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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 25, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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to west. aren't i. so that's really what i try. by tonight you knew when will the wing will. the is the sea. but that would cooperate with the old stuff and some of the temple of the european union. onesteel few carefully placed its nuclear program a mixed reaction. yes that's
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right it's tough to be giving off just yet the problem of overkill. investigators cited friday cycle oil pipeline last of the eastern chinese city of qingdao off as a result of the devil with them all to see. chinese medicine set up a field hospital in the life and devastation to the pain. was it said. jonas of the snowflake helsinki tv news i'm at lamar biking. or was stored for use in the next hour with us thousands of anti government protesters have marched through the tiny capital demanding the resignation of prime minister being optional off the price has come a day off a massive demonstrations that were the longest in thailand since deadly political andreas swept the country in twenty ten protests have also spread to government offices military bases and state television
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channels. a few dozen protest is not just a few thousand protest is about more than a thousand now have reportedly pushed their way into the finance ministry building and the rallies will rise by the opposition democrat party which has been leading an anti government movement since the early this month they would trigger adopted the government backed an amnesty bill that would've led to the return of the prime minister's brother the ousted former leader talks in china last one up and facing jail time for corruption sentence handed down in two thousand a night meanwhile branch of government supporters gathered in a stadium at the offices and all bank all chinese premier league coach john has embarked on an official trip to romania analysts say the three day visit starting from monday to send to and haunts the sky oh and level of cooperation cctv is john media reports stated agenda as the future
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pretty good sound has to romania to shore up economic and trade cooperation. this is congress leaders showed that at that rate on in the first ten months of this year reached three point two seven that us dollars up from a nasty ear. tesco is telling us nineteen eighty eight c to one and sixteen that us dollars. romanian investment in china stands at twenty eighty minute. analysts believe this that it would expand the scale mates and i drove an hour so that with central and eastern european country all of the can on trade the prawns up. i think humanity is not just a minute or so. newman had plenty of sun filled with central and east european countries so you wait you must small trade them all with his country. it will still work on a puzzle with a well the signs are talking about such a thick chinese investment in energy infrastructure at the counter
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and tourism. indeed china's cooperation with the maniac countries in the region but it can penetrate to china's ties with you. during his stay in romania the rosso extended time this century east and europe meeting which gathers leaders from sixteen country style creepy in china is or maybe it was coming on asia and next year where the defence ministry of diplomatic relations between the two countries. he got into an international corporation. i think nova many areas over the country he may your roof. the no on the global stage as well the mind of that is that they can manage it to come up with the religious and united states. of all the european countries and also the voting polls what turned out so the days of wearing one point in which you know all come with some special role. on the world stage. china and romania are ready to tap potential for strength and economic cooperation premium he said visitors each
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expected to get more substance to the bad relationship as both sides eyeing the process of editing it to next level. cctv baking i like to take care of a crit this groundbreaking deal with a pair of iran nuclear program in exchange for the things sanctions out cause bone in which events that explains the terms of the interim agreement reached in geneva and our diplomats secure the deal through non financial qs. foreign ministers from six kg woes how was the us china russia the uk france and germany and a man stand shoulder to shoulder in the men went out to striking the inland mild cold agreement to fall is not within told during a week in which emissions be between optimism and boom. in equal measure under the terms of the deal he ran stops in vt
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new radiant india weapons expanded its stockpile of enriched uranium will be ninety two. the heavy water nuclear reactor i read it wouldn't be commissioned in return they will be limited lifting of sanctions with about seven billion dollars to nine. it was said the arabian foreign minister accounts to build trust. it is important. nautilus. sea and the opportunity and the numbness a crisis in open new horizons. based on respect. for the rights of iranian people. and the move one of the knee. and doubts about the exclusively peaceful nature. all the nuclear program. in washington. the agreement was welcomed by us president barack obama. mindful of
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the hostile congress stressed the mother's day to the ease sanctions. we will refrain from imposing new sanctions and we will allow the iranian government access to a portion of the revenue that they have been denied for sanctions. but the broader architecture of sanctions will remain in place and we will continue to enforce them vigorously the fourth day of talks began with a fleet to follow than it is flying in the regular diplomatic muscle that suggested the radical step change about to take grace optimism quickly tore down behind the new rifles they remain very difficult because it's something that will stress that this is it a lot of work to do. and indeed if wallace and be in the videos of the next day when the us secretary of state finally started out to claim a diplomat time. it's no small thing i think
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the trip since nineteen seventy nine. for what thirty four years. around and the united states has not been able to talk to each other. and there's been an enormous buildup of suspicion that panama city. this deal is just the beginning of a six month truce and said eyeing the international pounds to target and will comprehensively cold with iran and in the process tackle what has been one of them is intractable and potentially dangerous issues of the early twenty first century. richard s take cctv at the command epa told in geneva. four decades of sanctions have severely damage the economy of iraq cutting its crude oil production and barring it from recap trading earnings from oil exports. iran is home to some of the world's biggest oil and gas reserves
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but the sanctions the border on a multibillion dollar losses every year. the white house estimates iran has lost more than eighty billion us dollars since the beginning of twenty twelve summer rainy and people are uncovered by the sanctions relief while others doubt the loot that you really can bring any change to the alliance. so mind you i'm glad to see our country can be re adjusted to the mile and a proper distance of this tensions have made it hard for us to live. we have made some compromises but i see these compromises birthday everything in the country's movie for it. i believe that our government cannot trap a nation in the first to the again helpful informative and it was. it's good to get this deal settles. i hope the agreement helped improve our living standards of visiting international pressure. i also hope the government can afford and are delivered world the series a difficult living in very much due to
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poor management and us sanctions. i hope that you'll become the starting point of our better lives in the future. i had a lot until that day our economic problems like inflation are really soft i can hardly believe it the thing that yet if i eat that this is something that was it. well as the sum of eighty reactions and we can get more reaction from the postponement and tear on long genie and who joins us live from the iranian capital now will continue and so do we we had a little flavor of what people are signing their entire run. how do you will read the atmosphere and i'd be hearing more support for opposition from the general well just go one day after is the least on and we hear the faint once the center from the fantasizing. most of the phone is the media and on
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so that mommy can simply meeting here the few decent us that live here and also as some at the site consists in minneapolis. it's not the staff and kim who cling to hope for the future and the headlights when howe said the funniest news beadman newspaper today. at the set that we should be a nice this sunday for me no means the top negotiator and i know so the funny stuff he bought a gold medal and there in the southeast will comment that the mp said the success of the runs that a negotiation team that has been the hole for the concierge desk. we'll also add that the economy we all had to go take again. so at the scene said the funniest comment here a year most of them at the think this is a very good deal about him on the other hand we saw that the concert especially high flying this year. the dog feces that
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would feel like dead. one of the popular hot tonight newspapers here. i don't see how newspaper today the highlight keep their wares all say that the us that is sacred to the state john kerry and mentioned that the us doesn't mean the steel and he doesn't recognize and on sunday when the policeman life and death so that i told these comments is that the feedback he only has a one dollar and u s is not just the oh so at macy's that comment here a week and see that most unfair and mean that most of the people in rio we also taught many local people hit the wall come to steal that they get us as humans and dogs and remain at least the steel pan green. i did the u haul and for their life. which in and of course it's erm just been announced about to. they will be more
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ideally to be done and a half more full. rangers incitement issued at the delights of time. but how strongly that this iran believed the deal can actually be fully implemented. well legally scene just after the beastie and down the tree so that the stupid thing i can blind us on the hunt explained at a specially on the new engine light and the steel over atlanta on knots. it has taken my seat on syrian in life it has really shows how well and felt the spirit it's nice and green salsa yesterday and he says that he and the frightening stuff and not worthy of life it only has a very into it and causing him to do at these non state entities and at the one nice thing to me he emphasized that the success of the steel in the future depending on. depending on how the best we will fulfill its baseball news on
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knowledge and also the men stayed at that utah has all the other matters. the man and taking these steel and is all the words hope and thief and you don't find that the rest is not going to fulfill peaceful means to use the sentence and that all of these matters and maybe we'll go back so at the scene said the ring pop and into the latter from the runny side and also a new city i talked to one of the fall modern i'll make this year's theme he mentioned that sarah eight yuan said honey mix of real close name on the tape the whole process of taking on than spreading false names of the steel and that the fever on and also he mentioned that these to add some details of that. he spoke from the steel. there are some signs shows that assumed that both tries this season the neck of the trust continue on and that's
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especially it seems the best team not going to fulfill its promise as so and he said that effect then it is about finding the future. at that as it's not going to a piece this sentence it is a hot pan on a date. dahlia new deal at posts and comments will step team and it will take some madness may be stopped in false names of the steel sony can see here inside the lungs to the seas there is sense the more i've to give him anything to further appreciate your analysis there from terror on what you know the postponement in the writing capital. well there are of course the world powers and iran. looking optimistically at what has been achieved in geneva. at the same time however it is well has denounced the deal saying it for the last hopes what it describes as tehran's disputed nuclear weapons
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capability. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says is well is not bound by the deal and reserves the right to defend itself. we will leave you with it. in this. mr said very lonely. without him serious. the snow while this does not do this. we are this is going in there looked into. all buttons lolo is huge the call from destruction. we had the means
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to achieve this goal. you will love and war. you are worth it going to stay the system. all of this possibility in this area only two weeks. cheers to our correspondent in jerusalem matthew coleman who joins us now. i welcome at the start we we so and ended there. benjamin netanyahu criticizing the deal calling it. the historic mistake and he has been pressuring is well strongest ally the us what is the witty medina and what will he do. to achieve his goal. what we can expect over the next six months that the israeli government will have two major to mom's the first one is to make sure that the sanctions regime. the second economic sanctions imposed by it but by the un security council
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and file actually between many countries and iran stays in place the israelis want to make sure that the pressure on iran doesn't let up and that the economic sanctions don't crumble. now that some of them that the east they want to pressure maintained because they say that without that pressure. the iranians have no incentive for no reason to they take the next day. on the second thing the israelis don't want to do is when they do take that next step in six months' time and a final agreement is concluded. the israelis will be searching not just for a freeze in the rainy nuclear program. bought a roll back in the end you're a new nuclear program. they want to see the dismantling of those centrifuges they will see the dismantling of the heavy water reactor iraq. they want to see the export all the existing knew the material outside the borders of iran so that they called into the fold what a nice patient and enrichment in a short period of time. the israelis are going to be pushing very very top. for those two things in
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particular and in the background they can be keeping out the threat of a new tree strike from israel alone if necessary to stop the iranians achieving a nuclear weapon. and that carried no doubt has been a lot of reaction in the media has clothes that people in other walks of life. oh what's that what is the gentle feeling coming out of the sect is to die. well following yesterday's for russia's reaction to these dealers in geneva which was led by prime minister netanyahu that we had from the foreign minister we heard from the defense minister all of them saying that this was a historic mistake and that the west and then put the wings and flew by the radiance into allowing them to enrich uranium. today we hearing a slight moderation of those views from other parts of israeli society. the new leader of the israeli labour policy and the leader of the opposition
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gets hot hot soak has called on the government today to dial back its rhetoric and not to go for these full blown confrontation with israel western allies and with the united states in the newspapers which st commentators saying look this is an old back up the front page headline you get off cronulla which is the israel's largest selling daily newspaper says this is not the end of the well and that for the first time the iranians have agreed to be on the international supervision. it's a place they knew korea program under daily inspections and daily tests and he says that's a major achievement in the ha'aretz daily. we had an editorial saying that israel should get this agreement sean's times that we've had commentators most notably those who themselves were born in iran at all or a persian background who say they understand the thinking they understand the culture all the wrong bed to the most israelis and then saying this is an achievement the israelis can get
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something out of the steel he is ready she tried to look at the cup hopeful rather than the cops often see. four eyed many thanks indeed the math here. i'll postpone the match to a common man purporting to this wondrous when you're watching cctv news will have more stories by the financial break. the sells. says
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the online. the quebec you what you see ctv news south korea's news agency yonhap is reporting that three cargo ships the stranded near the south korean city of boots on. because of a strong storm the ship struck rocks including one ball carrier from china and two oil tankers from south korea and panama. south korea because god has carried on emergency search and rescue. be on hand said the eleven crew members from one of the ships have
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been rescued while because council working to get the rest of the thirty five crew members from the other ships safely to shore. at least forty air crew members were killed up to two cargo ship sank off china is the skies didn't separate incidents today. rescuers are still searching for the missing twenty three side is the first ship carrying fourteen crew members sank early monday. and the ship was hit by large waves and stormy weather while on route to the north east of the awning province. on sunday evening a second ship carrying twelve crew members suffered engine fire yet in the stormy sea borders and stacked. the chinese state council team the system and a dereliction of duty calls friday's oil pipeline boston the eastern coastal city of qingdao killing fifty five
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people and leaving the line up is missing. that's according to the preliminary investigation. vista guys has bolted the layout of the oil and drainage pipeline networks. they say the oil spill was caused by a pipeline management and negligence. the accident was made worse because of the slow emergency response namely corning off the danger zone and evacuation investigators say a fire investigation continues. at this amazing design of the corporation's president beach own while made an apology of the explosion about to find out the coolest the city filled with weekly to see the huge losses of life and property. he said sinopec would cooperate with the investigation team dispatched by the state council to try its best to control weekend packed all the bombs. earlier we spoke to our reporter hand kong who was at the scene of the accident he had been done
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at the news conference held by the state council investigation team. the head of the team at young dong young said but the local government and the companies involved are to be held responsible for the accident the veto of this investigation group. mr young age only ounce as this is a oops. this is a very serious war and safety of satan and his sats post related companies as well as local authorities should take responsibility for that. and also he says that besides this is a strong blast in qingdao the subsidies to big problems. first the oil pipelines are located so close to. the a water pipeline and a cd of this is already a very big risk but there was no change there was no rectification at all. this shows a side note i was taking the work safety shows td
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there was no it got evacuation what information to nearby residents before exposing because it took seven hours before his final explosion when the boy who had already begun leaking and is already getting risky bet there was no way to the cushion for nearby residents was all fun and it was such a hue is best so bad and ugly. mr dow said that this shows that boasts the company's stores for the boys to take responsibility for this. now for the investigation is still underway and a row they were published and or published the report. that investigation has uncovered on the results page the chinese navy's hospital ship has begun assisting the survivors of typhoon high and in the storm wrecked the philippine city of tech love them. the pieces op is the first ten thousand tongues paz hospital ship in the world and is equipped with advanced medical system is one hundred and twenty at
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a chinese medical stuff were carried aboard the ship to type about. the team has now set up a field hospital there and offer is a working round the pope to treat more patients. china has dispatched a total of three medical teams to the philippines. typhoon high and known locally as you'll end up killed at least five thousand people and wounded over twenty five thousand when it swept over the country two weeks ago more than sixteen hundred people remain missing. that's it for this update on cctv news i was now for the weather. and that'll be followed by a travelogue the next hour the long run in addition after the line i met them on. i have. as
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you the us how how. inhale yourso
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will. the us. the owner welcome to nhk world islamic tawny and talk show here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the chinese leaders are defending themselves against criticism after they declared it depends on what i've been told by japan. some us lawmakers are skeptical about a deal to limit iran's nuclear program saying


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