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tv   JN1 Headline News  PBS  November 15, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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news on him. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that he has not been practiced by a recent un report that says iran has stopped expansion of its uranium enrichment capacity in the last three months speaking to a crowd of young jewish people interested in petunia who reiterated his position if he is against any new kit that deal with the ramp which might put sanctions on the country and the complete anti uranium enrichment iran says its nuclear program is just
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friendship with israel the united states and other allies fear iran is working toward a new pic of all world powers are scheduled to meet with her and next week to try to strike a deal over its controversial new to the program. the sister leaders must have gathered for a military parade to mark the anniversary of the heat the battle against israel last november in which the military commander of winter bar and was succeeded in dividing was targeted after israel responded to a daily barrage of rocket attacks which have brought misery and teacher to hundreds of thousands of israelis who live within range of hamas rockets israel subsequently carried out airstrikes an effort to stop rockets from gaza on israeli civilians on thursday two mortars were fired into southern israel from the gaza strip protein response from the idf which launched air strikes against to conceal rocket launchers in the northern coast. the idf says but fifty rockets fired
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into israel this year compared to one thousand five hundred to the previous two zaire the team. and more fs i do the act the book. is you chantal of jokes talked
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of assisi was hailed a new era of defense cooperation with russia during the visit by russian officials that as my mind to the egyptian efforts to revive allies with an old ally and send a message to washington. it's suspended may th. does he get to the soviet union with close allies until the nineteen seventies when my room and listened to the united states which prompted its nineteen seventy nine peace deal with israel to choose between colorado and the jewish state has held for over three decades that israel is concerned that without the u s aid package the peace at all could come under threat. eleven egypt and israel have seen improved relations since the ouster of business president more ca to see a car ruin the jewish state the current ep to be working together to fight an insurgency and chips on a peninsula with jihadists have attacked egyptian security
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personnel and israel's border washington has said it would consider resuming some of the suspended eight depending on the tips progress in following the interim government's plans to hold elections on the government says it is committed to seeing through. he did and he receives around one point three billion us dollars and sixty eight from the united states last month washington announced it was withholding deliveries of tanks fighter aircraft helicopters and the silence is what is to read and sixty million dollars in cash from the mitre installed government pending progress towards democracy and human rights. i. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu his report to be willing to consider an interim agreements with their own rights to speak the beacon program but only if tehran agrees to a complete halt to
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all you ring in enrichment for one tenth the puppets in exchange israel would join the international community including two waves of the sanctions. he'll fly is unlikely to be taken seriously in tehran which allegedly told them to they purport to be more generous deal offered by the west in geneva over the weekend israeli government's focus dollars on the iran nie peace negotiations and expose the growing rift between the jewish state and washington yesterday and some of his most bellicose richard templates to simulate noodle that it feels similar to the one disgusting geneva could lead to a pool and israeli cabinet ally of tony bennett yesterday said that the jewish state will not be members of the us congress to impose fresh sanctions on iran. joanna emphasizing the growing gulf between israel and the us sixteen states joan perry want to congrats sake and it's such a move because he said the sanctions were told me to
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ongoing negotiations aimed at having tehran's suspected nuclear weapons while iran insists its nuclear program is peaceful. tapas is a loony . the i the thousands of small security posts know how to read it through gaza city on the anniversary of the painter of defendants who launched by israel against hamas militants. he is in this group the series the weekend in the eight day operation but they nevertheless claimed victory and proud to continue its struggle against k state. you know. we are coming with a third intifada midwestern sand to the three t's red's gaza and west bank will come together as one that we are brothers from inside to nineteen twenty eight there
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will be another was approved to choose the upcoming the upcoming go israel's operation here defense began with the assassination of hamas is made to command a good day night air strike which followed weeks of incessant all teary far from the gaza strip killing seven israelis in bringing misery to hundreds of thousands of others pointing in bomb shelters on an almost daily basis. we understand that it allows dna. you stoop to act against his own civilians and interpersonal on bail for. we do train no people. we do collect intelligence and legal process for the next. a depression. it is such a person it would be made the november twenty twelve olympics all palestinian repeats hitting ten of these dreams heritage in the state's most populated city on a daily basis for the first time ever. however most of the tax was successfully intercepted by
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israel's much more to missile defense system the line don't prime minister benjamin netanyahu this week hailed eighteen ninety eight percent decrease in rocket attacks from gaza saying israel had achieved the deterrence objectives during the twenty twelve offensive. israeli officials say the island and defense system intercepted at least eighty five percent of the repeats the endangered israeli towns during the conflict. fourteen is continuing work to syria with online classes to kids and its ripples and forces loyal to president johnson in the cities of damascus. in all seriousness minute intervals to catch the cats to see all my plans for when it on this region. in the midst of the conflict a ukrainian front straight to video which shows missile strike on a helicopter in syria in eclipse series
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local produce grapes as they struck a government open with a rope to stop suspended as the helicopters to live on an investment and it is from them and to see it ethical to engine company retreats notice a check up only to see it is great. these upper austria based firm is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of engines for helicopters and airplanes the thirty two month long series of oil has resulted in a one hundred thousand people being killed. the four million displaced in the islands including ten million who are living your feet east of the fleeing the country he's ready to administer the engine the new mia who famously quipped you can see it that you're bringing president group connie was a wolf in sheep's clothing but her arms reform minded president has not yet exposed the potential been in fine fashion and is instead ordering the laundry. it's a little. nixon yuppies
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memorable pt in the adventure he proved true to the coupon is to make this reform report to keep running the country's an iraqi police from arresting women considered to be tested on the state is anything but cheap pitch the move is the realization of the pope in the election promise to reduce its strict standards on the islamic nations dress codes. connie had to reach any pledge that iranian women would be protected from her restaurant and would be able to enjoy real security the president to criticize the patrols vigilantes saying that their presence was unconstitutional and antagonize is of society and make it to results listening to kate to iranian such a nice has its own nuclear power on iran is the immensely powerful forces of conservatism will in joel's such we are all nations. up the leader of the candidates democrats are might miss lim has played
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down proposals to cut the celts governments in northern syria knows that he claims the plans for coach administration art and premature with shortening in place but serious civil war continues. snow who upon on this is the puppet of them is just the first of all. posts is in. the welcome to this anonymous issue for the audience for a little while. two of the dissident won't do so soon the pounding he is home to do also to choose a court dissolved into school and people insurgents moving to the candidates democrats has killed around three thousand hardline islamist militants in northern syria knows them says the violence around the casino card events like this are interested in oil was the space and cut it in a tree. i think one thousand
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men from old school. both of them keep them filled from the at the beginning rooms home mom. as you may be the mulch phone here goes do you see them in the world is somebody should do. isn't it despite four t gets the city ms the militants in northern syria. the cats to my claims they're working with the shia muslim forces loyal to syrian president bashar al assad we should be back to his limits elsewhere since the start the series but the two month long conflict with the overall move on to the federal poll. both through the far away because with that. those two groups in the tree and it reminded him of another colossal. you will a new dimension to the series' main opposition to assad the syrian action coalition a group backed by many western governments has also voiced his opposition to cut short on the main coalition said in a statement that the cuts with separatists stokes the syrian revelation. whether
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the syrian candidates democrats on corporate elite troops based in historical crevice on the specific impulse to drop turkey and iran to a rookie coach counties and the keys to the song but its proxy has already provided a buttons on monday the coolest the region's twenty five meaning that is said to the world's largest ethnic group or that this takes the keys to describe the waste avoidance insurgency for three decades until recently store to the government began meanwhile in iraq and iran that resistance efforts continue despite the syrian parents seeking to claim damages austral common mean there are increasing concerns of a poker my station of the region which could spread beyond its disrupt the fragile balance of power the death house on the astronaut has made another rare appearance and delivered a fiery speech in which he promised his militant shiite group which in fighting alongside
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president bunch of us at school says that serious a little with state that for as long as necessary. series two and a whole year old civil war has exposed the cake and schism in the middle east with sunni muslim powers to ten pm until the arab states he's told the sunni rebels on one side and shiite iran and its lebanese talent has been a practice that the other israel rejected calls by relief and that means politicians to quit fighting in syria as a condition to form a new government has been stalled for months to two divisions. as the fines is that the battle to recapture the syrian border town of silent it is here in texas say they have also been fighting alongside assets pulls this out. the couple damascus and in the nor was it given that it can analyze the sectarian conflict has also led to the persecution of christians has claimed a one hundred thousand clients
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health officials across the middle east erasing to vaccinate millions of children against idea tearing recent outbreaks which in eighteen from packets don could spread as refugees flee to syria and civil war. some twenty two million children under five years old that are at risk in places including egypt syria the west bank and gaza strip. lebanon is one of the highest priorities for health organizations estimates it gets to around four thousand syrians are entering the country every day with the onset to treat conditions facing the displaced creates a risk of exposure which could lead to paralysis or death if infection develops family style. head over so let me tell ya what it stands as
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the excellent work that he sent sms the book of records if any is two parts that comment made to steer un and our health officials are spending around thirty million dollars on the campaign. yet it has crippled at least thirteen children in syria with the health system has collapsed under the strain of me three years of civil war strains of the party of virus have been detected in suits some polls in israel the west bank and gaza strip since the previous year old but in the cases have been recorded in israel or the palestinian terror trees due to my immunization rates. it is the word islam is licensing picking the eyes from pakistan on the ceilings else syrian president bashar on our side for the disease to syria. the pakistani taliban a bad parody of ex nations in two thousand and twelve up to they discovered a pakistani position was working with the c i a running amok up vaccination program for intelligence purposes of bone tossed me up our year vaccination center in the city of padua any of this month is the latest in a string of attacks in pakistan on the guest tells what is some health officials warned the virus could spread to europe the u n chief also informed that the vaccination efforts in saddam had been
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coaxed by the government and rebels increasing the risk of an outbreak the mm . they continue to negotiate since departed deal with iran over their nuclear program israeli prime minister benjamin tan stated that in this diplomatic route to iran gets everything it wanted and yet he's nothing. and as nothing out warns of a dangerous appeal for peace and for the international community israel his voice their opinion as well. i think that day days no way this weekend ne ne negotiation with dana and i think restricted to crystallize the iranians and vicinity to be an instant so the inner ring is a treat to stop to the presence of the of making the new year with its sanctions should be
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continue to see madonna dinner scene and will serve to prepare some earrings and to the cbd. the demon within that so may a decree to stop a stop to the minute the armed forces could take it for us it's an existential threat to the ninety two cents to three. your interests are different than the united states on this not wildly different but different in that it's a quality qualitative difference that is we are more afraid of the threat than they are. i would say assume that the united states doesn't and the threat to israel is great enough. ezra will do something to protect itself. i think that's a a baby in it to continue with is that and more. and i think that they think a great job some israelis believe that the diplomatic route is the way to go. they see him we should be tucked in with the room. when diplomacy is always better than nid to use their weapons. maybe by deadlines and a can each day
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and. find a solution with them you know. because the sunset was out working at some level of an economic damage. and so maybe we can get in agreement that ended with getting soaked to the promised him to the war i don't think noah is that no one wants to and no more wars. and please men the brits there we did it for our soon to be presented though the way to rue repeat from the stands. we want to be to restrict often and they know they want to do we know we want to be the new enlisted in the eyes that says we should interact with the ron but i agree with france. we don't have to accept the falls bar tonight and i think that any of the lease would like to see deal with iran as well which is what the deal. the deals to shut down their nuclear program. that's the deal. and i think it would possibly
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it's out there. it's the pressure iran has enough they will hopefully decide to do whats best for their country. he's meeting with john kerry last week looked in our mind and that no deal is better than that the o and then stand not to rush to sign one. he also stressed that israel would not be obliged by this potential agreements and will do everything it needs to enter to defend itself and its people. free jn one one seed honor of the kids around the rule. brutality which were installed to keep it to ms told potential slights in miami florida ahead of what appears to be an inevitable move into carbon ship the computer age the l a galaxy me to the soccer facility is super to keep this our friend choice of twenty five min until this this week and told the campus of florida international university at
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the moment talk baseball stadium along with the potential to be inerrant that's the grounds are reportedly being considered as a team and to the new stadium can be built. and then accessed from the leak is in discussions with him about the new team said it is a way to formal bids including details of the ownership group stayed in time. back to work on something so bold i live to see it in on the streets korea the right midfield also played for manchester united real madrid ac milan and paris. he has twice been runner up to ft to open it the here and take more sanguine than any other outfits. the harlem light sources claim that the escape serious injury of daunting obstacle course and loves to go to show featuring an exhibition in one two tsp william who will not be a place for the famous team that uses practical skills to attain around the world and to the brim of dunking
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the ball causing the bid to topple a bit and crashed to the ground just remained tight blouse but couldn't get that serious injuries quite mastered beach is pulling onto the pitch instead of infants bit with the majority of the slanted. the notes injuries included to catch up his lead going into to slip into chilled. you can . j of israelis in meeting its peak by adding a new boeing seven three seven nine hundred gt r plates which are considered today to be the most advanced planes in the world for short and medium destinations. in it. my spirits. boeing corporation it makes the old though and while it's far from being one of the biggest clients of the company. it is
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undoubtedly one of the most important ones. boeing is on the looks of the customer is not sufficiently. as a major customer not because it's a big company. while the team and flight safety the blonde reaches of the alarm. since the dawn of the best company with a leaf blowing do that. bloggers can select the type like my mom would be off. mix of local companies to look at the bit steep to me is the plumber to feed them. the problem is the level of appreciation for the temple for smiling. great mommies. my guilt. could steal the lead fish he eats proud to state that everyone who is willing to listen thanks to his latest move that companies can lead to renewed about forty percent of its fleet to protest
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the state's citizens seven to nine on the tiara. the low point of view it's a big step forward. according to the pope also in need of a huge regime to both the twenty percent of the vehicle for love the principal. so to go to i knew. cheese to date the only female pilot in a loud and she was chosen to fly to new plane on its maiden voyage. i am totally get the most aeg has some upgrades to the experience is reflected in several aspects they want is to the light and atmosphere aspects that we kept going for the sleeves and don'ts. seventy seven planes and efficiently
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operate they all stopped him teachers do this and that the chart all piled devices not only in business class lively also in economy class included rehabilitate the charts. the devices is infused into this claim comes with them and the infrastructure to be. in future. he can which means stealing these leaks information on this adds to the mall piloted by a system that ensures they brought along. also there is the balls to steer for taking your job. terry has been upgraded calls it slightly and also gone to the president is important that we are so used to make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible ters their life anymore. they had a session on menacing. chips to get motion was responsible for the menu of the aisle planes promises more fresh meal served on the new plates
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today in rio cooking. every day. rios is right to know a bullet in this prison. they ate most of their ailments aa all of this sal it's all good days old they did this almost no great cooking day by day. the great teams like the new plates full of hope will be an espresso and wine bar. why fly and every seat will be equipped with an electrical and use the outlets. the maiden voyage of the new planes will be en route to paris for this week. but jane one i'm wrong jacobson inside of the seven three seven nine h h h h h h hr cockpitititit at being korean airport thousands of people who live or the planets are
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being taken part in a wide range of record attempts to mark the ninth annual genius world records day. in the uk there was this sets a new report form of student groups from some detainees may have done this show squeeze the excess surface before mum or our warm wilson known as morrow of the amazing and a group of young women calling themselves morrow was major wrecks minus sixteen two hundred and sixty four groups the new place in the famous record but from a student groups on simultaneously meanwhile in phoenix arizona the longest basketball show record was broken so no more of the hall into a trust is why obama has an amazing one hundred and going for a thirty three point four five need to show. what was in london england three hundred and twenty five people dressed up to break the record for the largest gathering of people dressed as king wins in eight at the children's hospice which is announced. in japan he
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cheats who broke his report to the faucets wanted meat is running on all fours crawling his way to a new world record time of sixteen point eight seven seconds. guinness world records day was established in two thousand and four eye i will. do. will be. to me will. or do i mean. i will
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he is on. i am. i have while i don't know. since. i
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want i want to talk. has unilaterally severed diplomatic ties with the republic of china according to a statement released by the office of the kenyan president the decision was based on national strategic interests on


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