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to hear. i was seventeen with me. thanks to a the networks to work on in each seat. hen facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks wind man. it is six one. what
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she knew was with grind up some. i didn't win. across nations company mill stones the technique is set to close with the loss of more than four hundred jobs. knowledge and broke the news the workers of the meeting this afternoon. the worst possible christmas present to four hundred and ten employees and their families by announcing the closure of the time period and that too but those funky jobs deutsche bank announced plans for regional holding seven hundred new jobs here. it's really down to the workforce the policy of its workforce that's available. people were maybe looking for different challenge. our experience but also spin it all comes out in schools universities i was questioned over the death of a fifty five zero against kerry's staff was babysitting his grandchildren. i decided to fish on the steeple escort
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most things cup stocks. this is due to the car. anybody who work long hours to go get the opportunity to bake the bars johnson said this he said. welcome to six mm on hundreds of new jobs troubles totals of existing jobs longer a threat to the challenges of maintaining expand the employment year round online today by two separate announcements at lunchtime the german banking giants like a bank on sale plans for seven hundred new jobs in ireland. but within hours four hundred workers at the front is a tactic or a motive in west dublin are being told they could lose their job before christmas because the company is considering closing the facility workers were called to me d this afternoon
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the company outlined its plans and claims declining revenues and shrinking market opportunities fears that the jobs that the terms of technique and motive to countenance yesterday evening woodstock was sentenced to a general meeting today at two a top. i just opted to this afternoon it was official the company is considering closing down the plunge with the loss of four hundred and ten jobs. in a statement it said it had conducted an extensive review of operations and the decision was necessary due to declining revenues and sinking into national market opportunities. the company declined to do an interview that stuff and union representatives are like woah stones. the look of shock on people's faces is quite distressing to actually witness and to receive dislike the news. a month before christmas is absolutely devastating to everybody. maybe teaching to the company could have chosen a better time. rather than in the run up to christmas. i
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was baby names. it's easy to tip toes. and while at the paintings that. angela businesses change nobody is by defectors are giving a status that don't tease. but then setting it to lead two demos that bus. selwood taking comfort from the fact that the statement of the cyst is considering those are hoping to get me some jobs could be salvaged. for the set of rules written there. it the fact and truth what did the routine of what nevertheless the company said the hour or the smell of cannabis. so will be more of a class above them. i've been meaning for the drain with a say about them is for us because we have a job that in any of them one way or the oboe. however this was less optimistic than fifty years of age of seven to fifteen years ago. and a team that was a chance then to sit down and talk and this will be told who have dismissed this break in their attempts to supply management and unions will commence a day to day consultation period on monday. it remains to be seen but that is still time to ten
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teams around. but that the jobs are gone. ingrid join just as from those terms and west of and he did the workers of the sea very shocked at this news but what i didn't think it is made to act on. he looks really good and the fact that there had been a dispute over the summer in relation to the deficit to the pension scheme as a dancing with the number of other companies the deficit is estimated that ten million hundred and four has put together for a bike. the company would it be detected a lump sum of twelve begin to cut the deficit and the workers would face higher contributions and not cited as benefits. however the unions and overwhelmingly rejected that proposal funnily enough the non union workers at the front except this time dad. after that to them. there was no particular progress until last night's africa where summit today so proud of it was specifically related to the pensioner out what it is related to market it seems like you've heard that gentleman in the car saying that the engines would work would not be said to be
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repaired. isn't it remains to be seen to be good my dentist chance that the best looking kid. there was better jobs news from deutsche bank today the company announced seven hundred new jobs for doubling the bank which already employs more than three hundred people here said that the quality of items workforce suppose the main reasons behind the move. one hundred thousand employees operations in seventy countries but most impressive of all it's a pint with a good reputation headquarters in frankfurt twin terrors deutsche bank is a heavy hitter and planets as it seeks funding here it's used for ireland's financial sector. bought the bastards over recent years. today was gone about three hundred and thirty stops and says that between two divisions of the vine. global transaction banking which is about baby stuff and old technology and operations which has about two hundred and fifty. well we're announcing today is the prime to increase stop by seven hundred over the coming years. this building near
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caen tarp is where torture is going to base all that stuff going to buy its new offices here in east point to business park. tell us a little bit about what's happening in the irish economy right now the building has lain idle for four years but it's now going to be used to kyle's mom styles and joy to find workers. the iga face stiff competition for this project purposely going to say which countries are going to win the beach are going to use the important thing is that this one this this global competition for these type of operations typically could beat the uk could be some of the former east just a step up your heart that the invitation. on parker's made for taunton snarl and scratch will be able to apply the new positions. this is the section we talked to do but because we knew it there is a lying on a domestic bank he says is set to become the last two years the idea to post jobs international
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financial services. this is the ita places to purchase meant for our event caters to a foreign audience. they were welcomed by the haunted house an emerald isle. so you see him but it's binding projects like deutsche bank which will be a far more powerful promotional tool. women are too serious to deal with that said davis a bank extended employ more people to say the bike and german back dated to the overall prize in business. i am i think and take any of the german bank based in front first and another term by pace to try first. the cpe and railroad aren't into paying a lot of bombs voters which people still feel sore back but having said that an ardent is actually building up a speciality of and working with large banks who are doing sophistication back office work for their clients across the globe. and this is another big announcement and which aren't as one in recent years the other ones being com state street
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and citigroup. hey so they're all doing work for time to cross the pope an interesting week. there are foreign banks in art into being and servicing the irish market who are retracing like eighty cc bike basket by unlike buy stuff and gardens so i think the reading means there are nineteen jobs at there but different spiking shops not to forget that that that tt the tax rate the corporate rate is twelve now is what finally in copies or come in here that they often say things like it's the young educated workforce it's tea and garments were in the eurozone those kind of things. and they don't mention the tax rates generally but it cost to be born month tax rate here is a lot lower than in other countries and countries who would've thought that a project like this will to get the fact is that you are going to miss richard good measure but this announcement of the news from at times as well. european finance ministers meet in brussels have been unable to reach agreement on how the eu is permanent bailout fund might be used to support struggling
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banks once european banking union gets underway next year the one the minister announced michael noonan said there's not a shred of evidence that the irish banking sector is facing further property related problems. declaring its intention to exit that the lord with all its supports the government will depend on the favorable economic climate was one of the cushions against any future shocks of just twenty four hours later there were precious few scientists third quarter eurozone growth falters to just no point one percent. dashing hopes of a nascent european rebounds also dampening the mood is germany hardening its resistance to the use of the dsm to support national governments and fixing holes and finds should any big ones emerge once the ecb carries out major stress tests next year. big countries like france and stand on the incense to be a central box top of still is the ecp which today was not holding out much hope of agreements
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on the joint european time and the joint european agency. i would not expect that we can finalize that this heat today. indeed turns out to be the case to the government received any reassurance from chancellor merkel the pes and could eventually be used to help irish banks. michael noonan would say specifically but insisted germany had always been supportive of irish tomatoes on the question of whether property related problems might lurk in the irish banking sector. he had this to say there is no shred of evidence. and if there's any additional capital requirement and ears and six. i know other people and in the opposition parties and a dove in. i've been feeling. has there been using their party may contain amending a parody on the prospect of a failed economy. there is pressure on member states to get agreement on height of future banking union will work on what funding will underpin
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its by the end of this year because any deal needs the support of the european parliament which of course will be winding up ahead of next june's elections. tony connelly rte news. brussels the cardio continuing to ten to twenty nine year old man for questioning after man was stabbed on monday his two grandchildren in scary is in county dublin fifty five killed michael gannon side after attacking his daughter's home but more because cassidy thing the two homes at the center of this murder investigation remained sealed off for forensic examination today one is where obama stabbed to death. the other for the suspect was arrested fifty five year old michael diamond is originally from famous was babysitting his two grandchildren. yesterday afternoon at his daughter's house its case in county dublin. shortly after six pm news that i can stop to death inside the front door of the house here of moore park the children who are both on the five years of age or in
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the house at the time but not for the school which is the instant. very very shaken that i live in. while contestants. you know in an area as they say is it's just it's scary. y'know they're very nice family i'm the best the shocking thing about this people in the country across the country now are getting used to the fact that anybody could be a victim of a crime anybody can be involved in a crime and that the thing we need to do is try to figure out how we actually intervene as an early stage in any disputes that might come off between families. and then stop something like this happen. the line of detroit was initially failed to gain access to the house next door to speak to him on there following negotiations they were allowed in on the twenty nine year old mom was arrested a short time later originally from romania. he was taken to baba can cause the station where he still being questioned. likely to be the murder weapon has also been recovered. probably a bit of a murder investigation
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following the death of my inquiry. last friday one of the present. still trying to establish a motive for the martyr. what they believe that occurred following a route along neighbors here or else fourteen use scary scottie dog. this growing consternation in cork with the news that the clock on the city's most famous landmark building shand and steeple has fallen into disrepair and stopped working the city councilors warned it could be sometime before the cup can be repaired the news before things are huge and steep that it takes thousands of visitors every year and holds a special place in the hearts of cocoa news today reacted with consternation at the news that the topic of this broken it's a disgrace and india on the ninth and descriptive the most of our other site above on a new day just a point. since its engines and other uses common cold and
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suspense as to touch up paint i saw the doctor why is it that it was said in a couple they don't. but to those living and working on her chair to leaks we make the tahini and iconic tiny pieces been neglected for far too young but the city council called for themselves and with this they don't seem to be maintained he did not seem to be interested in us could that be. this recipe film festival last week. chad and i was on and do a style i think this dish of the last officer. come to this major work meets be carried out. it could be sometime before he turns the course around again multitasking while nobody can take that bars johnson said this easter. it's four spaces send them a kiss and here was a start in eighteen forty seven. thanks to the patronage the local doctor who went hiking the famine was anxious that people be reminded to take their medicine and took his time on the courtyard. now it looks like the cc is waiting on the cc console to get and administer its own dose of
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medicine cctv and nine. ten years than i had to use. she ended. president obama cybersecurity coordinator michael daniel was indicted today for a conference about internet security he said his job is more complex since this photo and it snowed and revealed the extent of human spine. my companion is an intuition. he leads the development of cyber security and policy in the united states has a special assistant to the us president in dublin for cyber security conference. he said just over revelations about us down harvesting and spying has made his job much harder it has added an extra dimension of complexity to the to the discussions actually believe that every security is an area we have a lot of shared goals. and share common interests me is a good place to time. work on a greater cooperation and rebuilding trust. today's
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conference organized by the institute of international in european affairs was tiny as investigations into the captive customer does tackle atp is continue the conference heard hundreds of irish companies suffered dr breaches last year. we had both full and attitudes to support us and of those for two reasons the coffee was not aware that this could you peeps. large corporations with sophisticated means of cybersecurity also fall victim to breach is what we've noticed in twenty twelve is it to an average of two hundred and forty three days from the time the breach occurred to the time that breach was discovered. a number of common themes emerge from the speakers said here today. they are the endeavors of idiocy of some cyber attacks the realms of simplicity of many preventive measures that can be used. the requirements for vigilance. when people are in the online space. still no baby rte news. cyber security conference in dublin of
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the fire service has warned that leaving your mold by phone or laptop killed in overnight could be dangerous from over fences this year the fire service and mittens posted this today as part of a new safety campaign the incorrect use of chargers has the potential star of days with devastating results the laptop here. got. ok so been left open. jenny lee linen qaeda could offer of getting a guided tour of what you might call a typical teenager's bedroom today only this had been set up on the grounds of poor teacher college. as part of a new warning about the fire hazards directly associated with leaving an ancient device is plugged in all the time. a big month for service by two small platform in fact best job in the charging over mike will without a care for people of all profitable one for mum for bill cody will be open about what form on top
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the uterus and its directors who drove home the message for students. i have been so long. names. i am going to put them in the woods edge of my double commitment is fireproof. older citizens will get up is so so small it started beating workable of extra words causes privilege gold coast guard don't sleep safety first. today's event in t the sch was just a dream but the fire of the sacraments. there is evidence of repeated problems with the incorrect cable is being used for charging devices. kira movie or t news for teacher. some news increased my reporters and correspondents. the criminal court was told that actually you can experience of witnessing the dunes and towering county park interesting to think ahead to instill a twenty thousand dollars from the pensioner before being induced
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sentencing him to three and half years in prison judge jonathan ponce wetlands the dome was no calling the fence. the court was told the pensioner had withdrawn his life savings from its bank before the robbery because he feared that the safety of the banks are telling. striker paul young the concert reform and drug and alcohol that these were among the topics discussed as two hundred teenagers from across time and got takes to tell perfect mental health of conan and twenty contain national youth parliaments me sat for two days and makes recommendations to government agencies on areas of concern for young people. but phone coverage in over one quarter of the republics were in areas is poor. according to a survey by bleach material. it has warmed up the planned withdrawal of pensioners time for allowances would force many to get rid of their time lines to depend instead on unreliable immobile networks to connect their hands and alarms to monitoring centers
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this weekend marks the sixtieth anniversary of the evacuation of the great basket by the county kerry reception of the last twenty two under its mainland in nineteen fifty three signal the end of the community known for storytelling and delivery costs. a new piece of music has been specially commissioned to tolerate the event the cause the seventeenth of november nineteen fifty three he put the final chapter and the remarkable story of a nineteen ninety. custodians of a rich history and story telling tradition. the last twenty two all users were evacuated from the great baskets. this is a copy of an a for a meeting with sen brady understood to deliver a hopping campaign for state intervention to improve access and services on the line and the loss of the young man's meningitis in nineteen forty seven when raging storms prevent the landing of a doctor the final straw. connect
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program that cricketer be on the park. born in a boat heading in. when you get to like pork and aaron. if there will scale up to get the coffin into the current go back home. the weather also all the mp for that and the place. and there was not enough young don't see eye to sustain the community of flour that much longer and the only option for them was to get the film into that receptive and on the mainland don't they. a collaboration between eating traditional musicians of that open string ensemble. a new piece of music has been specially commissioned to mark the event. this is an opportunity to look back at the root cause for her stage and the legacy of the boss gets this new piece reflects the complex their story. i am the worst. many arabs looked really nice to an item on the plate would be hesitant
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to clean this coming sunday sixty years after the difference the assignment of the great value. th for tv news was scary. finally the arsonist thing on it but it's nice to see and receive the freedom of alsace transit lines. several thousand people been given free tickets to a special performance by and i'm in the city's waterfront on the with it yet. in the new bomb our son was born in east belfast. some of the shipyard worker working class. that strongly influenced his work cp camel were nine singer songwriter. his first found them started in the mid nineteen sixties them but geez top ten hit on both sides of the atlantic. name
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a very bad launched a solo career is the best selling album artist and concert performer. gerry healy belfast go off on a pumpkin manager of the undertones grew up with mars him. as an adult terms of looks like amy and i may not act like a rockstar a man of the big box type. they certainly an end and i still rock star which helps us to be very private it is near korea bound mars and have that many other famous artists including the chieftains and the nineteen ninety five he performed for us president in canton in belfast as the peace process was entering its crucial. he is going on the day the league irish chance to read write poem really you know. on allison is in fact kerry's sides with the first to say so. there's no one uses why
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he reminded the fountains alicante. she was very top of mind than as part of the sixth of march this plane to mexico city on the waterfront hall for free although some comprehensive and reassert but the fact that this band is charging run forty thousand times to play with them. some people might say that given the negative publicity the city has received in recent times. forty presence of small enough price to pay for some good publicity brendan wright rte news belfast. on the menu is again seen the news times a technique that most of this confirmed its considering closing its plant in west dublin where more than four hundred people are employed in this program opens with the group said that he's instructed the idea to work with management of the times to ensure that the post was going to try to find a solution. six one day striving to move the team didn't play them again but that. i knew. y'all the rule
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i do. the earlier. i mean the area. i do. i do the eye
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i did. the euro the eye
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the eye. i knew. i know. in the in. eye. i love them tuesday's stage is a little bit lost in. this guy. since we don't really have. her
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records going back thousands of years. you know something about chinese culture and one it used to it. synergy of chinese martial arts techniques chinese medical awareness and useful arts and no one in. the techniques i'd be interested. is that we're not just about winning hit. well it's clear they're interested in. we were internally. what what energizes us glimpses of what is this. peace on it. but consistently and its respective hoping to woo woo
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hoo hoo. i peered years the longest ongoing series of seventeen ninety election and eight. i knew. stop the slide of art until the alps toward backing for friday the fifteenth of november all


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