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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  November 21, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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i do. i mean. in it. you you little one. the event. yours
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i know. news line. watch him the other top stories we're talking for you on thursday the twenty first of the temple. the song lyrics in u s troops to it. for those knitted socks says does that. this fight given a twist on strike in all this on his own. i know this and goes places for cycling. ah for the dts least five people were killed on the others were injured in the human
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storm attack in north houston office on monday and thursday it is typed on to the standard in all of india all five of the food was hung with district. they're an attack outside the country's just in time or region or so kids who picks including both the image on wisconsin though this picture the dough off the hook on the nitro. but it is auctioned off to the front are the bomb. the strike comes a day off to prominence in the washer these foreign affairs advisor on tuesday's win at the bottom of debriefing of us had the shortest sum of all i could not be in a drone attacks in peace talks between the top winds of the pockets on and on our own and i miss them the author of windows that began in kabul on thursday his wooden consultations on the security pact that is likely to see lost in presence of american forces in the balkan country his report. the git go council attended by some to
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pose and five hundred of god as the notables comes a day off. the problem and washington struck a deal defining the skin of us committed to the peasants off to the dog don't know what the mash tun april fools is fixed it. discussions have been going between the two countries. when you give it a go beyond the fact that for the piano. see the stitch detail from the polls in front of the troops to the fallen of the decade the fortitude of him not to be but that will allow foreign military presence on the eve of the un forces to combat the abundance of jeans the grunt of the comet as i exited the business of trust between both the nations. oh i will be called on participants to keep a
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conference in front of that decision is easy to read solidarity with those. costa a dough forms. it's a pity the decision of the g does not binding on the president the kids and its recommendations to the father that it would. the bob on his second film will be the memos the people. all seems to be heading to let them know the political creed all off to the mall is addictive tuesday's ballot the announcement came up to the shop defeat of the aunties chief and former prime minister. bush becoming the head it is tender the top of it are the attitudes happened the ballot boxes will be transported from polling stations to confront this afternoon i stick them all in school on two hundred and fifty seven seats in the previous election are trading at a distant third place after that is out so far. the particle risk of becoming as aunty of people have won in seven seats each and the ball was coming on the inner tubing in the seat the card number of photos have cost about it and if you send it off. you should do and political instability in
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the one image. increased exploitation and corruption not getting the sense of de dion and the affiliation among the people are off to the bus stop. india did not defend against what people called the pakistan government and the same period to adjust the problems begin if the sun and time intensive and insulated contents and nine. i promise to give autonomy to the beach and maybe stretching and insisting that it set up a tent it is testament to this new positions. the ordinance however tend to be yet another ploy to extend a sense that all local media say. the tv. a bomb on it with that. obama couple who
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wanted a wall or what. some of the day. it's a weekend of the day. which means us. i was. they would find me. arm in arm on the album. this was out with the new to me the state of jammu and kashmir to get it but the sun has been illegally occupied that pakistan for more than six decades down the back of the execution until the saying i make to the present is that delights the corruption and he said no one will be provided by the upa get there. was spot on corruption in the title not too runny. little does he. on the weekend was a long does it at the ipa the group will be affected. we are made sunday is the surest love posted here. i'm not sensitive to the needs of the locals and the result is that the teaching continues to be mired in poverty
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the longer the adl five. on the chin up and this is untrue and that is the view outside kicking the ball with the economy. oh my. i'm what it says it all is when one said that we as humans the chunky just meaning that as long as the summer but is not willing to devote hours to get its elected representatives. he said modifying the time the woman is in london that day. then he added. the fbi and the api and went to the outside successive pakistani governments have always kept up the hike its canteen tenth
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inning cents to ten nation for the people of kenya as it seeks to increase. but it is continuous be suppressed the banks of the people of duty and denying them the most basic constitutional and human rights. we all started impediment to freeze it in poppy song song festival go to spawn in five persons and injured twenty others on thursday. deep often explosion in provincial capital quetta destroyed because of the front of color and damaged nearby buildings the broth to the four of the seas off explosions from the province which is being in the trade off separatist insurgency. but the last twenty four i was. two people appeared unto others but could only learn that on wednesday. the exclusion of the border town of timing at this two posts in synch aunt entertainment on third and last insult they sell off will continue to stall to his destination go up. the next ten days to see the screening of the best in the blog
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awesome the forty five national contest. yes a feat which began in the ninety is a celebration of davis and cuts has an artistic values the annual event which got off to the king stacked in the west in seaside city on wednesday also saw the culmination of the year long celebration of one hundred years of indian cinema. intuition is him an easter bunny and collect e finance chairman of the credit to finance its existing hash of the state actors in a custom paint job on the occasion. it is that kanye has sent an email could she make a change from appreciate the nice spanked none of the cake that i am not and if the financing but also hunted for their contribution to indian cinema monday was back then but he didn't month. the sun and the number of indian films this inanity of the year award. six then make nj names as john lott has opened the festival. names and wisconsin been acknowledged as the czech new wave cinema received the coveted lifetime
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achievement award. the not the function also got to get the academy award winning hollywood actors says it's on and on and in active use and i can magically tv and call this technique at the insta called. so many. there is the main thing. other artists here. what cheating sunday hundred and twenty six films from seventy six countries to make his and technicians are hosting a series of classic classes. it said being in macon ga and ask that it takes is touting the fact that jerry the radio or up and here. boss he owns an hour. i should said you
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can't have the best of cash in hand. until today. a vote of these alternate. it's been the next day because it's fun and iginla has cool safari in africa eighty minute presentation. that's the audience asking for more to him after he gets northeast unseen since the highlight of the event with nineteen films included in the package. japan is chosen as the focus country the segment dedicated to simply sit and spin the closing film of the test which was none too this month and the mend and a long walk to the jim crow came the iconic south african leaders like. garden centers in the real thing going with me and then fall by friday often known in the making of the department said. the site on its own packing of wind speed of seventy five miles of low is expected to cross
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on the conditions close to this it's often a note on my teapot dome. mass indoctrination is on the ria middle of the awesome when told that the mistakes which i expected to be the bull escaped. the southern cities or states with the incessant rains and winds. i'm walking my dog. a little with his second hundred in the ap india's eastern coast off the side and they did the cover and although i'm living with a shot last month i need the traditional mediums and that the state that gets killed. the wood destroying property and infrastructure worth billions when that ended with god that they did it again. did he go on happening. taking the sox this one much i owe it to an inch of mind the sun revealed that only sings on the day this week and get readyelle
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the art. if you name it is not only successfully getting set to tackle it at the box office. but that it acted with the to be in that state it again. sunday gill who was last seen in this family outing of the party of the one i do it early this year said in mumbai that she was still in the offing would be of cycling. given that the gardac- something. it's true the system. with the unit. many be. he said come on the date it is still worrying about to pull them and takes my views on this team. they got the costume together in the hdb cabinet in the game. the needs of the catalans she got the not
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until the music composers and saying this or that began at midnight on enjoying it. his second match at the home office with the other week i did on cardstock and go from glee tdp i'd be excited. hm i was steamed up the deal would cost to the hyatt in sussex is to say no one is perfect the big bed and then his favourite act it is said and some cd's that i can see that pakistani go to bed i was sick. the city subsidized was the hardest to keep it going to stick them to the richmond cookbook our little group the essence of the treaty is just a li'l for that to a listed entity this one is tea and simply naive the bottom the gnome on low income and wealth. a good idea died as he was a flight to corruption and injustice. the house to see miss penny and is in its
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detection system. sometimes the cost cuts to human and inhuman. does he. you have to say one. it was installed the show this evening but before we conclude that the authorities wanted. it's a new list of state. but as with the process goes on. but in a spot in the navy was the site in northwest arkansas. i knew as east and goes places cos i don't care
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additionally its use in town tomorrow. i know. a staff has always been about reviewing the region's greatest valley was like gt h the cradle of humanity. john bolton is like this one the men enjoy greater incentive to get rearranged geology top of the flora and fauna every few hundred units. the new and rejuvenation occurred again in east africa this time through technology. some say an internet revolution is underway in africa as its coal is a broadband internet than centered on kenya. i know. ms joke three places but the stuff because i found them. it's indian ocean city of mombasa. his links to
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the various submarine internet cables that connect africa europe and asia the johannesburg based development bank of southern africa specializes in financing africa's information communications technology sector. memphis old as the ict sector the cables and does dishes and devices that connect people to the internet and tv that the us we are. bob's experience that admission that the next six. if one looks at the underwater sea cables and seek on wanting to use the cable east coast of africa. and the envisaged that includes mental cable the opportunities that exist for that occasional of ict products the bed as it is all off the set of gorgeous the cables and the andean set to rights. makes me afraid we think that's in the next two years the african continent will change. change is already underway in kenya
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where it tries to establish the government is moving whole sectors of national administration online the us peers. all this little ball on the investment in the new government but that was going on in prospect. we have up a video box in front of them well. we didn't ever do without what he would n comment on the one which is not a total confusion. it's a muscle that in this. then we have done. i must buy bubble tea which links to this form of a calm peace. it's just the beginning. kenyans could soon skip a whole generation of standing in line filling in forms and mailing in checks. kenya is aiming to kill them one mobile phone what's weird is doing well he said. they sold at a distance with the makeup. and the muscle to stick with stuffed with it. we want the kitchen's moresby from
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when the mall buying for the course teaches you to access the test will come away get to sport within the comp. as governments use the continent's whitening internet access to increase efficiency. so does comments which has tossed forces studying pocahontas roll bands to business how do we promised the crisis using it using accidentally phones we have and clean this up dead in this program transfers are next to the will of its well established in east africa is pitching in. it's been such is providing up to date global real time. this crisis should be shown. and then today so that they are standing up and it's daily basis. development experts say it's well worth african countries interesting in
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broadband infrastructure as a top priority. even at the fruits of railways and due to the streets. that's because information communications technology ict will ultimately allah and enable the other investments one of those ports and rail systems the buildings to be the official ict infrastructure so touching he he he the neighboring countries to ict has other sectors. it was the twenty oh six and has been on crutches with such discussion. a simple kinda been brutal it's fifty five. i think need to move with the bill and more. but you can get to visit mumbai with a deceitful a week or so. easy of use to promote this and can induce me. that entice you to use it at the same time you can do better to own when you open
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it is the atmosphere to italian drama crimes nothing and no one are what or who the scene. not distinguished looking on the way. now police officers not only yours. my children or even centuries. eleven it's the other. mom don't answer that. determined to see the need for sunsets its inspector frank the stunningly was laid back manner belies his drive to get the truth. ay ay ay ay ay ay. the is the role as a fast salome is that. the chain the team. the team this week
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as a lucas and earnings. it's too soon. mary's ability to uncover the truth may be his greatest strength. it also gets them in constant conflict with his superiors sydney nsw women also don't like the real thing. it is something that is what got them into the tickets are one of the final two commandments so relieved. among the multitudes. the canaries for the school called karma the new issue. the christian relief only to him. mason wanted the name of the stall most of the time he maintains an impasse and exterior which masks ever present grief over the death of his wife were having a stunningly good. kendra is even prettier. as for corso when the testimony of the mountains. the series
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this into question. i am two heat. i'm listening. do woohoo who has a huge need the cake. six. the eight zero she would see it. he's not comfortable with other people's expressions of feeling. which leads to what may be one of the italian television's most genuinely awkward moments the kid. i
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saw one of them. fall in crime stunned and enthusiastic television audience in italy. we ran for three seasons between two thousand five and two thousand ninety eight the story is based on the novels of malaria for a seat which became popular for their sense of history and their exploration of the aisle causes of crime only two of his novels have been translated into english and the book serve as a departure point for the series episodes rather than providing specific storyline. mary is played by a local bar for us he who brings a depth to his trail of a complicated man. in addition to his acting career barbara. he is a well known figure in italy because of his political involvement having served as a member of parliament since two thousand eight he became famous in nineteen eighty three his association with the notorious horror film cannibal holocaust. a film so
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unrealistic its director was arrested on murder charges barbara. he was one of four actors killed in the film who sign contracts requiring them to stay out of all media for year. in order to fuel rumors that the film was an actual snuff movie. all the contracts were canceled and the actors appeared on a tv show where the charges against the filmmaker drop and. the issue. human skin the love interest in fighting crime displayed by russian actress natasha stott can you tell who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as a popular tv host. before stephanie who became famous as the model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow study metal engineering. stir until smooth. status the students
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i salute you can see it. i know. main character in the series is the river hull it shakes alinsky the climate and the lives of people who live on it stinks both rich and four. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen. power to set its history can never be fully understood. mueller says people also are. and it also hides their seats. secrets that one station are just covered by people like signposts neri who have eyes to see. ay ay ay ay ay. i
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think what you say balanced especially as best they were working on with the fact that i've run a charity for disabled and the refugee children our parents. mason's kids. i studied with kids and the year two thousand and one prior to september eleven on because i was watching the news knows this is bombing in sydney. and i just like that and ias like wow we are creating an entire generation disabled people that no one knows what to do i felt the need to go back there in tucson. when i first went to work with the kids i had no idea why. i didn't. ii
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top twenty of the haitian refugee camp knew no one knew nothing and was just like ok it's cabbage onion and do that. to those of you who have never been to a refugee camps is so porous that riding swimming attend this long to write down who is and kids. millions and millions of foreign hungry kids and i was going to be their ultra clean and shoes and glasses and clothes and all the while protecting myself the most gorgeous or he too has been by the way we can. yet they are disgusting and rife with disease. the first time i ever walked into an orphan is this thing ran up to me with a fragile growing and it's on next day i wake up. knowing my eye. i go out to get some edits and when at that exact moment i can. and tied to the back of the country. my kidnappers. the women of
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the cave. they have decided i need an extreme make over refugee detention. they stripped me down and start weekly. straighten my hair with an actual fire. and then they put me in six inch heels and marched me through the canyon. these people took care of me and i had no choice but to keep taking care of that. i still have no not that i still hate kids. i have seven hundred and thirty two killed the lower animals that call my own. i loved him many of them of us understand how god into the meat section as for disabled some of these people need to head to chat. so i sigh as posted on this program that focuses on getting kids into college getting kids to study getting kids to graduate getting the kids of lost both their parents have someone over their head saying ok you
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hav on education scholarships. and i feel like it may soon skip that step it's a. all welcome to watch it all started out on the up coming up on us and afghanistan looks like after western troops to pull out as elders in kabul votes he played fifteen thousand years the troops down another decade. because i just went to the case of problems we are one year. french forces there pulls out the taliban are in bold with government


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