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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 26, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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kitts was a free day. because breaking news top twenty. so much the eagles to play. for itself. while. gordon use. ch
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the opposition free syrian army says the rebels will not attend a peace conference in geneva in january. it says there will be no ceasefire during the talks. thousands of pro european protesters demonstrate against ukraine this is jailed opposition leader yulia to recycle goes on a hunger strike in solidarity. at present one thousand soldiers to the central african republic a six month mission is going and maybe to support the african peacekeeping
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mission there. firstly this hour the head of the free syrian army says it will boycott the upcoming peace talks in geneva. opposition general citing injuries said the fsa will not abide by a ceasefire and continue its fight to topple syrian president. charlotte's up through out the geneva to cricket in january. justin someone is covering this story for us now from the re tested. the surprise was his decision to boycott the talks here's brian lately the sodas and snacks and games especially on a couple of areas. so to move on to that going into the sauce. it was in some sort of momentum and the rebels need to sort of momentum to try to get those sort of initiative. as to why they were engaged us in the us vision so that they will not change government at this month's bomb there
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that the conditions in these conditions are entering negotiations has not been met just stand there had also been talk of a cease fire during these talks but the free syrian army has also said it will not respect that as well. woe to you as your own voice. he even said so they're expecting a ceasefire is a bit ambitious own. i think that hope was that plus the dress that my will to initiate the ceasefire but also is a bit of a long shot considering their own groups on the girls had said previously that they are not interested in negotiations with the law says that none whatsoever. so i think it was a bit and this is the beginning. i thank you for that test and assistance of money to prevent them from favorites. next in ukraine jailed opposition leader you need to recycle has gone on hunger strike. she's finding her way to the protest of the tens of thousands who marched through kiev sunday the country's biggest rally in nearly ten years and they are continuing to protest you can see some latest pictures on this tuesday morning
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the anger comes after the government pulled out of a landmark trade deal with the european union. chiffon silk explains. protesters turner's again on the streets of kiev determines to make their voices heard. ordinary ukrainians are urging the dna code which is government to go back on its decision to scrap the trade deal with european union. now prevail he sent his men not satisfied that they like they have now reached a sea anemone any misleading to be checked. that's why with all european anti drilling. what appears to put it the more people who got him back to the town through a half victory because you authorities are afraid of the people without them. riot police pushed by protesters who had also passed within or during the day with detroit in march of the prime
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minister's building the roles that industry can see that they've been the ones to the country where support for imprisoned former prime minister you need to be saying can we find the protest is bad to stay the course with a list says it's a clear message to the eu as well as the ukrainian government so cool lol when we get these protests will be taken into consideration by the authorities to which it is also a signal for europe as a social support for it integration means that europe may not be the focus of the ukrainian authorities so that it is for ukraine's citizens against the will to split the dough cleans it up the government has been under intense pressure from russia to abandon the new deal. in his televised address president vicki ethical breach said that signing it would have a severe economic consequences on the guillotine is saying to him is he a really are that she was directing a hunger strike to urge the president to make a u turn. next time we're close to three thousand flag waving protesters have massed in front of the interior
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ministry has caused a private us security law slapped across bangkok to control tens of thousands rally game against prime minister you a chanel watch for up to see her government is being controlled by billionaire brother the ousted former thai prime minister to sanction a lot. mark thompson explains. hundreds of protesters would co counseling. thailand's foreign and finance ministries on tuesday. repent for second day inside their respective hometowns. they have colds palettes the government buildings and on the monday the prime minister stepped down. a teasing the channel on something of puppets for the exiled from a former head of state's tax in china wants the meeting organized by the opposition democrats plus he began a month ago. and sweats crust bangkok on monday. thousands marched on the scene locations across the council including the police headquarters. we are holding the hearts of the taxi regime in our hands
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this protest week on the country to join together and take control of government offices around the country. the it's the biggest anti government demonstrations since the violence seen in two thousand and ten. when nineteen people were killed texans sports is the red sheds and dependence the yellow shirts been posting for palette since two thousand and six miller cheeky drape him from the country. the latest unrest was triggered last month by government backed amnesty bill which could see the former head of state's return from without facing sentencing the corruption charges. in response the prime minister has invited to special enabling officials to impose copies of the non electronic devices chance to seal pups in the city. but she reiterated all authorities would absolutely not use finance france says it will send one thousand troops to the troubled central african
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republic speaking his mind on french radio that defense minister said those troops will go in as back up for an african peacekeeping force them not to make a difference with the last african nation by french soldiers in mali the central african republic has been wracked by two months of violence. tensions have been building since the southern rebel group the ousted president in march the one on the situation at spring in central africa expert in the list might take some action taken time to speak to sf. officials at the un has called the situation in the central african republic desperate just a bit more about what it's like the people living there now how bad is it. it is. from a mission and in the top republican on the island. one good arm to help all the pictures hopeful that comprised up to the combined individual living a completely although the bush wound up with
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the notion that appear in court. the people are dying in a large number of preventable the chapel area of the dying of hunger ethics poachers though the situation is it really this was the only ethnic violence between communities to get to see signs of that is that what's caused these problems. we have been that the worrying trend that we should report of the republican september and now we're noting that as you can dilute it to go over well intentioned primarily between muslim and christian in the country. at the lake of the rebel group to cope with it the lies primarily with the local population as a christian group that could spring up. it's either armed groups. when he felt the group however the center of the country into the car thing. in the league of their own. he opened up how to open
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the file. this was it that say things like the use of child soldiers and robots bbc horizon as well the child torture. the dominant throughout the ride at the lake i work with the silica commander less than a week ago at the trial that the pupil and by pairing the coach of the commander were completely open with me and letting go of dover trial would be the chocolate butter because the celtic the club for trick of the battlefield that certainly the wide problem of sexual violence had been left in the. we get no denial after porky that the actual island deliver an option she would like to read the book. we have not know that wide in the wake of the global war. this offense is now sending in one thousand more troops to back the african peacekeeping force there. would that be enough to help well a good start but it will be enough the african union peacekeeping force on
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the grounds of the week is underfunded and understaffed i was at the village hall the court a large crowd nor that not what the lake for the tree fell into it that way people live on the african union force you to write today. later a two nd third and goal from the church charity but it's just not enough to spread too thin. we encourage that the frenchman church pew to help augment their numbers but the international community what the future of communion or can you lead with a larger peacekeeping mission seriously you'd think that the knowledge of troops on the ground throughout in the to allow people to return at the option to store the market. thank you for that in this mansion for that update on the desperate situation there in santa came thank you next into russian military instructors have reportedly been shot dead in the capital of the yes men and resting on a motorbike
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shooting the two teachers as they left the hotel. russians were working with the yemeni army at the time it's still not clear who was behind the attack. us president barack obama has hit back at critics of the interim nuclear deal struck with iran speaking in sentences go the president said that the us cannot close the door on diplomacy or rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. iran says of this opportunity. and choose to join the global community that we can begin to show for it. the mistrust that existed for many many years between our two nations none of that but that's gonna be easy to shelve those were made but we cannot close the door on diplomacy. we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of crap. and tough talk and bluster may be that easy thing to do politically but it's not the right thing for our secure. ok now back to our top story the head of the three syrian army says it
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will boycott the upcoming peace talks in geneva. one is that spring and early not that a spokesman for the free syrian army mystic not the first of all drink the wine press if you know why the fsa has decided not to attend east peace talks actually we could. it should be repaid before we go to a viewing of the issue. they love going there each with her sitting by the all about it. senator biden going to work promptly shut the door and looked around the globe in production when he was going to do with it. i put it on video. we've been here and at the end of the condition from what i should go thinking that i can get that
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he's too good to chew and chew on it to me. what a kick women and children and how they can do anything that without dealing with all people. we are not going to the show that within the merciful that he had to buy the shirt that she walked by. i love all people not the story of what don't think that the method. the debate to go there without a conviction without. i kept it to report that they have to excuse or to get it all together. it does seem that the syrian opposition does need support from the international community tend to move for an a in this fight said if you don't come to the table if you don't have time. heidi expect to ever be resolved. the vip room of about fifteen minutes in table one. but i think that that that would be committed to the goal of the gutter area. these are the children though the shuttle that would work but they're not looking so good that i should go for up to me that the international cricket you can go but that
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would improve the potential to kill him only to nibble on older than she ever been a member. for that. they are shocked but still choosing to be the bad but it has to be told to go to get it right he's in now. we are going to tokyo or coke. for the above don't want to go there to point to point that the best of them that you ought to buy the shadow of the book i shudder at the beginning. it just won't do any research will provide more time to go to get out with people i worked on it the weekend to have to see some changes to the spokesperson for the free syrian army thanks to you for watching. lloyd look into
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the false meme doubt interviewed november twenty fifth march the international day for the elimination of violence against women. this celebration is enshrined in a resolution from the united nations general assembly dating back to nineteen ninety nine this year the supporters have decided to wear the color orange. to mark this very special day our guest today is an advocate for women's rights a long time i advocate this to say her name has been a tad too hot she is the executive director of father of the cassidy got it in and steal from that back in nineteen ninety six to promote and defend women's rights especially in africa she joins us via satellite from geneva. this is dope welcome to the show. thank you for aapt said. and it's out of ideas. lex was supposed to pay tribute to my sis is that that the heroes of war and violence that i
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don't want that bag closed it in and it leans and acting that is to be a descendant of a sudanese put them in the week when you get india to set a date night important is said to have such a day of celebration is it just one day a word in national commutes he can say ok we're thinking of all those women or discriminated against who have violence inflicted upon them and that's that. or is it deeper than that. it's it's it's a bit but then that's the set of claws of now. these issue of violence and add it to be in the fields trying to keep it afloat. you know to give voi to its employees and easy dvd off to action. and i think it's the dalek to be his guests have a deal flab but remember the dead dad than our photos allowed to degenerate property which might not be aware of what is going on. using give me get a cute to see. he said. this is
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happening in that. in the drc this is happening you know i'm in some doubt this is happening in the genome is not the pc central african property. this has happened before. so what do we can do to get that and i think that is the deal today but also for us to see what the causes of those off what is happening and a dollar bill is buttons. why do we have the bit that it did. what kind of submission. the new green and adopted the women and children that are facing violence in our coffee. right then and there is violence and armed conflict but their goals. there are also different forms of violence according to the net emissions up to seventy per cent seven zero percent of women experienced violence in their lifetime. obviously you have been focusing more on what's happening in africa and in crisis and this for a long time and your advocacy
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has been quite direct if i understand correctly you actually went to see warlords or really. those were waging war on the continent starting for instance when charles taylor in liberia at a time when it was rather the aim is to go and confront those kinds of people. yet it seems that connected six would have beat me to bed though because that thing gets out how to be at the level of the doubt that the doubts and doubt you'd need to sit down with it man down as africans this is in doubt. i'm a dog does lead me to sit so the problem of self we don't eat out and am instead. so that's why we we in now. it meant to say then we'd make the stout tailoring we continue to meet to discuss with you to please him because of time in mumbai remember that taylor was attacking a country like india and he knew was he out
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did you know that it did the wind was seated at the fiji is that these days and so many. i'm in that region that is stable and tyler was just about attacking india and to believe enough. add tomato the vicinity the india kenya went to the peninsula taylor and i think that we will enable it to the end it happened in other places because you can dump it. she loved them. a doozy. make them accountable baghdad the one about police you know we used to say but didn't we hear that you add about one of his region and to have is that death defying himself. i'm not a bad boy but you know i kinda had to be peace in his region. so i think that she needs to point fingers of dulles out. you know that outfit that eighteen is but as those that we didn't lower and making soap bits out. you know things can be done in about a week you know it all. i
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always say that but it's enough to double its uk want to see how it should be at a sit in a democratically and that is we didn't want them to meet stuart said bells and also to meet at the pot it does not in government. dun want also to them to a tool to his government because that thing that state. b the program we are facing in africa. he does allowed inside. they don't want to believe in ghosts out outside blood to come inside. so that's that is sitting up while that is beating us so much proper names and also did the traditional twelve goes out some of the causes of fall color pink in went in and out as it no athlete that use of each be bought out by a team to get talent in oh i did i'd want that that whatever you call them dad and said that it was half with the women that deprive you of did but did you know a dozen associates to dob in a feat no indication not have
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been all these laws that getting take out back that says the humans they can eat it that we having the baby abby teens that show or not it's right but obviously the issue of war and peace in a political transition is as a gentle one of but why do you think women suffer especially when it comes to to the issue we've heard a number of people saying you know. is used as a weapon of war women are especially targeted to score political points and the hall worry is this and has this changed in recent years. that's the top but no so the india at the end of the in laws that now. it's really tell you that the tap in at them and not have it back seats in the wind off the taxi to the soil from a dealer of the bbt is to come in these two am in no doubt that the assets of the property deal with that at about one of his own safety. the women
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at the one that that keep the community. so you know it the client. the city is dying so when it gets annoying abs cbn ward in particular day we met outside the city is the strategy of four. and i think that's why he acted tossing it is now becoming a guide that can see what it is you desire yet. don't you love your body today you would be and it is too late and if you don't want it but that meant some of the women and the children still at the desk. that's right we asked by people so they didn't seem to need to go so bad that it describes how to be brought to justice and a good spot to qualify it as well. i wanted it to be a issue for the genital mutilation according to unicef funded twenty five million of girls and women have undergone it's the most of it of course in africa and the movies despite the fact that it is the legal in most
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countries including in your country. senegal. did you think. this is changing that the fact that it is in the village and most countries is having an impact and that the phenomenon is receding or if you still think it is really a pressing issue. that said it appeared that the fight scene at the prominent in the vote because that thing that did that change has to combine the milk and above. of cos we need all the smiley at many off as abby will be placing the behalf of the front of the totally misled the habit of goggles but also what to do is to work with tactician know i'm going to need it because it note that it seemed wanted to call a tax funding to go down to the people that no one in though is that it can't be shown. so allow that to the deal is also a good case to get those calls it
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the kids and so the whole lab get right. it is also to make sure of that. at midday the economy in pa but you know i do not have to do the weekday some good note that read this at all. that about actions that that happening and that about silly yet what did that the rule as they say it got me to prom in the early education was that the existence of the male lead is off to scrub edt that is really ugly to the preppy look a lot to you add bling to deprive you of the need to bow by beekeepers buy buy buy it yet. these can be needing did they get those out in alice's safety is not guess that did it to me today since dividend payment to taste it but there are at the tradition of the leg out in the deep driving to weave in off a bit of getting access to hot i am access to many other things that need to go this season. so what is you have to work on that now but still let fast as i love
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these days it is also the db bottom up approach but the top down approach the media does he go to the african union. that's why i'm apt to write about if you see it. in the last ten years the guts spill head of state laugh even the head of state but many remain that i'm allowed to watch but its output means the five bands still i love will lead the city to try to breach the gap that exists the activity that she devil good lord above and i think that's what and what people not see that things are happening less and i got my copy sitting down. but it is awful. the guests had it all that pool is abducted by the previous governments of flab out of prison last week is that bad but does that make you sad which is applied to talk to somebody. still we have lost a fifty fifty percent of men and women in our item an incident that
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said this is a mormon. want to toss well. by saying that we men have to be putting take me back to the process it not just as the team. but as agent for change is happening. the biggest know but it is happening that fascination. ok had been at the gym thank you very much on this message of hope will attend each year. thank you for coming on the show from geneva. thank you for watching this edition of the interview here on false a the rest of the latest news and links. we knew who the political economic cultural and social events from the speech. now to the middle east in nicosia every tuesday at six forty one in palestine. assigned to
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i know. i do. gee. do you. i
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know. you knew you. a week
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thus the former speaker of the kyrgyz parliament bloc to strategic highway to stick it to stop leading to china in the south of the country every truck transport containers with consumer goods were on this road the protesters with three years on the road completely blocking traffic in both directions about fifty people took part in the protest their main demand his immediate release of our month became the vehicle from custody. more than five


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