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room for multimedia who knows the bikes were searching explain the property prosecution lawyer said warne was like to counter what this child is hunting even the ants that i'll ditch its higher seek a deeper and deeper into debt. his answer was to borrow more. he denied the charges he said client
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retention of the properties of classroom for the retention by now and pay teachers were simply caught in crossfire and practice plans to appeal to claims that likes things done feeding knew or didn't care that the properties with double mortgage. but above all he said he was forced to do agility bankrolled the developer john kelly the man with the james bond lifestyle here he came to threaten to kill him and his daughter. thomas barnes for he never got a penny from any of these dealings and was left homeless and penniless after a six week trial in more than seventeen hours deliberation the jury delivered fifty facts. judge pat mccarthy said the findings were almost inevitable given the overwhelming body of evidence. thomas carr and soft with the supplies costs downwards as the products were delivered. tonight he's in custody to be sentenced on the second of december. jade is standing by the snazzy be another long and complex at trident just pass mccartney reserved special praise after the jury and bear bear hunting in this case. izzy did sharon and he said
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history was unique in his opinion they've come to court for twenty nine working days over a six week trial beginning their deliberations this day last week and he said. and that their findings were almost ten am to be expected given the huge body of evidence presented by the prosecution he said that the courts were coming to a time when they would have to hear these non man's complex trials and that history had given the court's great confidence that the tories and the city and county are able to deal with such cases he said sentencing act takes place in early december vivian and what are options the considerations before the judge. yes sometimes i was in custody tonight he was remanded in custody untill that sentence hearing on the second of december mike's mom sentences and some of these charges are some of these offences as they now are at least ten years and others. it's five years but because there are fifty offences in old but most will be watching out for is the overall sentence to be imposed on the wii watching
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whether or not the judge decides to impose consecutive sentences on some of those fifty and since then and thinking. bsp have voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action the dispute over a one point six billion euro to position the company pension scheme eighty seven and a half percent of those bonds backed industrial action was twelve and a half percent against the sympathy of the speed with unions and the noble said staff were not prepared to carry all of the risk if the pension fund failed to deliver the pension they were expecting the co become real risk that goldman has the look of the newest four pounds and will reduce heat cover your own risk which is significant and info on the scoresheet for the last year in house cafe and from the on position on the staff have not given due to monday's take action to protect pensions. noble was this is undermining our industry and employment across pumpkin to even read this though no overwhelming vote in support of the dust reduction whatever's next whether next to that movie
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this would be on friday when a group of unions will meet to consider the result of this but i think it's fair to kick that it's an overwhelming mandate for industrial action reflected the seriousness with which the stopper viewing this on friday they would decide ate at when and where to put ran back to center former notes of industrial action. and secondly whether or not to accept an invitation to talks that management issued last week. i was at this stage of the less we know what's up with the seating in a statement and the esb was saying that they were disappointed by this and they refer to the potentially serious consequences for customers. however i think that we're going to probably see some talks to try and head this off. i did and you know it is. it is serious but it's not a lofty as a human face. twenty oh nine has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for the attempted murder of his life long friends. treatment can dc throat of the firms moved up and pleaded guilty to central criminal court to shooting the quilts and causing him to
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use a night. the judge set the pace dropped like a script from love hate crime cars clinton called reynolds has just clicked. they were lifelong friends and knew each other since they were babies but because of the pervasive and sinister influence of organized crime one of them has now been imprisoned for as long as he's already hit the other has been disabled for the rest of his life. on the thirteenth of january this year. chaka khan and luke wilson. here in memorial park in court to get it going to come turn to the nine millimeter hunt going on was his childhood friend and shot him three times in the neck arm and face. he then stood over him and tried twice to shoot him again. the new job each time. no quotes and told the guardian after he was shot near the civic i was bent over him and it felt like he was searching his pockets before you run off however the kind dropped his mobile phone and listen
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thinking it was easily picked it up and the last nine nine nine told the emergency services did in shots. many thought he was going to die. however he then managed to drive themselves here to this footbridge where he was helped by a jogger on his life was saved. just nineteen. luke wilson is palsy and is right on the moon and stars which to insert a variety of stalls to dry friday which was destroyed by the bullet to the head. chaka khan said he was ordered to shoot his friend because of a cold day and told he didn't he would be tortured killed and disappeared. mr justice paul carney said today. the case read like a script from opaque. he also stressed that the message was not going out from the central criminal court the senior guy non thinkers could have an assassination carried out by playing on someone vulnerable in the expectation that if it fails. greater leniency will be extended. duke was in decline to provide a victim impact statement on the effect his friends shooting has had on his life
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to become his twenty years old was sentenced today to twenty years in prison the court of criminal appeal has ruled the sentence imposed on the businessman for sexually assaulting young woman. what's too lenient and clean lines from the balcony and catherine was sentenced last year to sixty years for the attack of five and a half years the sentence was suspended. he was also ordered to pay is because seventy five thousand euro in compensation but for more ideas for john iv contrast cars on the job. joe doherty o'donnell festival and briefly or to remind us of the background to this case but this is a case for a young woman who was walking on her own in the air in the eyes of the top of that era to test the content was not the tap into the bag by auntie diane subjected to a serious sexual assault. here is he denied that he'd be in the box but then admitted that he had attacked the young woman but said this was due to a combination of text on education cough medication and alcohol that the jury didn't accept it and convicted him of sexual assault. judge desmond hope
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is that the appropriate sentence was six years the suspended by the hockey is because mitigation fact as my client is lack of previous convictions and remorse. he also ordered him to pay seventy five hasn't euro to depict him as i was at high that the sentence at the time for the big tent for family and art as a suspect in a crisis center to look can we expect to happen then or now lead counsel for the dpp and told the appeal court today the scent is in no way reflect the gravity of the offence at the impact it's had on the big tent. and she also said that what the doc doesn't parents as a sentence that due to its scenic as the pancakes at the fence about the higher end of the scare that the appeal court agreed to a mrs justice john murray said the sentence was too lenient he said the mitigation fact is in no way justify spending all but six months of the sentence the court is none like this again next week probably. i didn't hear submissions on the length of sentence that should now be imposed on the sea dives. he is now facing the prospect of
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seconds periods in jail for this crime are not thinking the shakers and that he's excited by the possibilities presented by the president's visit to britain next april isn't taken to be the first irish to the states to make an official state visit to the uk. the center stage in mexico last month. last night's announcement like that the tickets will make the first day visit to the uk by an irish president as he welcomes a political level north and south. this is all for the benefit of both countries. he is likely to emerge. hpv not only in britain. we have over million keep the warm light. i would say that the seeds. it'll a new day and a new unit seconds. what should welcome it. of course this is. follow on from a very successful status of that to not stick out the two that are . on that. it indicates a the normalization of that
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relationship and i hope that it goes go. when queen elizabeth came here two years ago. this stamp was on the different strands of the four day visit the president would have a crucial influence in april the issue for him coming up with cousin. robinson was huckabee says go well with a photo of our president be no in terms of a barn door for missions since he was elected presidents to musical michael d higgins has come top nine times and in fact east you here again next thursday the islam affinities with irish communities in britain he is a deep interest in history in culture and in sports. until next april will provide him with an enormous opportunity. tommy going on or teen use of fuss. and one and two cent coins could become a thing of the past but that's what depends on what the people of wexford say in a report on the nine week trial which is just competed in t town libby's
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coffers become a cropper a reason to know that the state nonsense nine weeks ago we reported how this restaurant and two hundred and fifty other businesses would deal with the wexford around in triumph. wanted to send coins done away with prices rounded up or down. so far the reviews are mixed. i think it has been focused on the charges that stood in it people fear that the judge is going to do so. it's just because people were going to small changes check boxes has been more of a nuisance. we all love all of them are not all of the canton to grips with it you know the real middle row middle. this is the very tip of the tomb of the week. the kids but they hit the target of all this cup or not the creature trying to trim its cover too the charge of things extra chamber of commerce feels the feedback is good. i think only one in ten of the site to use small change in that day to day transactions. and then from the shopkeepers planted it. and that is
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the best enough to spend twenty five seconds. at this on to the transaction market research about people feel is due shortly followed by national payments time for consideration. the central bank will report next month and a hat with the surrounding trial went so far. the fumes are mixed like the cover though the claims are unknowingly oaks. but to think about this old didn't read the one or two sen claims legal problem with it. no problem at all was it like the last two months the problem. i never even noticed. does it all noisy don't need ways to telling the commode in humans interior north sea news experts. i lady's hospital in cromwell has confirmed this in the island's page from profits from church on its campus has been paid to its chief executive of thirty thousand euro annual payment of some couples are regular salary of about ten pounds and europe minister perhaps that such payments were not conducive to comment and needed to be corrected and brought into line with
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policy. last year it emerged that total payments of nearly seven hundred and forty thousand euro were paid to certain senior staff at the hospital between two thousand and five and two thousand and ten. today our babies children's hospital in prominent government confirmed that its chief executive is paid an extra ounce of these to be around thirty thousand euro year for executions. the hospital said it was a contact with enticement and in the islands for supervising extra activities take some profits on chops on campus. the money is not paid as a paid to see our terms of the phones the agency recently wrote to four cute rebuttal to help agencies asking them to confirm their operating in nine of the pay policy speaking today in belfast the health minister dr i need to vomit free health agencies must stick to policy. only science. for tea tree so far. and i believe
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so more time with katie to take care with government policy is section eight section thirty eight agencies are. you know covert by philippe policy on her no service providers cannot pay or subsidize salaries expenses are other benefits which exceed those normally paid within the sector it's open to hospitals or other health agencies to make a business case for specific pay arrangements to the department of health and expenditure on reform private money from chops our car parks are not supposed to be used to supplement approved service pay the department of health says it would take further action if responses are not perceived soon from all of the agencies involved. for the borrowers are teen years labor senator jimmy hart is said to be in a critical but stable condition in hospital it's believed he sustained head injuries following a fall early on sunday morning
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here is a pop mental cork street in dublin. on the fifty new jobs and announce today half of the mark to be created by two companies based in bangalore in india are announced remake of mankind id a trade and investment mission to india good news on the jobs front with four companies in one day and ends in one hundred and fifty jumps between them across a number of sectors cough up the jobs are coming from indian firms and they were announced by the minister for jobs is in the country on a trade mission that company idc technologies is creating four c of the jobs which will begin hiring in the new year for its european services and business development center until the end when sy knowledge but create percy fine coach at its new international headquarters in dublin where recruitment is already underway. a little antsy card company by new nation also announced fifty new jobs and the recruiting for posting customer services
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marketing software development finance and social media over the next eighteen months and the media will create twenty five jobs over the next year. the irish publishing company says the new positions are a result of the phenomenal success of web sites showed on friday and heard on friday the jobs will be in journalism nine ten financial services sales marketing and administration. some of contemporary art scene is nothing is concrete the report as conscripts the dispute is continuing to do with the witches that the crews of fifteen large fishing boats being laid off of two hundred people are directly affected. the owners of the bolts to the fault lies with the quota system fishery protection officers this evening met with the boat's owners. corps service as to send eight fifteen on a jury summons is ahead of the trial of three former executives of buying two ira spying. sean fitzpatrick of which hit the road in grey stones william aka tear of all bird
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that has rocked current. we then lefcoast road from a hike up being charged with sixteen counts of providing individuals on local assistance to buy shares in the bank. with no money was diagnosed with motor in your own disease in two thousand and eight pounds to direct his first feature length film next year if i'm in that small rust and award winning film director has the backing of the irish film board that needs to raise extra funds because of this condition. i know that. like most families marist has towed it to be the one i did find a young children. this one at the difference into pensions and eight to thirty four years of age crime and was diagnosed with no shirt you are on tuesdays we have a nurse and a carer. you are and hence most of the time twenty foreigners in these situations make you focus on what's important and soul and the kids keep us going through everything. simon has
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won many awards as cool when approached in his short film the stranded keeper was shown at the sundance film festival the assignments diet is working on a new project i started writing my name is emily just after i came back from the sundance film festival where my short film screening. i started typing it with my hands and finished typing it with my eyes. he knows the irish famine boards and swedish co produces more funding is nice it's like they're trying to raise two hundred pounds and euro on him de coco. prior to finding websites for simon to come that they think there are certain things that we need in a special transportation and we'd support director. we need to set different set of contact with the usual tractor with papa. still want to sign his number one fans think of it. a van carrying
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an in law and for all the data making an ndp years it gives rights to families due to begin ceasing in spring of next year. singers and rte news with you. are a major detour exhibition showcasing the work of the online listing knowledge can come to see through the fifty images on display in crimes in the square who came to seek shelter for life but to see my desk and did portraits of that era she's korean banks and fund raisers the blame for the day of and a barn owl i like those spectacular view of the council. cold cold morning. these guys will use to. that was plain sight this is the launch to travel to little fish. this
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exhibition. in the states chat with them and for putting the top of a skate crew member joint on them. i was sold for . why was it over for the titles. noah joined the crew of three with a camera. sometimes this summer. no buts and socialize this is all about shutting all the bullets that produced it. the exhibition features a number of photographs taken around the irish coast elijah was on hold the ball to a lifeboat with his racing on two cup sliced off the snacks. sixteen crew were rescued off the upset and told after the initial photo of a sudden surprise so we realize this. with the adults did it. so we come along sites. we got regards off i picked emma up seven minutes but will become a bite of it
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um thousand dollars into little bowls. and to help out great. then take the camera to get into to get the little unique access to the extraordinary work i don't like ordinary been living in grand gulf coast if we can see it the exhibition is open twenty four hours a day. i did or what those until the second of december. but while on tv it's the the main news again this evening after six weeks of the former solicitor thomas byrne has been found guilty on fifteen charges of theft and fraud and forgery involving almost fifty two million euro six banks and both of them properties. his run to the custody for sentencing next month. that is from basic rules for everybody on the team. but for now. oh no. eye. girl
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locally mined key sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. chauncey afghanistan needs of the sport's table tennis a couple years ago. it has excelled so much of the gang which is now a member of the afghanistan mission team that seems to be leaving the white table tennis was
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the first province to introduce performance team it's increased interest without the increased facilities could be seen to have a detrimental effect chelsea and uses this for a position as a top ranked player to encourage other women around afghanistan into sports. chelsea is purchasing coverage when it comes from the support of family and the more liberal way of viewing women in afghanistan so much so that they will provide finance for solo charges of places like iran to compete in competitions located near the intersection of the council with her and the grand canal. the longest canal in the war and donkeys in writing to wait for treating toys. as part of its moderate in sound smarter tories who worked in the city is working to replace and upgrade hundreds of stations and thousands of transportation you can stand on his finding ways to use smart technology to build the more intelli for future gro
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the he found his feet began she is owed much to get the children he's great to catch. just to see good to get him to try. we seem to us the money to the nice teacher is young and dynamic. she's a way that it is not easy having no children the constant battle sometimes they have been featured in each case. the first time this year at the age of thirteen. lani was a protecting two timers who enjoyed his younger siblings to him to be dry. he teaches i raised my tiny tiny any siblings feature is good. she is blowing through the hills of nepal. when you wind and solar power project is generating electricity for
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four with the villagers like a mighty tough guy. she says she used to literally be in the dark after sunset the money on top of the guards village is twenty seven km about sixty miles from any connection to the polls the national power grid. without electricity villagers had a tough time working socializing particularly at night. asian development bank's energy for all initiative backed by the false and by the ministry and alternative energy promotion center aims to use renewable energy to bring people out of poverty the mighty atop a mug our and other renewable energy villagers say they're grateful that nature and technology are providing an hour and right. he is a tough loss. if you just want
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eastern state of us on the improve connectivity into deeds. instructed by the seventeen is up in the navy is in the hope that this fate of the state. i mean it's the start of the project is on improving connectivity between the two states attitudes in the last east and teaching on the guest of the country affected dogs. the names and kicking a bbq for the teaching is not about the weather center. hearts also on the way. in the sea it's not a word. top. i did
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wounds. it is. this is you welcome to salvation he was the end of the show the top stories that tacky for you on monday the eighteenth of the band on


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