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tv   Journal  PBS  November 23, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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are the total to two inches medicine and abrasions the dogs to move the government sees no need for anybody to do it by herself. it's amazing. do they. i knew. so as not going to get your wings you prone to giving and i got into joining us. we hope for a breakthrough in nuclear talks with iran in geneva. un climate talks in warsaw go into overtime as negotiations to seek to avoid a complete your conference german sock weight of its biggest game of the season so far with dortmund toasting by and in
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the top of the table clash the eye. my dear is inside in geneva treaty in the new kid tell jokes that for a break through. us secretary of state john kerry and other where leaders are trying to hum registration with iran eulogy around to limit its nuclear program in return for such a relief. officials said that a deal was close but that a number of patients have yet to be ironed out expectations over the talks between foreign ministers in geneva on time. you're either with us secretary of state john kerry has been viewed as a sign that an agreement of reruns nuclear program. these clothes the ministers emphasized that the deal is not a foregone conclusion we've been given and cindy but there's no agreement yet and there are still differences to be resolved that's why we came to geneva
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us to do our bit to make sure an agreement can be reached that's a possibility. is this a realistic chance it could happen. there's a lot of work still to do about it as is the heightening the bottle. renault into the cups. on the seventh inning. it has been difficult the radiant foreign minister muhammad judgments and reaches want that his country will not lead to excessive to me. it's a relief to six months into real deal is all that title. he would see him and give out on to bpp a program in exchange for an easing of sanctions the heavy was the reactor being built in iraq is a key she is completed it would reduce pre tourney and that could be used in nuclear weapons. when this does one construction to be stopped but they also want iran to stop enriching uranium for power stations that senate seat in earnest being on the link to the jail. but negotiators still say the two
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sides are close to an agreed for more on this planet i'm back i responded that this finished in the genie back it is quite an optimistic of four c a share the optimism which illustrate the end well they have to be optimistic because they had to change their plans due to pediatrician because two weeks ago when the ministers left geneva. the original plan was to come back to geneva in case of signing an agreement but now they've bakiyev negotiating says they are where they were two weeks ago. the house to put more pressure than two weeks ago and therefore they try to get the agreement are ready to sign and to what we don't know when that will be the outline for a spot a potential deal could look like. well the easiest way to explain it is said to be
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wrong degrees to stall for everything that gets good toasted to a nuclear weapon and on the other side especially the u and u say of all far some of the sanction really off cause it's it's not that easy the problem. the problems are in the dj is that they hoped to find a way to of flight and that of the perfect price everyone that both sides accept un and its specially the nuclear station that's under construction in our art where it is heavy work the system and that also can produce plutonium that is also used for nuclear weapons so up the house to find a real interesting price for the iranians of that they say ok we believe this project up for at least six months without any for the eyes of progress but the prices to live in a stitched around them. therefore the notice of
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what the solution here shares in geneva. thank you to pass. he has to charities at some houses are persona non grata in retaliation for cairo doing the same to the turkish envoy in cairo the for tat expulsions come on to anchor a call on the egyptian government to release as did president muhammad were staying. turkey has been the focal critic of course was the agent after he was removed from power in july and has called for him it would seem to be released from prison on friday demonstrations marks one hundred days since hundred mechanics when security forces appeared to vote for more see counts in cairo. un climate talks in warsaw poland have gone into overtime this weekend negotiations were supposed to finish up on friday evening. cause i get from over one hundred and ninety countries are scare them wrangling over their contributions to stating on climate change and many of
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the issues that had divided negotiations at the start of the talks on november and that that remain on results these telkom amid serious warnings from scientists scientists warn that arctic ice is rapidly melting away maybelline carbon emissions for rising temperatures and melting ice and want emissions cuts to slow global warming. but there's still no breakthrough at the warsaw talks. environmentalists say which countries and emerging powers are to blame for an impasse. this is the desolate us. i think a day unfortunately some of the industrialized countries to come here a job at this stage rather than owning them so yes the spirit that old website that be. i think it's bad enough but did not have the sense that some newly industrialized countries are using radio debate as to delay an agreement on water down the commitments as much as possible to feast on the top lip to stop suspicion in warsaw negotiators hope
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to lay the foundation for a new climate deal to be signed in twenty fifty. so far they've been unable to agree on a timetable for emissions cuts and who will pay for them. europe wants clear goals by the end of next year while the us and some developing countries want more time. this also disagreement on how much help developing countries should get to deal with climate change. so far the key talks to produce steel firm commitments. rescue efforts continue in the dock and cover the gap after the collapse of a supermarket group fonterra stake. at least fifty two people have been cans and ten more are still missing. the country has begun three days of national mourning. while rescuers continue their grim work. residents of riga and friends and families of the victims have kept vigil around the ruined shopping center. work continued through the second night in a row. but help is stating that more survivors will be found
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in the wreckage. about three hundred square meters of the store remained to be searched. it's a dangerous operation. and one of the sea we've reached the most difficult phase of the rescue operation. we now have to clear the part of the building which is still covered by the rules of the whole construction is fragile so we've stopped rescue work for awhile in order to decide how best to proceed. manuel them lafayette is grieving its worst disaster in two decades police say it'll take several weeks to determine what caused the roof to collapse. i received in the net and say they're working on a d it enabled the crew on the greenpeace ship arctic sunrise to the fresh air. after an engine of snow on the sikh or georgia and russia to release the activist in return for a three point six million euro bond. the thirteen member
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crew of the ship which was trading under the spike wear dresses is staging a protest after busting hotspot form in the arctic ocean. but most stay in russia for trial on charges of hooliganism. well moving on a team sport and this weekend sees a top of the table showdown in the point is to get us into a rant against defending champions by munich the timing couldn't be worse though for garments and higher by four and injures land are ready though to take advantage of that and they know their win on saturday will give them a commanding lead in the table over their biggest rivals you can clock faces his biggest challenge yet as dortmund coach in heaven so that it will be out of action for at least six months models and myself smelter are also nursing serious injuries. liam is now three of the few people have been filled and intensity is playing field in twenty matches together and my nenek is coming to town and intend
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to challenge the defense. all of that situation the emphasis is funny to be fantastic. defender before i can do will be called auntie counter by anton friends. but he has little to in this league experience. just like it make you warm and mostly tbilisi is new and dortmund and. and last night's extraordinary football to be competitive against time and we intend to keep it down and chopped spinach and a bunch of them to school. miami coach pat courtney all it appears to be keeping his cool. his squad is in a class by itself. unbeaten in its last thirty seven games. they helped to keep the streak alive against dangerous adversary. you have enormous respect for you can tell he's one of the world's best coaches. it's unbelievable what he's achieved with goldman dad for the past few years. this means that in me
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to really listen to my current consumer of me. but the most intense reason the spotlight will focus on by anthony list star mom you can set a former dortmund player. he will most likely take the field to two years rather than cheers. iron already enjoy a four point lead over dortmund in the standings. a win saturday will cement their position at the top of the table. he maintained that the continued their winning streak raising their fans felt all the champions league spot eighty two crashed in an authentic of the highlights the two attacks in the stillness and threatened to break the middle east right to veto the beast of each. yet both are in good form in the visitors took the lead before host tonight the science kid is paid to know the people before finishing the new the instead plenty to smile about. stuttgart struggled to create two instances they sit
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for an equaliser. led the us had no such troubles in the seventy third minute to post a bit slanted that second goal to seal victory the disappointment the stuttgart was a bank can celebrate their fourth win in a row moving on to motorists for its dance form that when dr is our gearing up for the preceding ground creek it's the final race of the season. it's bouncy and canada already has the drivers said they did in the bike and red bull with the number one team at season's end. that doesn't mean it reads his duties off the pace in somehow. see's me corus that has dominated the practice session ahead of the palm creek falls creek on a faster time in both practice sessions and that is chasing his knowing when in rome this weekend. well knowing when to novo which the snp could be for no one back porch. it's not the only one he's tasting and tap out a few interviews and a gum
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tree he would be that we can schumacher's record of thirteen grand prix victories in a single season still has her tricks for. fasting level hasn't let the celebrations from his latest book the one title for his performance world champion has won both the concrete instance retain his crown yet. it always sounds bad to say it was perfect. if you look of the season. it was almost perfect because we achieved a lot. but if you get too comfortable with that. if you say that everything was perfect with the results the car and will carry on doing the same things and then in effect you're standing still so while this can also buy into them the government him in the sixteen mix these two teams but switched to one point six liter turbo engines that signals the winter of change in formula one which covers can be designed to comply with new rules bread bowl or sticking with renault
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their search engine provider other teams like mercedes the cairo. this traditional one engine maker could have a clear advantage over the others. we won't know until we see the new engines if that's the case. apple might not be quite as dominant anymore. keane's men so to me now but i think next season will be similar to the last few years the latest team will have to be smart and work hard to stay at the top. just like they haven't. whether or not an american called and says have traveled to argentina after this weekend's miss pole dance competition where and ten for the twenty fourteen when pole dance championships with detectives the main event stunt is demonstrated at times intense hands on experience. a staple venting demands creativity as
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it can stand on a tennessee it should be recognized as the sports some even hope that one day can become piecing and pancakes. get today's edition of them going do. i do. changes made to police its natural beauty and some unexpected surprises. along the line on
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dw tv. all you need to know other people. stories and legends leaders of the rhineland. dw jaunty he brought. this is the filipino coastal city of tact loeb am off to the typhoon. when it's done by the scale of destruction typos on the trip downtown from the airport what i've seen in other places hit by high on was bad enough to calm compared to this. i can't miss storm a cha wit wd seds ofne. un
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three hundred kilometers an hour. what is it that wasn't enough to get a tissue huge storm surge too. the simple wooden huts which wants to hear that no chops against them each a high walls of water. they will wash away with many of the people who lived in them. id the ruins i come across nelson and ten she's looking for a brother and his wants. it would be
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made. blair scandal thing for the late payments on baby wearing. did the bags and bags. we gave me. did anyone do that. there's very little left of my brother's house same goes for most of the of the building. no one. under the rubble. to adjudicate tells us it must be quite a lot. what is it being on top when cody man is one of the men carrying them away he and his colleagues have recovered sold to voters this morning. i miss that. men women and children what is
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labeled for proper burial a temp and then interned in a mass great deal sources the water is about the threat of disease. the truth workers like real well connie mack on being pushed to their limits. you know it but there's no rude about the importance of. we have to do this job or go this is the most difficult part of the dove dove dove we are being here but get to do it this way we can have the people here. and then a ridge over them that we can morello is from the neighboring fine and mindanao. emergency workers had been sent to tesco banned from going into the country and that deeply moved by the sight of the town. or
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syria or in a big deal or the other didn't get to this race. who needs it what do they do this must look like their new year. this didn't use in the city by the us base. the jury what goes up that they have made of the day's inevitable one. head. so we would do well with the boss you see. he seems many people think like that. it's the only explanation i can find to scenes like this. young people laughing and joking playing the guitar. in the middle of death and destruction. it's almost defines no more bananas. i
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have. now we're a good one hundred km away from taco time in the north of the neighboring time and disabled. tyson high on rage he had to. one it seems the whole world is concentrating on taco time people here lacks to ten porsche the come across a large crowd in the spinach the inhabitants of that in a shipment is on its way. and standing patiently in line the short time later a truck arrives. i'm surprised and impressed when he did this help isn't from an organization called the state what many people from the south of the oven and
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spontaneously gathered supplies packed them onto a truck and sent off to the north. you'll be nicer explains how it happens mostly these are deviations from the more affluent families and even make a note of the people in the middle class b b get whatever he can it's either going to need a high court for a portion of their dignity and outlined a plan to spend so. so this is great to be popular to buy it and it was all what with the ghosts of the baby gets to wear it. whenever a little happy to share with others china may not be exactly what's needed to extend a great help the eva. this will
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put the people that i was standing at the last post you can see the people that he needed help. in the nearby town of bend. this us delivery of international and has a riot the week comes to the typhoon. and is ready on the medics you need to set up a field hospital on the grounds of the dental clinic. and as many as three hundred people a day seeking treatment. imran. i need the guts to say and see it and she didn't need that. to be. it does have the house eat them. a lot of people are suffering injuries the costs of the blue lying around everywhere. this man was repairing his roots and sliced it a nice photo to falling foam regions. it is
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true. you . it is. the chain through the snow flew to copenhagen was dependant on treating wounds like this can get infected and even becomes life threatening. but there are some happy stories too i'm a known anti climbed a fence to a baby boy in the israeli field hospital she's named him he's arrived rules state that i need to and i'm really are never forget that. ports of the provincial capital said it was serving as a hub for any flights to that i didn't get to errands. it took a toy chest number of days until the machinery clicked into packs and dance and the government a lot of
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criticism. content in a crop from all of the wellness standing at the airport ready to help the philippine air force. i returned to techno band with the relief welcomes this warehouse is one of many distribution points in the region . just twenty five thousand to any packages every day. a meal cooked in from the department of social welfare said he'll start is couldn't agree and to foster a gift and then he picked it up to its authors. to find that seventy five pounds on positive thinking in the city he thinks i look cool cool to reach. all are considered
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a topic that. but that won't be won. in the sock there be enough here to thank for that each wp and i didn't let me use his speed here in brooklyn from anita and start the keys to the kingdom government has promised to support the massive task of reconstruction. then maybe we'll go live i love the people with its maze of houses near the beach. so it takes time we've been through the colder months even years we believe that the pool and hit the floor of the people of the sentiment on the government has also promised to around two hundred and thirty million units. but will the money to really get to where it's needed. and downtown attacked obama's people on waiting then rebuilding their own houses. and the markets and reopened as well. i say
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check that one the catastrophe defeat him and i dunno one which best explains the aptitude to the locals casino. at bed bath. that one. my chance to go on and it will somehow mdm. my selfish spirit of the people again and again during my time in the philippines. and it's left a deep impression on me the eye and caused enormous destruction here and point out many times. but that tyson has not broken the will of the people to carry on. i
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it was. we then walked. i can. thus the name yet. sen biden that said if india did still make it a dynamic economy. the best honey bee


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