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tv   RT News  PBS  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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investigation into the motor of afghan civilians allegedly involving american soldiers is abandoned to the us denies access to suspect we get from a generalist he says he's gotten truth. us soldiers all to blame. the special forces and the translators were indeed responsible for these men's fate. the sun shows stay america belongs the state of emergency in its relations with iran. someone even tougher restrictions despite attempts to seal a
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new clear agreements plus the all day and atmosphere of fear within britain. we need to learn he was targeted by controversial british government campaign to out the illegal immigrants on top stories this hour. the he's been through it with his lp with international news and comment. an investigation into the killings of civilians in afghanistan with the drops off to the us refused to cooperate american special forces and suspected of the madness but investigators have been refused access to them everett of the men were detained during us raids in afghanistan border problems that result to the twenty twelve and feathery twenty thirteen. they then disappeared. tim doherty is what makes had discovered just several hundred meters from an american in the two
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banks. u s insisted st school to blame and have new knowledge of illegal killings it was matthew a can spend five months investigating the incident at a rolling stone magazine. he claims to seek evidence proving the kilt all of american soldiers. he says he can tell from the jaws of us can we found. the special forces team greenery eighteen. as i recall was deployed to a nicely and valley west of kabul where the tall blonde and other insurgent groups have a very heavy presence and what happened was over last winter the locals are complaining that the special forces team in the translators were murdering people torturing them abducting them and disappearing them. just extraordinary allegations that the time or the sense that unproven. after the special forces team was forced out of the area by the afghan government bodies to be showing up outside the base twice the pace at work. the bodies of ten men who'd been seen rounded up by the americans and then were
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not able to be found out about the red cross or by the afghan government. after work so i sense is investigating allegations of this and the student body of testimony from locals from officials i also learned about to confidential un and red cross investigations the core operating allegations that suggested that the special forces and the translators were indeed response to these men's fate potential war crime allegations that they prove to be correct. has there been any accountability for what happened to him what the military says it opened a criminal investigation. so they declined to comment the story saying the us case is ongoing but in the five month i spent reporting this story. a single one of the witnesses that i spoke to had ever been contacted by us military investigator. so really does beg the question of whether these investigators are actually going to be able to establish any sort of accountability for what happened. sadly disturbing indeed. but this is the first time we've heard
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of allegations of torture and abuse by western forces in afghanistan and i wonder if you can sort of speak more broadly about the snow wider context while the allegations and these incidents are kind of unprecedented in their severity and scale. they do fit. part of a larger pattern of recurring abuse of detainees in u s and afghan ally custody. as well as continued lack of use of accountability for individual sprint implicated in these kinds of isa detainees has a recurring pattern of abuse and a recurring pattern of a lack of accountability. amen this. instantly sbc in the context of that the allegations of aggravated tensions between washington and kabul of the joint security pact that agreement defines the future of us troops all of the foreign forces withdrawal by the end of next year. and american soldiers in the nifty to afghan lol is the most crucial part of the deal. he's gonna turn explains. afghan authorities
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have repeatedly asked the us to allow them to question the soldiers that the base but the us repeatedly rebuffed a request u s forces are immune from afghan law but not full on the immunity issue is that kerry stumbling block on the way to an agreement between the us in afghanistan under which some us troops would stain of dennis then passed twenty fourteen and that's what the obama administration wants immunity for the troops so that they can save the young twenty fourteen the same agreement that the us won it with you brought that iraq refused to grant u s forces for the immunity from justice. a sentence like the killing of civilians in the word out province take it that much more difficult for the afghan government to justify such an agreement with the usc in front of the afghan people. i fear most is to hand feed the center of the mummy what is the push to french farmers to take their own lines statistics are just as moses
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side of the two things. i am wrong as one prominent down and see the signs and counting the workers of a cattle farm in britain say the pledge is even worse than official figures suggest the report is coming up in just a few minutes from now despite soaring us to ring in relations. officially they remain in the states of emergency. america's decades old sanctions regime has been prolonged by president barack obama for another year. some will make his own capitol hill when people more restrictions put in place of these ripple not small. obama says it's necessary for the thirty plus years eight of a national emergency against iraq to continue due to the fact that relations between washington and tehran have not returned to normal ironically the move comes as the international community continue seeking significant steps to broker a deal over in ron's disputed nuclear program. now all of last week's marathon ministerial
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talks in geneva ended without a deal ongoing negotiations between iran and western powers have increased as constructive and comprehensive with discussions scheduled to continue next week. now the biggest obstacle to a breakthrough has been america's ally israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been publicly skeptical and fiercely opposed to using sanctions against tehran it's a lot more at last its nuclear program in the lead dismantle the u s lawmakers have promised to wait for a briefing by secretary of state john kerry this week before deciding whether to impose tough new sanctions on iraq. but in the meantime pro israel groups have reportedly been ramping up blocking efforts on capitol hill pushing for more punitive measures now some experts speculate that obama the ongoing state of emergency against iran has more to do with appeasing israel. reporting from your green up or not. rt. well
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interesting to say dani and i have the peace and expense on middle east politics in the school of oriental and african studies he believes the tuition will jeopardize a possible agreement by imposing more sanctions. as for mine the golden opportunity full and that overcoming these days to come around a table and sit in on an outcome agreements the interview senior sanctions at the same time but beyond that invites people in negotiations to acquire. counterproductive and he and erode the confidence of the ingredients. to continue the negotiations. i don't think iran is trying to achieve these congo for completion by five plus one at the outset that it can be cool. enrichment and heavy and light full of peaceful nuclear technology the diplomatic wrangling around the roles need to program is to bake it in costco next mp danna vale
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boss sees guess just how serious the west was about funding agreement. one john all kinds of rituals of them spoke directly saying that's been in an interview with one directly off of usethat if the deal was a bad deal than they would be to meet its retaliation by israel on a certain number of them into pots. ok michael it sounds like that that was that's extortion like they're ok and there's the pressure was not not just from the israelis but also from the saudis and other gulf countries of warning the americans not to go too far. the question for iran then arises as the united states really commited to get to the kind of end game that was understood when they began this round of talks that i think that iran may in fact be wondering now whether that is the case i think that's the real danger of the situation. they hit
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the home of tea. you can swim office is being heavily criticized for campaign aimed at forcing illegal immigrants out of the country thousands of text messages were sent to the mobile phones of suspected illegal migrants warning them to leave britain the source which investigates what effect it had. he'll play and eight the text messaged a friend may be asked to kill three that did a real mom just checking your ak. but no it's the label it's telling you you'll need go in this country and come to me. this is a textbook returned goal i read non it people in sydney cove. but he's no walks and he doesn't even know how they call his details are happy in a british citizen for at least thirty years in this country so the tax was no reason why the one to send me to pack i can remember i've never keep them my number be so close to the government campaign to out to the ngos. the space and ground for me. that is and now they're sending
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threatening texts over the table tuesday night said they wanted to turn a ticket to two hundred complaints that the government defends the playground. we are taking proactive steps to contact individuals who records show no belly right to be in the uk some of which date back to december two thousand eight when they leave its right to enforce the immigration rules. it's an immigration case of office that reckons it would have any effect on continuing the illegals they'll adjust to new sim cards that will intimidate and aenat entely new teament can even see his wanng to watch that we're not well coming to chinatown in london's west end it but the majority of ten clients luck and he said that their lives that have themselves receives messages from the hive off its back together with the tories agency mak the uk a pretty sry place to be chinese or indeed any kind of ethnic
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minority of the mavens earnest texts and great black top three activists to an anti immigrantampaign and jeremy called in and he he represents in all its multicultural constituency if we can expect to see more updates and the general election of pretense. i need to send it back in the political ground between the right wing conservatives in the far right you can see christiane see me. he reads the blog it increases the electioneering in panko by the taxpayer. many strike rate date is available yet for the fourteen thousand text messages said it's ok to table its report is just a mid grade and illegal immigrants that conte with the result is that the earnest. she had been forced to be relieving them apparently. but at the cost of the goodwill of immigrant communities conti wife's norris smith ot london. this commercial code and campaign is being compared on some social media to the two thousand and six. maybe children of men now here's a
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look why. fan. i really. it all. portable. a lot of us it is. with respect to a member of the u k's socialist workers party. we asked him whether the grim scenes that just appeared in children of men that any comparison to the reality of britain today i think is a very dangerous and talks a policy which does indeed threaten to create the school's conditions which the film we've just seen indicates it. i'm in some ways is a throwback to the racist and fascist causes of the nineteen fifties. i
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think we're seeing a two pronged attack. one is to strike fear to intimidate immigrants to tell them and not welcome here. to try installing coming here and to reduce the rights of people who have come to britain to welcome to study. the otr i didn'eat much more important from the government's term is used to haul for all immigrants as a scapegoat for the rest of the population to say that there are real problems in society. that tells a lot of jokes no future for young people. instead of blaming those who are really responsible. the politicians the big businessmen in the fountains. instead of wearing current each to blame on neighbor always makes someone a school with us and decided that the immigrant is the problem not the rich these are their most do it with frozen berries to become an apology from a paroled but it presents a story to most of the nationalist
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protesters attacked the russian embassy in moscow to more math and other stories still to come the eye to noon. the war on for a piece of the month hig agast the governmt is doling out some maggot infested pieces of low tide benefits lot. and because voters are being each other of trying to grab a slice or two. and that valve then excited to try their neighbor of this unfair piece of the month high. but while tax involves the study writes that the public's imagination in secret back rooms in europe america a trade deals are currently being negotiated which will impose a so called investor states up on us all. i'll try to do
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without him. evolution is far worse. hunger strike to return the world's attention to the place that somehow got a lot of work is yet. linda's apologize for an attack on the russian embassy. it was carried out by nationalist protest is ending this week when an independent small spiral out of control and turned violent. the school's core has that effect. this president has apologized on the hall for the country from monday's incident which the country's prime minister has described as an unacceptable act of aggression on monday was women's independence day to mark the occasion of march was organized through the streets of warsaw disliked by far right nationalist people thought that the russian embassy with
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studies and firecrackers. and um well the slate is an honest with the anti russian sentiment some protested even attempted to scale the walls of the embassy before the police dispersed the crowd to display multiple of around a dozen people were arrested in st il the incident has prompted the country's president was not lebowski to suggest that changing in the pirate school for the protest is a protected from covering their faces a tough future demonstrations. he also claims that some are using this incident is just the part and is the rest of the nation not something that he strenuously denies playing off key can sometimes be simply criminal i. unique style of the spanish in the stands in the seven year jail sentence for offending who made this into babies. more details right now not to go home. las
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americas sweeping surveillance could back fire washington has warned that the nsa activities could be the publication of new terror attacks overseas. the danger is coming from one of its closest allies find out which one was getting published the oc. the interesting picture. reporters were there the animal. if you don't did you know the difference is the only industry specifically mentioned that's because a free and open process is critical to our
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democracy b out of it. oh well. in fact the single greatest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government we can hide change my handphone possible trans national corporations that would profit by destroying our founding fathers. mark and on the show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going fine. it will be on to identify. rational debate no real discussion of critical issues facing america got ready to join the movement walk with it the charter is seeking to diversify its economy with more emphasis on markets and the private sector. it's a new direction for the country's ruling
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congress party and the specific details when they are announced could affect be in the world. china ranks but andrew kp loses changes needed to prevent social discontent and maintain the party's leadership. utah doesn't change how the botswana with the house. come in in in the car alone with the bottle and even middle income trap is one of us hundreds more will it do its own energy in intensive. lol but it is commonly called me. as i am margins on the squeeze on one group among station in town and that the whole process becomes increasingly unsustainable come out of the dignity with problems and use the common cause pollution. when analyzing social discontent because of the unique qualities to war
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based on the moment orifice for change. you'll want to maintain the honest leadership in or two in hopes that it was typical. now some other international news in brief the media tells them to be. the clashes broke out between supporters and opponents of the ousted president. a middle seat covers and syrian of the state with its restated his plaza multiple candidates are forcing police to intervene that a guest shot windows are smashed cars destroyed the gospel is simple fun. hundreds erupted shortly off to the government announced it would lift the fremont ca feet and the state of emergency demonstrates is most true the league in protest against racial violence that has propelled the day before french right wing leader marie le pen with a catapult and evidence. protest is ready for the city talking and holding up anti racism than this. the tsunami has really taken control of the southern damascus on the occasion of the health of the fight is from lebanon also reported shia ministers from iraq to posting the operation. there is being
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held by the addition of a dream. read the reports pockets of resistance remain on the outskirts. the french economy may be showing signs of great things to make them any foam is driven to despair the suicide rate in the agricultural industries is soaring. these consisted of when to meet those working in the worst affected region to find out why. since two thousand they producers of milk and need to have to fall on the face of rising production costs and a fall in profits. some farmers taking it much harder than others. that and fifteen days ago my colleague tried to commit suicide because his ninth minute to tell him his credit and engineering knew that in effect for all three last very long island in seven days a week in the west actually disconnected from the rest of society. look on
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and keep my hands down apparantly actually happened what the french farmers has been causing alarm in fact a recent report showed that in two thousand seventy two thousandnine a total of four hundred eighty five farmers have committed suicide that's an average of one suicide busy today making it the third biggest cause of death after cancer and cardiovascular diseases alarm bells are already reading at the ministry of agriculture the farmer's market the reality is even worse. this means that when simon johnson founded incentive in accidents. one reason and confused i will send it to get them wrong one prominent day. titans on when farmers. no need to be seen to date collectors with someone else for the social system and assess the situation and help find a solution. brittany where isabel is from is the french region with the highest number of suicides mechanics and this is done drain them on foam between two pm and is producing milk and me. his sassy percent higher than the general lacking
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communication same age thomas moore campbell talking about condoms and me and said that when they decide to take a nice weekend to get through it. sickly france is the biggest beneficiary of eu farm eight nine billion euros a year the twenty fourteen to twenty twenty period that most of that money doesn't the small farmers. president francois long has already pledged to shift almost one billion euros towards the livestock farmers and away the better off not farmers the frustration has long boiled over. isabel hopes change comes before another farmer she knows her was in the towel. sister celia rta britain. foreign national news in about thirty minutes from now this is awesome. i i i i i do. i am. i am. he'll
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love these rare moments reaction of some daily sunspots to share with you eft is working the band partially hydrogenated oils which are the leading source of trans fats in foods and possibly the cause of the twenty thousand are taxed for your across the usa according to fda commissioner margaret hamburg. as you know i've linked the chemicals in my throat kept to a minimal but the thing is the people of tft are surely aware of all the hormones in the windshield was being produced with the spin of such a very narrow narrow focus. in fact when you look at all the things that americans consume small use that as for help. some of my left and hammer while others are completely tolerated it ever took the hardcore marijuana smoker guilty that you used it for use in the year and that's the old man to come to a point i think there is this is one of those rare instances where a balanced position is a really good idea. well the country
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could go to libertarian robin let it be everything the legal that people make their own choices. or do what i think would be much much better actually really bad all the things that are destructive to our health both of these paths have positive and negative effects but they are a lot better than our current plan of the unsung harmful thing for some reason no other harmful things because both the lobby better. but that's just my thing. i rmb. little. it does
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little. it is. little. it is
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ch ch or it cz story each day. excludes any g networks to top story. wednesday's most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington seeks enlightenment you at right back in your story continues here. i was seventeen with me
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thanks to a doting and that i can say that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks wound new living room. ay ay ay. lacey. these are all in one the eighties they did not reach its budget. arts the exports. russell wanted to investigate the controversial tree. a kid


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