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result of progress on a serious chemical disarmament the main street and phrases that to discuss the elimination of the sick also the ongoing conflict and the prospect indeed. a wrong freezes expansion of its nuclear program according to the un summit watched all of us will make it to still mulling further sanctions against iran. we report on the divide between the white house and capitol hill. also this hour. the reason and one
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time. it's hard to tell right now exactly how long will be down here in this match. easy to promise but hoped to deliver the pleasure of quantum it is as elusive as ever. as the doctor doctor told me it says the average an aussie reports from inside the home or future. it made things and. the undressing else that is most likely sitting down on illegal immigration every friday they don't race of accommodation places of what looking for illeg immigrants. it's friday morning we got with the police. what are the dregs the prayer. i know he with international news and comment. russia's president has praised the cooperation between favorite authorities and the chemical weapons watched
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all in a landmark in conversation with the syrian leader. in that region became the first head of the un security council member state in years to constantly told to shut us out. aunties griffin ocean others reported from the war torn country several times. yet explained the significance of the phone call. this is very significant in terms of off course from russia and from the un security council to show support for old great niece that is that the syrian authorities on on to take it to end the crisis in the country putin and us i can stay focused on the ache in the co ops an awful feeling that the demolition all the chemical weapons to see where that old saying nothing important topic what you need it to you peace talks that despite some skepticism in the air is considered by many as an important crucial the resulting peacefully. but that the crisis in seeing them as they say takes two to
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tango and this is what the main obstacle eighteen sold in the same in crisis lies and spin line since the beginning since the conflict this topic because syrian opposition has repeatedly rejected a doll aisle oak leaves. see you in the current authorities that president assad personally saying that they would never talk to him and they will never come back seat to die lol. maybe i'm too he goes and has since set aside a seventy two presidential theme is to cut its aid it is quite an effect that bloke right now. yet as we've been we've actually had heard that some opposition factions saying that they are now re d but i think he sired many times including health and rebel held town of cherries and i've seen that said the opposition is very much divided and sometimes that fraction is that the fight to present the shot on the side acu an adult and connected to each other they don't even know about the child aside it's like a womb even if we hearing from one faction that
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date is friday already it doesn't really mean unfortunately that's a whole the position hold the fort is now ready for download soon this is why it's quite difficult to respond to tok balik any peace between. now they think that the warning signs. there's been no developments in the rosy to facilities in the last three months that's according to a new report by the humans tome emotional. the conclusion comes ahead of a fresh round of talks between tehran and six will cause injustice the us congress considers that the sanctions against iran. these green opal mine has the details of the ite a report the international atomic energy agency says that for the past three months iran has halted expansion of its nuclear facilities. the un atomic watchdog released a report finding that only for a new uranium enrichment centrifuges were operating at the rinds a chance plants and at no additional machines at the four del facilitate the u n officials also said that iran has not begun operating
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any new its generation y are two and centrifuges and that no major components had been installed at the reactor being built at iraq. now why is this such a major development in because i have many in that many members of the international community were worried that the reactor at bad acts i could provide a broad with tony. an alternative to uranium for nuclear weapons. this is the first by a team report being released. saints president to pass on the money to qualify took office in august but it certainly can be considered a positive confidence building measure by tehran. especially before the next round of talks between iran and world powers to continue in geneva next week. us president obama has been taking precautionary measures out by asking congress to hold off on more sanctions against iraq while
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our world how words are negotiating and continuing to try to hammer out a deal president obama says in the us is serious about using diplomacy to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons that there is no need to add new sanctions on top of the boys are ready in place that have crippled iraq's economy. however the us is to get spoiler right now is its ally israel let's remember that it's really time mr page and it's him who is pro israel groups have been lobbying for more punitive measures to be piled against iraq. now according to reports the deal was nearly reached last week we've been reporting about it and according to russia's foreign mr said the law crop night he said that there was no joint proposal but there was a us proposal that everyone including iran agreed on the deck and were last minute amendments to the deal did not go through that france is being blamed for stalling and putting in those last minute amendments to we have to wait and see caught it from world powers will come to a consensus with
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iran on its disputed new nuclear program. which of course would ease international sanctions against iraq and allow iran to proceed with its nuclear program by which it says be used for peaceful purposes meet one on one of the historian vestige of a miscarriage. colton told me about the roots all the friction between the white house and capitol hill over iran. i don't think the president says state endorsed it's at this point it's going to hold off. of the members of congress who are determined to go ahead with this move of the question is whether they will be able to muster up the majority in the senate. i think the policy is more likely to be responsive to the israel's verges on this and so most likely to go ahead with go with sanctions but i think the senate may possibly cause a roadblock to going ahead with much of harsher sanctions. this is this is the track record that
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of both the majority of the senate majority the hosts have compiled. in recent years which is to say that they have been responsive whenever a pack the lobbying organization devoted to israel's interest has put forward legislation of majorities in both houses of congress have been responsive so i think that definitely has to be the working assumption of four this week they held key positions in the world's biggest minute tree and they want guantanamo prison clothing. thirty eight of the united states most respected retired generals and admirals will the senate to take immediate steps despite pressure and promises that you will still reach his twelfth anniversary which we define torture and hunger strikes along the way what weighs eight hundred inmates of going through guantanamo but only seven have been tried and convicted washington says the rest of today just to release the men say the evidence against them
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is speculative the potato doing it he plays well but congress and the president blamed each other even though in iraq obama has full authority to shut it down and then there's the cost which has tripled in just a full eight months according to estimates. keeping one inmate costs around two mahal million dollars a year now that's roughly a hundred times more than the average name in prison. the most esoteric and now reports on the detention center's future this prison numbers speak for themselves being set up after the attacks of nine eleven a total of seven hundred and sevenen ninety detainees have been held at guantanamo today hundred and sixty four people remain over how that have been long cleared for release but remain locked up. a total of six people is currently under
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trial alleging prisoners of war brought here since two thousand and two removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both a pulse and the us not told anyone longer than necessary. we also know that whenever we really someone we assume are rifts over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held there have been set free the men at work on more duties to bring the monsters in the worst of the worst quote that any of you know them. most of those still kept locked up have not been charged and are being held indefinitely. what sort of a black hole of the oven and allow weeks this thing with the president of the united states simply refuses to say this in the us officials say the law of more brains behind this barbed wire. the idea was that the war. when you capture folks. you as the catcher in authority are permitted to hold people during that duration of hostilities. and when hostilities and four. it is
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no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to toe hold them and they must be released. a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here that he treated to a wide array of countries. the rules that apply in guantanamo are only specific to platonic or even you couldn't even have a coupon title chase. on the us mainland. because it would be unconstitutional and illegal the also has no end in sight and national security is a popular excuse to simply ignore the law despite the rhetoric and really isn't about national security or prisoners being so dangerous that they can possibly be released in the fight that can be true after being locked up the legal process if any moves at a glacial pace in two thousand called five detainees were transferred on to have completed their military commission sentence on to work were ordered released detainees have been repatriated and one was so sad over the years countless detainee claims of mistreatment and abuse
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dozens of suicide attempts mass hunger strikes last pea shoots and hope. just this year the majority of the prison population refuse to eat for six months streets only to be force fed thee many fear we have is being able to provide adequate nutrition to preserve life was good and has appointed a new envoy to close the camp that is a dark spot on america's image. this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times. even the close season at it again now that the winningest team in us history or over. it's very easy and went on and when you release them and said you're not cost you. and as you said only six men are being asked here right now the non military prosecutors made clear he intends to prosecute few more. he's also made clear to me you won't be more than a few more. the promise to close the notorious
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facility on day one of his presidency. he's now in his second term. it's only a president can do it. any idea that it's new because congress this fall is just not correct. it is the president that holding these men in detention summer has enhanced to come in and acts. it's hard to tell right now exactly how long will begin in here newness mention her. a teacher to rt one titled the cuba. auntie don't call me coach awful series on life inside guantanamo is what is more interviews with former prisoners and in depth coverage of the international pressure to close the facility down. the feel of her most can we be free from today to cover minutes from now the professional footballer to prevent him from leaving kept up over a
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year. we'll tell you why the recent rapprochement between iran and the united states may potentially put to rest. one of the most toxic and mathieson modern geopolitics. the possibility that would require them the benefit many peace loving nation. but this is new from goodwill at risk of being derailed. and why is the character of the more sweeter than the chance peaks the road. i do the news
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running a triptych of telling you should consider sorting out your exit visa before you go. the board has been held but to be captured by the authorities in cabo folding here i'm able to see his wife and two. this is because he tried to sue his club for not getting paid now suddenly is being prevented from leaving the country unless he drops the charges against its called born employer. he says it was completely unexpected when i went to the tribunal's i never imagined that i wouldn't be able to leave the country. i didn't think they would. my
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wife is depressed. if you come to. i thought was going on hunger strike of mine who has told me not to they already think i'm a hunger strike would only cut my wife and kids. enough is enough the international federation of professional football this is campaigning for his release and to also see from the grip of a committed when he says the french class is now desperate. we understand that it's all set to act in this matter and that includes the fact they sold all his possessions. that said he will be evicted from his home in a matter of days and therefore we have all three are hot on your feet for the opportunity for him to really slow week. to try and resolve the situation at the least somewhat silly and society in a hotel. whatever the case may be that he and his wife and his two tortoises. we also bear in mind the fact that he is a very fragile mental state right now. it's a precarious situation with the deeply concerns and so we opt for the international football
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community to you not support the problem with being the highest levels of government and within football parties this is already going right to the top. the site even eat tonight himself has written begging for help. this is just one plant that is one of sixty thousand we represent around the world. we want to release the new release now russia has the world's second largest migrant population in search of the petulant the majority come to the capitol mall scary but barring the high numbers of them stay in the city legally consent to the authorities and the locals will scoff has the details. migration in most. there was a sensitive subject right now. following last month's murder of russian ninety eight tobacco allegedly at the hands of an azerbaijani migrants nationalistic growing poland she was firmly in the spotlight. and not succumb to this kind of just how sensitive topic is. we went to market on
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the outskirts of moscow to try to film an interview with him on the agenda the president of the russian federation migrants. despite getting fried permission to film it soon became clear our presence was no one. you rush in the white house to repeat myself. the song ends with the fence. we eventually set so far into being away from the market. the bill as is the deciding game in a suspected illegal activities to the corps morning of thousands of migrants some of the main off of work permits or residence permits that that number might be the most elite on to calculate the best estimates that the last one four two the population. and according to official statistics one in fight mode is twenty two rapes and one in three robberies carried out by migrants. heal thirty z came to be seen to be talkin problem is we found out before our meeting with my honey. was this the undressing else gets the most good place to be hunting down on illegal immigration every friday they don't race of accommodation places of what looking for illegal immigrants. it's
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friday morning we got with the place where those rights and it didn't take long for the police to get down to business tomorrow is the people's people. i am what to do with belief oakwood where the leak. now the braves on the outskirts of moscow in the stephen has lost its just about an hour so far police have rounded up thirty five individuals who don't have the correct one. room one hundred and eighty thousand work permits to grow into the pga according to mohammed the state is on tonight snedden and to address its unique to conduct a survey to only the migrant workers mostly means it contains a million workers the city's two million work harder it's not a mere hundred thousand of them in the main lead to many migrants are working and most guys twenty four percent of them in the hiney. this has created a boss black
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market for cheap labor markets on a huge kick out of this one. note also the most it is to heal the gospel but in a corruption crusade. one investigator more with the hopes of competing danger as he tries to clean up the catholic church the story right now i don't eat them cold. even in eight as member countries of the worksheet. the penny sweets are now the alliances dollars to fund its that big new dollars to build the new headquarters three attacks targeting she liked which occurs in eastern iraq and at least forty one people dead the last of plastering events to mark a show to the most important day in the shiite muslim calendar. one of seven thousand people being killed by insurgents in the country this year. a political refugee from saddam hussein's regime has told us that iraq is suffering the consequences of america's the bolivian coca policy use during its occupation. wanted to
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separate all the iraqi forces and to play on six canadian divisions ethnic divisions exasperating. not true differences and evicting them into animosity and flushes but there's also this presidents of the tourist organizations which era which of the dishes and then at a hospital called to it between these two organizations and groups represented within the government. its nominee a row defeating the legacy of united states into fearing the end of the crops up after the postponement but that's bad news opium cultivation has hit record numbers meeting huge profits from medical wards and hundreds more lives destroyed by the drug. the latest un report says poppy production has risen in some regions fumbled and the fed does his generation thousands of tonnes of opium and eighty after some provides ninety percent. all the trucks total global production. for
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the pharmacists in life now in uni realistic jaunts for their families to earn a living wage. the shell of a culture just doesn't pay in the war ravaged state. well guarded to kick on now that if the roots of the probe opium production has increased forty times in afghanistan since nato started its war on terror in two thousand and one. and now the drug money goes to fund care and god knows what else not to mention of course thousands of life's taken by during consumption. every year. what to expect more trucks coming out of afghanistan because the value of opium is still much higher than any other pop available to afghan farmers and afghans are not planning on giving up on top of these anytime soon even though the blue lights that are the leaders of the afghan government publicly denounce opium production. according to afghan farmers they still manage complex them for that this is what one farmer said government officials grow
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opium dens on sundays they don't grow it themselves they rent out their land to farmers to grow it. if the officials don't care about the line there's no reason for us to respect that that's according to this farm. for more than a decade nato and the us of course and the government that it had put in place in kabul have refused to impose nuclear ban on poppy growing possibly thinking such as band would turn more people against the west but chris had us officials explain it it isn't just trying to eradicate poppy and opium it's also trying to give people an alternative of mechanism to live and to feed their families but there is so much money the high narcotics that he could with alternative ways to make a living it's very difficult to imagine that such massive crop production will stop unless there is a clear cut down on it. in washington i'm going to come. more news from around the world know well about the discount gets in the philippines who taught the plan has risen again four thousand four hundred
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bizarre un figures confirmed by government agencies despite unprecedented eight from neighboring countries many victims remain cut off from food and water supplies as many as eleven million people they've been affected by what was in the storm's recorded which of the city of fact about last week. natural gas pipeline has exploded in texas where winters are reported to the community's been evacuated to safety in case if on the bus. it's pretty much isolated the town of milford. emergency crews a shot off the gas which is enough of the band itself out local media say the father dad will do what its function to the pipeline. when britain you'll never fall from the top of the shorter from the taxman but not everywhere on the majesty's jurisdiction gets forced to fund the crown's cough is in fact it can be quite the opposite the city a new set to play have you ever heard of it not that it cannot not ever heard of it can pick him up
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i'm thinking i looked for us it's uplifting. i know it. so think of the pacific side that's about all. did you know that cutting taxes get to that time and no i don't hide it. have we ever heard of again. if you've never heard of care to ensure he says it might well of course no wait for the facts were part of a tux is sparkling this again is one of britain's overseas cherry trees a small island in the south pacific with a total population of about fifty people. now locals don't pay taxes of the island's main source of income include tarzan and postage stamps box. it still heavily reliant on british and eu eight. let's break down the numbers here in the ninth european development fund or etf can receive two million euros in aid allocated for infrastructure building in the ten pdf you can receive two point four million that's a total of four point four million in thirteen years about six thousand eight hundred euros per person per
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year. that's not all. earlier this year it emerged that the uk had sent about ten million pounds over four years. proponents of development aid we get to rate the importance of maintaining focus solidarity and peace in developing nations of the european commission has indicated its intention to strike that the focus of the edf all the world's forests countries but details are scarce on how the assessment allocation will be done but critics say the eu in particular the uk have long been voicing their disapproval on the government's money management is essentially protecting what's given to others while slashing budgets and those at home. no two thousand told the yougov survey says that fifty four percent of the british think that the british government should not be giving them very much overseas and eight regardless of the opinion survey say for now the status quo remains in place reporting from london and tess are silly us. more news and open up a nominee to
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multiple loops that israel's role in the possible need to deal with the rope. room he'll love these rare moments reaction of some daily sunspots to share with you. eft is working the band partially hydrogenated oils which are the leading source of trans fats in foods and possibly because above twenty thousand are tax per year across the usa according to fda commissioner margaret hamburg. as you know i like the chemicals in my phone kept to a minimal but the thing is the people of tft are surely aware of all the hormones in the windshield most being produced with spinach that a very narrow narrow focus. in fact when you look at all the things that americans consume small use that as for help. some violent than ever while others are completely tolerated it ever took the hardcore marijuana smoker
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guilty that you used it for use in the year and that's the old man to come to a point i think there is this is one of those rare instances where a balanced position is a really good idea what all the country could go to libertarian robin let it be everything be legal but people make their own choices. or do what i think would be much much better actually really bad all the things that are destructive to our health both of these paths have cause of the negative effects but they are a lot better than our current plan of the unsung harmful thing for some reason no other harmful things because both the lobby better. but the ashes back. i rmb. sells. says. earlier
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the owner. the air. chu new
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long wong will. to end. ay ay ay. the city as usual and this is a journal and three dogs. it is will it be he's around. they continue to rise in the philippines but it still isn't week and those who need it most. for the first time in history a former german president goes on trial on corruption charges. and adding glorious and two amid concerns that may seem very


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