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tv   RT News  PBS  November 23, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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new new. anticipation and uncertainty over a potential deal with on top diplomats to get tehran's nuclear program under control. in march up from endurance as anti fascist activists took to the streets of germany protesting against the growing popularity of he lives in the country the merkel wants and she wants to have a word with lavender putin offer you free that's up to the eu and russia accused each other of
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meddling in the country's foreign policy to ensure its cooperation. and the olympic torch is on another leg of its epic journey to stocks plunging into the bottom of the deepest lake on earth after conquering open space i am. my worst fear center in moscow to our two week twenty four hours a day and then secrets think that we need. there's an anxiety in geneva where unlock anticipated deal on iran's nuclear program could potentially be signed on the foreign diplomat from the iranian delegation sound optimistic. no further details about just what's happening and that emerged was like has the decals for us from geneva. scholes katrina p five plus one foreign menace as kraftwerk
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can opt for a short while recommending his humanity in this foreign ministers too tired and had to buy tickets before they could since he's very tense negotiations now we know that they will be reconvened in the initial while the remaining finding staff. the idea and he said the team discussed today consists of three stages and was reassured that the potential agreements which contain coconut correctness and all three runs right to uranium enrichment the furnace as a straight before tearing into the screening stations this morning saying that they had similar concerns that day lah a number of small bites. for six pcs that still needed to be on hand down soon i was enchanted by the cia's deputy foreign minister and blackmailing expect to him and explained to me that one of the main complaint still
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sticking points around the nation. he was assassinated on it. he has great potential and that the best deal we need. if one wants to continue. i told you lately and for what cause this. of course it cools off sydney and compensates according to an agreement that has come up with today to complete i still can pretend uranium to carry some of you that if i could sense an exchange with that mudslides. remove from the economic solutions for six months of seo the indictment with weights paying for these talks as i set to reconvene it's very much up in the air than eight minutes. the way. the analyst if i ran my five eight and anime ish on told us it supports remember that there's more than just nuclear issues at stake here iran needs an efficient open huge range of last resort to doing gas and and ofcourse we
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should not forget that they get old. free thinking again about the team to trade two days so you think you're a woman. and that's when he crashed and caught two states began to have to get the key themes drawn and more saturday so the whole week you're around me. he went to pray for him. the laundry the assessment screening time trial in running tea tree continued to trade it too and kept empty and refill it and so sure of the american economy to play major obstacle to the deal is israel's opposition to any hint of compromise the previous round of talks two weeks ago the israelis and friday up like great pressure to influence the positions of both france and the united states. it is because they are postmarked from jerusalem. israeli prime minister of an imminent announcement continues to be as critical as if that. he has consistently called this a bad deal. he has expressed skepticism over the ukrainian
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statement that they are not intending to build a new kid on an easel so sick that the lifting of sanctions does nothing more to me any good bit of breathing space. not this outstanding statements by the way he planned the mess that has seen his relationship with the united states hits and two time ago that the obama administration has criticized his forte or nothing approach as he is waiting the american relationship deteriorates so what that scene is an increase in the warming of relations between these ladies and friends to the french president francois fun aunt was here in jerusalem earlier this week and the two countries spoke hall from each understanding of unbreakable bonds off common history and shared that used mini saying that we cannot renounce his fantasies new feminist is of course because of the french criticism. again stupid deal in fact it was the french navy credit as having nothing to do a deal from going through before at the same time there are reports sixteen eighteen and a half people quite a few days now
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that these ladies are working with the solve these behind the scenes that the possibility of an itchy strike is not back on the cards as this deal is signed told me before suggests that the soln east that will give the is ill get his window panes. if kif indeed it cannot confine its true what his crates o america strike. once this deal is in fact selling tool i spoke to john lambert a former us deputy assistant secretary of state were over on t cylinder was among the diplomats held hostage during a notorious crisis at us embassy in tehran more than thirty years ago. he believes it to israel not iran which has become more hardline. we've seen i think in the last to three or four months so since the election of president of president roh honey into some of the statements of the soup of the supreme leader. he is um i think about the change o direction and a serious
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change of direction by the israeli friends tell me is within israel itself there's a lot of controversy over the issue of iran and what should the israeli what should be really stand pm some of the more extreme stands overcome the coming out which oppose any time any deal. um are you creating concern and it can turn in history a lot of people it has been criticizing prime minister. look what what of the prime issue netanyahu seems to be asking for is not fact tom and iranianst in surrender where they are pressured into simply give in and giving up one that's that's not a negotiation that's just about to surrender any you'll get if you do squeeze somebody so hard that they surrender such and such an agreement simply isn't going to last the following the progress of nuclear talks in geneva in the coming hours on air as
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well as online at rt dot com also on our website we are asking you about the prospects of an agreement have your say on the issue thousands of people would spell the end of the city streets across germany to work in that anti fascist activists murder in the early ninety s the government is on a crusade against abuse promoted by far right groups i chose peter oliver was at the event in berlin for us then visit the anti fun just to the anti far as well as other left wing of the night stations and watching the central adelaide. this is a daniel mudd to takes place to commemorate the break so that the twenty one years ago they left when did this to stop the dead that they couldn't subway station when members o a right wing if you still can i say should know that receive comments to take part in a smart state that takes place against fascism and against ism is as important now as the cars
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they result in the past what the system the court may make them the second book lore and the treatment author you should want to come and assess the defenses and the world not to repeat this experience. and the odds of a system that is always the capitalism that we've seen in history that's every time we have a lot prices in society in touch as he gets this but the threats to society and especially to those core punished by the crisis which is that for the walk in closet to use migrants are forecast to flee from crisis in our own countries for more from see from hunger. that outcome coming here demonstrates is up on the roof of the building is just behind the demonstration retail it's all going off relatively peacefully if you fly practice train sets up a lot of flares and a lot of the posh chanting towards their foes be the fall right
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said this at my auntie's much as the heavily policed in the past we have seen clashes between alright three sons the anti fascist oh can i say she was the police that the encircling me is that these marches this year they've also shorten the route in which they've been taking to keep it limited to eight bucks a head of the two will square area to try to make sure that the conti any counter demonstration staged by the ball right into the discussions that we have seen in the past columns take place. german chancellor merkel wants to how they work with president putin over ukraine. after pulled out of the free trade deal with the eu. brussels and moscow accused each other of blackmailing key and into accepting offers over integration deals. galaxy are asking more the first and foremost mission of the local according to the self is to persuade the russian leader dogs for the eastern partnership initiative is not directed against russia as some have been hearing this comes just basically hours of
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dublin acquitted himself welcomed the idea of holding a three sided commission between the russia ukraine and the european union on how to alleviate the potential economic losses were sprayed myself up from the bench the joining of this association deal with the eu meanwhile several hundred people are still protesting achieves independence. well some of these comments and emotions are compiled in my report back to square one for ukraine's politics or keep central square to be precise in two thousand for the orange revolution stock that he had his independence with the event which dramatically changed political life in ukraine and set it on the eu integration course ideas like that the square is filled with people again only this time they hear because the president to good turnaround. well these protesters have been furious with the decision. in applying for an independent ukraine. we hopped a flight for tomorrow. other people to leave ukraine might have in fact dogs to pull it
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the decision to suspend the preparation of sewing the association agreement concerning the free trade with the busy anyone possible in the current difficult economic situation which we now have in ukraine. do you he will talk to. people talk to on their hands right now the eu isn't it. death spiral the eu national right now offer ukraine hours after the canadian government's decision reports emerge that in the police told his ukrainian counterpart in a phone call that russia economic blackmail t get out of signing the deal with the european union i don't know what the ukrainian president was talking about with his lithuanian pounds of pot. maybe we should all star american friends about that well it's saying that ukraine would not enjoy trade benefits with russia if it formed the free trade zone with eu is blackmail. how would one describe the statements by european officials. i disagree that
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the agreement could be signed later. it would be very difficult because too much risk is info. ukraine has missed its chance to remove the main obstacle in its way through integration with the eu when i stand on issues found out yesterday that ukraine has suspended all canceled or suspended negotiations with the eu was her view everything we had different from the eu to ukraine. all the way up to organizing mass protests this is pressure and blackmail having received no promise of compensation for potential economic damages from aligning with the eu team wants to create a three part the commission with brussels and moscow to find a way to a alleviate bills losses which suggestion of garbage has nearly suspended not canceled the association strife. the opposition meanwhile says it will continue taking people into the streets and a month that the president is impeached mix your chest your team reporting from kiev ukraine
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ic has been gathered expert analysis of how kiev could benefit from stunning potential trade pacts. here are probably heard the opportunity to be part of an obsolete the huge free trade zone. it's a fantastic idea but the problem we really hop is already in the european union mobile house being deeply compromised by the addition of countries that more ready such as bulgaria and romania the european union itself when the house to concentrate on its own internal economic problems could say that this is so unexpected and unexpected moment is very strange because its quest to create a custom blend since he met its interest rise writing and mammograms for example the european union today i attended countries
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and that includes instead of the dead and thousands of millions of people losing their jokes. so instead i think delta it became clear to all of the ukrainian president double what it showed that if it signs the deal is not going to get anything offering mentioned in the eu said so basically all postings are with some logs of changeable in all it doesn't fall flat the immediate economic benefits. it's as though that you create at some point in the future will have access to the eu markets. but when will this happen. us oil lobby well and truly it does itself forcing through bills that would make protesting at any drilling psychics the expense of federal regulation of the past that and more coming up after the break the eye. i knew when i was just for this rates. two things i want
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press. group. for me. and one. i like these. though your aunties today on rover's future . this high
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to extreme lows after heading into spaces part of an historic journey to saatchi the olympic torch has now reached the depths of lake i call. divers defended under the water with three torches that can burn hotter than two thousand degrees celsius the olympic symbol reached the bottom of the world's deepest lake with the flame still burning and goodness and that was enough there were more surprises in store when they reach the surface heart is james brown is there to see what happened. you're watching the climax of this very special toll free layouts like michael with the lit the flame is making history once again. it's been a mix of polls on the wall to buy a team of three bill evans and now it's been given to the silly name but not apply to all that david would have to swing this is happening. flying with the tulips in his job is to take it to the soul wearable lights up the lit the cauldron. the fifteen climax to a spectacular show
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of outs. well one of russia's was useful nonchalant months rt is of course fall into charges journey across russia to the host city of stockton on air and online rt to come the singer could see the comforting a lunch treat at any drill site united states courtesy of a new law could crafted by the way lobby the bill would force the demonstrators to shell out five thousand dollars for a rally permits. and excuse the government from regulating the franking industry and is planning to take on reports that kind of concern is swelling of the drilling method across the atlantic as well wind and romania granted the us oil giant chevron more than you need acres of land to drill for shale deposits
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thousands of romanians took to the streets to protest they soon found out they were little they could do to protect its oil the book when farmers due to begin chevron to fight for king to no avail. fricking comes the high pressure cocktail of water sand and chemicals deep underground to release the shale gas from bedrock environmentally state has the potential to trigger earthquakes as well as pollute groundwater and the surrounding countryside the problems with whichever with which odessa morning in poland is a question of what secret to this end and kind of not telling people the real truth about what's going on and that always telling me to never telling the other side the dumb side and i discover this to be true. the polish government and the polish authorities because they are in fact on the side of these big corporations. i called a
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partly shot his document re drill baby drill in poland is a police state television refused to talk to that feeling normal people. it can get the information to play again sees the corporations and the more people moved into the middle class people their objective is really to protect or didn't care to protect their place and the chevron um the corporations are geared towards portland and are going to leave forms will be here and this is really what fun is about us energy giant grill both abroad and at home and come with it the more than helpful with them domestically. this week the house of representatives passed a bill that would impose a five thousand dawn of the art. anyone wishing to stage an official protest against the drilling project to become law the bill also nice to make its way through the second but the time when the president. this is a pathetic sad silly eight am by industry to squelch democracy. opponents of cracking on both sides of
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the atlantic or even more fearful about the future of the democratic process. as their governments and major corporations negotiate free trade agreements like the one between the two west and the eu. that would effectively enable american companies to bypass european ports and challenge the government's bidding for national tribunals. whenever they felt the loss to the areas of health the apartment of social protection and to feel that their profits and the opponents say it would give trans national seed them greater access to their soil and we the people with less say about their land and a shutdown are key. after twenty two for one of britain's leading environmentalist tells us that there'll be a serious price to pay the future makes more money for some people in the short time and those people happen to have very powerful leverage as the government institutions this is not about whether this is a better energy soulful north and economic sense is basically a rig
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markets that the environmental costs of not being paid for by the shale gas companies that over to the full submission as to the state of cheap energy source. when in fact isn't cheap now because the pulsing on the cost of it being used in the future for our children and grandchildren and dave were already beginning to see how some of the cost of this kind of energy being used in the eye in the present than the hurricane that hit the philippines. a couple weeks ago that isn't exalt with the kind of extreme weather conditions that we can expect to accompany rapid warming of the time to spare just an unusual twist in a political career of one is really the mayor has his critics say his political program should have landed him in jail for racism not in the hot seat. real are on the accusations of israel and unions radical attempt. and ambitious plans for three d printer as nextel to use the technology for the donor organ market is starting to think human heart. the full details on our t dot com
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the president of afghanistan well on sunday telling a national meeting of elders to delay signing a security deal with the us next year washington has put pressure on funding karzai to push through the agreement that would allow american troops to stay on afghan soil beyond twenty fourteen but he's been digging in his heels saying any accord should only be agreed to after the april twenty fourteen presidential elections. and so activist brian becker says karzai has to carry it out a tough balancing act. the elders assembly is largely hand pick the mean they're not supposed to make a decision until sunday but i think it's very likely that they will approve a sign the deal although we don't know that with certainty anything could happen. just think of it. if you would. what the united states is proposing is that the united states will maintain military bases and us soldiers in afghanistan for a quarter of this entry twenty twenty four is almost a quarter of a century after
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the two thousand. oh one invasion. this isn't a clear instance of a colonial relationship with the united states invades and occupies a country uses various projects and then maintains military bases so that ultimately whoever is the government after karzai the us open to determine or that the real power in afghanistan jefferson warned global headlines. while in clashes have broken out in the turkish capital between riot police and protesters angry planned changes to the education system security forces disperse the demonstrators who can tear gas and water cannons the government plans to close any type of education institution that prepares students for high school exams. they say it will be replaced by private schools that typically cost more money. in the pakistani city of peshawar are thousands protested against us drone strikes in the country
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demonstrators blocked a major nato transport routes taking supplies to afghanistan. the rally was in response to strikes that killed six people including a pakistani taliban leader when bomb attack in the north of iraq has left around fifteen people dead and scores more injured. an explosives rigged car followed by a suicide bomber struck at a shia mosque in the restive town. sectarian violence has been escalating in iraq in recent months making this the deadliest year since two thousand eight over seven thousand victims to cover the rising bloodshed in iraq we've launched a special project together with the website iraq body count. the weather and dresses i gaze at the bottom of your screen now that month by month. it recounts that the attacks of two thousand thirteen along with the tales and the victim numbers. and. you been you
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chill for a spirit of technology update for the rest of the world. i i i i do. i am. there's now an all new form of humanitarian aid for the twenty first
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century created by members of the occupied movement. this is the thing to do with hunger and homelessness with different key problem in the so called first world debt. early jubilee project is arty bought around fifteen million dollars purse so that americans around the country most of the financial obligations that they bought were for medical bills and now the people who had to pay these bills are free from their verdicts. the group claims that the secondary ticket market is very cheap that they are able to buy the nearly fifteen million dollars in debt for only four hundred thousand dollars the secondary market exists because banks try to sell consists of the unpaid debt to third parties for less than a nickel on the dollar right now i would be begging the role in jubilee project to get rid of my college loans but alas this is always purchased anonymously so it's all pure luck will get stared at her chest. the important thing about this project is that you're actually doing something against evil system instead of just blogging about it. another fifty million dollars is a tiny tiny drop of the debt markets
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it may have really saved the financial lives of many americans but that's just my opinion. i rmb. they they heard there is a free and well those that knew what was around the world and himself i can't think of a national scale. good evening is now six pm the time and you're watching the tv news and makes the news from around the world on their online for the globally minded audience
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the new. eye. all the eye. it is. i will. the chee you in
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you will or will we will. it is you. ay ay ay the power stars removing spent fuel rods in the machine the first day will take a year. he retired the commissioning of the day time and they want and wait for more aid to arrive in the philippine medical


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