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tv   RT News  PBS  November 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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i don't. the blast nhk world news line russia caught on with the news from tokyo workers at japan's dentist nuclear plant has started a delicate and risky operation on monday. in removing fuel rods from a reactive building and the shame of the itt. if the first act and was expected to be a decades long process to de commissioned the facility silk electric power company workers have to remove the more than fifteen
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hundred field lot of families from the reactor for building the rods are currently stored in a pool. most of them i e using extremely hot and highly radioactive the mice twenty eleven earthquake and tsunami triggered the hydrogen explosion that damaged the reactor for building workers are using a crane attached to a specially built structure to remove the rocks dep officials say it'll take more than a year to complete the operation. the weapons will then have to remove fuel rods from the other me and the buildings now a resident of the sea not have mixed feelings about the field by removal. the project is a positive step in the de commissioning process but it could also prove local people at risk. the sixty four year old man who operates a dry cleaning business near the plant welcomes the move this is the first step in the de commissioning process
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people he said. says. it is lots of people that i've been talking to them saying
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that this is was quite of the populace like the daughter said that they could've been easily. in their seats. one woman. tolls will be about her emotions she lost her son in this tragedy he was born healthy and handsome. he and his family his son is on the three years old. we made many plans for the future psychologists are working with the idea. the relatives of the victims of the artists they are in the deep state of shock. this is also another type of them to start another old difficult is to start dealing with some of the consequences and to start identifying the bodies off the victims. there's been a major outpouring of grief on the internet so o one. state tv sports commentator lost his wife. steve all is going
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to take time for a wife to get back to normal here in ca but you get the school for four new one it was suggested nothing can summon the play went there when the priest on oh two led me to second the policy tunnel bolton landing requested the second attempt when the jet commented to the ground passengers who traveled on the same plane because i'm mostly just a few hours the earliest but this was that the lemon was also made high winds it was also frightening. the spider in
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sepia. i don't mind if life itself went quite smoothly then just before the landing declan started translating fiercely. the plaintiffs seeking comment from side to side. lincoln our first attempt that it was a really bad landing and it felt like the queen was going to roll off the runway. to many christians still to be honest unless but to civil aviation consultant mile of ice to stop this hat mistake. he is to fly the same type of plan involved in the cars and does us to become a gazelle is a combination of factors beyond any . there was a car for repair their lead to fatigue and obviously catastrophic failure the form of these factors into debt. normally the emergency blanket the aircraft on the ground safely as quickly as possible so what would have color the aircraft to not when it's on its first attempt was whether a fact there was no proof that each room is there
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to do so many things that could be looked at keeping in mind that accidents generally don't happen from a single event. it's a chain of events that lead to catastrophe like this i would be full of gangsters developments command of the stacks of them get across. more details of the design and tried to be all mine and auntie don't cull. jeremy's held a special called into session on spying on the heels of a scandal triggered by leaks the us and british intelligence services of an extensively targeting its officials. in a statement on the muggle complained that trust with washington was on the mind is of letting cars on the peter all over. week that the chancellor speaking to a special session of parliament today saying that it was only through investigation into these allegations not trust could be could be in the game said angela merkel stressing the graphic see all the allegations of a widespread spying program by
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that but the united states tonnes at cc hq from first to sign it said. of course britain the united states and germany to help themselves is very close allies not mean something that is certainly add still cold here. to quote comes from poland and one each of them. tons of fun and locals own private telephone may is being tracked by the united states whose noticeable today well to speaking in palm and that she was using pen and paper are supposed to have had the usual had small phone in time to change the house during a very nice try new things. talk about how to be built on trust but would instead it's gonna come down to an investigation me and the opposition parties' even jimmy cobb want an inexpensive all of that inquiry would have been given less than a few criticized the middle of the ethanol going on and off when it comes to investigating allegations of widespread
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spine. i've been speaking to the senior political figures in europe they've told me that that helps. we expect to pay spy agencies were looking to governments who want the inspection about what's happened here in germany is what seems that business under private citizens have been the main targets no doubt prompted over and fifty thousand people took their names to eight a petition that was hundreds of column and today had not petition among other things cold for a week's notice to be allowed to come here to jimmy to be granted asylum here. well guess who's been checking up on diplomats each act and a big old tiles british intelligence highly as the big secret servicing rooms a full room vip to the top and fifty hotels worldwide according to make it for the makings and jimmy to speak of these magazine the land of snow to stop the problem is cold loyal concierge apparently an interception reservation confirmation to the senate the government addresses from allah to that tells the agency can end quote. pat the rooms the details the violence that doesn't
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mean a bunch of flowers a microphone it means bug phones and computers don't go to stage every investigative journalist in it snowed here in moscow last month along with devon mp. the telescope was bugging me the whistle blows assistant. one other thing that's being discussed is the question of how to get input from the person who actually knows the most about the documents right now.
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sells. says the investigative committee he has applying to the flow has made fifty applications for all thirty members of the said hold on to expecting the detainees of the off take sunrise they all missed me during base week the hearings will continue here in st petersburg but to this monday and spain and a long day on
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mon hearing said was to call it that you can see behind me has rolled see that ad released on bail three russian citizens remember is of the so called soft expecting the uptake sunrise shape the doctor and change on the nice thing they all was said and said to me and nobles which is a little bit more than sixty thousand dollars and as soon as the monies putting that all the three detainees will be released and experts say that it will not take more than two or three that not sonoma daddy santa this is a very good news for the detainees families who attended the hearings and then resold them these were very touching moments but the stay was not and that's good for all the detainees as another cold coke and instinct that is just ten to fifteen minute drive away from where we and now has decided to extend to the pre trial detention for a drink peace activists said its nine year old to men for most rally at the open as a
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sian already said that the content of the season of precious cold and they would appeal the extension how well this week marks two months since that the men and women from nineteen different countries and that is the greenpeace activists that old saying the arctic sunrise crew died in germany three times as a little background here for you to refresh what happens in some time back that the vessel to bring peace and friendship just from spain as long nap owns a drilling platform that game and rational than the charter see the only one of these kind thing fall in the arctic and attempting to hold themselves on base but the rest of the site that is the funnest part time as anti after they still taste the same organization last year and is trying to conform to sing star and they actually managed to get all of the plot from a spent more than ten hours a week then that is that he's here now almost twenty minutes the older i rasa by russia's case doesn't initially charged with piracy they were
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all facing up to thirty years a fifteen story in years in prison but then the chargers be add the chard is open to only give these men and a maximum punishment that the fort that is seven years studying that gao the role of first held in russia's support of movements that. i want to go with restoring it to st petersburg where the odd now kept in the three different attention that the centers. well that we can see it or think in kenya and the intonation of the story is that on tuesday and wednesday and probably until the next week that the senate as i said that the worst investigate a skinny teenage thirty applications for roll the detainees. so we'll see mall hearing said the sweep of penrith on the things that they then from some pages done. coming up from it still looks a bit callings have the record breaking week a film about but it said go washington worried coming up that we take a local wine
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will make it for the click of the digital currencies way the eye. move the new the eye roo. the two language. news
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programs and documentaries in arabic. its goal hero of tea we'll talk. he liked the interview. intriguing story. are you today the arabic for no more visit our big old auntie don't call the new. nineteen and the french president sending a message of support to israel speaking to parliament in jerusalem from follows the parents wouldn't back down on the sanctions regime against iran until the country kid is up its nuclear program. the mother british newspaper claims that israel might join forces with saudi arabia them in a tree campaign against iran if they don't approve of whatever atomic agreement is reached in another development russia's president putin spoken to iran's leader ahead of wednesday's global told his abc's fall asleep
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the russian president that a person held a telephone conversation with his sibling at home to pa for honey. and in the conversation could and told him that it was built on is that the international scandal. iran's nuclear program could ultimately be sold. now this comes just two days to kick offs take a toll will take place in geneva between the sixth global power was asking rent. if any kind of indication that zach us that they will be some kind of deal with it. this will happen in two teams meet this week and at the same time a hearing on the british newspaper the sunday times gazette before deal is reached. this puts the option of america strike by israel and saudi arabia back on the table. both of them awhile read that the deal would see international sanctions against the ban lifted. while the country continues with its nuclear enrichment program. according to the sunday times. we had is offering a tad bit technical support in the form of a howling is waiting for
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planes to use its a space in any kind of possible minute to strike at the same time allowing these ladies to use stop the tank pains drones as well as helicopters. the sa these are reportedly furious at being the kind of possible deal than the sweetie pie midst of an imminent and now has two piece at the civic people to everything it takes to make sure that his country to secure a particularly as the gospel and the last time the willpower of may to discuss evening in uk program was back on the band at that and then at that stage no agreement was reached and one of the major critics was the french and white now all you have the french president francois one on the visiting israel and palestine he sat on a three day visit. not missing a group as we beat the team to keep the playset and getting feedback and wasted nights. francois comment by one indications is going to do this and that he did say that the book for conditions that paris was insisting on ppp any kind of
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deal with the blackest be located in these conditions are bad or the wing in the key installations me to be put into actual supervision he needed that enrichment nice to be suspended due to the train to st in ipoh that the existing stock needs to be reduced and that around easter hols construction on the lock on the tongue of that has praised the french president for his position with ease up the land and its nuclear program. some of these components but to a full iranian diplomat who represented to run into the unique and what still included the major contradictions in france's position of her. front of the moon all that peace would be that because of a lady named. i think this is the historic hundred and eight provinces of making the iaea has had them oh five fall wasn't mad and these inspections of ridiculing and nokia program and frequently has announced the reason no
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evidence of dying that important than the station it's a skill yet but i do really del committed in the incomes and all their crimes feasible to give moment because france has instructed you today should be easy going when you think he's been all members of the npt and possess the ball to four hundred nokia bulbs to flirt front should not become sensible to give balm brown's head is way too good to last the nokia palm rounds had the media to amass the nokia ball before france has admitted that he bowed to the core. my construction workers and counselors suffered from systematic human rights abuse according to a newly published a poll from a stint national the gulf kingdom store international focus is it prepares to host the twenty twenty two feet two world cup and testimonies would consider being treated like happily that the statement indicating that some of the cement of forced labor violations include unpaid wages harsh and dangerous
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conditions most of the crowd didn't decide to have the same. the report highlights the exploitation is happening in one the world's richest countries because we had more time to pull from amnesty said of refugee and migrant wrong the day. problems with the iron will and purpose many of them are suggested to do the expedition cruise people do. with steve about it and get some things you do that for every two minutes we found many workers here have been heaps alongside him and. it's a month as assigned. we found them so for the dispute had been stabbed in the country trying to eat. it strips. in some
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cases the business side of the tribes of the youths because it will get an exit permit teaches them that there are no incentive circumstances to stand with you who are in conditions that the market for statehood but two german filmmaker who went to catherine's self confessed to the situation to be the keys to his cameraman with entertained interrogated by security officials accused of attempting to spot it was like umm are told these were kids. the diesel tell me what he uncovers know about the problems might go with his face when they get to capture. all of them. they have not paid for several months in the role right now trying the two filed a case as well. all of those workers there have been one major problem. they have to work with in the so called cuffs on a system that we had tried explaining to you what that is there to consume all basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into the top testify in his own pesto sponsor. meaning that his boss the firm is spoken for the compression bed and got sponsor has to take care of him legally due
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to the mically. but most of the spouses of the z take the past posts away from the my co workers. and that puts all the numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in the miserable situation. so indifferent and once upon a time the pilot must dislike to arlene and scientists wanna know what went wrong with him about that no website mass is setting up the wall but that the study led by stalin's discover what it became uninhabitable the z visa go to people's about mission on a website i've europe's most active volcanoes that began with a show in the sky above to see what other that a breathtaking view of the erupting mindset that you don't get motion sick. right from the sea. the interesting
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picture. the reporters later on top. it brings to my mom sent away for getting money from social to critically injured a photographer with a hunting rifle that newspapers head office. now all the might meet your offices in paris to be heavily guarded by police tonight the attacker escaped from the state in hijacked the cough olson the driver to take into the shells they say police confirmed it's the same man who attacked a twenty four hour tv channel on friday. no shots of five dead but he didn't threaten quote not to mix next time big huge rebel bomb attacks brought to government buildings north west of damascus has killed at least thirty one troops and opposition group which is part of the west about three tsunami says it carried out the soul posted this video on the web to prove that the attack comes despite efforts broken by russia in the us to bring the rival sides of the civil conflict to the negotiating table and
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the cia that has recorded some pasta to study in out in and the response to alleged spying. it stems from more weeks but it's not revealing that australia has been listening into the and uneasy and presidents from coles saw the first espionage tension between them a bit in the dc and seven the study is the pastor of reports that and the cg cops that was used as part of the us led surveillance network in asia digital currency think colin reached a record high this weekend of five hundred dollars each at seven a real rollercoaster ride of the study of reputation of the ticket because it's weaker than the clinton ad market transactions. despite a rapidly becoming the twenty first and tweed money spent in washington still not so sure it can be trusted is scott if he she can find out there's around one point two trillion dollars circulating in us currency compared to around three billion dollars in bids for some pics point is still a very small phenomena but it's growing and very rapidly. the value
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at that point has increased tenfold since early twenty thirteen the scoring bypasses government current status is now subject to a new regulations at the moment the government is looking at it with suspicion. citing concerns that the virtual currency is being useful facilitating illegal activity like dr. it seemed things like that cloying and others these internet based currencies that are not subject to regulation or oversight and more working very hard to look at how we can counteract that that is why supporters are pointing to the fact that this new peer to peer payment system is being used in a widening variety of transactions the corners for sample are now actively chipping in to help the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. the us government and the us federal reserve obviously can't deny them back the development of the exporting and are right now thinking how to maybe
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incorporate exploring into the conventional once it's done. possibly wishing to see the point is more of a technological innovation by the band that released a list and independent currency. in washington based account well one of the two sentence will be followed in his network's is still laundry tuesday colleagues. you just write online bomb about identified with the digital code in transactions can be processed between uses without a medal and cussing at the finance institutions and government just the top is a big proponent of this east academic and campaigns to free of global economics he says is no way the authorities can write ill be going now. light to control monitor and control currency. washington has turned to look the current year ago the stock. no two persons were great. they
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don't want anything that happens out of control and that i'm really just doesn't care. actually it's her turn and it is and isn't immune from abuse by governments and regulators know and control the clock is purely a product of other global international market traders and end users so in essence that is a revolutionary tool to free people from oppression from their missions states government becomes tighter control. they cannot. on a steamy symmetry post of the costs and auntie jo call next button to make evan allan just of the hall for now. from now but next up the break for international viewers highlights the possible pace of top flight school that type of pitch limit to what you've written the evening to you be the new show feet going underground where they wanted this is our team to match
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it was. i studied and tried to make his courses so the british school system and absolutely as western guidance family. it's not really in any case i'm terrified. this shift the rooms are a lot like him to his comely nine era artistic and american idol are a lot of my influence in cuba where he can see i wanted to post again. i get a positive statement with the good sense to him. in the middle east at least ten cars through them. i really feel that the women are the most resilient and
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strongest winds and jm wants us to pick up the pieces. i think they're beautiful there the steering and embarrassed her. i like to try a train back to the flak that beauty and strength. i suppose decider. tried to go they have our gates and sharia. i hope you and then we can have a stocking for it it's a steely home. a good way to bring people together as opposed to having eaten their own corner thoughts and opinions of the other. i feel that if i weren't used. when the right is successful. i intend to have a vehicle for discussion lately. to the where i was so great that i can build to die alone hopefully do some stereotypes and misconceptions about and so
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on and also that the americans and says well so i try to narrate the east to west. i know it. so that's really what i try. by tonight i do. a stella. many of the studios here. thanks for joining us coming. that speaks of the nsa spying scandal. she says with a chance with the new ads have been put to the tax. well didn't read it in the philippines tens of thousands of people are still desperate for help. it is for struggling champions about his tussle with a record breaking eight race


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