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moving. and . the news on him the new musician has shot and killed three people were in his band the new york upset that he was kicked out of iraq work. ali akbar muhammad the roxy at reportedly shot the green in brooklyn before turning the gun on himself a rampaging seemingly triggered at a finger over his falling out with the other members after the shooting investigators found a guitar case on a rooftop which they believe the shooter may have used to carry the assault
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rifle used in the attack the shooter knew the victims but hadn't spoken to them in months because of the petty conflicts when the band's manager of the sauce has it down. originally from tehran that the band called the yellow dogs was the subject the b two thousand nine film called no one knows about persian cats was told a semi fictional tale of a band that played illegal rock shows in the iranian capital morthan residen forced thr way into top club on airports and train for and military planes carry a relief operations in the region. many lost their homes entering the basic food and shelter after tycoon j dionne rips through the south east asian nation. hundreds are confirmed dead with the death toll expected to start the rights of the city bore the brunt of the store which leveled homes in building its presence turn to local churches and makes it more as aid workers struggle to provide help to the enormous number of storm victims officials report including the city as authorities were unable to maintain law and order amid the chaos. i the team. and
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more. each. my life. they don't. it is. to do the water
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the eye. and. it's etched its lead to the so called top that silly cats the national front which is considered to be a pain to the plants are probably going to be said but it seems to really see what season of riot if i'm trying to paint over mindset of the nineteen nineties but still had to come to per that's older than he's been a busy crowded scene and it seemed that barry fry it in french the condition is today being used by the central government to liberalize the nation and its content integration investment policies and their parents
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dental and vision are going to launc the one thing that will constitute those on the minds of the nasty fights just trying to present itself in one. which in two thousand it is still nice to not been halted. on the pavements of food. and insist on national conference in which challenges the french national team. it's based on reaching his predicament and discrimination. i still get on skype. the station is excited to play on the racist image of the national front the car seat into the bishop of the psalm nine ten but nine the pandas distance itself from half of the campaigns and crying in the place and this time instead the whole debate is to hear jacob who don't seek today that they'll get the basic issue is the very basics. it's an authentic as an incentive. defiance against all these systems
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then i matted on to the same andf you're picking outn the natiol projects each with each team they open for national side up. the victory of the national front smell a coup by election and then yell in style. it's really hard to stand in the sand. it is and i traipsed into one said anthony who exchange rates. the intent is to say that it down expenses need to correct it. so we can choose i used to be scapegoats and times of crisis. today this good though some of his new bk and still do the enemy the ce t the national front for the cup this season trying to cross here stands for the population disappointments into this group sees the situation the plants by the economic crisis. and for the facilities where you had the economy crisis. to reach soon and even the nazis to develop themselves and conquer. most photos to be continued. we do move. that's what we see today he is not
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similar. dawson efforts james miller to love the changes in exchange for about eleven thousand at that point that confronts and help the families of nineteen puts it in as many lights obtained by the times quotes the national front. state school i would never have but that east yang actually come back with what i seem to hit it again the anti semitism the no fault yes the hatred that is exactly how it was before raising anti semitism is the safest or two against the national front. but its affiliates it's amazing let's not let him cry in my collections in moscow months while the right wing anti it's driven by its handle pounced on coolest thing in the fall to the only political policy that hadn't been thought of any government since the nineteen eighties soaked up some frames or to say what. why not give it a try. as a jew
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and other friends to do them i do not think that we should give it a try because for a walk. are we to become a frost remains is the naked after an eight and getting out of the eu. with twenty four percent it supports both say the offensive statements like this remix is getting elections elections which could see a surge of puppets nazis. nine pence close to perfection as an antidote to thank says that in economic results and not spend days would help stimulate the company. to date this pot seized in the right side is the anti semitism and have instead become paykel critics of islam. but sixties and the longer the prime the consent of the french national front of said assuming skeptical of the parties' has been nice in which they considered team opens not take them at the missionary i'm facing a cabaret opens and one in class . ties between. iran
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has been revised two years after the mob attacked the british embassy in teheran and has appointed a non resident turned to despair since two thousand live in the uk closed its embassy after riley turned violent protesters climbed the walls and back offices and burned buildings. a recent revival of diplomatic relations after the westin on crusty preparatory to clean the pier weapons program british foreign secretary william hague said last month that iran is broken international affairs has become more positive skin test on honey was elected president in june the israeli military has decided to stop providing cigarettes and matches during emergency. it's an old practice that the idf has
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been unable to shake until now. the decision is part of the military space to encourage healthier lifestyles among the ranks the israeli army's website said the emergency cigarettes were inconsistent with current trends in the idea israel has struggled with ways to discourage smoking among troops a ban on the sales of cigarettes on base is actually lead to an increase in smoking since all day to buy cartons of cigarettes off base rather than by smaller packs at the military canteen. after the western wall attack in nairobi kenya in september investigators have discovered that one of the four surgeries responsible for one of kenya's biggest mass shootings once lived in a refugee camp of nearly fifty thousand somali refugees security officials say that more than one attacker passed to the coconut somali refugee camp. concerns over security inside teenager refugee camps have long been concerned for kenyan officials have recently signed it can between kenya somalia and
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the eu and its pr would give support to some form and fifty seven thousand somali refugees in the lead the refugee camps and returned to their homeland kenny has had to somali refugees from one decade ended in the std which used to the semis to turn and participate in the development of the country. some believe that conditions have improved the additional personnel and security. even though very little is known about before she carries and amal attack suspect has been identified earlier as hassan empty due to a somali media for his family moved to norway the latest debate over monster to a weapons program in the negotiators can see from the un nuclear watchdog has reached a deal to allow expanded money touring the country's nuclear sites including the planned the actor director general of the international atomic energy agency to conceal that
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an iran that would ease western concerns that iran could develop nuclear weapons i in the bcs. i can hold on step four. but much more needs to be done the framework of the deal would give high eighty eight teams taxes takes the uranium mine in calls for iran to disclose details on its nuclear program including our pantry say to the actor is even if you're on an ungreased impact the canaries transparency of some of the sites most of the un teams to prove suspicious of me clearly marked notably the person military facility outside iran are not included in unique remains. british foreign secretary william hague said that world powers present day friday iran weekend talks i failed to meet record coming into her arms nuclear activities. it's just that sanctions would remain in place until a firm deal with the leaks. as we conclude the negotiations on top of the night bowls sixty
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three plus three foreign minister has prevented the same unites a position to iraq which has an extremely strong foundation for the next round of talks on the twentieth of november. i pay tribute to bounce after my forum of the colleagues including iranian foreign minister is the truth is that of a constructive negotiate some who displayed a sincere and open approach route patrols. he and i took the opportunity to dispel some of the bilateral relationship between britain and around and today profile government to fully appointed a new shot to death at himself and mr benson that one can criticize the secretary of state john kerry over the fence and things seemed that the wetsuit off from the idea of living on the first set when i use sanctions british defense secretary philip and has inaugurated the afghan national army officer academy in total which is muddle it to the uk israel military academy sandhurst academy will represent the remainder
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of britain's military occupation in the country after troops leave next year cadets will study at the new center for forty two weeks and up to one thousand three hundred and fifty male and one hundred and fifty female students will be trained at the academy every year the academy will train officers to lead the three hundred and fifty thousand strong security force now in charge of the country in the june nato forces handed over control of the country to afghan security forces completing the transition process that started back in twenty eleven. the number of afghan troops killed in combat is raise some eighty percent in the summers fourteen season when compared to the same time period in twenty twelve as more and more u s and coalition troops leave the country within the coming months it will be difficult for the afghans to fend for themselves against an insurgency who is taking back burleigh area switches traditionally rolled over in an effort to prevent the taliban for retaking the country the united states plans to keep some combat troops in their power in afghanistan until twenty twenty four. the report by a
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reuters claims iran supreme leader ayatollah khomeini it leaves a business empire worth an estimated ninety five billion dollars. it is as constantine is reported to have made most of its vast fortunes by seizing property owned by ordinary iranian citizens some of whom are still living in the country the powerful companies said they have key state industries across the iranian economy to todd was originally set up following the country's nineteen seventy nine revolution to take control of abandoned properties and use money made from their sales to help war veterans in the port is meant to exist only for two years i lived on and greatly expanded its power under company's leadership. the report alleges that by having the company coming he also possesses financial power and that rivals the last shah of iran was ousted in a revolution. the eighty two year old supreme leader wields control over government afirs and the military. the us earlier
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this year imposed sanctions against it i'm calling a network of front companies holding assets on behalf of your runs leadership the iranian government through its embassy in the uae you deny director has claimed its despite complaints from the iranians who say they have lost their homes. united nation's top court has ruled the composer to have sovereignty over disputed land surrounding the nine hundred year old preah vihear temple on the board of thailand ending in dispute which has lasted more than a century. in recent years classes have erupted over the four point six km square piece of scrabble and at least twenty people killed and thousands of people displaced since two thousand lead in fighting them to come back to asking for clarification from the international court of justice and religion willing nineteen sixty two. nineteen sixty two for declaring the temple itself to be converging with the ruling was made about the area around it. she was put in the back burner until two
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thousand eight when seven of the fold after conversion applied for the area to become unesco world heritage site. he really needs that means for thai prime minister he agreed to watch out she's already facing pressure after protest against a government backed and lucy bell says in the loss of making among hardline nationalists which may lead to further toward a conscience. i now live to tell police he needed to place from the area. and good i raised to allow un inspectors access to go to you're a new mine in the heavy water plant in port of the deal geared at creating a more transparent nuclear program in the islamic states. it was signed after iranian six world powers failed to reach an agreement in geneva to help diminish western worries over iran's nuclear capabilities. us secretary of state john kerry has said iran turned down a deal over
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its nuclear program during talks in geneva on saturday earlier it was reported in france route in the agreement kerry shutdown the claims and said iran was unwilling to accept the deal. us officials clarified that there are no differences between france and the us when comes to the terms for a deal on iran speak to their progress i always say the combination of crippling sanctions. in the military option. all were to stop iran and has a nicely. kills me. i think it's important to have a steady nerves. the firm purpose. install this program we can do it. yuri also brushed off the sharp criticisms over the suggested agreements made by benjamin netanyahu saying that the israeli prime minister fails to acknowledge the new agreement has been reached and there is resistance is premature. the secretary of
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state mentions that the us has held several meetings with israeli officials and discussing the progress that iran has made us for its nuclear program and that he is confident that the direction taken can actually protect israel in an effective manner. but israel remain skeptical and you need to reduce anxious without eliminating the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of iran. this issue to rest or sleep divisions between the us and israel regarding negotiations are not as bad as some say. i'm gonna deny that state itself best friend their friendship with them by that state's throughout his people. isn't meaningful it is allah is aware of. we are going to get it. jamal huge moment nothing will. but through multiple wall. part of that did most of them a go of the talks planned to resume on the junior level leaders this month and until then. israel plans to lobby
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the us congress to prevent the new deal from the race to iran's nuclear program according to economy minister to tell the bandits the western backed syrian opposition to princeton side has agreed to international peace talks in switzerland only if a number of conditions are met the syrian national coalition said they would attend the conference. i mean if relief agencies are given access to its east areas political prisoners are released and if president assad would step down in a transitional government had no expectations and scope of this would happen this month but differences between the us and russia and the purpose of tulips and be content as well as pleasing to teach with serious coalition itself have delayed proceedings of a dozen rebel groups have ruled out any tool suite stunts regime some new and unique represents is still striving for two weeks before the end of the present russia hours of stuff one has rejected any preconditions for the conference in geneva more than a hundred thousand
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people have been killed and two million others have sought asylum in other countries since the uprising against president assad began in two thousand and eleven strong just pulled the plug one potential deal between bold pilots and iran the islamic republic's controversial new korea program with dean on the state's attorney ready to ease economic sanctions on ukrainians an agreement that it targets instead the french or opportunity to assess the credentials and influence than the middle east different reports lee had two main concerns with the play steal the st agreement failed to prevent iran from continuing construction on its nuclear reactor in iraq the french foreign minister was also concerned that the proposed deal didn't require a rome to reduce its uranium stockpiles which are reaching with this great capability it francaise decisions stalls anger among iranian politicians and leaders. we'd all ayatollah khamenei
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describing the long trip to as imprudent and inept khamenei will sick or ticket weekend update twenty one and three two thousand thirteen which may refer to comments he made on the day when he threatened iran with rats that live even pointed to the ground. should israel threats in the persian state israel had expressed dismay that the us from its russian joint of the uk and germany were placed to deal with the wrong israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that the iranians are different feel of the century and the team is in actual state of disbelief. instead the israeli pm found a new ally in the new trade discussions with ron's even described as being israel's representatives of the tulips play reigning state television. no only will the frenchman have found favor with the israelis thought schools appears to deposition with the middle east and opponents of the iranian regime in particular the uae cuts and saudi arabia. the strangest or too cold to wealthy arab states for announce economic ties including deals of the weapons was found of interest infrastructure and
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construction. so the negotiations between the six powers and iran is scheduled for nov twenty. i the long. last month the mall use oops i meant with queen elizabeth who happily accepted a copy of mullahs new book entitled i am alone with cyrillic story that highlights mullahs activism in her native pakistan. she campaigned for the right to an education and entered the taliban who shot her in the head. the book is selling well in many major bookstores and online but it's not doing well in private schools in pakistan in fact the president of pakistan's private school board has banned the book calling her a school of the west on this book is banned from forty thousand private pakistani schools because according to the school's president will
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do is look for present pakistan. sixteen year old lawn has so far not comment on the ban which were courageous young girl that has been fighting for universal education. she's likely to be disappointed that schools in her home country don't approve of her message. you can dosa stripper list a massive made a surprise appointment as the new governments to express and twenty three year old woman is rare among the bow she becomes islamist groups that spin offs but spent some time going to see relation to the inspection ten lists including the trading media. as i can believe in my sent items at the truth even in the eye and the storm off to a day to speak day and even to speak and it's really need yet
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the admission present moment allow is expected to focus on education such defense but they don't also read knit the cuff of the masses reconciliation efforts with us the all rookie that extra gaza based militants against israel. she says she's determined to succeed in the row. it's not too easy good evening and tubing. and maybe find a good thing. time he and some have dismissed the incident a time he and his band and sauce has been the vote gave me the gun and gang made. so i will do list this as i can do this i hope the coming decades could in fact at one two hour to study the new kingdom will serve as a family take care of. i am the mother detail i have met maddie and useful ideas on reason and that the hosts in a slow and twenty and now i'm
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twenty three. alma to our hostess that she would be a voice for women in the dosa straight to our quiet when it's gone it's kind of bands who don't sing in striking she showed me a funny sad and neither one of them. and this situation and that he sees me count the air in gaza said and do as much as i tend to show that women can tell them and how loud voice and then buddy. many expect. reform incomes is called the revamp of the mets government's press office which is instinctive to the recruitment of dozens of young people to promote mass on social media. what do you as pop securely begun to dislodge her third album in style like testing the world's first flying dressed in an exclusive show in new york strip with dots the twenty seven year old artist relates to funny german ana was strapped into a battery powered flying contraption called the land just before traveling in the air for a twenty ft this part of the launch of her new
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album art. the high tech piece of equipment which to two years to make the tedium of that body suit and six boots in a hexagon formation he spoke with the crowd afterwards. we were very excited about this idea of building a flying rats that was sort of him as demands upon it seemed like the sort of thing i would like to perform an onstage. but then when we started to really work on her. we realize her potential for the world and pretty. for everyone. geiger wrote much of her last album will surgery last year she says she's had a lot of time to reflect. i didn't need to reinvent myself. the alliance is that in your lifetime that you have one really great idea. women than men although its outer space that you can the last party was thrown in the huge nearby warehouse filled with chip few sculptures including one of the newly begun with the giant ball between her legs. art must lead single was released in august well and made it to number four on
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the us billboard hot one hundred. i am a fan says gathered in singapore for an annual care to dress a meeting called costly festival. the festival organiser shaun sheahan says this type of performance art originates in japan. what is seen as a healthy activity throughout singapore in many other parts of the world while several squares for the convention hall in their costumes to strike a pose for the camera is only five of them are chosen as finalists to perform in front of professional counselors. two participants from indonesia acted as a battle between the hero and villain of the dup middle of the horizon they won over the hearts of the judges with their innovative use of technology that was incorporated into the story. recall seeing the state is very well then that's what makes cosplay the bom cost you. and at the moment when the technology iits. that
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brings out the correct in the mall. so i guess that this goes hand in and i mean when you have a good costume you have to present it with the winners get to split five hundred and sixty us dollars and receive round trip flight tickets to japan the zune. will you. do. will be. in the room. to me. gold
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or we are. will the tsar. i mean. what would i. you do
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was i the when you need one we will. though. says. i won all three had. as part of the government's ongoing food safety inspections the taipei district prosecutors' office sees discuss reports are from wage and flutes and questioned five when this is the prom way to determine whether a company officials


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