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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  November 15, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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the wet and i made the network's dot org. we knew we knew you will. each that is the economics of everyday life in china. and don't live there. last week aka rob greeting card. that doesn't work does or what have you end up tv. today money matters were killed
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when her point. today was thinking as for the top commander for the consumer corner will talk about packaging airport. to which i think there is a happy about it. one of the development of a wealthy actress debate the future pope on time let's take a look of the top prize of life here in time first up and watching dot com the chinese government talk of change in the painting them. and that meant i had been a popular topic of discussion in the country. chinese people avoid unpleasant but the type of pension fund and inequality in distribution that i did not intend to establish a fairer and more sustainable security system to my university researchers had indicated the previous content that might be unfair the chinese government or the by the end of two thousand twelve. the total pension funds amounted to about two trillion yuan or about three hundred twenty billion dollars. all the pictures large menu commands are too small. in china. employees of private deductible gift to them about three hundred d with telstra each month. the government
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servant. elite four hundred non us dollars. although the chinese government for a dependent or been complacent january. the pension amount employees are still far left in the servant. at the beijing youth daily. when the charge kitchen with people the food and beverage industry. granted these images. congress the civil government plan to ensure the standard to protect him with the catering industry he goes for all garbage from places like off the building in the restaurant is in charge twenty five the run from forty dollars per tonne the new system is going to continue charging its price for kitchen with brother type garbage disposal. the price but the rate of nine eleven or fourteen dollars per tonne for more than sixty five thousand food and beverage companies in beijing. over five hundred tonnes of kitchen waste collected every day. however according to research from the beijing national people's congress the actual daily with production to be larger than the large amount of oil looks really going underground market. the news that purport
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to the new fee will come out with it. the move by the beattie government is trying to control kitchen with disposal particular to use oil. don't go away because of making money matters. we're talking about land reform. they did. you can get with each of the communist party meeting in october to the housing is built upon the common people and economy that could deprive the party if i let him enter point the topic of interest. i didn't continue with the biggest source of tax revenues the country. and today show. what is expected from land reform following the third plenary session them at the central committee recently china's top leaders and that their plenary session where economic and political agendas. the next decade where the sky the thirteen m was a meeting of the top political figures in china. helping your afternoon we did come into power. the forty s and on the top of november in beijing. he unveiled agenda a series of reforms that will determine the country's next
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ten years were issued however there is nothing directly to the housing price in fact many are talking the whole begun with the result of it. looking back the previous two concussion. i have been a heated topic turned into doubt and three the tea party session high with the realty market of the pillar industry of the national economy. also with the first time that an important national meeting we propose curbing the rising housing prices have become contention to dob in a double red and puffy in the housing market had input into the agenda. in the end of regulation. the current housing prices having carried out gradually. nothing can take the pill rules for cypress tree mortgage loans and housing speculation in the year march this year the federal government began mentioning a twenty percent tax on the profit made by families still in the second top to cover all the postings were mentored by how spiders to realize that were streaking market demand does not effectively curb the rising housing prices
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according to the national statistics bureau. total trade area to doubt the day with two point seven billion square feet. the average price for commercial building in that year with fifty dollars per square foot however the average price rose to ninety dollars per square foot and the total trade area with ten point six billion square feet the previous policies have been more direct. we also have been efficient. the poll for the new agenda is taking a more big approach because it is likely in an effort to keep the property bubble in another way. this time the twin tail. the kids and of the thirteen am. when implementing mentioned twice one time to cut the opening of the landmark going to let the market to buy the land price the second to give rove and others like farmers were controlled and property. when did want to know them like the meantime securities company a to point them in reforming the agenda are similar they are both trying to make when i could market driven. he was named in reference to both urban and rural land which were previously distinctly separated. don't go with
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the object will continue with the winner for peyton welcome back to china price watch. in today's money matters were talking about winner for. time has come to our new single protecting the rights of farmers. when the mob which isn't open a large factory speculators skyscrapers has become a copper plate for those farmers. most of the infrastructure for school couples employment are looking in the center of the cake. often the outskirts and are pretty much left out in china men that they don't farmers on the right due to an allocated by the country over palmerston not about the double when the farmer live on the left acapulco industry in the can. and shrinking the gap and local business that had trouble acquiring the property the only way for farmers to transfer the twin engine helicopter ride to the local government. then the local government would double in other business organization play captain developers
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the linchpin for profit. it usually involves huge price hikes on the same land the high when practicable to become a major reason for over a housing price. the new world and that the farmers are still the owners of land contract right. but the same time demand to drive to the left are allowed to transfer to other farmers or commercial organization developers bought the rights for new deals and directed the first reading from the government. omitting the price i can cross that could be building on the way cheaper. perth the third large number of houses with limited property rights in china. with their property right houses are built on land in rural areas. but farmers are eclectic. to regard the law that to them about how registered in those rural areas are not open to protect it. have a topic often when prices and construction tactic. he told the price for over thirty percent less than commercial house. most of the houses are built around a person that appears to be taken to the area the houses where property rectitude of having reached seventy one billion
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square feet. but the white house to pressure the need to be more frequent or property counters will be in high demand. but the floor price to increase demand the price would probably go back up even though the land transfer system was approved the new agenda the central government not to legitimize the house to put them in a property right. the wind caught me to climb all the housing prices may not be the media changes after this report the new agenda to the blueprint for china's future economic development i'm the candidate is expected that detailed mental post it. he'll be carried out by different government departments and prompted the next two years. many experts are making assumptions about the report are ready to. don't go with the. her question today we are basing the winner for the weekend. question today
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issues affecting their lives today the people mentioned above the law of land or for that few people out there but the current situation i don't think in and reforms will bring about achieving luton are supplying peak. i hold the government can opt for the band reformed in cooler than it used to bucharest and how they've made in house prices will not decrease even know it will contribute to more happy than ever people are opting for me in my
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opinion bidding housing prices are too high. help every student can afford a house of this town. the rule and is used for commercial houses house prices may go down the government should take a series of measures to control housing prices. i never quite get it. i don't hear about it how striking and very high on aging the commenter who cannot afford it. although rule and can be used for commercial house to house price would not be creek. land reform twinkling house price in china. you know. house prices are high in beijing. i can accept it. my wife bought one of our many many years ago even the rural land use commercial houses in the future. i don't believe house prices will go down land. i keep thinking i'm one lucky chick and nine. i
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can. i do to get into that eighteen then took me to the party a mini computer component a change. house prices are too expensive to afford it. hoping to land reform for more. house prices even though the house costs decreased to some extent the common people. house prices may go to home improvement is available the houses and consumer corner we take a look at her new bike in china. on today's show was a cupcake at the packaging at the airport many service to the airport to the pension forecast about a month ago chinese media report the height of the meal the airport which led to many people complain about airports have all become home to the local gym operation. but take a good attendance and tack to take advantage of court. recently she wanted because the high price of relating to the airport the ultimate complaint by chinese users some airports are purely of making kept the impact of luggage and read it at
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the airport. there also comes with overweight bag. i didn't thicken the broth and the play. with an increasing number of travelers and cheaper flights. there's likely a lot of money to be made by aaron wanted to charge extra for every bag that it improperly fact according to their guidelines many travelers also are aware of the guideline. don't bother to think of them before going on shopping for it. as chinese courts of the bigger shoppers in the world when traveling. it might be a problem. a recent example relief by chinese media with the chinese passenger without the kids up to pee nine us dollars for the service. the airport happy three boxes and luggage. that led many chinese people wanted to open the box provided by airport for more valuable than ordinary one. chinese media reported. deprived of these materials very different airport. the average price to the big carton boxes will be thirty un from a five dollars for each one will smoke are not too cold for about three mccullough st won its packaging bell cobb no one has no cover the carols are much cheaper in the retail
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market. the packaging producers exposed the small carton boxes customers thirty one st one. he's popped up about fifty five the purdue team or the price for the materials will be lower obviously the packaging costs are much higher than the packaging retail market but the airport. dr explained that although the natural copper level they need to pay the cost of human labor in renton. well he didn't distract the red almost account for seventy percent of the total cost. in fact some practical gorgeous kit that they're dumb packaging in airport pentagon eleven jumps the authority to carry rules the packaging into that small five packages to be charged but one dollar for each one large but one should be charged about two dollars. a big carton box can only be about three dollars and the many airports are too much for packaging than that some chinese net users complained about the creepy packaging christ is an airport a few gender unpleasant packaging it into the well. when the tudor my nipple. a normal situation
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airport. once when i check my blog as the eye airport happened to condemn my luggage up to half the repackaged. they didn't charge about ten dollars for merely using a packing now most annoying thing they didn't give me a fish were speed. i really have to fit the packaging business. not much different and for good some extent. the mother that you should also point out the packaging that should be cleared a path that is about the extent that one row quo i understand the high cost of packaging to the airport by the labor caucus will threat to the airport last week when the cost for clearly and more deep delta passengers. i suppose people would not have too many complaints about it. we've got more staff members did not see more about the cost and most liked the mystery packages that think that the staff members might charge more for passengers on purpose. a few nick has also expressed the past and are still praying that the fact that they can choose not to package it wasn't an airport when quinn quo. the people kill packaging copper tube and that they can choose the package buy and sell to some extent the high prices
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are reasonable. either type of market demand that the costs are high. specially for me the more material they can make your passengers are steeper during the flight. it's really not about to go away. at the airport to deal with money should be kind of nonprofit for providing service to the people that things in china now appear to be quite different. according to chinese media reports have it all evening to pay high parking fees. the more money on meals and even paper publicly with the condition of the airport to milking their passengers for everything they can get out of that. the main passenger supplanted the treats that are too. movin on up to get the price you find on tv or to understand the cost of living. trivia people mistreat a thing of pride to profit in two thousand and two down from twelve. take a look of the guests. i guess the average house price was about nineteen dollars per square foot in two thousand and eight. maybe one hundred and twenty us dollars. with
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that in twenty twelve the price may be handed to you. vote for him on the yuan on the average house price might be a hundred fifty to three hundred dollars per square foot two thousand that i give them ideas the more press than two dozen well the build up support to go down to support among my daily life i think entrants how to strike china for over thirty years and daughters in two thousand and eight. i know that rank very high in the chain. the change. in two thousand and two while i'm at the count trying to think of a hundred i think i started to clear that in the game you don't know when to let the three hundred to four hundred sixty us dollars per square foot in two thousand eight hundred s it might be over four hundred sixty us dollars last year. it was so high that most people could not afford it. the land reform may lead to
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the decrease of house prices layla had. when not attending any time you beat that. it would continue to increase in the kitchen the average child predator with one hundred eighty unit each week. local honey tell you that you are going on think house prices were about two hundred and fifty us dollars a square or in two thousand and eight. in terms of the house prices in two thousand and twelve point three to two hundred and ninety units sold its current scrapbook. even though the government makes an effort to control comes point that house prices are still growing. how close the gap that in two thousand is the average price for houses almost forgot the name deeper square meter or about fifty us dollars per square foot she doesn't well the average price for the round pick out the menu for square meter or about nine dollars a square foot into the political left in him. one of the goal to lower
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the price. but clearly didn't happen. hahas in the future empress of china. they will look of the future american couple in china. the first ever real football game and i was told that happened. they just admit you were not that i don't think i could afford were a tiny little china ordinary. i was a very tiny nothing for me yet
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the individual. open to trying to make that happen over a half years. the plan right. the country next year the three large i did not take the games. that time but the questions that bring america to all the china team a good idea in the first place the national football league has not done well at the national basketballt league with a prayer for how cold wind across the country there could be the focal in the realm the world related to health and safety. but there are also other obstacle to a building in demand in china before the court when life is probably pretty good week of the week after a struggle. canton china don't have the control it opened in eighteen four cup of apple or bad it could even tell you there's usually more pressure put on tuesday after curricular classes like english and piano. also there the issue of pollution. when poeple outdoors and harewood pm two point five seven hundred club will meet the irreparable damage or disease like asthma. choose to play basketball in stores is probably a better option this does leave the door
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open for reasonable call. it also played in court. while the mbs market top stars in china are free to poke like this to look back at the paper off the chair below those in the nfl the likelihood of winning sponsorships global companies are entirely dependent upon grabbed the ball in china. to be opposed to bringing the credibility of a globally recognized brand with them like the army to the danube rocket. also isn't in the olympics. we often use politically to the point of national pride. will the future like the printer for marketability in china is another of life is just starting on the country the altar where he might be better than i care and feeding stations in china that could snowball into mortgages would likely lead to greater value which were talking like that but the nfl and it. what tv stations have been prone to turning down tv content that is why we ordered term to be on oprah chinese audience. a popular cartoon show. we got into
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trouble for being too violent i knew it all comes with normal act. in light of the trouble is well with them and to come to the people in authority or improper use the idea that huge gap in the air but we still regularly and which have been very profitable for networking. the money could end up dumping the script and abroad. you can call this trip brought me recently wrote about how he enjoyed watching football until he realized the real dangers of lead income years later. good article with particular reference to the discussion scuppered by players and the brain trauma that readers want to retain the team. he ruled the propofol to decorate a wave of apple would communicate the job market. dr martin the stanford graduate having a child graduate and dampers a dream for many chinese hair i can be seen by the number of home. the purchase in the palo alto area. the story might bring some can to win the game. he did the hall to get to school. it was gone but he was bullied by another player is keen to catch a showing of racial slurs on a high with the leadership and
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were still to come up again the focal taking a pill bottle and trying to break into the chinese market bubble while the content you do to get her to send their kids to play in expensive and dangerous sport. we'll have to find clever ways to market the game and if there's not much of any star power. okay that's all we have time for today's episode of china price watch. the company later from a couple living in china. until then you can view the neighbor because all my nephew and not tv time job poor. as you. locally mined all sponsors and underwriters welcome contact us at sponsors to any team
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the tardy on our family of local video i took when i was forced into working. you couldn't afford to go to the kiddo can see that i can put them all go on at least aaron cook and pointed out that it didn't taste it in the fourth city lot of stuff co owned up to all the double check out the candy. noah to put on a piano. all going to do the edging. you get what you can do. dd. he didn't show it to provide a vision. you can do this yet. it was time to time. the judicial duties looking just. what could be confirmed. it was closer though the shaving cream and work on top of the more difficult time don't send subliminal to the saints of the school you're not good quality stuff of the chain or
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email complaint that. you all are interested to see russell and up to. don't assume that the new monaro street receiver from dapto some good to go get a break record store your needles to use key goes to his kid on a vehicle more thing cooked on a non competitive people. due to the band in money which commodities to be in total he took him over to me from old fort that the yes on tuesday took advantage of them. tokyo the city of nanaimo. but warmed to her closer to the market town to meet him although the doctor. i'm no more the stuff up to the hit bbc movie he goes on. his new shoes don't need to increase to more day to support and promote toll more than five got the okay to love mark don't eat them all to do and only you know increased
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available die. the place. but the reason it didn't make it up soon because it is just on the door to know. the army's new system i knew the tune the road. i am. the us. when
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will you. tuesday's veggies a little bit lost in. this guy since we don't really have her records going back thousands of years. you know something about chinese culture and one. it used to it. synergy of chinese martial arts techniques chinese medical awareness and useful arts. the new and warm the techniques. i'd be interested. is that we're not justbout learning. now it's clear they're interested in we were. internally. what what energizes us glimpses of
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consistently suspect it will begin woohoo. you've been the eye. what the damage they were almost one in chino tawny and tokyo shares a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am one week since the philippines was hit by a powerful and the government says the situation is only getting worse. workers at the kitchen and on each nuclear plan to start removing fuel from one of the reactor buildings on monday. it's the first step tow


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