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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 21, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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are due back on flash usa and agreed to follow me on twitter name and under squirrel up as aussie right back here and a pm eastern thank you so much for watching. i knew. all that while companies like it's friday to bed for twenty seconds and counting too bad she didn't tell killed. again she has come to bradman to six world powers are struggling over how to put limits on the iranian nuclear program is set to enter i'm not picky at times in geneva they got caught up over whether the iranians might suspend nuclear activities in exchange for a scaling back
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of sanctions. european union foreign policy chief catherine ashton is courtney being content with the iranian side she's setting up meetings with negotiators from the united states and russia and china france and britain and germany. she met with canadian foreign minister mohammad jem but that need to try to close the gaps. he renamed it before and missed our bus that had she says the negotiators have worked through some details of major differences remain. the rainy and demanded that the major powers to recognize their right to enrich a rainy and cleaned the ride is an amiable and constitute the peaceful use of nuclear power are not terrified here in the community and beyond a certain level of purity. what enabled the ukrainians could keep the market nuclear weapons. korea plans to set up fourteen year economics and sing in an apparent bid to attract foreign investment and it comes as the economy is being hampered by international sanctions as well as the shortage of raw
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materials energy and foreign currency. the stadium of the supreme people's assembly announced on thursday that the country will create a special economic region in the town of fiji. it is located in the northwestern province of colombo to which borders chinant areas will be t up and thirteen additional locations including one sun city in the eastern province of ca want to know what is expected to introduce tax breaks and other preferential treatment in the new economic sounds. korea was to build on its experience gained from operating an industrial complex with south korea and an economic and trade area with china. however international trends and investors remain wary of pyongyang which is pushing ahead with nuclear and missile development in defiance of international pressure. political candidates and election officials and apollo are at loggerheads over voting in
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their national election leader of the maoist party claims to being irregularities in the pool and is threatening a point cause. local media say the centrist nepali congress party and the communist party i'm trying to compete in any constituency. it's bloody cold soak in the head of the communists in the previous election five years ago. united communist party of the palm island won that election. but now i actually did push to mount a holic demanding that the accounting be stopped because of fraud. we have clearly demanded that there should be a pro bowl election processes before the next step. if the election commission does not immediately stopped counting we will completely boycott the entire election process it will boycott the constituent assembly. a study has withdrawn its observance ballot counting stations. election officials say the claims are unfounded
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they will press on with the job. i'll change from among the key to the democratic republic buy it again. it has been clinically of the steeple cents. where tears as if she might die if she knew clear plastic protective finish transferring the initial batch of new clear feel for that than its reactor building to stay for storage pool. what this meant the container holding twenty two with families of the news that new kid you not from the reactor number four building on thursday the youth to trinity transported one hundred meters. the facility housing and four. what is now planned to finish the transfer process. either the midfield unit of the components to blacks in the storage pool officials at upgraded to a killer like a part of any state or abuse of process to see if there were any problems. if not the ecb might start removing spent fuel assemblies. the staff of more radioactive than i'm used to feel hot. the number
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for me and to building contains more than fifteen hundred units. most of which i strive to live. ay ay ay china's top court is following through on plans by chinese leaders to reform the judicial system is order charges to disregard confessions extracted through torture. the supreme people's court issued the directive on the document said the traditional concept and practice of that testimony teen them as paramount should be changed is that more attention should be paid to examining and use the material evidence the defendant should not be found guilty based solely on testimony from the defendant with no other evidence the years chinese have complained about the tactics police have used investigations and experiences that have had in the judicial system. any say those practices have led to false convictions. china has denounced the u s security report that claims
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the country's for the accelerating its naval expansion of what ministry spokesperson said china's increasing its defensive strength as a protective measure. i will pour bleach funny us congressional advisory panel says china will launch a pretty large patrol boats. more than one hundred smaller ones over the next three to five years the us china economic and security review commission says beijing's the aim is to monitor the east china sea and south china sea. however chinese foreign ministry spokesperson hong wei rejected the report. julie's soon china has a defense to national security policy. and it maintains a path of peaceful development. what this says strengthening the nation's defenses isn't natural. what a correction on that year after year the commission publishes a report full of ideological
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bias. he added that it's these are not worth the few days. a delegation of japanese business leaders traveled to china this week the group is trying to help mental patients become the world's second and third largest economy. political tension has had an impact on japanese companies that do business in china. on a case of being among the hardest hit an ace he was accompanied to eight points. members of the media meal that about not that leaned up against three new car. automotive executives book about what's coming down the road the previous book the ot show in the southern chinese city of one show jury hundreds of people. he bent it into the on friday. some churches carmakers have liked it a hybrid vehicle. this promotes its cars with much certainty as names and when time is consumed. these companies
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have with this place coastal relations between japan and china so i did last year after the jump is kevin answer lies disputed territory in the east china sea. i controlled the second time. china and taiwan claims that it's up to the band maintains the islands are an inherent part of it. they're great in terms of history and its muscle all the attention that i could still have to use it. the throw beat me to do and knew he did. chinese driving to his cards weren't i have to do that automakers posted eighteen to forty five percent increase is compared to october two thousand eleven due to go to somebody's mother tongues or two. it's the largest and one old enough and the most important for us. we wanted to attract chinese consumers are showing
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off the prerogative mortals down to business leaders have the work and to smooth things over with china. a daily game show with japan and china economic association visit to beijing to leave the street for talks with government officials. to bad business and rich html yo ma site on a corrupt. when ty law the payment on its price premium wine down squeezing tyson of the country's economic policy. one said their visit is assigned to cry our eyes is improving economic ties. the group failed to get to meet the whipping cream yummy treats and a chinese officials claimed a scheduling conflict. i don't think the government decided to tear away for such high level discussions with up to the thirsty. still the delegation as apple tea to control. europe we have a more positive feeling about the potential to improve our
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relationship shouldn't do or not. your need. my goal is that relations between japan and china will move a step forward. these experts as chinese consumers don't think about politics when they come to define top these products most japanese companies this is a rewarding about put those shoes each of those summit meeting between japan and ten. these are the eyes. with the atv can change the aisle. i'm rolling my state. and the new deal to become more bases in china and the gang included a visit from santa. japanese automakers and other companies have a lot riding on the chinese market experts say they should focus on winding their footprint. i live political leaders worry about the state
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to buy about ten relation. i did eat and stay well. i'm not really isn't this is music investors have seen the dow jones industrial average hit back at how the dozen times this month and thursday with no exception. i do teenagers is now from the businesses that oslo was behind the team's account when people look at the us ever once concerned about the job situation even central bankers always not know how important this is an altered state key data showed an improvement in of the jobs picture in the us and the dow jones went higher. the key index rose almost seven tenths of a percent to end the day at sixteen thousand and nine while to see how stocks here are starting the day. that's good for me no regard to standing by at the tokyo stock exchange sober mean another record closing high on the dow is indeed i quite easy to configure their investors also were cheered by the approval by the us senate banking committee for a picture nominee janet gallon
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that was the sentiment is well let's look at the opening doubles for the nick in the topics that fifteen thousand four hundred seventy eight. it actually broke above fifteen thousand five hundred by the open. but a pretty strong stock you know we may see them make it to sixteen thousand level soon here as well the closest we came to that was intra day high up on may twenty third when it is fifteen thousand nine hundred and forty two and all the stronger dollar right now and does be it with a heavily weighted of blue chip exporters. that may push it higher as well we will continue to watch that and vindicate at the opera for asian indexes yesterday. and a close up of nearly two percent. so with a record closing highs we've seen in the us at the moment so deftly looks favorable i now want a headwind all that we should look out for every leads to china's economy and the pmi that we saw yesterday was that it is the sneaky manufacturing index which showed eleven that the separation. now's of course one of the major reasons why we saw back and say in the shanghai composite trading lower yesterday on
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keep track of those indexes later today as well for any further indications on a really good dose of a dollar of riots after the bank of japan governor palin's call could have that made foolish comment on the global economy where we stand this friday morning. dissecting the comments though which pushed the dollar higher does have a look at the levels right now some other parents for the dollar yen specific hundred and one point twenty two to twenty four not the cruel comments push the dollar to the opera hundred yen levels and after the us data in its default hundred and one and that's a level that we haven't seen in four months and given the importance of japan's export economy recovery in global economies is definite good news for the bank of japan. most of the urea hundred and thirty six points thirty three to thirty nine is also gaining ground against the yen and improving risk appetite due to gains in us stocks. so of the euro also looking stronger maliki taka for the cartoons obviously gentle two hours
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and guided by the weaker yen we should be seeing a continuation of the positive trend in this box here and as i sat there we did break above fifteen thousand five hundred. i'm pretty positive start for the nikkei and the topics that's all for me that you are ever made things a lot for that update remain on guard from the tokyo stock exchange. japanese leaders are making efforts to gain a foothold in eastern europe the prime ministers of japan and hungary have agreed to push for more business deals prime minister shinzo on the host of hungarian prime minister viktor for ben in tokyo. the leaders agreed japanese investments would boost growth on both sites more than one hundred thirty japanese firms are already doing business in the eastern european nation and the leader said they'd work together in the energy sector hungarian officials are planning an additional nuclear plants. i hope for
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further economic cooperation we reaffirm the two nations will cooperate for the early conclusion of the economic partnership agreement between japan and the eu. i do know one of the factors that the two prime ministers are considering working together on this nuclear energy. i caught up with victor or bend during his visit he told me what he sees in the controversial energy source and one he's looking to asia. the accident here in japan. even i'm not intending on the discussion you although some countries who had previously considerable percentage of difficult energy produced by nuclear bomb holidays. tried to stop the nuclear power stations hungary is not that kind of country. the utopian slp like to compete. and of the market to deprived of coming from america and some other areas also. the haskell cruel to
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produce cheaper energy for our economy. he is looking to japan for technological help but there's another reason hungary is looking east these eastern european nation is export driven its most significant trade partner the european union and during the financial and credit crises hungary learned the hard way that dangers of depending too heavily on one be sure. export is important who could export feeders up cool to seventy five almost eighty percent of our export is going to the european union countries. it's not gold. i mean it's gold markets. you know it means that you will you spend only one lac. which is very unstable. so that's what we have a commute that strategy opening for the east. justice jim or abandon our badminton war sought to strengthen their economic partnership and on the band's current physics they meet the club they made that goal official
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what the memorandum. and even though the european union is pursuing free trade agreements with asian countries where ben says it's just as important for individual member states to pursue interests of their own because of the european union is not the nation. it's not theount. thrast m o eh o the european union like a free trade agreements bought. you will consist of nations and nations around on a comical disease. toby kong to wait for bras those or any other capital beaches up and teary and two goals from single for hungry instead of going biden said during his sleep he would like to have investment destination sheep behalf of the week by an interim basis. ultimately he says this will come back to benefit the european economy as a whole. the result of
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the difficulty is discussed in the european union but that long. gold mules about beagle not have any description. nbc is the friend that sent real peace conceded by everybody evenis ideal canyon and al tribunal. beach has a very bright future in the forthcoming wonderful the kids. and that's the latest in distance for this hour i'll leave you with a check on m kicks. it is it is. legend has returned
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to japan to come like to distinguish toward cecil taylor has the latest recipient of the kyoto prize he's played piano for most of the equally he is and he's famous for pushing the boundaries of the downtown and free jazz these days tears music is that the answer and pepper. i spoke with him in tokyo where he held his security uprising gala performance the route i i i. she's thirteen and opened up new possibilities and chance. it is unique and kennedy gets down to improvisation. he's well known for his trademark or constantly and plaintive piano. tear out the news has his facts and the palms of hands to play tents town plus years. surely she was on the road takes you to. here
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they tell us a little bit about what you're thinking what you wear. elaine during the performance. it is yours and true man of the change of one. this to me and yuki we have been making a movie do you hear. her lover granted. you know from the money really. in the window. yushchenko to know. hopefully i will twenty alike in nineteen twenty nine to nineteen team in the fifties kitsch and pianist. but he rejected
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malady coiffed and with that decreasing the amount of musical expression. he was admitted and died at the screen chance of evolution. fierce and recite poetry on each. jack. dating what do you want people to mic. you can. couldn't dueur to an end. killen who you can hold all. and what happened q and meeting new people to me. c i a student . branson's people who made significant contributions to scitific cultural and spiritual betterment of mankind. in may this year became the first
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jazz artist to receive the prize i know. musicians and dancers from all over the world. team canada at a detention and a longtime friend of tmi. in its recent tokyo context. susan. cecil is music. he is asking us what freedom is. sometimes i feel great pressure. he knew it would be awful. i couldn't express myself freely and determined to get scared this man. mm. tell me what a sweet yes. do you. thank you you can do you need to. i
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really teaches music french language and to reduce and drinking banning ads. his musical journey continues now partake of the weather people in western europe are dealing with unusually cold weather meteorologist at the mighty good sense to read it. disappointing factor in a house with no real progress in christ and the euro. it's not fair to share you will treat you think about this detail. first snow fall of the season is planning out the parts of spain. as mentioned their teeth and images that might step down in some locations. the full content as could be dentists by a co presenter bb removing the snow off their cars. add the polenta to the point is creaking and beautiful it can
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assist you. a snowy carries is still smiling over the continent providing heavy snow showers but the western continent. the alpine region you can get as much as twenty centimeters of snow forty centimeters of snow is likely for the cure a nice and i combined that it varies from the past. this will be heading towards the mediterranean to the mediterranean countries will remain on the ethical side for the next several days that we could eat eat and tornados and excessive amount o training gusty winds. dancerare scholars that the standard point and really like a weather across the lands of me for the crease with heinz kerry said the decrease forty in london on friday. ri across asia including parking about winter storm conditions over the northwest and when cooked or canned. nikki is over at wet and windy conditions are still competing in places like okayy we can in turn took of lesions. add that could at least the potential once in a landslide even farther but in the backline that you can't cure dry
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weather lots of sunshine we have it to my advisor inspire me to sit for twenty five p pictures at the forty seven dry weather also across the korean stock and hazy conditions once again for eastern part of the china i do to calm conditions and dry conditions and could not force a thousand winds that brings to our state of the north east monsoon. i mean it's going to be especially handy for the eastern part of the mindanao and the synth and a couple weeks ago super typhoon high and hit the sign is now forced their way through the rain is still continuing over them only in islam we have reports about two hundred millimeters of rain over the house twenty four hours in southern thailand and molly jack and a steady rain maker will be knitting course the bale single. from their brain in bangkok a parody for the place. meanwhile on the night before the high new london or in conduct in battle visit to sell at least forty on friday. and across the bare finger all we are watching a city or cycling extolling weeks is now packing winds of about one hundred and eighty km hour
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spring in very rough sea conditions and heavy rainfall for the east coast bays will be moving into our intrepid as i may try a day as a figure cycling star madonna's could be one hundred km are still a surge of up to one point five meters on top of high tide and the rate of about two hundred and fifty millimeters unlikely so. lots of the flooding that could occur over the next couple of days. now across the americas the nature study is fine too cold and pictures the caldera is to think that this town and what the springfield to the east into the weekend. you honey in oklahoma city on the windy creek on friday although the average is fifteen degrees put this on here and even snow shower and i incite forty on sunday near seattle one bakery on sunday and typically for the us capital arthur's extended forecast i
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am noon. i know. this is in
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other news i'm catching a banshee and tell him thanks for checking
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