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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 16, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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for. act i want to buy now. when will the mixture to pan. more information on the program's website. ch. audrey's elgin streets and street preachers friday night's big game thirty one people killed in the libyan capital in the day protests demanding altman nation leaves town of five appalled by this very same gunman. they need say no kind of country refuses to accept serious chemical weapons for construction international chemical weapons would go out to find another solution to this bill aims to destroy that still while flying the middle of next year
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later wake up this morning with the book for bruised beaten by ukraine to nail in the first leg of the rowe cup playoffs. ross's jobs is making the local sporting gathering in brazil next year just go with. thanks for joining us on the ground with bright lights. it would cost the bank tax. we stopped in libya and some of the deadliest scenes in the capital since the overthrow of the cake in the market to eat every two years ago nice thirty one people were reportedly killed at least four hundred injured in combat zones friday. this clash is coming off the militiamen fired on demonstrators demanding baby tripoli from his daddy's identical info or relation to the vcd but the violence underscores how he took control of his government it's just the body has the story the sending church in central square protesters marched on smes from tom cruise take courses to press for the mission to meet
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the capital. and you can borrow and demonstrations using machine guns and rocket propelled grenades pricing for accounts in the crowd dispersed during the winter with them the sun protest has expressed outrage at the government for not doing more to limit the power of commissions the list is still too chicken. you can duplicate the libyans. this is the blood of libyans. i say to the government treats is where is the only words that we as parents calm the government is entering the cries of protest is in corning commissions to disband this week's gala home and sees premise that he's a down and helped him to several hours before releasing him on friday he addressed all on crepes. for the departure of emissions from tripoli has in months this is not of the discussion of it is unnecessary and merchants them on. it will
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morgan. demonstrations fun and cool by announced during weekend is the transfer protest against some groups who refused to disarm. he is trying to rein in emissions by using them on the government payroll prompting them to provide security in tripoli and of the cities. the day and fits nicely in pain. the men often remain loyal to think among this rather than to the authorities. indian police in the medical residents and local to take control from the militias there's a chance the central government two years on the look mom a good topic that's that's it. axel beans national efforts to dismantle serious chemical weapons still bio albania refusing to face the destruction of the baby on its promise to add the rum and the recently elected back to projects in the streets of the capital tehran that despite that setback for the organization for the print edition of chemical weapons. he could off the platter which will see serious top of destroyed by the middle of makes a lot the celebrations on
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the streets of the albanian capital. some two thousand protesters gathered outside the prime minister's office in toronto to visit come to destroy serious profile of chemical weapons in the country. these weapons of weapons of mass destruction and albanians can never accept them the times the crown told that which once in a televised address prime minister a b raman said helping the content down what he described as a direct request from the us. yet i don't mind it is impossible for albania. to be included in this operation. a refusal would surprise many to for months. in september a syrian presence was shot on a sub decree two hundred to some thirteen hundred tons of sarin gas. most of gas and other dangerous agents. under proposals agreed by the organization to the present station of chemical weapons on friday ms dangerous chemicals will
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be transported out of syria by the end of the year. lead us. no good and is free and debates that target dates have been sick with the confidence and out of beirut the alternatives available. arms for destruction. with albanians decision to drop outs of the operation the question now becomes how will the chemical weapons be shipped abroad safely. i know it's a way they will be coming. now more than eighty we killed that ici and laid waste to much of the philippines the situation remains critical are still a configurable say that the number killed but with the un nikolic said the four thousand much higher than government estimates of the long delay supplies are beginning to reach survivors and haunted areas people are becoming increasingly desperate as they scramble to get their hands on student was a given from the school we topped the country high domed structure the residence of cuddle time and trying to repeal deadlines. people pulling
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together some reason whenever they can from the ruins. this woman has been meeting with the grandchildren in the band often that i think facts and details. ariel i got my son is trying to rebuild the highest nineteen to eight high and because it was totally destroyed. one key to rebuilding it man. so we can move. that means. the crisis is far from areva. there is an agency to pay a bit bit to prevent the spread of disease a beastly begin to do more than one million people displaced. the us navy and the will of the program can talk and cons of the agape and supplies to isolated communities. the dissertation is of highest risk it's also at the bonn airport where hundreds and hundreds of people coughing away team to leave the affected areas to several plays. eleven countries have to undo the needed it. along with the dominican supply nice
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there's an urgent need for me more time. the united nations say that the impact obama blowing. and these fifty six thousand people face leaving him and symmetry conditions. cavanagh with that story of that now it is deposed president was in the rockies gg face trial again today on charges relating to the deaths of protest is during the country's uprising the track was released from prison in alderson placed under house arrest by interim prime minister has an outfit by using the power granted to him by the state of emergency the former dictator is not technically a free man off the bat to mention seal was lifted at its peak of a travel restrictions they remained there as the top of correspondence and kyra catholics take the gospel that we can expect from today's draw. we gave the ball into the wing while only that but i think the kitty to protect it during the january twenty
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eleven revolution that i'll end up being a black cadillac the media that political team on eighty eight. call it contains unexpected move that could take the items including a column on the black eager trying that i even need to get the job to do that to the appeal i've been teaching them a good employer. accountability that we are about to begin at the idea that he had bought the black cookbook free from court today. that echoed that the maximum amount of pretrial detention. make it unique to the kitchen can be a big event. i hope that they can. i think the whole bit. a child on how to act. the colt at the break the bank and keep it within it that you
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really get back in the built in the league. in a bucket in the clutch. cook until the thinking in my tea in the week that we've now worry about her and call me get the article he can help. and i in the hospital. i think that that news brief from around will now call and i'll be set between the country's four dead two in response to hold a presidential run off the infinite school address the position economic mess she'd have to show for victory the first round is the frontrunner is up again after they get mean huge coup for the second round the debate said the couple planned to campaign. the lake district in the saddle is to seem to have others lot to see team captain will detention torture never afforded fat to take the city council to call dr to break it to strip him of some of his powers. mention is the latest attempt to rein in the math that's refused to resign despite admitting she's making a track that came as well as the heavy alcohol consumption the loose begun and james senior figures convicted in the country's biggest corruption trial last year former president clinton to silva's jesus stop was a magic was among the first he surrendered to police
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the cycle brings our aching backs that it was a scheme to pay opposition politicians was hoping that his government will introduce like hockey associations were forced to take it the kidnapping of a french priest in countering the tv sweet george bush that seized by gunmen early thursday now let the authorities say he's likely be taken into neighboring nigeria nigeria business trip but around this claim is holding the forty two euro. the concrete itself is being behind a string of deadly attacks in recent days in nigeria has left hundreds dead. as it wages war on targets in the city's representative of christianity and the west that is to some extent. and how sa time which broker a power means western education is a sin. these two hardest fights insanity to see the enemy's a clearly identified. the idea i was in . one's called themselves
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the military in time to time that stronghold is born a state located in the north of the country mostly muslim. in two thousand and nine amazement and five and targeting politicians any on the poker hiram have killed thousands and useful items to obtain funding or not his own will. he finds himself with work experience they send messages tonight you're in business and demanding tend to be some kind of war taxes on the day because they don't get protection for lasting peace to the porch. since twenty oh seven estimates that poker hyrum has been targeting christian communities abducting women such as a job she was taken from him in the northeast of the country. when they kept me in a shiite who was going to die because i was tied up the from my neck. tonight is opening a cafe to be an end thousands have fled to neighboring cameroon to skate the finance. what can they would carry out raids on villages so i could send forces to become muslims it's what they do every day
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as a team. if every twenty that tebow car hire and kidnapped the fasts on foreigners. a french comedy six months ago the nigerian president stepped up a mini tree campaign against the insurgents on wednesday the united states formally designated poker hire him as a organization. this pull down a bit of disappointment for frauds is the focal finds the good of a mountain to climb if they have any jobs of reaching an excuse woke up in brazil. the french team beat into neo in the first leg playoff away to ukraine the knights of the map crunch much is the clash between portugal and sweden favoring the inside of cristiano dramatic reading the difference. reese also taking the vaunted twenty three one at time ever a maniac on the lights and aspiration shape the dough was going to react a lot thompson wraps up the pink section. i hate that the guy i didn't doubt it down
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the first leg of prawns lead to world cup qualifier away to the ukraine ukraine with an old friend said that but it's just perfect and st hill middle school was at the pool ukraine reynolds constable two nil win is against the political friends saw it the feisty affair left with teams ending the game with ten men of the teammates endings all its results which leads to the officials teams will come pipes and perhaps the manager's job in the island's fronts need to beat ukraine over two legs to qualify for brazil twenty fourteen to be that they went to school at least twice in paris on the state begins to slide with seventy conceded four in ten qualifying games nineteen seventy the time to around two goal deficits in the world cup playoffs. it was a mind which belonged to the man seems old swept portugal beat sweden one nail with cristiano ronaldo gets in the game's only goal crease have one on brazil already off in the coming romania three one. meanwhile iceland. just ninety minutes away from becoming
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the smallest nation to ever reach the world cup finals the country with a population of just three hundred and twenty thousand will qualify if they can get asked for a show on tuesday at five eight five zero in a californian boy was back to teaching in the years to come here. that attracted thousands of fans of time and around the country including the president is to come said of his favorite souvenir. in batman signature take them off while still faced sale of the flu around san fransisco on friday with huge crowds and the feeling was great to meet hers. the tunisian ethics in medicine the stitching. a new. ch customs agencies around the world are changing their ways instead of tossing it in
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the shifting toward securing international trade in deal business and again how companies can profit from the us if they can adopt it's beyond business on for swim cap. don't go. what to do business and to you i'm off to boston where bring you today show from mumbai in india. and i'm sitting down with a man who has that name maiden name from self as the retail came all to india he's the executive who also sparked headlines by fixing it publicly that failure to be celebrated and also by appointing a chief beneath all the sucky so be on e is the chief executive officer over the future group it's good to be here and thank you for hosting us in your offices the jewelry tell
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group includes india's biggest hypermarket chain that the debate is all so it's for your business to tap your finger on the pulse of the indian consumer that have been concerns that the indian economy is slowing down. are you seeing traces of dots in the behavior of all the indian consumer the review which country of one point two million people and then running to me to learn english friend and inspiration the reason gallery own country. i think there has been no local strong headwind and the ability to know me. while this tradition thus encouraging and a good term economic abuse were going to do but enter into a deeper note or maybe income. sort of thing the north as bad as what the news that we're going to put it so that is the slowdown in india the third overstate the stored on in some categories for promotion chips. and what i did order on the contention is looking wood. and even the oeuvre as we keep on going forward and
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has been going to want and will probably stay is though that the indian train to such an extent has reached a standstill if there is a speed of the growing middle cost isn't growing as much anymore. the middle cos of course that did that there are a very important consumer group for you. will she say about that done then the medical system the consents that but if you ever feel or what we do with the foster to pull the fake cake though. the indian. we need a lot of fun. compare this to will and is conducting and i can go to much much less discreet than you'd ever think of going to go there to make this happen i think he'll last four away and act in the book is no coming back and read see another don't go for gold in the next phase is not how quickly you think that growth will come to continually be seeing some signs of growth and i believe it is continuous. the moment the mythical slow the play written for the post. i think the book is coming back. not in use retail sectors cool tools of attention from them for ten and the government has relaxed rules on the floor and pretend is
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phoning indian air outlets still know the names like warm ups can fool and tesco there not moving in in a big way. why do you think that it's going to lose which has been printed and are due to much lazy to go there too too much even at the end of the woodwork in another ward of them exist anywhere in the word. endeavoring to win a distinction until no wonder she is and then disputed in the electoral global test with one note and limited disagreed with the kind of commission that has been poured into law the people i've been sticking to tradition and interest in the country is that one much less common in some form of costs was common in some form so they have been forging the door. i can give diplomacy a deadly bacteria i would see them making serious attempt towards the canoe was head of business cities and on the wall loss to cal fools they will move in. it is in a bigger scale or log on to scale it did in the future we just have to wait with you and ignore the country which
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wants to consume and twenty and to wonder can the commotion going on. and we haven't seen the commotion of the district it is boring and is complete. no isn't anybody or dog or cat people of completeness. when asking did a bit more about the intake unseen. did you think that indian consumers on different promo consume this elsewhere today have different standards different to moms everywhere the order of the stream but in india from him it takes a little bit more perimeter of the fortress like a little funnier this post. i think this was taken me a bit and doing something. any new promotion than the average in any new information takes away some tension of the country rated pics to unify the us of a new digital sluggish. it might take six to a museum. i think when the pace of change in that it often has little slower than the rest of the one i was reading somewhere that you demotion retail groups you have just one about seven percent of the indian market on the indian market is still culminate to buy the so
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called mom and pop store was small a scale that retail is that the debt trade locally i suppose that when he tells the story of what kind of potential there is in the new market for you but also that had witnessed a tape from defacing when it comes to competition. i think we are heading to bed love couldn't relate more to confirm that the shearing bit of june that if we look at the venue for continued the more tender to shed is more than thirty before too but for whatever killed by the new kittens i think what to read much into the middle before dominica mortgages which have been shortened to wonder too hideous other. the kitchens so you get him out of the company isn't budging in cities like the pope in securing the revenue mortimer given additional or different i don't really read the post and i play focusing your business the moment in the end of major cities the oval in a business owner department of you and your body and it's still huge online retail. i've seen
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the indian team is there some of the debate or dissent when it comes to buying things online. putting up the couch for a lot of good when you order it. we have been in gorman business in that survey rated the business the cost or putting a costume and retired to a carpeted kitchen in the middle and the cost of the annuity. he may retire and i can resort to reporters on the street and into a cool phone portable and can quarterback unpredictable and you are going to confession of the dover a pre med or dust can come from. i think it's a long long way to both washington and london in june and then from the norm and chopping them come in either zealand a new more cleanup love with the general meacham said it didn't look much but in this country. he said that you think of the opinion that snow will be done to to buy things online. walk in that timeframe over token about it again the current chairman and there is very get go so that on the goal is to commit more crimes and the sutherland. if you want something in her leopard and three of the four years it predicts experiments i went to the guess here but i've been meaning to our new ward over giving a much richer and the commission of a physical
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to give him a digital ep you have a chief petty officer in your group does. as i was saying to turn my introduction. why is it a race in both philosophy that every local mall for any business can do that of the beauty of an enemy of the to the doctor believes sorta lovely into second week and we're going to be an enemy unit of the control completely open. haskell gordo some beliefs so i think it's all a joke to install believes the new twenty million additional people don't you. does the business is typically indian wait to do that to do business at the no had to storm up my chemo the informal fool. they made the ancient scriptures are the men and what about the toss pasta with conditions for ppl are going to stimulate people to understand human dynamics and oneness with the cord that continuing with the tuna boat nothing is new is happening in the wonder if he has been accorded tumbler. nineteen you can learn a lot fo me know your views. just about tapping into old traditions
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but in a modern fashion to the iphone can use it to morgan and kindermusik on pictures the one lady off the tv folks. how does achieve the full sets of accounts like that what goes into going on and on a daily basis. vettori and thirty one to coax the next books immutable the tone for your love spending time with preston contorted into a puma the station only goal to book management committee is the forums. i think what anderson human dynamics and all the people of europe and what can an informal possible this may lead to a challenge on a situation. the book to him and the lovely views of the permission from the engine think if i wanted told about new ideas when it comes to failure because you made some very interesting statements when it comes to to failure and the importance of that yet. it has been plain sailing for you agree that while talking to sell off parts of the business in order to pay down debts which at the time i believe was seen as oz of the annuity
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step a step back for you. and still though he he he he. you basically say that failure is is an important part to doing business. i think of. i have to order them rebuild them to attempt something in one way or to hear the buzz without feeling. like most human beings continuous and the zoning in on top in many important. so i think that if you buy something i worked in india. nothing has been done more to do a lot of mature so somebody had to blow something. and calling the journey of doing something that i can feel them to fail in incremental business success of the month sleazy because you're going to stand up and was to depart appear to notice which internet and it's going to look it's like hitting them with more the enemy we get to use on a friday and everything to the north. i think that given the additional business the launch for ducks the launching of cantonese in larger portions. and it's not often go and walk to fill in the bottle were delivered to you and i think
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the important one to warn you in on auto bid for europe by the figure for it and want you to spread their little arms of the command selecting the journey into the mud didn't really have the intention of reading done while the main lessons that you have torn from your experiences as as a retainer and yet is it did it to you mustn't overreach or as he was saying before that things just take more time. one victim returned and things would take more time checking the end of the dinner i looked at the end of term redneck don't know whether that i teach. so whatever loan business tycoons up nothing is prominent. a more psychological than last quarter on a ministry that is unless whatever. so i can get is getting out of the british fish and a blueprint or something. when he started getting into and enabled them to left like angry let them know that i can still become a new country despite the freezing you should be always be there before them excited. it's all about adopting new business end and in all failing. what may come whether it's boom or bust tuqiri should be ready for the next cycle which can be
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enough to be a different type of them would you would've seen a new front in essence what you think there is so much to me. if you don't forget the lord of the education system you get in. and that in your mark in to the completion of the nation's have to be big but i loved it up and be sure to mark the dawn of the trimmings things which come the wealth of experience in the morning. i think it's read the posts here for you thank you very much. he should be on it with another update thanks so much indeed for taking the time to speak to us thank you. without regard to wrap up that this addition all the business and teach us what to expect. i
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knew. i mean. besides its greatest. i am. this site to site a dog tools. a who. oh no. it is. you knew you. use
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isn't it. sch it was once
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known as the pacific. not only puts toss into it like today. acapulco is upon us. a was on the label mexican drug cartels. the pervasive violence has made it one of the most. you eye to history gets worse every day. cos breaking news called what. so much. theodore six plates
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stocks. good news. or what's a floor behind bars after breaking into about spying database run by u s government contractor bishop probably send him a paycheck considered sending him to prison for the next ten years the report of a story of jeremy humm and allegedly used by the fbi as part of a private army of hackers and punished for going astray alarming figures in japan's radiation odd spot. this is close to the average level of the goals down with that in the chernobyl zone. only with one


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