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the case. the old capital of chemical representatives to this day. much of the legacy of the samurai culture and tradition. new and new ruling will do it. i eye. like a lead of the studios here in berlin. this is the journal one forgot about my pajamas here i like it. it was and this is a death toll rises to more than three thousand six hundred pts. major reforms in shawnee know the one child policy will no longer be absolute and labor camps will soon be abolished. and
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the well fancied at the agency double the punishment. on to create cheating in sports. the we started the philippines where a week after typhoon ie on demolished much of the country since her release is now pouring at a place full of food blankets and mats and i'm now on writing one after another in the areas hardest hit it comes as the official death toll rose to more than three thousand six hundred and just as the tongues and thousands of victims are leaving the disastrous. it's taken almost a week for some people to get their first supplies of food and clean water aid shipments are now arriving by the plane load. it's not enough but it is the start yes people down there there
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seem to flow flow of goods and that's whats important and not again not just the top woman about to know a couple dozen outlying far distant areas that that might not otherwise have gotten assistants. on the return legs the plain scary people out. mainly children and the injured away from the devastation to comparative safety. from the air presidency for the first time the full extent of the destruction the document itself. people are clearing debris from the streets. the city of two hundred is a field of rubble. the equipment has been brought in and it's finding more and more corpses move it the twenty oh one has been found. sylvia
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the one. you'll still be some time before we know how many people but typhoon killed. or earlier we spoke to corresponding chris johnson he is on sable island on survivors from taco bomb had been evacuated to stable. we asked him whether the situation was just as bad there it's really bad at the door of the aisle it but fortunately the city it would help it that much better condition. taking you to survive her to come up and go play that for taking them to evacuation centers by the port another one of the sport stadium. it's all very clear what would happen with the people some of the metro two years of the road has the skill of farmers say they want to cook the dough to find work because they don't have the money but they've been really can't even think about the paper to try to survive right now. is this a lot of criticism of the government for not getting help out fast or how much pressure is there on president aquino right now
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there's a lot of pressure on it. survivors are waiting to be official but only him but of all the pulpit to cover that military police for the full response but people realize that many of you that the older disaster victims too but people are getting what the intent of getting food water treatment security i cooked up bar for today lol but called it that gets to the city of the year he said. a lock for a few people are your raffle ticket creditors who are going to rob or to take full credit their heads. many people are just desperate to get out anyway they can have a cargo plane. a navy ship but by road. so anyway they can since chris johnson on the line sports. time and time as a country of only children. this is a biological accident. for more than thirty years china has pushed a one child policy on almost all couples today
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beijing announced that it is relaxing the policy the communist party also announced plans to abolish the thousands of labor camps for prisoners. we are more in this report. a sibling is one thing most chinese children don't have. that could change now. at least in families in which one parent grew up as an only child. until now couples could only have a second child. if both parents were only children. china introduced its one child policy in nineteen seventy nine in an effort to slow the growth of its population the reforms were announced in beijing after a four day meeting of the communist party leaders the museum. we also decided to abolish chinese system of re education labor camps where tens of thousands of people are interned without trial initially set out to punish critics of the communist party. the camps are often used by officials to imprison people who challenge their
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authority. the re form has been welcomed by activists there's been no announcement when people take effect part four is an analysis we can talk too much tea as fun high he said the georgia dome was china desk on the way to start with the kale salad needed value we get an ounce well it seems time is taking steps to let the election even though it is as if on cue whole phone. it is moving in the end. even though it has been around for more than five seconds to re education through labor is not even comparable to time usually use the standard. we are talking about the system that allows the police to send people to label comes without any trial without any warning of a judge. mills to turin to tell the people i look up and his so called re education through labor camp right now also because of minor offences like proposition of prostitution. but anybody can
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be locked up who is in the eyes of police disturbing order. but the way it's not the first time. set to re education through labor system has been promised to be abolished death and to know that the moms already been to was so upset. and indeed the one child policy is more than thirty years as it was introduced what done is that the regime expect to achieve by changing the wall in a fit of anger took the puppy wants to do is give demographic development mall bad it's because of demographic change that is giving us the headache you and your opponent tony is hitting try not to because all those malls and sweet packet of longtime policy was one important difference china is getting all with the fall with ipswich china's economic miracle was at least in part buffoons a lot so so so cheap labor. but official chinese because tell us that in the world welcomed eight scope of the population
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this year. in comparison to last year declined by more than three million people. so that competitive advantage intriguing enough to want ot policy is very unpopular that's why there have already been some adjustments in the pot. but in principle to parties still holds on to the onetime policy. art is a village in japan. it says it is giving up on reading ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and says the shutdown of its nuclear power plants means that it asked rely more on fossil fuels on you kip outlasted used about one quart of capacity to sixty two for two thousand the net then went to pushing the plant was destroyed and in a quake and tsunami. since then japan's imports of coal and natural gas has soared along with greenhouse gas emissions. japan's announcement came in for heavy criticism at the un climate conference in warsaw
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our reports coming in from lydia's the least twenty two people being killed and within a hundred wounded in clashes in the capital tripoli. witnesses say militia men opened fire on protesters who were pulling up on two groups to be removed from the city. our reporter says he saw an anti aircraft cannon being fired from the roof off a building used by mentioning. india's government has struggled to stop security in the city where rival militias have refused to get up there when pets. albania has turned down a us request to host the destruction of chemical weapons from syria. running a stay at a d hamas said it was impossible for his country to take part in the operation the announcement was welcomed by protesters who gathered in the capital tehran. to oppose the plan ltd is one of three countries that destroyed its own arsenal of chemical weapons after declaring them. the us embassy in to run a city respected armenia's decision it was confident a solution
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would be found. to canada now well police say it they have broken up one of the largest child could not receive rings and the sea close to three hundred and fifty people have been arrested around the world an investigation into a three year authorities said they would be able to rescue more than three hundred children from abuse and takes the cake police in australia arrested sixty five men as part of the global child on. the operation that began in canada three years ago is one of the largest investigations of its kind huge quantities of videos and photos of children being sexually abused and or exploited eastern countries around the world. child victims identified in this operation. over three hundred the three hundred show but otherwise altered forever images of them become a criminal record. essential use of a child. in this
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operation. the victims were all pre. keep this in the summer genres five years of age. the child ring was centered in toronto canada and run by a forty two year old man who sold these videos and photos online. police said the man paid areas people to fill my children for the purpose of creating materials for c on his website. of concerts the investigators was the number of people but had close contact with children the arrests included forty school teachers. nine doctors and nurses thirty two people who volunteer with children six law in force personnel nine pastors or priests and three foster parents. when scientists set up in two thousand fines and earned its owner almost three million euros. he has been charged with child offences and running a criminal organization. alright it is report card time here in the eurozone and the european commission has handed out two
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locks on eurozone countries but it's one ext. yep it's the first time the commission has performed as he walks tall robot aimed at keeping government spending on a tight pinch. no end in sight this is economic woes france's economy is intriguing. while its government debt has been rising. and not present on spot on a single garment is quite the eu. russell says if the economy worsens province could miss its deficit targets. bremen madrid the bulls and the more you use it easily could miss budget targets and spain all say risks missing deficit goes in twenty fourteen. all in all the eu remains optimistic on the outlook for the uterus. the everett physical signs that that the government is the blessing of the new europe is proceeding the groom is off to spain and portugal have been morphed into a positive goal for character. separately eu
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finance ministers are talking about how the crisis proves the uterus. facing a banking union. and this gets more disagreement about the idea ron supports the u rating on struggling banks direct link but not everyone agrees gemini says brit bags or a masterful member states finance ministers have until the end of the yet to reach an agreement prices in the eurozone and slack lining inflation the single currency bloc was just zero point seven percent in october of that stuff that is inflation has been in forty years the sharp fall in fuel prices helped drive the rate down below inflation in the block has sparked fears that it could be entering a d inflationary spiral with falling prices. all in all indices enjoyed a good day in front of sanaa correspondent added to my boss tells us why now that before and the history of the backs. it could and again on the high
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end of the band today. this is mainly because it shares the trip by the old style lax monetary policy of the united states but this map by the ecb in the united states be nominated new fed chair woman is promising to speaking to the old style access to cheap money policy and this but he and the eurozone a couple of pcb central bank has had to raise the issue potentially a smack buying sovereign debt on the same time the esteemed company profits declining and that makes it pretty clear that markets the honey depending on center banks cheap money. and that was on standby for us now from the frankfurt stock exchange in his quick look at the numbers for you now we start in frankfurt germany's dax and ended the day at nine thousand one hundred and sixteen banks that operate if the book is added to the eurozone shares at fifty and it lacks it. t fifty four across the atlantic trading is still up and running and
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the dow jones and cast rails at the moment and fifteen thousand nine hundred and thirty four while the euro the moment stands as one used on out. almost thirty five cents with getting that right. they were the red bag over the break. eye. ew. for him. i can i know none of us
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think we need to get some eats and peanut sauce. i love that. what a piece. next time you hear. the eight hundred and sixty munich in the womb in may the cost of tickets to the wound through. mm mm the match i was starting with the gender politics almost two months of the social democrats disappointing result and the german general elections members of the spd are debating the county's future course at the mill pond to congress and liked the cover in stage plays as the spd leadership is right in the middle of coalition talks with the conservative cdu but among the spd delegates is a sense of dread about the prospect of another grand coalition government under chance on you america it was a show for the social
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democrats need is. the posse members make and that and not happy with the negotiations to join a premonition supporters of a deal with under the medical received significant investments than expected. but the policy has defended the commission talks with the conservatives the city's out. at the end of the day. i hope will be judged on the improvements we managed to make. that's what it should come down to not anger or disappointment at our performance in the general election martine chills however has received strong backing the setting up the spd take it for the european elections has been tipped as a future european commission president the bottom we wanted european germany. it not ever again and german ties to europe that's why i'm campaigning and that's why i'm asking for your support the delegates are awarded shorts with a standing ovation. the sun is one of
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his congrats. of course the men who say that this man has been in leipzig for us and said she's understood this to wrap up all the day's action man. social solidarity says about his catholic this is that democrats want to be seen in stunning form of dissent any idols and beyond and how to translate that since the european policy was that he discussed it today this is also one of them aged sticking points in the current code isn't open on the knuckles conservatives if this is that democrats want to see that banking union that sin might potentially use resources include german taxpayers money and to express the sense of solidarity. this is something the content is one to prevent pretty much it cost us eight disposals and something that prevented large banks was the victim and finance mr from having a proper monday when he went to brussels to geeky kid can finance ministry meeting on friday. according to the code is in pre coalition agreements. the qantas like
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anything made out until the holidays since towns. so plenty to talk about and also a clear signal to imm after that this is the democrats going to be disposed of at least notice until it's also a signal to the delegates had been since the democrats won't sell out on the values so many of these numbers out wide. that's it could be sold out at the code in six weeks the members in the queue for us and the spd party conference and i are new concerns about deforestation in brazil the latest figures show an overall increase of one thirty just the last year in some areas it's gone up by fifty percent. among the reasons are a loosening of environmental laws was extensive farming in the states of parma and monthly goals. environmental campaigners are calling on brazil to act urgently to stop the fire station from getting out of control. one of the package of beef on a
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station. high prices for agricultural commodities and tyrants promise to cut down trees to make way for crops in the grossest the view from the energy use plenty of greenery. soybean fields as far as the eye can see we're bored and wants to. the pace of destruction has slowed over the past decade. the new jason marks a reversal in progress. brazil's rain forest is the size of western europe. he's also the world's oxygen. and a buffer against climate change. what's that little was expected but it is not tolerable. the government is an acceptable to have a riots in the region deforestation in brazil. this isn't an illegally will not cut out she is in the cabinet itself may not be freed from today. environmentalists say a big infrastructure projects like dam building the railway construction of roller
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accelerating the fire station the spread of mining is another threat say indian populations to live in the amazon. we're staying in south america the people of chile go to the polls this weekend to elect a new president of the poll on sunday takes place in a country that south america's highest the capita gdp away a hostile population makes less than five hundred dollars a month for my present the show until it goes in as the heavy favorite. the session is to teach her closest rival conservative giving them a tape by thirteen percentage points. the world of professional and amateur sports has been dong was one case of doping after another many fans were using their hands in disgust and frustration while now the world anti doping agency has passed new rules. i think it puts the brakes on teaching. it's double the time you could say the duration of the ban on athletes found guilty of doping will increase from two to four years meaning no way
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to the next olympics the anti doping expert and signaled that they are keeping up the pace. urine and blood testing will be updated and back on intelligence gathering and off the track investigation. addicted seats will be suspended for four instead of just two years germany's national anti doping agency has criticized a longer ban saying it could fall foul of law guaranteeing protect my freedom. for example in german. that was banned for three years in the nineteen nineties she appealed and have the ban overturned. despite the legal concerns the international olympic committee has welcomed a tougher line the four year suspension amounts to an automatic olympics disqualification for drug cheats ohio state and tomas express confidence that one is tougher stance would work. there is no doubt that do the same court to present a major step forward. in the fight against that though
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pink and put the clue was that we go. to a more or is the key for two more targeted to testing them on the one hand. and albeit on the oboe and to the increase in new sanctions. the new code greeted the world conference on building and sport in johannesburg will come into effect in january first two thousand fifteen in time for the two thousand sixteen real games. some more about these tougher rules are sports correspondent i stalk is here in the studio with a sorry titus tougher rules longer bands. is it enough to make a difference. what's sad is that in the right direction the old ladies of the apps quite as hot line is that sound easy you a bandstand want to be careful to incorporate an element of proportionality in the new code which in some cases common sense. that led to bounce result of the recreational cookies cookies to be enacting the performance announcing that it does allow wiggle
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room to for athletes to sink in all eighteen ten cr example they might get off with it with that with each will defend what they did it accidentally. the result of the oratory or go to or if he sets out to provide information about that the look you will have to be naked at the time sure does well in patches chemicals will call the kt. each is an expensive which might actually get to some explanations for example from from falling out. doesn't look that awesome sounds to me like he was getting out of reach he said finally showing teeth if things are just getting more complicated than more expensive with city faced criticism that it cost but actually on. i think that's more significant in the new code is provision for them to investigate them have more for monday tuesday so she's been really dead but that is thrown into relief the light of recent cases in jamaica in kenya way. and they have low cost athletes the normal costs. anti dumping measures of dumpling kenya they had seventeen o six tests in january twenty
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twelve and only last week under much pressure they finally agreed to an inquiring school is going on the under the new rules water could be killing themselves and then investigate the morning to make it well. there is so great that i'm an unknown waters that they would get to the six core rewarded when one day he spent four hours that day having dinner with prime minister. and being a citizen has not been the most proactive to be great even investigate more and get the seas rising to the day he no longer bands harsher punishments the art we just kidding herself to be very naive to think there were ever going to get in the sporting world it is free of the one thing before she not straight. you need to keep you listening like cycling way. and today was a little could've been good with that before she is. it's taken this to sound as cool cos the spouses walking away from the sport to get the kind of sauce this is going on now. it is exactly the same kind of system takes
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any useful all the things i used to is is now free of the people blogging about letting go of one of them in the city that was necessary and in peace. cleaning up the sport and of the schools have to take the kids and i stalk is always this for coming and talking with sticks the party. soccer world cup soccer now i need to be there. the question of monica eight european teams are still battling to win their tickets or brazil home and away play offs are taking place tonight and this coming tuesday and one of the mosquito they awaited clash is between ukraine and four while the welsh champions and with the fronts and he's a player who can make all the difference concrete of. the he's been in blistering form. i am in the bundesliga and champions league. france needs to be at the top of his game against ukraine. and now i've felt happy on that team again. we
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have a better image and fun on the pitch. our confidence is back to when people enjoy watching us. go visit the zoo this week the last world cup campaign ended in disarray and humiliating groupings and it is one called their name the additional has managed to forge the players into a team. what does he do. it's a nerve racking time he suddenly took when i see it positively creepy. this isn't about winning points in its two games it can get as to the world cup. so we need are two brilliant performances he couldn't do much. twenty years since france last failed to qualify for world cup. players like from the building to ensure that doesn't happen again. hard to wrap up this edition of the journal i bring it off i did and thanks to jun against phoenix the idea. get enough
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