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tv   RT News  PBS  November 13, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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need. the bottle or two the congress' approval ratings were low before they get a new poll looks at how americans feel about their lack of lawmakers and let's just say it's an all time low take a look at the numbers just ahead. then part of a secretive trade deal known as the cpp has come into light we do it too is docked in ensuring that the trans pacific partnership would affect us another negotiating nations from medicine to internet freedom. more on that coming up. they're growing calls for the guantanamo bay detention center to be closed as there was promise to close the facility years ago hasn't
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been tapped. what might a new debate brewing on capitol hill over the national defense authorization act mean forget about that later dish up a fan. it's wednesday november thirteen five pm in washington dc on sensex in your walk that are too. that are inherent with a nine percent approval rating. no that's not runners crack smoking there were upwards of cruel rating. that's the united states congress's approval rating today according to a new gallup poll. at present is the lowest rating ever recorded envelops thirty nine year history of asking americans that they approve of the way congress is handling its job. just two months ago in september. they look like congress is making a comeback. it's a priority was to ten points higher at nineteen percent. still abysmal in low but it's
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better than nine percent the government shutdown happen. americans washes the congress specifically a rightwing political faction in congress who wait twenty four billion dollar hole in the economy a pageant in gdp growth by more than a half percent. that was the cost of the government shutdown the deal broker to end it virtually guaranteed that warp in this disaster day at the beginning of action. but this is the way things have been going all year. you may remember back in april when congress's approval rating was a slightly higher fifty per cent. they couldn't even pass gun safety measures that have the support of more than ninety percent of americans think that a bill that had the support of ninety percent of americans couldn't pass congress. thanks to a filibuster in the senate the reasons why the gun bill failed was the lawmakers were free to agree to a national gun registry that the government would keep track of all gun owners. then a few months later everyone found out that the government is sort of keeping track of
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all gun owners. well all americans in general when edward soon begin releasing documents exposing this is global and domestic spying operations. guess who was completely blindsided by the nsa activities. congress an institution were told is providing the necessary oversight. to sum up how congress is handled these nsa revelations. there were two members of congress on one of the chief committees in charge of oversight the house intelligence committee arguing over when the committee knew what about this is program spying on world leaders intersted to know the stream and annuity had to go down to the committee and then spend a couple of hours going through amounts of product that would allow a member to be as informed as a member wishes to be on sources and methods and all activities of the intelligence community under the national intelligence frame i would just take them out. i say this we need to be careful about what i trying to buy but i really disingenuous to
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use the class of the donation and i think of being disingenuous was determined efficient and we have information that we don't have it it's congress's job to keep the intelligence community in check all it's felt utterly at that job that's not my opinion it's coming straight from another member of congress itself alan grayson. will we see from the congressional committees congressional oversight committees regarding her so called intelligence community. his love them they're performing oversight brother overlooking and systematically doing so i think that they become apologists for the spying industrial complex. and and and i have literally never seen him do anything other than rationalize these in some cases gross abuses and constitutional violations that occurred with regard to domestic surveillance the confluence of surveillance revelations the refusal to do something about gun violence and dysfunction in the budgeting process have highlighted the inability of congress to do. well really anything
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which is reflected in these historically low approval ratings. americans struggling to stay in their homes or position of loans are for the job. i had to look elsewhere for help organizations like occupied dad are stepping up to address the needs of constituent america for now congress seems to be done legislating for their closing out one of the most unproductive years in the history of lawmakers. no immigration reform no budget deal. nothing was worse there's still another year left in the under thirteen congress and if things continue this way especially with an election looming nine nine percent number today might look pretty good. come next november. those staying on capitol hill lawmakers in the house may have just killed the trans pacific partnership or to keep it perfect for a fresher near the cdp is a new trade deal in the works that would open up markets between nations along so that read like united states canada and japan. but their major concerns that the trade deal could hurt workers united
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states and infringe on online privacy and are free and open internet. this concerns only heightens by the high level of secrecy surrounding the ttp trade negotiations or even members of congress have complained their being shot out of the process by more powerful transnational corporations. despite all that this trade deal was headed for fast track approval in congress media could be filibuster the senate and they could be amended. this is basically the way congress has passed every trivial over the last few decades but this time things may work differently one hundred seventy lawmakers in the house and sign onto a letter telling the obama administration that they will not grant fast track authority on the ttp a move that effectively kill the treaty altogether. not only that some of the inner workings of the ttp have now been dried out in the shadows and into the sunlight. this morning when you exclude the actual text of the intellectual property chapter of the trends of the partnership of ninety five page document revealing in great detail just where negotiations currently stand
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on a number of very important ip issues. the documents exposing united states has warned the primary drivers of a slew of new anti consumer laws that could take a fact all across the pacific restored earlier to discuss these new developments the ttp by peter neighbor director of access to medicine and citizen and james loved director of knowledge ecology international. i started out by asking james what do the doctors that were released today by wiki links show us. we have to depend on legally defined with the hell's going on in the media cream is really about addison happier and sperm are away some tummy issues but craig mercies are not even with the big state to state secrets. it's a ballad it's really a out this chap is truly been driven by the lobbying by the pharmaceutical companies in hollywood. and what you see here is the united states tabling a whole slew of proposals that would benefit pharmaceutical companies in
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hollywood and india in the paddock after an area that's her thing and then when you see the pushback from other countries and so you can. you can see in any particular issue. i'll be at the various members cannot australia malaysia for different countries can fall out on these dinners here earlier reports that a year ago there's still a lot of negotiating to download the report showed that on a lot of these provisions there is not agreement between united states and other nations. and that's to his people were singing star contains an incredible opportunity to win here monday i am in uni us that the talk alike are close to agreement on friday and hear this. this nine hundred brackets and attacks the minute you arrive with their next meeting next week oh i mean this is the most recent first of august. but there's no law changed since this was her solution was for the self. i think it's out it's hard to say what we don't know is it politically what it feels to be made i think they the us is going to
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trade. topped market access to the united states which will cost some people their jobs in the united states in return for the eye views of the country's interest in some measure of the anti consumer proficiency looking for prices higher. and will expand the eye of the rights of a book publishers. at the expense of consumers. up here on this issue groups to ensure chris's cried a lot of people understand other girl where the paths that go into medicine and unpacking surgical methods. when these documents show about how you are certain medicines their korean your answers surgical methods that are created us up. our executive and is available to other parts of the other world that need them. the strike was called a trade agreement but really this is a secretive rule making against health and would lead to preventable suffering and death in asia and latin america while finding us consumers to high drug prices that rules out here at home there a number of bad proposals that have been advanced by big pharma and as you mentioned includes
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high incredibly patterns on surgical methods on the methods that ed that the doctors are actually using on patients or their treatment practices anything that's not what the doctors bare hands. potentially have and will monopolize this is the way before write them in surgical methods use to do something that people can just use the content that their only two countries in the world a better day to recognize that recognize these patents one is the united states the others australia which actually opposes the us proposal and attacks eighty countries have banned these procedures outright isn't that outrageous violation of the classics. this move in the house too spread a stand up against this fast track fast tracking of this trade deal is a really significant because when a little. if all these countries are coming together negotiate something and they're afraid that whatever they come out whenever they come up with the us is going to get back to congress and congress is going or mended and mikel the changes to it. they just might walk away from
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the table these other countries soup co this month in the fast track to actually kill the treaty altogether you might think you have kept pressure on on both sides of its salaried a secretive. the process and this is going to significantly increase the pressure knowing the congressional move but the fact that for the first time country's proposals are are exposed in the united states is visibly isolated by this clearly lost the debate on end is simply trying to bully and pressure countries it by hook or by crook i into lining up with pig farm in hollywood and where the nineties can get that agreement but it's it's really not looking very good for those performances here this enormous power to transnational corporations and it weakens the power and to some extent of sovereign governments fail to pass laws that affect their own citizens. this presented this whole dispute resolution process in the sky the courts that are created in this too can you explain more about others this process by which corporations can sue governments over laws that help consumers i think it
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gets the most important is to take place this agreement a week. most trade agreements are most people think of trade agreements is agreements between countries how the world trade organization. we feel we have a spirit of a country sees another country that does happen it doesn't happen with due to our frequency partly because i'm countries are reluctant to continue that and maybe they have. if it's been about doubt and electric rock the city has something in their own country that they are really you know what a fight over. but if you extend the rakyat to litigate the sinks to private company says the key the key to a sydney investor state provisions. i've made me eat you eat dinner asking a really busy or pfizer or monsanto if they want to challenge the position of camp responded i have nothing to lose. me well they will then push the awful though they really push these things to right now. you've got it from a situation that ferrari's tradition swear the kid may be tested her
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naked trying to care for it to test and of the tr now they can try to get the ato for those who work they can try again for governor races in the ppp this regional trade agreement with at the store thinking to spring into action themselves. if they cut into it. if a company wins against against a government you can have nasty finds that the country cast to pay the private investors. just read or re stocking is designed to protect consumers. there's this one chapter in the agreement there are twenty nine in their twenty eight chapters left shrouded in secrecy. if it's just one chapter does so much when the other twenty chapters that's a pretty important this comes amid time work a portrait of un one world government since the fifth oldest trees. this seems like one world government of the strata were out of credit under five seconds before i had an issue it should not be secret the only reason i think it is secret is because her snow in the white house are still in the congress is willing to say addition the poet rather than the us
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before and i have drawn wide and has learned very little congressional support for this. spirit made barnett director of access to medicine. citizen and james loved director of knowledge ecology international festival. according to the latest numbers come in the philippines more than twenty three hundred people are dead after massive typhoon port to the nation last week that more than eighty thousand homes were stored in more than a half million people are homeless assistance is starting to pour it in their concern please contribute more than one billion dollars to relief efforts which can be the third highest total contribute for such an overseas disaster ever. but is all that money really helping our cheese was wall to close a look. five days after typhoon high and bring to the philippines survivors are struggling to pick up the piece as it considered one of the strongest typhoon dapper in recorded history thousands are dead hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed millions have been affected. this is what is left of top club on one of the hardest hit area has the entire communities have
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been wiped out and dead bodies remain worried. under the debris. and there's dozens of other cities like bands that are still without heat in some places health is finally starting to ride the situation is dire. yet i feel. i don't even have new cars. like what you thought all around the world wanna help. here are some ways to do it and some things to avoid. first stop. cash is vast optimizing one help in any way they can which is great but it's not always helpful disaster areas like eighty and the staff have seen boxes upon boxes of everything from teddy bears tissues. a really well most of the victims need is food clean water and medical care sending later reputable
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agencies that can get these likes of goods and services to convict them as is the best way to help. that brings us to the next step which is to support local efforts. when disaster strikes. mine is on the since that time the philippines is around twenty five hundred many more are expected to die of starvation and dehydration and disease if they don't get the help they need. these people need help now to resources should be directed to organizations that are on the ground to get aid directly to the vick dogs organizations like the philippine red cross community and family services international and say this is a disaster response center third we can learn from past disasters like eighty for example. since the earthquake in two thousand ten over ten billion dollars in aid has been sent to the country. but years later the country has little to show for it hundreds of thousands of patients still live in tents and infrastructure is still
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in shambles but some organizations that serve as the middleman. money can be traced to the lack of transparency and accountability. similar problems plagued relief efforts in indonesia after the tsunami which resulted in delays and his organization and are being held to the victims. he'll see here and it sounds don't have time with the body of june the supplies. at this moment as an institution within ten days. it's like. just moments ago. not so much to its. so
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what. we also got us. it's the system. to units whe a donated to organizations that have a clear plan for helping people on the ground right away. some tips parents make your giraffe or time the biggest and best possible impact here in washington the small artsy early on on the stage he doesn't want president george bush signed an executive order giving him the power to detain suspected terrorists and to try them in military commissions. this order pave the way from the prison facility at guantanamo bay to open nearly twelve years and despite present or promises high profile hunger strikes and growing discontent around the world. the prison is still open and there are doubts that there will ever close to summer sausage or delivers her final report what's really going on inside gitmo. when i was just too good not to speak for themselves. after the attacks of nine eleven a total of
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seven hundred and seventeen ninety he needs to be held at guantanamo today hundred and sixty four people remain over how that have been long cleared for release but remain locked up. a total of six people is currently under trial. the legion prisoners of war brought here since two thousand and two removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both the pulse of the us not told anyone longer than necessary. but we also know that whenever we really someone we assume are rifts over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held there have been set free from any one item or beauties. stupid human monsters in the worst of the worst quebec cheney i'm going to them. most of those still kept locked up have not been charged and are being held indefinitely looks a little of the cold of the oven and allow weeks it's been with the president of the united states simply refuses to save innocent by us officials say the law of war brains behind this barbed
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wire. the idea is that the war. when you capture folks. you as the catcher in authority are permitted to hold people during the generation of hostilities and when hostilities and four. if there's no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to toe hold them and they must be released. a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here. creepy treated to a wide array of countries that the rules that apply in guantanamo are only specific to platonic or even he couldn't even have a poem titled case on the us mainland because it would be unconstitutional and illegal the also has no end in sight and national security is a popular excuse to simply ignore the law despite the rhetoric in really isn't about national security or prisoners being so dangerous that they can possibly be released in the fight that can be true after being locked up the legal process if any moves at a glacial pace in two thousand called five detainees were
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transferred on to have completed their military commission sentence on two were porter ordered release of detainees had been repatriated and one was suicide over the years countless detainee claims of mistreatment and abuse dozens of suicide attempts mass hunger strikes last pieces and hope. just this year the majority of the prison population refuse to eat for six months straight only to be force fed thee. here we have is being able to provide adequate nutrition to preserve life was good and has appointed a new envoy to close the camp that is a dark spot on america's image. this comes after a mass hunger strike at the turn of the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times. even the close season at it again now that the winningest team in us history are over. it's very easy and went on and when you release them and said you're not cost you. and as you said
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only six men are being crusty right now the non military prosecutors made clear he intends t prosecute few more he's also made clear that he won't be more than a few more the promise to close the notorious facility on day one of his presidency. he's now in his second term. it's only a president can do it any idea that it's new it's congress' fault it's just not correct. it is the president that holding these men in detention. summer has enhanced to come in and ask it's hard to tell right now exactly how long will begin in here doing this mission with a ucc church. rt went on to beat cuba. the sauce to turkey joins me now from our studios in york and washington d c enjoyed by someone also very familiar with what's going on in
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guantanamo colonel morris davis former chief prosecutor at demo. i'm not jealous or review how closely are those who work at the prison and are involved in a legal process there are even detained there. how closely the following this debate stateside following the promises the president's made in the recent moves he's made toward closing the sale of the northern end of it all why not. seriously it's that oftentimes when we spoke with officials. i'll get to know it sounded a little bit like they're not really paying too close attention in terms of when this facility is going to be shut down many of the personnel employed there you know it's just another deployment for them. opera many of them a very kind of proud location to work yes and because it means so much back and forth coming from the white house in terms of what exactly to do with these detainee is it seems like many of the officials on the ground at least to stop kind of obscene attention and they just don't know when they're just waiting to hear what's going to happen in terms of the detainee is we certainly not having spoken to countless more years no
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backs out and they follow certainly very closely with going to happen to them because of these indefinite conditions they're being held and offer one we know they've been told that the watch to rt is one of their news sources so you know certainly the detainee dharma watching everything closely in terms of officials that i'm not so much curled it is true when you are there. it is a kind of bubble there at the gore people where the comic covers the guantanamo gets around the world and the current debate that's going on in united states about it the very conscious of it that you have to get back to the beginning recall this was not the mission the military ever want this was a decision made by political appointees in the bush administration to try to avoid the law. and the uniform judge advocates general for all. so this is not to mention the military wanted twelve years ago and i don't think they still wanted to remember you told me last week we talked about this that the scuttling along with the trusting that you admit that this would be looked at later like the nuremberg trials with that. but we know
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now it did work out why. when you are the rope up crosses the military justice system there. what are the flaws in it why has not been able to do what. ideally it should be doing. one of the process was started under president bush twelve years ago today signed the order of the authorized military commissions and then in two thousand six the u s supreme court said it was a lawful order that it was unconstitutional by the geneva conventions and shut down congress passed the military commissions act of two thousand and six. then in two thousand and nine obama get another military commissions actually tried and tried and tried and failed. attorney general holder said last week that in hindsight they should have prosecuted cliche muhammad and the others in federal court back in two thousand minus two tie with the right decision then and still the right decision now and is to perpetuate this twelve years of failure guantanamo this continues to undermine america's reputation that the use of civilian trials and their spin is fewer than
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seven i think actual military commissions or unattended meanwhile there's been a comedy civilian trials of hundreds in the southern military commissions they were all convicted of providing material support for terrorism which the court of appeals here in washington said is not a legitimate wall for that to a convicted seven people of a crime is not a crime. our discussion is here what's ultimately keeping the prison open a stall in the road to report up to robert durand noted that anytime someone is released quote we assume a risk that suggests fears modi motivating factor here and just how crowded. is this fear that people are really useful comeback in shrek america well id now i miss the descendant of the problem of not releasing the detainee that we fertilize on the ground with that said this particular concern that they're going to return to committing certain acts of god terrorism and the now back to being involved in the war on terror and the number is that us officials are citing are over twenty five percent which seems at least me personally
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a little mixed up said because of all the people that were detained and they ended up being released and not charged and not seen as that dangerous. why is it that tack on these huge number is returned to the battlefield according to us officials. why release them in the first place in whitehall them there for so long without really investigating these personalities and that's what this prison is this what i think that's a pretty big question but in terms of the fear he lives and they are popular concern that even the existence of this prison of self. and the fueling the war on anti american sentiment. so certainly steps like a vicious circle and that i don't think many people these days consider on one time though to be a pew or about anything at this point. curled it assists you have been summarized in this international pencil tradition that this can be depended on to the sheer dishes that use the good news to deal with guantanamo bands at the end of beer sometime next year the worn afghanistan's sparkly ornaments course that was the house with the authorization for use of
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military force which underpins guantanamo when the war in afghanistan and is continuing to go and what does that you'd want on my blog doesn't mean it's been kind of a debate or deny whether that was a legitimate justification the small bore you can detain the enemy the notion that certainly even that notion and con twenty four claims it is about thirteen months. for the us government to figure out what we're going to do with these guys that can make a new legal fiction to justify keeping them what they do the right thing and again repatriation wanted me to go home and prosecuting the ones that need to be prosecuted. but it passed to the nba this past the senate armed services committee gives the president more authority so. when it comes out next to red. there's a way for national security river that has just eleven years and will be able to use it today will see what happens. art is the sauce a target in new york in colonel morris davis former chief prosecutor tim o'hare to say that about. and finally john
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galt lips. sun exactly what iran had envisioned which is the world's billionaire industrialist fleeing the state going on strike and joining up with the revolutionary john galt about streamyx decided to libertarian paradise. but it's call ups. well sorta gold's gulch trail is a farming community in central kill it and its billing itself as the world's first libertarian real estate project to accept the court's that virtual currency that is soaring to new heights. gold gold shoes made up of eleven thousand acres of land prior to parting with ample access to the ground and surface water. the spokesperson for the community jeff barwick who founded the corn in it and said. just like that coins. i think away and in emerging markets will only increase in value over the coming years. us dollar another three are currencies will continue to class and we recommend those holding dollars to divest themselves of those dollars as soon as possible. we also went ashore commitment to pick one. mix at the very happily as payment for land at colts
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goal. so we have ever increasing virtual currency be used for kids ever increasing in value tracks of plants what could possibly go wrong. that doesn't pronounce on same . see back there. you can. i know. all that well continue to climb it. there's a november fourteen and catherine comanche and tokyo this just coming into the us investors in japan have received but said the report card on economics baby watching crime is fishing so that it tends to turn the economy of rounds. just found out that growth is slowing. the cabinet office announcing that domestic product grew in the july to


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