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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 10, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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although welcomed a new climate monday november eleven. i'm casting a branching and telltale philippine rescue crews and relief supplies are heading to the areas devastated by typhoon high and authority see the massive storm may have killed ten thousand residents. the type undoubtedly t sound mind and on the islands on friday before passing over to the south china sea. high
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waves and strong winds destroyed buildings in the teeth means that the attack will not and it's about the area's local media say hi and waves over for a mediation washed away coastal areas. authorities say more than thirteen thousand buildings and houses were destroyed and nine point five million people were affected yes it's a bit confirmed two hundred and twenty nine doubts that he is an amber me rises substantially extended the damage is still unknown as transportation lifelines in communication systems are paralyzed. rescue workers and relief pitcher writing at the airport in tackle mind that all commercial flights remain canceled due to the city advantage at airport facilities. still many people are rushing to the airport hoping to leave the island aborted military planes today skewed. well when i looked out the window the water was so windy. i mean own ideas in the window i tried to peep outside and
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all our neighbors houses were gone. the list of stores has been appointed as the rescue workers are unable to deliver aid supplies. we'll be busy responding to the tragedy with offers of assistance to the type and streaking philippines. the japanese government has decided to send an emergency relief team a team of mainly provide medical support in disaster areas to depart as early as monday. the government has already sent diplomats and officials to the country in effort to assess what is needed to in the devastated areas. united states is dispatching its military forces to take part in search and relief operations in response to requests from the philippine government the british government says as it will provide relief supplies worth about ten million dollars. he is executive on the european commission offered four million dollars in assistance the head of the international atomic energy agency watch the latest strikes between
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negotiators from iran and six world powers and that we found an agreement in trying to reach a deal on iran's nuclear program. bt at the model has headed to tehran to try him in the process along. when i scheduled to meet with senior officials including the head of iran's atomic energy organization of the et on sunday he i hope. i mean the team. with produce great results. all in all the mood for. to his old form looks on the issues i must say he had to build on them because of the ring in spain last month including what he called practical measures to strengthen cooperation in stages one to get into the thirteen and ten on this bank. engineers are developing nuclear weapons at the punch in a military complex in prison has several honey has promised evening and officials will be more transparent about the new pier paragraph. id at
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the sheer scope of new talent might lead to a deal. japan's foreign minister has been trying to help to me and she had held talks with israel and intent on attacking ukrainian leaders to be flexible. she said that the discounted price will come on jim byrne said the city's representative and ask that they just talks in geneva the sydney ring and had no intention of possessing nuclear weapons she urged him to work toward an agreement in the next round of negotiations. i also met with president behind me during his visits. she asks him to take their steps and didn't ratify the comprehensive test ban treaty and accepting snap inspections by i e eight experts. in. i do. i want a
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president lying jill has her shoes in ruling party members and to unite mom made the appeal at a party convention that was delayed because of a standoff with the party. taiwan's ruling nationalist party held a meeting in taichung city the convention is held every two years. this is the family was postponed for a month to the concerns of the protest rallies against president ma not that the party faces a severe situation. he knew next year's hugo far as local elections will be crucial for our party. we first meet the universe. in support of party members. ten gb team president and legislative speaker wang jin keane has disrupted politics in time i'm not sure what great times to ten percent some potty mandates and i should step down the center of the monsters in the upcoming local elections
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the not succeeded in introducing the new id card at the convention that allows him to keep the top post as long as he is serving as president of taiwan. hundreds of demonstrators surrounded the venue. mom and his administration. what is in the mounties will have to wait a bit longer to choose a new president the supreme court or in the narration island state has ordered the suspension of the presidential runoff. it could order to election officials on sunday morning to postpone them run on schedule to take place the same day the due date is next saturday. former president said mohamed now she will face of july get me in the runoff. now she's one of forty seven percent of the parents in the first round. he was ousted in a political coup in february last year. anyways the half brother of melbourne and children you can move the multi use it for three decades. ian austen as she did five years ago. according to the order in favor of a request filed by
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the candidate that keen for the ten of the current president will expire on monday the court says he can stay in office until his successor is elected the court not by the president election held in pretend that meant a fresh election was set for oct delayed due to intervention by the police are said to say the supreme court and police are intentionally delaying the election because they don't want it now she can wait. this time now for the latest in a business means japanese companies act is can choose to ensure that business this way they set up branch overseas. this could take this haven't kept a clear shot to the unrest out of control. well officials are bound to three examples i knew she had joined now from businesses with more on this so tell us why would they change the system kept in the system currently only pays out the people who completely close shop so they have to leave that country in order to get compensated but somewhat too late and stay in the same place. the officials
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in tokyo one to strength and support for japanese firms and some of the world's most unstable places. they plan to change the lawn to ensure those businesses for losses even if they stay on after the bond rest. the trade ministry compensates japanese firms abroad when they're affected by brian support terrorism insurance them in situations where they have to shut down. what can collect payments from local companies but it only does so if they end their operations and pull out of the country. industry groups say this system that needs to change their responding to a case involving a japanese company earlier this year engineering firm j d c corporation became caught up in a hostage crisis in algeria. gcc decided to continue doing business in the country. so it wasn't eligible for insurance. but no ministry officials are planning to overhaul the insurance system. they stayed for an additional premium. they'll cover wages
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storage fees and other costs for firms that suspend operations temporarily japanese finance officials have just released the nation's latest trade figures. the current account balance month affair plus for the eighth straight month in september. finance ministry officials say the surplus came to about five point nine billion dollars. it's up more than fourteen percent in yen terms from a year ago the surplus in the income account earned abroad rose nearly twenty five percent to about sixteen billion dollars meanwhile the trade deficit swelled to eight point eight billion dollars. soaring imports of telecommunication equipment and semiconductors council out of riots in auto exports. but to get a check on them i did just that quick recap a report friday on us non farm payrolls beat expectations and that showed the dow jones industrial average to a new high for
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the camera. if your life better in the military that detective stock exchange anita morning where to market stand as we start another trading week. pretty positive but start here a high interest law firm buses taking given the positive close of the hat in the us and also the futures were trading here before the markets open close up look at the exact levels telly and a pretty sight good to us talking right now one point four percent the nikkei up one point two percent for the topics both indexes out well into the positive that i am we should be seeing a while we are seeing a reversal of the losses that was on friday on the nikkei and also with the dollar having risen on the back of the u s jobs data we should also get a support for japanese exporters. i also focus on the china are in a related shares that today as the third plenary session on going in china as well as a stream of data that we had over the weekend. for china that also may dictate how the region's indexes trade today did over the weekend showed that china's cpi on
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exports and retail sales. all of my zinger last month compared to year earlier. so that's a bit of a positive we'll see how that tracks to the key indexes there as well as also of course being the focus on the policy making meeting right now ongoing in beijing. people are focusing on what policies china's government is going to be taking over the next decade. and of course on how that affects the economies across the asia pacific including japan's economy is well odd. i mean you mentioned the dollar aisle without checking its moves against the yen and a son john to run ninety nine to three earlier. where does this stand now. exactly the job acquired is that especially after the jobs numbers. let's have a look at it right now it's a couple of little bits. but still high compared to friday and this time last week as well so it could be positive for japanese exporters especially after some of the declines of the soul in some of those the shares last week. but other things to consider july including the us central bank the federal reserve. now as i spoke to said that
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the federal reserve still nice to see some more data up until the end of the year twenty two for the gauge of the timing of its off on buying program where the tapering as it's known. i invest is really keeping a close on congressional hearings friday comments from a picture nominee. janet i gallon on the stimulus program and of course she's regarded as a strong supporter of the stimulus the euro yen as well hundred and thirty two points thirty eight points forty seven with the european central bank's surprise rate cut last there is a simple crush the remaining eleven under pressure all those heads up from those earlier most non employment and growth prospects of course key factors for traders decisions over the single currency will continue to monitor asian indexes training later this morning as well and i'll have more fruit. some of the levels that later on. for now thank you i found it and think a lot. ella's remain on guard from the tokyo stock exchange. now let's take a quick look at our global economic calendar for this week. first japan's machinery orders for september will
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come up on wednesday. this key indicator of corporate investment grew five point four percent in august from july to the highest level since the global financial crisis in two thousand eight on the same day the bank of england will release the courtly on quarterly report that is on inflation the deal you will also announce its outlook on unemployment. there's speculation that the bank may start raising its key rates that's because the jobless rate has been falling faster than many people expected initial third quarter gdp data for both japan and the eurozone are due out on thursday. between april and june japan's economy grew at zero point nine percent from the previous three months meanwhile the seventeen nation single currency bloc reported an expansion of zero point three percent that was the first growth in the year and nine months and has remained a mention in this market report in the us the senate banking committee will hold a hearing on
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president barack obama nomination of janet allen as the new federal reserve chair she's not and vice chair. if confirmed by the senate she would succeed chairman ben burning tea at the us central bank. at the latest in business. alivia with a check on markets the man. two people being killed in a shooting spree at a large house party. enid the southern us state of texas authorities say gunfire rang out late saturday night at a home in the houston found at about one hundred people were attending a birthday party at the house
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from what we've learned sometime during the party a pin shots were fired inside the house. with the victims trying to come on a house at one time. pretty chaotic scene. local media before the shooting lasted for about five minutes. police say least twenty two people were injured and that they were stitching for two suspects students and human rights activists have discussed ways to stop the spread of hate speech. the council of europe our three day meeting in strasbourg france the conference attracted over one hundred and fifty participants from thirty eight countries. a species lately credited with many european countries and regulations and not keeping up with the expansion of the number of internet users some countries are considering imposing tougher penalties. but this is disgusting how to deal with hate messages posted on the internet. one presenter kay stepping up online money
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chain and asking website operators to delete them another said schools should educate students not to use hate speech by showing them examples of that. we cannot in the renewed its pitch to become prevented from taking root. one in people council staff member and a gong zhu said he welcomes the imposing stricter regulations to draw people away from hate speech cyber bullying is a growing problem around the world can people discuss the issue on saturdays at an international conference in charlottetown eastern canada the budget included and spritz on cyber bullying and victims' family members said the bullying is the use immobile found in social networking services to harm are harassed other people. a number of teenagers in western countries have committed suicide after being bullied online. a seventeen year old girl killed herself in april in canada. her parents said their daughter felt very isolated and deeply
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hurt because her friend did not defend her. they called on the children to offer help they discover that someone is being bullied on the internet or by immobile phone. nestling in a get people to make sure that they stop doing this because it and it takes one person make a difference. children also made a skirt and the most interest to learn how to counter the tactics used by side components. i am. she has become the east has some of the world's most treasured iq logical site but the simple war that has threatened the standards of the past thanks to its creepy mask as they all six of syria's world cultural heritage sites. i'm now in danger. one man is a tendency to ensure the supply this footage shows the bombing of the need to be good practice to billion. one of the most famous castle dating back to
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the receipt and a world heritage. much of the castle has been destroyed. syria's most important historical sites are coming under attack at the end of october japanese researchers told the symposium to draw attention to the issue archaeologist specializing in syria and experts who have worked on restorations in afghanistan. discussed what can be done to protect serious heritage sites. with new sitcom joe is the director of the national museum of other well. he explained the situation in syria i don't know as mine it implies. our mr sharon has decided to use the term to in march this year. joe took up a one year research position at the university of tokyo
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he's been traveling around japan giving lectures to raise awareness about the dangers facing serious archaeological sites and to mobilize support for the conduit became the museum's director in two thousand. within a year civil war had broken. he witnessed a fight brewing agency. parts of his museum or destroyed bomb attacks. in whom it is hard to stand by the enormously while ruins are being destroyed before my eyes. syrians have always lived alongside these archaeological sites. so the destruction that means not only the loss of our homes businesses and treasures. also our identity we are. joel has a team videos and images from callie and other people in syria armed militants can be seen walking around inside
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the grand mosque in the old part of them. the mosque minaret was a symbol of the city. now it is finished the ancients who are covered market used to be busy and vibrant. now it lies in ruins the war is even reached the ancient roman city of palm aire in the middle of the desert. also a world heritage site. the famous temple of the god ball has been partially destroyed living as well as the ongoing fighting comes to also point to the problem of the cake. or even in the middle today. there are three illegal excavations visible in this photo the groups are or can i think that some of them come from outside syria. at this location. looters have eaten up rigid ancient pillars the stolen artifacts are smuggled out of the country
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and to quick stop to come from an era has been seized in lebanon. syrian officials have already confiscated around four thousand objects but the actual number is likely to be far higher the middle with the intent of the sites in syria are known only for the syrian people that they're part of our shared heritage. they are lost. it will be lost for the whole of humanity. we really need the support of the international community when will you do you do who just says it's essential to protect these cultural properties. he believes they will play a big role in helping to heal the psychological wounds of war. he intends to continue his efforts working with japanese researchers to protect the heritage of his homeland. now for a check on the web and that typhoon we reported on earlier has weak
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and then moved on to northern vietnam. mine sure she tells us the latest. yes catherine you're absolutely right we have turned stormy conditions across vietnam in fact myth is the one super typhoon high and which is hobbled all the way towards northern vietnam has made landfall over time the city on the honey fallen in northern vietnam it is going to be traveling overland and will be decreasing in content that eat into the next twenty four forty in the cricket will become a tropical depression that is. however the costs are making the team to contact sixty two km conversely it has the potential of the tender a team that claimed and that tropical storm force winds we're likely to see about a hundred kilometers per hour gusting winds to the report it even more from the fifth inning teeth and it did to this extent. searching on the topical more she looks like reagan in the seymour rainfall accumulation of constantine and four and the east in southern ohio
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attorney not talking about two hundred women teachers that rainfall for this is likely to trigger for the lighting and fresh but this one the second month by not considering the philippines with the another system which is very unfortunate we have a tropical depression has one of the over the caroline islands. i think it's going to be intensifying into a tropical storm status because it's going to be in a thirty four east. tropical storm of the season has been very active so the one area filled the air you will want it will intensify and it read that the attack and that the super typhoon honey and ended at the end of the week with the thump of its budget movie affecting the main area and have that effect on typhoon brought devastation to the mountain the buildings are all married and it's not a precondition for a night to welcome any kind of ease the heavy rain at all. so the damage could be substantial into the next twenty four forty and if it can intensify and passes over it. these economists with the very clothes on and then head to the bigger picture we had a very stormy weekend here in northern japan. and
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that we saw a lot of snowflakes for the first time this year already. not too unusual but for them is called midwinter cool that it's a team dominated much of northern half of japan already at this time the air like that very likely to see up to forty centimeters of snow fall and in parts of northern japan but the southern half of japan only pc dry in a mild conditions except that the pictures will be dropping in schwarzenegger's veto pen from sixteen ten to twelve degrees on tuesday and on wednesday content just looking at two minus two for the high on monday to limit or beach and down two minus four for the hike and it has repeated protests present a clickable link and in europe now with the sentiment a new nation for the king and very stormy conditions that have the bulk of that will be in and around to it to make the sentences up record low and in win shares surging from the sentiment of three new nation bringing understand it's quite apt it is also pulling a lot of cold air so it's very cold across
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central europe. it was the british isles the sagging of fronts and edit them and the swinging across the area so stop asking uk unlikely to be very nasty weather but windy conditions into the next twenty four. here the thing until you make and mild and dry conditions with temperature reaching it ninety degrees to madrid and six degrees above the norm and see that the whole of the colder temperatures growing on me reaching eight degrees and how i spent nine weeks to the rain coming in africa in protest. i am noon
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i know. well a status as did our final farewell to
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the world's fairs and casey station in northern japan one hundred and sixty passengers got off that top the right to a station on sunday the final say in its operation. the station is located one hundred and thirty five meters below the sea said this was billed as an evacuation sites in the state had its own that opened in nineteen eighty eight. the title brings the main islands of course you and hope i don't buy train a guide to the passengers at the station where the shots because its platform would be too wide for a future bullet train service. june. it's a pity that this issue will be closed i wish they would keep it the high and another station in the tunnel on the last undersea stations in japan. they will be officially class next march i don't like this edition of the sign and having a man she
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handed him the sea again. as and. the life led men american talk about that. how women are powerful. if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed
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blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i can't help but call out sick the contest and one main iraq as the place. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop
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turning a blind eye to the atrocities at our life andt are women human power of thinking. it is. the rule. i knew


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