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new and new guru. it's six
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won fourteen euros with grind up some of the chevron bp or not. the country's first parcel of solvency deal is from our diets until the goal of his business failed careful than seventy percent of his death with all tht they can focus on completing the job and living of life rather than focusing on how the mist hanging over them. a great christmas morning from pink in the door. dissident republicans strike against the mariners forced to rent a car bombings but bathurst city shopping center. deputy to the car so destination would post them as i sit here and see. i'm so proud to seattle injury. i used to hold a gala just want to get to the bottom of the mirror man of mystery. the film ends on the home inspected just wanted to be able to go home
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no hopes of even the locals of all things scientific. you do. welcome to six won. in the country's first competed and solvency deal our two youngest sons of the borrower and vault has had an excess of seventy percent of his death written all the rage with the greater the creditors' meeting this afternoon. the offices of the mill the group new beginning the borrowers is an agency worker from tony cole who is a partner in a business arrangement which failed. an ordinary room for an extraordinary nice thing it was here for the first insolvency deal was agreed this afternoon. in this case the borrower got into difficulty following the failure of the family business. that left the individual with a
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residual death he couldn't pay. last month he went into insolvency in mama and circuit courts and today he secured a deal from the scriptures. it's understood over seventy percent of the steps have been written off. the firsts that it said the arrangement agreements to be etched into the new act. and because first it's katie has an importance. and it's the first we expect of many already in the pipeline there are hundreds of prizes ready to go in one form or another the personal insolvency practitioner who brokered the deal said pressures on just because the borrower was honest. they recognize that the debtor was putting their best foot forward like making a full and frank disclosure and that they were then prepared to you to know recognize that and i needed to make the desert are going three of the main banks were pressures of today's agreement when the deal was concluded that it was not unanimous. today's
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developments does not involve ordinary mortgage debts. for distressed homeowners and the test would be to see paul kind of racial an insolvent mortgage holder can achieve but today there is a of light for troubled borrowers if the plan aims to get david to the present seen these hackers can we take it from dusty and then to the banks are embracing this and personal insolvency business or is it merely to step in recognition that this appeal the channel ten next up i can say. well i am. i think it's a coup. any shoe review more this in many cases the bonds are gonna be dragged kicking and screaming into some of these deals because as you say the alternative is bankruptcy where and the bikes face getting an awful lot less. i think the big test is gonna be when we have a deal involving ordinary mortgageit'a bit of assistance from the pints to get themselves into insolvency process
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involving were three mortgage debt that they do also roamed the trench using everything in a bankruptcy system there there was some criticism that day that the time the team stopped at these pics these practitioners able to drink enough of them and b that this was a disservice to the ordinary and downstairs that it was too expensive and it wasn't geared up for them in the box the perceived wisdom to know whether any she registers practitioners at the moment there it sounds going on the whole time so the number is increasing at them in terms of the fees at some of them are looking for upfront fees but you can shop around on some of them and will spread the fees over the lifetime the arrangement which can be five years so i think their ways in which it can be done at to help ordinary people but the whole idea of this was set up to help ordinary people will be seen here is somebody went into court last month. they got protection from the courts negotiation with the farmers and hear today that come at the other side it's the first of its kind and nice i guess it's a watershed moment but i think
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the next thing is to see wheel at wharton be people with mortgage debts you to avail of these type deals. ok thinking. chief constable of the psni math tigers has warned of a surgeon. this is a publican activity after a bomb partially exploded of belfast victoria square shopping center. masked gunmen forced the driver to bring the device contains sixty kilos of homemade explosives into the area. and what must've been a terrifying journey a man was forced to drive this car containing the pierre de paul whom are joined in on the fast into the city center the car was then that the entrance to the underground car park at the victoria square shopping complex. as british army experts began trying to keep use the device containing one hundred and thirty kinds of homemade explosives the destiny of her on the bomb exploded but didn't set off to me in charge the car was damaged but no one was injured. whoever the police said the man forced to drive the car bomb
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is lucky to be a lie. here's to a localized effects which if it is hard to believe that he has a partial definition what is close and very severe injury. and to top seeded seattle injury. what stood out nice and we would just tell them i cranked it up hundreds of people were caught up on the ball drama and some have to spend the night away from their homes. the device has given me and see if taken away for a detailed forensic examination. the type of problem you see it was common during the troubles but hadn't been seen in recent years. its re emergence is deeply worrying for the police had planned to significantly increased security in the run up to christmas. in an attempt to prevent similar attacks. that increase security would be welcomed by the city's treaters. the knife he is the second christmas in a row of disruption and financial loss to me how to make sure widespread slide protests and attacks from to send republicans and this is gonna make a terrible christmas
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from office in the center. i have tops and tight that the citizens of golf boxes of mold on them and wider than the awful on behind support the theaters. we should let these people in our christmas or are timed center. brendan ryan r t e news. now fast here the health service executive is to deliver is twenty fourteen national service plan to the minister for health this evening the clown will send hat for the agency intends to spend thirteen billion euro next year it'll start line for the six hundred and sixty six million euro in cox's savings must be made to service that is to be debated by the end of this health committee in the coming weeks but stay with us and talk or health trust on them for gold bars for the week. the video to the state where the were those savings in costs are going to come over six hundred million when the pound and beat him now and serving going to be six hundred and sixty s and six million euro probably much more than enough for a number of factors that need to seek up to extensions of time to finalize a thumbs up after a difficult time being to name
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themselves costs and the draft un is going to go to the health minister this evening. he's twenty one days to either see changes are approved the plan and we have to see what he decides to do then you are really rejected one pound one year so we don't know at this stage it's going to be ten a m for those costs are going to take place the savings of about two hundred and eighteen million euro in stock productions of two thousand six hundred the services already under pressure with stopping numbers under the big question mark as to whether the one hundred and thirty million euro in savings on the menu card scheme. how can they be realistic the chief trouble but this year's hsc but this are we heading for an overall and we know how much time has come to be paid for one hour at this point it's looking like the unpaid if he's going to over goulburn blog to post maybe two hundred million euro a substantial amount of money and will be a supplementary can't help but just at the top to be funded from and money from other government departments. it does raise the question as to how realistic they hate the national service and outreach hear it every year going over budget. it does
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show the pressure on the system and the service and will be pored over in detail but iraq has helped me keep in the debate to sin for further process. bt is to open a new customer contact center in belfast which will create two hundred and sixty five new jobs climbed up and the right spot group is to open two new entertainment and news that the recruitment of one hundred new employees. three technology companies are also create two hundred and thirty jumps in the capital microsoft which already employs nineteen hundred full time and contract staff in itunes is creating ninety five new positions. sarah's old cit services and on the johnsons us are set to increase from next monday the increase will vary from five to twenty percent of five to twenty cents rob are on average fares and come up with the national transportation authority agreed to the faces. earlier this year. no comment from
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arsenal signed today by media reports that top aides to my cookie cake and as is airing because of a rattle off access to the president to news papers that came to port suggesting that many of the elites had to step down from her post but that hunters and three thousand euros for every because of what she saw as the growing influence of the president's executive assistant for more on this great joy now i can pass on that day that the food part david watt what can you tell us about elephants. will reverse the decision is done. nobody voted the story is saying anything on the record its first surfaced in the mail on sunday a few weeks ago and was followed up in yesterday's sunday times essentially the same is that ms bentley said step down from her position because of tensions involving the president's executive assistant kevin mccarthy to be so nice it's earthy was a senior person at the ars to seek permission to reach the light died so that her saturday over three thousand euro. it could be paid to mr mccarthy's post is in you
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when he's not a civil servant he works alongside the president's private sector it's been called one insider said to me today was d engine room of the presidency he first came to present the incident in germany told them during the presidential election campaign that is new or old he's always at the president's sites that support distress as opposed to each presidency has a new star that can involve change that can involve disruption we remember when andy robinson who won the presidential election she re organize the stuff of the artist. there were some redundancies that was the row over that. likewise after fourteen years of mini maccabees that there were about to be changes. no officially at the rss is paid tribute to the mini done he said. to say she made a valuable contribution during our time there putting putting off the record sources that saved me one hundred percent on to suggest that she had been taught to our access to the present for any member of staff and team doctor the late kevin
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mccarthy know i traveled with the president has to because get this done for two weeks as well but didn't take any tension. it's clear that mr mccarthy is an extremely over nations and the president with his wife sabina ers would be boarding the media since something here. hoping that the design the sets it apart to visit followed by gps for instance any collectively get action. but with fraud and generate from the controversy jar i stated thank you. search for missing fisherman off the southwestern coast has been called off for the mice guillaume is raising lunch time and go to the great salty on and was seen to be station is nobody on board the fisherman and going out lobster fishing this morning search those of us were like accused of causing several leading euro worth of damage to a painting where you can wait forty eight euros and two she ran on to win in this way. unger in dublin fifteen he did not guilty to causing criminal damage to
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the painting in june of last year. this painting by college monday dates from eighteen seventy four eyes and tight basin with a single sailboat is valued at about ten million yuan of the circuit criminal court was told. after seven is accused of knocking a hole through the twenty ninth of june last year as causing seventy euro worth of damage the jury of seven women and five men which mr shannon was cos of cctv and treat the grooming them in any way to the cavity with the paint was hiking at around eleven o'clock in the morning. he told a number of people including two tours to new zealand's to see it fall and are in some way collapsed against the painting. by the end and ibm's arrived within fifteen minutes. what tears this post was taken he was given oxygen and he was described as having a slice of our heads. after a short while medical personnel on the scene decided his condition was not close to contain. this dish out and
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senior council president said his client expects the damage to the painting was caused by his hand coming into contact with his signature sound and what to say thanks but i checked the history of heart problems was taken to hospital by ambient after the incident. the jury was told mr shannon was seen by three different doctors during twelve hours in the car the custody and was brought to hospital for a second time the following morning. the trial is expected to last for the rest of the week while i was on rte news dublin circuit criminal court. president lincoln ca contestant more news to the merits of thanksgiving and dump in the morning for the life of father agreed to lift interest rates to be remembered for his influential mode and the northern peace process knights last friday in his homily provincial father michael kelly said his courage vision and remind them of the state would be missed. there remains the father likely ten this evening a riot in belfast. to this funeral home with
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the state. us defence parents could throw at bank of scotland has been accused of deliberately forcing viable small businesses into default so compelling by a factor of six british government adviser has said or ps also forced businesses into its restructuring unit to back it can charge higher fees. rbs is no stranger to controversy in on them were nerves are still wrong. after its forty five billion behind the likes massive bonuses paid to senior executives of major ninety feeders of its subsidiaries have angered the and politicians alike. these latest allegations can be added to the list. a government adviser says. rbs which owns pollster buying here. push small companies into its so called turner line units. companies which may have survived on their own two feet. people come to me with a terrific stories of businesses that and went sailing on a beam being put down in an obvious by
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the fifteen by getting that profits they may be about said. in autumn and a lot of cases of what it was a value that the company has responded by launching its own internal inquiry. but are there any implications for its of scenery on this side of the icy storm un's former finance minister has raised concerns. i'll keep out businesses are coming and saying to me that when iraqi service the architect. and yet we were put into sticky tongue for the nineteen second day comes i'm forced to stand still for those concepts. many businesses in our house it's okay you read ounces today we need to know that for the businesses around ireland in dublin belfast sligo corps were ever needed it and its departing from it all survived this evening denied ever having kids to many on ethical behavior here. and it is understood that the investigation into rbs did not examine pollsters practices. the bank says it is committed to helping customers in difficulty finding sustainable solution
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and does everything in time to support small businesses on the economy. paul called on rte news. travers organizations here because the state of failing to provide sixty percent of the accommodation was advised that was needed over a decade ago groups say the local authorities the fence and rolled down more than fifty million euro in government funding to improve covers living conditions. last week's town gardens cover sites among others. it's for council houses are home to twelve adults and nineteen children. braxton the station is common on presents criticized single council for encroaching on their gardens to make space for new developments on around them with a new two bedroom house having kids and i had a bone i took advantage of the hostage taking and dad had it gets the balance between the haves and have enough room on the happening
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the hop summit us and i do miss you. her youngest child josephine suffers from a medical condition has already killed two of her siblings and jose cortez also be keeping the house. i may have ranges of ranges up to become a friend and in doing just because the smoke stack of silk. you can afford it happen would it be because money to using dedicated to them. a short distance away this afternoon. protesters gathered a single council offices to highlight their chain of hundreds of other families around the country are also suffering from a fishing net to look like mountains that seem to be many of the palate this has the power to intervene. ideal for parties and different recover from this on to cool down and saying fishy accommodation division lead the fight cannot fight and get somebody in to provide private. a spokesman for the junior housing minister john o'sullivan says councils have already given her beasts from dispense estimates be more than fifty million euro she has now commissioned for the research on in search of the mid term review of new traveler accommodation comes to identify any longer span single council says that in
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the past five years it has spent eighteen million euro maintaining and managing tougher specific accommodation including parks and gardens which it intends to regularity. it adds that dealing with illegal dumping there is particularly challenging. jordan told rte news mom hunter the receiver appointed to the life and can export a t and t has set up to four companies have now declared an interest in taking over the business he said he hopes to confirm any possible future trading arrangements before the end of the week. tnt international was ireland's largest live export of cargo setting in when the animals two by then the city. but the company's receivership two weeks ago has that over sixty from around twenty five marks out of pocket by over four million euro. i ended up wednesday to receive reports that the company was still unable to say if there would be any money available to pay them back were pretty conscious of the position for
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individual farmers is obviously a very difficult situation for them. ed were still walking away to seventy second which is old twin division farmers. an effective but to take the opportunity it would encourage farmers to get in but those are the stories actually know their situation is up to four potential buyer of a guy that a private or business have identified themselves to the receiver that's me all the way for the future of the trades well there's no good news for dozens of farmers boral hundreds of thousands of euros by the company. they've rejected suggestions the day that they've been sold to cooperate with the receivership. legalistic the last one the view that the must of been in contact with hubby incorporate one of the season we have a marxist and that is what god has been wrong. i'm a quite wet in our lives. it functions well for farmers. it is the pits is always a balance when you're dealing with large numbers of farmers in terms of having the flexibility table to accommodate your customers
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caramel is a faulty news for the show the international music project designed for deaf children has just finished a stint in ireland the program which is touring europe of staff students experience the music and they fill them. the students from st mary's school st day as are taking part in the field the music projects. in tonight's program of nine students to experience the music of eight children and then he took the courage and entrenched commodity markets and that depress the clutch hitting is a ten by hearing and said can i take things the way music into an orchestra. in deference to justify the current crisis the project grants to students access to the orchestra. they can touch the instruments to feel the vibrations see the expression of
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the musician and it tends to bring it up. and the mind and that their piano. this company can get migrations second earthquake. computers don't want it and cannot be shaken. the music i've noticed a concise six games especially after the concert on. showing the music of the hands and then i went into it. i realize this. st mary's is a six goal is to take part in the field of music program with a further five across europe taking part over the next two years it looks like that these guys it's been an extremely positive experience. this puts the system. the key difference and to work in office to work and amazing offers. and because his play instruments they would never expose the lies before to conduct or stressed. in eighteen eighteen. keep an eye catching. you can weaken during the tournament continues. for the last twenty news camera and seven i made news again this
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evening in the country's first competed in sulu sea deal. oxiana sounds that the borrower involve has had an excess of seventy percent is definitely all the nations for each other creditors meeting this afternoon at the offices of the lobby group new beginning. monday six when news from africa on the team hotel to buy for. in a row. use. i do. in it. in
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it. it's especially good things. it's all trying to achieve is to do this week scientific instruments on abortions for this mobile platforms. jor el and scientific experiments the seller over old curiosity. actually it's the most complicated most complex and most capable system ever put on the surface of another plant effect it might be the most complex interplanetary explorer that we've ever
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developed. there are literally tens of thousands of foreigners. in order to do the launch operation cruise tomorrow. the dissenting lending operation actually operate we feel confident that we've done everything and everything goes the way we've decided that we planned to meet built and tested it out we should be on the surface safely in the team will be cherished it was appointed to head in this. i thought. she is the first arab living in israel retains its position and among only a handful and elites. dr study is also a phd in next to me achieve that only ten percent consistent. she's currently offering a chapter in a prestigious book a nephew. dr study has twice broken the proverbial glass ceiling
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one time position. a party to be ahead of the department the proof of trade the stock to be in the early morning mist. this site you might expect to see him in nature reserve. this is it to the military training site in gemini. he ripped a graph with a training area in bavaria. there is an abundance of wildlife military training sites which are often protected and many nato member states are sitting in silence oh five deficit the military training areas throughout europe and north america are among the richest and most important sites will find that this is the often because they are that it's not open to the general . but also because environmental awareness and whites tactical use of natural resources is encouraged among soldiers military training areas are increasingly recognized as sites of hype by a diversity and large numbers of
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threatened and endangered species. exports from india its beans and nine. listen to it in voyeur into tossing it into a pleasant day. the usc is banned the import of indian spices contributed sixteen points and up until the next week i'd like to invite i know that nine placings and you're eighty and they share each week six but since it's sunday a baby on the menu she found something up for and the uk i don't need to destinations for beginning sports it is that the european union to open them on this commendable that the ongoing suffering debt crisis and pulled great sports despite these problems from the outside the european union remains a very attractive club to join several countries are queueing up to become the state's techie both me and herzegovina serbia and montenegro the eu remains committed to a partnership
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with each one of them. i also let him eat. it's not going. sells. says. you long will we
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they should use. i am sure you know that's also is backtracking for you on monday the twenty fifth of november


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