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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 18, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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will i. well welcome to watch it all started out competence of the doubt. coming up the false forget to greet you can call it music to the hearers of this post the frost the government in france will make the wrong get the bomb and present also told before the israeli parliament's two days. with
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the resumption of nuclear talks with tehran. why is france showing of tougher line in washington. iran says its atomic ambitions will pass to the courts would put it on the context of french presence. three day state visit to israel and the palestinian territories is owed on israel's new best friend. the asking price was good today. a study out of the news of an seo once again to clarify. thank you boss laughed. these are the headlines. rachel starts his releases by seven men wanted in connection with several key things in paris the suspect is thought to be induced on the keys there. he states that gay people protesting the israeli parliament was fun although spectacular maintain the pressure on iran or one that's a delicate friendly interface. that would be commissioning is a shame to let this stop that amazing fuel rods from a heavily damaged reactor building
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beneath it. hunt is underway in central paris and then increase security at media offices him. it's up to eleven comments it's the end to the top of that at the offices of the masculine you state that the suspects believed to be aged thirty five to forty five bennett and five outside the heads course is that the substitution out by police believed it was the same man who on friday break into the offices of fourr needs. he with me on sat to skate sneezing fun in the story for us to a cave second and the general the chief prosecutors say address the media that open and you're done with it yet well the main thing that but he told us was that they have confirmed almost certainly that all these incidents that occurred throughout the day of the work of one soul gunmen said descriptions of the gunman at the vets to look at the difference and then the man who's who was seen as officials the se all week to the same man was hit
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pretty that he could still thought of him from security footage i've heard of barrett's health physical description up and take a lesson. but the solution is to get the money owing on the beaches and witness resulted in eggs that we can describe the male suspect of european appearance aged between thirty five and forty five standing behind the screen will meet at seventy one and eighteen drain pan. with this hasn't changed. they say will prevail and about the brutal artful. in terms of what you're wearing that dress offices there were reports of the recalls having to talk to cats and a green sweater honestly this will be warmer the adherents of the witnesses said he will green and white trainers the petition and already indicated that the individual shine in the image of the opposition was wearing a cap or two ounces and was carrying one or two banks that issue although the stock will go to. so that's the end of the police are hunting for
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cross hairs. he was last seen in the sounds the same area we understand. authorities have also recovered a number of states twelve caliber cartridges at the seams again pointing to the idea that it's all the work of one man. the party say they have not identified and they don't know who he is asking for any witnesses or anyone might recognize this man to get in touch. gaza city don't have any idea what his motive than ben. take this picture is and how in a way to say it stopped around ten am at the offices of the bannister nice day. yet the headquarters of the gods which is a left leaning newspaper here in paris other offices are located near the staff that could be a man walked in around ten o'clock this morning took out a rifle and opened fire. he shot a young photographers aged twenty seven. i kept catching me in the chest and the arm that young man has been hospitalized and we understand he's in very serious condition. last thing we heard was that he still fighting for his life. not that can actually trace the steps of the gunmen after
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he opened fire in me that's who he fled the scene probably getting on the metro a little while later there were reports of gunshots being fired at the difference outside is this occasion the bank. he then apparently hijacked a car of forcing the driver to take in about six km back into the center of paris. towards the show's these day which is the last place and he was seen. police are on high alert in the area there are helicopters hovering around the time he reached the suspect it's believed that he has been using them extra to get around at some points during the day. there's the very least these hazards. all transport hubs as those of you said at media outlets across the french capital. i think you very much kate bring us the laces on a manhunt underway right now he's in packs. after two days of talks with israeli and palestinian officials also are known to address the israeli parliament social
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monica and he spake about the school's pitching for the state's initiative and again coltrane and the sentiments in the last time the french president will say it's a sign of stance against iran. wait be dropped any time soon he is a correspondent and interesting gallagher friendly with them on the speech. total the french president's strong stance on the re issue very much appreciated body ache though the officials he was speaking at the knesset the israeli parliament that he really went over a lot of the regional issues but that is always concerned with but that france is also paying close attention to which it has been bought in both notably syria out of the french president said explaining that the french took a tough stance on syria and felt very much isolated what point does notably when it was calling for action on the use of chemical weapons and that eventually did not happen so this is not there to the united states but also that sort of drawing a parallel with the situation it is rough has found itself
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in its odds on so late to beat them for that one of the wines that the french president has been using is that it is that finds better to be alone but camping on a good position and to be surrounded with friends at the thought of that opposition and the french president going over a running yet again telling israel that it can pounce on france remained very firm and certainly not yielding and on allowing for sanctions to be released before the ark strong guarantees that iran will not be allowed to possess nuclear weapons and that of course went down very well with the israel the israelis that very much aware of the fact that france will go into the next on the negotiations with the one at this upcoming one stand and a very strong messages as well from the french president about the peace process and pretty much with the whites encourage ppt almost word for word what he
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said a little bit early on the palestinian side of the palestinian counterparts month without boss saying that to colonize the ancient jewish pronunciation settlement activity in jerusalem and in the west bank but still fully in to stop now because reporting beginning hinders the accomplishments of the two state solution he also called on israelis to show courage and take the necessary decisions the tough decisions that are going to be necessary in order to make peace with palestinians but overall i'd say that the speech went pretty well with the ice show the at least be easily adapted to the members of knesset where a listening in to it to every member that said this has been so far very carefully crafted speech by the french presidency. at least seven people have died on the powerful tornadoes struck the us midwest in tiny the heads of toxins cause a bit and trees that reaches tens of thousands of times
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when left without power the state of the noise hottest hits his head saying some people may still be trapped in the hands of indiana kentucky michigan will say affected according to the national weather service has many sixty two in a daze. it's an odd tension mounted on an operation under way into time like a sadistic and fifty shimon you get lots of stalls and amazing fuel rods from a thomas react to a scene as a necessary step in the known price as the de commissioning that the senate seat. how then will hit the books misty and to work until very sian. the crucial first step in cleaning up the world's worst nuclear accident in a generation or two cd began removing reach the right fuel rods from one of the four reactors at the crippled the machine and nineteen new korean parents to teach a tourist is being closely monitored for twenty two was expected to be made over the course of tt's
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school reopen the school remained on schedule probably and see my topic today. this is the most significant test dates of tackles ability to contain the night stemming from the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl. it follows months of setbacks and glitzy is adaptable to widespread criticism of the utilities companies handling of the crisis. no it's not the first time that we carried out these type of operation. any warning or a nuclear bomb plant workers remove spent fuel however one operations like these and the team is uniquely appearance. the disaster has legal breaches of food she month on my uniform was all clean and tsunami struck a deal to me react to suffolk were no trains were moving the machine in chorus of these reactions is a task which is expanding to be cheeky and into its own over fifteen hundred bullets need
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to be remitted to a storage pool and cruelty commissioning is expected to take to keats the symphony is an announcement on monday that it costs a lot of the debates aren't many thanks clare pride in the newsroom. talk about timing the french president's three day state visit israel may have been planned long in advance but also wrong happens to be there for you now for the resumption of crucial talks over tehran's nuclear program. it was paris last week that baulked at the deal in geneva. hence the enthusiastic grade carpet treatment from his post we'll ask our panel wouldn't come wednesday. this will still be towing a tough one i also take a look into what's always a fine balancing act for a leader whose niece is home to both europe's largest jewish and arab population. cut. sagar go by hundreds of well funded
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that made it a shot the shed is it just really hot day next to enforcement of the eu's own homes. israel's new best for them was to talk about it from jerusalem. an award winning journalist turned politician for the labor party former member of the knesset daniel vincent and welcome to the show from the upper falls. his bill association show me and has good stories to time think you can sense to see you again nice to see you in the senate get a snack of the french political science institutes jones boys also with us. most universities rose bay artsy joins us from the swedish city of the same name nice to see you sir. and the postman pat's and its young. and that remind me to you once worked somewhere in the middle one is that it
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feels good to raise them as they are upset the new seven years and it's all fresh in your mind is will soon find out the postman get to be we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are stacked and two for today now and it before we talk about the wrong arm. let's have a look it's also don't stay he goes on to he meets a speech for the past in parliament he goes to dismiss it. as we speak to his skin a state dinner. i'm a bit. this is just the usual. this is the usual stand in and it's coming any appliance presidential trips to the problem they need cup of tea each gem tackle audience that they are east of the small time crime that such that the beauty of the places that grandma learned people to actually realize this is only a half an hour drive up the rights interests and so it's very easy becoming an outstation your path that the presidential aunt rach not been to the checkpoints of these states iowa and you know what we sow fear is that classic ink and tailoring his
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speeches that there is one in six weeks or chemo pc. tom and displaying his knowledge of arabic can for the palestinians and the soul can equally in the knesset displaying his new settlement to pay for it. of course will see two but audiences are very different in the week have much greater emphas mine he was talking to the palestinians about it so as pres say the french concern needing to hold you in all its settlements in the west bank. i'm a gangly had reference to it. in the yen speech to the israeli knesset that stuff folks i very much cushioned among many of the sea of positive for months about these have affected the court at the start up nation during the boat and champion of stout us to do the same time he is so stressed out that wasn't very much a night on the goodnight fuels is going into a few uncomfortable things that you might not wanna keep it on the other hand the mostly kind to ensure that in here that's up to eat it on here and and and as expected he did a good job and end on that score i believe also in would take
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exception to what to what you just said. when he spoke before the knesset. here's what he had to say about what he said in specially on the settlement building and what he said andrews. his speeches on their mom the st area trees. your template places around the economy nate and the realistic approach needed to find a solution publicity tool daniel been seen on you heard that young miss a week he sort of cushion bit differently than other the message show was the same when it came to settlement building that should be up our holds dual israelis honestly care if the french president tells him to stop building settlements you know they don't care who likes them and who doesn't like that. the deal kent who loves them. and who doesn't love them and the fuel of the cities. you can see anything you want even to stop sentiments. and it would
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upload you exactly what happened tonight. it also none had been masterful speech he gives so many compliments. two used it to the jewish people to its history. and he did the right thing for twenty five minutes and then he came of course on facebook about to run a nice day we will always be with you on the rain in the show. danny came to the tennessean age nobody did it after consuming the israelis took twenty for twenty five minutes. he said all the right things and they said you know you have to divide them that you have to have that to me by the capitol just event for both people and at no cost to get rid of the sacraments but after the cities where intoxicated so much by the nice with the fall flat all four sold on. they were ready to accept even the air and twenty seven of the sentiment and any finishing hebrew so i would say it knowing the israeli soul. you have used it before it's the same be built
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something like that. thanks you know that you have to be nice to like them to love them and that's exactly what he did. that's why thoughtful israelis and claim it's a special election should especially reception. i don't remember since george bush the answer and president bush such a warm chewy in the warm reception and it ranks of calls to wipe it away to approve with iraq but it sorta takes the sting off of telling is host to stop building settlements it means they effectively will ignore you know of was that we know that we know you and though i know and everybody knows that at one he said is was nothing in terms of operating the good times of calls the ad agency workers would not stop building. nothing has been stopped. nothing can stop since nineteen sixty seven. so whatever it says that president reagan all clinton obama or bush. don't work is is being carried on for so many years so bought
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the french position is no different from the american position from the european position from the honor of that position. something has to be done and this is a decision has to be taken at the rather by the israelis themselves to to to ask him to answer this question should we carry on with the second or maybe should we stop and this is something a major issue with opel to the students to sign him in his speech was going on said france is a card to play when it comes to to free all sides get it you feel as though he got that across in with the convincing does france really have a card to play. what is interesting is the new bins to notice that you have to be nice to tease them so that he will be made due to fierce criticism and that was the cog that was played in the pseudo way bite me can ask to see a few years ago when he was interested in in two thousand and eight the socceroos he was seen as of every pro israel president and he believed that by being nice to the study by
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obtaining the confidence he would be able to play a role in the polls to process and we have seen them at the end of his mandate he got us up was he was scolding her. and danielle were. with obama and the will to control a tuesday with calling you to know what i sold the question is will just get more influence to defence diplomacy me to the standouts. whew i'm the only future will tell us to study don't think that all countries would say sarah still carrying the current negotiations. taman. hey anything's accent in politics friendship is unknown value what's important is the interest. and then concerning what happens in the end the middle east between israel and the palestinian authority. i think that so called discussion. the votes and comments. and construction in
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settlements. this is not the relevant question. why eat well you know. first the fool. i don't see why eden is the next quarter we'll be in the middle. and and a re construction would be on the palestinian side why would he be forbidden to do is to get brady to be looked into the incident palestinian top of the country. it is. if the palestinians are far reaching heights again its construction. it dies away it means construction of is the aim of school. and not to toll even on the industry and and if you say you don't want anybody looking at me and let me excuse me just one
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second. exclude many discrimination. and it's unbearable. the reality is in order to have peace negotiations is now needs to halt construction on settlement building in the disputed tear because it is part of the priests his presence is one of the conditions and conditions you can put any condition would be acceptable for you if somebody say is if you are jewish you may email construct the building didn't they use to say. they are the united states the european union. most of the international treaty it's seen as the confiscation of land in practice but that's it. to make opinion is not the source of the legal opinion and from a legal point of view. construction in the territory's the chalk and with which we chop
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under israeli administration on not up to my tomato season on the other way such that success with cute this is to defend palestinian wants to build somewhere within the borders of his brow nineteen sixty seven but this was due to any israeli arabs to its rally arab citizens but not the main house teens have triple problems in the spring sun and in any area which is to speech in which the local authorities i mean it is not the part that part and parcel of an ongoing peace price is in transit as far as the staff community see it the way for this price estimate for what is fake is proud to halt construction of its settlements in the west bank we even sold the israeli promise to be mimicking and he was seen that clancy of the day because of the extraordinary concern and outrage that is exporting wheat which brings us to be the two to back to the issue of cosmo don't come. he he said. this also didn't use
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the word the legal way as has been done by the european union. they are seeing what is your sense of how the french president is handling all of this. he's as good as the one second was that part too bad. it's a nice chunk of meat cooking international meet you mentioned the need to contend with huge resources to buy that. in his case to discuss the news or not. it means to separate the ego. he'd be useful to dallas to maine to negotiate the costs. but it's a question of the season a little. also on the go further. it wouldn't be noted
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that he had to stop denying that the european union. we just follow what is the unequal conditions and eighty two editions on this in the eagles. so in. the in case. and this is just a few others he wanted to. that will pass but overall when you look at it at the relations between france and israel and this is something that you've looked at some benefit over the last few years on. this is present any different from his princesses. well it's different because the keys to the wall. kudos to see that this has been the spending bill that morning two days in the region which is a lot to me you spend two days could do it too tight you could see how important it is for him to spend some time this velvet with a look of the big picture and d and today it is still the united states of america while providing that pre billion dollars a year or two weeks to get this bill is them who are protecting his fellow of the united nations security council. it's not fair so you will see in the coming weeks and in the coming months is that this is the new shift and you
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have shown what a portal said when he arrived as the date of the twenty city in hebrew i will always be a friend of this but what does that mean if theres the future foot simple than this really mean a three strike against iran what does it mean to be apprenticed to support a strike to condemn the strike held the ministry. we don't know so what is going to happen with those words in the coming weeks and in the coming months it's been what is interesting is this is also the fact that portal is not making any reference to the decision taken by the european union during december. in addition to the substance either thing is that much difference in terms of walk along this line. this is what has been psycho as a sign that they really want the same in recent pieces i had to get to find she abruptly in him by contrast decide when president chirac was in town and inside out relationships the relationship that has to countries with very very strained. tom had at the time to the point that our real sharon. you know that i put my music i actually winning hit and is telling him things
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she is the time to come to my carry on to move to its route because antisemitism that become such a problem and will stay because he felt that the camp of islam friendly. well i think that one aspect of the post if you can shake it like it today also don't we allow into emotions and injection type in the dead by showing his support the palestinians and he was the only westerner he didn't do well like the new cool intro to the study of the vet's on the browning interested in but it did not give him any influence on us to africa after the defeat of the completed some that in two thousand. what what i see is clinch the years believing that they can steal having been so long that when you do not rely on old but what is decided in what has been going on in the opinion i think it is strange it was going on is not making any reference to the guidelines of the year. the gentleman similar me ask you on the sides you think that france is basically a boxing
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above its weight category when it tries to have an influence as postpone said when it offers its services as mediator. and the chilean know they had a heated president in law mentioned it in that the cancer and on one hundred and twenty thousand french citizen who became the cities and the livin' is a no fault of these new society. they speak french and and and they all. a six hundred thousand bees in these awful cough on who speak french like myself. and diesel rose ten percent of the jewish population. it's it's it's something very significant and then he can have an impact on israeli politics. tonight he spoke on the hall for this one and twenty thousand. and on the french speaking in japanese. and it reminded me like a no keg of coral cove morley sold these many moroccans. it has its own people a lot of the moroccan
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at people so we'll wait for the helpful soul and man let me just a step ahead today by saying i have my own people here the ndp that till i see that film. the fee that only friends. no way he pushed himself forward to become law may be of the israeli diplomacy which said friend has been absent for so many years and maybe maybe he gave a hint of the city's i enter it in the city tonight to his duty free speech. i'm ready to use all my email and it didn't seem to have you been with the apps and a friend of the ads but the new friend to still use me these. he sat at the end he was appalled by the contentment of saline away. he's trying a very unconventional way. due to the present himself as a mediator an abv of living things with americans don't go well. he's saying i am
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here to head peel. as the gentleman mentioned was so cozy. it didn't help really. he was trying but we don't mind i must say. there is a warmth told this guy on a lie if it is like his the fact is he so unpopular in his own badge here. he was received by kicking and maybe his message please take me to a cow. i use my bbt use my friendship with the arabs would get with the abu mazen i'm pretty good to have maybe it says it's cutting the city's does the friends are here. maybe to do more than the day before the deadly can't assign woodside from a class like isaac apple b is back in up on you all for it and i am the one who can they act as a guy that when i think the difference this time around i'm on the cheap green with me. is it not. that's what's changed is to clip is exactly exactly but that's me absolutely it's a week the two weeks after the round. i had to kneel. he won the hearts of these
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headaches. i mean that the riot and whatever. at fact that he did what he did and nobody expected him to do what he did made him a champion in the arms of the institute's and all calls the heroes when come to god to his rent was due to his in ring and position. he did what he did and and make me want a halt if the time now which is at the mission impossible. that had to do when i'm due to having had no case you are whenever you meet him. still so isn't the same as a teacher of the israelis that was on the heels of what happened last week of course is what's happening this week when those talks resume will pick up on that when we come back in the false and get today
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for those just joining us for using the false and get to make a sample of the stories we'll be following for you at the top of the art. what is a man hunts going on here in the french capital as we speak. police earlier unveiling of the portrait of a suspect after the shooting at newspaper office at a newspaper office and outside of a bank that's been going on all day here in paris friends calls for the complete and definitive end to settlement said in his speech before the knesset also i rolled up reiterating what he said earlier before the palestinian parliament but also showing tough love for tehran saying france will not let iran have the ball for step towards decommissioning for pushing the workers. start removing fuel rods were heavily damaged reactor building at the plant. and wall street precinct new record the dow soaring above sixteen thousand points. strong
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corporate earnings. stuart is much more fear the trotters year old postman can. welcome back a welcome if you just joining us. this is the false and get the bait. ended up also owns three day state visit to israel where he's been very warmly received after balking at signing a deal with the iranians that the nuclear negotiations in geneva last week. we've been asking where their friends can be israel's new best friend talking about it with us. a former member of the knesset daniel been seen on the labour party. also he's in jerusalem from the front is no suspicion shawnee and is with us samuel d that's made out of the french political science is that it's gospel. cause when cats and its young and joining us from lund university in sweden. they parse he was but let me ask you were you surprised. last week when france refused to
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sign on top of law. i mean yes it's really going on with the medieval style so that means no surprise to anyone in attendance. we knew this and that he would announce the new rate will host its nice to read. yes that's us a bad surprise. it's because of the cia his pants because he did it matter in the main branch beginnings. this is a great deal that would satisfy both parties spending. i know that you can learn as i mentioned this to your program. the results be helping to form east coast but still nice and new sections of the show is on tues the reasoning is the approach is useful but it does. he didn't. turnover in
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similar territory yes i think can get them in his right hand and i know the issue of the way i want if you had a tenuous bt said today something that he never said before and he invited the palestinian president to speak of the cast and he invited himself to speak in a mother. this is the first time that they can yell will be invited to make such indication i think it's dramatic. it can become spectacular. because when they again and said that it started exactly the same. and the speech when when they get invited so that said i've to the two k you know in the mutation again to jerusalem. i hope the syndication which is the first can be taken seriously and of course it's done in the context of candy coming friday of the talks about iran may be blocked if abu mazen is the audacious enough to take the syndication and saturday to come to the knesset. i would tell you it would be a revolution in terms of
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israeli politics. it would have to send him back. that said that's trip to jerusalem the presence of abu mazen is very common man can change all the politics between right and left. and that's why i'm i'm a mean if i'm interested in watching us these take this invitation seriously bad at it but coming from the patio. of course duty called when not remain difficult to wipe clean with non human rights when everything which it is just coming off a bomb was in the parliament. when we're with it being a tool to as a set of costs in the israeli politics and that's something he said tonight and i wish you would take all the days and maybe do something with it because it's very very important. we'll try anything even some are optimistic because at the end of the type of stumbling block is and continues to pay its rally settlement construction i mean i think while israel continues to build ties times
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in the west bank and east for a sum that beyonce's but what about standing up to black speak to the israeli knesset the family's lawyer at the time i know i know but i have to admit he added i have to be optimistic i can not make the no depression has something for us to be no profession. i have to believe and something has to be done because we are stock. we started nothing is being done in the last twenty years and i'm looking for new ideas revolutionary ideas because we are in that old post at the school will be the sentiments that augustine is eyeing a week. they are angry when building their killing us with giving them nothing is moving ahead and once a day when something sad tonight. let's take it to kneel by his word and do something. up till three of the peace and of cos i'm too optimistic or calls. it is a very low success but you have
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to believe in something get to the vision to build something to be lead to an up and wait until time does you well all for you his daddy's old students. samuel is you know i'm usually can be kind of a cynical place in winter when we heard that the israeli prime minister said that. there is a bit of whelan it described it people thinking is this a diet version and how could it happen is on a settlement building is going on. some even saying that um. could this be in some way linked to the other to see that we're talking now which is zero well maybe there's an ongoing debates about danielle wood does he want to avoid this whisky ready to do in this debate is this it's been years since two thousand and nine instance that the speech he gave it the money for in a new recipe send it to a sense in favor of the two state solution here's the question. it's humid heat to make a deal what all the compromises that he's ready yet to make when comes to the lent. they may
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be invincible of a would be happy if you've to visit with the new vinson was to be sure the new study society. and if indeed their blessings the toll could be a piece that opponents will know some people can change out and shovel and managed to change that they are conducting the figures yet but i think the content in the house james resigned can hear the eyes of the fact that this route continues to build times. in neo neocon terror target. tommy a year and i don't really see it. since the construction is not the problem. what does the problem. it's very simple when tool the heads of states willing to make peace they first have to make peace between the population and knocked and knocked at the speech of patronage. the t occurrences in the commune level on both sides due to its mainly the creek this
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season against month with the bass. what the stokes is achievement. the children i told patrons they deny the existence of sunday's race day but it's up to who his opponent and want to mention. i want to remind here. since nineteen forty seven. on the israeli government's riots. we laughed including bibi netanyahu. including month was conceived by ikea. as somebody and fundamentally least. at every. the israeli government to accept it's the principle of theory. and the palestinian men for and supreme steeple of charity who knew they would accept the principle of canning they would have said that the country from the beginning like the jewish
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nation didn't agree with this is the very problem weeds the problem is the acceptance of the jewish state took a week and we could we could go back over that of a treat to talk about it in part one of our discussion this issue. i wanted it back though to this issue be wrong. he has this talk and end in israel. this very real sense that there's an existential threat to the state is from coming not from the palestinians. but from the iranians and on that score. if you just joining us speaking before the knesset the french president said that he wanted to not let you braun get the bomb and talks about how um the french last week. all that signing on the dotted line will friend stay the course and she is also known spelled out as his conditions for signing this is a joint press conference with israeli prime minister also the political enterprises in favor of an interim deal but only if it's based on the full major
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issues being selected as the main them on iran. matt is important as the international community must immediately take control of hold of her aunts experienced elections the vet. the gym. second iran to stop in her typically twenty percent. that we couldn't use the amount to be detained in iran has helped it and calls the construction of the iraq will be a part in the saddle fit the typical assault on dark. brisbane car seat. when you read that's pretty long list there is any easy. does this mean that france will sign on the dotted line again this week. always discuss inhumane and sonia. santa will get all these things are things that need to be discussed in his mind's eye and for studies and eight. you need an uber
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cup will be sealed with his cousin stacy was not the end of the negotiations that began to work she shoots say you know. in the internet and who control all the destinations i was doing when he's with me to be inspected. its uses the deal so we can enjoy what's going on there is in it. all these things are things that can be shot in the coming days. so in essence a seated position and has grown ups to put up with the eager crowd. and to think that the french will launch this week. the united states thinks that there is any danger that this causes of the current uranium because he's a still and will be prone to defend all up and decorate it. he then demanded in its taste. they suggest the side of the ones with different routes. and we'll win. the show. because if this is the workouts. using a
7:43 pm
moment and losing opportunities that will be used anywhere to rise if at all. situation where this is crazy for us. these two men both sides want to do business. she is talking to so invincible what advice would you give the french president going into those talks wednesday in geneva you know is the main issue became mad at me. in short visit with a tenuous at best i don't remember how he is still on speaking so much almost obsessive me. i've updated the existential danger is that i don't remember the old alma sticking above the son of a mental block. it's like i'm being at the end i must say i don't know personally as in the city as human beings easy to knit a nosy jewelry vet's existential threat to
7:44 pm
israel. we don't know we speak all day about the sentry fewer job of the ivy wall to wall pulled the days of off the clear honest and every kid his dad would give you details about to be the beacon on. it's becoming a major issue in his head. we don't know the truth and and what is going to fall before his head and pulled the international community should be run b took to the dismantled offload its nuclear facilities or maybe find a way to keep some of it it's really complicated it's a complex issue i wish i wish that and the european community and the americans they would understand the israeli psychology today which is totally took to the i mean sees only in black and whites. and full of material and means the end of his or is it too. i don't go there and on the bigger the run would be the abbreviation for us. so something has to be done. i think it's beyond me because
7:45 pm
the law says that the deal became prime minister. it's the one and foremost is that the food was nice too it's the day it starts the day with iran as the day with the run and anderson told you that we are getting tons of words above the main issue i wish something would be found that when it settled in and it would take a step in between us europe and america and of course we write down on that point this monday or wrong unveiling a new drone capable of flying as high as twenty five thousand feet over a distance of two thousand kilometers authorities claim they can be use for reconnaissance and come back on this kind of sch pub very unveiling what is in all say. he is as bad as the dickens. it's bad news they are mighty dad was bad news for full for the right man for israel because these gentleman used to speak all day about putting an end to
7:46 pm
israel this kind of all psychological war is not enhancing at peace and yet in the stand of forty years ago these are the new underwear very friendly. the israelis would go to randy reunions with wickham present in the days of the shop and there was a different reality still so these kind of drones and his reactions and and brutal at the implications from the iranian government. full on the city's is a lie like bombs. you have to change the words you have to change the language you have to show some kind of you know all of a friend this kind of nice tea in the city to a tutu is it is you change. let me know and something has to be stopped from somewhere because the dough with the way things are today. a a as i don't know and the week has been has to be done. not only in terms of army backed in terms of politics which brings back too. which brings us back to the issue of france not put this you
7:47 pm
samuel. why is france going to try. well i think legal to smoke and what happened in the indian of the summer would do this to him he should. the fact that france was all ready before falling to intervene against them but rather less on the boat a comical weapons and the fact that you've seen that the united states with changing positions and that obama was seen from france media stopped someone you could rely on. i think there is also the willful friends to share with the offense is still an important power that he can continue to call him and say to you roll the pieces of an important issue but the leash that was mentioned this to quench cushions when it comes to the new radiance of their national pride. so how can we have a deal that will give the assurance that he's going to be built need to launch a military strike at the same time the ukrainians. they want to be regional powers for the cure of their pride in the cushion is also the struggle of power within their rights. also unlike gaps between the land which the french and talking and one which these rallies say
7:48 pm
because this process critics and play which will allow went to st for uranium from two pm reached that pays for pets is that something that simply doesn't wash with an eighty minute me i hate coming that's a nice guy assigned to a speech before the knesset also don't said that due to iran has the rights to a civilian nuclear power. that's right so that is clearly their defenses say it but it's not just the israelis are concerned it's the saudis and smile and topical study in the region. we do not lie at the ninety year old the americans dying in heat with the hope of seeing europeans. even the guy checking into which thankfully is fundamentally flawed but also more importantly changes the power dynamic in that house the one minute the saudis and the pieces i want your reaction to this writing in the daily beast it was deep rc the council on foreign relations leslie gill described the wrongs you as the region's equivalent of ending the cold war and took a big shot up the french saying why do you think
7:49 pm
france has gotten so tough in the nuclear talks. there any chance whatsoever of paris actually standing up to the consequences of war with iran. not a new life. more plausibly paris is interested in pleasing those very same saudi all the crafts now become sanctified but by applying ship loads of french aunts is this about money many of the day if i could just go back up the steps get it implemented. as we position the moment is a lousy and how to maintain and perhaps these races i get a notch in the new entity to deal with the word nothing remains of a gut wrenching. a stinking awesome the negotiations was the beginning but didn't want to stand in the fight us want the bill in twenty oh two new
7:50 pm
engine. it's true or a leash the money. the manpower to do that. see after the routine that gets you as much as you can. but no debts so in essence the french position even though it does this mean for me is really is getting these with no idea their positions in the same goes for the summer. you need for iran to the teaching. no one can afford to maintain running a trailer. he says it continues to rage as he sees are used only in trusting in him and last to reach some kind of deal. whatever they happen to his guns may be changed. is the only way to go. the saudis and the trees and interesting yes and you agree that this could be the equivalent of ending the cold war for the region won't it be in danger should be because even though pakistan's these negotiations just about going to go. it was in and be open on the prospects for him
7:51 pm
relationship the united states and iran. my edition that will change. it's really amazing. iran is in a country this weekend. i'm tossing it in. this into the notion that it should be keep his countrymen we now need christ his cd. turnover in seymour it's the french duo signed on the dotted line to an interim deal of this week. well my good will that you described in part one of our discussion towards the french president have the kind of boomerang effect against him. when it might have lost a few of the continent's he he he he he he got from asia and the politicians in the last two days they make this mission his mission almost impossible because so much and these look on his shoulders. and i'll be existential threat. he would have to find the right
7:52 pm
balance between the israeli concerns and the european american concerns and nbc is what makes somebody become president because the capacity to find a compromise between the concerns of those sites i wish him a while back but although why is it all he got in the last two days would be lost and that could be a pt and daniel in an interview this monday with the financial times. benjamin and the oz outgoing security advisor of warrants we have enough to stop the iranians up for a very long time and he said were not bluffing worse serious preparing ourselves for the possibility that these you will have to defend itself by itself is that to sabre rattling. even though it's in the utopia that we can do it and we have polls say asking is it is only able to do it now i
7:53 pm
don't know of many israelis don't know the israeli air force capacity in the chaos but you have the majority of these are the same desk of course were doing a photo can do it. it's becoming almost a daily thing. it is a society that is too detailed but as far as i know a the ministry attack at an a. he's not taking seriously. by the security at the establishment. it's a serious issue we know t price of such an attack and a prize of up to an attack by iran. i don't think anybody would then go that far but it does appear to make it. it's a free market everybody says what he wants daniel is the reality is that it's now has at the end of that to a limited military capacity in terms of carrying out such attacks. it still needs the assistance of washington. and in terms of intelligence in terms of other facilities in song and that peanut pieces sold just cool. i know i'm not trying
7:54 pm
to be mothers but i'm not able to answer this question it should be. i don't know if it has the capacity on the left. they are so many and views on this coming from that day an army generals former generals have no idea the question is not just new to it is the wisdom off off making this question in issue one and trying to get rid of the nuclear by my imagery. i think this would be i think this is something that should be considered. it's the eye as i said it has to be. i'm at a solution is to be found rather put a good solution then the military solution the c i e it isn't really such a narrow window of opportunity as has been described by some. it gets isn't tt bad it's in dental scienceoe to negiate own and thus
7:55 pm
taking up the next. people are going to crumble. is he who wants to see this thing so it's been a busy and people always something to show for it right. and so far no means all day becse no one saw on the inside. he even made a visit. at this this is the thing iseally happening to the projection on to finish t rinand you go. the well is that it was somewhat open to the next stage will be correcting it or so. amy united states comes in. it's been spotted bass. the years. these tickets because we strive to continue to look into the pool report on the back of the statutes even at this time. basically you are
7:56 pm
indifferent to the unit on which of these you will definitely be put in particular. so the mitre solution is rain on tuesday the miliry solions. how much of the solution. tamale what if there is no deal while. two points first to fall to understand what happens. not only discussion discussing what we do on the is there and for a tune on his diet and i'm not the main question is the fiat which is for centuries between the persian culture and iraqi culture. i night's eve. if you don'tend consider these name question you cannot understand what happens in the region. and the teach you. off the set french government know of crazy then to going on. and also the kiddos they reach the largest read the foreign ministry which change is the key to it. is that that makes up for a new pr. had
7:57 pm
power. even in on the fifth when he knocked on the floor not only for israel but also for the whole region and also falls in well. he could turn into a catastrophe the faucet my second point is that i think i think that everything has to be done to avoid the catastrophe and i think it's possible. if the french at dq it. today is adopted by the sight of stakes in them and the negotiation in that injured him up and kiss your time and if nobody who knows and oh honey. to play the game he played ten years ago when he was successfully negotiate team. and and doing what you want again to the international interest in opinion. tell your friends and your lover what were
7:58 pm
running out of time. when one minute. that's it. i think that no ii's reign the governments and no government and un can't accept began doing it. on this issue on ongoing work of the agreement were going to leave it there. we know that your for staying the course when it comes to the french position i wanted thanks and adidas me that i wanted think it's an open smile for joining us from drew's jerusalem. drew's baby car seat for being with us from lawrence university in sweden thousand cats and the young thank you for being this here in the hospital today. oh i
7:59 pm
all in. it is. i i i i should. the u. the us. why
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what will. the ad. eye. i bought alerts lead the fight against this state it's the nation's court system and you see a us district court judge hears the case of genesis collection of bone matter that and it's prison program more on that day it's another just ahead. then during the week that the nation's capital activists gathered for a summit on drones summit focused on the global consequences of


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