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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 17, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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was a free day. of course breaking top twenty. so much the eagles to play. excel good news. ch. three day
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general strike announced in tripoli that's up to date on the site for today in clashes between militia groups in for st to locals about the latest from our correspondent in libya in facebook. a map of the thickest out against the lapierre that they've become more of the massive toxic waste dumping. schools make a full six sometimes fake it. they received orders but the front runners in chile's presidential elections this sunday a win in the section is michelle bachelet the right wing rival in the mcveigh. thanks for joining us some big brown eyes or headlights be watching parts of the impact that we start the media with the capital does remain on the tension did some baking the government declared three day general strike the and private activity. that's up
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to two days of vinyl. bethany so at least four more fatalities in clashes pitting militiamen against government forces. tripoli the latest storm big baits being used by fighters from the countries ms ross said the identity of the armed checkpoints on saturday. the softer the deadliest single day since before the market after friday for the coal creek and you want to see the engine off the protests demanding the militia of the town descending into donor afterwards. the more we can call say that emerges out of she's standing by in shipping rate that would ease the atmosphere like in the city the capital the sun read the required the morning milk and i are no sure thing. that in contemporary uk to date. why don't they look on
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the weekend i will do it without the armed men in women than in the tuesday that the political climate deal it's good for me to go hiking in the capital outing today. i know i would include medical certificate they carried. all i can show them to admit card. nowhere did it i'm keeping it in a good call on merdeka day of mourning. and try to keep it that he hadn't eaten a maple in the coming day. a marine the state government has long struggled to include diesel thirty one as being responsible. and believe in karma pure heart. all of these two t but he ate at the beacon capital. inquirer
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that the leader of the atlantic. i wondering how the government can include at all. all of you that even in the capital and in that they were not able to protect people. and that i can get that. you got to pull him to have it folks. the people then you'll have a miniature video of the government. he became enraged and kick the can of green in color coming up in trying to get the day. no i'm not really sure what they mean. even he could either be taken between higher. while the howard government can include a cover version each in the capital. link is on it's the nativity thank you very much for that update. now moving on to the philippines and they've lost everything that has their livelihoods that up once that the people all the philippines hospital staff say the country level than eight percent of the population not that bad the roman catholics the judges to come play an even bigger role in the face of such an awesome instructions. across
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the country to sunday thousands have been attending mass. many have lost appraisal because she still takes place. life does go. they're watched over by a saints with these new boards have hunted difficult start in life. born in the aftermath of typhoon high and are being cared for in a hot meal in a cozy nest inside the telco in time to time. this mother is holding a vigil as her new born daughter signed helping her to breathe. staff are working tirelessly to with several infants and ninety two the lack of essential medical equipment. with hospitals struggling to cope humanitarian teams are setting up facilities across the affected region. and your mitts on some twenty or doctors or that borders has begun operations in the remote end of the wind vulnerable peninsula. when we came here we found the flap and tile house has allowed on the cost but it's all ruined. survivors injury
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fatigue and two to three days leaving them prone to infection. the filipino has been trying very hard to cover the health needs. my messages on here. this is an open goal is to do surgery and can really come to a dead tissues and make sure that they will steal of the brain we're also trying out it ought to go into more than this map with the health needs are. lindsay allen linz belgian health care workers in the field. the team with the same issues. we see a lot of balloons and sudan in on a doll someone still looked pretty clean. but some are indeed very guarantee. we have to open them up and clean them. in the ucc don't use for dancing and really run field hospital staffed by army medics. here are all a drink and thirteen healthy baby boy. the symbol of new hope after the devastation of tycoon high and. got to vietnam where floods and landslides triggered by heavy
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rains in the center of the country of cuba these twenty four people and for some eighteen thousand from the times the listed province was indeed wear nice to twelve people died. these are the officials say the floodwaters have started receiving some areas the time residents to return and begin digging out the names of the team. that's the middle east where the israeli prime minister's promise to roll out the rake up its france's president. frost on all the writing in israel this sunday for three day visit to the region that trip but the scene perhaps is much on economic issues is the one on the beach different industry and more importantly to you from asking questions israel from the welcoming crosses them start to negotiations with iran in the last week that so far ended in deadlock in talks due to the fridge in transactions with an elegant with an electrical strangers it it is indeed a warm welcome back to israel is the sets to give the french president also told when he
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lands in tubby this said sunday afternoon the reason for that is that it is widely believed that france was the most skeptical nation during the last round of negotiations in geneva over iran's nuclear program france apparently convincing the five other countries negotiating with dinner on it the necessary guarantees have not yet been given by a year on end and friends convincing donations to hold off before signing on to the agreement which would lead to easing sanctions on iran and that is very much. he's really position remember that amina tenure the israeli pundits who was with saying that the deal which was being considered was very bad bad for israel but also bad for the world and its opposing alignment between france's position in the israeli position was indeed very much appreciated so the red carpet will be rolled out for costs was on the sunday afternoon intel at the polls will the french president also heading to the palestinian territories where he's going
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to talk a lot about the peace process. france is that while it's what influence on that particular issue remains modest compared to doubt that the americans remain the historical mediators between the palestinians and the israelis however france's coming here with the message of hope its expression it's being used by the levy palin stressful again encourage both parties to make the necessary compromises in order to reach out an agreement so a trip to the middle east which is always a very complicated one for any president because the issues being discussed are so sensitive. staying with that just builds a new set coming in of the usa crits to john kerry will travel to israel on friday to discuss the proposed deal between will center on all the islamic republic's new cadet program. now these increased from around the world and the stuffing in the us with the media at least real late match the sofa playing off the coast of miami is being partially so. these families
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podium anger of the area it's a week and forty two year old gerard or not its board of the single engine plane on thursday that the beast games bag and some two thousand feet in the act of playing door opened and he plunged to its terminal velocity is still not known how or why he thinks the place. ability i mean is to be sworn in as the new president is about the state sunday off to a surprise win of the former leader muhammad the sheet. according to the country's election commission. yemeni security fifty one point three percent of the brighton sotheby's run off putting an end to a court is correct by dealing with inmates. the former director of brazil's state run bank he was convicted in a major corruption charges had fled the country to avoid jail enrique is a doctor who also has a highly impossible to say here that that he'd gone to his other hand country to seek a fair trial. one of twenty five people who were convicted over two thousand and five scandal allegedly stole a position of the lake is received kickbacks in
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return for the support of government bills. wheatley witty political melodrama continues south facing silvio berlusconi rebranding is faulty returning to the name of forts or italia saying he could no longer support the coalition government of injury could accept that self to the political betrayal of his longtime policy at and gina out saute the day before they announce the creation design political movement off on an easel so the interior minister and deputy prime minister has promised that he and his allies will support the government agreed to let set for at least a year. my trick them into a more pc shipments that it was this very difficult thing the week and remain allies in parliament. above all seated at the same table in cabinet with someone who wants to kill you leave it to the ticketing. boy the man ec to have so many unemployed young people who can't find jobs eastwood has
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many parents who have lost their jobs. we can't have them as they condone the government would solve everyowing. we are hopeful that we continue to come to think and i personally continue to cultivate a relationship of deep affection for presidency has been postponed. since the men who are forced into these joints both our feet are firmly planted in the center right and it's for the season. he wanted to propose these idea. the idea of a new great center right it quits. staying in italy in naples with thousands of acoustic to the streets south of the protesting against the lafayette. they claim the morgue at his piano poisoning local areas by dumping toxic waste in the surrounding land shell of tokens i caught it by new signings. thousands of italians protested on saturday keeps the creation of the surroundings caused by
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illegal dumping of toxic waste. i've been a month the end. hazardous materials being dumped in the countryside or browns need for speed games the area has the unique names and defiance. protest is scary place does the politicians they blame for allowing it to take place we've been racing for the three to twenty two years we expect to know what happened in the land of fire our environmental group demands that for many years the popular uprising led to headlines in the media. it's essential the edition to waste. he also find the truth about who is responsible. we have to protest know what is probable solution to sell it but what coast port side and stupidity citizens. pour off the walls in the utica waste dump and only son to god the child in the state is tonight and then to vt to the police and the presidents
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of larry said they found the cancer rates in this area of athletes. the italian government is announcing an extensive cleanup projects the green and teach in a wet edge of the chalet is on course for a return to the presidency opinion polls indicate she could win the vote outright the sun they got the thirteen maintenance to the book says that is the cabinets will be at the right wing leon's up they did not take sales by a considerable margin the chalets role of the spectrum the majority donation promising social reforms that would roll back many of the policies that date back to the euro and dictate to the coastal commission. henry brown took sixty two candidates. when chile's coast of votes in presidential elections on sunday. on the question is whether they want to change to the political system itself. the strong favourite michelle bachelet who was president from two thousand and six two thousand and ten points to change the constitution put in place by the minute
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the dictatorship whenever given the way to get in the constitution is and should be for at the berkeley the content of the constitution should be consigned to the safety issues puts an end to authoritarian and trailers and the over representation of elites. can you tell us the citizens to participate ashley's opponent is bright pink and it's in full in a diminished and can attain women with the witches of needed treatment. we were friends the wind increased and pinochet came to power in it to my taste on the sign to put the new regime on ashley's father was detained tortured and killed. mccain was against political and economic change went into chili's rapid economic worth a lost his seat in the icu when accidentally hit that if chile has been an exception in latin america because of its growth improvement in quality of life. a drop in unemployment. a rise in salaries. while in the midst of that story. according to the polls specially escaping from the queen with forty
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seven percent of the plate against contains fourteen over fifty percent would mean no need for a second rounds for the first time since nineteen ninety three and that's really did was put in more news about fifteen minutes time to stitch. could you go. since down to earth. i was the remote region produced on a school like no one on each student's grandmothers from the forest corners of the polite. i didn't get to come here for six months to
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an end and i know it now. for one reason. so we're changing me up. i was there anything in sight at athens well enough i find a problem that i read it. nancy creaky and maybe i'm not welcome in the mood to give the madness that is to continue to believe that the wct. like you name it all. the six hour drive from delhi to disappear aged twenty to play in the basic or weeks. today school to earn degrees in st i estimate it. i'm back now and i like it since the sixty s and today me and then two weeks. demand that the sullen and in the air from one of the month to go. the fight for priests east region must be female. we don't agree. i really feel it. nice to them when they do need to endure is the fist time away from
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home. he comes from the mountains of korean conceding just two and two has no electricity to the st only had three new teeth the children and husband for six months. i didn't want to leave my family my children they are very young so i said no but i'd be like the needs of my community. nobody knew nothing would be done about it. today sclerosis and two women from soap america africa or in the pacific islands. the key because of the town's too much time to teach green tea on the street as so with jamie is. the new government covers the cost of the road to peace in the united nations peace for treatment. this is what the economy. so when wide in the extreme heat it teaches me taking food from local students kept it in the town was based upon a lover but you really should decline
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the names of all colors police said and my head that team. well i also use sign language. the circuit and find out what's important for example persistence one of the sheer persistence to go santa and then a color matched it with london's are unique. it's notable we just need to cry says. read comes from toronto which is more used to taking care of his six grandchildren and missing around the circuit boards vimeo a new name. we of grandeur. blending in is always loads of us as the snow. and then the senseless. my feet were too stunned to be defeated to between and not really because of the heat. the wtc was sleepy friend mike's by the cia and these new inmates by the end i decided i needed to go but i don't know
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with the lights. beats me you don't monitor of what the point across. he defeated cooking in the oven baking its abt from the sun. yes i read this article to stitch it and it may be a bit them in the week so don't call me use it for the boy being watched and waiting for me and the meeting was mainly me and i counted twenty one and two and will be making baking and then it says. it's really getting caught you can see how much. the cans. we ended the game. the women who make peaceful the cougars are hopefully going to read the book always quoting the release your normal everyday boy at this olympiad but stood back flips on a
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poker game you get baking pan they are. even if the selling to need to guide technically she's really think was possible. not that they the end i thought i was unable to do it. it's not a woman's work is for a blacksmith or another caps and i'm not educated enough to understand this word. we named this helicopter ride from happened the confidence. there's also nothing. for that. corry who succeeded him to promise for new blue jean world community and to arrange the distinction of winning at the same time. the team behind the suffering should not be met so many old. we meet on globally the social activists behind the infield in two thousand and ten he was named among kind of getting one hundred list for when to press the keys in a well worked. i mean he's a bit of an icon here is an insane need to teach them anything to individually teach a one minute each anime type family at the idea behind me in the recent work
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at six this policy may not own them but still immobile and the only certificate. no mood to give a menace to defeat it in use of it is if you could of been assisted to like a minute don't you thought the best bid to keep the skin in the village. make it useful. this tuesday meme and i'm. not only been in bed in a tissue or the man who works in the sullen groups in the vintage ltd the vintage and they have of them afflicted teach others the very house like dozens of villages around eleven twenty from him. two of the many under developed these developed countries on the one and i wondered end of the fun maybe. new eco twenty five in a rut. over a hundred to go. so now we've got pentagon and it's coming from the pacific islands. but now they're bringing in about five or six gunmen this from the mideast. so i think but that doesn't seem to cover the bill. a one hour drive
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from the holly springs is a huge advantage of dani the theme for him he seems to residents who spoke excellent lighting and now. blanton sorry mimi santo wash twenty one easily controlled burn is anybody he's done the community or untouchables a or waking to me mean she's broken through the raging currents. it can form designing a new one and heres how the events. i'm thinking that they come to me i say are being housed at the conference room centaur trapeze into ten regions camera. she was really trying to contain community agreed to let me see the wood while investment. a very good. i have agreed to pay twenty five greenpeace or fourteen
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cents per month to cover the cost of service and repair of the solar lanterns it's considered essential that anyone w benefits from the technology is themselves invested in making headway the decision has already paid off. nineteen including teasing salami cheese driscoll eighteen and the price of kerosene. eta people who do not know ask what does this open it. this is a light box. how does that work in a bad mood from it works with solar energy. now he wanted lots of people ask about specific knowledge. i told that seeks to achieve that goal is not the only bar these young girls weekend if you could just teach in school were sent to the team i was in any case going on that day. how could i ask why
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come to night school the solar lantern take center stage as the students link they seek no scheme d in english education goes in the suite includes optional i would most likely miss out and it has been in town and now we have electricity from the grave. caroline did because it often cuts out this line is though is here really good for the children to be able to study at night and i added a line has changed in the region santos celebrities go with the y tonight the four islands of the geeks don't lie i know the film. this post can be complicated but the for mentos make it look easy. she is an artistic director he's a photographer. the two met eight years ago i decided to
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join forces both personally and professionally women were working in the things for the person lol as in like all you know he said this and now one man enough ballast like it that whatever she has ever spent. and dom i listen to it so i can do my stuff the chicken and it's a very creative process so we understand that to be creates a gap to be open and sin not to be passing on costs. so a silly man. the duo's latest work the art looks circumstance american beauty and broken me. but it's not your regular collection of fashion photography. these models are everyday women even though it were in fashion. um i always find it harder to work with models like a real professional models just because you know that's what they do for living and they'll give you their moves for two years that the mentos traveled across the us in what they saw inspired them. he is saturated and sophisticated settings to contrast against
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the despair of american women hit hard by the economic crisis. we were living through the recession as well but you know we weren't affected this much is the people that we met on the road. so at the end of the day after after the two years of shooting and having over a hundred women. we look to the body of work were like and as a social political statement that we're trying to show you know our vision of america from the grand jury and in america that it was through the crisis the inspiration of the nineteen fifties and sixties. from me she represents a defendant in a bluesy a soft nest but also a strain in her eyes as saying that every option has a fiery eyes. so it's like a it's a fitting of the dumps but at the same time it's like a new beginning. the funniest faces and bodies are full of emotional tension the coca missed out to the solitude of sadness. it's the american dream on the hill. the woman
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he wants to be. not so much i missed it but i think inside every woman there is that attacked us and wants to be out. too busy. so my philosophy is to give everyone a voice. as with alfred hitchcock for david lynch. everyone should try to get the beautiful picture taken. even. it says some people it's not beautiful. so many fearful that he's not the whole dance. the dynamic duo of pj and the shelf for mentone behold the beauty of one photograph at a time woohoo womb. oh. it is. is
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you. the new finds itself trapped in the quarter is bloke i was again disagree on a new plea deal to end sanctions against israel isn't a potential mate destroyed the problem syria has given the tyneside but to get rid of its chemical weapons that are on my genitals in the wagon and countries when it hides the construction work. moscow is a scandal and i went and saw like one time in my bag no


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