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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  November 11, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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thomas. since the development of the scanning tunneling microscope in nineteen ninety one. itn has been economy is enormous. i was in the world also we went the cw anything works. honey the underworld. so what do these numbers mean. ordinary chinese people. china price we go beyond the statistics to tell you how the country's one point three billion people. interacting with an economy that changes by the day. we didn't get to the everyday. looking at social and economic questions when the chance to win a prize went to. the market when prices that are shaping the future. watch read that
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the economics of everyday life in china. i don't remember her laughing all the leftover when three kids in chinese factories. more than what you end up tv today money matters the tiny tv ratings in our question today what they see their doctor watching tv reporter. but dr for his application. two chinese users happy about it. finally it is going to pay for the extras that they did something for the winter olympics. but before all that would take a look at the top rate of one year in china first of the national the daily evergreen real with soccer championship. once you
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are ever going to be at least open to south korea to become china's first ever winner of the asian soccer competition it continually. the result of the first time the chinese club to the top the podium and china into the professional soccer twenty years ago. holding the championship. other news came out about the club sponsor ever dreamt of the group. the past three years the increasing popularity of one to africa and the realty company had made a fortune on the investment. before that he wanted soccer club the total annual sales on forever going into the design was under five billion us dollars by the end it doesn't help that it will reach fifteen billion dollars. all the nit championship no one ever revealed it expected to rise to twenty between us dollars to the sound of the underground. should i do think that everything that comes not have gotten more dependent on its return. matt and i then used the com lucky draw for finding good and tried to get attention online. on november eleven dollars single day. most i e commerce business that what you were riding through what can be to attract consumers a chinese to find what i typed one dot com want to
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look into all my neck of the attention of a lot of people. it could do to participate in the draw to win a trip to vietnam to look for beauty and the bride at a cheap right. yesterday more than twenty thousand people signed up for the contest when the participants arrived in vietnam in the tub with numerous blind in the hopes of finding of the enemies right. generally they need to pay over three hundred dollars for interpretation he is active referral to the activity organizers you'd think that we find a bride to me would be after k baxter two thousand dollars to lead organization. chinese media all relieved that people needed that more than fifty thousand yuan to various enemies girl according to descriptions of the website. the new bride always loyal to their husbands and they can take a little chinese as well. don't go and get back to money matters were talking a tiny tv ratings stay tuned the number of keen interest
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in the watch of the mind china has been rapidly growing and developing levin to do the chinese tv website the kid three hundred seventy million viewers. with the fact the building of the video website that number has kept increasing and that data showed that the first five months of this year the total number of online he's on china's largest video website. average three point five billion hit. in the month of january this year alone. the kids jump to seven hundred and sixty million viewers. the audience went to the dot com accounted for a quarter of that total people are choosing to use their computers instead of their tv because the whole content of the shows come on dad will introduce them to other shows again divers option. these include popular chinese american and british owners like sherlock a walking dead and the boys to china. a survey showed that he didn't have much more popular than the beacon drive in her tiny body and the anti dumping tax on average every chinese person than thirty
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minutes watching tv during everyday. online viewer watches more than three episodes of the keating years each day. we had a big effect on contemporary culture and the value data type and shape it doesn't end the competition trying to protect tv shows from overseas peers. it opened up a new marker for tv shows looking to break into china chinese media release more than two hundred american tv series are produced each year john thirteen one third of them were purchased by chinese website. due to recently released the above more than seventy american and british shows for the next two years. but the key to show. real american shows like lost in the big bang theory whistle the high prices. he definitely shows the cost of a hundred fifty thousand dollars to enter. find the right to the show. that didn't work well done. when the american show vampire diaries the video. more than three million online here. in order to make a profit
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the large chinese website with advertisers to make their money back to the purported of intent. when the american effort to only cost thirty thousand us dollars. mr has taught them an increase in rates the price. the cost of like american shows. the road ten percent each year. it is nothing compared to how the rights of chinese and change. the chinese should have been able to make millions more in that exposed the right to eat at the end of the chinese tv series rose by more than fifteen hundred times the past two to three years. key to most online audience. there are much higher quality than chinese show. many would deem it the better shows and hydrangeas the three higher prices. with the chinese shows are actually able to bring in far more. the right the popular chinese tv series could reach four million us about six hundred fifty thousand us dollars for each after that. the views are tiny shows. the millions if not billions more the most popular tv series the black
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legend don't want to delve into all call for almost five million us for backing under twenty thousand dollars cap that dvds show contestants have the pick of the canal the total cost more than fifty million us dollars don't go away because of that will continue look at the right to keep the show did it welcome back to china trade marks in today's money matters were talking of the reich a tv show. a popular tv series called the blackout collective don't want would go for about fifty million us dollars. this tiny tv series called the story was communicated to grow during the tea dye. john paul stevens agreed to come over to the queen under the watchful eye of humor the total number to watch the show. more than eleven billion billion worth of peace the deal with the new record for chinese online american are still going
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well for me of the walking dead and over seven million view the joke too if you could go to the right to show them a much lower for benefits when the american producers. for more professionally when the market. because i regard the future of the market even reasonable price. many would consider the price of anglo american shows are extremely marketable. they may not get the same number of years but their major clients in china and persecute you. people usually of higher education level and income. advertising the people more money and influence to deal with or provide brand. at exactly the reason why the chinese website prefer to purchase more american show. all the advertising potential there when things are actually losing money because of the huge cost of buying rights to both american and chinese show. we're trying to buy out the market over by the monopolize the competition. data released in two thousand eleven. you can tell them about twenty million dollars over the whole year. i did she have up to about eighty two million us dollars the huge investment in buying it showed people in political issue. don't invest
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about fifty million dollars in the american show. of course to the head of the view that this year could reach eighty million us dollars. they might have been rushing to the investment in africa taking advantage of the kappa mikey the station due to political problem to mainland china. to make about eleven hundred ft administration of radio film and television and on the tv stations in china were prohibited from having spot or not. during the broadcast of peace theory. some analysts predicted to lead the walk to the beach twenty between us. about three billion us dollars to the tv station data showed that in two thousand nine the total revenue that amount about ninety five million dollars in two thousand and three of these hiked up to about three hundred and twenty million us dollars. it did. you would like to reach more than one billion us dollars in two thousand thirteen. far below the fifteen billion dollars made by chinese tv stations into the content. don't go with the objects per question
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today quoted a senior spot to watch tv. the tent. and today we are thinking are you with their take on issues affecting their lives. today we have people the street about not watching tv with two people had about the current situation. but to what chinese tv shows on going hunting american tv shows cost much more than two
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and tv shows the cost of imports. i don't like watching american tv shows anyway. chinese ships of the most support. i really like chinese tv show i watch american tv showed he can take time to read it that i can't. american tv show are much more heat than picking tiny tv show. chinese audiences prefer american tv showed that ain't any. i usually watch japanese tv shows on the internet. i don't like american tv shows because i don't understand english too well. you are watching chinese. because i can tell the stories. i will start watching american tv shows and internet sites provide chinese subtitles. i watched what extent the beach and in american tv shows online. i believe the american tv shows are more expensive than chinese
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tv shows that didn't do what i think the american sitcom that the new dna chain integration i watched both chinese and american tv shows on the internet. for chinese tv shows that american tv shows are too violent. i think cheney tv shows are more expensive than american tv shows. i liked the tune. i want american people. i have no idea of an intention to seek an important one. on the night to watch american tv shows and me. we take a look at trent screen above the mine in china. on today's show with a cup containers of doctor patient it can be a doctor in china. surprisingly dangerous. because of fear of malpractice lawyers and can carry medical equipment dissatisfied patient or physically attacking doctors there are literally being up doctors. the typical way to
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handle disputes between doctors and patients in china if the call for investigation into the case that happens in the practice the competition be granted because of the bureaucratic system and lack of legal order. the cases are often result in a very slow pace at the issue of patient dying mr maddock for the family result of the investigation and pop into my hospital does not always done by the families of the patient. in this case many people in china may not turn to lawyers or other legal means for help. instead they will turn into teams of underground cave like room the function of the script with the help of damage by for larger financial rewards from the hospital for nine david piper financial words i literally mean fighting the one act play games or mafia help organize people to disrupt the daily function to hospital to get people to protest at the door of the hostile threat in attack doctors have been cases of people making in the hospital pertaining to the family members to make a brief medical treatment and because
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the racket. recently beijing youth daily mail that most of the pack and it doesn't apply to professional and organized he becomes a clear market chain connected to the present standard for example the most common item on the menu that can protect elderly people and woman are hard to make a lot of noise thinking of the hospital while holding posters displaying people. as the new building that david cook after st three hundred year end around fifty us dollars per day. lunch will be provided by the client to the very appealing package for many in china didn't quite want to private doctors another eighty dollars per person and added to the bill to the one attacked the nurses and matching hostel but they usually require even more money. of course there's a lot of respect for medical facilities the attackers entered the need to pay for his or her medical treatment the most recent incident happened shanghai's to bump up the last month. peyton and gas producer in the top goal is to be accumulated the resort an infection. he
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died in the fight due to the hospital. the family firmly believe that yet dive to the hostel for treatment you can leave rushed to the hostel with several young men. the attending doctor was caught and beaten up in the present the patient the purpose of the destructive and dangerous behavior is a good competition for what the family law. as the designated proportion of the competition is normally promise that thing like croup the packers will try to leverage the hostel as much as possible. don't get it even if i can remember swimming coaching with the hospital. many net users to write opinions about tax on hospitals. the doctor patient is good. when a user and white quilt. usually after picking them to solve the problem cubicle me. as the other party that damages would reject the solution for one thing most patients are common people knew nothing about medicine law and all the legal procedures are usually time consuming and costly. the risk of losing a lofted drive patient towards the underground group over another boy can internet and cleaned the whole medical system. this kind of
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underground market has actually brought up by the medical system there to make a showing of that i would need to stop for the loft and writing papers contain the money. hostels are cowards and before the weekend due to strong another that you all to mention the responsibility of doctors quo. doctor should also examine themselves on this issue. many hope will work to start cooking red packet of dried patient and wait. because of the dirty business that many patients believe that all the doctors are profit driven workers when the medical treatment failed everywhere just played the profit driven doctors dr should not have made the mistake in the first place. an interesting assumption was made by one user wrote the hostel changes are making more money into those doctors to normal pretty hard to be a doctor several recipe that makes earning a living. however when there are no doctors will come of our world the risk of attack of hostels have gotten killed after hiring security guards now. pity the doctors and patients. but there surely fall from three players here
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moving to offer better compensation. the legal to do the plot and a third party the game will likely disappear once the first to preview the problems out moving on now to get the price. the bond of elevating her to understand the cost of living. today we have people mistreat to get upright the right to a tv show would take a look yet holding the point and shoot the thing that he has about sixteen hours and he was still in the seventh of may th ranges from eighteen thousand to thirty thousand units sold i don't know much about the entertainment industry but refused to because i feel. yet that the app looks like watching chinese tv shows i think
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american tv show can get when i watch american tv show i was too much time reading the title. trying to get wet like i want to get champion american tv shows against chinese media websites cost tens of thousands of euros dollars for every episode of the big bang theory. watching american tv show cops much more than chinese the chinese teacher of art is super cute. i seem to make them carry cop canon hundred dollars perhaps though i've seen it i think it's good tv show and english teacher cannot pretend that the ratio of returning to the show. i think the average price cuts hundred thousand dollars in aid and the painted million dollars. like american tv shows that the appeal to me like listening to american english. one pumpkin candy. i went to american tv show. i usually would. they should
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contact mornington condition how close the gap it into the content and to top eleven when chinese video web site the hundred fifteen thousand us dollars on each of the head of the big bang theory. american show to cost million to one p m the show the price of the most popular tidy the show was even more. they cost about four million renminbi about two hundred thousand us dollars per episode the question should the future and present time today was a weather presenter when it bid for
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the chewed up and twenty winter olympics. she reported last week the chinese olympic committee to be an application form to the international of the committee. publication on to beijing and dong ah ko in the nearby of the province for two a bid to host the two thousand twenty two winter olympic games. beijing will hold. i for one dong doco will take charge of the sport it did tuesday when the bed they soon become the first to be in the world. the whole book summer and winter games the cake the main centers around the infrastructure left over from the three thousand eight hundred in which can be a problem for many city the heavily polluted air will likely be a concern again provided the committee members to the possible provision to win the bid. an article written by shooting him in years shanghai government owned paper as a positive take on it. the article the five major advantages of the city the article argued for the big dividends for beijing infrastructure and newly built stadiums in two thousand a game the team could use most of them
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organized indoor ice sport that figure skating short track speed skating curling an ice hockey. they only need to build a new interest in getting into when the bid the second advantage is that whatever kobe to the dumb jock all the city is located in the north of beijing nearby cause a problem. over a hundred fifty days of winter snow. the minimum standard. i have been collecting host city. no cared about the form up meanwhile john joe cole had constructed for large ski resort. these resorts are capable of holding forty thousand years of the same time. the commuter train tickets would be a problem but china had to present until the really super fat of course had to work at least one notorious crash the chinese government planned to construct an inter korean railway between the two cities by the end of the year. when the new railway system is completed we did spend forty minutes to commute between the one hundred a mile distant previously require at least four hours of travel time the article also are due to
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peer into one controlling and thinking of that. even though they weren't the most popular winter sport. the articles one argument with the chinese athletes have already won medals in previous winters day. which for some reason to post new content every day. it's more likely just a nice way of putting ice on a propaganda cake. not everyone is as optimistic as if they don't pay for content or one long for her on his blog about the terrible air quality in beijing. and if possible the condition condition. long said that during the two thousand and eighteen games the government used cars in the road and shut down nearby factory the helping of the city's air quality during the game. people can enjoy the sky and fresh air for a change. cover the heavy air pollution the winter might make the effort possible wanted to be seen as government data show that in january this year we lived in the city was surrounded by history by pollution. long argued that he can call what makes effort typical long typed out of the chinese
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academy of social sciences the data shows that taking captive or twenty two million tonnes of coal each year the crackdown in beijing the nearby keep changing have seventy million tonnes of coal each year and their two hundred seventy million tonnes of coal burning it in the nearby bay province the personal interest of the writer's point of going to post the article. one writer worth reading on party line. assume that they want to win again. the other was really just making an appeal for cleaner air sth. we have time for today's edition of china price watch. don't expect them to the latest on the cost of living in china until then you can use an uber episode online at un deputy time job. i do. zz you
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here to tell you from afar it's nothing and no one are what or who they see. not distinguished looking on the way. now police officers not only has nine children or even old fisherman the button. the new superman film. mom don't answer that determined to see the need for sunsets its inspector frank the stunningly was laid back manner belies his drive to get the truth. i knew i would. the is growing so fast
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says salome is that. and it stayed. the speed. the team is from kaiser groups and earnings. it's too soon series ability to uncover the truth may be his greatest strength but also gets him in constant conflict with his superiors study into building a luminous white and green opener. it is so rich and beautiful cut the lead you to see one of the final two commandments. so relieved this monument against him and us. the commemoration the scooter called karma the new pc. recently fully to go. amazingly the name of the stall. most of the time he maintains an impasse and exterior which masks the ever present grief over the death of his wife were going to be
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consuming. kendra and her team preview. as for corso when is the money under the posts. the series. this into question. i am . two heat. last night do i. i drew you to me. it is. six. what do i see it. he's not comfortable with other
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people's expressions of feeling. which leads to what may be one of the italian television's most genuinely awkward moments the kid. ty is somewhat more open flaunting grind stunned and enthusiastic television audience in italy. we ran for three seasons between two thousand five and two thousand ninety eight the story is based on the novels of malaria for a seat which became popular for their sense of history and their exploration of the societal causes of crime only two of his novels have been translated into english and the book serve as a departure point for the series episodes rather than providing specific storyline. mary is played by a local barber is he who brings a depth to his trail of a complicated man. in addition to his acting career barbara. he is a well known figure in italy because of his political involvement having served as a member of parliament since two thousand
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and eight he became famous in nineteen eighty through his association with the notorious horror film cannibal holocaust. a film so unrealistic its director was arrested on murder charges barbara. he was one of four actors killed in the film who sign contracts requiring them to stay out of all media for year. in order to fuel rumors that the film was an actual snuff movie. only thing that contracts were canceled and the actors appeared on a tv show where the charges against the filmmaker drop and. the issue. human skin the love interest in fighting crime displayed by russian actress natasha stott can you tell who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as a popular tv host. before stephanie who became famous as the model
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and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow studying metal engineering. stir until smooth. status. when he sleeps. i salute you can see it i know. main character in the series is the river hull it shakes the landscape the climate in the lives of people who live on it stinks both rich and four. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen. power to set its history can never be fully understood. mueller says people also are. and it also hides her sleep. secrets that one nation are just covered by people see. i do. i
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do. the us. i don't i welcome to the world is love and you know tommy and tokyo shares a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. relief workers are trying to bring food water and medical supplies to people in the central philippines in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon. cambodia windsor partially goal victory over thailand by un court rules


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