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the sea. it means anything to me about forks at the band's new program into a second day he was from china the eu is asking me to play investment summit in thinking. citing anti foreigner been sitting
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idle in the philippines i can i know it's happening thanks to past mistakes. yes that day. the us market was launched. welcome to cctv mean cycle in baking and during the day to love the new round of talks between the run and about the eyes of the rescue cat program. we're seeing rising optimism that the deal can be stocked at the ranch the speech its nuclear program. a senior us official said the three genera me she was only a fool not to see an ad i'd tell me things which continues through wednesday evening it loud and if i have an ex members of the un security council plus germany aimed to reach a deal that would start a rollback of tennis media program in exchange for an immediate sanctions sweetie and bedside since taking the step agreements east coast that enter the next few days in
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the scenes. well the rice is creamy dax and i become a name has a voice a poll for the negotiations but he insisted to bear on it next to the concessions iraq would make a come in a sit here looking to get in the d tales of the colts eleven he said the mango of the talks unless the stabilizing of the rights of the ukrainian nation including new playwrights and china said she paid us a cent out of talks in geneva advice from a steady volatile has to stop the paucity of town and our prospects that for the negotiations and he says china has some form of concrete agreement can be reached during the current talks on the vice foreign minister arrived in geneva on wednesday and held a meeting with the ukrainian foreign minister mohammed jacks are brief and he says china has been speaking to a fact this issue and playing a positive growth in seeking solutions to this easier. he also stressed that despite the lack of the deal had the last round of talks the amount of money to meet
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some contentious laying the foundations for the yankees discussions. you do with their usually due to move the six nations chance and stomps on the wrong speed ph you know we have different folks is the key is to express the wooden its undertake a historic opportunity. if we could achieve something during these talks is to build great importance in thames upsets me because the issue promptly and eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton has this quiet anything with the rain in four minutes to my mom and tot i cannot as i read as very positive as well according to a spokesman ashton says an eco safe has been known to block the deal and it will take as much time as is needed to be stealthy and clean. we owe them into a bar if it's missing school which we come here and sisters. it runs fine dusting of a number of steel. and we
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hope that the iranians show that desire. we have made a great deal of progress in the last two rounds of me to continue the protest and it's now up on me not to say again we just want to. reach an agreement as quickly as the candidate has to be the right agreement meant for it will take this loss it takes now for some details on the response from iraq at the outset the make his rounds in the us nations in geneva has told how a report on da tara and ign and held on the ukrainian people and media reaction to this brand told santa what they expect to become rounds of sanctions ign. each. nancy's with c and which are all in the show and that it's continue our means but it's in the end of two thousand afghan elders
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have a gap that in kalgoorlie to the staff to security pact with the us after kabul and washington. we stayed last minute to trust agreement on the eve of the meeting of interested to have it because i have stated that the speech and the brulee and jack got assembly. st up to fifteen thousand foreign troops could remain in the country up to two thousand fourteen. if the deal he signed and sent us president barack obama has claimed at the u s special forces would only and to top that came was under exceptional circumstances the proposed pact includes a condom is the post giving us all to see mickey from a prosecution in a contest on a security deal warehouse to face a test in afghanistan's apartment if it gets approved by the assembly. and i said trying to connect again without responding to my auntie and intend to get the raise the most from your mind about the latest round of talks in geneva that gm
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can he mean out this time yes i think here in ca at how the meaning people and media reacted to this round of talks and it looked to be ringing thousand adults people expecting from this method. we all missed me feel and the son of the call came that means that their mood and expectations. if you compare to the start of the parks is lower and small bodies and the city of three that the sound of the call to be like last time to be feared our ten mile pressure from the venison from the tcu and some sunday at the f a in some countries and so at the bottom these increases here and there like one of the puppy that means that side of the good news good news but said and today have comment that's bad because in the son of the talks that stands at a friends move and
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have the effect you have that i expect the yen also some new ideas she feared that its knees sees all very nice that he seems set to reach a deal and the sound of the tub so he can feel it's in the film but he's here now so i'm not there to the filaments newspaper ad in the newspaper today quoted one of the common themes that did these nuclear negotiations here. up close and the closely watched by a meaningless all ugandan said abby wanted me to have a high expect he says that what she'd like to plan for paula had mentioned you know that sabathia is very popular and dad have been added at the abbot i actually have a side that's it no one can read the seats and that these are good that you can call police if you look at the mall has a need for kingston based on the talks here. i didn't see any righteous ukraine in the data access has come to live not to relinquish its ending their rides. what kind of
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attendees have the land present its compact with that last line of thought. pierre most of the news papers and four he received a drumstick and indeed i have many sports and that he will be dulled or not the fleet may even add meets on the run in sydney and the lights and the seas alma son of the high times adding that young young's media today and also a son the very hot mind on the case these days have seen that one means today negotiations and he said that he's the best continue and the ned despite u dun have the makings who wheeled into an ecosystem table and he continued to pressure because he knew that seem pretty long and we tried to blackmail iraq and the abc's continuous then add the peas weekend the money that had no use to continue even these that negotiations so he can tell me it's
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the fear semi and this year a the comment that the feast continues the small hive mind one can see news that use the study were facing the especially the son of the four season quinn and reach a deal that made the hour at the moment the more they will induce more with essendon peace negotiations in sight you the meet the real weekend thank you very much indeed to launch a new recruits from teheran. jimmy watching cctv me isn't it the right
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the six season. steve. again the sixties china eu summit is concerned away here in beijing on the many scenes under discussion include financial investment human rights and advertising to the summit comes as the two sides set to break the patterns and history of that comprehensive strategic
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partnership and chinese president indian team x with the president of the european cultural and then byron coley and the president of the european commission the hennessy process ahead to the summit committee could tell they are chapters on this list european bees as it has become an important dialogue mechanism between the two sides and this is macy is the last one says the new leadership to call phased out and say these is real summarized by the time in the constant center of town relations and that the next decade. like chinese of vice foreign minister song contest at cctv in the china eu summit. we are trying their road map which i need your cooperation in the coming decades. and so says delegates will attempt to resolve a number of ongoing trade disputes and that the partnership is expected to be raced to a new level. the subtle points yuki to the future. this summit is expected to love his new preschool cooperation between china and the youth in the coming ten years. it's
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the story on appeal the meeting will help to further political consensus between china and eu deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership bill would discuss economic and trade cooperation investment in technology innovation urbanization in a series of cooperation agreements are due to be signed. in july china and the york region solution to a long running trade dispute involving soto cano exports. it abruptly ended a period of high profile victory friction between the two. many common is that greed that contains competition is on for his goal against the backdrop of mobilization. resolving the efforts what disputes would test the wisdom and when the needs of the scaly this cookie with ice in it will bite me during the past thirty years china and europe have had many political differences. these have not developed into significant confrontation fiction does not have to mean a trade war this means cooperation between the two sides can come fall into the well off
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people. both sides have the ability and wisdom to properly handle these issues through dialogue and consultation. chew on its recently completed a plea to meet seen fit to plead them off the cpc central committee has demonstrated to the dissemination of chinese leaders to deepen reform i make and opening up meanwhile the eu is also in the maintenance of weeks with old debates. i can convince the year twenty twenty is tipped to take just as dark as gold and promote employment. both sides have much to gain. so stop by and taking this game. in the coming ten years china in the youth to promote understanding trust and pragmatic cooperation which to properly handle our differences to benefit our peoples and the entire war off this coming spring and the coachella is due to a head to a maniac to attend the china and central and eastern european leaders meet in the talks will you fall several countries that are seen as having preached
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spatial with europe's economic development. another focal point and another step towards those that run eu cooperation. the general cctv on the sixteenth time eu summit in beijing maths the tenth anniversary of the comprehensive strategic partnership between china and the european union anti us ambassador to china. locke is after a testing ten cctv in the first meeting with china's new leadership could bring some cash by county to the relationship. one of the world's biggest trade partnerships after shuttling between china and the eu country which is one point five billion us dollars a day made in china as of the bowl every european family mills well. well it's boom time for high end european friends here in china. the eu is invested to time that mac was at the rep says that now the focus is moving towards investment. we have the biggest trading partner
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china and that is the second biggest trading partner the investment relationship is much smaller than the tradition too. come on who would want to send a few keen upfront investment took the time and twenty three percent of chinese top of the best angle to the huge potential. this will be a very special if he is the key to success in the investment being outdoors as optimization is a key theme of the summit money to pay consultants is already being contracted to buy chinese cities help you with other design and infrastructure planning. the us to conduct a platform of innovation partnership with china a twenty four attain to make but as they continue to try the china eu relations europeannionhich is at the a new vision of hope for more than seventy five percent. it has a lot of expertise that can compare the sting of globalization which is about the energy efficient housing destinations betrayal
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towards her. seafood um which is about. the no energy transport you have to support each other. you can always pick to the sin of the political cost. i say cooperation between the eu and in the j common use is vital to the health of he ol rocha locally caught me a or assess the two sides benefit from a lack of flatness of it's a complex being joke graphically far pots. but he says interdependence and defence security cultural and education exchanges and human rights cou runucheepe mae an impenetrable who is the most important part of an investment and trust. and if this neutral costs can be established at a time. it might also put the visitors that wasn't the best in the best time for this you cannot make this book. eu china diplomatic relations dates back to nineteen seventy five the eu china strategic partnership was
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launched into south and three it's is going to cover a multitude of at risk including business opportunities and national security and run into protection and academic exchanges. seen on cctv. you watching cctv means a chinese navy man to coach at colton he shot past the pontiff of the philippines to offer assistance to survive is a time when i get and she is bringing three hundred hospital beds and plans to provide gone full of cash that is venturing into the defences and they feel intense anti zombie is no secret to it that bombs to medical assistance including c t scan as it did tell x ray machines all they can generate as a black eye and compressed and systems is accompanied by a naval landing ship and to carry a base that had caught this
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dozens of special forces ninety three magical like this and that welcomes us to read the facts that are on board the ship and this doesn't seem to have a beach experience is a disaster relief and rescue. antioch is expected to meet you one of the west to daddy as a child lock up the sweet table each and they join an international flotilla of naval ships to heed of that food awards and max into the beacons. it's china's of us naval mission for humanitarian medical eight to a foreign country. well the fast action to read the plaque is from china has survived many had two assists to lead the aftermath of thoon heidi and i'm the team consists of a team and is sent by the red cross society of china. now it bee expected to be for symbian the affected area of tact of insulin and stay there for fifteen days that's by the vice president of the chinese red cross society. he is teaching a writing many don't the state they turn to the plane home
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in china is due to take two thousand tents medicine and medical equipment to the piece on the area on saturday. woohoo down to go to the dollar which fraudsters sixties when eaten any court ends at five twenty five square meets heading for its bulletins with bel rules medically equipment including x ray machines on the part relates his address places. this is not to be in all future hospital and it treats the engine as soon as possible as well as what sport star in the arts break and spread epidemics. he philippines is now turning towards rebuilding the last daddy is so bad that i attack on high and the un estimates the full recovery efforts could take as long as five years. so what other lessons that can be learned from the south bank towns of prepari for such strong beams up respond until the jam into one tiny evidence that there was no single custody. these are
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the center of storm passing day he comes up. it was a storm so strong. oas sn it like a fool. we serve a three hundred kilometers an hour and a wall of war to three meters high is the truth in them like a tsunami. could anything be done to limit the damage safe minds. one tiny island close to the eye of storm sublime moment. the term deal. just on the northern tip of the commode designs. local councilor am and could boss told me what happened. it was to be a stormy history of our iman. i saw everything that happened. always doing the one dated back to me. i was swatching is my house was destroyed was awful the bungling. it was a double the design and had been expecting it takes two. and that rehearsed what to do the woman didn't the news if you practice the drills twice
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already because this is a special area of the campbell geese island and rendered role who would bring covering and food and shelter in school. no moving around the small village you can pin the tail. because of the training until they gone through the full the stone when the typhoon actually stuck on a single person who was killed when did and although there was considerable damage because they were so well denies a week late to miss the damage could be repaired. i welcome the damaged houses has been swift. the seven hundred strong community has pulled together. and the fishing goods on which the un and to streamline also supplied pulled out of the sea and tied down the fishermen are already back. but in the open areas had taken the same precautions of somebody that they will if they had been compared to with evacuated to the mountain areas because they're seawall was in high enough. the wave that came in was cute but other areas of
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the commode designs will that mean it. and then still in desperate need of me the local school teaches the holding costs is to keep the children occupied. they say they still lack basic supplies. eight i had a sleep aid the others. he didn't know. i'm now it isn't enough because it off but just enough rope on. back on the line and line has almost returned to normal. and it was thanks to basic preparations and awareness the least people supply tony ching cctv columbia and the philippines. all parties in south africa say the main contract and working on and on and finish them all the caps county state did not have permission to proceed with building lack direction as the one only one present in so far confirmed dead from being sick and the seventh and got the criminal investigation. the ccp scott
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hansen reports from us. tom got me a cd of death. new new new. the search for some odd is that this is no clean up operation. but coles staff olds in several towns in shanxi concrete slabs and maybe more bodies. but most somehow state debt. some residents on to show som weakness them under the building collapsed. when this type of voting. jennifer naidu was hanging washing in the front yard just meets is the way she can hardly believe sia many supplies to the conclusion that the matter and all the more common. i thought that that is one one two the attack. it would take. it should be devastating. at the cars that made you cry. i've never seen
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something like that. rescue teams were three cannot wait to see it up to fifty construction workers can be trapped. it is daylight need the makeshift casualty tally changed little. twenty six hospitalized and eleven of them still critical. coming up. one of the cold from the rubble gets to be identified. but this is now turning to whether these tragedy should it be known for its wealth or seasoning to some african company called rectangular investment holdings is the main contractor the site to my site. a once close to the building here anyway because back in march they refuse the planning application. but despite that i started with anyone. what would. and often a media briefing questions centered on why it called tool that supports happen the enforced officials said they were acting on legal process which simply tipped on the employment and installing
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an auto color. getting into bed beside me that the decision was taken to slap a fit enough to follow through with it tonight and took. the come find me and boy was that it withdrew from the gulf to feel confident. the colossal you whip up that night the forensics will begin to scallop the same from the state to find out exactly how things happen. and the still silent crime scene as i was suppose to get the piano. one deceased. we believe this is the case of the drum set and it would take it from the department data. reno police may emerge in the coming days. about a tragedy that could easily have been so much what's going to miss and cctv some dots of africa. i roll a heroine has long been considered zappos of the american dream. the white assisting in the us that and that i'll become a reality for just one goal up to a now
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full program to help rehabilitate and lead us to powerhouse. chris bond and shadows it cause i reports from gary indiana. there is only leading by four dollars these days an american but in gary indiana the dollar could buy new homes as part of india's efforts to sing for city the once thriving industrial town in america's heartland. gary is now in silence. though it was found with abandon homes almost in every way to go in the population lives in the top with one small as this build a committee. i don't know what they can do about it. the more were no new jobs into steve's inside and businesses. the result of a shrinking steel industry it's down once depended on that was on his way the snakes smith aaron freeman wilson's this is some of the city's estimated ten
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thousand abandoned structures will come to know what others that seemed rather settle for a dollar then let them rot and bring down the value of the entire neighborhood. you may have won the two houses on the block and maybe abandoned the rest of the houses are well kept yard to try and use to be able to get people in those other two homes now own the changes and improves the appearance of the block and raises property values. it increases safety the attacks to apply you must be a resident of gary half the money to rehabilitate the house and lived t twenty five years before assuming full ownership. it could cost between fifteen and twenty thousand dollars to meet them in the house like this one this is still believe in the great deal from the residence of gary data offering them a chance to own a home. the lease agreement is one of them. she's leaving
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the area purple i have never owned a home to get a house for a dollar. he fixed it up in five years or have the keys to it. that's a great opportunity. where else can you go into the house but dollar. we are. no way. and that's exactly what the mayor wants others to believe as well. in the scope of the city police to call home the building of fortunes one house at a time. mirza cuz on cctv gary indiana. and about another twenty is not the fifty s and the history of the international space station in west bay school construction is still going strong and still is bs and that lockhart the six astronauts from the us russia and japan on board the station. the stories a notation of astronauts happen to any of this month three astronauts from russia icky and us pretend to laugh on november the eleventh together with them lest the two thousand and fourteen of the dead but he told me to
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russian astronauts that broke it down to have seen a tv movie on at the torch fast space pulled an eia says was built by the combined at the confined space agency's station supplies more design yet launched from russia. on november the twenty twenty is a nineteen ninety eight that's all for this news update on the domain beijing the week. the us. woo
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woo woo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. the us the ira. welcome to the world knows one and you know tommy in tokyo here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the workers at the gym and i need to have removed a lot of nuclear fuel from the reactor building operation that is essential to the commissioning of the plan. national delegates charting their response to climate change are arguing over who's to


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