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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 20, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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asked me to no one's right to cover the youtube dot com such rt america. check the website to get complex the usa and two in at six thirty for my documentary with larry king wind nm. all that well continues line is raising a better twenty per cent after the bashing into account. negotiators from iran and six world powers have sat down again to hash out an agreement on curbing iran's nuclear program. both sides had been optimistic about making a breakthrough now they're focusing on an interim agreement to build confidence. the negotiated the mail at the united states
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russia china france britain and germany. i'm meeting in sydney that the major powers came close to winning concessions and watched a few weeks ago. the two sides still have some things to work out. negotiators from the us and europe the philippines' economic sanctions if the iranians to scale back their ukrainian enrichment activities. they suspect the lead in to possessing ukrainian with the aim of developing nuclear weapons. the real mom insisted they use their nuclear program for peaceful purposes. grant supreme leader said his country must protect its nuclear rights the plans i had to lobby her monday suggesting iran has no intention of completely halting its uranium enrichment program. monday was speaking to members of the bond indices forces in the capital tehran on wednesday. he reiterated his support iran's delegation at the nuclear talks in geneva he said western countries should first lift economic sanctions against iraq. he
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criticized in front by name saying it is giving in to control the criticism follows the summit meeting between france and its role on sunday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. ask the french president francois learned not to sign a new pay deal and maintain pressure on iran. time now for delays in business news investors are raising their eyebrows. it's not the us federal reserve would put up tapering their policies for sometime now they're finding out that policymakers are in fact considering it's sooner rather than later. i did she joins us now from the business as telethon let's change with it like this has been what's been going on catherine. we just didn't know it because the fed changed out very very little at their meeting late last month and recent comments by the chair and vice chair suggest eating will be in place for a while the minutes of the last few essential bank policy meeting showed many members believe they could start to slow the pace of bond purchases sometime during the next few
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meetings. the federal reserve released the minutes on wednesday for the meeting in late october. most policy makers at the meeting agreed he could start churning bond purchases in the coming months. if the job market continues to improve the minutes show board members would still keep the benchmark interest rate near zero while tapering purchases. fed chairman ben bernanke he and the nominee for the next fed chief jennings allen had shown their determination and recent statements that they will continue the monetary easing policy. while the dow jones industrial average drifted lower for a second day after the release of the fed's october and it's the key index closed at fifteen thousand nine hundred down four tenths of a percent and the nasdaq ended at three thousand nine hundred twenty one down a quarter of a percent. now let's see how stocks here are reacting and about with that of an email a guard snding by at the time to stock exchange server mean more caution about out when the fed may scale back its on buying program. how is
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tapping into stocks. here is thursday morning well i don't live in a note of caution in the us markets but definitely not here let's have a look at the opening levels and you'll see exactly what i'm talking not pretty positive start for the nikkei and the topics. so far today thursday nov twenty first of a book about fifty thousand dollars sixty nine he was actually up enough points to ramsey was up over a hundred points in just the first few minutes of trading for the nikkei some pretty positive. however let me remind viewers of the nikkei had been in decline so far this week although on moderate levels and of more than average bully which indicates the woodlawn in a major consolidation mode and deftly of the two are on the receipt today proves that as well as following the massive surge that we had last week that the reverend was up over seven percent on the week investors here in japan are really can be focused on the culmination of that today bank of japan in which the arm as he wraps up today
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and any statements from officials or comments from officials and of course on the news conference up by the governor himself how to cook or rather after the war is close to the skin if they focus. so i will keep track of the greater related sectors. for that as well. i mean we're back at him close outlook on the energy policy we've also seen japanese government when you continue bowler and again remaining weak against the dollar. i run the key one hundred yen level where do we stand on both. yes actually we need to have a look at the cup of ozone levels as well for caresses and a g g d's let's start with the currency's hundred point seven c to twenty. in fact the dollar rose just a touch following those ten minutes. and the euro yen hundred thirty four points fifty two to sixty two win at the stage a gpu is also tipped as banks or find it very difficult to make any profits on japanese government bonds are looking at a weekly chart there. so i began to glow a japanese
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government bond yields will see how banks performed today nominated today the us would have weekly jobless claims producer price index and the philadelphia fed index which is a key manufacturing survey lot of investors and market players watched that as well. we'll see how that affects markets are pretty positive start here for this thursday i bet she found it thanks alot for me to remain on guard from the tokyo stock exchange. chief negotiators for a free trade deal under the tents pacific partnership confirmed that rules governing foreign and local firms should have no discrepancies. the delegates from the twelve nations are attending the six day talks in salt lake city. day one covered for areas including easing regulations on foreign businesses. the negotiators confirmed that foreign firms including distributors and restaurant operators should be treated on an equal footing as local companies they agree to discuss when to implement the measures welcomes this idea as it
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would make it easier for japanese businesses such as convenience store chains to operate in emerging countries the latest in business. i will reveal that the tech markets. it is. it is. it is in the philippines are overcoming logistical hurdles saying getting pelted more and more survivors of tide and high and the timeshare and threw two weeks ago
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flattening neighborhoods on the island of leyte and samar organizes of the international aid effort set up a distribution hub on the neighboring island of cebu. we put this struggled in the days after this jaunt to get through those long by all the good three to five is frustrated by the pace of the response had made their way to sibu. you don't on the light of oman. i poured milk for my nephew. it's difficult back then. supplies are running low in an elite list of what we taking things to my mom's only ten people that aren't receiving much help it. ten hundred. some shops on the elite in have real content managers out of the shell banks and a teen's to the island's main city type robot that led to long lines when they opened. yet what day is still close to most others in the beach and back up and running the philippine government estimates the cost of the damage to buildings those and other distractions who acted more than forty million
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dollars. afghanistan's election panel says eleven candidates have qualified to run in the presidential poll next april. the poll will decide to succeed comic con side. among the candidates is wonderful and mr ahmed abdullah he pulled out of the previous election five years to get thing he did not expected to be fat present as isaac elder brother and former lower house member of the human karzai will also ride. he's a businessman who spent several years in the united states. verify that this aisha from danny is included in the list of nomees. he headed the transfer of the us led military control to afghan authorities. conditions are already growing about the safety of candidates and that is most multinational troops will leave afghanistan by the end of twenty fourteen the town that santa was not the election. the in charge
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of japan's down and she might die each a nuclear plant is now considering de commissioning at the reactor at the facility. the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami crippled for reactors at the plant to other units that were left largely undamaged but the likely won't go back online. i feel like a guy campaigns and it is officially ruled out using reactors five and thanks to generate electricity the future. now the state will decide what to do with the units after they speak with authorities in each of the prefecture and other towns that helps the plants the official decision could come next month. my meditations on as theirs then to scrap the reactors. he says they should concentrate on dealing with a series of problems including leaks of radioactive water the catfish its plan to use the two reactors to treat workers involved in d
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conditioning before damaged units. utilities already organizing funding for de commissioning reactors five and six. but it is expected to fall short by more than two hundred and fifty million dollars if the decision to de commissioning the reactors is made during the current fiscal year through next march. that was allowed to raise power rates to make out the difference. what is an issue that died she had been wrapped up a third day of an operation essential to de commissioning the plaques they have them remove some of the nuclear fuel from a storage pulling of the actor for building. it used a crane to lift the container filled with fewer units from the pool. the container called a task team carried out to twenty two units and weighs ninety one times when fully loaded to the crib has a double peoples and earthquake resistant designed to prevent the cast from falling. that trend could result in the release of radioactive materials. once the cast was out of the pool
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with history and for human consumption came from except that they began preparations to transfer it to another storage pool. about one hundred meters away the shifting of your units into the container began on monday the pool holds more than fifteen hundred units to go class to complete the transfer by the end of the banks here the lake and tsunami that ravaged north eastern japan they killed more than eighteen thousand people giant brains have that pummeled the region many times in the distant past as well and was trying to leave records of these events. now some researchers believe the old accounts can help prevent future disasters. nhk world cup meet at eight points. it's cool cause i as an amateur historian. she explores areas in northeastern japan for pissing on geographical name
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does this as many locations have links to past disasters this area is called albany is out. the name means beach extreme. it's almost three km humans. yet our local legend says that the ship was stripped bare by a tsunami that occurred long ago de lille on the cement. i miss this place is so deep in the mountains that i'd never believe the ship for a tsunami could reach this far in march eleven the tsunami to reach here. i realize that the legend was probably true that believe on them or use any of the pedantic and i didn't eat the ice. the bias as place names may hold messages from people living in the area features ago. she asked locals about the details. i don't know me
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know when i've not been a big reason that on the decision i feel very strongly that place names are important the locals have suffered from skin on the spur many generations. i think these names reflect their experiences it's not only amateur historian. that is putting the house for clues to dangers and the future researchers then the snow in diversity and leading into the archives to help him prepare for disasters last year. top relievers to establish the teams in the soul research institute the disaster site. to spur him on our back yard. how does that effect. the study is all the commands to see how people dealt with past disasters. two years ago intending to defend the claim check out super import of the map of the flooded areas over one on the seventeenth century. he found that the two thousand live and tommy didn't affect the old main village and nearby
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villages. it's as this goal it could have helped to lessen the time it's from the tooth out. rule number one p it's possible that the highway and towns were built in places that people felt were safe. based on their experience with a mini tsunami is that it hit the area. jack caught collaborates with other researchers specializing in science and tsunami. they're now looking into one ducks died in sixteen eleven researchers have assumed that moment was caused by an earthquake but the magnitude of eight point one the chemical and his team mate new finding. they know billy. the quake had a magnitude of eight point five check out cents. that is fit enough to click the joker four hundred years ago tsunami is my kid to be shown more often than previously thought the key icon present the results of
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research and lectures. he helps to have more opportunities to exchange views with other researchers oh well. it's amateur historians dig deeper into the history of disasters in their area and present their research locally. i think our society can develop greater resistance to these catastrophic events. i loved everything i have with the legacy of the expansive but i'm covering these stories. the sign on the key icon believe they can offer a lifesaving with empty future generation. meet katie and its pillow. i know. a us congressional commission has called for sufficient budget allocations for the us navy to deal with china's growing naval presence in asia the last thing china
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economic and security review commission made the colony its annual report. the poets scientists contend that further cuts in the us defence budget. under the name the strategy of keeping up with this in the asia pacific region to counter china's increasing maritime activities the points as china plastic admission to anyone like that all vessels and over one hundred small ships to sit there and to the east and south china seas in three to five years. it's as if the us continues to cut it the defense budget. china may become the world's top builder of warships on an annual basis by twenty twenty us ambassador to japan talent and a study her official duties on wednesday japan's prime minister seemed odd that it's noted that he looks alike developing bilateral relations. sch. i had a professor at his official residence in tokyo i know whether newly appointed
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ambassador to japan has drawn such a large crowd to a visit to the imperial palace for the credential ceremony the japanese people have high expectations for it. i would like to take this opportunity to further develop the bilateral relationship between our countries. he said shows how they can receive such a warm welcome and that she is honored to be with you with that and japan's government isn't that says that she's willing to work on strategic economic and humanitarian issues. she's a cooperation between the two countries is the cornerstone of peace and security in the region the asa says he's looking forward to meeting japanese people i've seen many places across the country. i knew i had. a decade of french documentary filmmaker has made his home in japan. xd and around has shared what he's learned about japanese culture with people elsewhere
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he or she focuses on some cultures he finds in cities but now he's headed over to the countryside to document a growing trend in art needless to say it in the little kiddie pool with melted. journalist and document area nasty and vile has lived in japan for twenty years. they drove it into his films and books. he has been introducing japanese culture to people in foreign countries. wouldn't you the commander he's dealing with urban sub cultures. most of the sport has been about people who are obsessed with anime and montana or robots matt and i in them but the thing is the hottest trend in japanese culture right now is a rice paddy up which is made out of her rights. the best tumble or price steady. here is can he said mintz and figures from history. there may be priced
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plants of different seats and comics. the adf has made in iran he says so. something that you wouldn't expect when you first hear about it it's something that's really different from the other cool things that you can get out of japan now so this year iran decided to make a documentary about the arts toronto year he traveled around the country documenting the creation of humble heart enemy iran isn't it the rice candy to fill the planned team. to create the image the planters position looks deeply into the night sky brown learned that it wasn't professionals who created the art. local farmers england team for this kind of
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heart. summer is the most challenging season. not even three weeks keep the villagers from tending to the patties. locals have to be vigilant and that i can in our room even for campbell and the design. we brought with him passed by the look with attention to detail and authenticity. for the dole the design was meticulous so i wanted to express. even this old new ones. from there into the vocal tracks and determine where each price ceiling is planted. he used three d software images. and if all went well. the town of art but also the dimension. i did incredible get back to make it all the different colors are dead to rights out
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there. they get it planted so nicely. assists. i really want him. you aren't the result of drinking red wine villagers quickly disappears. it's harvest time our own scent of summer images represent japan's unique aesthetic. it's something that lasts only for a moment like that. the man in the spring. you have to venture into some viewing the second one is that it is something that you can add to post to do when you want us to be a whole group and the news is also something to make a bear attack. after visiting fifteen tonne the current site in a year or i'll discover just how cruel japan's countryside can be and now he's putting the finishing touches to his found. i'm now but thank god
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that eleven people and tell kayla seem clear and sunny skies but that's not the case for residents in northern spain. be on his back on what he claims it will blather. it deftly winter has arrived earlier than usual in cars to the northern spain and the goodies for you to collect. shares in spain have dropped only two foreign companies in the north as much as twenty seconds of snow looking for. with over one hundred took on this. it didn't look like that police made the call even harder to bear. this caucus seemed to have enjoyed the winter wonderland. notice that only a troublesome for travelers and commuters heavy snow is still continuing in northern parts of this pain in the bank has combined to get past the reins. in the situation is happening all over spain to do this from the system and so precious to spend this one is expected to move and forced to foul. every man which was battered by now. since then i
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was in stable conditions for the next several days unfortunately i fear i are high to very low flow this time of year in the next six to clean sweep of the hike find a tree swing areas gracefully in shape their eta conditions and winter like conditions are happening across western parts of the euro. yet crossed or can we be talking about the snow heavy rain and strong winds would days and things are the main almost the same today. we have a casino walk to the class knitting into this area include the minute header that theory hundred millimeters of rain since sunday is almost equivalent to obama and the people for november. the crown is very well saturated the same conditions for the next several hours or face the potential flies as well as land size and tornados and oh so pale and not consecration on the flip side of town that look like you to all current conditions sunny skies that we have to ryanair advisories by the post that
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said what's that when you spy near. across the continent that we are seeing a high pressure system dominated most of the tennis ball in the korean peninsula that it's not actually good news for people it in the eastern part of china because current conditions are creating an air quality once again especially in keeping province. then courses now we have a strong low pressure system causing heavy rain played bass for them only in his lap. l the course that the real thing holding a watching anti climatic since then a cool with her and i still intend to find bright not very rough conditions of reading occurring across the east coast of india bank become the savior cycling exploring and then they make landfall on the east coast of the country protest by friday local time when cats are going to be as high as one hundred and twenty km hour very heavy rain would start to fall across this location on your friday so flooding and landslides in all of them i'm going to get very high risk finally across
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the americas. that means there is going to be freezing temperature of the course then aunt arctic chill it weren't kidding. anyway the north of this power to suspend the temperatures are really that painful it was in many places to choose between you and only nine nine decreased plead for the time minus the plane in denver with snowflakes. the cold air will be moving into the south east the speaker into the weekend style at nine on thursday but that could go down to minus one foot high owing your son saturday with his extended forecast. i am noon the eye. and. the second
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of july. thanks much
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the worst choice up to the deaths of two thousand thirty. we'd like it opened a probe and you'd most like to watch again from a selection of nhk world tv programmes broadcast this year. we've created this awesome website where you can find information on the nominated programs including your thoughts and comments by a production team members. so please go to our website and vote now. it's been. you know
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recently when just six weeks only. it soon. michael means all want to watch. trust me we are off. i respect. david and i for one of


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