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i just knew he wouldn't use it. when you will. i know well what welcome to the journaling on tuesday reno is testing them in annie's of the headlines. but i sure heidi on the findings in the philippines rapids with around ten thousand people feared dead international community is ready to help. ross president of sun ra hand's as the yuan will not stop uranium enrichment that day. hostile climate deal and to continue
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it was that the football goldman's and found that in to defend and advance the plo will miss the rest of the season the eye. in the end of the what that's what extent the devastation caused by typhoon heidi on a snow day in acting. the focus of the catastrophe is the sticky off taco bombed the capital of mateship robins twentieth at ten thousand people might have lost their minds. also very hard to sum up province where three hundred people up and eat aft rounds and five the two thousand on missing officials in the philippines held warning that the death toll may climb even higher one imagines the crew st area still cut off by plugging in and starts there's almost nothing left of our cove on. the camper a lovely cape province has been
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reduced to rubble. the red cross estimates that eighty percent of the city has been destroyed. it is the joy of container ships were walking into the city. just one indication of the sheer force of typhoon going on. there are countless dead. in some places it was nice to lie in the street. no one knows so far. exactly how high the death toll is. survivors are struggling to find any protection from the downforce provision of foodstuffs and medicines is for because so much infrastructure was destroyed. even on them. i can't say i don't know what to do. i know what will happen tomorrow was the day after that war is taking continued survival. i am dosen't care and are leaving petrol bomb. there are long lines at the airport for a
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seat on a flight out. but the few military planes in operation can see just over one hundred passengers. on sunday president me know what you know flew in to assess the situation he said the government's priorities were to restore power and communications and to deliver relief and medical assistance by the belmont. we had around three hundred policemen and soldiers who can rotate and restore peace here later tonight of a week several armored vehicles from our morning driving to show the strength of the state and stop those who started believing hiding in the labasa more than the movie though. you know criticized local authorities for failing to better protect the populace. despite clear warnings of the strength of typhoon high on. last summer leisure assets on beginning for these four men and people who have been sent to find the stupid time to it. many
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thousands are without shelter food and clean drinking water rescue efforts on hand but by and built roads and ports in the west today and has bought eight is taunting ten wines from around the world including from gemini. as for the package is distant from the mill not the first emergency supplies to be sent from germany. workers with the aid organization world vision percent and twenty five tons of blankets plastic tarps and first aid kits. we received a message saying we need is the most essential things a tree can order food and shelter. you will serve to provide shelter for the people who lost everything real attention thanks gals. assistance is essential in the disaster region. faced with the sheer extent of debris and devastation. philippine authorities are struggling to respond to all things new. as the first reports of looting a marriage. the international community is gearing up to
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help. germany has also played dinner. the chunks germany wants to and germany will help. first making one hundred thousand euros available in a media day for it but so far teams th to view aid organization this is on its way is itself can be rapid financial and logistical support is just the first step further shipments of these are in the works. israel commemorate the anniversary on sunday with a ceremony at the got to boston or l engine was for them. politicians cabinet alongside total close to my cousin that descendants of mary the commemoration to place the dates because of them in mind this year. on some say that to us about it's a great prime minister and twenty some miles and add to that government is facing a no confidence that in parliament over the handling
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awful mistake that cost i e auntie. this comes as my cat did inspect as on in athens to negotiate another bailout package for greece. the stock down off the anti id at the summit has been the source of much controversy. it was fond of government efforts to balance the nation's bonds xbox critics say the government citing the troika profit than exclusive. sean into iraq's nuclear ambitions between ugandan the five permanent members of the un security council plus germany coast without a deal dining on sunday. three days of tough negotiations. the scheduled to resume in ten days' time the geneva talks hit a snag evidently because friends objected to the deal on the table. diplomatic sources said the french made tougher demands on iran and the other major powers. do you do in the middle of the geneva meeting allowed us to advance what we were not able to conclude because there are still some question as to be
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on strict. to date. french said the proposed deal would of done little to curb iran's growing stockpile of highly enriched uranium for all the construction of its iraq reactor. and although polls six world powers were wary of a hasty compromise. everyone agreed to talks were standing on a positive note. all these years is six countries who may have differences of views but to me all looking to get the whole footy. remove the aim of the two reached an agreement the mini meet again there's no question in my mind that we are closer now as we aged neighbor. there we were retained nevertheless scary is that of the window for diplomacy wouldn't stay open indefinitely to listen iranian president house on the need to quickly reiterated his country's insistence on its right to
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uranium enrichment. calling it quote red line that would not be crossed. the next round of negotiations is scheduled for the twentieth of november. right now and the latest results from the buoyancy in sunday's late kickoff still got a half sets defeat to five books three one. it was the passing on the test of god who only last ten days to dortmund last week. they have babies of its anti move around and score goals while mike i could grab the gun crews consolation for five will pay seventy one win under their belts in the point is that this season i am in a black seems to pull more time proved the difference between myself and that's the substitute school it that the otago in the eighty eight minutes to see a band mates when the hosts mines which moved them into the top hop off the tape. on the table was a children's titles conference today he is trying to unlock this to one not two boys look
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up to the sea during the week in the town history. they had had two tonne of coal in and said they were left reeling ms thomson's and the season ending injury to key players it was a bleak day for u bookstore would not only did they lose three vital points but they also lost defender didn't support it. too early to get links means he misses the rest of the season the injury is the worst mistake today losing him was a terrible terrible blow for autistic daughter was one bright spot was muffled voices have to be put aside when you just after the break what fun we started the second half really well and we conceded an equaliser from a set piece yet again no one is guilty of dangerous properly and lol was allowed to go when i think i'm gonna make it go while recorder with me gets free kick was known as spectacular as rice's he was just as effective. it is a
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level just after the alamo ten minutes later the veto which stole the show with an exclusive winner. he was a six goal this season and completed a remarkable one week. in fact the board to avoid the pre game or two score game with gold window difference the book. it is intended to win against the greek team is going to gorge and sadly had to steady yourself. when we went one mill behind bars which are still more to play for the team to a broken jaw it's from costco. well i suppose snatched a late equaliser but this time could only hit the woodwork. all in all of the uk for dortmund this week twenty four volts while the main title rival sunset spine and continue doing what they do best three nil win against ten other areas. our work was that thirty seven knots on the beach in a new one is the chemical and defend as a long black angus the committee as ugly as the fourth minutes. with that
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in a sweaty of any stripe. it was ok but needless to look again xmas i kept single that this isn't free kick on the step of comp time the smear that completed the scoring with a penalty in stoppage time. and above the rest of the weekend's results meant you got denied knowing about that last win of the season. buy any because unpunished and he can come back to finish my three all from my last meal wine tax has been in sidekick defeated freeman town and on friday hundred pounds fine cancel each other out in a tense toffee. that leaves the table looking like this after twelve months case that's the summit's miami with them should point out the vocalist of dortmund in opposing the death of the points county began to put the squeeze on garcia. in the race for the final ten games hicks was not up on a point ahead of wipes for all
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time has slipped to twelve in the relegation scrap pounds by now also bought some things that consulate down the points and novak on candidates for the trial in the very outset as in a referendum on whether to bid for the twenty twenty two and in between ten and takes half tons down the town's to join the bracelet the prestigious the band's one point three million people and devote it to go to munich and several surrounding the village which was spent on to the pits. but in no time outs of around thirty percent sweet and and know that it's many local policing the milk was placing signs at the potential environmental impacts the house come down to the loonie the steps of making unique capacity to has both the summer and winter games. two years ago the city fails in a bid to host the twenty eighteen winter games. i mean our studio is on sports correspondent i was told. so time has come as a surprise to you that
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the people of new make time down the pits. wanting to come to surprise me when he's been to a the eighth inning the game supports an event like the two thousand and six world cup in jimmy pretty sad because he's a very inspiring in and jimmy has been a great host and the cost. i think on the other hand this does play to see this trend is jim and ambivalence that troublesome infrastructure projects beginning to become cool. i'm the opening panel because they come with peanut strings attached in this case a hefty bill three point three billion euros. some environmental impacts. even the steep it is it's improved on the last bit in that respect. and i think it would have jaded having failed in their last bits a recently them enhancement end up winning. do you think it could be perhaps something barbarians mike's that come to regret. i think of me am new to me likey set to provide two hundred thousand people and in the next sixteen diesel side. for poignant description. you know can do it with
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the unknown in my backyard schools mentality this could increase that to innovate and an address those problems. i think or say to the twenty twenty two will be the sixtieth anniversary of the nineteen seventy two summer games in munich with two complete unity cabinet by the massacre of israeli athletes. this bit of a shifting light to all of the assembly about the school can commemorate the deaths clinton who will be his favorite mountain has reason to think what he can be also that would be safe but that did the next two games are in steady fall from places so she and john chiang and south korea say i'm a genius to be safe and sound to the track record in august in winter it's a great open to titus as always thanks for not actually have time for the back with more news in three quarters of an ice block. do. for the year
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munich judge this week ruled that the president of reading bundesliga champions by in munich will stand trial for tax evasion. despite turning himself into authorities would you put the stands accused of hiding money from german tax officials of the swiss bank account the kiddos i'm surprised our voluntary declaration was not accepted as valid in the coming months. one lawyer divine will do everything possible to convince the court with our arguments before the trial begins in march this is when was
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the name to the plate. byron supervisory board has backed what is so far and he says he's gotten plenty of support from friends. supporters say it's too early to judge. lack of iniquity shots if he know has a good chance for him to clear everything out goodbyes and to be broken. it will be released just a day of the young people should not judge him down to an end to attend a monthly level that it's all guilty when this could be falling two were sentenced to prison the trial is set to begin in march. monday also sort of stopped at the time of mohammed mostly in. it was the first time the former president had appeared in comic books since he was ousted by them in a tree onto my newfound. he stands accused of incitement and the charges relate to events last december was still president. clashes outside the presidential staff seventeenth of this form of consent to the opponents of the muslim brotherhood prosecutors accuse mostly of coordinating the business groups behind the attacks. he has criticized his treatments
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protests in scuffles broke out in the courtroom as the trial began. and john to spend it run until january one was his attorneys described his statement to the pool. while i know is that it awarded on the president said he rejects the military. and the project and he rejects the legitimacy of the prosecutor general. it's not just mostly supporters who have doubts about the legality of his effort the international community has expressed concern that the army is using to access finance as a pretext to ten q tip back into the stands this was the first minutes of the trial will bring an element of coffee to egyptian society. the european commission wants to see a drop in the number of plastic shopping bags used in twenty eight member european union it began to process this week to make it easier for member
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states two of the attacks of the use of non biodegradable bikes. experience in countries such as ireland has shown that taxes and bent into quick results. the cure use are often used for just a few minutes. are they can take centuries to trade in the environment it's the confines of the century hundreds of miles to pieces it was announced to end up in an unique apartments many of the month and last breath authorities in bavaria released details of the case on tuesday. the works were discovered during a house senate in february two thousand and twelve. typical again all in one hundred and twenty one frame. we are one thousand two hundred and eighty five and framed artworks including ones i'm drawn to the martyrs is worse the waist up the stocking on the moxie them on this website and see i it can snow. and this nineteen by
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seagal are among the re discovered most of the suspension trip was found was the son of an honesty that he evidently kept many of the confiscated works for himself passing them down to his son. the whereabouts of the pension are currently on the many questions remain to be honest it has taken a finding that the pcs officially belong to. german chancellor of the americans conservative cdu continued talks and formerly grand coalition with the center left as tp this week the latest ago steve has centered on economic and foreign policy. despite the current spying scandal both parties agree to meet relationship with the us should continue to form the central pillar of berlin's foreign policy along with germany's relations with its twenty seven partners in the european union the new york city is to have a democratic man for the first time in twenty years. in a man's life when built the cia came out on top in the competition to succeed in and michael going back. up to
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three terms in office and that was barred from running again. two thirds of that is cost and can afford to bless you and his liberal platform that includes attacks on the rich to raise funds for education. i did go to the most beautiful places in the world the canal city of venice italy. he was often spoiled by huge ocean liners premium cruise passengers to the romantic lagoon city from november next year the all the vessels venetians and visitors will see in the heart of the tone with that additional manpower gondolas and small boats. as authorities announced the planned on tuesday series will also have to alter their routes freedom the panoramic view for tourists to enjoy the international spying scandal continued to make headlines in gemini this week a bone to stop at the site committee minutes in the german capital on
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wednesday a day off for it was revealed that britain may have used its embassy in london to spy on its elijah many lawmakers decided to form a nsa intelligence contract and with snowden could not be granted asylum in germany. two of them almost thought i made it clear once again that our decision from the star stands mr snowdon has no right to asylum in germany because he's not a victim of political persecutions. hope it won't be done. snowden has been granted temporary asylum in russia the state on the spying activities of the us national security agency including information that the agency hacked into johnson eccles mobile phone over a period of years lawmakers in banana now considering ways to question certain about his revelations in russia. don't pull a team of swiss forensic experts this week said they found evidence that the former palestinian leader yasser arafat was poisoned. the body of the iconic leader of
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the palestinian liberation organization was examined for testing. the group reports funding levels of review as to polonium eighteen times higher than normal and his body. arafat's widow is demanding an official investigation. and i i i when my husband i have been. he is the asian. and the head of the investigation going on in the renaming of the show is really no go for it. he said lol anyhow and since she was he said. in the sand. i get a bed. arafat died in two spells for people suffering severe abdominal pain for weeks. radical palestinians have long accused israel of assassinating arafat the charge israel has repeatedly denied. an
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international tribunals for maritime gold based in hand and began hearing the shots complex. it concerns russia's detention at the greenpeace ship and all thirty people on board. in september greenpeace activists staged a protest against the russian born. to see. russia's case of boarded up and seize the ship was sailing on the dutch flag. she released russia is boy causing it and staying the course has no jurisdiction in the case twenty eight activists into tournaments stopping point arsenal russia. awaiting trial on charges of hooligans it is. madrid the trial of a supporting member of the what did you not see carousel continued this week the munich court must establish who supplied the game with weapons including this one. used to
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carry out a series of racially motivated murders over a period of years prosecutors believe the hole for the supply kit the former extreme right wing activists faces charges of accessory to murder. he's refusing to testify. so a lot of questions remain to be answered in his case that shocked many in germany and beyond the european court of justice ruled that an essential skill up prosecuted in their home countries can claim refugee status in the eu. in a landmark ruling the year's top court said gay people have grounds for assignment in the european union. if they face imprisonment. i know that research shows that europe is the destination of choice for most individuals who are fleeing into their circle again in the snow. um i can't give you a number but hey like i would say that this european decision will impact most of the individuals who are seeking refuge the ruling could offer hope for gays and lesbians in
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countries like uganda fighting for their rights in the face of discrimination because of all believe in fines karen and here the olympic torch went into orbit this week. as part of the relay leading up to the winter games in sochi in southern russia. the symbol of peace was transported to the international space station in a russian soyuz spacecraft. i had to rush home cause its current name and the iss the court will not be withdrawn space for safety reasons. grief the philippines when hit by a mega storm at the end of the week. super typhoon high on masks more than a thousand people dead in the eye in the nation. winds up to three hundred km to our grape street east of the island archipelago. frankly most buildings in them off ripping off roost and uprooting trees
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tens of thousands of people lost their homes and then like that. i never thought we would be so strong that it would destroy my house. but i don't know what i should know i have. thousands of soldiers and emergency relief teams are trying to help survivors the centerpieces hit by around twenty typhoons each year that expats say hi on was one of the most powerful ever recorded in the well aid workers in several countries in the middle east have launched a massive polio vaccination campaign. last month the world health organization confirmed the first outbreak of polio in syria for many years the campaign aims to unite around twenty million children around the region in lebanon for example all children under five will receive the vaccine. it's one of the largest polio
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are created all that bad. we already know the direction of about billion on monday he not the pd. rich is the most powerful country. moon. soon i i in the story each day excludes any team that works the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back any glitch. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting your age so it's good to hear. i was seventeen with
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