching the rush to not seek out what says that the dutch did not do anything that the russians decided to take medicine at the hands of resting those at twenty eight activists is what is that he didn't allow for the vessel ideology team trial of wallace and have been taught now we wouldn't get is then
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that we take a xanax incentives of the fifteen yes tensions had been running high between the two countries russia and the net as diplomats in their respective countries have been. i tend to hide the thing back in forth in terms of luck at the tents and running high in terms of what is going on right now with the greenpeace activists we know that the dots. i have told so with that of russian president that the president putin has said look up to see how it all plays out in the next company based in tp will be greedy so if they will stand trial. with these two brief embrace move could cost from the roller rink guilty of murdering an afghan prison wall. two co defendants were acquitted the issue to face life in prison. kingston which took place two years ago was captured only sold his helmet can be said to confound us to leave something good in helicopter attack and was then executed on the track a twist on the drive thru so father cutie with wind speeds of more than three hundred km
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about clouds laughter in the philippines is the real biggie this one. at least four people have died tens of thousands of other three evacuation centers which to distill the school's power to do some sledding and false accounts like i'm going to fly. on the tokyo the real master train carrying crude oil's potty to ram an exploded in the us state of alabama. thankfully no reports of injuries some although as lead from the rail cars but promotion season was to say good bye areas are out of danger the rail transport old scrooge increase to the pos three years with most of the controversial production of shale oil. clashes in libya left at least two people dead around fifty of his wounded. that's up from militias still the capital tripoli to avenge the death of the need to just a taste of fall. but mr elliott cassie says such illnesses with an impossible dream that on the panel could that be with eight seconds over these dishes. i don't see a bright future for you to those who
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out of it. they can get away with their crimes yet so than any crime committed in india tuesday the twelveth and only vintages to get to know what you see in india a small private school most of the saturday just received the previous regime. yet the security we have been dividends. are the rules of the beans now even those who are recruited into the so called into the ocean the agreement that you need something cute. the puc michael break into the twenty fourteen and lit the torch during its most unique leg in less than a day the iconic symbol of the game uses since the tube up his fist of the space will partake in a rich thompson to speak with the cosmonauts on board the iss to that of accounting at his aunties and he frowns at mission control. for the first time in history that part of the olympic games will be taken on a spacewalk aboard the international space station. but the chance to
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speak with the crew up there today so as to cause the knots will take the torch on a spacewalk how they intend to mark this momentous occasion. hi my name is lindsey friends from russia today. my question is for all of a cookbook and said give it some steam. i could freeze the guitar and in armstrong said on their pioneering space endeavors became historic. in this kind of play. oh and let's go back in time. and the one small step like armstrong. the other may be thought of the catch phrase you'll use to eat at the olympic torch on its first ever spacewalk. she choose. it's true that many of the most memorable moments come onto certain phrases. i think you'll be too rich don't pay any words that will accompany us baseball with the torch will aim to promote unity movement healthy lifestyle and sports a living will. well talk and a healthy lifestyle cosmo song the only
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ones promoting a healthy life that had all the limp into one of the moscow metro dancing is offering a free iraq. but when it combines that he scoffs at which a special machine that is still the underground station in working capital a recap speech would need to be twenty two in the ruble and rewards of you who strive to keep themselves the estate the cost of a free ticket for a nice too. a few not too worn out but i do miss the live coverage of the lit the torch being taken on last place will come to fourteen fourteen gmt here on as an online course he'll call new new new. it reached a cavity or at most on capital in the next ease u. they just of the house now next on larry king was interrupting tonight us republicans how the coffee can recover from the drubbing in this week's
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local elections. we were. i am. remember way back when we first talked about the first battle notable guns that could be printed out three d printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have already passed and legal armoury party of firearm parts of special three d printers. this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that banning and burning books has become future. in the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed in the age of the year that all he does a scanner and internet connection the information that's out of the book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the area. so basically the near future any person with even half a brain cancer patients can start making guns in their basement which means that gun control laws will basically become pointless because i'm never able to catch all
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the people doing it. nor will be able to take the guns not even obama were the hardest of hard core liberals. this technology could be the best thing happened to the second amendment ever. just my opinion the eye. in a day yes you did. and the sound of sirens because it's based on the eighteenth of june this weekend has been so thoughtful. the japanese style. she'll need finger pressure is on. one of the main techniques not feeling it. butler and maintain the standards used to activate all the ordinance
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does one address access to he reads this and these ones addressing these points. it can be really good traits within the body. and it's more of an effect than just running over it with foil and different places have direct links to different trains to run in different words that stands a very distinct functions so it's good for most of the little attitude problems. even some mental muscle growth is very relaxing and stress. people think it's just that but it's actually a very high status doing now. it's considered canada for almost like martial arts word. there's a series of movements progression of movements that. anyway someone for everyone at the time they get into my mind and besides
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different areas workers and the extra work but with acupuncture you. well since you are. points that are most effective for that person shiites who is much more time than that. all your points in her eye on you and your entire time. for the shiites who went on to my parents' forum takes place over. he and i were hour period. and he really just works over your entire body also kept its unique in that like most heated massage performed over clothing. let me know in stadium you can get into the dreary season two punch of plants and stuff so it's very comprehensive and forced to approach. one for me to life
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rich is the study. still it's cool. through it all happens. but it is not really hits its medicinal the eye mm mm mm in one week. i knew the novel. journal. news of the top stories. a tray in the construction industry he it gets. household. messages from sydney to a historic deal on brian's new conditions could be


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