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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 15, 2013 8:30pm-8:41pm PST

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the u. why will will will this line. trying to sell the management officials in the philippines have spent the week may seem to help communities hit by a tight pair of high and now they've shed new light on the scale of devastation. they must survive a still don't have a roof over their hands officials say three thousand six hundred and one people and contents dense and one thousand one hundred and seventy nine missing. about one point eight seven million people out there and that
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damaged homes in the eighteen percent of them sitting outdoors. they couldn't get into the evacuation sentence that well but the fool. some survive as a church thing instructions that lost their lives in that time there. on this and build cars from ron paul. the supplies and non teaching most avant this because of the month of you and transportation. countries including the united states and japan of this today. this anymore personnel and transport options has the support of relief operations. japanese companies as in boosting the country's help for it i could survive as a political self defense forces to launch the arabic instead of the seas and the operation. i missed a twenty oh nine the tax code. c'mon tested mobilized in the one thousand two hundred packs in now there's a tell them to increase the number of congo and now they're operating in the philippines to sixteen and send three transport
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ships. japanese forces and had to pass it down into the top twenty in the disaster area. because that is to tell them to ramp up their homes in response to a request from the philippine government. so don't depend on monday next week and it's dishonest to sell an asset. i soon passed by. and i. so is a distant sent out that's fine no more mad to get a bit of serious chemical weapons they said they'll take most of those weapons alpert the country and destroy them by the end of this yet designed joint team from the united nations and the overhang station for the prohibition of chemical weapons. inspecting and destroying serious production is that he's not smiling team members gathered to decide how to prevent an estimated one thousand three hundred tonnes of chemical
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agents. they say they'll take the most toxic substances out of syria and the cn and annexed by the m barrie the plan to destroy their substances in a country with the intense security. do they think it will not allow the destruction of the chemical is in the country. he rejected a request from us officials on tuesday's contests. neil craig telford christian and anti mutant complex as it will stop removing spent at pymble on monday from the number for the active building. it's the fastest and taken a pic on company will take to a de commissioning difficult time the tomato picked the one i'm a bit we decided to start removing fuel on november eighteen eight when he steps into that. you typically christmas. contains more than one thousand five hundred units of the robots festive and ideas to hide
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the radioactive. fuel is stored in a cone of quartet which contains the main characters popped across to collect the stuff in bags and cases in mediation could contain as caleb and transparent on to another location on the parts premises the building was that cold damaged by a high kick an explosion in march twenty ten to. tension is built in steals from j crew neck rein. there will be used to move to contain as they say destruction can resist earthquakes is contests the one on much into it officials boast some of the unused people as they consider it less difficult to handle. mon to fri the twenty fourteen. next step will be to remove people the adults in the act ability is. estelle have been trying to one of five because at that time and is conducting tennis center at the two thousand twenty ten olympics
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connor. one hundred and fifty offices to ogden to go on walks and hit the sides of the athletes minutes. my testimonial and chris scott had attempted to spot suspicious. so this band is exchanged fire with joe montana's and detained him this is an important and the chicken and let them know taken hostage. this has been in detention sentences. long he did we plan to work more closely we all develop and manage it and stepped up and
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are then forced to fight to retain its nativity set china's warren county are listening then creep on family planning. the sandal that more couples have more than one child. the ads on tv to say no amount to children if one parent is an only child. the scene that the bounty of the country and content balanced demographic makeup of the long term representative state the one child policy has its mandates they say time is competition might have exceeded one point seven billion with an attached. still that college is given the country under the keating society the number of chinese and one th. the musty air for the next time. some couples can only have two children in the meat second conditions the more annoying than many of saying we don't want more than whining because of the high cost of education was that as conti need is don't believe this team to the one child policy. of course the population
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percentage. former taiwanese can stand it. he gonna play is on the track after standing trial when the storm ends. the court found him not guilty because prosecutors did not happen now and the dentist. inclusiveness to see new england town is home it's good to come to the national security. you know in the nineteen ninety nine while he was in office it is to spend money on real estate point eight and it is only ten men. the coach for the not guilty because prosecutors could not think he knew about investment in protests his innocence and says he's been vindicated the only one jones you too i have committed no crimes i believe in my innocence also keep using the digital him in june two thousand and two in the run up to the presidential election. he was watching opposition
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candidate against the incumbent mindset. most of the opposition county to smile and he seemed nice and i think the game and buy tickets. the three day walk for the full cost. i wound. i do. the us. this is just a
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sign i'm that guy. it should i don't. i am. summits. high tech said to be the last unexplored area. he works bryson and sheer cuteness i am the spectacular landscape was created on for hundreds of


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