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tv   RT News  PBS  November 17, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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news on rta born seven thirty seven passenger plane has crashed in the russian city of fez on it during an attempted landing. all fifty people on board including two children have died is not known what caused the tragic accident investigators are looking at a range of reasons including pilot error weather conditions and tactical issues. lol. what
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director studios in the mouth with his auntie em sometimes the cab ride to our top story monday it has been declared a day of mourning in russia is hardest on republicans to bowling seven thirty seven jet crashed at kaz on airport killing all fifteen people on board that had departed from moscow and was attempting to land when the tragedy happened. these are the latest pictures from cousin airport with the jet crashed and caught fire apparently during its second landing attempt. their work our two children among the forty four passengers and six crew members also perished in there as well the search and rescue operation ended about three hours after the crash turkey's lucy kept off the can tell us more. lucy it if you could take us through what we know about the traffic accident so far certainly a fatal journey
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for all fifteen people on board point three six three operated by hardest on airlines. what we know so far that i've taken off i added fantastic twenty five pm local time from the dome again about airport right here in moscow just over an hour later it crashed at its destination the cars on international airport in central russia. all forty four passengers six crew members confirmed dead tragically so now this is where the details get a little bit murky we know fact that the crew was a portly trying to abort its landing and i came around for a second landing approach when it exploded when it struck the back are magical and leave the air. we simply don't know because at this point i could attend technical malfunction out what there could've been a factor of pilot error perhaps i were also kinda might have been an issue with the fuel although that's unconfirmed carson airlines did release a statement saying that to the ei airline pilots were all experienced add that they should have been a human hair on their part that these guys have really knew what they
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were doing but i that is of course still the subject of investigation. there were high winds and above zero temperatures i hacked at the airport and cars on the emergency rescue operation as you mentioned included in that airport is closed until mid day monday that that very same flights at the boeing seven thirty seven flights had made the journey from cars on to moscow earlier on sunday we had a chance to catch up with one of the passengers on flights take a listen to what she had to say about her experience. he's played it in sepia of the human mind of the flight itself went quite smoothly than just the total in team that wins ninety nine leading fiercely. he too had thought it was the land between the account of the queen's turned on the twenty first ranked ninth on the plane was seeking treatment from side to side
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lenton our first attempt. it was a really bad landing and it felt like we was going to roll off the runway now that was one of particular passengers experience onboard that plane what else do we know about that aircraft in particular. the aircraft had been in service for twenty three years it's gone through several different companies that had owned it in the past not a problem in itself of the plane is properly maintained because of course quite commonly have to keep in mind that the boeing seven three seven is a wildly popular it's the best selling model of the if the aircraft in airline history at any given time in fact there's about that one thousand two hundred of them up and the air. they do happy at most crashes but that's because there is the most of them operating so it's not necessarily say it anyways and an indicator of their lack of teeth that are determined to be quite safe out what exactly it is that because that this airplane crash is of course still up for determination that is what investigators are working on a wheel well of course keep you up today and he tells us to get them. or i don't use a couple we know that you will be keeping across the details of
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the story as it unfolds thank you for being with us here on rte. now we haven't been getting the fuss of aviation experts in russia and abroad earlier on she spoke to captain mark weiss who is a civil aviation leader of the spectrum group in use to fly the same kind of airplane that has crashed in cars on he believes that it was a chain of events that led to this catastrophe. that was the car for repair their lead to fatigue and obviously catastrophic failure performing sectors in the lead at the fact that there had been an explosion on board the aircraft in the attempted three times to get the aircraft on the ground. it may be a significant happened with you normally in an emergency blanket the aircraft on the ground safely as quickly as possible. so what would have cause. the aircraft to know that when the nets first attempt was whether a fact
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there was no proof that each room is there to do so many things that are being looked at keeping in mind that accidents generally don't happen from a single event it's a chain of events that lead to catastrophe like this what is to stage a variety of factors could have been responsible for sunday's crash let's look at what the key cause of their tragedies have been over the past few years now and today's aircraft are incredibly sophisticated machines but very sensitive as well to how they're being flown more than half of their crashes are caused by errors made by the flight crew the various technical problems with the aircraft are also responsible for just under a quarter of the problems leading to accidents. of course bad weather conditions can play their part as well and they are behind it. twelve percent of crash it's not fun like nine percent and this little bit and green here the accidents are due to attacks or hijackings those figures are from a plane crash info dot com. now an
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analysis of the all important flight voice and data recorders should provide vital information as to what happened during the flight david that we are now the operations and safety editor of flight global magazine says that authorities will give clues to the reasons of the accident when the two black boxes are fat. steve box is one of the coats. all of the communications on the front that that's what i did say to each other what the pundits say on the radio all the incoming voice messages from the traffic control analysts say he can even hear things like the engine noise. if there's an explosion on board you would hear. then the other box is is i suppose you could say the name of the dead but very important in their own way. is the thought of data recorder which records the city the health of the airplane records for the engines of doing it because of the profile of the aircraft's speed. it's at ctu. it records all sorts of parameters of a house on
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the headlines in it will be an aunt is doing for a minute to minute and there will be at least often our recording of this and it may be and will befall that under the action accident actually happens. the all star teams will have a great deal of information to work with let's go over the details of that kind of plane crash in central russia. a boeing seven thirty seven jet traveling from moscow to kaz on. apparently lost altitude and exploded during its second landing attempt. none of the fifty people on board survived two children and the elder son of tavistock president were among those killed. the head of russia's emergency services has arrived at the scene and thomas townsend leader is there as well. monday will be a day of mourning for the victims in town this time we don't know yet what exactly caused the crash investigators are now saying that bad quality fuel could have been responsible they're also considering the possibilities of pilot error and inclement weather rescuers are looking for flight recorders to try and figure out more details
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the boeing seven thirty seven five hundred series plane had been in use since nineteen ninety and tightest on there had been using it for five years. been. i know ch ch. the americans also came up with another reason to be just that democracy people wanting to be the people of wanting to be three in which is also implied that the message of the year that the malays in you. the goal is to use after you die. do you say instance the state of the city. you crave the commission. you say
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sometimes it has. woodland suspension. it's the fear that he so richly woes. this was to be alive. oems. it was aa the news. news and now recapping the week's top stories this is odd to go and headed back with us. now this week's interlude between the two rounds of crucial talks over iran's nuclear program has sent some mixed signals on the one hand to
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the un watchdog to clear the atomic projects have been virtually frozen since president roh honey came to power. now on the other hand u s lawmakers are insisting even more sanctions are placed on iran a move that threatens to derail the deal the white house is urging congress to give diplomacy a chance. but the powerful israeli lobby is insisting on tougher penalties the previous round of negotiations failed to produce any result reportedly due to france as a surprise opposition from small aunt is in israel now and he has already assured of that paris will be tough and will not ease the pressure on iran during next week's nuclear talks slated to say no more suffering an anti iranian policy maker who used to be on tehran's nuclear diplomacy team in negotiations with the iaea says france's behavior shows double standards. france has a rule that peace would be that because of these related names. i think this is
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the historic record and state crimes is making no iaea has had them oh five fall was on them and these inspections for that healing and nokia program and frequently has an alms giving is no evidence of baghdad important than the station. it's a skill yet but i do really del committed in the income send all their crimes feasible to give moment because france has instructed you to a nation be easy going when you ladies can often enough in pt and possess the ball to four hundred nokia balms to flirt front should not become sensible to give alms crimes head is way too good to last the nokia palm browns had the media to amass to nokia ball before france has admitted that it back to the color. now showing at the top result in something israel is unhappy with its reportedly ready to join forces with a former sworn enemy for possible strike on iran. britain's sunday times
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newspaper suggested saudi arabia is working closely with israel's mossad on a military campaign. if iran's nuclear program is encouraged by an agreement in geneva now under the reported plan to saudi arabia is understood to be allowing israeli use of its airspace. it would also assist israel and the plane combat drones helicopters and tanker planes. the saudis are furious and are willing to give israel all the help they need. that's what an anonymous source allegedly told the newspaper the sunni muslim gulf kingdom is alarmed that the shiite dominated iran could get a nuclear weapon a concern shared by israel. iranian political analyst a study that muhammad in iran he thinks that if the saudi is really planned plays out there would be no winners polygon of these reports are true but the solid isn't israelis are moving closer and closer to one another however it's highly unlikely that the saudis or the israelis would really
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want to attack iran. then did it they both countries would be losers to be seen as the grassroots. and obviously the iranians would retaliate so he's working the area one local dealer create an economic catastrophe for the world. and that would mobilize to the whole middle east especially people on the streets in support of the rani would isolate israel after all the americans with all their fire power. seo will fail in their attempt to bring about the attack on syria because of a world opinion in american opinion simply would not accept it to syria now or the country could be free of most of its chemical arsenal by the end of the year if another country agrees to take it on the ambitious deadline was set by the international chemical watchdog is part of a road map which also says all toxic stockpiles must be destroyed by the end of june but the biggest problem now is the lack of volunteers to take on the delicate task of eliminating more than a thousand tonnes of highly
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poisonous materials. norway was the first to give a firm unveiled its refusal was mirrored by albania which saw a series of protests against the country being the destruction site for serious chemical arsenal political analyst chris and amber it says it should be europe's wealthy nations to step in to implement the ambitious elimination plan. my understanding is is that they will go to france and i think is true that what is his own personal thrives in terms of the western european powers to deal with this piece as i say they do have chemical weapons although we don't advertise the fact that britain and france has stockpiles of chemical weapons they do have the ability to do that the french and british have the facilities would be discussing these things safely. the hobbits with these show if that's the best of all she still has the bye good bye to steal the west should really put its money where my fancy i signed up to steal its sinking ships in this case don't we just have to do with it. the norwegians
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kuwait we meet on the expertise to dismantle you grow up and say how the chemical weapons in the wall to take them in my pic i just try to understand that the aloha in the end of the week i will keep it that brokered a deal outside signed up to another city hasn't played by the contents of that i can deal with the lives of some kind of resentment and european capitals that night in a deal as well. destruction of chemical weapons is not the only problem in syria right now and the brutal conflict between government forces and rebels continues to claim thousands of lives on sunday thirty one troops including four generals were killed by a bomb attack on the syrian government building in damascus explosives are thought to have been placed in the basement meaning opposition fighters were able to breach security to get into the building the eu is being dragged deeper and deeper into the conflict intelligence chiefs believe more than a thousand a young european muslims have joined the islamists and are fighting in syria now. it's thought that they are being
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recruited through social media. the eu counter terrorism court nader says the jihadist agenda goes furer than toppling a son it's also a real threat to europe as well. we are in the process of trying to understand it are the reason why so many europeans are going to syria with restocking the incident use it it's winter and that's what we were in the sand many of them. aunt mimi joining them the ft two in canada. in groups reached know he wants to its rule sad that it has the global to reach and che if we did the project affected and therefore we think secure the win sees it in the future but to many of them. we get back in europe it was radical the means by voters that includes other or they may also be eaten. the rectum want to check in europe. some take a look at some other
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news making headlines around the world for you this hour a fast moving storm system is battering it ended mid western us states multiple tornadoes that tore across the nation and are threatening threatening more than fifty million homes americans. at least one person has been reported dead in the state of illinois in the storm has caused extensive damage. with the buildings reduced to rubble and cars turning upside down. tornado was spotted some two hundred km southwest of chicago with high winds and heavy rains the extreme weather has prompted authorities to hold air traffic as well. tens of thousands of greeks have marched through the nation's two largest cities happens in the thessaloniki the demonstrations marked the fortieth anniversary of a bloody student uprising against the former military dictatorship. then at least fifteen people were killed when he tanks stormed through the university's gates to suppress the revolt. more than six thousand police were deployed along the protest
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route. though no incidents have been reported yet the underground adoption market has been exposed in united states. it's called private re homing and allows parents to get rid of their unwanted adopted kids by advertising online. no background checks or government scrutiny means children could end up with families who would never be legally allowed to adopt or could even be taken in by criminals. please pray for god has to check ups the owners may be familiar with the term to drive its re homing. typically it refers to those seeking to get their pet away. but today the practice is reportedly being used by parents looking to give away pitch high notes that the adopted from overseas they no longer wants an investigation conducted by reuters found that this type of child trafficking is happening largely in cyberspace where parents allegedly advertise their unwanted children through yahoo and facebook groups
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the lawless atmosphere allows internationally adopted orphans to be passed on to strangers without government scrutiny or even a paper trail. as a result of many of these children can adopt in the custody of criminals offenders or abusive adults that would've never been allowed to legally adopt many of the children advertise on line for private re homing range between the ages of six to fourteen and i'd been adopted from abroad including from countries such as russia china ethiopia in ukraine this cute dress right because some of the families in which these children home to probably put it in perfectly good and the children are doing better perhaps and some of them were not pass in a senior u s citizens are banned from adopting russian orphans since nineteen ninety nine team of russian children have reportedly died at the hands of their american adoptive parents. reporting from the arc very dapper nice
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artsy. what happens to adopted children when their foster families are preparing to have their own children he spoke to one young man who found him self advertised online and then passed on to a new family of his parents decided he was not wanted any dimitri stuart was five years old when he and his brother were adopted from an orphanage in a small town near moscow. it would be a rocky road linking with his adoptive american parents with the way. i was there too. when he was a young teenager after years of strained relations and after his parents had biological children of their own the stewards decided it was time to find him a new home that's when they turned to the internet. under that name for people want a home. get the deceptive adoptions in seventh at that company trey's parents mounted police and easton advertisers off as an aspiring mother in every home school to meet you found out that this was far from
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the truth is is this little tiny shack tasted good i fell into and out in saying that in the states. it was clear that his new home was no homeschool. there was an index that had to deal with it. she even making this the eye and she did an option to get this going on. they had about a kid that was taken ay from them from the state say why bother having more kids than us but in this underground. and around king cole had been married to a man who was a pedophile. and that she could not get our homestudy get your finances. these days private adoptions are far more common. it's unclear how many of them are facilitating on the internets for its harder to regulate the transactions between families. after the traumatizing ordeal dimitri moved to this a group home outside atlanta he feels safe with his new guardians and the screen home in a nice suburban neighborhood. use them in
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the news is a demo of the other looking for kids and their six people were everywhere in marietta georgia was on rte. as guantanamo bay notched up the grim milestone this week a former american top brass demanded its closure the notorious prison has been in operation for twelve years over three dozen retired generals and admirals have written to the senate into clothes what they call a symbol of torture. he promised president obama has failed to fill so far. he's an associate written on reports from inside the guantanamo bay detention center. this isn't the numbers speak for themselves since being set up after the attacks of nine eleven a total of seven hundred and seventeen ninety detainees have been held at guantanamo today ah hundred and sixty four people remain over how that have been long cleared for release but remain locked up. a total of
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six people is currently under trial alleging prisoners of war brought here since two thousand and two removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both the pulse of the us not told anyone longer than necessary. we also know that whenever we really someone we assume a dream it's over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held there have been set free the man that brought on more duties to put him in monsters in the worst of the worst one detainee i'm going to them. most of those still kept locked up have not been charged and are being held indefinitely. what sort of a black hole of the oven and allow weeks this thing with the president of the united states simply refuses to say this in what us officials say the law of more brains behind this barbed wire. the idea was that the war. when you capture folks. you as the capturing the story are permitted to hold people during the generation of
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hostilities. and when hostilities and four. if there's no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to toe hold them and they must be released. a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here the key treated to a wide array of countries. the rules that apply in guantanamo are only specific to platonic or even he couldn't even have a coupon title chase. on the us mainland because it would be unconstitutional and illegal the interior also has no end in sight and national security is a popular excuse to simply ignore the law over the years countless detainee claims of mistreatment and abuse. dozens of suicide attempts. mass hunger strikes last pea shoots and hope just this year the majority of the prison population refuse to eat for six months streets only to be force fed washington has appointed a new envoy to close the camp that is a dark spot on america's image. this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that
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some have dubbed the gulag of our times even to close it seems that it enough that the winningest team in us history are over. it's very easy and went on and when you release them and said you're not cost you. and as you said only six men are being passed you by now the non military prosecutors made clear he intends to prosecute few more please also make clear to me you won't be more than a few more. the promise to close the notorious facility on day one of his presidency. he's now in his second term. it's only a president can do it any idea that it's new because congress this fall is just not correct. it is the president that holding these men in detention summer has in house to come in and pass. it's hard to tell right now exactly how long will be down here doing this mission. a teacher to rt
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one time on the tube. we'll stay with our tea and a little over half an hour we'll have more updates on the plane crash because the airport the cost of fifty lines. coming up next though on some of what this is down with fidel castro diaz in a locked the son of one of the world's most renowned revolution. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay cz. the been been beset with this is one of germany's influential contemporary
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german photographers. for about a german and all levels of society. his work covers the period from the data from twenty three it would be in education. so it sits the range of german society and how it has changed in years. hahas well and people in german society. standing in the forest and i'd leave it the flights but the greatest of the people and yet also in comparison to history at times. she is significant that humans were all good judge. fingers it'll stand here and find a place that they felt best for themselves and then says it's good to take the kids when they felt it was ready to buy it so i can tell time. that series it is also the top
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people just want to be seen in history these are the number has been just been to. there is at its worst it's selling. the series to western. people everyday life working at a judge. straight out again with tebow at a textile factory the other just wish people find it. if you are in the photograph as a result we are all says miles. in the gms he still has the inside. some jurors and eight. the people. do not
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always where they went on a leaky. leo and that was a bit so that guests should ask the people necessarily in that everyday life but to go but does not jeju. in june you will you. it stands the government will begin the process of prosecuting former president pervez musharraf which present is already facing four other charges. the staff is being prosecuted in connection with the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto he's also accused of not providing her with adequate security. the pakistani government led by prime minister now my chevy to review the evidence from two thousand and seven. which we shall be dre


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