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artsy gitmo detainee is sw to s under a secretive program called penny lane. the cna me to deal with the team is to enter the great terror groups a full breakdown on the program had and how it with dollar signs that's what president obama is eyeing as he seeks out of reach. donors for twenty fourteen democrats and some people are protesting his friends stay tuned for a full hollywood report later and show a fan
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it's tuesday november twenty six i m in washington dc and inherent a bit and you're watching our tea. and we begin today with the new report out by the associated press that exposes the secretive program once and when i did snag a at one time obey. the initiative was called penny lane and referred to a special detention facility and had one full kits to turn on high tech connected detainee is and double agents. after vigorous training in a special facility in those chosen detainees were sent back to their home countries and told to infiltrate groups in order to help us capture and kill al qaeda operatives. of course this was risky considering that these prisoners could remain on their deal with the us and instead turned to kill americans. but as the ap reports for the ci day that was an acceptable risk for the american which was never told the programme was one of
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the many secret trade offs the government maine on its behalf. at the same time the government used the risk of terrorism to justify imprisoning people indefinitely. it was releasing dangerous people from prison to work for the ci day. so to get a little more perspective on as i was going to earlier by colonel morris davis former chief prosecutor at guantanamo bay and currently a law professor at howard university. at first asked him if he had known that any of this was going on at the time well i'd heard rumors of the different programs to strawberry fields and penny lane is well that about time i came on board in september of two thousand and five these were the new boarding pass so they really did keep this under wraps what passes for betty's tea detainee is and how and when the government had known that people were to be the detainee is lying about and what their connections were just a simply get out of gitmo but i don't know what involved in those programs
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would assume like in any organized crime cases and yet make a deal with the devil to try to get someone further up the food chain. they call some consternation among prosecutors though because in some cases we're asking them to prosecute people for war crimes and are staying with me who to prosecute the lieutenant at this level but we plan to school go. we created this kind of paradox of a guantanamo where if you were a big enough issue potentially get a free ticket home in a wad of cash to take with you if you work you can use to get prosecuted. an internet lower category that included been cleared or still guantanamo and investment intentions of the more guilty war may have been better for a one off effect two tiered justice system and outlook has only seen happen in afghanistan in which the u s troops and many cases have become the target of afghan soldiers to turn on and how risky was this program really and yet you know what is this and the links the us was going to go to at the time. well it's
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impossible to tell without any access to this program's be able to assess what the outcomes were you really can't tell but it is interesting because you hear that a certain percentage of the detainees are released from from one time though we're sick of this mess when the arguments for not releasing some of the people that are still there now would be interesting to know how many these people that were released from guantanamo that we count as being worse than it is because clearly they went back to their organizations because us so we paid down today. they counted as part of the rosette of this group or not and if not it would identify who they work so i suspect their account and that now. i say what made the report says that at you not i actually suspected that the c i a night at ten to do something like this therefore are on they're always very weary of former gitmo detainees. i'm so knowing that how successful this program will be halved and i don't know yet i think it would depend on
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the individual how successful they were in convincing the leadership that the member legitimate and proving their nirvana fetus may get back to the organization that. it's the evil dead from a standpoint that this long to find out about what we know now so maybe another five or ten years you find out more this program is taking place bush administration officials often you know bill and i get no prisoners had detainee call them quote the worst of them carried out by brown's fault. i said that the proposed among the most dangerous best trained vicious killers on the face of the earth was the accurate betrayal of everyone know clearly what then it was a real disservice to the country into our whole reputation as being a champion of the rule of law there clearly are people i couldn't shake the hall manager alan shearer either people that really did qualify for the scrip hundreds more that that within a given that didn't get picked up on the battlefield were sold for
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melanie and wound up in guantanamo. unfortunately a majority the manager there now are people that have been cleared to be transferred out that our government we have no reason to keep a year after year they sit there and put two and a main dollars each per year the biding their time at one time. it really is a shame. you know of course the only thing is that american americans for the time where the things that bush officials were telling them. if this program had been exposed in june two thousand for two thousand five hundred programs going on keeping on the americans wouldn't even care. i mean considering how was their impression of gitmo detainee is probably not mean that it is hard to get americans interested in guantanamo regardless of the topic and i think the fact that to the agency tried to flip some of the detainees uses ssl think the shock anyone. hear that again creates that odd paradox were cured guilty enough. the new potentially get a free ticket home and if
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you're not and could potentially spend the rest of your life sitting at guantanamo. one sesame obama did ask about this program when he came into office in and he doesn't i mean he allegedly ordered a review of the doubly just because they were providing information for us the use of predator drones and such. what do you think his intentions were that many do you think it's at all possible that there could possibly be double agents helping to a good run program is certainly a possibility because all too often in this war on terror you seen people would use a new play the us is a pawn to get revenge or to settle a score which was someone else who really don't know nice to think there's a strong likelihood that to some other targets that were identified were probably identified people that didn't get it for their own personal reasons and you wish to place nicely in your neck story on the drone program that the cna continues to operate just is. they operated in ealing one time. and when you
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are a no working at it with guantanamo. with other kinds of deals at the no plea bargains i mean is this essentially the way things are on the news that there certainly were a miserly the time i was there we tried to cut deals with some of the detainees in order to gain their cooperation which is typical here in any criminal prosecution. you try to make the new deal with the people in order to work your way out of the chain of command. things with a promise to return. well bow tie imply that time are resigning we'd never successfully concluded a negotiation were just in the talking stages of the last time i'd visited with some detainees at one time though to find out what they would be interested in return for their cooperation and before any chance to go back. i resigned to my understanding is that some of the subsequent cases. a free assessment uconn was one of the high day detainees whose pled guilty. the descendants
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is being held in debates. in order for him to cooperate in tinsley test to find some of the upcoming trials and assuming he does cooperate and to get the benefit of his cooperation at his sentencing that we should be determined what if anything is cooperation are some things are certainly stalled over there we do appreciate you coming and sharing your insight as always colonel morris davis former chief prosecutor at guantanamo bay and law professor at howard university and feel to it and the us is now threatening to pull out all troops from afghanistan by the end of twenty fourteen after an hour obstacle to an uncaring deal between american and afghan belly gets the pact which would allow for us troops remain in the country for ten years after the planned twenty fourteen withdrawl is now think how about i afghanistan president common karzai karzai is insistent that the pack instead be signed by his successor in april. us national security adviser
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susan rice traveled to afghanistan over the weekend and met with karzai to speak about moving the pack forward according to the white house race reiterated that with out upon signature. the us would have no toys that in uta planning for post twenty fourteen future and wish there would be no us or nato troop presence in afghanistan but karzai is seemingly rejecting the track and said outlining new conditions for signing the agreement the conditions included included but were not limited to for treating afghan citizens from the us detention center at one time all that well it's now been over six months since president obama took to the podium at the national defense university and spoke about the need for more accountability and transparency for the u s drone program. the very precision of drone strikes and unnecessary secrecy often involved in such actions can end up shielding our government from the scrutiny. the troop
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deployment and bikes. it also leave a president and his team to view drone strikes as each or all. the terrorists for this reason i've insisted on strong oversight of all. we collect. after i took office by administration began briefing all strikes outside of iraq and afghanistan to the appropriate committees of congress. it was around that same time that his administration week that one step we take for its mark on ability would be to shift the ground campaign from the jurisdiction of the ci days and that of the defense department. however ask for it six months later to today and sei it remains at the home and run operations set it up about this all planned i was doing earlier by tony shaffer senior fellow at the london center for policy research and author of the book operation dark heart at first asking why this transition hasn't taken place
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yet. i think there's basic reasons first there are other distractions. you say like her. relating to the nsa programs up surveillance as well as the obamacare role for whatever reason the spartans to twelve based on all challengers. so i think that those of the borrower. and because you look at it from her bench obama did actually make it very clear. check back monday who are essentially outlined the fact that we're going to show his age and onto right now it is a very difficult in any sport i therefore i think this is a not for her she get this fish right there and bought a couple other priorities in place but he talked about what kind of work is involved in transferring operations from this the iaea to the defense
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department how difficult is that. they shouldn't or two races isn't over yet the caregiver bought my first week program that has stayed with mr that are present on you tube stops to get through this entire box purse. so i think it is problematic things have worked out at that age. that's legal issues which are due to legislation much of the soviet union secondly it's natural. paul vi of the epic is the most of us can actually see eye to develop its own separate ticket will be. i've been to the throne room at night. and there's a terrible system so what you have your two competing systems which are about to be there for most of us are clashing cymbals. so there's all sorts of oversight and an ethical issues which worked out. not to say that it could mean a rapidly. it's been a stopper or treat so i suspect and they will be up for the juniors. i just don't see people moving out jack seems like it's been a long term goal at this point but that
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can happen anytime soon. one of the ncaa even have the drone program under its jurisdiction is a bit peculiar in itself. heat up the bit about what the will of the cit has been historically and wife insisted to really in the last decade after nine eleven. but no one doubts the usual three. it's a total of three restricted heavily use of any lethal methods for any world leader in the role. there's been well documented evidence that the law. it sucks to be a grown up before nine eleven the person beside you there so with the exceptions than it sounds i'm loving the recent expansion of the use of these what to call signature stripe represents the fascination. this development of the bush white house must continue to expand the obama white house for the past five years. so this is what the program became an affiliate my bandage on ci with beauty. well isn't it
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but most had their typical geek but for those of you who read my book operation harper i outlined the process the next is repeated in afghanistan that too so we can go full bore. again because he's these programs are compatible and sixty i knew it did similar things are still a member of the shoes were great too what is the proper authority for some of these acts. it was for john brennan came in the midst of what they were actually an extension its destination was. the white house which is to live in something i think they are trying to wipe the smile that targeted alone in this one off. ray and i like to say that the program does transition of ernie now let's fast forward two years when this i completely relinquish his role or should be expected agency when still contribute to the targeted killings. still reading. my understanding is united with work go back to work with her sleek and what was essentially espionage costs
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but not lethal methodology beauty is in the know are of course for the job is to to show people a break but that's part of what their job and i think they are better at it in a better oversight system will continue overseeing it. see i frankly did not have the proper oversight certain to execute the program and i think it's partly an aunt on her skin was white so i think and or deities. this is what they could be better on that are overseen by putting up more time to larger strategy of other you look at a local it is when you see i take shots for a re what's that about the role of john brennan aggies advise the president have obviously packed then he became the director of the c i a that dynamic new weekly and all of this t think that this has anything to do with why we're seeing such a slow transition. absolutely i don't believe for manager john brennan was to read up about pushing the program
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over to the ot a proper oversight. this is a power play is our cute little . one of the main tools of torture and the bobble what has been that long. therefore an advantage over today. i don't see an easily giving up this how. as you know nate washington. so about our sch teacher said. therefore i think that you forget what it's actually get up even though i do believe good thing if you have witnessed over the last word. oh and speaking of that sort of power struggle and unique people. apathy i could be interpreted as a potential transition isn't this all in some way to the performance or a loss and the turf war with the pentagon. all the clues no doubt about that with that said there's been a lost battle that we see i am in the service is wilson's nineteen forty seven said that the master detective mike and forty seven three c i a and had supper or beauty
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the recruiter department at similar capabilities and passed the test eia. in the past but i'm on the uk is also looking at it stops are we if we get the view of the books or products the idea that their corpses what they consider to be supporting a policy maker in the white house. with that said when you have and share with similar capabilities of their patients. there's always competition i think there's a competition here in over our main competition and show that opened a store that is all were and it seems like a bump as seemingly cover that seemed to rain more morning dave and i am not sick with a train to another recent news item that i as the vatican's representative to the un has now weighed in on the db tempered rounds and a letter written to you when he expressed a number of concerns including its violation of international law. cameron proliferation of drone technology. somehow that didn't do you think this condemnation could be in challenging the current policy is. well first up they are completely correct on
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the galloping sch friend responds up about this extensively across to where his concern obviously is a weekend to someone else to do an os map of all this technology is not in the united states therefore what we wanted to stay present china's for joining us this stuff. troll. it's a slippery slope so i think is great. it was there to talk about how the results to go guess we have teacher about this cutting back on second with a moral issue. any time to kill innocent civilians and let me be clear it's the drone program is not a surgical top of the week that documented of dozens if not thousands. this is the speech obama star or i'm against the over use of saying i'm not against the use of drones of reduced the cost of continued use of the armored meet it at church because we show innocence but that jordan is to create an action or terrorists but that is
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completely correct. so this is for i think we have moved both legality. moreover given the huge pro wraps them up with the obama frustration here. mussina using the new mustang with a string of problems. the secondary consequences for actions stack and is obviously the other issue of brown proliferation other countries following scene in the anti now held its first test flight for a stealth grown and countries all over the world are investing in john programs right now. he hates that that condemnation over the us from korea will die down in other countries proliferate their own uav is i think it'll get worse. i think the whole thing is that pandora's box. open again this is a technology issue which we have to consider her blog. weekend update maybe the smart so i think that we extend this to the u eighteen s russia is developing china i predict what the next five years since the last world war will suddenly a bigger army of pain is so much for that act that great and say tony shaffer author of
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operation dark heart and senior fellow at the london center for policy research thank you. before sitting down for thanksgiving dinner with his family. president obama is sharing the table with some very rich donors in california. he has raised millions in the last couple of days for congressional democrats during his last post that obama has also been met by a vocal protesters were demanding a stop to the trans pacific partnership parties' the mongol in now has a story. obama has been the last couple of days on a wet spoon on the reasons brain wealthy donors have paid more than sixteen thousand dollars each to attend the event here in the jury is beverly hills well the present world elbows with hollywood elites the outside and demonstrators are rallying against the trans pacific partnership the a a nobleman ministry to want to have a built in place by the end of the year however critics wanting to
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do reveal his plans. today the idea that the ttp is copyright of it and causing huge threat to the internet and your digital rights we are here and citizens doing good thing that american citizens do in that very healthy rambunctious twinkling. the anti democratic in that. but it's a circle. corporate handouts which would be detrimental to the environment and internet media. above is that the ttp will the economy to treat their love mason negotiated the threat to the workers make up forty percent of all world trade worth about six hundred corporations for over three years to negotiate trade. i stand with the knowledge of congressmen politicians. an investor
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chapter and begin to break the recent consumer countries over a new regulation that seemed to cut into it due to expected contents of every scene he's in where a pharmaceutical company to do that canada. over the medicine hat and find many countries in south america and the kings did not look whale companies and mining companies over. under the investor state complaint and none as yet any of the upper really worried that those with the provisions can be also used to undermine its bill of rights. as much as the protesters here sounding the alarm about dpp members of congress have voiced concerns that the obama administration is trying to fast track to deal without any sort of detailed how they'll often at these brave representative had been significant progress was made last week during negotiations in utah. the next round of meetings will be held next month in singapore. reporting a bevy of california. ramon valley milk cart seat. can the dna analysis company twenty three and he has grown into a popular low cost way for individuals to determine what genes they might be
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carrying for specific diseases or disorders however just last week the food and drug administration brought the company's sales to a halt for hitting them from selling any dna kits until the product is authorized by the gn by the fda. here's how the company promotes the testing kits. so that's when the sun makes me sneeze i mean increased risk of heart disease arthritis gallstones email from a toast this weekend. seven might pass on to a kids' foods and i want to avoid hundreds of things about my getting like twenty three in the results it really opened my acts the more you know about the dna. the more you know about yourself. after twenty three and needs personal genome service or pdf does what it costs it's ordered a halt services came by way of a stern letter from the fta that called out the company for offering the testing and diagnosis services to the with out the regulatory approvals needed in order to
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market this product. in a letter the fda outlined the work the agency has done with the company in the last five years pointing to fourteen face to face or teleconference meetings and hundreds of email exchanges yet despite years of the back and forth interactions. the agency broke we still do not have any assurance that the firm has entered a plea or clinically validated the pds for its intended uses which have expanded from the us's that the firm identified in its submissions. so that i owe little bit more about this and its implications i'm joined right now by jimmy trooper president the council for responsible genetics to anything so much for joining me. thank you for having to share first of all this people are where twenty three knee is of global backed project. well the action doesn't happen the marketplace and in duets time to groom will play into consumers' trust in the product. well i had a
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very strong place in the marketplace is the small marketplace for direct to consumer genetic testing companies then last few years as the fta has gotten more involved in this area. most of it. twenty three news competition. has disappeared iso twenty three me is really the only ice strong competitor left in the direct to consumer genetic testing market and certainly its approval of funding offers in the level of credibility with the consumer that none of its competitors ever. now i can imagine with the popularity of google that at this product would probably do just as well. one of the things the fda is highly concerned about is is that the test can give false positive or negative results on the user's risk is something for example like cancer or diabetes. what might be the unintended consequences of people receiving this information well i think the most important thing i that the fta is looking at is making sure that these tests are accurate because make no
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mistake these test are offering medical access to information onto the consumer directly. and the consumer should have faith that those tests are accurate unfortunately five twenty three has not been able to provide any idea reporting to ensure that their test results are valid and a large part of that is because the level. they're testing is really a research grade level not a medical data on that testing level. and of course you know what that information is received by the consumer or the patient it can be used on as the fta outlined in its letter to make very important medical decisions in fact many of the conditions for which twenty three meet us for our considered medically actionable conditions such as breast cancer. whenever she's a little bit more about you know what kinds of procedures people might go to do i when they don't even necessarily know for sure that they
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really need to do that. well they can for example a as the fta outlined some of things that i'm twenty three meet us for five days. a is for the broccoli one gene which is associated with breast cancer. pomp and many people i have a friend for example five who tested positive for brock a one and she made the decision to have paid out. mastectomy five to minimize the chances of her developing breast cancer. i now of course there would need to be the intervention of a physician and other medical professionals. so i think. some of the fta is concerns might be a little exaggerated on bikes. i think that ivf is underlined concerns are very much valid and that is is is ensuring that consumers receive medical information the factory. the beak eyes if you start allowing inaccurate information enter the marketplace. five you
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start on misleading consumers you start. i've been letting servers go down paths where they they may really run into roadblocks store the rest of its risks of this sort of information getting into the hands of insurance companies or employ years the resulting free agent judicial treatment at all well we do have a federal law that genetic information on discrimination act which prevents employers and health insurers up from this using genetic information in the context of employment and health insurance however i we really don't know. and this is a large part of the concerned with these private companies like twenty three me they're starting to obtain i've genetic information really don't know how they secure that information how they use that information on there is no oversight. and so you really take your privacy. in your own hands when you deal with companies that point remains cheryl i wish we had more time though and forcefully
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where all out appreciate you coming. getting your insight jimmy gruber president of the council for responsible genetics. can it that i had it for now i knew id that is to write accurately. windmill woohoo. this line and cake and i mean to tell warrandyte state park to work to get back to defend unexpected incidents open tennis and defense identification zone. japanese foreign minister of communications and he was second to upstage don't carry confirmed the cooperation and phone talks and chip stack


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