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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 22, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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day. of course breaking news top twenty. so much. either or situation. stocks. while good news. such. the casino
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thing is it's like the cheese before police in london released three women from three decades of captivity in slavery. the suspect in the sixties have been released on bail. thirty tall and that is half the loft or the collapse of the supermarket officials say the cold war with terrorism or an earthquake that violations of building regulations. three rescue workers reached on that shell that reverberated around the well this friday marking the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of john fitzgerald kennedy. five decades on. what is the legacy of us is the youngest ever for that thanks for joining us of those write headlines on the ground what you ask. we
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stopped in united kingdom where three women at the ready stop the spending that he isn't slaved in the london home. the trio aged from thirty two with seventy earn a highly traumatized state may not be exposed to the outside world for decades. snowfall they suffered any sexual assaults during their detention but are essentially held his domestic say the metropolitan police maori stumbling over two suspects in on the nobleman and that makes sixties shows that the store an ordinary house in an ordinary street in the central london neighborhood held a secret for over thirty years. an alleged case of slavery that scotland yard had never seen on a scale. we were able to rescue. three winning eight sixty nine fifty seven and thirty. i'm taking the place making it one of the women is that he is a bag each time we believe that she may spend hundreds on life. in these conditions. three women are said to be a malaysian irish and british origin. according to police but not related
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it's a better man and woman both sixty seven held them in our home in the south london borrow planet. no evidence of any sexual abuse it was only when one of them grievously telephone to charity the rescue was made possible seven how come it's a constant state of contentment on my face its playstation three with assistant in the state. i think we'll have a combo that would be able to see things coming sunday this is with me to head up happening in this country from falling down. yet the wealthy but with a unity ticket price of sight see and study their belts rebuilt their lives. after police held the winning escape investigators kept the key secret waiting almost a month before the arrested the suspects on thursday after questioning the couple was freed on bail pending new inquiries. investigators say it may take some time to understand what exactly happened and how the three women remain captive in
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the heart of london for so long but beyond that the united states where the lights are on the plaza in dallas texas the strikeouts with the nation's history. our tv changed on november the twenty second nineteen sixty three presidents john f kennedy's assassination mocking a traumatic moment for us thousands of people expected bid for a summer occasion late to this friday an angel said to be held in boston the stronghold of the candidate that albrecht about exported flags be flown at hoff monster in the country with effortlessly to get past the story we joined in the studio by historian and crafts at the greenwich community said friday. first up. fifty is on what impact the saint john f kennedy's assassination has had on the us image. just returned from the us a couple of days ago and i my feeling is that the new generations
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don't really know very much about him and told him that he is at commemorations are going to take these two they are basically centered on the assassination itself as it where young president cut down in his prime. the legacy is not very well known. i think as i sit on the part of the general in a certain age omni. and jesus. speculation is really centered on who did it and apparently some new elements have come to the fore that sounds somewhat convincing and we also know that a number of documents at the still secret will be released in twenty seventeen and is not too long from now it's also. palpable as it with that said it is that kennedy and his wife jacqueline kennedy are considered iconic and the best that the united states has ever managed to
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produce as a player but that doesn't go much deeper than that among the general population unfortunately to my mind. that iconic states is because they were cut down and cried when they were young and beautiful cousins that were not one of the really cheap for what is the real legacy of the kennedy administration well you know when it came credit to the prison canteen with having very successfully manage the crisis with the russians prescription and missiles in cuba. one can also do give some credit to seek an administration for starting the long road towards the civil rights. and the changes in the united states. i own. but of course there are other things that are not to his credit in the failed bay of pigs invasion of cuba and in. as a number of years after his death is an extra marital affairs were revealed and we shopped for a number of people. i own. it was
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remembered tuesday when president kennedy came into power the country was very very defiant and as it is today actually. so i see unlike many other commentators a second parallel between his time artist. i mean can a president and he was actually was was the subject of extraordinary hit hatred part of the large number of people is as is obama now and kennedy was patient. mostly because he is a catholic obama has escaped and largely because his part to lack of movement and he had to struggle with the diehards and conservatives in congress as well. and when you have it canceled. i see that i get the loan then you have in the white house you had to like us a beautiful couple you could say that about obama and michelle. true to the project to the world in the nation's use of dynamism and yet and when it comes to achievements. you did those
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present at the anchors and obama are encountering many more difficulties and many of the presents and crafts easter story and thanks very much full synopsis of the situation concerning jade kennedy said assassination fifties on and the legacy that's the dumbest president of the us has elected to the nation and to you. on our two last year where rescue efforts continue in the capital this friday following the collapse of the supermarket all than thirty people concerned that their monthly team's three saw flight is the least. but the authorities indicates that the course was likely to be building regulations financial shares. what was meant to be roof garden for children is now a jury told rescue workers pulled away rubble from the supermarket that collapsed thursday night killing several people and trapping others inside although the bus and tube exploded because direct instruction waxed taking place on the roof of
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the supermarket. they were building a playground for children. obviously they did something wrong. after the first collapse a team of spider man entered the building to save the wounded. then the roof keeping began in the two were trapped it was cursing that most people started crying and screaming. that was certain that those who were not in the lead up to the first corpse would not be in line to the second shearing union collapsed the fire department decided to clear the roof and eileen the sound of the inside the army was called in for help. lucky as prime minister was in the crowd outside he said police are investigating what the building caved in on one of the investigation has started over by leading construction standards which has caused serious consequences. two years ago when it was completed at the supermarket received an architecture prize investigators will determine
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whether builders violated security regulations. that's the ukraine where hundreds of demonstrators bearing the european union flags to the streets of kiev late thursday expressing their dismay that the country won't be joining the eu any time soon. after ukraine's government abruptly halted films to sign up to a trade treaty with brussels official statement saying that goes to protect national security it's like to trade ties with russia ukraine now set to join the costumes he didn't say goodbye and most are equally controversial parlance this is known to announce the promise that you did too ashamed to be released from jail full medical treatment outside the country. here in paris police continue to grill the sole suspect in the series of shootings in the capital over the last week and then hiking take out invoking his right to signs that fall is really gay street adults yay investigators have been given a twenty four hour extension to question the decal he think he was arrested late wednesday in
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sydney to imitate state having overdosed on medication but this sounds made by indicating is my chips as he denounced there's the fascist activists and media conspiracies. today's crunch talks between iran and locales in geneva the discussions entry that third day in switzerland thursday seen by side stepping down expectations that surrounds the day siege is saying no progress to be made on key issues of western diplomats indicated considerable gaps remained between the two signs speed up talks but go but bt signed an historic ensuring the home team tehran's newquay a ambitions to six months in exchange for alleviate its sanctions on a more wide ranging agreement is for. two more soul where the u n's climate conference the cmp nineteen wraps up ts friday despite another round of late nights negotiations the eighty six but swiftly to achieve. engineers already walked down to a sweet
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frustrated that lack of progress despite achieving the goals came over to us does remain relatively simple lay the groundwork for a new international deal to curb global warming. next convention is to be held in paris in two thousand fifteen the crack is in part and full from the captain has no legal status gushed. its presidency of this conference insists that slow progress is being mates with any diplomat weeks but to let it tell this to be any token if he'd seen on the table fell far short of that kind of progress that the european union wants to see at the end of this conference is the country's two at the very least check out the timetable for when the going to make the commitments going towards the press conference in twenty fifteen when a new international climate deal has to be signed. set in the nz us he said the view that not enough progress is being made towards that and i speak of them will captain the stills i needed an outing to good old time friends of the earth and greenpeace greenpeace international's director said it was particularly galling to see countries being so unwilling
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to make concessions even in the context of typhoon high on which hit the philippines early this month causing terrible devastation and devastation that most of the world's climate scientists say that we like it seem all off if the planet continues to warm at the moment. climate scientists say that the current emissions levels we're on track to see global warming of more than four degrees that is of far more than what the wells need is that the cat didn't i take him to be an acceptable limit which was to decrease every depressed is on the county's to come up with something to think that they will be able to not make some kind of puzzled the full price in twenty fifteen the fronts of course is hosting that says summit in paris in twenty fifteen and actually confronted development minister said that he was pretty much the sympathetic with the nz others being and that with that decision so woke up we can see. really it's very hard to say that the strokes and was all going well. the crack reporting that from a tyrant. in a rush recalled his preschool more of the so called arctic city of bio be captain of the greenpeace ship is on its
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three crew members now freed on remand. that means fifteen over thirty now been liberated. but the geese to face charges of hooliganism and a potential said in a jail sentence. the group were arrested in september is they attempted to hold an oil platform the call to action that sounds like the books from a bad comedy a massive betting dream his take on that plane touching down at the wrong airport in kansas the pundits mixing up his destination was confusing east and west is united to nine miles from where he shouldn't be real friends he was supposed to be business as usual. this boeing seven forty seven premature was due to deliver parts to mcconnell air force base in wichita kansas. but the pilot missed his destination by nine miles
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read your word. three airports in the wichita area with similar only durations and officials say about once a month the pilot gets confused. consider landing at mcconnell the cargo plane landed it to their airport which does not have the control tower. but the pilot also mixed up east and west and had trouble reading his own handwriting baffling the tunnels traffic control. it is. your use being stranded overnight domestic scene just like a bad dream by thursday morning the dream with her to go off without a hitch. ready for its next destination. finally maybe every month for christmas but we're pretty much officially into the festive season here at the christmas lights being turned on on the sets of lakeview avenue and twelveth
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holes in his crib and just like the sick cast out and put the boppy and even ate so that the city of lights the two thousand two hundred trees the best that i don't order the upper trails and raked in a medium any d image effects. and that's really did that with the city of lights for the light in the decision reason fifteen minutes. lol welcome to the interview here on fostering kept on well it's probably safe to say that few foreigners have been deeper understanding of syria and the people's threatening its future than my guest today chunky up to you and all their star am a specialist in contemporary islam teaches at see also here in paris. i spent many years in syria studying at society up close and learning fluent dialectic our deck along the way. now for his latest book which is right now only in french not translated to us the letter
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from aleppo is the grassroots survey so to speak of the daily hopes dreams and struggles of a million residents are still living in what is really the large his own in syria right now on to rebel barney. in the country's second city now that both been called the capital of the syrian revolution. and yet it's also the fulcrum were almost every possible trajectory for a post to show our son future is right now as we speak playing itself out to future being driven by ordinary civilians. seek nothing more than a life of dignity welcome to the show. you recently are back from aleppo you actually used the first one to nineteen eighty you've been there all you did it twenty times heated to syria twenty times he lived in syria. three years total continuously. can you describe to me how firmly as the rebel control from what you saw over the city the team they only had a relief for little three year as of tay are t rebels
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sll in control is still a million residents living under a block party in the city when you're talking about deceit infinite pool the truth and organic cocoa look out for free since the dry spells and twelve and it's quite an achievement because of the non stop all work is extremely in favor of the government when it comes to auction or read any copies of the palm beach. steve gordon center grounds that the unknown. many of the sool's faul and i fel procted fromhe dious meansi ruestll be in i seems that the use of poker to support that begins for dogs deserve evolutionary ofsted enjoying the moment you trust w to he st f me to explain something to me that you write about the fact that this is not a solid monolithic block of
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opposition you have various groups us companies called t dot. each of them sometimes have a little pocket of land and you actually went among the various ones and that their commanders. today has a new level of cooperation among each other. bo says stupid reader to join condition when it comes to ration. but as the story and an entire beast but i want to be in touch. was this impressed with dynamics which is due to the last twelve months before so it goes and decision makers which is why i could read needed to cool is that despite the risks and dangers. i want to call to express my city devotees with my friends and critiques was no oxygen. in syria. the press that's the key was to seize that had sales of new shoes are working and to do. how's that
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working in a cool new duties and i'll die in fact. he read a huge magazine to read through should not buy it for that. i support. only to be the only bit with you on the ground. she's a week works the cabinets to the new units to the river. this is a messy satan really assume he'll be in lae this began as a civilian uprising in syria in civilian rate rise even today. what struck me that you can put it on afghanistan and somalia have the stamina to report that my old record of the war situation just isn't i don't see a new home the new cool off. christine joe pulled off the ground is a team of mutants are considered to be and the new table you from bad to worship arts. it's us who we choose
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to spend it enabled them to get rid of the regime's was a revolution he says. but that doesn't mean he has looked for the fight of the rooms in all sectors except in instances. what is the cheapest millns in aleppo what they think generally the pre syrian army is obviously being the rebel fighting force in the west would like to believe he's a moderate opposition. fighters moderate opposition fighters he knows the support groups like it or you can support or milk or dangle predicting then producing comes in very critical of ft high school values. went to the station that they are backing't mean the regime but refusing to set your evolutionary forces two we see regime's forces where acting which mean tight leash and extortion
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in phoenix. so i'd like the dentist about six and sometimes they sit the exam so the commandos soaked in the new do's. and also a nice soul. the uk reactions being taken i visited issue of the increase in the mommy again so it could mean all members said. because of the can tho city i don't know that all wisdom. a good idea it's so rough if it's the delinquents means of revolutions a minute to get prints forms of governance by the least of your permission i started to try to suppress weeds. etf reported a lot about the growing friction and fighting among the opposition fighters on the ground with a sheet on its too boring for the syrian army. did you get a sense it's also the civilians who were not just against the assad regime against their own fighters sometimes
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i looked again and again it was getting the icing on the list that foreigners there was this pilgrim aggression killed in wars that was very striking because it was a broken can actually go for broke and nationally. and it was agreed to an end and is often severe pollution who break or upset so to consider dimitri eight hours of mississippi. an avoidable because of some of my quilting machine and its national scale the goal where she worked in the game says if it's not called to respond it's kind of afghanistan awesome and when it comes to shed his stuff yet and rejected the petition because the post is basically as i get appointments. the court martial. it's been all mexicans just to prove all the celtic and ahl antagonistic to cc and so
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sleek easy. but you can understand that i didn't write much mean good news as yet is because i do i choose to call back. that man does and has a chance picking weeds. funny tuesday and i was too cold. i'm sorry to say bye just too cute and very often. stupid fight to tend to do with us because they are. so too do the upgrade will. getting students to dog it's the opposite me to trust. you have a sense that the citizens of aleppo sometimes more scared. and what a victory might mean for them. then the charts i were to win the don't know what might come after me be something as brutal. or is dictatorial as they think sardines. you know i had ferried the jr in a candid conversation with. his death no you should go to commissioners. but they want first to get rid of. to say we don't die if bush wins
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and when the show you'll grow wheat known. it's not the beach. we left to protect our rights from some of the people who pretend to have them today the agreement through which is also called stickers on them. off to kenya. that's a no no for your consciousness gets preachy the new things when a new critique or choice can mean no standards we have been talking alot about the prospect of peace conference. amen in the next days weeks months and geneva fish are assigned. right now you recently wrote has very little lean to the population other than through the air and artillery bombardment yes it still seems to have a lot of the attention of the international community all the diplomats had it wrong. the promina was a good match for twenty oh seven was
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a week with two won't work or is this state and exactly the show is reassuring words of absolution useful guide for instance okra understood that it is just beautiful people who want anyone help it is intended to revolution will change. his jean hugo prisons and for those that want to miss the guy stays at and it was in geneva the medical work with the older guys de facto agreements the trees are warring factions to look great the crew to do that if all was calm and scallions and that quote because i stink as a springboard for a review records condition and read a post outside the studio. also one of them are present in geneva the tribunal took cool cool cool photo ops and during the two that kidman and hugh grant unknown to grab the situation is terrible too
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we go that is coming. these are words of the century forced to sell very interesting when two men have pleaded in shock after you but he and the idea that perhaps the real peace should be forged at nine geneva in aleppo among society itself among all of the defections there. um wouldn't have to see how because i know you're optimistic you to believe that this river bridges and resistance will prevail in the end not the shy side thanks aunt all of you for watching e g here on costly to have been speaking to appeal to you. specialist in contemporary islam an author and to bolster the writer of the recent book a letter from aleppo. a. on an african who grew up in businesses are turning away from you weren't looking site for new growth markets can be on business we talk to companies in iraq and to see a bright future in
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africa. it's beyond business up for swim cap. capital doha a moon all in. it is. gee
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it is. do you. i know. woo
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woo woo woo. the tobias be working visit to tamil region the president visited the airport to see the runway in the passenger terminal which are being reconstructed experts say that singapore can accept all different types of aircrafts allows the reader follows a sports has been put into commission this autumn the construction work started in two thousand levin asked by building she knew was spent to complete


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