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tv   European Journal  PBS  November 15, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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you knew long will you will the us. the owner will look into getting to know coming to you from dw stadium in brussels the tenth year with this let us take a look at some of the stories this week brown's wife and daughter team has become a national school. romania and the wind cries out back. and bulgaria new barriers to immigrants like us here in brussels three ounces for eu citizens who live in. add in areas
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with heavy traffic. often we get to everyone to be about bus and train. increasing numbers of european studies know the cause. schools transport doesn't come for free. unless you live in tallinn in estonia where it's free it's not the locals and in most companies ticket as i run the riots in france that triggered something of a ripple. well no still on and be healed see themselves as a band of merry men planning and doing jumbo for the better years to get a free ride on the commuter train. they know they are risking a fine. so we could take precautions. the will of most people go through the barriers here in the hall we don't want to draw attention to ourselves so we're better off going around the other side. there are fewer people. and there's less chance of getting caught it is. the monthly pass with
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a repeat win in the interest costs one hundred to eighteen euros. and that's more than these young men are willing to pay. lucille appeal to the prices are a rip off and i don't say that just because i'm broke. i don't think it's right that you should have to pay so much for transport if it should be trained. but it should be completely paid for with taxpayers' money it's good to me riding without a ticket as an act of civil disobedience vessels so all is a student and lives with his parents in a paris suburb. he takes the train every day. my parents no one can buy a ticket to enquiry about me and sometimes they give me money to get one but they come toys afford it. the boy the trains in the french capital. around one thirty
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passengers are traveling without a valid ticket. she had to deal with the mayor of the countdown to the parents and spent years trying to tackle the problem he says bringing back station staff instead of ticket machines would help. on the naked fat even people who are paying for tickets see all these people jumping into the barriers that it makes them wonder why that thing was the month. this is the new automatic see it go it's no longer normal to pay it's normal to pay. this is no moment that the acorn and the local keep it up. what use to be a bit of provocation has become a sports and its ticket inspectors who are bearing the brunt. some young fare dodgers travel in groups and tend to get aggressive the inspectors tactic is to deflect attention by showing they trust the. even when they're dealing with obvious
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offenders. this young woman claims she slashed her monthly student pass at home in. the it is to be seen on youtube so caught in a pot that can produce it later. to prevent the station the menu i need to pay six years. to share a solution she said it's good to see our doctors our customers. nice and simple though so my job is to make sure they become good customers. also he didn't want y'all to get it entrenched people diligence until its peers because they don't want to pay. hm national tradition. even former president jackson hike was selected over the barriers and obvious enjoyment. i don't find that shocking. the barrier was broken he'd been gone up to it just goes to show how athletic he was. that doesn't shock me in the least of all
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of us will come from. i might not have been deliberately fare dodging but the incident is legendary nonetheless. an illegal student insurance scheme for care doctors even references the photo its advertising campaign. armed with a hidden camera weekend visit to leeds office in the northern france we asked for in the right place. with that. though. bo do that. chee ten euros a month into this clan to stun scheme. saving the money that otherwise have to stand on them and the house as well as any fines incurred by fear daunting. the numbers add up it's not really above board but journalist and he is a tool believe that there are core french values underpinning this team. even
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though this may take up the second of the people want equality when it comes to transport that means that if one neighborhood gets a new grassroots and every neighbor who wants one. i didn't have to listen. and people wanted to see the sea. they want to be free to give iran. well it's the guns of the peoples of the fine print i shouldn't have to stay at home will allow. sure it's going to run when i'm on the phone off the light at the spit it all a guide to small. shearer dodgers cost the french transport system an estimated four hundred million euro as the year and that figure is rising. a growing number of people in france and doing it the booklet will be. i didn't have much money and there are many controls. so i dreaded without a ticket but to me and they cost me eighteen hundred euro is because i didn't pay the fines right
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away. and that i just kept going on. it's bad enough when young people grow. he just must get caught. they mustn't get caught by the pool beach. the dodgers have to be ready to take the rough with the smooth call blair and his friends had been caught but they usually get away with it. i like feeling that got stuck into them again. but it is the ball was going to cheer entrenched refusing to pay for transport is tantamount to a political statements. in sabah love that fine wines feminine yet. in ancient greece people would offer up late to scrape up is to the call by an isis one c at romanians have been growing wine for as long as six thousand pieces and six the city center that was
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until under communism. when mismanagement that she took its toll on the wine pairing culture. the country's wineries went into decline many had to close or to get up and new generation of wine press and romania is not trying to redefine the tickets. sth talk on muncie moan. the grape harvest is always the one point of the year. and this year's wine promises to be an advantage. the grapes are especially sweet the muncie mom works in the town of mushy vineyards in romania's tanaka or cocoa valley. he's among those fighting to retain the region's reputation as wine growers void of my head. as the one on one we have very good quality wines here. did i share this vignette is one among the medals from fit into twelve non wine
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competitions technician between the first and second world wars the multi ethnic kind of the valley was one of the richest regions in pennsylvania. from a knee and ontarians and turn something in saxons all property jointly from that well decades of mismanagement under communist rule. most of the former vineyards in a state of decay. but in recent years a few intrepid winemakers have attempted revival. tom and thought of on she needed a lot of perseverance in order to get back to land the communists had taken from his family now he wants priest or the five hundred year old manor house to its former glory. using the profits from his point production. she's vineyard has only been operating for three years and so far he's made just modest profits by selling is going to local restaurants. but it's come to the attention of some common sewers. old. it's difficult to find good domestic wines at restaurants these days. there's a lot of swell and some wines are totally overpriced. but with
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this one. everything's just right. the small winery we continue to just one hectare than a handful of ambitious winemakers are mushy and his employees are among those bearing the region's hopes for the future. he likes it unfortunately i'm one of the few fighting this battle of the art of winemaking has been neglected here. most people don't have the money i'm trying to get people to join together so we can build up something here. i suppose i'd like to sell their wines in the rest of europe audubon she has unsuccessfully lobbied the ad for cultural authority in the district capital appeared to manage several times the officials there decide which ones are allowed to be exported. how much she thinks they're too smart to grant export licences to domestic money makers the agency's director rejects
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the criticism. you see fit everything runs smoothly. it is a winemaker needs a license. we checked to see if the requirements are met him and if they are we to approval within a maximum of three days. this one at that but she's neighbor whose minds are on the same slopes has all the necessary licenses and certificates his vineyard is owned by an italian investor the prestigious four in ten years have few financial problems in the time of the valley and tend to have good relations with the authorities. can we stashed up for instance would like to shop it takes forever to get approval for that and nothing happens without the riots. it was routine day gradually some of the poorer families are hoping to earn money in the winemaking business. some are growing great. to which they then sell to larger vineyards. but they have little hope of
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starting their own independent inquiry. at that through the dentist today and it is so fresh start is very difficult because the romanian government. it doesn't help the small growers at all. state subsidies are awarded to large ten years. but the time of the valley has mostly smaller wineries and the locals don't have the economic clout to produce successfully. the evidence to indicate the man pm. last year the european union's did earmark some three million euros in funding for the winemakers in the carnival valley. german restaurant on arjuna shaffer has benefited from the new momentum in the region. his restaurant is now an insider's tip for formation and fans of local wines. and it's here in the horrific area to listen more and more interesting and exciting wines coming out these new wineries. i'm going to undermine it by a nose cone was that he is right. his
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defiance themselves is still young and thin. when the time that it will probably take five or ten years before we can say how much attention is truly in the tempo of the time that a school the teachers in that the enthusiastic winemakers who are starting up small businesses in the tunnel allie are convinced their time will come. and that the entire region will benefit from the troops though. actually not weds was what many including pat francaise du monde it from governments to do at the beginning of last month when a boat carrying refugees staying off the telly on and a plan to do so. hackett's have to be prevented to lip read. but to many governments now listen to the refugee problem is straightforward they built that reacts
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taking a stance that building a wall along the syrian border. officially as a deterrent to smugglers and now bulgaria which is a member of the european union is copying its neighbor the bulgarian government is planning to build a fence along its border with tacky to stop saying immigrants from entering the country illegally by the gringo on karaoke night time he doesn't have to watch his mom isn't long before the spot small refugees illegally crossing the turkish again in order what's known as the balkans this time the border patrols of stuff that group of five every day about two hundred people treasure into the u s peaceful. most of them come from sydney. landrieu has written to the senate the area has a two hundred and seventy kilometer boundary with turkey. guerin officials comes keep an eye on the whole border town on the interior ministry has proposed building a fence he can unleash a war. the nearby
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border crossings he's less traffic than the uncontrolled frontr. turkish monday's child refugees two hundred dollars to guide them as it is green gold and helped him escape war to nina and papa too. the police are constantly improving their equipment. the true meaning of the area is very cool. and its possibilities are limited this is the division of the agenda. pretty much the middle of nowhere. that is the arm of tickets the guinean border. this too cos it's good to go undetected. refugees are two million sites in the mould of images. what's new is not the trek itself but the dramatic rise in refugee numbers. i give them something to eat. oh and coffee for the adults. milk for the children. babies can
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be over. and what happens in boston and then he called the police to round them up this building. the man is clearly meant to keep illegal border crossings. here refugees from the city and soon will. separated from refugees whose motives on tuesday. yet it is abiding by the use procedural rules here in the capital sofia were apprehended refugees attend pre highest in the scam. it's on the top security. the boy in the town which means minutes the ramp is run by the mitten tree with the help especially peace and private security guards. we have the dumpling is practically off limits to visitors. human rights activist discovered and publicize the appalling conditions here. officials say things have improved which is why we receive
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permission to film here. it's in me to take care of the conditions are still terrible. we meet seth got in damascus syria the eighteen he's alreadyll family hangs ups for sentence of producing it to the build up of the plum tree has bought the last is the debacle aside i just hope it's the sum of eleven coming in aldershot as the government. people die people for money. when you kill people you do take my leave the code is he coming i'd buy even if this team to moscow's i don't to me because of a property in miami this team. malam a blister. well in the week was my age is going to police the tea cozies and tumble get it. we know when we teaching blog addy the mom to have a problem retrieve back in to see him because he has
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since seen the same problem the refugees live crowded together in the form of school for weeks or months some pieces are finally being hooked up with is no small task the new doctor anyway. tt's do that and cooking fifty people in one room was too complex electrical connections and risky. the situation in the camps seems hopeless. few refugees want to stay in bulgaria. country comfort zone. the u n's refugee agency is helpless. and it's natural whole bunk area has to process the refugees. it is clearly over its head open as a family. not to mention financially. building of gold is an admission of free will his bulgarian could do that and that it earned the relations that exist bulgaria has the responsibility to be patient for its international
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mediation. the humiliations that it comes to doing the refugee status determination when it comes on its territory and apply for asylum. so that is or is possible that the government whether people want to stay here or not is another matter ultimately mean people are recognized as refugees and they would have the possibility of traveling within the european union under certain conditions on tuesday. back to divulge any turkish border. this was once the frontier between may to a noble soul. this sign reminded border guards as gate when entering or leaving maybe soon enough the cold war style award. the rise of the skull. the days of the wild west are long gone you'd think but according to spanish newspaper el mundo part of the country descending into a state of lawlessness. their book was referring to the rising crime in the country's rural areas finest in many regions especially insulate
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the province. i've taken to patrolling their own findings that night to detect these two are out for all they can get. when one of an a in a way it's really astonishing harvest time we shoot the olives out of the trees on big sheets on the ground or what. both of which we often leave them overnight to continue working the next day one morning we were in for an unpleasant surprise. when oh when the sheets were gone i'll be alone with the olives someone just grabbed everything and made off with that he said at the end of it wasn't a minute trying to get the bags three thousand kilos of olives with one thousand five hundred euros. what happened to be sent to atc in his olive orchard new tornado is not an isolated case. from farmers' fields has become common and in print on the rise the stolen goods aren't the only damage the farmers
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suffer all i can. one nope what about when they take the only spinner in a big hurry. and they end up destroying the young shoots and that means no harvest in the coming year. o hundred km away still in the province of toledo a different field but the same problem. the farmers grow grapes aren't relishes here are adapted to fruit but something more expensive it is that the full taste of fifteen hundred of the snap photos from this field. no wonder that the only upside to the same thing they come at night again and again to steal thousands of poles the polls close to euros apiece to the recent drop receptive in their back a whopping three thousand euros if he has still been caught and who's behind this whites with stealing remains a riddle for the farmers and
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the police. we have no idea who he is. sometimes we think it's foreigners who butted in and steal opposed to grow grapes. maybe a scrap metal dealers. this could also be orderly people like us network said the scheme is that some of its own colossal cause. what did that didn't come up to be honest with no idea because no one is a vocal. wasn't that sad that someone at the pickle. police headquarters until a dough the twenty s tv and is discussing the situation the jury has increased so much that the interior ministry in madrid has reacted. some police officers are now being deployed to investigate agricultural past for example this is not your usual traffic control the police are looking for items stolen from the area's fields and orchards. at that and i were trying to analyze which people are going where and setting up control points like this one. we try
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to find out whether someone has been stealing things from certain fields and what types of people are involved. but is ultimately what matters most is his contention the attic with that i am at it yet. this is one of the preventive measures motorcycle patrols on the rule of roads around toledo. this unique usually focuses on environmental violations. but in the last few months. it's also an agricultural fields the piece work under cover of darkness. that's when ruben castillo and not push him around is our date night too among the things they are keeping an eye on our irrigation systems and transformer stations like this one favourite car gets tricky. however wire and hiking is valuable and hard to trace the first year that police had been patrolling the field. there are too few of them to guard every field but it's a beginning. a demo
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on even if we didn't catch anyone in the act. it's a pain to the perpetrators and walked off the season though with stopping cars and taking i tease him about the book that makes crime what does it go. online system could help the police. so far it's only been installed in the region around and antioch. it's been in operation for two and half months. i'm a mom in the middle of last week and watch over every individual feel. but here we see the persimmons are being grown. and this is the period when the right. no one was an equine here we see warehouses yet i must go while wells for irrigation. oh and farm houses. what's it all for it so that the guardian says it knows where the danger is a cute thing can focus on those spots and got a signed form of ill will but that political leader. similar maps have been offered to other regions. it's hard to
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understand why they haven't taken up the offer statistics show the need for such instruments. in galicia twenty million euros worth of vegetables fruits and medals were stolen in twenty twelve and something else makes the farmers angry. when stillman goods are worth less than four hundred euros. it's not even a crime just a misdemeanor. and it can lead to a jail sentence. it is going to miss them but eating is stealing. even if it's in the fifty or so. if i steal things one hundred euros every day instead of watching it for fifty euros. i've been to big profits i'm lucky enough to win as long as this kind of sad remains of this to mean that nothing will change. the fog up. no snow to make the most essential and so chances are that the fed will continue in jose marti and good sign that says vineyards and all over spain
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what brings us to be and if a citizen of europe in general until next time i'll be giving them by now. thus you can watch in a sea world you were ever you go to the main city asks for your own tablet to access program schedules on demand video though my name is pete over night to a boil. i enjoyed the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network you knew and grew. he added the students of the national manager carmel optimist on a sit down with a theme a member of the croatian daily
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to police. today's class is about hope presence of the copics an infamous criminal investigation. it's a good thing. and that they did it. it's at. and. it's a day at mcdonald's. the game and then. four times a year and last for about a month since two thousand and six gracious support the training and mentoring of the outcome national army a contributing several minute trip by st james the international security assistance forces in afghanistan. this is my second tour in paris told
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the stylist isn't that the police that can command that and the place is often said so i was able to work on both sides of the system. he has a president and national forces us to a contact in a mood to create jobs and it is an on the other side being here not entertaining detain those on to a bunch mostly police and then come back in two thousand and four the military police and only god can exist it's wonderful to see them come to such high standards. nowadays just eight years. they can the students stand to attention and often astonished typically looked on as a society where women are second class citizens they don't seem to be bothered by the fact that their teachers a woman. there are very open with a flair for they truly accepted me as the command of my own unit and never made a slight crisp gesture that would make me feel on constable oh one to dive into a inappropriate in my country and i'm not that it's ok for the woman to be the command that they responded to a certain extent that's the mood to put these works are on the clock ticking afghan officers and education is seen what
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they've accomplished so far within that i've used them notably school is fully functional for the goodwill of the good of themselves which is great great success this is some opponent for the time and in afghanistan the air. i can't get enough of international history. now you can bring your favorite teacher gets home on dvd the best of international mystery and drama. now available at teammate see networks dot org. ch liu wu
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you will what will. open. i had a taste of the team is as sweet and sent us at croft are probably hundreds of thousands face was saying conditions. i'll tip that they announced an ounce is a safer to use rescue program with chris and all her rights and the battle for the define what you weren


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