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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 17, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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always where they went on a leaky. leo and that was a bit so that guests should ask the people necessarily in that everyday life but to go but does not jeju. in june you will you. it stands the government will begin the process of prosecuting former president pervez musharraf which present is already facing four other charges. the staff is being prosecuted in connection with the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto he's also accused of not providing her with adequate security. the pakistani government led by prime minister now my chevy to review the evidence from two thousand and seven. which we shall be declared a state of
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emergency and suspended the constitution. many opposition members were rested at that time. in june is to chart a nissan announced the review committee's conclusion on sunday he said that sufficient evidence had been gathered to start the process of prosecuting the shaft with treason. chad says the review is insufficient evidence claims are unfounded. in nineteen ninety nine when he was the leader but never take a share of ousted prime minister no one should read in a coat. many observers are watching to see what the judicial authority will decide the guiding the government has to try the shepherd trees then it gets the shaft could face the death penalty. now for the latest in and this is the target ratings are at the computer is starting off a new week. they're hoping things will be as busy as last to an hd will i judge has no problem with that said good morning good morning capping of anything thinking quite a bit last week but it was just tell you. us stocks
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ended last week on a positive note after hitting a series of all time highs. investors were becoming more hopeful that the federal reserve would keep its easy monetary policy in place for the time being. the dow jones industrial average closed at fifteen thousand not fifteen thousand and nine hundred and sixty one at some of the but more than half a percent and the nasdaq also ended up a third of a percent. i too think i'll stop here are a changing lives go to our very own remain on track to standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. i mean we just have a solid week out with the nikkei performing well. are things looking now yep pretty solid week of last week as he sat there i was having a look at the opening levels for today november the eighteenth monday and both indexes therein be positive. fifteen thousand two hundred so the wonderful than a k a one thousand two hundred and forty five for the top it's been a catchy rose more than seven percent last week it was actually one of his best weeks since two thousand and nine. they caught a pretty
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big boost from the stronger dollar also robust earnings from the of japan's biggest banks. not this week of course is going to be focused on the bank of japan meeting kicks off on of wednesday wraps up on thursday. people are ready to be watching to see if the bank as any other parent plans for a baffling of deflation and for boosting growth. here in japan meanwhile there could be some headwinds up from eurozone economies was tough to get some data came out last week that showed that disappoint seen it on growth the results of the focus on that sector as well. i still remain and this despite those numbers up to your own boss last week the dollar also hit one hundred yen for the first time since september where we in currencies this morning he's actually gotten loose and the team that both those up as less of a look at some of them right now starting with dollar yen of record twenty nine to thirty begin a hold of a tight range as investors weighed the bank and moves this week because the t quarter growth fell
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to analyze one point nine percent last week which made that investors thinking that the taxpayer needs to to live a bit more to boost growth was up to the euro yen pound and thirty five points sixteen to twenty two year also rose almost two percent against the yen last week and higher still. this morning speculation that the european central bank may take more action on rates will of course be a big focus. also gonna get a check on the china related shares as the shanghai composite index and the crying saying. last week's surge higher driven by optimism over china's latest economic plans were going to check those markets as well right now who in a bit of a mixed picture. the nikkei is just that in the negative of the topics in the polls that you are ok with bewitching takes us into law for that update. i mean. all the makers from around the world will be showcasing their latest technologies at the upcoming tokyo motor show next generation fuel cell cars and electric vehicles will be in the spotlight as environmental awareness grows
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world wide. the biennial event will open to the on saturday a thirty two carmakers will be participating in this year's show. not to yell out while on bail the prototype for a fuel cell vehicle the firm plans to launch in two thousand the team. nissan will display a sporty lecture card featuring an aerodynamic designed to minimize air resistance and germany's bmw and volkswagen are expected to exhibit their latest electric cars and other vehicles. fuel efficient mini cars are also likely to attract attention at the event on the will introduce its first sports car in this category in two decades to do sales among younger drivers. japanese automakers are apparently aiming to outdo their foreign competition by highlighting their advanced technology given the sluggish domestic market. the event will continue until december first and to take a quick look at global economic calendar for
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this week. first china will announce new home prices in seventy major cities for october. in the previous month. prices climbed nine point one percent from a year earlier despite the government's efforts to control them. on wednesday it will find out how many people visited japan from overseas in october. between january and september the number of foreign visitors total record seven point seven three million. two u s economic indicators retail sales and the consumer price index both october while also come out wednesday. in september retail sales edged down zero point one percent from the pps month was the first decline in six months the cpi rose zero point two percent as energy prices rebounded. on thursday the bank of japan will wind up a two day policy meeting at its previous meeting. boj policy makers decided to continue their monetary easing measures the sudden
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motion in april. at the latest in business alivia with a check on my kits. it is. for now. what this will begin removing feel once on monday at the fishing and ninety eight nuclear plants is the first critical step in what is to become a key long de commissioning process. the gallant atari company workers to launch the operation of the number for me and to building there more than fifteen hundred assembly's a few months in the building. most of them i use and highly radioactive the building was damaged by a hydrogen explosion in march
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two thousand allow that the workers we used a crane attached a specially built structure. each employee is only allowed to work for two hours that day because of the high radiation levels in the building. the manager told nhk world that ted care is confident the operation can be carried out safely due to resume operation has been conducted more than one thousand two hundred times at nuclear plants including other facilities. we're not trying anything new or experienced workers will do what they have been doing for years. officials say it will take more than ninety eight avenue of appeal beyond the building. the workers will then have to admit the field on some of the other reactor buildings they estimate that the de commissioning process will take up to forty years investigators in russia are looking into what caused a passenger plane to crash in him all fine here. the dent our stand airlines flight
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went down on sunday. all fifty peoe on board were killed. the boeing seventy seven to come from moscow bound quintessential city of cuz not. the crew boarded the first attempt at last they were trying to make another tragic when the plane slammed into the ground and exploded. then got a new coach and has ordered government officials to find out what caused the accident a high ranking eu officials says that gaps are closing on every issue about iran's nuclear program. the eu is courtney discussions among six full powers to the negotiations with iran delegates from the united states russia and china france britain and germany for three days earlier this month with the real negotiators failed to reach an agreement. the five permanent members of the un security council plus germany did i think that iran stopped its a new baby that
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could be used to develop nuclear weapons. ian fisher divisions are now running even in the core issues of the first step both sides will take during the next six months. the dish also said there's still many technical problems remaining stitches howdy is an inlet that the demands of the net the six nations at him and will restart the negotiations this wednesday in geneva chinese presidential campaign is looking back on his first year in office he's promised my kids will play a bigger role in the economy and has overseen a crackdown on corruption. but he's reminded of another challenge when he looks down his window any skill at scrap that idea has a team from ha. see two teams demonstration. we used to long term polls this week he outlined plans to prevent economic reforms and improve the nation's will be. but it is not clear how the plan can
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be carried out. there's a long road ahead. the top. it seems trying hard to expose corrupt bureaucrats. we feel its officials are everywhere and it's still business photo quality. the party members like new policy introduced in the third plenary session. but we want to see the policy actually being carried out. members of the communist party made a routine inspection monday along your meat is way too low to mid. this invasion home to many migrant workers in effect than a decade. but you know. it is. can't say i
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am. in july in solemn words when environmental and as you go. its members are trying to tackle the city's ever worsening air pollution until then check out people's living conditions members want to come. this was a little charcoal unused electricity or gas. and you'll find that changing people's lifestyle is a hard sell. many areas were migrant workers lives are not classified as residential power distribution center for commercial use. i believe these people use electricity to the end of consuming double the amount of coverage holds all the presents have no choice but to keep their homes was no record company i can use the word canceled. i don't often use electricity because it's too expensive i always use charcoal the marines and i intend to abandon the problem is very
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complicated migrant workers live under very tough conditions. i know why i like to inform the government about the hardships these people makes them go to the concluding warmth in winter cooking. steelworkers also promote cleaner water and conserving forests i thought i'd open a case too many. i think the government or a kid and he she means to you martin protection. two are tied down. haha great many including me in case she is and hope. you should do you can own one. one reason for the conklin here. for a living conditions of moncton components including migrant workers. this dingy old hopes to inform government officials about the tight spot these times are in. how can its pollution words ronald told nhk world
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teaching. aye aye aye aye aye prime ministers of japan and allows have agreed to further strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries. she was ill then laotian crime is a constant um um um issued a joint statement in the capital of the ant and after that meeting on sunday. now they fit in all ten of them and their nations compete at the fifth class defender the two leaders agreed that japan will provide financial support to reduce poverty and miles and expand the international airport that will also help to fund other major infrastructure projects. they agreed the two countries and private sectors will cooperate to improve the investment environment to try more japanese companies. he confirmed that japan and laos will continue working together to develop a health care system for the southeast asian country. i then tossing also agreed that china and other members of
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the association of southeast asian nations will pursue the early conclusion of the code of conduct to help resolve conflicts in the south china sea. they were new to his resolve to promote what he calls proactive pacifism. exclaimed the japan can contribute to international peace and stability through diplomacy people are. but in japan will be much more active than before. in contributing to world peace. people this idea of japan promotion was michael proactive pacifism. i have received strong support on the prime minister's of laos and cambodia during my visits to the conference. he also said the strengthening a framework for disaster management cooperation between japan and ten oz and member nations of the major role in regional peace and stability. for centuries
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pilgrims have found solace in the secret place cdp in the mountains of central japan. c'mon okla bill that's being recognized as the world heritage site. people from all over japan had made it right back. and now the comedienne is helping to promote the area to visitors from overseas. more from nhk world is such a look see pilgrims have fallen to me that counts right. the past three years. if the condition the sydney born us to visitors have been marking the trio. new tourist information center was opened especially for them look what cannot be told from canada used to teach english at local stores. attracted by a combined natural beauty and unique culture. he decided to
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take the job of promoting the criminal cartel. we're working on. select international guests have access to the religion and country so i can get close to the people of the plays that culture. sharon told tsn towards the spanish couple on their honeymoon. the random scene she is nowhere on the kitchen to yours in spain now they've come to experience this one basically this is the end of the valleys and mountains of this. china is on the water all over it. this will ensure continued. close as japanese have is in three centuries the week i've been in there to eat and trying to come on up. first the couple headed to the gateway of
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the mountain. thinking i need to train oh two to relax and enjoy the experience. in chile. they arrive at a spot with a spectacular view. to create it. just like people did in ancient times we went to target to be hard in the chair at me. and they obtained it and isolated case that people do that. there really are different the real world. toll has also been biting on receipts to listen to more people will learn about the school the area. tech savvy mclaren a popular uk travel writer didn't take a clean thank him for st pat's over a thousand years old. dettori has been kind as to god it is
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the conceit that the team told. no pollution no or yes man midfield that marks the trio has the ticket. cole looks clean and japanese culture and values teacher something very important part of this month to mention is the natural sponges and and chill pill and not a goblet in japan at you but i did when you know kind of thinking. it was easy to imagine what it must've been like a falcon utica. no i think it was official spot on the kimono on cotto and yet to be something that i'd like to introduce the intent of the ticket. own pilgrimage is quite nice as it goes beyond religious dogma. it's catches the essence of all human beings with the ancient nature worship. a mixture of
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the buddhist traditions. some ghosts or cool or what people are. it's hard to mend things coming in seven years. school has a cannes to promote my new condo to a worldwide audience. such use it yet. a nice zero pm it's an elf i check the oven to one of their people in the midwest aid to the united states ideally listen to your weather conditions me yelling just after what he tells us the latest. that's right catherine conditions are very confident in the us midwest we have been the last week course of the tornadoes as well as a significant structured and is in many areas to show how the situation is take a look at this video. this is from an area on sunday. moving from them that the continued arrests were made to look into the mainland
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the extended meaning and the painters and thunderstorms and large hail the warnings are still unpacking from the western state. we and binds you to take cover in imperial room floor rooms of the cherokee building. the berry berry puree feature rationing the west midlands. now here is the album overnight sunday and monday we have a risk of severe weather for many parts of the eastern us and help eastern canada. the notice of the euro area's current debate on in indiana possible higher and southern michigan we cannot exclude that the possibilities of going into your sunday night into sunday night and very serious condition down there on top of that was a very strong so we can see lines are very close to each other and not many call the area's pending in the closing bring three precipitation and snow showers and strong winds could cause traveling a very dangerous for the us with the excuse to quit western critics as follows own carry on. now the system with miami shift towards the east and the northeastern u s welding on the stormy sinus be going
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into monday. elena could find of the continent this time of year when we can walk the precipitation for a british columbia part of the one sent in an on again and today is not exception. i knew heath an increase in rain increasing we'll be going to monday the tenth case meant that matches the thirty centimeters of snow and temperatures i'm going to be in that thing go there and then cover as well with the apple mixture in the north mine is fine degree story and we thank the fine sunny sky. check em out seven degrees at thirteen degrees crop compared to what we saw on monday. when your sunday at stake. across at each and then we have flying cars over northeastern china and the sea of japan who want to preach the petition on their police the conditions are happening in northeastern china. now the continug into your tuesday morning areas along the sea of japan one sees them as members of showers and the winds and high waves. north korea and found me through rush hour was spent on stormy conditions this week progresses it is today. i found was that the sometimes
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hours of the philippines and vietnam not good news because these in areas that were guided by a couple of tropical disturbances last weekend the weekend so any ambition of rain is certainly not welcome. investors are going to be very scary and stony point increase one time that could become cool to stay up this season so far the dairy one compared to what we usually feed this time of year to get twenty degrees which sound like sunshine. i finally across europe a lot of cars can be found across the west and ninety precipitation and overnight cooling could cost and ninety release across scotland so watch out when you tried that in the north of the wintry precipitation will continue didn't it back today and i did a test on the condition will prolong your eye your week and this is one of the produce on a stormy conditions for the western part of the many carrying and giving out your day in temperatures that going to be as follows i'm going to be going out with your extended court. i moved
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i do. this is the sin of
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news like that in comanche him. thanks for joining us and. it is. it's so japanese to spend six dimensions. makes six to eight twelve. schooling is compulsory as is the following two years of junior highs. schools are free. the parents can choose the right to send their children to private schools
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instead. missing are doing things he has to change your shoes to fill us. still images confesses contain between thirteen and fourteen and each class is based in its own the new morning assemblies are held within this something that always leads to pain the season forty five minutes. first and second in the school day consists of four or two more the great too often in demand each elementary school class has its own and teach. it teaches the course of six japanese language math and science concepts the little kid. fourth grade. the range of studies becomes more
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comprehensive and include subjects such as competing sixth graders. home economics subjects like sony oh no. when getting english language classes the hungry and teachers are still claiming to speak expansions some subjects like music pupils leave the room into a special touch the music is tuned to a
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