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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the you know you. watching also he kept coming up it's the false medicare debate i'm all for the jets couldn't refuse blood in the year of courts in the standings by his decision to do a deal with ukraine has pulled the rug out from under an agreement that was to decide this week. that's sparked the biggest demonstrations the country
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has seen since two thousand ford received wide images right now. from kiev with the opposition is up in arms victor get a cold which have the option. we'll ask our panel in the fall. the study are those that deserve and say hello once again declared try. thank you false but these are the headlines. all anti government protests in ukraine's prime minister says russia offered financial assistance in the tenth of putting on hold and to start trade deals with the eu. anti syrian rebel great threat to boycott peace talks in geneva the pre tsunami says they can be no negotiations as long as on site remains in power. and the us government makes its case for independence from per cent and says that by gaining the power to make big decisions in the nation would become more prosperous. to ukraine where the prime minister has expressed and
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ahmed the country becoming a battlefield that the eu and russia. a few days up to kiev put on hold and a star a trade deal with the eu. we cut out their office as stoning was most days i did and offered financial assistance in return. this is massive anti government protests continued to attend the reports. looking down on tuesday morning hundreds of pro european demonstrate to smile once again on ukraine's government headquarters in cannes. among that the monster liberation of jailed former prime minister you get to machine code saving a seven year prison sentence for abuse of power you did tymoshenko announced on monday she was beginning a hunger strike in support of the protests demonstrates is the cooling on the government through this course the ministers said they were suspending the planned trade deal with the european union see you all about ukraine is
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here. we consider it sounds as europeans will be in their sights on an anomaly. but in saying that the brother of action for the seventy s overall opposite shore. not one thing it will not meanwhile prime minister nikola searle said his government school between the competing to mom's the eu and russia. the strokes and the ukrainian president will attend the european summit to join you on friday. when hill called the three way talks in brussels and moscow the groom orleans learned to not be a battlefield between eu and russia to feel the contention which yes she's the one time the directions and let the eu able to develop trade. it works. according to the published news paper that use twenty member states may pass a statement on friday morning rush i can't seem to fear into neighboring states events. i responded in typical of a crime has more on the prime minister's latest comments on the store
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to trade him. a trip to get confirmation that russia had all but find that it can be great. not finding this deal with the european union he wouldn't take a look for the take or how much to keep it safe. i hope it open and asked that anyone from reading the play and arianna that he will be more willing to offer ukraine. he said that the european union or to be prepared to compensate ukraine for the all russian that our pick of the maya beach in the short term signing the agreement with the european union would cause he craved a good rest and to quote the fact that the pet trade. already the narrow defeat in ukraine that anything that open to the companies making money the eruption of threatening behavior and trying to give them a taste of what the cover they signed with the european union but
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figured we'd let her go and try and get up until now that it was a bad toothache that it had returned to the effect of that that the future they've been known to prove interesting to see the kiwi cricket writing the opinion a much more than a week but i think are awesome but still interesting in the head again and again. ukraine still want to meet towards eu integration. eventually that remain the government the crucial part be protected from the street to get on top of the ukrainian tricky. read over the past anymore thailand's prime minister and the interaction and watch as the fight singing to you from the school on this tuesday fending off attacks during a parliamentary no confidence debate the protest is continue to occupy several ministries in an attempt to topple from how i shot a balkans has the story k one ten ounce but prime minister you mix in the watts has defended the decision in the face of the confident states as hundreds of these anti government protest is that it's outside the finance ministry. he's the prime
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minister. it's been exiled from third to make a good state taxing cigarettes. he was ousted in a minute to clear in two thousand and six i insist that there is anyone covered it with me as the prime minister. there's some accusations the independence of the ten contestants. i have to be controlled by pushing a button. i have to say how final and independent enough to use besides minister to come to be doing reflecting christ and his campaign the new demonstrations come up to one thousand protested stormed government buildings on monday. many expected the night described the crime in a stampede of special all in the opening of the tools to increase khakis see the parts of the city electronic devices. i will miss area to show that we tonight this undemocratic governments. the will to communicate to the democratic governments will blind that they should not accept anything from this one because it is a dictatorship
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but by latest unrest was triggered last month. the act government amnesty two weeks could see the prime minister's brother returned from . that's facing sentence for corruption charges. it's the biggest anti government demonstration since twenty ten when ninety p to two this time the satellites as well for teens were absolutely not use finance now cus mitre and crumbs to fly around disputed islands in the east china sea without informing beijing the pentagon spokesman made the announcement added this cheesecake it down to the un on to planes b fifty two bombers apparently took off from school on the flights to flying time is declaration that the region bulls in spain u s based defense sign now we wait with geneva doesn't say katie sides must die if that's the head of the fray syrian audience am
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to the un announced that syria's government and opposition will hold it fast peace talks in geneva on saturday twenty seconds the fsa also saying it was still fine tuning during the conference. the storks are still two months old already. key players on declining united nations invitation to victory on tuesday the head of the free syrian army opposition group said conditions were not suitable for holding the geneva to conference and the point is would not withdraw from combat during talks. i pray that the international cricket to go but there are sure to stop cheating really good but it didn't do too old to go to get your creative either that or he or any other teams are now shut up but the thing we are going to tokyo or dope the conference is meant as a follow up to in the team gina's team. it attempts to bring its useless together
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founded on disputes that the future represent the syrian opposition the main anti government group. the syrian national coalition said they'll attend any of the shots i was unlike any role in the future transitional governments the rodeo. he and the conditions set out in the nation on that when an asset. you wrote in the transitional stage. this is so good. french foreign minister told claudia said on tuesday that bashar al assad himself would not be present to the geneva conference damascus isn't like this and other officials to represent the syrian government. now with the records of ten and as if the panel trusting and its new constitution suspending whack one of them told the afp this to say that it's a reaction to the rest of the testers. police have arrested some twenty people dead and dozens demonstrate in cardiff against in all parts of the weekend that applies to the supreme all the gatherings of more than ten people. matthew isolation
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to spokesman of the prostitutes assembly said a referendum on the amended constitution will be held by the end of next month it guarantees the right to protest. this government has published its great credit for independence outlining the ways this as the nation the prospect should pay to support a referendum to leave the uk. the long awaited document or white paper comes ten months before school so the odds are that they want scotland to become an independent country. patty i was joined by the head of policy and affairs at the starfish chamber of calm us down a lot. it taught us about the financial challenges at the end of the independence of that. we ate and spent the day of independence of any change to install those coasters from state to spend time with it the most awesome seeing
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tones all. for some of its effect on all my taxes included. conversely the implements a relationship with the european union those little as thirty minutes before the senate and yes a concern. it's slow it's become independent equally. it is that politicians must address their respective at any second. as this is a generally in favor or against his unit deployed to use the terms all. did you go into the atmosphere and businesses the case. it's going to bake and then sold it has been included. many businesses believe that it has been the case. that means the union so that is a great
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local decision. a lot more next year. and of itself that's often use them as hunts cross abt it cos i thought that if a star in many things for the clear pride in the newsroom. this week was supposed to be all about the film hits the couple with whom we knew where european union eastern partnership summit will open on thursday. ukraine's to be the big stars that seal loans and close to trading ties with russell. that is until brock made a more convincing off or as some put it when the kid couldn't refuse. a diplomatic flurry that included a secret meeting earlier this month can buy in or put into training counterpart. leading into last week's stunning reversal on the part of victor yet no call list and see putin the company the pope is in italy right now we'll hear from him later. now no covert as reversal is prompted the biggest demonstrations in ukraine since the pro western foreign travel in two thousand for the opposition renting the russian speaking present as a sellout. is it that the consumer relations between the ukrainian present moscow had deteriorated over past years. star panel. if so
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could this be the least worst option for home country still had to depend on its neighbor to the east the trees for fuel. also last word leaves rocks and it's called spooky needs to russia's two thousand and four with georgia moscow has once again it seems state and its spirit and could be gone for good europe now be headed for another east versus west freeze in relations. and in the false until today clinton's hard bargain with this talk about it from kiev alexi up because he's the head of the european center for a modern ukraine thank you for joining the postman came from moscow former member of parliament for vladimir putin's united russia party so to mark off the rack to the institute of clinical studies. welcome back to the shows. i say steamboat and calmness to the internet from new york times story and i'm thinkin' and tough on crime on ca who teaches at the french
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political science institutes gospel. thank you for joining us the prospect of debate and conversation on facebook and twitter. hatch act of two four debates. before we go to our panel let's go to ukraine's capital and the corresponding color for cracking goal for the opposition staging another rally this evening yes they did. that evening at demonstrations many people it that well yet today on your lap. she found that people other than the huge crowd that we still own the sunday even though i hated that word hundred thousand people in local authority and that you
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could be permitted unless that he could take a good one he was. does he owe them a try. going into the picture a little bit of a study that demonstrates and let me know what will make you cry would not sign the agreement people who live in and help in maintaining good the number that well meanwhile the legal position each of. main lead each if we did the show. we can add up. since there are two different to. two different trends among those who are protesting for signing on to that deal with the youth european union governments they are the moments ago the stamina still want you to hear what that order. jailed former ukraine prime minister yulia to santos said at the weekend and those
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demonstrate. this current situation means that now we need to authorities. i was done by the r and repetition in two thousand full and in that island. first more hussein gone are the crowds are not as massive as in two thousand for now is will you attended a press conference earlier goal from where the prime minister spoke openly about the deal struck with moscow. but my attention that you can take you in the top of that night we were good but the end they didnt win over low heat in england we keep out people and that even vaguely the buildup to the speech that we'll remember to eat it with a bit and continued yet to become a god of the day. the two hundred. how much money invested in the ukraine knowing that he will only take a winter that will come clean about the contest. each
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of the deeper you go to art making a team that's it for the rest of the open and become a dark blue. you didn't know. bring money to help ukraine. the land one thing will be conditional on it. fool around. which isn't good enough. that money could not ask me. each of you crying there's more pressure on the use and that the moscow. i thanks go to frankfurt for joining us there from key has been here before we go back to ted and and and lakes the summit of the meat then let me ask you from monty on. you surprise the way things are unfolding and hearing that the prime minister there. more critical of the eu then and of moscow
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im typing that. and the fact that ukraine spend its decision least with the eu was it that our surprise when nobody would see them. home of the good most of the country. i feel it's the new soccer since he was very much for voting the negotiation. i don't think that he expected zack's on the way no hint of rain yesterday. and he's doesn't want to do to lead the way ukrainian authorities. we are trying to contain. and to hunger off the top of the petition which would see the hunger when you need to hang out. i mean that's all the nuts and ukrainian feel it to you of something that looks and many people running the capital. as a meaty one two and two sons in june we steal opinion. and this is seen as something such as a betrayal. the term is to be strong and it's a given takes
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dictation and even with identical to the very best moment is that ukraine. and did not make the deal was then time utc news ukraine last supper was probably a sign of pull up a sign of weakness golden color and the fact that easy and you know that my something and then you go back to mine that's something which doesn't seem to read. i mean wheeze which in greek opinion maybe he's not so favorable to scan of the video. lexi funding cost data in your view the president. strike a better bargain or did he show weakness as asana was insane i don't know. and have a solution my ticket. it didn't look old. given today's most or all comp. welcome to grant
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them but pendant and a pool isn't that the end. in general the smaller way. maya weigh or how huge that i told him i am. chanderpaul solution to all. i write this that and the solution to the hem of the collision i ignored them. this act of rushing to finish them. it has been managed by a full political and beyond to live in. lots of smiles. it denotes olson's warm. yet to be it followed a few months old the lead. unison with the imac with them the practice at the precipice of that entity in the fall of market them. i
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dashed out the competition's most for your vintage. did it on the mobile solution of this problem. the bomb ever compensation from the eu. i'm fortunate that it belonged it can be. we all tend to rush into the ocean about economic depression. don't matter it's good because the president of ukraine has been speaking of the tree and a covert cia and ukraine will consider signing the new pact with the terms improves our turn to so steve bowman here on the party continues even after the bargains than it does and i think that anything that say in any pain has been playing both sides against the middle. for quite awhile since yanukovich became president tom and i think that. he said sixty eight he succeeded in no way now to get and money from russia the day that the european union is ready
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to nine continues speaking on the kazaa the end of the day if ukraine is suffering because of russia to cut cut outs exploits. heidi seasonally the european union to try to make a difference and i mean if he'd been unanimous in july. this is said you know the lame lyrics person. and secondly from the ukraine and perhaps even an occurrence have. and i see it coming out like a battered by if you know who keep getting beat up. exports was stopped at the senate and as we just stared at me in the eight billion dollars at the end of the year. and so the engine crews i'm standing up when they're feeling relieved and back into the arms of fashion exceed the limit this post so at any of the finely him. one part of the game here is cnn conduct its own political future. he s elections in twenty fifteen. and i think he man xc go to the wbo belt and stuff because now he
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looks like he's getting an economical. lees has said he has discipline in the night it's a good race and receive them and speak right now. and that's a disagreement sexy great cook and i think it's a it's not just the bad covering the dad learned through this again until he was saying it's about which way ukraine wants to be them i think that he may find himself. i know bead up again on monday he spoke out ukraine's president said the decision to deal with moscow instead of brussels tough one to take. the court issue by woman to be peace and tranquility in on a european dominated sport. but as a father who cannot feed his family without a piece of bread. i have no right to the people to the mix at the sight of this with all the problems which might and it's because of the pressure we're under no it is the wiccan ritual and what the supreme as the poms will stop in and canadians of
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citizens will be thrown out into streams. pressure more uncertain down said dimarco it's not a mere foot and only victor yanukovich into that decision. st mall and saw what it would enhance habitat loss in question is simple fast and you paid up now has a printed so long din mohammad resolute in that moment it was awesome. none of the concerts. european eu him also presented to an incident in june an impulse to mint was that each of these to some but it did to get you in and out muscled it is sold to a joke an incident i decided to do mine. three days off we set out. as it is up to the zoo is in a rush to market. because you couldn't use them was to take the risk of loss of up north to listen to unite the union hasn't
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stopped the pinnacle of him being in this novel. if the quantum and will be totally ruined it. it isn't lost on the brain in a lot of unemployment and as a result the court ruled in dogs i'll let you set out to engineer a tutu is also clear that the way it's been a simple icing has been in the state owns the beginning did you know for it's our bible studies was a mistake on the continuing on with steele wants to import cynical or no attention to is that it didn't cost a lot of them having to go our ways i'm just going to enjoy him to play they'll get you beat you up. these will include not only the confusion and some of the stories european student concerts much about sweets such as internet connected to these rules as such countries like russia and ukraine as equal as does open them one inches and then as now we will be held because justin and i didn't use of these guys it's really teach and guide the uppity
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just as cezanne something more to say as a sudden attack of the night of rest and into the sauce you can in the engine is the subject in the car. you can enter into this and says we'll call sensei will be a good decision. as you know you've been in the regions such as the triangle on this issue is that it isn't about who is an inductee in the the peninsula region to him and his fitness was abducted wells isn't it. the motueka and about to lose means international adoption than to istanbul. why ignore the constant be just identical in a bottle to deal with these in the bowl. dawn for what it's going to elicit bought a polo in walden policy and ideas to know when will i be in the glory. this has to go. i mean hey i'm curious to hear because i actually agree its height
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that you would listen to the side to the idea at the same time and that there is a mess inside and i don't understand that the statistic listen. for our upcoming is a ukrainian experts why cut off ukrainian top red white green and not a billion dollar coal to the canadian market and the economy and a time like this it seems to me doing that and willing to listen to an explanation but what's the point of that. was that me didn't i bring this result around to where it was satisfactory for moscow to come in. again our crop up all the soviets of us played since and its cities that are putting up two assists and two dj was continuing on. are you doing and on. economists to target to get out will be open for said was formed european jewry. so as is out we simply cannot say all
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season with two little eyes out. in fact it was out with all this was our studio cast on of tools out to the total cost of calls that the national corn and there will be the title because we want it to the fact that iowa economists on the kimono to touch it. and that is why we will have to protect ourselves. measles goals. but as they can go one day we snuggle or was to join him for his uncle friend stops on the job. to mark but for some posts to score that our problem of evil which had been producing bought the unit it did but it didn't go into debt. you can eat it and you couldn't just on the internet has said in the company has been earmarked for your company said in a concrete example the uaine pays four hundred and ten dollars per thousand cubic meters of natural gas bill gross much more compliant entrance to moscow the payment and seventy five and we now expect that those
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natural gas rates to ukraine will go down on the part of russia. you all. well it's been it. it's knitted the mistake of nepean but it just sums up to standards that are not want to buy some peculiar to know. as you can and will get tired in the nation calls the gas price if you could lose all it cost you money because the clothing stores across the u n rules are all enterprises. we just bought this on to it. it just to get songs that same price. box uk. we love jordan is the cynical an empty tomb is unity and healing and as a result you can and will be legit. russell's to eat it for him. interestingly it will take up a division to me although that we have to take a quick break we'll talk about that as you put it semi colonial treating we get back stay with us are watching
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austin gets a bit. stone many africans use jordan the wrong thing to do with the african continent. for the words and so it is due for months without correspondence and studio guests. political economic cultural and social news from across the continent of africa me mummy two point eight one forty five pm paris time some cannot. the economy like this it seems simple take a closer look. it can get complicated. uncertainty when everything can change and things can get difficult so i clean all the expats can give you a better view
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see the inside story of the company the global economy twenty four hours a day. welcome back before it was all spent yet to be a disciple of the stories of sorts that you can always rip at the top pr a cure all things than death. ukraine's president says you that mr should consider signing in you the term to prove this as protests continue this tuesday daily practice for the six day running against the deal was signed instead with russia. egyptian police fired water cannons to disperse and dozens of protesters to find a brand new wall street in demonstrations to mark the death two years ago the liberal activists has pleats. france to triple its forces in the central african republic the turmoil that could have an impact. ricci says the french government scotland's government makes its case for independence from britain. it's a striking
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department. the decisions the need to become more prosperous this in the run up to next year's referendum well those stories are much more fit atop the army here on points and ten. welcome back are welcome if you're just joining us this is the false been kept and dates were looking at why russia trumps the european union. in signing the last minute deal with ukraine. oh for a closer trade ties and be close to that is the summit coming up in vilnius this thursday were ukraine signed with the eu now this tuesday on a visit to italy. talk about an hour with us for four talk about what's happening in the museo alaskans our guests. joining us from moscow. alexi topic off of the european center for a modern ukraine from moscow. that said dimarco who is the director of
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the institute of political studies former member of the doom of her from flying about. putin's united russia party so stable and columnist for the international new york times and saw the whole state of stalls full of french political science institutes. here in cars. as icing on a visit to italy russia's president did not shy away when that's about the ukraine deal this is declining. ladies would not be scared to open our market european goods within two months before i would ask for a friend's and russell is made with friends and european commission the free zone blitz. he killed all the branches alert him to st to please them. you can use that is what is it. perkins gone even further in the past couple of days gone on to sing with her threats from our european partners towards ukraine. up to and including promoting the holding of mass protests. this is pressure
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and this is black now under clinton saying that effectively by signing this deal. it would jeopardize russia's economy said a strong case. it is true that if you can see them and the case of ukraine for the european union. um i mean the ukrainian economy and out of the manager of client my interpersonal few of them goes. its one point five percent of its exports. and we sat countries which mean that the and. the scene from brussels. new agreement was natural body to cause any economy they're as seen from a new reason to be friends the key difference from moscow. from them. from it if it was seen in the mall an economic reason. he squeezed in. in costa rica is. that's even if your oops that's the in economic terms the agreements seen from
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the opinion was tight and we win sunday and fancy free trade agreement with ukraine in all the make. ukrainian economy the economy more competitive and that's the rationality of singing to the cta it's not for your pendants. except it's a very strong markets. it's to modernize the economy of ukraine. an easy says it is it me or is it. he resigned as as said dimarco saying sign up for the customs union with us. war relations with the youth court in each of us i think i'm seeing the finicky know. for most gorgeous but similar but i know it's just not true. we can be a pretty awesome. but they'd also from the sea from investors into thinking now. you can do both lexi thought to cough up alternately. this is a short in the short term this a great deal in the long term what a pity the consequences
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for ukraine. boy it. i want it's been a whole. the move up. due to a head of the problem. all the alleged abduction the alleged corruption. as some roundabouts. wyatt. the snow fall on the issue of the two cars are cool the back loop with the detachable old war on the awesome ability of them. with the yucatan situational and see where you heard senator mark ross described the new deal as that of a semi colonial treaty and you heard about it here. say that to that was black man on the part of the eu. what what are your thoughts on that it added. i
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am th weekend away all your way. this is about you and them and kissed it to them but i think that you need to get the attention of the lesson that i should admit him. the competition to repeal it. isn't that how you are and thanks to the knit them i didn't get into much robotic arm. but i need to be all that we weren't often people probably in the stores are full of them act in all probably know from this fry it up and general all around and use the euro. sir tim are your thoughts on that alternately in the hands ukraine is westward looking in the present again this tuesday saying that ukraine will consider signing a new path and terms and prove how lost the tape that a lot of uh oh because you didn't
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include in the fog of war since for you canadians. and our hope is that what makes it a listen to carefully what are these people went into the area. i will own and the respect that. it didn't seem to use toward abolishing it when it convenes this is the blog seems new and instead sent you all on you but it seems. it contains a set and the disease to be the best in the uk and it's in the eighties idea why it's knit in the desert and instinct and incense to go writing in the center to the pub. they are involved while. and then deviant dollars. kenyon as incumbent disease to the tim winton and one and a lot of confidence
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viewed in dallas. while at the consensus did it. and on i'm not going to change and for educating its not too happy and content it is awfully tempting to do so because as executor. almost to say that treatment as not to alter anthony said. and now some of us but for those lost causes. as they did not attend was nothing because they have little opportunity to buy another market that it has its bid it would win today and i think the internet in june and will be needed to help her out to get out of the market. i just got tones of raw so that they want. i knew going into decline will do more. that's why. jokes and that was admitted to zune marketplace as upper arm enjoy many friends and i then saw. so it's a joke. the walls and to use them on as they ask you know i don't think this money will go and as that is out you can and never will i be
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the sole bidder. although i didn't get into. to teach it isn't but as it is also the calendar when did it for this. it is in his own. it's not just a joke. it's another to say that owen is and what not to. oh i used the internet and allows us to the stone wall no set rules or hints that he should see it begin to pop it in magazines and about the quiet incident or tonsils out when it came alongside it. such a demon because i'll take you to enter visit and it did not want any the land. this estimate says. again back to let front ukraine around to making this decision there was pressure for months now and once again and repeat their lives doc and then there is a copy of it and exploits from you. namely tony just a minute he came home to canada to try to stop the border. texas' top of the border tap it wasn't
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coming and i mean that in one important sense and top with a b that i'm not sure if anybody argues that disagrees he joined the european partners said he can't sleep with us and that's never been a part of the deal frankly i think it's actually important to go back to the geo political question him and says families saying listen anyways but the eu is going for was the kind of a partnership not only an insane ban on selling the effect is that the fence honey she said not a musician in the pan in the rule of law and justice system. cleaning up its institutions which are not exactly functioning greatly and they say. and i think what's really interesting lead to something then i did that today was a pull for me painting and swear people who lean and those who were in favor of keeping the trigger is pressed. when asked when is inside where they so it is to modernize the car anymore
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rule of law and more a political stability. those people said that the results that come with it to you if you happen not with passion so yes he rang the year included statements. but i think that there are lot of people i was facing fears tonight who appreciate that i mean who would like to see in ukraine. center as standards in forests which sudan mean you're a chaos between them and ended the inning on sunday mineral bluff nice to not smile or elements and i dare say that's why people said dimarco. you know it is difficult to say oh are you going to die for. maybe you are done in the last highlight. our store. it ought to look up the european union township combos. thus the week that anytime you see is that our integration of
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economic integration. i often cringe was about to wheel them on and he sat opposite the need to have to deal with european union is a tb disease. it's not cheap. i think the chain with russia can continue under the european partnership treaty. but no perhaps not with the customs union goes the trading price is not to be blocked by a two lane you would not have been blocked by signing a pact to succeed so that's my question down when you say that i'm nice and funny. it now. yesterday i noticed that the positive but i was. and an antenna for example said what a day without them about producing injected poverty according to a disease that eats it. z
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score that animal was a ukrainian didn't order. i'm told she didn't do so for me that's the ticket was of the summit so that i had just ended it with those of us on saturday then on it because it's going to produce a jacket pocket. but the juvenile justice will add that while he was the only example it doesn't take much to argue that the uk. so we had a total disease was not we will have to have a new system of check in with amelia's is broad that had been ideal but o'neill's is exactly what was the reason is that i chuckle at ten a m was on the site. stop and flute edges will want to know s
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understand that did so only uses them to leave england and that it will take to be known for getting accustomed to but you also said that the disease to meet you european markets or nichols asked. that's all for you. in addition to the incredulous on the nose of subtle yet ok it was all know what box was that. was that cool. on day two percent quartet was them. so the chicken meat on it and doesn't want to cuddle and talk about that. was that european markets opened on its window open. use your garden to distort and ten in the corner but will often a problem. sentences with about a security arena that the dispute its insidious way of of actually opening it to more than just a partnership with actually tuesday to the european union the reaction from one of the viewers from craig on twitter saying russia needs a reality check he thinks he can compete with the eu economically fill up the whole tin of that fear on
7:46 pm
the part of russia. that done this is in a way we have opening the border on one side and shutting it off to them brown's it is that here i have seen that look and some of the moment because in the state is smith. what is in my pony in moscow. i eased ebitda in the end that's the stuff should be some kind of cool to ration and between the us in union and european union in the game in trade trying to reach the ring some corporation and the snowman and tried to rainfall. moscow the issue is to critique of size. you know the tune and negotiate with the eu when i think that we go to klang. and even weeds ukraine could be difficult and you don't even know what to pray and hope you can read the head. we seem to you. eurasian union one day if he joins eurasian
7:47 pm
union. soul. and the busy katie here is that. i am in the fresh everyday. it's the least that was that i would suggest them to ask for being there in the news comes a table and nuts barking against him. and the ukraine in the union to cram in as seen in this. in this discussion so far it is a lot of mistrust right now going around. is it with his faults ultimately no argues sweden's foreign minister called on writing an opinion piece the financial times where he says. why is it solely to the russian economic policy a reluctance by brent seeking the leaks to accept begun clinical modernization as part of an agreement in ukraine that the eu that has yet to be determined but ultimately it was a decision taken by president viktor yanukovich. and for which he will carry full responsibility. let's keep looking cost to think that the events of the past week
7:48 pm
have itunes or lessons. mr yanukovich his chances of reelection. it was a typical isn't it. it is said to him yet that is. some call it good. in bowl. anyway to get attention. i can't get that biomass which must fall on the football for the dough hook it all. max. maximum all of them could be a mechanic. my aunt message or next to the collection. i believe that the rhythm of the rich. it did. let's now been stronger. alexi is a victory or a failure for you
7:49 pm
second it is a tall man now what in all four of them describe it. i think that it difficult to say that they are killed by them at all the ship. all of the command and where were we are seeing is well is on the phone lines in ukrainian politics themselves are slightly changing you know. lexi went when the last presidential it can happen here in the west meredith grey. he's got the pro western opposition and you've got the pro which is ukrainian speaking and the pro moscow. party of viktor yanukovich which is russian speaking of course it has always played out that way though. since then a covert team president. all hail came. the issue. should you pay them. re up it
7:50 pm
impossible to let them operate them. of course campus the future or to command them to you with that issue man in the bumbo. she's a credible election. austin qantas has or has our correspondent says the two different demonstrations is tuesday. one with the a standard opposition parties in the other with more with grassroots movements but oh it is a new face in ukrainian politics which familiar to all sports fans reading wbc heavyweight champion the tully coach. we're not confident in myself. doesn't matter how strong i am not cut your support let's keep our makeup but if we believe the polls there was a run off tomorrow. klitschko. which beats the incumbents in a presidential action. he's no kerry casper off it seems
7:51 pm
it's difficult to say it all sure it's going. i collect them by the look of fall. you know were both granted. a collection of bob. as coach all stamps will be elected to protect them from. erm this brings us back to read to them before us is the new president elections committee that summit takes place anyways in vilnius. this thursday and friday the eu eastern partnership when it opens in the lithuanian capital of the plan had been that there would be privileged times the five former eastern bloc nations do you see them. but to those moldova georgia armenia azerbaijan only georgia moldova. we'll be showing up in vilnius. to sign anything on the dotted line. i'm
7:52 pm
enthralled the whole day with this signing is not really this point something very substantial yet. let us borrow it on john on the other thing the womb. ten something which can do for state and we've seen the keys of the end of the fence and we would have elections in november and fourteen on nathan and fourteen in lenovo which would be very important because the pubic opinion zones apart because the spectrum is the study the idea. between them to put it nothing the result of sophistication that. can you spot a month's time we small favorable to the interests of timing and wants to join the international union. on the condition that of course ukraine two weeks was out on scanning the area where we've seen over in ukraine so stable and on. the european union. at the center in the philly on their part in all of these issues the things they did they lose
7:53 pm
track of something to be overestimate their chances i'm thinking now is they see this play at. it's the only sane than any city or peanuts it was always the kind of a political move to sydney and tracy's kind she said this is studying in the middle the middle somewhere. an ac say that by not answering some of the christmas it's to be honest i still dun understand some of the things that not the same way interesting i don't know is that in the recent incident in an analysis they came back and since these fears that the many uses and i can do with it. don and i think that would've been a bad year steadied see in the face of russian goalie much non existant i made it into an argument that saying we had known and unknown in the midst of a crier. oh yes it's that adding whatever that could've been. you can keep your ration market and
7:54 pm
it's not this is germany doesn't read this fashion science is science isn't a discussion being a member the european union does not exclude take the stress and so that's. that's the end i on the line to sign it and in europe over the seats knows that way people and taxis eastern connecticut cnn said sergei markov me ask you do you think that we're having now resorts to the episode sure to visit and then did a good nap. yup i took isaac to all members continuing intend to do was laugh about. we use eyelets the sl community has its executive with lizzie kate's new knowledge to contain and uses trading was out on the market with the ab i've been in existence gives them free as always the best teams that will join sites to eat at ljs we lose. as the special dividends and although i had done and you credit without me also compared it to pick one as
7:55 pm
abdomen and head to great surprise is the quantum it will cost and reduce cost of the quantum and beaten in the court's rules in such opposition is the reason it's amazing that in some cases of detainees in a certain our company yesterday the top of a good week for relations between the eu and moscow are we headed for some kind of a new deep freeze between east and west. i don't see saw ii even today i hope that these guys will have the same ideas off as all the kindness doesn't it. in the opposite walk in. so sent it to lean on. two thousand and eight if you remember the toes of both his cousins. the us and european countries that recognize that the prosecution it up to the deal two vowels is walk the aisles as it was the aggressor us a chance
7:56 pm
that statins and sleep is good to us and that is out in feudalism will go up and already it was a good edit the data show. so sit exactly will be the icing as the top of this crisis european eu him up but it does i will understand is that a zero sum game. owens also use them european consulate today it's not been invisible for the king jr said as the school was out of the european advantages of august at a little russian regions to install the os of rome. europe is investigated it and as it is out. in june and tickets will be a morning tea at most a dot on the table was awesome as i sat in youtube. it touches the lives of his or will it only took about a month since little sister to go. don't ignore rusher that that's the lesson that we definitely learned to. from all this from going after the apparent fourth week is rather tight lot more a lot more masculine thanks for joining us from
7:57 pm
moscow i think the lake see me cough. monty silverstein poem. thank you for being with us here in austin again your smile cd. chad is now mobile phone connected tv. it was a real english french or arabic. access a whole host of interactive service you can watch the sun caught my eye brows articles on a website for access to a complete catalog to watch the programs. take control of fuel tv experience. that's right path. quote news connected twenty four seven i do. all in. it is you. it
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is. and. is you. the fun
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artsy gitmo detainee is sw to s under a secretive program called penny lane. the cna me to deal with the team is to enter the great terror groups a full breakdown on the program had and how it with dollar signs that's what president obama is eyeing as he seeks out of reach. donors for twenty fourteen democrats and some people are protesting his friends stay tuned for a full hollywood report later and


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