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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 19, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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that well continues line it's one thing about her twenty s and catherine comanche and tokyo. the united nations humanitarian chief has seen firsthand the devastation caused by typhoon high and valerie amos has been visiting areas fun by the storm two weeks ago she's as a dapper and i'm gathering pace. amos returned to the disasters down a week after she first visited sheet
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with communities on the island of leyte and samar she said the money for operation is being scaled up substantially. she says this in mind it's still need more help. the one being who he is beaten up quickly and effectively out of the pool a miss and relief workers estimate the account be more than one million people. she said two and a half million others require food assistance. officials in the cafe's had made an appeal for three hundred million dollars to help those in need japanese expats studying satellite data of the time when high and instead create a wall of water about five meters high. the titles are smashed into the coastline of late an island in other parts of the central philippines the dishes and japan to be logically agency sent to the title data to the philippine government juz a dramatic change in water levels of that period are a few hours
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the approaching tapped in for some water away from because my name cause the tide mark and purple to fall. at this point it was more than one meter lower than usual. two hours later the typhoon had passed and the wind began to change direction. the tide shifted from a category you're too bad. the largest believe it was about five meters high it went back and over the coyotes. the calculations show that i've reached a height of mt one point seven meters in northern sea lions and three point two meters in northern islands the dpp that i could pass through grill to clean showers occurred to me orders will be a cause a high tides to wash up on tuesday on a stool with. i could see this even the title says many things he wants footage taken in semi island shares a wall of water crashing into because the devastating impact. once
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the ubc professor telling us to try and analyze the movement of the ways he says at the front. they were traveling at more than fifty kilometers per hour. and that the strike with of the tsunami. one can easily get swept away by bus to the border. so it's important to people to stay away from water. polka dotted it quickly. when they're already in it. i'm not really thin and business news representatives from twelveth to the green countryside gathering once again to negotiate free trade deal. i havent heard the snap on the business with the details that outside what the status of these shots but they are racing against the self imposed deadline on capital less than two months and at the things god they've left the lot of the sticking points for the last countries involved in the free trade pact end of the chants pacific partnership have started talks to help conclude the negotiations by the end of the year the chief delegates from
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twelve nations began the six day talks in salt lake city in the us state of utah did discussing the removal of tariffs and other trade barriers and twenty one area as being to conclude the negotiations at a ministerial meeting in early december. the extent to which they can and narrow their differences is the key to meeting that deadline. it's a bit beyond any pt delegates mom wanted to cycle all creatures in the comp round of talks. i understand we cannot be too optimistic the united states has made the list of its desirable conclusions for the negotiations and is asking other countries to accept them. with the leaders have said that the objective is to complete these negotiations. this year that's an ambitious objective. and we're going to work as hard as we can drummond said the us will not agree to a bad deal just to meet the official deadline the last ten emerging economies are at odds over rules to protect intellectual
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property and review preferential treatment for state owned enterprises japan's trade balance posted a deficit for the sixteenth straight month the weaker yen is making it more expensive to import fuel. officials at the finance ministry say the deficit in october came to about eleven billion dollars. this sets the record for the longest string of deficit since nineteen seventy nine. exports surged more than eighteen percent from a year earlier in yen terms automakers saw strong demand for vehicles. but japan spent about twenty six percent more on imports led by liquefied natural gas and crude oil. the cost of all imports has been rising for the last twelve months. all of japan's nuclear reactors are all flying car coming up our company operators are relying on thermal plants that burn fuel to make up for the loss. and for a check on the markets overnight the dow jones industrial average
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snapped for state trading days of record highs the closely watched index closed at fifteen thousand nine hundred and sixteen oh seven at stumps nine pointer near to zero point zero six percent. now let's see how stocks here are starting off with innovative remain on guard for that belief at the tokyo stock exchange jeremy received replies in the move higher over in the us part of the markets reacted this wednesday morning. but how much are you an interesting lead the dollar is actually up against the yen is a little bit stronger from this time it yesterday so if anything yet that may help of some of the export of sheep a mess of a look at the open doubles for today wednesday november twentieth of fifteen thousand one hundred and eighty seven up four tenths of a percent and the topics higher up as well by a third of the present us after the small declines we saw on tuesday here. following the profit taking and the color which then was below a hundred yen for most the day we might see eleven of a shift more for a more risk taking moves that today
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still a lot depends of course on the outcome of that today bank of japan meeting which kicks off today. and also in a speech by the chief god incarnate the dentist today and also they look at the oct of federal open market up policy meeting minutes and that's going to be of very interesting for a lot of investors and market players as well as the forget i did the trick is actually managed to claw back a lot grounds freaking above fifteen thousand last friday and i was having fall into a low of twelve thousand four hundred and fifteen intraday low of june thirteen so there is some strong momentum based on hopes of a turnaround in global growth in the us japan china as well as the eurozone lot of people looking at that sector as well. i'm now the focus remained on the us economy going forward and how that would drive the global market of course and the dollar. the speaking of which the hall are some of the pairs trading this morning. download free deposition to have me up from when it was just below a hundred yen yesterday this time now is covered up for
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fourteen to one eight i would get access to key economic data on the us that later retail sales consumer price index for october were keeping a close eye on how those consumer ideas can affect the us currency we need to see if it can break any higher up off of the two month high level of iran hundred point six as the rules you could reach is that the euro also remains a concern. it remains actually were on increasing risk appetite for investors the single currency rose to opera hundred and thirty five yen level a level that we haven't actually seen it for years. so keep track of a ghost of some of these sectors here and of course i'll have an update on the morning closing levels we're having a ceremony here at the tokyo stock exchange right now so it's a little bit busy. i'll put it all adds to the flavor so busy the nikkei and the top picks up the positive for the first few minutes we'll see if it remains that way till the end of the morning by taxi sounds good to me think alot for that report or an email a
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guard of course from the tokyo stock exchange with the nikkei is down to our op of buying a bottle poured over percent. there are some other markets open in the asia pacific's i'll leave you with a check. it is the six major powers will start a new round of times on iran's nuclear development on wednesday. a key issue remains will be around scale back its ukrainian enrichment activities and western nations easy economic sanctions. delegates from around the united states russia china britain france and germany will hold a three day talks in geneva. the guy gets made significant progress in tongues. earlier this month. a man and
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the international atomic energy agency agreed last week on a framework to allow the agency's inspectors to visit him and need care facilities around the six countries we need to find it france is demanding iran stop construction of the heavy water reactor. bank officials say could produce plutonium for weapons use. he ran however with the sedan that is real crime is invention in a tent and they recently met french president onslow not understand not to ease sanctions against iraq the outlook on the upcoming negotiations we have referred to edina incendiary and have spent on iran's nuclear program and nonproliferation chisholm research associate at a london think tank the international institute for strategic studies. and she's joining us from calvert a thank you very much miss this fun caring for joining us in which explain what the stumbling blocks are to achieving an agreement. and it seems that there are two main stumbling blocks here one is the one that you mentioned the iraq plutonium
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within eighteen weeks as they would like iran to stop construction on and the second seems to be around enrichment capability the question is and how much enrichment in iran continue to do. and of course what's a kind of enrichment is that he obviously it's not allowed to do twenty pissed and so on can we continue to accept iran's enrichment at a lower level. and what will we do with the rain in ron's stockpiles of uranium at the moment. what do think that negotiators to agree to add to it. there are two things that the iranians are going to on demand on and and having a larger her a deal to be expected. firstly as you mentioned is some kind of sanctions relief which both sides seem to have come to an agreement on and secondly it's some kind of an acceptance of iran's right to enrich on an implicit acceptance it would seem. now on. that seems to be
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the other issue is a year to have been moments that time that the west is is refusing to accept iran's right to limits on such a debatable question what was going to happen whether whether they will announce aunts and of course what iran will have to do an exchange what's at stake here. now that it did the thing that i think is iran's nuclear program are we going to be able to manage it are we going to be able to have it which is of course was on the west has been trying to do for the past twenty odd years on this is the perfect time to do it because i feared new iranian president of honey seems to have a mandate to solve this issue on anything does not get sold them the problem is that in about six months time the west will be back with dealing with iran is conservatism is unlikely that they'll be willing to compromise. and then the question becomes what happens next if we allow an iranian nuclear program where
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we going to end up at war with iran. mm. well wouldn't you mean words stability across the region. it's interesting question. g and the main issue here of course is iran's nuclear program and that is the only thing that's being negotiated today. a good deal on this one to be the first step towards perhaps rebuilding confidence on a you know him in relations with iran. i mean iran has been presenting isolated in the hospital on time and has very shaky relations with its neighbors but if it's winning to curb its nuclear program and perhaps it could be re integrated into the region on and and this could be the beginning of a perhaps more stable relations the senior professional opinion piece thinking there will be a deal. i'm hopeful i'm cautiously optimistic and it's important to highlight that at the last round of negotiations in geneva two weeks to go on in
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the day came very very close to signing a deal on it and they have reportedly continued consultations and then on a note to overcome some of the last minute problems that came up in geneva last time so on and i am optimistic and i and then as i said very helpful. i will watch closely as the thai accent. progress thank you very much for your time and deed that incendiary research associate of the international institute for strategic studies the euro. she meant ninety nuclear power plant has completed transferring twenty two units of nuclear fuel rods in a storage pool into a container added damaged reactor building. it's a first step in what's expected to be a forty year process to
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de conditioned the cookbook facility. they like to hire company workers due to a team honors nuclear units. it didn't contain a sickness in the pool at the number for the act of building on tuesday for units had already incurred into the container on monday that more than fifteen hundred units a few months in the building most of them. i used extremely quiet and kind the review i did. the program to leave the container on the four using a large crane on wednesday. nhk has learned that to be like atari campaign aims to re list on some of the reactors at its nuclear plant in central japan next july to kill representatives say restarting the cancer isn't the kind of plant in niigata prefecture will help revive the business after the nuclear accidents that she met dai ichi. the number six and secondly i just wanted to safety checks by the government's nuclear regulation authority. this is the procedures for restarting nuclear plants. has it that i did date for next july the cats will take at least
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six months. utility needs to be there she was the plants has communities of august well with cactus plant utility is estimated to post a pre tax profit of more than one billion dollars in the business see if i start next april. i descended say if the yankees cannot return online until january twenty fifteen it will host a pre tax loss of one hundred and thirty million dollars loss is projected to grow to eight hundred million dollars if the bee started to leave that until march twenty fifteen the us trained to restock the number one and five reactors in the spring of twenty fifty. i knew. south korean officials have been some pages on their past these are detailed books containing the list of koreans who died who were subjected to forced labor during japanese colonial rule from nineteen ten to nineteen forty five. staff at the south korean and that
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the interrogator discuss the books in june. it's believed former south korean president to be seen that in order given and officials to compile them around nineteen fifty three. one this contains the names of six hundred and thirty comedians who died in an uprising against japan on march first nineteen nineteen in the korean peninsula. another name to two hundred and ninety koreans who died in nineteen twenty three in japan's great khan two earthquake. the book also contains a point of dreams being shot and killed by japanese military police alyssa and twenty the first ones to identify people by name. another sixty five groups contain the names of about two hundred and thirty thousand koreans subjected to was treated by the japanese government during world war two. you can and is alchemy and showing differences over how to evaluate korean independence and to this dungeon good. on
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the assassinated japan's first event in channeling cami and nineteen o nine untill the shield for me early in the north eastern chinese city of harbin. soon after the intervention and annexation of korea began. i was executed after the assassination. don't sit to japan's first prime minister before assuming current events and generally can react. dad came and conquered and then chinese state councilor yen shan she thanks him for china's cooperation. the project to build a monument to turn in our bed but in tokyo chief cabinet secretary or she doesn't get expressed displeasure over the project can you and me. japan has told the south korean government. that's in town for years. and his criminal damage. state. i think that putting up a memorial to him will he last held by local elections. you can can can continue on. mind you. sent a
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shot they reacted on the same day for this is chris pearson shirt and said i would sacrifice his life with independent of comma and peace in the region. we don't win a japanese politician should be aware of the irresponsibility and become when reflecting on history. when i make efforts to understand the feelings of people in neighboring countries. really you wouldn't know who wins. a show for nancy's post this in a home race at that time is also respected in china. tang said china's proceeding with the project according to regulations on my payment related to foreign countries i knew it is in east africa are not letting up in their campaign of terror two months ago and is a township of staunton molly and i will be shooting shoppers and taking hostages. it is based in somalia and link with al qaeda and attracting increasing number of kenyans
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an aged care village children who are poets the sixty people died in the attack on a rod's with the intent. it was the candy can eat it though. against a single one of kenya's economy to grow no one to two new books wilf to be pretty. some of the good doctor. this city auckland last night and i thank amy at east coast about five hundred to meet is from night of the ice about its influence is fit to be expanding here. no coast coldest most of the group's headquarters. we had to hide our cabin around someone was approaching took off back tonight we sold many youngsters gathering at the mosque. one of them named to john i spoke to us. above
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is my opinion. mr lovell right is my little peanut i said that means they do in arabic. it was formed to around two thousand and six and has conducted numerous attacks in somalia. he struck value in all its key link in a speedboat. you know. you can't fool the people. i said that radical teachings of john wentworth in kenya. when most of the people are christian. i've mostly mine to read these tend to be four they also bought nike to suffer discrimination. and it will be nice to think. ports southport. i would ever do
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because each is made from a fight the snake like the fit into bac show the team to the shed and listening to many key. in oct for support as of august about were gunned down nope those named as the creaky forces following that can stand the stench itchy west at the base of its duty by muslim men. the bride looked cute for that day. after weeks of negotiations. we were able to meet one of the group's leader. abu bakar sorry if i've mentioned is nicknamed to mock the brewery it means on god's knee and psyche the un security council sanctions froze his assets last year. and he is banned from traveling outside kenya. he expressed his hatred for the west. locals
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but for a walk in the pretend that they're not too hot at times. i hope the new technologies to talk to his use of the pnp eighteen one two huffington post. she'll be gone but still nobody will see these two little ones the gods and more and more done with names are joining the group. deal with abby and unstable vision from god show the true meaning they were born kenya. now for a child under the weather people in sardinia italy and two was serious flooding. we cannot decide family joined us but the latest. if camping in the three average for november and thirteen and is about fifty to sixty millimeters. the weather we've had over four hundred and fifty millimeters of rain on monday and tuesday as a
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result. heres what happened in thirteen yet perhaps the picture to show you lots it's going to start the knee on tuesday leaving at least eighteen people dead residents began classes the band as the year the heavy downpours overnight custody for the first caravan away cars and loving homes more than three thousand people were at this place. so to combat conditioning between the theory of the crust are in kenya. now the senior weather maker is still thinking over the mediterranean and still packing a lot of the energy to cause more heavy rain and wind caught the conditions over the magic of rain and is also causing heavy snow showers with the alpine region. now in paris. this one is to the weekend and then pull the plane a lot of that. it's not the end of the rainy weather across southern parts of italy. we have an honest it's been coming in from the north west and this one is that green in color. there's that i'm going to be quite chilly in places
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like london and madrid. only six the crease for you on a wednesday and thursday for the high meant to me that the decrease on thursday with the little button minus eight years. munich after the bakeries on their state the skin and a lot. now across asia with them talking about this accomplices then the house concocting stormy conditions for the western flank of japan for a date especially across the northwest and climbed in having dealing with a seven stormy conditions the possibility of twenty two was hailed as well thunderstorms will remain in the day we start going to be quite high as high as one meters across an area that across the continent. some stars are still lingering over northeastern china and the thermostat doing the morning hours the precipitation has gone over the korean peninsula course a sweater for you finally across the america become a nation of it because to take moisture an arctic chill are causing one of the precipitation called precipitation over the west we're talking about mountain
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snow and heavy coast of maine and the northern rockies may get as much as eighteen centimeters of snow for the next twenty four hours now across the midsection of the year when they meet ethan showers over the western great lakes region and what you bring a pen down over this town for the full effect in a stock of what the rest of the east in eu and are looking for a chance night sunny conditions. hp have any plans to cull of you may want to clean your car it's because i'm just going to be a barrier of doing that nighttime hours. amin minus three degrees on wednesday for the low in august and filling chilly temperatures will continue into your thirst they are that the average is about the need to come each year to be minus one victory on wednesday and at that point on a wednesday across washington d c and so pleased to find out if you are inclined to go into the northeastern part of the us directors extended forecast around the quilt. i
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know. it is. this house like
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this edition and nice. and she and aunt gail
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