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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 12, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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and power efficiency and engine wear and on the web and needs the networks the north. and new. i had to. next up is the sort of thing does that look like any politician trying to list eight million young europeans. pray that all too well. we'll try and that means one has been increasing. tiger pm and the disappearing once again as she is a hero past discuss
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what it's based on how we passed the point of no return europe's last june. the sets of stairs to get the latest news headlines. these are the headlines. a plaque is in the philippines is still struggling to reach people affected pipeline feeding her and according to the un there are less than canadians. when not to blame divisions between western power was on the grounds prime minister hit back at john kerry's claim that iran was i'm able to accept a new kit deal to me that. the kids had a generation is at stake says. also known as fronds which will help to combat youth unemployment the president of the philippines says the death toll from typhoon her and is closer to two thousand and ten thousand speaking to us media baby. no actually not so said the government still has to contact about twenty nine municipalities full ban on this. many people surviving high and was just the beginning of that battle
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and it's nice if they'd and cleaner water shortages the us economy says residents of crappy hit areas are to submit the tax credits. in that time could not survive this accounted for just two weeks and bullets they hate to get a delicious toasted trickling in for a chance to even hold the tree flights to me then. because of that ice in some hospitals have had to shut down and there is still operating on struggling to catch the interest and sick but supply is running the eyes some people it had to be treated with honest i think the several countries are helping out by sending in field hospitals can forget how small the overwhelming waiting rooms as this cheeky name jade seek medical treatment. hospital staff i'm struggling to keep up and do difficult working conditions of the air of making them so much this weekend because we kinda confused in the eye of money
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can be aiming to a bit of a surprise made this isn't my fault. his hospital and tackle them and was badly damaged by the super typhoon with many partners still partially flooded. the lack of emergency generators means no power. entering treatment the sudoku. really i don't know what we can see she really needs to have an x ray done quickly so you will know what scrum late. it's the same story and the time and it's in blue with a bow though district hospital has no running water or electricity. staff parents say they're having to make steel. we had a lot to me and yes that to me like that as far as this is one of eight children but they're just hard to use the com and use the keys it means you have a diet for the bus on the books i got back to hk but i didn't think about the proper doctors are forced to treat patients life last night until power can be re storage. hospital staff say
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they desperately need water and the medical supplies comments by the international community. and for their patients surviving the aftermath of the typhoon me just be the hardest part the nominees and no amount of spinning can change what happens in sydney that that's a bronze finest of responding to john kerry's comments about iran being to blame for the continued the ato in switzerland job i'm sorry says the toll could trot top three days ago were inconclusive because of divisions between western palates. jennifer lunch reports. this too is to blame discussed when the new trade deal between iran and the west. us secretary of state john kerry pointed the finger in tehran for booking justice a p five plus one but pleasing in on an agreement. tehran's foreign ministry claims friction between the old palaces behind hold up saying the crew seemed to need more time to other than iran. mr secretary was to iran that the total
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for the us for thursday night and publicly commented again said friday morning. faith sides met in geneva last week not counting context of an agreement to cut tehran's nuclear activities in the tent the sanctions were late. the case nations hit a stumbling block and fronts announced it wouldn't be cons by veronica accepting a week deal. paris is less inclined than its western allies to accept iran's continuing uranium enrichment. even with strict caps and type to scrutiny. french foreign minister and on friday is set to hit the war to react to being built in iraq was sticking points in the activities that anime is a byproduct. another way to develop an atomic weapon the iraq issue is the central issue and has a central issue of concern and that may be why in a teapot this one were able to come to cream in a monk's themselves in conduct that i've promised and that coronation is essential there may have been some bumps in the road with france and the little louder than the others on friday and say no a couple of hard money
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meanwhile the p five plus one will say faced pressure from outside the period pulling his weight is reading time in a stabbing him in antioch and rejected or oppressed from back in common not the price the deal instead schooling the uk brush and jenny and fronds asking them to look at who talks to end the decade long standoff is set to resume in geneva next month. has been a blast at a shop at me and molding south africa at the sydney steve people were killed three injured. this engine has bagged the dolls targets in the money pouring still a pawn shop fixing and rory next and see the east gate and was not yet clear what caused it. the sim card is will they eat at three in the states. imagine see it expires this anti state that's two days and even expected. the confusion came from the fact that won the state of emergency began on august the fourteenth. it was her new tutu months to september tiles. this also means that no more night time
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cash the government says it's waiting for the court's decision. watson. indeed it is the west country in the arab world to be a woman that's according to a pole or to gender expats by the thomson reuters foundation three is off the air spraying it is a snapshot of the state of women's rights in twenty two arab states on cd in foreign editor brought up on since high school. egypt is such an important country in the ire of local food community of the pr both. and you just cannot overstate its importance. get the picture that it is almost uniformly but that was six degrees the withthe were examined in flavor than six got degrees egypt came in the bonafide into a pickup decrees that became lost and those of violence against women the question of reproductive rights have many children a woman wants to happen when she wants to help them. but also things like access to tickets how dad to two abortions on so forth. egypt has bought him in the county
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custody but in the question two of violence against women it comes to boston as well ninety nine point three percent of egyptian women say that being subjected to some stage or another to sexual harassment ninety nine point three percent as well as regardless of what social cut to create come from whether or not you might one day she won. how educated you it makes absolutely no difference that old woman across the board was subjected to fines of every color possible on whether it's great for this that domestic abuse. the pictures almost uniformly back into iraq to which is another country where the rights of woman pretty well defended in the last waltz it was a secular country nothing to visit us he said during the years of saddam hussein the hockey would win and we move on guns. women's rights in india i will today that's no longer the case is peanuts in to social conservatives that conservatism the one point six iraqi which it was in the most vulnerable brother toxins that cause think as a senior foreign
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attack. that european leaders gathered here in paris today to discuss how to combat youth unemployment. the youth jobless rate across the twenty eight member bloc party stands at twenty three point five cents. we have setbacks foster said. also don't be one. nor should see what's at stake it's that huge of a generation to generation is being affected by unemployment for use. matt continues to be placed in a situation of ballots to go on her christmas because of the financial crisis seen yet although people appealed to the posts from them if they're offering us to take away from the summit's detail the beach because the situation is touch and stay on a diet because we cannot serve god in this generation than a rigid and finally cornered to see is what we need to affirm the open shelves so i'm training but will if it's in our real prospects for these young people the cover of this pt forty shown. now
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the largest orange diamonds at the hands of auction is going on sale today in switzerland the reds and is expected to pay for at least fourteen million years. this article can support acts that saves the exception of them saying that they take the intense color that captures the light for its assets. this diamond is the stunning art at christie's traditional mid tempo auction. the signs of an odd almonds and it's expected to sell for fourteen to sixteen million units using epo mall with a crew was very pleased to present it on its own passionate article lists fifteen carats fourteen twenty to two counts to beat saracens about to bestow on to snare into the building staunton in the world in this post on the disappearing at a auction at ebay here are a nice diamond slopes in court five diamonds. the stand was found in south africa and the loveseat done to speak he says diamonds. those fiery orange color is extremely
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rare in the field of all the time and time is spent is considered a miracle that nature. but many professionals in international know i'm in cox's new digital content this special time and will be auctioned on the eve of another prestigious seo. this time i tried to open in sotheby's. they are offering the way it's not just pink diamonds. the selling price will fall asleep the sheets a sick day for at least forty five many new names. as many as half an hours time to cross to you and that's for the debates. thank you claire once again. european leaders made here and pass to talk about the skyrocketing youth unemployment installations in the firing of meetings and nations. since german chancellor in clinical says the issue was the most pressing pressing the content but the sparkle of the tickets the joke that's right still continues to grow and today's meeting is expected offer little in terms of fixing the youth unemployment rise here in europe which currently stands at around twenty three point five percent that does give
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you some idea of comparison in the us the right is about sixteen st. so i look through past the point of number ten for europe's last june. he did talk about upset with me today here in the studio is best in the cosmos banana think i found a limo when you are and that wouldn't quit represents the interests of young entrepreneurs. madison central excise listening to all comments on its end is still a contributor to the new york and his country by stephen has and counseling cats carry on your attack the stuff that i'm narrow minded that you that you and can send in your tweets and tell us what you think the hash tag is too small to back. but this looks like to listen to what the leaders at the sky at this time kosher or sea was at stake is the future of a generation to generation as being affected by unemployment to use them and continues to be placed in a situation of down at the london business school
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because of the financial crisis seen yet. although people appealed and apart from them if they're all for us to take away from the summits detail the beach because the situation is touch and stay on a diet because we can help sometimes and this generation than a rigid and finally quarter to a seat because what we need to affirm the open shelves i'm training but will if it's in our real prospects for these young people to view the cover of this fifty forty shed nutella peace knowing you and lead as member countries of the european union although she can eat everything we can to create the conditions to grow. because without quotes week on create new tops and those who suffer the most not all young people and the dying instability humans it suffered think you have to been following this on to say i can't even come out when nothing new really but it was no surprise because this is the second called for sale following a conference room on the next headed to placing in july in berlin. i
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have seen this around the conference's was initiated by the german charts. mo call that. but still having all these meters twenty four heads of state until one plus. the presence of the council the prison told the commission the present off the european common all saying the same thing basically we've called the problem future. and this is probably the saddest consequence of the european crisis. this is of course a strong message in terms of a more european leaders have denounced as i said nothing new that makes twelve billion euros of the next to me as this amount is expected to be matched by the european investment bank and the european social distancing is contained statements and ten at which one does except he doesn't involve unsavoury young european and if he gets a job or apprenticeship. haven't we been four months of becoming an unemployed believing formal education that's right
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it's skin your cards in it he was a duty it is understood is that he needs to be ready these dishes. one is tuition today have thousands of young people graduate from uni of the season the school. and then are left abandoned stay calm on a jaunt along to three years. i see these tow the line and this is about on the labor market you know it's a lifetime to see a woman trying to do is help these young people and you don't have a job up to four months will provide eye of the additional educational old job opportunities. my question though is is there enough money on a table of course. and there was a very important point made by the german chops were the most varied sees a look it's the politicians who create jobs. it's a nice ice in these big companies. let's not forget that this has to go through reforms made reforms job market unfolds you have basically competitive companies that can create jokes that steely solution i was a message from
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the german chocolates not seeing me just talking there about that gets care and tasting. isn't there i am typing to see him as a huge ascend the mic is written something in. when one owns said that he will offer some jobs and understanding of the state's coffers cent of its companies so it depends where the money goes it than money goes to help some companies to hire some new that could be useful. but what receive these days in france is that the money is going to hire people in the big corn and princeton professor positions so. it's not enough if it's enough if we use it this way but there is a ton. matthew simon at the end that i can throw as much money as he lie that pet stains that in countries especially france the need to restructure and i cannot stand. with the restructuring of the day the market has been done because this was due to the aim of the contest
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not a temple session of the venue for reform. it was first debated by the duke and soda pop ups from employees and employers. and then bolted by parliament. that's what we see today with this european conference which is the french and german initiative this way it was one part going in and this photo up of an eighteen today is that signing european leaders understand that they can not work against all without nukes. i completely agree. it's not so magicians who cringe ups with petitions can do when what we are trying to do is to create environments so that companies can work and do the job and you see i was the bees now stays in my constituency is andrea and not a gala night every week and we signed. that and it's important the farm it was a devoted by the un on the composition of the french president was caught on. and this is a reform which is the chance to young people
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want complete the far away now from the labor market because they had to go to school because they are complete the highway from business of funds from work and they get a chance again and when you see we've seen him in businesses and enterprises in smaller businesses small companies you see that you create all again and that they will have an education that they would have the job and also be open to teach good fun. so the notes of things to be done the refund within a block of concrete super positions and confronts this looks to be done to help a young entrepreneur as businesses to create themselves and to create to their time at the eighty s in the office and was waitin at this point in an interesting example is the opinion which is the best kicker in the agreement the contract that you said it's for people to go in small companies know it's only for it. young people to work in non conference tournament since
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nineteen two. i have been working on this site. i signed on friday. sixteen businesses so i suppose that when i did. it's a special type of the nominated his business is still just a second pension and it sits at twenty nine percent of the musicians who can hear some young people and we know that we knew going in and took a dip in addition to the wind and become more comfortable for you for the future. you be commencing this a comfortable because you don't know what suppressed area don't know what's the what's in a turnover and lowndes any speed i have five private sector experience alex and the campus and sewing because to them. it was true in the beginning that the refund was a solution shaped full amount of compensation but very quickly. it was. widened to two business so today it is really far apart i promise i'll tune in to say don't say. his dismissal
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alexander bain from stetson often say things things that different from the fly them out but what strikes you it stressed the need for a couple of things. francis m wouldn't you if you look at the time. unemployment in youth unemployment internationally look at the map of europe as well the c grade variations use it much lower levels in scandinavia time high levels in transport works in spain italy and wanted one of the differences is that labor markets are more flexible in scandinavia and they are in france and italy for example and you tend to have. in both france and italy. come by for canada's labor market where you have some people have salaried jobs which are extremely protective it's almost impossible to fire someone. and then very precarious internship stages i'm contented precarious contact outs for the younger people which don't really get into the employment market and this is a serious way and so i do think that
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the nie would necessarily push the country estates where we have here a rather brutal. youtube which you kill labor markets american detainee this isn't necessarily where you are points to go. but more flexibility on it. we hand him the ability to fire someone who is performing well seems the basic cut crystal garden that i knew absolutely right we will talk about europe's labor market there is no such thing as the european data model in the market does some european rules when you look up to reality. i look at germany ireland she mentions that it's me. these are completely different systems. look up the that they didn't even know that a recall of corporate taxes in our own and in comparison with frost so there isn't a single european system and you write that the county's out to the youth unemployment in germany stands at seven point seven percent said that at
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the sixty percent increase because of this pumping up the graphics across as fake as we can follow on from that time that we should have a graphic coming up in a strange told me which was shy youth unemployment in theory it's that european countries in the uk is twenty months and it is interesting because the uk is obviously very different light up as compared to france in the process in france's twenty six percent in spain it's fifty six point five percent increase its staggering fifty seven point three percent in ten days she just went about seven point seven percent and in austria eight points at the same sad and pissed off as not to pay the sum to seek right differences between nice various european nations absolutely not. and it's it's true that this is a reflection of the crisis we know that's mean it's in the grease have suffered most in europe and that explains why that youth unemployment levels and literally skyrocketed you know the spanish talk of a ninety minute film could be the last generation when you see
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there's a fifty percent with what we talk about youth unemployment. look at people aged between fifteen and twenty four. when you look at spain when you think that's more inhofe. spanish youngsters are either out of work all out of university it's an absolutely tragic situation is it possible recipe for recollection of past history test existence of risk and span but i think across much of europe comment is as good as saying in geneva a youth unemployment stands at seven point seven cents. i say this makes a vibrant economy was in front of the european nations and the chimney. it will be to me until i was eighteen so i think that two interesting things in june the first indication system is much more. an antique maybe he is here and eats them all relationships with the needs of the of the economic sector and soul and confronts the problem we have is that lots of young
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people are oriented into winner in two ways with is done no shops and with a very important to respond to one orientation and two tone green. the young generations to a sickness with themselves and not two seconds when there's unemployment and no future and the second thing is in german you don't have all these glass ceilings of these prejudices confronts us to have a deeper love and if you don't get to my innocuous as a rigid system for the region and it's completely stupid because what you see that lots of people can be a comedian a very bad it's cooler and can be crates in businesses or two can also go to school in question so we had theirs do something in our minds and often doesn't feed that has to change comments and your cyclists named by its means coming or going to fix them and how many people in your potty saying don't you it's because of ei abbott said
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that the few would disagree with how well i don't i don't think so you can do that lots of people on the phone so she has been chosen comment. no bearing on what happens because we see it on the opening and when we actually tried to be pregnant again. the not so for us when things don't go regions and cities is implementing because there's no other way and so we sometimes need to debate in france is the area and caricature and do you think that all the best decisions business which is not true. i just add this to be rid of the twenty fifth of it from all at one hundred and fourteen and he says chase is only fear of social revolution would make european leaders do with youth unemployment would be sad about that. in the convenience that's me looking at possible be it that only a revelation as such the night. europeans politicians stand up and take notice and do something different is the matches was written the point is that there's a huge permitted in
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korea teaching friends and lots of kids from the suburbs mean you have big problems and dizzy have to delete them from the dissidents unable to get it in punjab and the good name to the color of skin and didn't their parents so they can do it because anything and ten. common is that it did teach and organize because of their relationship come from. and the suburbs not from somewhere else just as the twin to twin friends are happy with the situation we have. i don't thing that you've had in the youth of that. in june. in the dunes of the region had no interest um i think a couple points there are worse. i'm throwing on them the employment numbers among young people look very different depending on what social groups are looking at and as you pointed out is a grade rigidity in the french system in terms of education level. and in fact use unemployment is quite lonely people who are
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university graduates. it is lower and among people who turn their back and for people who left school early its extremely high. and there's very little. second chances in the trenches to you dad. you get eliminated quickly and once you're off to track your kind. the road to nowhere. the other thing which relates to a desk and said is that the un the unemployment rates are much greater among the children grandchildren of immigrants. people living in the so called tony's areas and that so you can't separate the spread of youth unemployment from other really big structural problems and for society to do the education system the difficulties integrating calm. there were groups in society and can produce like that. the goal of commons and senate to stop on the site and you need to transfer it isn't the case as we know it's it's not unique to fronds and actually when you
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look at the youth unemployment in france sept twenty six percent of countries pretty much in knowing the eu africa not saying that this is good is a false way too much but you mentioned germany i recently traveled to germany and i was able to see how the system of the jewel education an apprenticeship or a small release what really strikes me is that it's it's a very prestigious system unlike here in france. if your son is not doing well at school next you'll be told probably dad to come and go thunder and this will be regarded as a fatal in germany it still takes a lot of apprenticeships are actually values in young people are happy to work in call me so proud of it and when they turn eighteen will lose the time to get hired by these companies in the car is a very very happy because they have highly skilled well trained and unseen aged youngsters so i think there is the very end the test approach even frost not only cross is also the case and
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it's in the a and party in spain and the eyes of the problem there is a huge mismatch in terms of skills there are a lot of unemployed youth. and there are a lot of unfilled vacancies to suffer a fate as principles that any second. right now i'm not the fact that i can chill the second half of the posting ten so really america as the tools and i go to the sum to put together join us for a look of the latest political economic cultural and social news and the americas the weekend the americas. every wednesday six forty five pm paris time it's been cut a booming tuning in tonight and i mean
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my insides of us. no one. so i can. such tools. shea. it was once known as the pacific american hollywood stars into it like today. acapulco is the smallest old was done for the label mexican drug cocktail. the pervasive violence has made it one of the most dangerous cities in the world. local businessmen who was a massive campaign to promote the project site of the city. the tourists are beginning to return. acapulco to revisit it. got to go. i knew for more hers are i do
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i am the step. welcome back to check what's making news is that the filipino and presidents since that day caffeine high and is finalizing its the thing is that in the price down from ten thousand to between ten and two announced. the west country in the arab world today well that's according to college and the expense of the thomson reuters foundation three hits off the air of spring progress on women's rights and our nation has stuck. when not to blind box division between
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westinghouse outside says iran's foreign minister. as he hits back at john kerry's claim that it was a terror on here was our idea to fix it and may be due in june welcome back to the second part of the fun spanking had to back. once again european leaders have made here in paris and took another skyrocketing youth unemployment and salacious in a foreign nations and nations chairman john and charles franklin a course that the issue was the most pressing and pressing the content the spots bullets and if it's the top and spread it still continues to rise in today's painting. as we expected. managed to offer little in terms of fixing your youth unemployment rate which now stands at around twenty three point five st and of course just to give you some idea of comparison united states that frank is around sixteen since i was way past the point of never tan. the europe's last generation he spoke about it with nate is best because they get an airing could handle in a minute and commitment that represents the interests of people like him so fun can as messy as
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fact or a scientist and member of the home that i was and is still a contribor to the new york and is kelly thanks kent has been fostering cats carry on your budget and crystals that they can thanks to libby for joining me and reminded that you the viewer can send in your treats. that s what you think about this five the hash tag it to full effect. so i admit we stopped at with the few christian i'd still probably were talking be full of cranky about the need to sit and make it easier for employers to employ young people and she could possibly end the streets to be done in your opinion. well there is also probing the leak we see for not addressing these i recently traveled to greece you know actually in athens you find a lot of very fine print as sunnis to clean the in snacks. sucks the twenty ten the smoke we have freedom ideas the products are popular but when we won expound when we want to hire more people
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we're out of money we don't have the critique so the banking crisis strengthening european banks is part of solution that was acknowledged by. only use today. and that's always the one european investment bank the spots of this sort of the time to stimulate cell youth unemployment so i think there is a problem that to look at. it is a miracle can say enough is part of the province that the education system in france which as who sank as the rather old fashioned an auntie tools providing students with skills that for the twenty first century. i mean as those performing the lead them not that that's one thing is to go to a season to busy to reform the orientation courses that it also looks of things that i've done and i think an education system isn't that has changed much money and sometimes i see it on my my
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constituency sorry but it's not open to think that you see what happens when zarqawi he worked on something so that the young keepers and beyond can find jobs in the eye romantic and second because there are noted for the next two years and maybe even more they would be gross between the jokes that respect it was great and interesting jobs and curious and so we tried to bring them to these sectors and not two seconds when there's no future and on and sold our local initiatives. good work and that has to be extended alexander so very cool to be a quick post here at the end of your high school but to education but the second a good job at the end of the time. well i think that said what is clear is that france had adopted an educational model the boston based on the nineteenth century idea of culture and of fun. excellence which then became excessively rigid and is still incredibl centralized amazing to me
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that. in every school. in france. everyone goes to school in the same day napoleon uses a good look and want to know what everyone and released in france was standing in that still remarkably too you see how much difficulty even the current government had in changing what they called me to school man. you have to go to school on wednesday which makes obvious. hannah got six cents to beat them so they only go to twelve thirty these they need the encounter stiff resistance from the unions and teachers and things of that kind of still on. so that changing those things is very very difficult and that in the contract system and i think needs to be done and it's good to me it's very curious that i'm coming and it is a relative newcomer how conservative french society is here and here is a country that is owned by a socialist government. nobody would think that you know that you still have to get a notebook that isn't exactly the same number of pages
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everybody has to contend with the same coming weeks in august. it's been it's extremely codified and has to be a kind of shaken up and say what he learned something in the last hundred years of that education that would cause us to rethink the way in which we do things is it possible for schools in one region of france to try something different and take a different approach education to women could learn from that experiment those things are very very difficult to do in a highly centralized system like france and so i think it's worth worth discussing. i mean changing the sanity or greening ban something not that long ago that year and it's a classroom. if you seek i think the french school is geared to build the killings the end we have. the system that is making is a need. d went to teach us how to speak good friends to do good mathematics. this is really important. and today we have this teacher has as soon as ours in school to teach math
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in a kickin it in french and weak willed his team would be to pass tipped to fetch it and when you're writing something anything to do next or that he used to date. at school is not a good one and a work in many schools i have a non profit that said person during teaching in the suburbs and me realize that the students are sent on board during a domestic so that isn't really showing his . and i can do the real problem is the just and the generation that is. dude you from cork was made to our minus eighteen to twenty years in ten years amanda went to court and in that blesses him either. to diminish his his eyes narrowing tickets with preaching to breath knocked out at times indeed. i mean how much of what was saying in an office a cure. transfer the messiah coming in we need to think that it is time to post here how much that this is caused by any interest to keep my mind. and if this
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provision does not unemployment in your duties is to go into wednesday's no grudges no complaints but what is true it's o o so that is to compete in two hundred and twenty cents b o b c has been always i have been hearing distance i was five years old and needs. it remains true and tried to keep up these days and for my company and they realize how complicated it is just to system is unfair to be convinced that for small companies. when you create your new company you don't know what you will join few months he says you have no contracts and obtained since the new creature company in the us to hire someone in sitting in a few months you can as quickly as it says it's time for stds which incite panic content is suppose to see bj which is in short a contract and have a problem has been a snack stops at many places such as france and spain in a sleek a lot of people young people rather been off it short and contracts not imminent
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positions and ten faces in the case of france you can even get to my normal beach when your ranking played on dying actually turned it on tuesday but the senate i think that's it. people with actual town called i will always be more happy than unemployed people. but your identity of the market in europe is extremely rigid safety comparison with the american system or even with the scandinavian on the british system. on its own compound is also of course the problem of competitiveness is no company is not competitive. you know these mammals to hire people and i agree with you when you say the problem is credits and this is why unemployment and to seek the youth unemployment is young people are most vulnerable citizens in europe are affected by this crisis it all starts its width and that would weave with the financial crisis debt crisis which turned into an economic rise and not eat a ton of tools to break this vicious cycle but there is one question when is the money why would he get
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the money to fund all these oldies projects at risk the odds on tuesday to everybody agrees that there's a problem most there has to be a priority in groups and europe is to become again and then a month of posts and not only inanimate of important in so it's it's i decision that there is the product you knew that there is also cannot jump onto beacon and industry policy. and because otherwise you're up the wingnuts. he would not last forever and i think that this is what's your opinion is finally now on the stove and imprisoned on he's been pushing for this is since he knew he was elected. i was just one point because i completely agree with the one thing in the stomach woes said it's a good focus on smaller and medium business. and from everything and really all that he's done for the business because with
7:42 pm
the traditional cotton tees so it has stayed very into influential and industry policy and in big national companies and too often we forget the specific and difficulties in specific environmental smugglers and i think there's been very interesting. pounds to follow and there it is interesting things to be dumped into to have more gross than to have to trust these guys and the businesses who do their best friends and me. for them it's often very difficult to follow all the changes in albany distinction for his trade from a few as such i think adam unger says european industry is a real attention to the low countries because the weight as a sideline. compared to the european youth center is now paying the price. and what it is said to them. well i know that anemia. and if wages and in germany are quite high in yet employment is rather low. don't know that wages are always
7:43 pm
the same one would want to see. i mean. on one hand this is sad. clearly greater flexibility in labor market is involved in that name means in the eighteen wages have been lowered in germany and it's been a factor in the time and they're maintaining high levels of employment. but wages are quite high in some scandinavian countries and their employment levels are but i think flexibility in is is perhaps more important for example denmark push through reforms made it easier to fire people to people and not simply kick to the street. they are looked after so that she takes the onus off of the business the business and has the flexibility to hire and fire as his economic needs require and that seems to me in a very obvious principle it took to running a business well. this upcoming we're talking only about half of french and british are somewhat skeptical that the germans for the fact that
7:44 pm
i don't have a national minimum minimum applied to this result. they rely on a lot of fat. east european night that the term mean. and to the biscuit davis led the photo stamp and use your right to me doesn't have a national minimum wage minimum wages agreed to buy and body reached in june the electrons is an extremely decent from its country. now this is likely to change that with the new government's because as you know we heading for a bronco nation between conservatives and the social democrats and one of the conditions has been to have some sort of national wage don't expect a french style meaning the weight suddenly that these things will change but you're right to say that there is a great deal of resentment in france and belgium. because germany has been relying very heavily on cheap labor force from romania components. people are very happy to walk in
7:45 pm
germany and of course thanks to eu rules. they're about to walk in germany and this is creating a more frantic call to damping sincere so called dumping of the french would like to change his . joe's will tell me is why don't you want to do the same unit why don't you try to attract skilled workers from eastern europe who are ready to work in frost. maybe flew up wages that is it when you hear what the stuff has to say about what's going on with jim and tammy into the mt other european countries is a lot abt this time to think that being conducted by an other european leaders france is not true so we weren't so keen on two executives say and i don't think you appears to be in the country as to exactly the same re formed in the same decisions when you make a gemini today there's one thing has been interesting. you have the sector which is the sake of service is very low wages and there's no international rowing and comp conference
7:46 pm
competition started and then you have to say for the industry and the sect which is very competitive and where you have a competition and dissent from the wages are much higher than they are in france because germany has been able to upgrade its production to be on very high timber production to be on innovation to be an expert patient and is being processed to the will of course. we thought so. i agree with me when you say the question of real wages is not the solution. when you see what mainstream success today the good of the greatest successes are in the eye and the sectors where the heck they are able to pay higher wages because they do great products integrates the increase in patients and they make the most all of the globalized world we lived in terms of very happy to sell the products to chinese the indians and the russians and that's very much ingrained in the name in the german mentality that you
7:47 pm
have to fight for them on continuous have to be the best and you write the germans relying heavily on this in these small and medium size companies often run by families to being run by the same family for decades. and these companies are able to invest money in research and development which explains why they're able to use it to upgrade the quality of the province european politicians said the future to young people pleased as this in this pocket of time to tell. well i think it kinda depends on the country. there are many parts of the mean when one should also keep things in relative terms most countries in europe are wonderful places to live a quality of life is very high but what's true is that the very low gross a number of countries is a serious threat to the fure. um and um. so i think for example an unknown
7:48 pm
italy very well with the really is in deep crisis when the southside he really has to think through what is it that he wanted to learn how we're going to get there because the last twenty years time that pakistan has been lost. um i think. enforcing whether one likes it and competitiveness. an economic level is part of that solution you can get around you because growth seems to be essential to being able to provide opportunities is not just providing well but it's also providing mobility societies that don't grow car are remarkably chamomile in spanish side and when he wants that to her moving toward that in itself looking at formulas for growth in the year when whitney economist and then be but there are policies that favor growth i think the question of austerity needs to be discussed more one of the things that time if you had mentioned was
7:49 pm
that. he knows that europe has lived largely spared under the new policies adopted by germany germany being the strongest economic player has been able to kind of call the tune. and i'm a scary is not served you are tremendously well. dom and looking at policies that favor the growth needs to be part of the discussion time the growth and competitive it is the same time competitiveness also has to be. i'm passing on to the blessing that they face not made because their mom on young people and having else but an amazing prices countries such as frogs yelled that she said the meeting which suited me the beginning was so awesome and bring new things to friends and we see this on the defense but only in people who can pay the price to go somewhere else does when you go in argentina when the hong kong we knew it they need to get addicted into this little bit disappointed up and then it's always
7:50 pm
the same routine and friends are people who have led to good consecutive good it is sunny and we will continue to the core and core self. it said there's a big issue in the people going in. in other country. but i think it's meant to demean and even thrown in just one thing i think my generation and new ones and huge changes. there we saw what the limits of good in this state and the complete loss. was is it sucked into a duet for stakes in many years in many ceos on social security on the moon it helps that you get to when you're unemployed in we don't run so much security anymore. i think we are ready to leave with more risk my generation i think in the end zone. i really do change it to me that the more than we have an answer to this stuff out of the bus cuz i belonged to an ankle in a cold. this was sad not just some extra
7:51 pm
fat you can include medical center important strategic made homemade pasta in the case of the french leader of posts this is a man who is battling live popularity rankings. um and then of course an ankle in naples son she needs to pee that is different. the plot of science man employed your eyes and think that will pose counting elitists some a disc offers for different reasons this one on as you mentioned his approval racing as hits the story below twenty one percent in easton. every morning five french trust was one on and so he was using this conference is in love i am fighting for jobs and i am indeed a shifting the focus away from all thirty two grows up a lung hu who is extremely popular at home. it was an opportunity to set out to europe's southern country is stated to me that she is not indifference that she cares about the futuref europe and youth unemployment
7:52 pm
i think she does scare renault's as always it's because he mentions the revolution have to think that they don't expect a revolution in coming years it's we see in greece with the rise of golden goal in the new party support it and partly by young people look at sistani aide to the jury is looking for something there is so cool and breasts people are on edge they don't trust their leaders they don't have faith in the future so this was an opportunity for leaders to speak to show that they have maybe some solutions to walk and as good as saying there has been called some of the french leader and one cousin has been looking online at the reaction to president along recently as something from my popularity rankings is none other than maybe what to change people but i think the medium that will it's one of the key topics of conversation in french media today poll
7:53 pm
showing which candidates yesterday in fact for the sauce on the wall used to teach on twenty one percent popularity ratings for false bomb to drop in net from twenty six percent last october which was already an historical this is the lowest popularity ratings of a president's day ever in the fifth republic. that's the same for joe market will the prime minister also twenty one percent approval ratings. the people saying really is a time to have a government reshuffle which is one of the main tools that's false walls disposal to try to get his popularity ratings up. i want to ntu astronaut too cold for that is the socialist party mp. and i like to teach it is urgent strip a special market deal he said the us and the prime minister within his own the government on the zone the parties' a lot of people unhappy but haven't we seen say well maybe we should get rid of you urgently because this isn't it. for a united approach for somebody and sofas party. elsewhere really there to meet his pointy some meteor pointy hats that show mocked a whole
7:54 pm
list on the ovation he writes in french parliament this morning for sofas part in the gathering at sony seems to support all of his own and peas. so will not be enough indeed if it's only twenty one percent popularity ratings across the country summer stakes. swollen like the employee just really to how the government reshuffle assume the role of a major nap. according to several media today he did have a secret launched with much snow we have not purchased it's not secret anymore but in any case what's also interesting but god is marching on the a former head of the sofas part to relieve the false belong in the primaries are the source of dependency. last year for the presidential election ash har people say we you know they call the last ten days ago the presidential palace in touch with us president abbas responded saying noah told it was more to me. i wanted this meeting that the president of the comet will not i would say maybe it is an old quote for a foreigner working in tandem with martino the notes
7:55 pm
were a lot of people looking towards that the interior ministry's well who's the most popular news from the french cabinet boxes and monday will cause he has fifty six percent popularity ratings he's well ahead of an ep of the ministers were largely because he peels to be political rights and can struggle. the left in the rice not sense in any case he said he supports and tamaki whole. and so for now he's certain the plane down any expectations that he might get the position some pointing towards the dynamic between junction box. and that nicolas sarkozy who is in its very popular interior ministry pocket today. i knew that he didn't get the knowledge to be prime minister in the cotton or cotton ring in the reshuffle because you don't know the saying of very popular prime minister could be a threat to the presence of our single article about a possible reshuffle its insight nothing like a younger more popular ministers snapping at the hills of the older
7:56 pm
clinically insane to even think much about them at this point i wanna thank my guests the best in them because the ice and as a stayer that i could suffer if the ten now mac is fickle to be my guests on this debate and you can stay with us because coming up after show for a poopy yet lawrence area with more intentional and use it to us throughout the week for kentucky to update the blog sports news. the action the excitement with results showing that lead to a sports ground on monday to friday eight fifteen pm. it's going to ikea on sunday a. he is on
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the move now is the change to slow or too fat. join us for a special edition of the balls to get the bait. as we go inside the world's next don't miss this exclusive debate often he becomes the new age and history test was an everyday. the eagles breaking news on wednesday the information. i either or situation is. such. what gordon use. i do ong. it is
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it is. move. asia this week
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