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tv   RT News  PBS  November 18, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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wing will do little. old cia saying secure cities they're shutting the deadly late lunch and time to start with a jack in the midst of planning and investing into play. meals on stand by the victims and relatives are being treated by psychologists at the start of the identification of bodies also this outbreak is that dot uk intelligence is revealed to have been monitoring the health spell treats of top diplomats from
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the club. on the history that migrants are missing financial pulls out the star of the pcb at least two goals four in construction like it the mayor. i know. tony's life for most businesses nc this weekend in chicago thanks to jonny this. oxiana has obtained for months the ceo the final terrifying moments of time to some flights three six three which crashed killing all six on board and consign us to get more pronounced easy girl to scale. he joins us now live from has nine i hide any worse at stake is through thinks he is me that what they say new footage reveals well the new footage shows the actual moments off
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the plane crashed and indeed it's quite different from the initial versions which suggested that the plane for a sort of skidded on the runway and then exploded while the new footage shows that knowles diving into almosy and then turning into a jewish bowl all saw fire ants although it provides a clear visual picture what happens actually raises even more questions of how that happens and set it so what's the point that to these answers that would be that given by information from the flight recorders which should have been found but they have been damaged souls in the league in the sub question was and maybe even begin to mock going to take some time to go through that day. and of course isn't day of mourning back into the sunset. how did people caught up with the trash heap of course. or the relatives of the victims are still in
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shock from what i have been set pretty much this tragedy has affected the whole city since this was a very popular flights and sell lots of people who i've been talking to each year they've been saying that they do realize that they could've been up on that flight in this tragedy could have happened to see them and sell off of dough there were fifty people on this claim all of them wide eyed and so well. let's listen to one woman lost her son. in this tragedy. should you feel the need to do such a good boy healthy and handsome. a good family his son is on the three is old he made many plans for the future. wallow shock is going to class. it's not clear how long is going to take for these immortals bars
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to heal or if they're going to feel old but today for the routes of salt the victims said it was also the one they have to start dealing with the consequences and talking about identifying the bodies which has referred from specialists were divers quite badly in fact they were just saying that they brought up fragments of these bodies and dna tests are needed so on some relatives already began. like getting blood blood sample. snow also throughout the internet there's been an outpouring golf. all three friends of the emotions of four isn't someone. see sport commentator. the losses of life. and stepdaughter in this tragedy and in his twitter account to leave but just at this question of how to live after this and also of all russia's president putin of express his condolences to a diva know the families of all the victims he spoke to know the president of the republic off to the sun was older son
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also was on board this plane and died and he just got made recently and he actually talked his. no pregnant wife out of taking this why so few radically she could've also been on board about twenty been. orange county's youth orchestra now live from has done it or think you very much and that some taste. so it was the ghost in nineteen is on when their plane went down the wings were pretty strong about nine meters a second chance crushed as it descended the second time up to hundreds of horses that fence line to get tense. it was his k as to why passengers who traveled on the same plane from consigned to moscow and a bit de centralizing was also on the highway and xander was felling taking. in spite of the cpi up and i do in the mind of the flight itself
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went quite smoothly then just before deleting them when starting time leading fiercely. the plaintiffs seeking comment from side to side. lincoln our first attempt that it was a really bad landing and it felt like we knew was going to roll on the run lead. civil aviation consultant in our diocese to play the same type of plane and boat and be cast on disaster he says there's always a combination of factors behind the crunch that was the car for repair that lead to fatigue and obviously catastrophic failure the form of these factors into debt. normally the emergency blanket the aircraft on the ground safely as quickly as possible so what would have color the aircraft to not when it's on its first attempt was whether a fact there was no proof that each room is there to do so many things that could be looked at keeping in mind that accidents generally don't happen from a single
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event. it's a chain of events that lead to catastrophe like this. stay with auntie for updates as about this happen and get across moldy smiling because i am trudging on my next cos he got caught. yes he's been checking up on to the monster that check saints and the hotel's guests british intelligence has been a secret status and the reams of four in the eye peas or call three hundred and fifty hotels while minds. according to revelations and japanese dish beale news magazine from these sandy spot but snedden the program is called wild card stash and has been any since twenty ten at eighteen cents a reservation confirmation is one that sends to government addresses from money to hotels physique and then put the pack they were in school d style of savannah this meeting bonfires and compete as british intelligence the one comment on the revelations which come at
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some fun time for the uk which will raise the house some explaining to do outweigh its abandoned and deceased plane as jenny's calling a special column entry sound channels fine now and let's get more teeth have come on she's the son of a line from a bad name at that piece isn't quite an extraordinary opaque is being discussed right now please tell a small. alright what we're seeing right now is a special session a special sitting of the poem this time the reason the necessary is because well that still isn't a coalition governments here in germany almost two months off to general election they still have an eye and the goal of wrinkles in that huge it's going to be a challenge though the government of the country for the coming years the backup to hold a special session and the toll ticket is being discussed is the ongoing revelations about the nsa spying solid in a chimney. it seems had been sneakily taught that it's friday and by the nsa bite of
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that and spinal playstation scope of the ttc hq right then and we've heard about the pope to persist and american embassies of a rebel in a private housing and spying next. oh man really is that of greece in recent times with all of these things being discussed at the moment in poland and to try and find out just who knew walked about what was going all know it's worth noting this isn't the full parliamentary inquiry that some opposition politicians hearing tim heath and coal for its achilles the left pompey on the greens they want a full inquired if you think it would be how well we have had calls from senior parliamentarians here and for coming back from the government to put all of their cars on the table above just what was going on in terms of foreign flying here and getting some peace of mind to thank jenny is such a popular at our spine targets for typhoid saddling. what will we have seen is this
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huge outrage here because of just how close the relationship was perceived to it being between the two german people and their allies like the united kingdom like the united states and its cold real outrage it would seem that being voiced by demonstrations on the street soul throughout the summit here. and as well is that the state's senior parliamentarians coming forward and saying look we need ounces to find out just how it unfolds. jimmy was in any kind of spying activities is taking place on its own people. so all of these is trying what we going to see over the coming few of our lives is at peace being discussed in parliament even though only in a speech i get to the balsam and questions the cost of just how involved germany was thinking more about what's fine with going on. counties piece of one of the line from a burning piece of thank you very much and the finance. hyundai is probing to then ditched a topping of uncle michael's
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fine dining is seeking assistance of atlas nodded and joan gets such an investigative journalist and human alston last month pass his campaign chairman and pee there's one other thing that's being discussed is the question of how to get input from the person who actually knows the most about the documents right now. all of the doctors are being kind of red in and reported on by journalists who of course you know are doing their best to do in the best job they can but these are complicated things and that he would make sense to get expertise the main from the president knows this is the man and the nsa um from the inside as a matter of fact and the interior minister and other leading people. in the german government have to acknowledge the importance of sutton's allegations when the fact that it onto a map of actually called president obama about it the story about her cellphone was not
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just the basis of a newspaper story was that they see the german authorities had found out that this was true one of the arctic sunrise green peas got his going away just yet. cassidy's been extended by another three months. his defense is already promising to appeal mr poole per ounce article it was a boy every creature hearings on the wedding francois under baht down from its style stunts in the next round of talks over iraq speaking of context. it was the message of support to prime minister nikola not be as fronts on a visit to israel. meanwhile the bridge nice paper cranes in his roommate joined forces with something to read the act in the tree campaign against iran if they don't approve of violets have iconic agreement is reached in another development rush this presentation has spoken to you honestly that i had a wednesday's global talks less
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than cost line to auntie's place the five sf at the other kids how to set high above the d styles that overall of the conversation it was to save the russian president that a person held a telephone conversation with his lenient home to pa for honey. and in the conversation could have told him that there was milk times that the international scandal. iran's nuclear program could ultimately be sold. now this comes just two days to kick offs take a toll will take place in geneva between the sixth global power was asking rent. if any kind of indication that zach us that they will be some kind of deal with it. this will happen in two teams meet this week and at the same time the hearing on the british newspaper the sunday times says that if the deal is reached. this puts the option of a minute strike by israel and saudi arabia back on the table there was no surprise that these two countries report to be happy working behind
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the scenes to try and think about how to strike you and in the eventuality of any kind of deal. both of them awhile read that the deal would see international sanctions against the ban lifted. while the country continues with its nuclear enrichment program. according to the sunday times. we had is offering tad bit technical support in the form of allowing its rate of more pains to use its a space in any kind of possible minute to strike at the same time allowing these ladies to use stop the tank and pains drones as well as helicopters the saudis are reportedly furious at being the kind of a possible deal on a nice lady and the midst of an imminent announcement has repeatedly stated he would do if we think it takes to make sure that his country disappear. particularly as regards the band. add to this house on to a school before while pounds to reach a deal with iran based time around
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well the time the willpower of may to discuss evening in uk programme was back on myth and that attend and at that stage no agreement was reached and one of the major critics was the french and quite banal you had the french president francois fun on the visiting israel and palestine he sat on a three day visit any so we can make what is with the prime minister than a minute i'm not going into today. he states that given the grace to the history department the israeli knesset not miss hung on who has lead the team to keep up the playset and getting feedback and twisted and ice. francois comment by one indications is going to do this and that he did say that the book for conditions that. if indeed any kind of deal with the blackest be located in these conditions are better for the wing in the key installations need to be put to the international circuit these included that enrichment nice to be suspended between dissent in ipoh that the existing stock needs to be produced and that
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un needs to halt construction on the rack on the tongue of that has praised the french president for his position these are the land and its nuclear program. knowing county's plan to see a line from jerry simpler think of her much can be the top ten and i will sew spied to form a new range of belmont has represented tehran in talks with the money cannot stop and he pointed to nature contradictions and france's position of a huron. france has a rule that peace would be that because of these related names. i think this is the historic hundred and eight. france is making the iaea has had them oh five fall was a man these inspections for that healing and nokia program and frequently has announced the reason no evidence of baghdad important position it's a skill yet but i do in
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the doll committed in the incomes and all their crimes feasible to give moment because france has instructed you to a nation be easy going when you ladies can often enough in pt and possess the ball to four hundred nokia balms de fleur front should not become sensible to give alms brown's head is way too good to last the nokia palm price had eighteen the two of us to nokia ball before france has admitted that it back to the color. my knees a penny away after their short break stay with us. he has gone the dollar. i know. the kids
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why not. i wonder what's really happening to the global economy. with my nesties. there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to an end to the kaiser in to watch on rte. what can be. though your aunties today on rover's future . he welcomed
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time. migrant construction work is in town on suffering from a system of human rights and peace. according to a new punishment both on and seemed natural and elkington is drawn into national side is as if it has to hide the twenty twenty two ft below caught. testimonies of home lah can say that being treated like cattle. this indicates that some pieces and mom to four straight backed by nations and made unpaid wages courage and dangerous conditions as on as the crown case and on sunday three trouncing the report highlights how the expectation is happening in one of the wiles of rich countries. we had more time on a report from ernest season ahead of refugee and migrant rights right now. all laws that are still problems with the wool brokers. there
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are statistics today the expedition. people do with steve about it would get some things you do with the kind of work into it. we found many workers here have been heaps alongside him. and so did the mountains of zion with thousands of workers here have been stuck in the country trying to leave it strips in some cases the business side of the tri cities. because it will get an exit permit teaches. there are no incentive circumstances to stay with you who are in conditions that the market for statehood a german filmmaker when taken time to investigate association backed the side piece on his cameraman were detained and interrogated by security officials accused of attempting to spot the rhine fine talking to watkins and mystic these old told a story he and comment upon the problem is my drink wine his face upon them by looking at. all of them. they
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have not paid for several months in the role right now trying the aid to file the case as well. all of those work is to have one major problem. they have to work with in the so called ca follows system at me that i'd explain to you what that is there in some all basically stating that every migrant worker that comes in to the top. testifying this old post will sponsor. meaning that his boss the firm is broken for the compression and that sponsor has to take care all. due to the medically. but most of the spouses of the sea take the past posts away from the my co workers. and that puts all the numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in the miserable situation. once upon a time to learn that moscow is just like i sometimes think how scientists want to know what went wrong. not since any topping you or was it just hit the red planet's place to discuss why it became a a a a n
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inhospitable been suggested that the scales of the nation are no waves. europe's most and tubal cain and puts on a shining the sky above system they enjoy and rest taking the oath and retain staff in house he'll call was in motion section. australian greenpeace and cisco in lhasa will remain in pre trial detention by chef oh another three months. it's today's highest rating by one of two courses scene is not wish to deciding whether to extend the custody of a group of protest is he trying to board a russian all over each of these marine painter wash their cars. it's like at least one greenpeace activists as a member all of the so called optics on the rise through the thirty detainees that we'll have to spend three months and months of jail at fifty nine year old man from a strand and that's up to the court. when most people can send to
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the snow decided to up hold grudges investing in tuscany tee up the tension that the investigators applied for the extension saying they need more time to complete the friend the other the hearings of refined but on the application soft and nice moment ago retain that most people asking for his people with ph in st peters broke the one you can see behind me and we know that he had big dogs examines the case is open to members of the sunrise that arctic sunrise that she couldn't handle to a russian citizen on a base and from cannons and the russian sports injury list this week marks two months since that's the men and women from nineteen different countries greenpeace activist and a son crew member is worried that i made this an unknown background here to remind you what happened in september the optics on price point the steep approach to islam the whole show own trading platform in russia's fictional than hrc it signed by russia's anti don gaspar
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on and then the team of activists at a time to see that the whole themselves onto the platform but they were ever acids by russia skate guards. we know now that's an ongoing fees international has already said that they warned appealed extension. around the world now for some more international headlines pretty soon and some conception of such for suspected hostage taking and i'm here for today open final with a hunting rifle at the offices of the interesting and nice paper whimsy a photographer in the chest and on before fleeing to was late and then final results ahead and the western business district they said there were reports of a hostage situation on the companies say that a sleepy head of the same passage was involved in all three incidents. the key to our homeland as well as a government building northwest of damascus kidding actually stick to one traits. an opposition group which is part of the western conference the ring on these
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as a carrot out that time and posted this biggio on the way had penciled comes this link at the different than on russia and the us to bring the levels leads into civil conflict in case they contain bring to a free trade and in many of us have collected in each of these twenty four people dead and many more injured. it happens at the level crossing south of contract and old same old sample of the vehicles is filled. that's all that the fire is to the trucks up close. khan was still crossing as katrina approached. most of the council's his workbooks and members of the same family. the tanning come away saying. in east africa with some concert austrian an angry response to alleged spying. it stems from the spot and a snide intervening that australia had been in a singing to the denny's in presence and coles is not the fastest animes tension between them denise and had some
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industries and october polls is embassy in j jakarta was jesus on the legal aspects of indian snack like in a shack we'll back with more news and huffing on nick's that he perched age. just pause for i offer. i am. really though so we did. see bush's security. your party years ago. it seems that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics. only on rte. take your country iraq and afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even around in each washington finds itself under the aunt man out with a love for reading from behind in a muddled path is
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the us and other sites or its history in the region clearly we know. the two language. love you all know it. news programs and documentaries in spanish max's to you. breaking news i will turn into bangalore kittens stories. it is. ortiz for no more visits to it. he built home. new london. it makes the world of programming for locally mined the sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. almost
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every culture has a traditional bread and that's no different for the native americans one here today marks the cafe at the national museum of the american indian to find out more. it is very simple it's about for the whole thing. there is flour salt sugar as well. mix lightly that whole deal. what does that starbucks to get about a breakthrough. so we don't get it over mix. so once i got it comes together. though it's not like a normal red dye which is basically the whole flock together. the cut out a lot of the fact that they
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will but if i was working with you. rip off small pieces. laugh if you're just gonna have a flat and a devil dog and two three and a cut like this what that is what you've got fried ball of dough. just keep the lights let's just get to about three degree water. to help ralph crt. i think it is now i doubt it was the second if we're right on to play in the great thing is that once you can do so which of her really works well the funniest of all of this it is the official state bred of south dakota since two thousand won you can find fry bread over the mirror the two courtyards in mexico a brave second stop of the cast and of course the about suffered over the basically saying that the very recently. join me again next time for another edition of this nation has the sony bank park. it's
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friday. he knew you. wong will. as you . the news on and on. went for the improv while milan that the cure to israel that britain would continue to upload anything of economic sanctions against iran until it was convince tehran to give it up in the pursuit of nuclear weapon a lot of what it would help underpin an intensive campaign by prime minister benjamin netanyahu to convince israel's main ally the united states and other leading power to top in t


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