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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 21, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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hav on education scholarships. and i feel like it may soon skip that step it's a. all welcome to watch it all started out on the up coming up on us and afghanistan looks like after western troops to pull out as elders in kabul votes he played fifteen thousand years the troops down another decade. because i just went to the case of problems we are one year. french forces there pulls out the taliban are in bold with government
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forces seemed the least schools have closed. his return to taiwan but inevitable for twelve years on. are we witnessing and analysts warned you'll see an exclusive report. and if asked. to date. we'll also be checking in with how avoiding harm and he'll watch segment he's been in the newsroom and say hello once again thank you toss well. these are the headlines. t people arrested in london on to the discovery of three women can they save the health care system decades. all the sites indicates his involvement that said france's interior minister on to the rest of us that hiking back up in connection with recent shootings impacts. among the pike been ringing in arsenal to the ica is that the fighting members of the comedy great announcing the state shape for next year people in the sixties had been arrested in south london after police discovered three
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women they've described as traumatized. scotland yard says the women were released after being held against their will for more than thirty years. we were sixteen people in their sixties an address to them but this part of the u s a guy from slavery and domestic servitude. we'll contact you don't talk about what freedom charity. off to buy had received a call from winning side to go by with dana held against their will but an address in london for more than thirty years. for further investigation. we were able to identify the house with light were being held. with the help of sins to confess negotiations contacted for the charity three women. eight sixteen o one year old from malaysia fifty seven year old from islands. and it fits the role which each woman. roll rescued. new polls for a woodland walk slightly traumatized and what i can see places like that. with
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light green eye. now the acp scorsese human trafficking unit says he's never seen anything of this magnitude before. so i expect our correspondent in london they didn't expect you and you tell me the women discovered a few days ago. you'd be hoping to be revealed on how that applies to cool. i'm just a few weeks again and it was actually a result of a report on british television that the nra a team. but we can tell that to a breaking news story on the other three women full report on which tv which that was the founder of the tactical but we didn't actually that was that the technique on four matches and won the king of the two on the big one the goal that they must come to some sort of agreement that sixty nine year old naked women the fifty seven year old irish woman and the gilchrist woman. the result of the fifteen that the ice woman managed to come a point to call the county
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the cherokee then at the top of the women increasingly when they could break that these women are highly traumatized but told with caring for them live. we have limited control. we didn't get to the top which we know nathan helped london in the number of it and it was the result of that but then attack to contact the police the cake out of the women were up way too cool to cold with the government today released a few days to get out of the two people who elected the one holding them captive. a man and woman. to keep at it though the morning a minute and in both london and they are being questioned and held in the mountain station. it's so intense and science and hundreds and that is confusing me of the kings of this conspiracy theories after wednesday's kept at them and a nice french basic our confidence as the gunman who targeted media and banking offices in past books
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is imagined as the months makes its mark edwards has the latest on the investigation. with the hunts for the price gunman down to the investigators of piecing together more information on and finicky to count and a state of mind surrounding the shootings. the fifty two year old was arrested on wednesday nights as in a semi conscious in a car in an underground car park. it cuts off the invitation on pills keaton has the rest of friends he met the coll thirteen years previously in london and he sometimes gave him shelter when he visited the capital. often recognizing his fate on tv he tipped off the police arrested the fugitives whereabouts. the informants confronted him and said that the common connected to the shootings. the chemo as they were bowled on the way to the underground carpark where he was discovered abdel hakim told him his tenants. instead it is like a pic1ata and told him briefly about the events of the french newspaper de brasil he said the community through. also tended to
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the police bike across friend an undated letter highlighting the potential mate to bed when she thinks the pieces she took the kids isn't like wolves. this keeps the media in a spending limit division of the mouths of those journalists who were paid to employees of the beasties to citizen employee and of course open to the teeth yet. he then turned to mrs capitalism of the suburbs are on what you want is to de humanize enterprise objected to an art section of a combination of the puzzle is the capital the society doesn't fall into production alone on the move the calm was already named to the old aunties. he previously been jailed r his role in the notorious nineteen ninety four killing spree. providing a weapon that was used by young couple to kill three policemen and the taxi driver. however in his psychiatric examination of the time expense makes it nice signs of madness the tendency for storytelling and even mine. the tension mounts estate sale at the base is neatly anything in geneva. all this i'd say the talks are constructed well pounds are struggling to
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finalize an interim deal to cut two wrongs make a program in exchange the sanctions relief. covering those talks for us is our correspondent john aside cost as he joins me now from geneva. doncaster and i stand and jump shot but as i read on behind closed doors again nothing can think of. they had done to action today. you can keep out they were told that it chokes but won at six o'clock feeding but that diplomatic sources on the back of the power that have meeting at the map of the time being not take it like having a little boys. i mixed up yet with that obp shake nerang and to contact the capitals and a clear instruction but at all and the bleeding had yet to take place between the foliage i left out the girly a meeting with varying have constructed at ten p and that they would
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be negotiating inch by inch thick. that was the optimistic side of things about the political hurdles and the capitals for the live a result of these adults contending that iraq can you get them active and change the range would get a meeting of the sanctions though. it will lead the fbi no opt out and that will know how things play out in a group or with the then minister of lying if they like dying minutes but i'm not lying. thanks john thomas are constants are forcing from geneva. ukraine has ordered a stop to preparations for an historic trade deal with the eu the sauce and peas rejected a bill that would've allowed jailed opposition leader yulia tymoshenko to travel abroad for medical treatments instead get as comprising the creation of the trial astro trade commission between ukraine and russia and the eu to see how small
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the opposition parents. as of six trips to the bill already rejected one. yet there. on thursday the parliament failed to gather the two hundred and twenty six votes needed to pass the motion with only a hundred and ninety five lawmakers in fever. the legislation would have allowed it you into a tinker to travel abroad for medical treatment. the weaker the signing of the landmark treaty creamy brie and new the opposition the ruling party is to be held responsible. it's the it spreads to get a call which is personal responsibility for stopping the movement of ukraine towards the european union. because unocal which didn't want to pull them all it is hard to get to go. for the first european officials have clearly made her really sad condition to sign the historic deal but the twenty seven nation bloc was on a recon ukraine to use these final hours and come to a solution. the rule of law is a crucial arefor
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the bridge that leads to europe. after that the president can you prove it said ukraine had decided to halt the work towards an agreement with eu countries under pressure from its neighbor russia to join its own customs union which has extended calories. russia sees it as a potential rival to the eu. the year tim clark also believes that judicial campaign against you it would take place politically motivated. she was sentenced to seven years in prison in two thousand eleven on charges of abuse of power over against deal with madison at monte python fans the surviving members of the comedy great on tv nights for a night of one option in chennai on the family has the story. after more than thirty years the getting back together. the five surviving members of monty python in and so was he a new stage show for next year in melbourne. true to form it was hard for journalists to get a straight answer as of
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them why not. it noted . his rule. small the mudgee point in revolution has comedy in the nineteen sixties and seventies with it's a real brand of humor. i've been loving it. one usually for british comedy became hugely popular even in translation the tv show for films and a string of tv appearances note to say that it has no hidden costs before serving as long as that easy. a year
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yes it is unstoppable. not for him to get rid off. all topics. the creeks and there are no plans yet for its war but the mice happen. one thing's for sure is john key's is retired from the ministry of silly walks having undergone hip replacement operation . six minis in finance and say that it was so awful that it takes more serious stuff they expect their pride in the newsroom. today in the fall and get to be an exclusive sneak peek into what afghanistan's future might look like he's exactly a year ago france withdrew the last of its forces almost exclusively station in pisa province reporters went there to see how the afghan army is faring on its own. they found was increasingly emboldened taliban insurgency. food for thought as the united states in the afghans negotiate a
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fifteen thousand foreign troop presence. ap beyond next year's draw down deadline. this government delegation that govern delegation from afghanistan travel to neighboring pakistan for talks with the same taliban which east from kumble twelve years ago today the falls and gets a date. we're asking if it's the endless war in afghanistan where this from time she and her mom former un deputy special representative for afghanistan. peter gall breadth of the center for arms control and nonproliferation welcome back to the shows. i'm just back from kumble conflict management consultants and scholar funny needs of young and tea and scones and gets very on the left jacinto husband gets in a region join the conversation on facebook and twitter are packed and two for two dates. for good or panel let's go to that story one year after the french co op in afghanistan returned to the piece the province it
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said four reports the calls and gets investigated news magazine. it's a story read by the crumb sing. i'm like come on it fly. this is the day begins. this movie any area of strategic importance of the outskirts of kabul. the artillery is pummeling time and post it discovered the night before more than were gone so long to hear that they typically the soldiers of god that this demonstration of force. it's not easy for them tonight the targets are two of our songs to listen. the busiest week of trust. mexico at the moment than a year ago the french army declared that the downstream by them. when ready to take on the so sianz we then got to see what's become of the region. defrost controlled the house of may
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to the full four years whether or not. on sat. oh wait i'll try them and often what did i would like us. he tried to make it for thirty minutes. everything's under control. it's up to and so we can be sure we can achieve speak to them and they told us to talk to the same spot checks. sixty eight french troops most of my spicing is the taliban. this is wrong mission accomplished. or an exercise in futility. later that morning we joined ahmed units from the two zero one four. trained by the french is considered one of the best in the country. its mission is to defend the ski routes used by nature corn boys on their way to kabul. six the french were told that on a bus attacks has to do chemo this village. i live. this
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year. while. with me. today the us to know me just note that the ton about it on to the money in the spinach frontline troops situ with the period. the goal was to protect my disposal team from an ambush. i didn't realize my needs. the rebels pushed to the veterans and a ton of time are now on to them much closer to people okay good on the mine. a move that quickly the traders me in french but the technology is american united states to spend several billion dollars to print this on. for it horizons. this time still then again the on going
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struggle to overcome this. to get their hands and no protection. he'd managed to defuse the mind. the bus. but don't go there you go it's okay now. once the hearts and that everyone will. just you the soldiers begin searching the horses for good returns they lack conviction. with the aid of poland. look under here. the only blanket the soldiers know that the inhabitants will say that they haven't seen all good anything. in their eyes most of the spinach is a proton about. an air of the bomb and
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i have the same game. he's sweet tea. to be that as few people face of it and about to do with it. they're all future said about it you can tell just by looking at the horrible faces. i did before. mine has been found just outside his men's room the soldiers have no choice but to interrogate or not the best moderate i've never seen any time about here. he never comes visited it yet so for those who know about the whole convoy you die. my sweats ago and all the things they came in front of you who didn't see anything. i once won a game. the mountains in the night so we didn't see them. we knew that in this blissful two percent of the people supposed to. it's within corporations that
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the taliban are able to draw lines here. i know that he's dying because he's scared of telling the truth. he's scared of what will happen and that i haven't come again through the mountains today it's a ton of time along with dozens of other rebel groups really don't know in pakistan to be on the president's fuss invisible. we managed to get in touch with one of them the islamic emirate of cuisine. the two thousand and eight is carried out what to do keeps attacks on the french army soldiers were d the meeting we had to travel deep into town about ten or treat. and even tinted view is the spokesman. it is possible that school really for this reason the country he said that he did accept that it might also have to record the interview. we have procedures. my commander wants to keep track of the question you ask. and the answers i give. in the villages men like him and forced the dictates of
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the talent time. make sure you press record and will sit here the dual mode dial to my aid when we've been wanting to talk to a french channel for quite a long time now what a geek and we want the whole world to know that the french lost to bore you indeed the list after losing a lot of their people. i dunno what good is to allow him to do this race last week the taliban were locals and about the kids with their hasty retreat to the robbed us of a clear victory to handle. d hope we have to admit that they were good soldier. oh and he never shot at civilians even if we were hiding in houses and shooting at them from windows. one of the afghan army should see anything that moves in the names maximum damage to the north of a double shift our wives and children. they have destroyed our homes and killed or captured in a bondage that i wanted to. we just talked into view because of the costs of some overhead america is constantly patrolled the region. but in a few months they too would
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be. tom and i have already declared victory. i wanted it although the government controls the main road and the foreign bases in detail everything else. so i could do the pathetic that it ended up but the afghan army is a band of mercenaries paid by foreign. with abundant twenty eight stops blowing it with you to do his mercenaries to win the money runs out they'll stop sign and inanimate so it can either go to town to town on business divisions special forces often conducts night operations. we've been trying for weeks to get permission to film one such operation and finally one night the summons by the afghan army. we're going to lead an operation into the mountains we have obtained information about any of that so are you ready. ok that's good in
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the crockpot the movements of the corner of time spokes and proceeds will be the key understand what's going on the tanks still a few hundred meters from the base the golden lights switched on. yes this is when you do the upgrade. men don't have night vision equipment. you still have more time with delight. the us. i chanced to irene. the prison i knew what he doing in a soldier's uniform. take time to time struggles to keep a straight face. ok get his clothes off
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the baby come from. it's just that. but taken away whatever the situation begs the question of if it's so easy to catch them. one of the american succeeded. we have a lot of experience. our tactics of the vatican. we surround them to death no possibility of counterattack scattered into couscous on the honesty of nights at the time and i became so so the two kabul. he's full of french special forces was late to be conscious. these identity because the french of course his advice to not to speak to journalists. if he does his visa requests can be turned down. this is their
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sole nominee this is me and this is the job. sarah at the end of the nation of french the baggy eyes and can be so in love even though he's from chapters so you can no longer go back because the taliban before of war and the french forces and government was over there the situation was the true name of the unknown but right now the situation is worse because the can can be counted for trading and do what you want like him hundreds of guns fuel and even betrayed by those he wants. i need to get the look of the kids. for five taleban leaders held monday as i need to see that if someone is working with the story and others. he is and if you don't like he's a spy. as they race you know that it could be the captive community. can't you at once over a year now. this translates as good way to the keys of the french
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promised him if he doesn't get it soon he says he tried to reach europe in the city the signs of abandonment of visible across the region coalition was suppose to build schools and hospitals to win hearts and minds. from the capital. the speech of the most to us. this morning the following contents of this is officially in caps samir son is going on an inspection tour. he knows everyone in the region and recognize the islamic militants. the pots on their motorbikes. i don't not an art making i was using it looks. the acting is i want want want want want was isolated but he's good news only when you clip the ticket
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i would say. tasted it and the bonus question there's a consensus to negotiate its symptoms. the comedy skits health care without the exposed to the overseas exchange it for white protection to medical centers like this one. that's why doctors are never used to do a ton of time to go the music and comfy there one of the opposition runs out of medicine. or if they don't have some say that they will send a request to the health ministry until tell us what the bnp and that the malawi have to steal because i decided not to differentiate between people even on political grounds could help set the order. he uses his stories remain rooted entry even though the international community has invested several million dollars cap or so says two thousand and one. the money was enthusiastically spent the greater need for a good calls. awesome arizona has seen too many broken promises this construction site for some pool to the big state to the us hospital serving
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the time province. where did it start. on the toes and text on it cos the post to be competitive at a then eighteen months not to be cut and because investors afraid to travel to the region via puts us down to inspect and four chicks but this only increases the likelihood of funds the new missiles according to the doctor says the french left eighty percent of all development projects in cups of noodles operational wish that the companies are spending their minimum and are delivering sub standard buildings and those who could oppose them have closed their eyes because of corruption that we now have this construction mess and missed deadlines an abandoned car to stop lowest international community insists on getting this project done. this is where dentist and will look like it and it had been shot which road is now the country to supply its own international meets. out of a civilian casualties still humorous. this is a crummy camp on the outskirts of kabul. this is refugees of
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the central kiev. within five years ago. the displaced is to continue to flood in. more than twelve hundred people the cap is at maximum capacity. the look that up with the likes his coffee. he said we are seeking to upset them. i do mean that the past that i'm about to board a government solution that we prefer to be nice to get that thing a week. she'd lost his father in an attack three years ago. his uncle's death in a ball last last we convinced him to leave despite the horror is the time he has lost touch the stroke of luck. it's been given the last of the vote and to count. much of protection against couples i see night's dinner. winter is coming and we have no protection against the colts should only be it studies the ritz can't hate them despite the tough conditions bashir wanted to keep his family away from the war
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they are used to go to school that event but as ha was what a fun twist over yes the potential damage to the chicken what happened when the left who work hard for. my goal. we couldn't get any more. my eye. there were many from us. the house. i get the one who was taunting the bones. we don't stay there and allow you to let the children would come to mind. they couldn't stand on a minute will be killed by but it's soo good. they don't like the french a year ago the americans to have decided to put toward the troops next year. no matter what it's safe to say that the taunts of the time to time. this is ruby. it's just a taste of what's to come within the last of the coalition troops finally be done it's done. story for reporters the fall spent at investigative news magazine
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moving again. reactions to that story and to the plan for afghanistan. what with the fifteen thousand us led troops. perhaps due to stay on for another decade stay with us all stand today. when you need. that one. the video size. like his dad. i get
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the metaphor resume the false think it's a good sample of the stories lawrence in the it will be falling for you. at the top of the armature on false and death and munster and wanted to rest. after the rescue of three women claiming to have been held in a home is domestic sleeps for thirty years. all the facts indicate he's the one so says france's interior minister after the arrest of a suspect in connection with the recent shootings at a paris newspaper and the press. in ukraine suspense due to the eu trade deal the preparations. this actor and he's reject a bill that would've allowed the release of jailed opposition leader you get to hang. those stories are much more fit the top of the hour right here on points and ten welcome back are welcome if you just joining us this is the false and get them paid
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her one of our discussion. we saw an exclusive report for reporters assigned to investigate news magazine one year after the pot of french forces returned to cut piece the province. with this talk about it. right now is from tension vermont former un deputy special representative for afghanistan peter cole breath welcome back welcome back to swell to fighting in congo who is this color and conflict management consultant just back from kumble. and gets the religious center whose cover the afghan conflict in for a long time and said workplace also welcome for part two of our discussion bestselling author and journalist ahmed rashid who joins us from lahore in pakistan mr would you find the reveal the afghan army as portrayed in the report we just saw was smart prisoner is logan unsure on how to handle some of the equipment that the afghan army you so you are the two weeks ago
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being an income. two weeks ago as well as in had asked to speak at a symposium on that one can find this to a t it's the second unit peace symposium and just being nice and we came to national peace ninety present symposium. and at what i have seen in kabul as the most snow. it's become prisoner in two thousand i wouldn't do much to knock on steiner soldiers into streets and non dailies on afghan people in the streets and organize as police. aunt makers and not the army in the scene you've seen this progressive handover to the srt are the afghans in the security forces and control the situation or deny reports. it's a non flattering picture of them we saw. for example i can give you another example is
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to stuff can be seen again married to a bait and cars we acted on between builders and read on and on. past years. and not be obliged to hop between ghost clearly knows. next weekend sequel in acts. if not these top tier safer. this time interval. and in good health also. and i can the court only the inputs are really in her attempt with you seems to be in one after protesting fantastic which was exactly this. alright so that's in stark contrast with that which will lease on the report. peter called if your thoughts on that report in what was it a sneak peek of what the rest of afghanistan. will look like i once there is this the is a significant drawdown if not complete departure of foreign forces. i don't know. i don't
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think so. it is indicative of problems. since the end the pashtun areas of the country the internet. let us remember that afghanistan is at the very first place. i have no support our region's first when none of the chunky there isn't really talking about the roughly half the country that is and. they are frankly the americans draw their own french and others. well that they control the bases they operated from pink to control the main roads they can control whatever territory they were patrolling the rest of it was controlled. i'm a worker is a place with the help i can operate freely in your report has to be reporting indicates that the situation is more or less
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the site. control their faces they control the road the afghan army control their faces they control the road and the rest of the area around present day is on a towel. so you can put a soldier behind every bush peter gall birth but what does it say about foreign forces now or hear him talk he might stay an extra decade your thoughts on that it works. they discussed now is a very small investment of the international community as compared to. the it's six hundred plus billion has been invested by the united states alone. since two thousand minus one thousand lives also i think it's an unnatural to make any difference. i don't see any harm in it. it is one issue that's okay. it is worth mentioning president karzai said today he wasn't going to sign the agreement
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to me. us forces to remain until next year the presidential elections elections in the air he read the elections in two thousand and nine. at securing him his current term in his brother's canada in april raise the question as to whether he's trying new things as leverage to win this war. the international unity will be accepting of those results in their best and fairest were in two thousand and eight. there's every indication that the obi ee with that. to that of course discredit the central authorities in kabul. ahmed rashid the snapshot you take today of afghanistan compared to your goal in the french hold out. is it is bleak is as it appears that first clients but i think it will run to the that people really
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don't know what will happen the rain. fourteen what the foreign troops most of the people up. at the moment we don't know it. i'm american and it took to the main. he did not love them. it would appear the pulpit to preach and two i put the candy now i think i'm going to recreate the whole of the country tonight. welcome to confess that i'm going to be i'm glad that i've become too tight. i
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do read it. on top. and i like it in youtube. it didn't go off to the presidential election. i'm with you couldn't be the problem. but he elected. we agreed to call into it. i do. more images you see the cincinnati that peter called growth is driving that opiate about the stuff in it will be karzai's brother who wins. i don't know. and i had it not they whooped you can pick up the aisle before the election and that i'm a bit loopy breaking. in order to get a sticker on it and showed him at the moment if you do it no didn't play. i actually did he take the position to help open up the technique of
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human activity. oh and he idled in the heat. the prime albany. i'm choking fit in comfortably to give me a link to. i will take the lead to one doctor who believe in love. i mean. it will take the chance to bugis and two when the news. whether it is as far as i backed candidate who wins. to make any difference for the long term prospects in afghanistan. it does make a difference. and it just giggling talking about the elections that that is looking at the list of candidates. cendol is because many more one night stand in two thousand and nine and and and given its backing to seek alliances that i would not expect i'd be sad to thank the guy who is at a respected figure i'm having had any
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meetings and it does to you and you know what i did that with that but the tactic i like that. but indeed i mean you know it sounds i've been becoming afghanistan from within a decade now and i have to admit i'm guilty of this newsletter today the easy fodder for destitute to talk about what's not working that's the easiest doherty to do it then what is lacking. we do have a pond amends and you know i'm a testament to hide the dnc that given the by election security team. i mean shouldn't. it does not know who is elected it in and steal. breathe any of the game will it be a compromise in action. i see this is of any dangerous country to the tune in to conduct an election that we do have a unit we have an opposition figure and a day in and out the depth on the back seat and that's to win a silly you know. we have to watch you know that the entity that company once again and definitely definitely see eyes of how cn said this election will be back and then there is no way
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intended to let you know cuz i still use out of his past he added that there has to be a new election and of course ezra mentioning it is a lot of things right now coming to a head in kabul. peter gall birth was mentioning the fact that the terms of up and be that foreign presence that the limited foreign presence being put to rain at schoolboy huge urban it's a council of elders being convened in kabul. other uses some of the terms of that propose to deal with them to go to parliament before being signed on to it or not by the next president after the next it's spring. so it's the beginning of a long time again it's also perhaps a look in as to what the relationship is between the central authorities in kabul and those us led troops who've been there again for twelve years in the last minute bid to bolster support
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pres obama sending a letter promising us will continue to respect afghan sovereignty although his secretary of state stopped well short of contrition. let me be clear because i didn't ask for a policy that was no discussion of the palsy. there will be the real snow. this is not even on the table. aubrey is the billabong administration handling this friday yes i did say that i think they are they are trying to have it's a small force there to provide some additional security in and then maybe just as it spreads through provide some sense of security against the nhl and an on line. i know you're also states and are there and for mom. how's it going down with their constituents. well i don't think people are not much focused on
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the afghanistan accord. as far as the united states is concerned with a lay up. in the united states of two wars iraq and afghanistan he's waited several years. people appreciate that said there now focused on other albums including all the current difficulties in healthcare coming back to afghanistan senator kerry was saying try it out there. states should not be in the position of apologizing. generally it in. they make sacrifices on behalf of the afghans in the afghan government absolutely stunned me to explore. yet it produces any casualties. they should know for those incidents there were apologies and compensation instead it's
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more a general apology for having been there. and for having us. country frankly whose turn it in to tackle the latest hits. we have um the viewer on twitter asking is there any reason why the institutions still be in afghanistan. that's u ahmed rashid is there a reason why the us military should still be there on that you want. it will continue to repeat today the type eighty two movie they politely informed that the driving factor. and importantly on the right to complain to the neighboring
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country remember the kid that i couldn't get them to cool what do you think that they can back it was applied to the other one will go the other. nobody wants to gut the kitchen. the park for it. do you have to remain committed to god there will be going to compulsion. so congrats to do the pulpit and all that you will be needed to take the gun on me. that ought to be shared with the potato country but a contingent of me. it will be by going to be to be vocal i like the fact is that two people who can't the food that i can do without i think we are going to be. it is you're saying is that. too many afghans want to continue
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to prisons participants in the council of elders warning of the consequences of lenovo sega. security is not snowing yet. afghanistan face the same crisis that faces the piazza get blown by the events depicted as unreasonably. they will use a little over two and is reaping can design the country. it's about two weeks. however elsewhere like in jolo by its own anti us demonstrations two days ago the call is to reject the deal. because of the security agreement as a rift with the building. it's hard to see the intricate agreement. pointing to it they can be identified buying ahmed rashid is the gist of most indoor air in a naked dude on a threat
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do not want the americans that day. and i didn't warn you that on sunday. many thought the guy that she be i would be that this issue i did. i didn't think that the americans believe that it was dark. i've gone back speaking of elections. will it be if you put into it. now i'm itching to look it up to get between them. aren't you she should i've got to come the blog which will lead me to come compromise with
7:49 pm
the american president the doctor on. people are not going into the country i'm done. at forty two control to that. i think next we will take eight to the gear to tuition. i mean i doubt many of which could possibly think to call provided the cubicle see next year. but while the engine has been meeting in kabul an afghan government delegation has been to the pakistani capital is long gone the thing meeting according to the press but the former number two the taliban move of iraq. seen as a middleman in law. omar was to chase the twelve years ago. with all the talk we just read a new rule be all about how blockages on those elections coming up next spring can those talks right now the substance it for it's just me getting acquainted talk to them and i'm icing it and move and i could to talk
7:50 pm
box and several senators said and done in peace. amy and dan. on the dt stamps schalke on the day because it was nice to be the beast was not style. and there the name which was calming several times was interested in checking. i'm not. it has me here. last year and i'm gonna make this the people going into the candles negotiations with the with the taliban is now the right to eat anything come of those right now what's the point of having discussions now we all know that. what really matters is what happens after the selection on their own in english history that i bought from time to time. i have to stop. after he stops again but i think this will be done. bean and tea several
7:51 pm
naked years in afghanistan all the action was nothing that coordinate it. and any person she retired . i don't get bt it is possible that he cannot succeed because of lack of coronation impeachment. it's neither jacinto. when the state here and now. the interesting that you know this is that the fund is progress i had seen on this topic to be tidy bond fund which has been going on in it stops and the beast gets a pretty interesting that the stop that happening in pakistan and would have added that he was advancing as he got a fat newman's consolidates but it seems like a peace meeting ten days. i had. yes of course cool is that at the time. you know i'd be going to get all in all you need an iv going to get her tiny gnats lacking i'd be going to get take my chances with the tsunami. maybe we'd get some. some fact of the protests to know which way you know that anytime he gets it. but you know those
7:52 pm
stocks should continue what's happening in india and pakistan did the deed in fact meet them would have added a guy in your show some progress. again back to the dean of the beast in the uk as a unit did this by election security agreement that he's probably going to be passed by then the agent that because i haven't seen any new engine that go against whoever has our heads and set up the agenda. ii is being supported by most of the btn countries. i'd definitely a good idea to now is the most was what this is an afghan official who said most of fact and the sense that it made but said the movie except what he did not mean witch hunting current stock price to be done who would not tonight us stoops stationed a good way to be in the back teeth and bad. you know fought for the entire region its divinity. getting students to have some sun in the u s troops providing support and
7:53 pm
training accident he could take it so that mean you know we are looking at the deakin dance tune ups on neighbors next to each other afghanistan is on is indicated by its neighbor to this this this dnc should go to peter gawler of you agree i think it is a. it is a wall that will provide a measure of stability and security. she was also right it's a good turn to. by the neighbors. it does not alter its commitment by the united states. for sure the country that is close to it as he ran up but i think that awesome eighty eight reflects the kind of statement is that they were last to be. i just ate it in something and think that the weekend will be good for the region will provide some additional security for afghanistan. if you are
7:54 pm
costly to the united states and peter called me ask you twelve years on the these exploratory talks that it's the first of their taking place with middlemen close to the taliban are with the taliban directly. could it happens any sooner and yours too. the essential condition. weston had a a a a present government in kabul was seen as legitimate by afghans. they could negotiate with them. cause i was not especially after securing his second term in two thousand and ten. i was really rushing and two. wins in a fair election this time in the last election in the run
7:55 pm
up and actually taking place at the event there. he will be in better position to see it all up. although he actually is considered as she does not meet him so i did on the sixth year. it is significant. significant in this meeting took place with no partner. actually this has taken place the pots and then went on earlier. characters in the front the shopkeeper shower. hate it when people you might be representing style. two blue. all of our door. they even give pakistan a pakistani custody. remember yours. it is still significant is in connection lt for the future and we all are i think it is apparent that there are other elements
7:56 pm
the network. if your intent kate are capable of causing trouble. may that be are part of this process and may not be controlled. one is a single entity. commons and not a single entity. so far on this huge isn't it. you do go over there how much of this beauty hinges on the personality of our present home in cars to be done. discussions in the past about his issues with bags of money for instance in this sort of thing that is really the stigma against his one man that is holding things up to a large degree i am just a i would say yes to say that yes i would be continued know that dead dead the antagonistic relationship right now between guys that can be a many games as you know the fate of the cotton states with it. i've been trying to be the nuances of honey that is nice the mind of that had been doing this the topic of
7:57 pm
us now. so on. it would be good to have that set out to the weeds that we can actually focus on getting this country back backlinks that it's been twenty s and daddy spent it needed the intervention. you know he'd made great gains in afghanistan foliage and eighty afghan people and that's not you know like the down days. but sin and eighteen reason the president said that that is here on base one thing but they he said. yup the fifteenth until a consensus. how does he make his eight hits in his eighties. these judgments we should get the idea. all right we'll leave it there for now. religious and so i want to know what they don't think they know of yet. that didn't offer it for joining us now from vermont and ahmed rashid in law or thank you for being with us here in the fall spent a day
7:58 pm
sterling. i might add. my slides. no the two. tools. wu hu too. low. it is. when it is you. it is. do. ch ch. and
7:59 pm
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no one will. the rt and afghanistan tribal leaders gather for my mom hey if you shun u s troops be granted immunity in the country neon twenty fourteen the future of us intervention in afghanistan coming on and on the mainland and attentive to the scale in favor of your arteries the fda is about to take away your regions of the facts will get saturated in the details of


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