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tv   RT News  PBS  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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of the deal. we are not blind i don't think we're stupid the us shrugs off israel's culmination of a proposed nuclear agreement with the wrong. as tensions among wolves. how was school progress on an elusive deal big money open trouble brussels negotiate a free trade deal with the us that could mean that it was a prophet. critics say it will ruin european democracy and the corporations more awful
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than governments lost. stuart has successfully returned to earth after a historic perspective now the longest torch relay galactic history is set to continue but bring you the details. on top. this is ok with international news and comment. sharon has signed an agreement with the un to tell me what store which allows access to several of the roles we play facilities including the controversial iraq had the will to plonk. that was new progress in the latest rounds of pool to help to limit the wrongs make a trend in prices when the brain for storing a breakthrough when israel left out of its allies full negotiating what it is cold in the interest to you the sportsman's mall. in fact the talks did seem
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promising new hat the main foreign ministers meet in with the european union policy chief on ict catherine ashton in the mood in a nice innocent in one of optimism this home has seen opposed to the citgo stations from the stock saying that the plant will teach a new way. and in fact does not has already seen a case that bans nuclear program. netanyahu says is that easing sanctions on the matter would be nice to put it on yahoo. putting a hole in a tie at the other hand you have the united states which is true these negotiations what the scene is possibly the most serious american is me scandal and disputes in the years that view. it's dangerous too because it keeps you on. as an opiate thresholds nation we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid. i think we ever pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe and
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particularly of our allies like israel. he also says to close him that islam needs to make it nice that no agreements with the band has a ph evening stand any kind of a single physician assistants be premature. paul kenny said it was at the time to produce any kind of deal is when you actually see what it is how we did me a yes from evil and off to the talks aimed at once and today that it was in fact thomas who was responsible for blocking any kind of deal the french foreign minister obvious and that we don't want a fool's deal. well hearing now from the usa could give states the fact that dave is on the band's sold candy saying that the major thomas win at tonight's it on any of a new new new new deal but it was the maintenance crew were unable to accept it. kerry saying that they were you not to unite said on saturday when the proposal was presented to the radiance that to kuantan. the french had signed off on it. we had signed off on it. the team
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and wasn't able to accept the deal at that particular moment. despite the statement by joan carry all sides of the building significant progress was made over the weekend. barbara seven or fancy effeminate the atlantic council told the added that she believes that is due to to rome's positive approach if you can run it changed its attitude toward the talks most radically. let's face it this is the foreign ministers agreed with the new proposal at the last round of talks and who. it is very serious about wanting to get an agreement for him. a raw honey this is a second chance it's what we call a do over they didn't manage to improve iraq's relations with the united states to get a nuclear deal. the last time they were in power and i think you're determined to do it now. quell the rules supreme leader accused paris of showing the group will host of a teacher and weekends too. went with it he called the french approach included in the next numbers
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and told us that has a number of factors that determine crosses position that the negotiation table. i was told to read before the geneva meeting that the french were going to take a very hard line on the iraq vets eight r a k a heavy water reactor. so that shouldn't come as a surprise and then there's the fact that from swat on the french president is going to israel this week. i he'll score some brownie points there for sure and in france has a very important relationships with the gulf arabs including the saudis and wants to sell more weapons. so i think they're a mixture of motives and in coastal region of the easiest debate whether the hardline stance of which can cause against the rules you can for them is justified here's a brief previously priscilla is the name for doing and in the south of tokoroa. no was not the law was not transparent according to the known proficiency you how you can pursue but you have to be transparent to go to it. although when you
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establish your new flight ua you will you play you will the police in order to enter into any of you. this is just because i think i'm the fat kind to stifle widget but again i don't wanna go into the killing to that now the idea is great with the one. if you look at how countries view the western assault on iran. the last few decades most countries in the world disagree with it very strong majority against it is the perception is visiting again the americans and its close allies hijack what we mean by the international community and you know what they could even be bombed to help in the name of the international community were to be an absolute fraud george go ahead yes exactly it. in the case of iran of the iaea has never found that the iran had nuclear weapons program but he was right but the indiana in which the mediterranean to was the nuclear weapons program even the u s intelligence
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agencies have not found that the iranians that the people a weapons program. so laugh all the smoke and tissues us israeli policy against iran has absolutely no basis apple on the isle of either will or own evidence. to wish today here on the ot the us and eu are putting together a free trade agreement that the painting as historic and dmitri beneficial but critics say it's ignoring something democracy. the single market for europe and america means not just breaking the tree differences between the two sides will be removed. this claim big business will also be a bit of a roll with the government's revenue is promised big benefit stand of one hundred and nineteen begin heroes. i'm really not discuss this with the straight talking heads to the kaiser for mike's cousin was very critical about the deal. to say the least this is that unbelievable
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act of corporate humorous they've invented something now vs corporate state or the investors say. so that corporations have the ability to all riot. sovereignty to override country's legal framework for our profit seeking and rent seeking. i don't think we're really getting to the nettle of how devastating this is the thing that stands out too late monday. going by now but what mexican a hike to scold them for a second because somebody can feel safe with him that it is shorty means my job prospects in europe together be improved while i know this deal go ahead because is my life my life it's like going into the devastated europe economy. what a job and it can improve the prospects that doesn't give the power to the entities that have destroyed the european economy the big banks that guided the european economy this that gives the ability
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to sue the country's for damages that they impose on these economies for compensatory damages from the economies that have devastated that they can then get the government's this is the essence for more money after they stole the money more strong left with one loss to shorty brussels will listen to what we have to say don't have a skin cells and they will shortly make those rules protecting consumer interest and indeed the environment from any invasive of the policies of trouble. the us to fight the lane and this car and carry out what the nsa spying on every country when angela michael and yet she said i want the nsa spying on me now she's laying down some time just letting you know like in this new law which favors american corporations to ride the bike eleventh the end of may. the skies of that to him even when one is free trade agreements against europe is no lifting the revelations the u s intelligence targeted its leaders and citizens get in the way of business on the heels of the spine of a nations the eu complaint of the lack of trial site on tp drove off economic analyst michael gross whether the frustration is an oft
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into a lucrative trade deal just over the shoulder of the edges of the ocean although the days the us embassy. though the john kerry the sexiest eight says that the nsa spying suntec is it going to be an issue when it comes to talking about taste buds. that saga has limited trust between the two countries. how can you have trades when you don't have trust. i mean. germany ntu is nothing outstanding. let's face it. this list of united states politicians the same old is very bad debts and assets by an unknown to the makeover. his low heel depends on if it be known as the earlier books of business in particular and a few ed say one of the big giant gym in companies which you be willing to sit down with one of your american counterparts to trade knowing that perhaps they were listening in to look your secret conversations of cost innocent of this bike is not only above political issues but also promotes economic
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facts. german companies are away at that desk by digi americans take the results off just buying for themselves but they cannot do anything against it. there is a potential delay justice of mine field becomes a mason also the potential for the stripping of sovereign rights and go to people's campaign in the eu saying that too many rights go to bed at seven point brussels will this could end up seeing is that rates could end up determining the loss of the country how will i go down in gemini. let's face it i mean geez this treaty is nothing else then submitting the eu joaquin falls to the goat offer us call them proceed. michael m ross economic analysts like you very much for talking to me that so the second round of talks on top that's underway but sadly still a long way together to convince the people of europe that this is best for them the most ambitious native russians and the torch relay has been completed the symbol of the twenty fourteen winter games in sochi was taken for a space
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walk by the crew of the international space station. now it's safe and sound back on the podium in the front has been calling beat them into strips. right i'm here in mission control when i dove in red letters landed flush on the screen a cute round of applause but not to see the torch back seat with your own or with three crew members russian cosmonaut field directed at stake and american karen i've heard and it's really bad habit i know that we watched as the capsule broke through on the atmosphere and that large high chair she opened up the disguise of classics and as a cheap really back toward earth. the torch has been in space before but it's never been taken on a spacewalk and that's exactly what occurred that blasted off from the back york hospital on thursday made it safely to the iss nine crew members up there and it was taken out on a spacewalk on saturday but two cosmonauts we re here live one two and is very excited to see the engineers actually walk walk. the cosmonauts to the steps on how to get around the iss without scorching and of course it
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was not mix. but nonetheless the spirit of unity in sportsmanship was up there on the iss in the form of torture next it plans to go to the beautiful area on outs in the eastern part of russia and its getting to the bottom of like the cards can go to the top of europe's highest peak to peak don't tell chris is going to continue on. on this topic longest relay an olympic torch history and to all the way to saatchi in february something back that we're all watching and enjoying a lot but certainly this detour to outer space but something very momentous and historic to see happen he's not here mostly we get ready for us they still ahead this hour. recalling memories for dish that can receive a special thank you to russia for the actual zoo was the global. as remembrance day is not to cross the good of all the details for you in a theme the eye ay
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the science and technology innovations all new developments around russia the future. you can. i know most. he alluded to it the journey. one hundred and twenty three days. city departure. they were fourteen thousand people. for sixty
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thousand a month. in a record setting trip by land air sea and over space. olympic torch relay. these are the dotcom the us. it's nice to libya in challenging the authorities and to pray for linda and oil company reclaim emissions control the lion's share of libya screwedh no intt exported r th i ies ahead of thataion unle within ten days. it is so far been unable to regain control of the silk single thomas region. the causes and chatted govnment will bike boiled consultants mother due to some may believe that in fuel production is a long way from recovering from the recent war anyway. this is the foreign intervention
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and bb at the v as for the production has vershady spot. nowadays db as part of the evening even to satfy the gillespie consumption and i guess black background the anould be a witness called to be an olympic sport that for a quiet to hawaiind instead be easy to add to the company that is the prize. companies like tb and yet i have paid for the highest inflicted on them by less than the conntn.undreds of millions of euro is up in smoke. europe's called the gravity surveys and i compared the bones of twelve reentry atmosphere and remote controlled descent. for this story right now know what subtlety don't come. for despite activities are up to dig and find out what cc hq needed us to the tune of the professional social
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network linked in. we have the details right now online right from the sea the interesting picture the reporters clinton. on top. if you don't. did you know the difference is the only industry specifically mentioned that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy should out of it i will. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the purpose
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of our government we can hide change my handphone possible transnational corporations there was profit by the store. and on the show we repeal the picture of what's actually going fine to go beyond a doubt. they are no real discussion. nation states. ready to join the movement. walk with it the eye. in early november it broke without the reconstruction will than one thousand eight hundred units in the depot and whispering something its closest ally the us condemned as a hindrance to peace talks when just about enough for most of the seven also speaks to a lonely l he's the former director general of the israeli foreign ministry about the hopes of ever reaching a breakthrough in
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search for a two state solution he can go digital so we will be able to do it agreement will conclude a peace agreement with only me mixed in with the mysterious its twenty oh five rules maybe thursday as they did for one of the settlements we be bidding to build the chance for a palestinian state side of the soul sunday a duo called a stable peace government is doing i hope that the local press has formed his own the rights to all of it sticking by it that drives the between a whirlwind day. these are the lists for these a brief look around some of the global news now will help it. the whole setting of of
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the of the labor camp was basically done. this is the unc on the conditions inside path of labor candidates can turn into slums. gilbert state has come under severe criticism for st of migrant workers during major development in preparation to face the focal will cope and twenty trips to foreign labor is opposite a t eight percent of cattle population. many allegedly have that all sports confiscated by employers none will take four months on end. thousands of left wing activists in athens rather than support of a nickel to fight against the country's current government initiative was tabled by greece's main opposition policy studies. it was defeated by a majority in parliament. the stricken nation has grown to two multi billion euro bailout scheme ready. there is speculation it will need more cash to keep its crumbling economy alive. ashes test is in the kurdish capital will sort the russian embassy with problems during an independence day much to
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convince reprisals consists of the security dude on foreign tried to scale the fence. scuffles with police to be reported and dozens were arrested dubai's is a promise to read it with milk tends on in the tens of thousands turned up and police in the front to disperse the crowds. will the basis of more than one miles in seven hundred people have been confirmed dead oak to the health and life in high and back to the philippines. some league officials believe the death toll than just one province could exceed ten thousand are still christians are under way with many people left to search the ruins of the best percentage of fuel to. it's too late to get them on sunday where he killed thirteen and is now in china where floyd people died despite the storm weakened we never tire of the eleventh day of the eleventh month remembered study was called to cross that line the silence was held to honor the heroes and victims of the fence will more and other conflicts including the second world war. well
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russian and british patrons were among those who join together to recall their alliance that beat the nazis is the report. annie and they didn't trust the government was finally allowed to fade and special thanks to tracy she looked incredibly fast rate. we traveled to the save the union supply during the siege of leningrad the uk government. one thing that tends to receive russian people bravery award the mission called meadow it's the result if he isn't campaigning because of illegal strike. the kids to cool some text from receiving foreign decorations. it is very significant because actually generally people in this note also that received medals from other countries of the small pool but it takes back into the incident in the mists of time with elizabeth busted a sort of role the aggressive way said michael to a new m i call this but this is not the way to the case of huge gold medal. i think is because of this very place link has been forced to seventy mm downing
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street in chief of the russian president awarded the first twenty veterans. in russia. this evolution the fight against germany as heroes and use me to be patient toward you. cold metal. why don't more for them and then hopped on the tree didn't get into the arctic moore says is still underway the fall months that the embassy there in the news and what not to strike down every single aisle seven the temple the kids to cough med el me show you the yet to win it would take place. with the help of the ministry of defence on six medals all things with a russian embassy has been busy writing to veterans and many of them are enticing. soon i need to do business. constantly thankful
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for this and that of those lessons. even then it is easy the house. it's the middle that many of them and take part in the corner boys the youngest of whom is no need to stick to eating till they would need to see. i'd prefer to save the nation and it's very hard to wear it. unfortunately cameras are you don't often use of it and see nice not be anyone at the three thousand detection secrecy on it to the russian proposal to hold them for the future costs. this is in no way the last chapter in a bowl. which is about recognizing the war efforts in both countries demanded rain. he brings his total to ninety eight russian fleet in twenty minutes to come to get them to decorate them for their heroism. will they see it again. the boy came on
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scene london. the moment more international usefully in a row thirty minutes with me in the team you're not being stupid on. eu. ugandans these images used with the condition. each one is a tasty candy. designed to be cute too. japanese art of making it to come to school the school of design. it takes a long training in march due to becoming resigned to our kids
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the committee will meet his teacher to eighteen degrees to make it soft and pliable the man who says this approach used to separate talks like he isn't ready which has been shaped by hand stretching and twisting the warm sauce can be the artist can create a place to be sure. different colors of candy can be combined. this rose is built up crippled want to achieve a realistic effect in. the can you make me drunk the artists will make any design you want. but the thing with complex
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creatures would still be done quickly before the county schools and parks. speed is as important as dexterity the just three minutes up to his custom made to order. its intricate dragons going to miss it. way to artistically words very seriously. you can't make too much like natural objects just refe to trust. silly visit zoos and aquariums to the two grounds were living things new. dude it's important to keep studying the foreign ministry and how the real thing moves iconic something that looks alone. as he stokes is strange. he's remembering watching the news of the war this is one of these can be
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sculptures of some amazing real life. realistic great lakes. lisa jackson hopes in school. i am. says. this site is history begins with the end of the eighth century steve camp is likely it's sold as offerings to kill the temple. also the origin of the opposite. it was about four hundred years ago when artistic and creative team can beat the middle and upper chest. that means i can became quite good. still stranded own stupid generations. freecycle is very much applies to them
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especially in festivals events and tours. that means i can still win. you can do to keep it current cost of iraq. awesome too but decided to be artistically. make one that looks just like me in the recent craze is to us we do portraits he can. how would you do sth. i do them it seems are ways to eat it so cute. just like me the long history behind it we assign to it. japanese street culture. julie was gone the twenty second of it
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ch. i eye. this is a journal joining us please. try to be born. relief effort. most assaults and how amazingly it workedat


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