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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 12, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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the cats was a free day course breaking the top twenty. so much. the dorset to play. stocks. good news
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such. he scrambles to get imagine seeing any to the philippines the un says ten thousand feet off the extent of the kids got to know about that. when jed and i will be one of the themes of queueing to get away from the last affected areas. many of them access to the max and failing to working with them another new kit think that a rather prominent them a comment that staff at saturday that iran wanted to blame for the activity let me pee a token to me about the bombing on a trip to cuba now if i don't care. watching the master in utar. i can international media is scrambling to speed up imagine ca deliveries to the philippines. amid the devastation wreaked by
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typhoon hang on to ships kl all the chaos that is becoming clearer now millions of people have been affected. many still have no access to fidget changing tool that lets them know you and says that it be as ten thousand people have been killed in the cts cut down on my end. kyle brown reports amidst the devastation of typhoon the neon survivors try to find who lost loved ones. putting bodies into makeshift coffins. ribery the victims themselves joseph and his friends have come to find the body of the sister which makes clothes for three days. one of the people to a fallen victim to the worst ever storm to hit the philippines the united nations estimates that the death toll for taco by malone has surpassed ten thousand. this mom has a list of the people from his neighborhood who died or disappeared. i will be bought
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at the utah guard at the top of all follows an eight of the road will end up going into the coffin. tall. we met a woman who founded the cost to imagine that instead of going to do so. he did and her family survived by clinging to the roof of her helps. now survival depends on finding something to eat they're unsure whether the food the find is still edible grab them here in poland. maybe the guy. it means longer. one family had i saw daddy's. it is of me one woman in the syrian perished under a fallen tree her son is inconsolable the shoes and a good mother opiates. he's done. dozens of bodies have been buried in
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the greed your mind and still more are expected to arrive let's get more on me and in effect that now when joined by sporting ban on the regional humanitarian court may change a flea in jail. oxfam. thank you very much indeed and for joining us at the stall is tainted now i'm grinding in the worst affected areas of the philippines. we have to harriet me hopping but ultimately the cleanup operation in a depression taking them over like harriet it returned with her and to be able to get. i did. our
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management theory during that time. are you. you know. he could be the new high the challenge. along the ground. many different societies and countries giving aid and uses well if the many thousands being coordinated well enough coordination with the aim of the team the upgrading. now i'm cool with it the word i am. don't we. i do not need to make sure that the complementary. i'm liking it. it might be on ensuring
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that we didn't get it and got the boot. nice to see me now on to people that need nice to action. i'm choked up. you know it too. i'm not going out again. but people have been off the table. i didn't know it but i think that in no time. it even better today they need. the action among the guy. shell the protection of the element too. critical and i need to try and rebuild. all that the mind and just have to ask for the man and a regional court may take the nation for oxfam
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giving us an update on the humanitarian situation only mom that time in hyannis hussein hit southern china killing eight people that it was last months of its force in practice been downgraded on land sold to a tropical storm but it still carried winds of up to you a hundred kilometers an hour and very heavy rainfall let's imagine dancing and to get the grime xi province. as you can see it. athletes don't think so many. pinochet about me is now on thousands of textile workers in bank index has hit the streets for a second day. demonstrate to the demand higher wages. i think this is already this tuesday between contestants and louise mcbride says that firing tear gas at the crowds the rates has helped shut down around two hundred to go on the tree. sydney metals have needed to quickly seems
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like it's from the huge desire to honor a refugee camp in jordan. investing is officially banned at the camp say the submission put space jordanian and un officials that in a delicate position jordan is keen not to become operational tensions with neighboring syria. the fed has more on this. history syrian army it seemed so tiny refugee camp provide some bright for cursing lions only sixteen km from the syrian border is home to more than a hundred guys in syria refugees. i mean the same team as friends the majority population in syriana in the backbone of the rebellion. this defect in the syrian army brigade here send fighters to release it from this that i recount were not trained there. he spoke of four cd training camps for raffle fight tears that another location in jordan and syria. another rebel sniper confirmed recruitment went on in the camps he said this increase since august
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rooted in the month of august and any added in the stadium of light didn't receive any training in jordan is the dawn of time going there the people come to jordan to join training camps. and a trip to syria often they finish their training on the blog. it baffles scientists in here says he's trained hundred and twenty five fighters recruited from the tiny over the past four months i'm one of the fighters of the italians in addition to that. i give them training courses. i'd trained fighters and antichrist the styles of all kinds on the increasing use of accounts of these revelations people of titanium and united nations officials in charge there in the state's position. for gardening goes against the country's official line to the zoo train rebel fighters into for the year and the subject recruitment would go against what is supposed to be purely humanitarian mission. in financial disagreements a continuing not to say it to reach a deal on tehran's new camp right at eye level talks wrapped up a weekend without
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the agreement that were erased in us history john kerry on the fence in britain that is five minutes is still in a last minute. speaking on the list john kerry said the west have been united in its upright. putting the blame on you're on the connection. there was unity. mother and couldn't take it at that particular moment they were unable to accept that particular breed seoul hard work was done progress was made. the p five plus one was united there is a gap still between wipe. mine which may be appropriate that they're prepared to accept that the concept that we are all working on. we have absolute unity on. that sparked angry reactions from enron's prime minister mohamad evans mep kick back and said she carries around a swing set saying that understanding can change what happened in geneva and osteen going to take this to say but she was
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in a moment today to halt the u s jobs as the knights and publicly common sense gets it on friday morning must filter effects effects from inside of the bsc took a tough line on its break with convention by talking about making negotiations on french radio. russia has demanded a full apology of components soft ultra nationalists dr says norris firecrackers outside the russian embassy in thailand on monday. they all said done cause i made it and they'd gone to be back on for far right march marking independence day to send it into violence. chaos on the streets of course so the students know it's march honoring the people in the arena its independence after world war one the third consecutive year in transcending into science the book of handling the protesters broke off from
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recess and ten. just want them to left wing radicals riot police that ms didn't play with firecrackers and stones thrown by my experience. i cite the russian embassy for some symbol of oppression during its to be grilled reassessing its peak the lights support for the far right concerts in recent years improvements and zealously incidents of priestly motivated violence increasing. those taking tours made mentally their country's traditional chinese the irish courts and tricks and what you see j was devoted to lease it from the religion will be going well for whom marriage is the amount of human knowledge which coaches to orchard road to go pushing. the answer is mainly targeted symbols of my twinkies. here the burnt remains of what was a multi colored fabric covered parts representing tolerance and diversity too many and sixteen. to please protest areas. mom says conditions on monday the eleventh of may
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and that was embarrassment the french president was fun homes. he was the sea and by acting as a remembrance day service has been condemned by the government parts of the opposition. buddy miles further misery on the phone system based on popar presidents on the court to play biscuits on a hassle the escorted by the republican gone to the french president turned down a chance and easy and so with the mom is staying day to be tweeting like dozens of angry protesters. some were wearing red caps has only been known to breed from brittany has recently been taken to st savory new tax on heavy trucks. soon release an observance and it is still the protest is taunting straight games to the court of the far right. with individuals need to be active in fighting against same marriage. seventy of directives and the interior minister has bounced swiftly condemned the actions. mix it
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up. it's not acceptable. you are in the eco employee with the memory of that is he telling bleating from this but he told me such a gathering to attack the time he said. heritage. many of our republic. also our country is to include the minute i set it to the national front and several of its politicians arrested at the far right candidate say they did nothing wrong with it. we were there the memory of it demonstrate inwardly in a way to. the meanwhile national front leader among the japan had chosen to attend commemorations in the north of fronds. she criticized station called trouble initials easy. she also explained it was just the sauna point spread discontent. this was the last time the french president was very caring armistice day commemorations. among the crowd so much down to the protest is courting them to stall. i respect this on a vestry of the outbreak of world war one. lots of family
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news you know once again welcome to special edition of the false event gets to interview aware of heights above house the official guest house for state of india and were pleased to be welcomed. thank you for welcoming us the foreign minister of india some uncouth hear a thing to be noticed in the house think it's going to be a good night you're very busy schedule these days. tom you have a commonwealth summit coming up before that here there are fifty foreign ministers from asia and europe that are showing up. a tripartite meeting with her counterparts from china and russia yet when you walk around the streets of new delhi when people hear about foreign policy. the one country that springs to their
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mind is pakistan. and during these next couple of days. we understand you will be meeting with your pakistani counterpart. plays coming as well and on and the rules to ski on the sidelines so many in the life that god in you you get to meet with snow with all your colleagues come and put aside so hosted by elections. and don't know his is this austria. ohh and foreign policy. she knows him well. he has a lot of people if he's worked with in the pasta will be as i had a good thorough opportunity to meet with him about four times the beast months. so upsets me that he'd know if the togetherness in place that we have a chance to spend some time together now index and it was the election auster east hopes were raised he was a good meeting you say between the pakistani prime minister in the indian prime minister in new york at the united nations in september. since then though the fed border
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incidents. what's happened why is that. well units in something real we can speculate about tuna. now we can analyze why it might be happening. on the borderline of course that means it's it's caused us a great deal of discomfort. hmm we need to carry opinion in the yukon just simply tall cross the border. and think and expect that things will improve unless you have support of people on your site and you'll come to pots out in support of people on this site. we haven't really been able to to stay top people that coke. these meetings are improving thinks because things have and will be improving. the keystone the lion hunting and in september when you met in new york. did you feel as though you cannot overcome the cease fire violations these. this attention of the border. well that was one of the intentions lot of intentions was to get things
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back on track. these. he lost the initiative and the fact came to a bush will hold. in terms of file dialog. often you'll feel events that have been unmoved by it. and more recently most recently the incidents that happened the beginning of the year. on the line of control. the idea of costs was to get back on track. we've had some very very good indications phone box on the new government to joining the election campaign the snow much that he had taken a very positive view towards the end and i believe that that he thinks a nice sit still. it was endorsed by the people in the election and then subsequently as the new prime minister he gave again the right signals and therefore it was in boston to give them each on the sand and make it to make a fresh beginning. and the sunnis in my off to a considerable opposition
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overcoming it. a prime minister met in new york. i'm always so great to see some some concrete results. i think it's important that they do some housekeeping in debt and an inch all that to get the cia he becomes more conducive for the positive the relationship between our two countries. and of course there is none other neighboring country where you both have a lot at stake and that's afghanistan with the drawdown skittles for next year. umm you granted to an interview recently where you use it effectively that you wouldn't. umm you would stand by the afghan people he wouldn't let them down. does that mean. after the us with strollers and me not letting ask and well indeed. they must be monsoon there with destiny and we have. we have consistently said that the peace initiative which is obviously an inevitable and that of an intrinsic to
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the future and destiny of a father son must be held on hold to them. and and and have gone down. conceived we would support what about our son thinks is good for them even if there was a bit was the guy mentions of the approach that we ourselves would not have advocated. thus for instance the attempted each. out of the rebound we felt that that my dog beast is a good idea but we understand that it's full scale ground people to decide what's good for them so we will stand by our own involvement with them is capacity building on volume then is is to fortify in on the film. i started this fall are protecting themselves. i learned a statistical aberration. and getting them
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but how much of that. he's still going and the effect too. once the u s troops links. realistically what i think it's a smooth it's only two. to make a lot of the area. the teams competition. how much of the new pillows. that is inevitable in two thousand and fourteen west indies some us troops even if they're confined to five with sixty seven bases across the country. a lot of what would be the confidence of its review of the government to come and fourteen. will it take to sponsor the lead to protecting and defending its citizens. there has been a lot of effort in training and developing data security forces. we ourselves have helped him in training and a pending issues of management security. um let's see. we would like to see a friend and what mall the needs and
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how they would be able to sustain the momentum towards peace and security. we would be there to listen to them carefully and two. to the best if i believed it to be able to help them achieve their objectives. st is a commonwealth summit taking place country long could the prime minister unlikely to go we understand he might boycott the meeting. well i would use the word white color but to circumstances that form of view taken into account in me will be difficult for him to attend to i would be then what one would be too difficult and it's what i think the data says a lot happening at home right now we are going to be into five addictions they are more elections. julie nixon's out front. the important economic decisions as to that he has been taking. and of cause the points of view it from afar cause leaks and other parties' phone number not do. um they have so they have a very strong opinions about how we should deal with the situation that so
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the post conflict situation and should uncut and how we should engage with them on cars sitting looking at the entire range of issues that are involved and the pr pieces of home it's possible that he will not go. and if he doesn't go and he takes a close enough to go. it doesn't mean a boy called because i'm doing our daily use is going to be then be winning his fourth cd with two montgomery believes that to some improvements are they and all the kitty for aussie on the horizon the connections the northern province for instance has thrown up an elected government thirty years of conflict came to an end and now they have detected a present incumbent of the toilet. we would like to be able to see the hand since been banned for them to be able to fulfill the destiny of the premises and salt one cup cooked it so claire and we talked about troubled the border with pakistan when you're not going to boycott the middle of the issues was that when dealing with this tree longer
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and presenting border issues could tempt you can be discussing their chinese counterparts. with china it's a bit. what kind of a snapshot can we give up the indian sub continent going forward after your options which are taking place next year how will the sub continent good looking which are critical he said he hoped it to our success ago when good show the dynasty wish to see. i'm having this seemed calm and seemed futile. and if it means a nationalist bjp wins well i mean you know when you grow into a democratic election of them idiots and bought some anyone can win but i see we said our country well at the weave of the youth he's done now. i love more than any other kind any other government and the bosses being able to achieve of course allah. i love having done all this has created his own expectations and therefore people have agreed to censor the juicy but i hope that in the end of the day. given the type
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that the stakes we will be back to the country forward some into one final question as an the saudi men election we see identity politics play a key role in europe. we also have issues with identity politics these days the talks about secular values which i know you're prime minister talks about the diplomats in. when you talk to diplomats recently tom. as. as a moslem what you think when you look at our issues of identity politics and francis today we have about the muslim veil on this kind of thing and friends. well you can diet of them i stand with this as an amuse i think it is a lot to be blunt. given democracy has in india and the bb to do with my experiences in on our own independence of a generation now leadership
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uncle barry though. they had a network show steven leaders from europe from the uk from its us germany. having ago brought in some of the best values. another them to watch the steam strong democratic values and death. i think that there is a transformation taking place in the load migrations have brought about due to mixing of populations and identities and i only say that is a lot that you can learn from us now. we've dealt with identity is a lot longer than you have and we would be a was also some some saline beach. you and you would better handle on what appeared to be very difficult situation but ultimately they would only add value and doubt and uncertainty off your society. i will relay that very diplomatic message someone could say i wanna thank you simon says. foreign minister of india. thank you for being with us here for the cosplay consented to thank you for welcoming us to thank you for joining us stay with us more to come help us
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pack. a wound. i know. it is you need you. use. it is
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choose. the cheerleaders and
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chicken tuna boat. his optimism bias and by the nipple and once again proved to the world that partnership and friendship between two countries are very strong relations between the countries have developed very rapidly with the advent of the customs union in the customs economic space relations became even more fruitful last year the cause aggression treaty exceeded twenty three billion dollars


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