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email me. in that. in the air i need to squash the two thousand and nine. we have been traveling he will be three nineteen items in one spot and counting. i do. and
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it's been tradition in which she read to you can listen to some country excursion to turkey. busy bustling markets and exclusion tables welcome to secure the recipes we can find inspiration in tears due to the species that has tweaked it to youtube. mary expressions on greek is tokyo cuisine in turkey december twenty ten on nhk world. this
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is obscene to national smoldering more room for such a great boss go play in the us now is no reason to proceed with his controversial missile defence but can you picture out of place but a little. police testified to a gas of each of the ukrainian capital during the second day of rest of the company bought from an eu deal. between the oil industry propaganda and environmental cutting i hard to get a grip on friday besides his solo flight in the midst of the federal executive of the force of about them was because of the controversial should expect to be . call. whatever
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the balding keep it going to stick to stop the beat and it will go top story this morning. russia's foreign minister says agreed to compromise in iran's nuclear program should and eliminated the reasons for the us to construct an anti missile defense system in eastern europe. the american that plaid has been a long study of contention between the countries russia seems to be afraid to stand with your feet while the us has maintained that it is needed to be rid of so called rogue states like the red. so we didn't have the guts to speak to find the key and told that a deal to bring iran's atomic program control. more on that before the broadcast. three decades. the crucial make or break every kid talks continued into the dirty details of how they were caring for a meeting of the candidates spent hours in geneva. great stats. blake
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said. drake said. while diplomats from six mpg santa on it that way and set to historic breakthrough. then off to sixteen hours a week he's talked to them the deal had been done. it's the perfect negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy including its might to enrichment of the conditions of this program is placed under strict control by the iata as we receive glad it did mean that he got details to iran had agreed to read she sits uranium enrichment and twenty term. find the senate these units centrifuges while halting construction of a new reactor near the town of the ground. mr long list of concessions in round five minutes to still have a smile on his face in it and he won for his country. still easing of sanctions. nine ten months to regain control of billions of dollars class of much
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needed funds and foreign banks. we believe that it is the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation and ultimately to the more significant negotiation to follow for comprehensive agreement on the success that it was a flexible to the masses. i see that one day all about the knights in the case at the school. the fact that that the iranians have shown time after time that there's no evidence that he wanted to poke them with anything but peaceful. it's something that has been ignored by the west indian western governments but that is despite all that he runs resilience has forced these countries to step up. enrichment and again the russians and chinese have played a very constructive role. i don't think that sanctions play. as much of her role as the recognition by the united states and britain and other countries that we need to engage iran
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because iran is becoming increasingly influential. i an aven ansset tome its hand to the negotiating table. this deal signed yet spain's them. he said. all of the agreement amounted to six months it sits on the bigger thingso come according to professor of international relations and knew she tagged me. all part of medicare part a bit of confidence building process and that is exact what they're doing to fight the tide is going to be that the camera the one thing fell on a daily basis. got to talking back to hq indiana from bed to the security council the phone and caught up with michael to provide the gallant either dramatic eyes me that iran is sticking to the script. of course also for ainistration in
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washington to show its own as adversaries that the iq this is a good deal. not just for iraq and the region in the middle east but also for united states. most of the deals made life more difficult for president obama ill defend the administration's gets to the concessions now is to come that israel's was hoping to link is to dip mix tt up to criticize the month. today that diplomacy open up a new path toward a world that is more secure. and flying in the face of president obama geneva it's over. so the store instead. you will it's a apartment where israel as well as many u s lawmakers don't think that iraq should develop nuclear technology at all. the obama administration heckling fiji diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge he runs right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at
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the same time. we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding. iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its rord of violating its obligations. iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear programs that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon. the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement. despite the officials attempts to appease the hawks punches are flying here. looks like we tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so that they give them a say on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the file agreement. another set of marco rubio call that
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deal quote a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security. i think a l of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that this interim deal becomes the new norm. opponents of the deal in washington and abroad are already waking up to its supply the six month trial the obama administration is walking on eggshells before congress is rio and its allies in the call that sits right in and day. a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time. in washington and then a shake up. israeli national security expert telling the ultimate told us the israeli governmente from towards the deal does know is the fat them actually. we've seen over the past twenty four hours or so were an increasing number of analysts and commentators have come out and said that this deal is something is right to live with him even if it's not perfect it's not something
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that we would adopt it for ourselves. it's something it's not as bad as our prime minister's describes it is definitely a specter of opinion here on this issue has arisen every issue. what we do know is in the week or two leading up to the agreement. there was a poll taken about what people felt about the prime minister's rhetoric for the united states and a plurality supported him and only of a very small percentage of the thought that he was wlly unjustifi. t that may be different after the agreements come to come into being. we'll have to say the two month reduced walks of life but the pope and the team improved to have more in common you might think. we report on the first mates again having been told to get the bike shed concern of a humanitarian disaster soon. and. yet nobody who is pro reform movement for the victim to a relentless government front bench have looked at my style when it was white for the camping
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together. i would subject next the clutches of broken for second day in ukraine has protested to fight police efforts to suppress them don't still body's been ongoing since the estate in kiev of the couple's decision to suspend the deal which would be that close to ties with the eu. like tears if he's in the ukrainian capital for our tea. a lot faster than any of the setup down to the europeans whether to recognize that it was some what time it is not always having his love for this right now we see. inevitably some rocks from side to side with both sides and believes that the protest as amusing as it gets my kids get shot up the system of government signed a trade agreement with europe at the moment this was a relief. this was
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the right. well the doctor says it'll look at what types of damages was softening. i disagree with. if you live nice to me. one hundred million dollars so good to get up for the moment the walls. we thought. to restore electricity heating and yesterday the government acted to pick up that light up with your kids. the great big problem for aggression at the moment not signal that consideration. europe but not for god. six what the actual damages the government decided not to sign his blessing to the imf said it would not provide great with another is that life takes a lot which would help the brightness of the country but said that the country doesn't need help like that one is one of the ism data also lead to collapse. so what should the bureaucrats that the drive to blackmail the great products i need this deal. the bread to hit back saying that god is in fact europe which blackmailed great divorce negotiations to end up getting is ready just to see with goals that we didn't get to follow all the details at all
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the developments. absolutely will bring some leaders of the european commission the european council agreed to joint statement saying the proposal to ukraine still stands out with again accused moscow of pressure in kiev at the signing will build from the bruges group little thing time told us that the use of becoming compass much influence as possible the opinion it's very keen to expand to a straight regulations to new countries and to make sure that was made in brussels by noting the european union but also outside of the opinion that it's not often you become a fixed interest is certainly not in the interest of ukraine with the opinion is looking to expand its elation was selfless taking in countries from kolkata to turkey and then of course from the british in the east two to azerbaijan the meeting is in the country's best interest to have excessive regulation could omit industries. or i would go stories as well as news of job away from this
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new commission to teach it to the hunger strike by this to continue until the deal with the eu signed. also in line with this the financial hurdles the pf at the make and freeze the agreement including gas prices. but the kids to the gas cap might just find a way around the globe by shale drilling machine ukraine signed cooperation deals with the oil giant shell and chevron would help the country such domestic fuel costs but the benefits this thing going to balance out the environmental damage the question when to let them make progress. see the little micah swoop in to them and the sweet old politicians the troubled by ongoing spying revelation the eye the movie. moore
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the two language. news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here all of tea. we'll talk the leap into the intriguing story. are you today the trial of the arabic for no more visit our big old auntie don't call the eye
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should i put flags of fun together though the vatican to what would the pontiff is welcomed as the blue team to put it it's the first of the meeting brought about in large share of the tube is the crisis and stevia. auntie z coupe is can all fees in vatican city the sea. it is of old friends on one hand to begin with. he was usually blows over one point two billion catholics across the world and this president was in a heavyweight boxers and also one of the most wanted influential people on the globe. it may not be seen he put the death. some may be licensed. polls have been standing strongly against any foreign intervention. with the back of france's top although a letter to the russian president recently personally thanking him for helping to prevent military action by the west also the vatican and the rush
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ahead to bring lots of attention to the rights of christians in syria but what's also interesting here is the way it saudi media has been reporting on the russian president's visit that wasn't really the situation in syria nor the relations between the vatican and moscow that supporting the full support of the former italian prime minister. i see the city of dual sport his faith was really looking at them having to deal with several convictions including abuse of power in having with an underage prostitutes and the italian media really has been working with speculation over whether or not submissive bills forty will be able to afford heating getting punished and the latest furore in that sense was the best of president putin was going to make mr bills for the russia's ambassador to the vatican up automatically writing and diplomatic immunity salty speaking these words have not been confirmed but it does show the amount of attention being paid to two of whatever putin's visit only time the pope and prostitution also share the usual bone think distaste of shale gas trackg facilities recently pose an environmental activists
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indeed important expressions pilgrims set about us or giant chevron exploiting shale gas in south america fuller of oilfield executive to the anti from the company mattel this the plagues industry but don't profits for pushing home for technology. this is the technology. that said basically has been proven not to work as the oil industry claims and has resulted in contamination irrefutable evidence of contamination of ports s soil. andy and analysts say that significant negative health impacts on the populations that live above the gas fields. what a reflex is the fact that we are dealing with a cowboy industry that is driven by greed and little else in fact i would say to me in the pool that people do a bit of research for themselves and they took at the damage and the contamination that has been re around the world and basically we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure that this does not happen in the uk. but grant is tracking this too was
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forced to abandon the high windows open poll paid by the way what it's like living here and rightly so. i learned that this industry hard way. i worked for industry first and then made out to the country and bought my own place and then i experience that the environmental impacts on around me. there's the possibility of water contamination and water depletion and the mini mini horrible air in packs and the traffic in just a huge disturbance no least ask clients. it's been a fitting and very few people day in history and a few large landowners and is coming at great expense to the people who lived on the land the party regimes that i once again in its effort to stifle dissent the resting now the chairman of the european by reveal the mistakes of the human rights as with many previous together activists the same gallant charge of inciting hatred against the minority
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his wife ask would i live says the husband's these state. it was a kid and i'm ok topic in your apron. he went to the police station to all iraqis taking baths in the nhl but he got arrested for inciting hatred. he then begins to address the human rights activists. pain is not something new. haney am sorry if i've seemed to address the human race the mother and a few anaheim. no one on the scene and in pain. many human rights defenders are getting easier and takes the idea for a thirty yard effort in action or higher and as far as the over the years and the radiant initial position of humor and chad was arrested last year and then to go two years in jail for criticizing within feminist with the fate of
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the doubt which again things his case has a very clear indication of how the butter in the government views the soup to the speaker the event very optimistic of power again. the human rights and he don't want anyone to step forward and talk about black people are suffering or two and one each of our god is mighty nation. he wants and twenty four i can do to land an accident like that pena means he is in for a fiend security option on a pretty good option. they are stopping bill who are teaching people are making people aware of their rights or speak about. the soap in britain the country's turned the corner and is getting on one of the smallest of the financial dramas this to him either to stop popping the champagne in some quarters with critics saying that make the pundits that a man wheeling some struggling for generations. laura smith i took of england's full cost economic growth in the filming of unemployment down. it sounds great. it's
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beyond his immediate fake is it that dr king said the prissy much all the matches by fleet street rapid economic progress are in decline people's real incomes falling more and more of it spent on basic essentials. uniquely based generation of young people is was educated and that parents and niece it's the female life expectancy and is tiled more time to see among the west in euro. if anything economics common tasted jeremy warn that says gray is guides but warns it is unsustainable. not enough exports is not enough business investment in this economy. now that it provided the economy continues to grow the hope is that these things will eventually come true but that the mind has left a little sauna. can you say that these key indicates it's a good thing sounds it's educates and health into all of that decline towards nevada. ever since the crisis began living standards of being on the amount of trash
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every day for the first time again the molten history. we are seeing the situation with people leaving the workforce of it aren't all that sure it takes it from the people joining the workforce ethical standards of its recent article on right wing than the old relative something common future of gratitude for the rest the world is going to decline with it what does it go and add up to me that the underlying economics into cases anywhere we g it. what the data. i'm extremely calm cool really. i made for some other things going for. it's still reckoned to be one of the most open economies in the world has the biggest global financial center in the world. these underlying trends off a wiring and something needs to be done about them very very urgent what this says the government's doing some of the right things but to change the date and ultimately left radical action is taken and they ski areas but since economy is slipping on tolerates time
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two american summit has made a flying visit to utah to smooth over the extent of the spy scandals involving the us and european ally. it follows revelations for most of all red with snowden showing american spy agencies been siphoning off information by installing malware on tens of thousands of computer networks. you can come november. emilia and is still displayed to me she's from sweden's pirate copy two things europe faces some hard questions on how to tackle so than in the states how did we get out of the situation how do we create some kind of positive future vision for how we get along how to create a good society together and in order to do this we need a better transparency rules for information technologies need to figure out what is going on but as i type this with all of these information technologies of having an event the week and the praise of pasta condition for the future with gadgetry dots eames that's not good politics and soul. european leaders need to sit down and think how do we continue our important mission for peace market development economic
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disparity and citizen interaction. the scottish government for the first time in today to become independent citizens voted to leave the uk makes you chose the twenty fold them up to the sixteenth of may the perspectives that official but god is strongly opposed by london which is warning it will make it easy for scotland a breakaway. as for santa just thought would be an independent country to six more question that requires a simple yes or no waking at three hundred euro looking at could hardly be said for the scots are not taking it lightly as it stands only about thirty percent of scots say they will vote for independence. a figure those of the gas cap hope to increase by presenting that much anticipated white paper with the scottish national party says it has the answers to all the questions about the dependence of my medicine david chapman and those that wanted to go cap in since the minute that this is laden with risks and problems with morning sun just about everything. taxes and death no count suggests the worst
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air and higher taxes. eu membership. pundits as scotland can forget about it by the nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of the top korean nuclear attack. my teeth and the roaming charges and will pile fellas if the split happens at the list is on its top project the year by the yes camp. they accuse the government of scaremongering scots into voting no. since the white paper with a group of independence was read about it stops you and a thriving hub of the service that resonate with voters. i would argue that an independent scotland will have to negotiate in the future of the things that it has right now along with the signaling that it won't make me easy the crux of the matter goes back to economics and recent poll found out that independence made of five hundred pounds richer more than half the scotsman reporting from london contests are still yet. who would use to krishna least we
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won't be pooping killed dozens wounded from susan in and around the iraqi capital health officials say the attacks included a bus to the crowded marketplace that claimed fifteen lives of the assassination if a little blanket from his offer to help curb the rising budget in iraq by providing weapons training and intelligence to security forces least five hundred people died in sectarian violence in the country this month and he is death toll it is a witty over seven hours and five. so i promise is a non emergency powers to deal with the unrest in the capital by nicole protests is that he broke through police lines to occupy the foreign ministry something to be settling them for the night in calling on the piano the government to resign the bill that would grant amnesty to politicians both past and present one hundred thousand people marched against the brewed coffee on some. this makes it news updates here on since nationals but the full list on the canal in coming up next the eulogy in the uk can even feel the cold going on the ground and that criminals for the rest will eat eat eat it. it's the lakers read
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the post the week's sports news. this is out. the i believe in the nineteen believe in can you believe the newest small businesses did i hope we keep on teaching unions. i believe in america. truth come true. scorf non profit organization we provide free pizza two people who wants or if this is marie at the one person can detect ibm opens i am nuts for winter. ryan's school. what do you believe. he had to get to share small business owners need to show them to get tonight is her age. i do what i do because watching other people's seat. it gives me great to find successes as
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ours. it's like watching your children or grandchildren since the shade of six to volunteer your expertise you've got to share. it's been an export the door. so interior expertise scored at or. i do. i am the eye. i did
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i do. it is. i did. view. it stood you know. you did it what were you


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