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tv   JN1 Headline News  PBS  November 22, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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the news on him. he had surgery is that since the fateful day in dallas in nineteen sixty three when us president john f kennedy was assassinated. despite one of the shortest ten years as chief executive of the country youthful candidate along with his wife jacqueline forever chase the office of the us presidency by challenging americans to seek new opportunities in animation at his inauguration the newly elected leader declared that's not what your country can do for you. that's what
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you can do for your country can in the fall of that later in the spring before a joint session of congress when each of the goal of landing a man on the moon within a decade in november nineteen sixty three to forty six euro kennedy was shot dead in dallas texas. police arrested we are free on fault the former us marine who shot a policeman while evading capture. dallas nightclub owner jack ruby shot oswald dad on november twenty fourth when he was being transferred from a police jail the tag. is you the arrival of the militias have surrendered their bases to the army and retreated from triple a in the face of popular anger against the refusal to disarm in the two years since they toppled long time reader more marked adopt they had me t care based militias tied to the infamous leading supreme security committee said they were turned over control to the army. the powerful owl
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card made from tin town southwest of aaa also handed over their base. prime minister alley saigon told the ceremony the clearing tripoli from armed groups will include all armed militia without exception he said. they all must hand over their faces and headquarters to the army and police work to the state. i the region and more the eye. lord. is
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our. the it is you the us well as on the legacy of john f kennedy the president who inspired the country until he was down by an assassin fifty years ago obama awarded the highest us civilian honor the presidential medal of freedom the white house seat that is in memory of kennedy shortly before his death signed executive order creating the presidential medal of freedom. a black tie dinner for the award recipients at the smithsonian national museum of american history in its twenty year old grandson jack schwab were under the nominees. this award recognizes those who push forward into new frontiers of art literature
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science diplomacy in activism because they are there the medal of freedom acknowledges not just that something admirable has been going up to bed. these recipients have committed themselves their lives there could be yours. the creative capacity and passion to all of us. schloss truth is both jewish and canned food to teach reported the sale of goods will be for obama to his speech he spoke on his grandfather's legacy. we are told as my generation often is that the challenges we face are insurmountable. or that our ability to confront them is inadequate. we must remember a president who not only welcome the challenges of his day. you also saw the wisdom of recognizing vision and passion wherever they are. and so as our nation welcomes the challenges of our time thanks to president kennedy and his successors. we may draw on outstanding examples of wisdom courage and creativity. celebrate by this award for a half century to guide us for. he she received the medal of freedom from
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obama included a wide range of american success stories from tv talk show host oprah winfrey to bill clinton pirie city in the central u s state of indiana has recently started a dollar home program which is the name suggests allows eligible for kids to buy a house for only one dollar the program is an effort to can or blue banded into a new home buyers while raising the property value of neighboring homes. the deal is contingent upon the hall meetings city building codes within six months and the participant must reside in the home for five years then after five years to purchase that will get complete ownership of the house to get a house full of dollar. you fix it up. and in five years or have the keys to it. that's a great opportunity. where else can you go into the house for a dollar. boyer. nowhere
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according to the program's website someone is eligible if they have been a resident of geary for at least six months. does it teach us to be able to prove they have the financial ability to restore the house the applicant should meet eighty percent of the region's median income standards not currently own a home that possess at least one thousand dollars in ecb has kept. the town's mayor said some of the city's ten thousand abandoned structures must go but others she would rather hand out for a dollar instead of see the writings are up the value of neighborhoods they have wired two houses on a dog that may be abandoned the rest of the houses i won't get the idea try and use to be able to get people in those other two homes now and the ag changes and improves the appearance of the block and raises property values it increases safety. once a thriving town. gary is now filled with abandoned homes with the population of less than half of what once was the diminishing steel
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industrial town has created empty streets and forced many other business. the trace elements may consider legislation that would run broken citizens from having any contact with israelis. if costly to teaching in economically school cocoa any dealings with israeli citizens over students can use the hawks pool space flight is in jail or a hundred thousand euro fine the controversial bill in playful criminalizing normalization with these radiant the team was preparing his wife like moral and fiscal policies with seats in the house of representatives including the prime minister's proxy between them the five copies sold more than seventy percent of the seats in parliament. human rights groups protect the plants are all cool make is as being influenced by tendencies in addition to being inhumane anti constitutional and anti democratic. however with came amid the stick coating considerable sway there are thirty anti semitic proposal will be dismissed. prior to
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the formation of the state of israel in nineteen forty eight there were at least two and fifty thousand in morocco. but now less than eight thousand remain. there are now reportedly around how many moroccan living in israel. it's unclear how the bill would affect thousands of israelis to visit morocco every game including towards politicians and businesspeople and that would affect the school's admiral concerts to the universities in the jewish state. the court impulse the house which is the sentence of the mind responds well to shoot in the us embassy in the country's top so sorry i about us i felt compassion for the convicted often leaving his place of regret and apologize to this match live. joe said that was found guilty of terrorism are lost in the two thousand and eleven attacks when he spent knowing too many shifts in the us embassy to the north's much rifle injuring a policeman for all it's
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awesome and the length of the rest of him. appeals judges of the bosnia war crimes court said but believes the twenty top tier of regrets what he did but he still committed an act of terrorism with the samoan of reduced his sentence of eighteen is fifteen. i need is information that will likely my closet. the protest which the whole lower pay talk about suffering of muslims is still working to end with problems and suffering or if only i worried about my wife and my child going off about a contest on the ship was touched. which jars traffic was a memo of a radical islamist walk off the and all state run on sunday islam during this last trump. he wore a walk up the right of the long they refuse to reckon on to a floaty of the cool spell it but your new sweet rope equal right to put his defense and try to use it the sixteen year old pakistani school girl ma ma light use of side has received the european union's
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top human rights award the stock price for freedom of thought at a ceremony in strasburg. upon receiving the award began to sprout christ that we need to walk to better help the millions of children who were denied a formal education. i work with you don't see any condiment we'll be on healing the ot maybe if i stayed the night underneath the knights. a top notch. east of rest. data must be. the team. i'm sorry it received its stock price wall is world renown for advocating education and women's rights after being shot in the head of the taliban because of her and took objection to the interpretation of islam seeks to amend at home and then skulls from attending school. in her beloved pakistani and activists to see the skepticism and
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resentment after the publication of her but i am a mom of many accuse her of being the two of the west and avoid mentioning her name out of fear of the band's attacks the taliban the pakistani city should continue to have banned the book and private schools across the country leaving the disrespect the song the second best selling it up online bookstore amazon dot com . every year thousands of jewish teens trouble from north america to israel in poland's to learn about the holocaust but what's the impact of these trips have on students and jewish identity is a new scientific study focuses on a program called march of the linking the two week excursion begins in poland where students to concentration camps participate in a death march memorial day and discussed
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anti semitism. we take them to the sites of mass destruction. tom weekend in concentration camps and death camps auschwitz broken now my aunt got me to think at least new man has been involved with march and the waiting for the past decade she said students also celebrate jewish lie in israel between march from the sunscreen. to the links to old to the cartel. and it's raining and it's done saying this is suppose to st and students jewish identity but dr allen made her a position at childrens hospital los angeles says he doesn't bite from that jewish identity for the most part really didn't change with the trap. dr naik and just released his scientific study in which he served a two hundred los angeles participants before during and immediately after their trip last year and he has also extended entry trip for the past ten years and is emotionally invested in holocaust education because of his family. my father was
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a survivor and i lost approximately eighty of my aunts uncles and cousins. he says well this trip is important to study found students were emotionally overwhelmed by the intense holocaust education program so after you hear the word death and dying over and over and over and over and over it starts to lose some of its meaning. i mean tonight is a pre med student can win on the trip as a councilor when you get there there's a lot of shock and sometimes your really know how to cut a deal with later scenes of emotion that comes out is just an appointments because it's so much in its own tents should the trip undergo change it. dr hager recommend organizers make slight changes to create a more positive experience for students. perhaps learning about jewish post holocaust why it may affect their view
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on jewishness or judaism. now the man says organizers are always looking for ways to improve the program believes the longer term study is needed. kids will tell us that six months makes the process seem like they still had a neighbor says he'll continue to be involved with march of the living and for his next study will focus on the emotional effects of the track. and once the nastiest proj and wine los angeles . the owner was un veiled in us across to its senses could be construed to be developed in the islamic republic and which it claims is capable of staying aloft for thirty hours. iran says the trade name for troughs as a range of two thousand promises enough to cover much of the middle east including
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israel and all. the new trend is seen as a key strategic addition to her aunt's mitre capabilities and has developed despite tough sanctions against iran over its suspect nuclear program tehran says it is fighting an intelligence for the us and israel which it accused tehran of seeking to develop uk weapons. iran denies the charge saying its nuclear program is peaceful and it will generate an excuse because of the impulses and eleven despite tehran's protestations of innocence suspicion remains that iran is reluctant to give up its new uranium enrichment activity. israel says that a country that has consistently threatened to annihilate the jewish state should not be allowed to develop the eight ball. despite a recent story of relations between the west and iran israel insists it is of the right to strike iran unilaterally as a last resort this small coastal filipino
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fishing community look something to the waistline in the aftermath of typhoon and the destruction has sparked unlikely innovation into a new law as fishermen try to save their way of life. which is damaging the storm are being put to a new years as makeshift boats replace the real vessels that were smashed to pieces nearly two weeks ago. fishermen say there are some downsides steering is challenging the sea has to be nearly steal her to work in the fridge fishermen need to pedal faster. a new smaller lighter next. the fisherman's catch is enough to feed their families are not enough to provide for their entire town fishing from bridges may be the only option these fishermen that for some time to come as it takes locals up to two months to construct the new fishing boats. i the many teens much he's right he's tough but this one legal like to get mounted in
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the truest i don't like. in the morning on the gold sanctions on the orthodox droplets to conform to twenty kms. however this restriction to see much opposition astonished by the state as a relief to strangle hold on what to pay my taxes my mint off the lights. many couples are now often couple times its eminence which it formed a nice trial by an on off orthodox rabbi concise book ideas recently popping up showing defined couple was calling on others to boycott the rapid it's never actually got married to that a month ago. with a red eye that said it was funny. because we wanted to have something that has to do with the jewish tradition but that is smaller protests and keep it full size and not with the old fashioned. i am its sights that we don't really relate to. such leggings and not to cut school and it's no telephone line and not reckon on to islamic what the interior ministry who are responsible for registering the coast like this on the next life tends to cause which is something every is
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friday is required to cover it. oliver twist in the bill allows the ministry to register and is rightly couples that all is not according to the central field of statistics around knowing how the couple was married out of the country in two thousand and eleven on one industry now nearly forty thousand jewish couple was one written by the rock in it drop in its sights that is taunts with a toss up convincing in tonight's imus in the lights and a machismo a tool for the symbolically off that its people. they call it going to be our responsibility is for older generations it is before us and those who come after us you cannot generation of the role should the situation has continued to be creepy and it's not memorable responsibility to our responsibilities to keep the continuation of the jewish people. be well cared for when a sniff the chain is broken it is our responsibility to fix the undeniably moving. sian with all the religions scientists technologists are out to the question of farmers the rabbit is
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concerned what is israel's interior ministry greco is this kind are its only if the salmon attacked by some wrote in a country where it is legal i have added to it so i'm just letting my family not too distant a tiger. i imagine it to snag speak to me recognize me not insensitive to what matt is to expand a eleven so that rubric doesn't say their box and sat on the aids is it necessary for anyone who doesn't fit in that box and i choose to live in israel and the valiant and seven judaism is very important to me. at least two aunties in these cramped governing coalition to promote an appeal to allow civil rights but tradition could going on in this crime. a poll published this month shot the ball for two one percent of jewish is right he supported the civil union and forty seven percent opposed it. slots bill was confronted on his right palm on the floor but the difference this time is the ultra orthodox aunties who strongly apply to civil marriage and
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not in government. the whole story carriage into the imperial palace in tokyo caroline kennedy has presented her credentials to japan's emperor as she begins her tenure as u s ambassador to japan. fifty five year old daughter of former us president on f kennedy was appointed ambassador of helping president barrack obama is re election campaign she's the first woman to serve as us ambassador to japan in on the state's fourth largest trading partner and into the navy's seventh fleet and fifty thousand american troops. he kills her many dates back to soon open a stall that diplomatic relations between the us and japan in eighteen fifty four when japan signed the treaty of common law which marks the official opening up of the nation off to two centuries of isolation
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. in nineteen hundred about one out of every four residents of baghdad with tuition today there are just by living in the iraqi capital. the new documentary shadow in baghdad tries to tell the story of one family and specifically one man who disappeared from the city it's rarely told story is real success in the six day war of nineteen sixty seven was the turning point for many living in baghdad before the war they live in peace with their iraqi neighbors. after the war the government turned on them when we feel and what i want anything to do there were and we discussed earlier denial that were discussing this as well the making of no use the idea that it really is
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released and. iraqis of course in june is up aren't familiar with full of mini mart to his history. and there is at. the great degree of ignorance. the film shadow in baghdad tells the story of one man to the eyes of his daughter linda and elysees we knew him left iraq at age nineteen. as the situation for in baghdad deteriorated her father jacob abdel aziz remained until he disappeared on younger four nineteen seventy two. this time of his manliness that. i was in a while it was that the impeachment by the iraqi who went in there. that move but my identity was first and foremost. he he felt that he was an iraqi and a ninety eight you. and he got so much around long enough to munchies friends. that's why
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my feeling was that you know my phone and was beach day at the end of the day when he disappeared. the film tells of how linda worked with a young iraqi journalists to try to figure out what happened to her father and to all of their friends and relatives in a baghdad neighborhood. at the end of the documentary the key mystery is on results. we don't know. and two the most physically warranty happened to him because there is no document. maybe now we have though. but there is no official document to what happened to linda's father of butter. the story unfolds we are fools we we do know more about the community what happened to the community the filmmaker also the son of iraqi and his subject a great one central theme is about crossing borders in the middle east whether you can go back home again neither has returned to baghdad in may the bjp charm
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believes the tiny jewish community of today in baghdad is just a shadow of its historic presence eyeshadow in baghdad. he's helping to debut his fish documentary early next year at the washington jewish film festival. this is priscilla tougher for j and one in washington the forms they should be pissed if you want ceremony and dinner has been held in beijing china forbes asia's biggest fifty companies represent the best of the biggest listed companies in the region to have an annual trip to new market capitalization of at least three billion dollars the company's licence several criteria including revenue profits return on capital share price movement and outlook. twenty six of the company's tainted chinese region while indian firms often went over the place is on the list. the technology
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industry that the way with mining companies followed by the german consumer goods sector with seven firms in the fabulous fifty the remaining members of british comedy current twenty points and have been dealt still too low it was shown on the next year. it will be the first time in more than three decades that point the news junkies michael hagan eric idle terry jones and terry gilliam have performed together. a question for like as john cleese consists of a one and only in what can we expect to see. well it's nice to be the one i know i'm a big difference how long people like gary can michael is read yet. we just ought to be fun to try and do you often see the point but still five am with them. that is our intention just said on tuesday that the end too stupid fella. the last on
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the pic's performed together was of the hollywood bowl in nineteen eighteen and it's been forty years since they last performed on stage in the uk. they will hold a show at london's lead to the reader into my first twenty fourteen with tickets going on sale early next week since my camera died. well guilty plea on film makes posting has featured in some thirty row was posted since none of what she does audiences are most likely to reckon on to the police over the weeks long suffering wife on the high speed two gripping as an award winning comic dog. but now fourteen find is expected to reach a new level. she takes one of three heats in height to be honest american un sanction of a widely acclaimed quickest comedy drama around from two thousand all in two thousand and twelve. the show is called getting on tina takes place in a very downtrodden crappy wing of a hospital geriatric when it's
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all female. i am myself but i have been in his sleigh metcalf plays a doctor a nice units prisoners. will premiere this weekend on high tea i however don't know if he is probably going which is now on it's flu season and is the top right tooth to home rule cost network television in the us will be coming anyway anytime soon. prep the national archives in washington as honored director steven spielberg with its two thousand thirteen records of achievement awards for bringing history to life in films such as schindler's list a link in and saving private ryan. i'm very humbled by this i feel like it's the beginning that that my daughter actually presenting. the foundation of our daughter. spielberg other private to read the archive before the event and was able to see regional historical documents including the constitution and the actual thirteenth amendment and we make a movie
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you've made up of stuff to make out what the document looks like based on the research we do here at the national archives but didn't actually see the entire experience the records of achievement award honors individuals whose work has fostered a broader national winners of the history and identity of the united states. the three time oscar winner was also recognized for his work as founder of the us the shoah foundation which collects eyewitness testimonies from holocaust witnesses and survivors i will. do. will i mean. to me. will. who are
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i will the tsar. who will. i know. he makes the world and programming for locally mined
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sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. new new new new. since. i want to market wrong. a special exhibition to mark the seventieth anniversary of the flying tigers will open on nov twenty seconds the fighter squadrons performed by american and chinese air force pilots to defend china against japanese


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