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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 27, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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the cats was a free day. cos breaking the top twenty. so much. the dorset to play stocks. good news the spread
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out over the country demonstrators are doing all they can to push the prime minister out of office. you need it the fifth of the areas of the panel working to change the constitution say they won't kick in on the protesters arrested for breaking new laws on illegal opposition rally victory both said yes to a college radio campaign the social democrats. two months after her conservative one any election but fell short of majority. in this developing story out of afghanistan suspected taliban gunmen shot dead six local staffers working for a french aid group. the afghan employees were dragged them from their car in northern afghanistan before being
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gunned down. you're working for the french and he'll act as a group that promotes development in that region next the city is around the biggest government and industries in thailand is now in its third day. this is the tipping point of weeks of protests that are only growing in size. protests are being led by the so called the yellow shirt protesters have been fighting with the red shirts that backed the government for years now the other shirts are occupying the finance ministry as well as surrounding several other government buildings their goal of toppling the government of prime minister the right to mock trial. of course my kids now wolf has more now on how to move in spreading out from bangkok. all of the country but since the words you say soda for the last three days of receiving gaining momentum and the picking up in terms of their tactics occupying government ministries and such in a bid to topple the current government has protested now spread throughout the country in thirteen of the province's it must be said the mostly in
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the south of the country which up which is an area which is traditionally in support of the democrat party which is thought the lines to this protest movements they say that token of a number all the temples of city pools of provincial in ukraine two capitals that the most he said this is done with the complicity in many areas with the local governments who are aligned to the democrat party and what they have we've also seen that in development of this protest the sun to come out with more articulated back to mom's for a no intentions of the protest and they say they want to bring in a genuine people's democracy they say the government on the success of tax and a taxing governments. although supported by a texan from overseas arm of the corrupt and they are undermining that the essential institutions of democracy and as she was saying this but just couldn't resist putting out around the country from becoming move that will be nice with these articulated the moms that this takes a moment. now what they're reporting from bangkok. next the united
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states has put itself on the potential collision course with china. after two unarmed and b fifty two bombers on a routine training flight over disputed islands in the east china sea the chain has just imposed in air defenses on over the islands and it says it will take measures aircraft don't identify themselves so far has been no reaction to the us flights wednesday the disputed islands are in fact controlled by japan and tokyo has told its national carrier's not to comply with china's request for flight plans. ukraine reports these islands in the east china sea have long been a source of tension between china and japan. on monday the united states weighed into the drama by sending to the fifty two bonus on a training mission in the area. defining china's expansion of an air defense and that now covers the disputed islands. they've announced at the weekend has drawn widespread criticism from the us and its allies
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this unilateral action appears to be an id ten t o not be unilaterally change the status quo in the east china sea on the school raised regional tensions increase the risk of miscalculation confrontation an accident. vietnam's the fifty two used to call from mom in the evening flying into the islands during what pentagon officials describe as long as training exercise. crucially in the us did not inform china at the store see. does it save a set called sand copyrighted and is controlled by japan also claims by china and taiwan have raged for decades. that's because the christ twin ports and shipping lanes in the store to contain untapped oil reserves. under china's new rules aircraft have to provide a flight plan when passing through its defence aid or risk being intercepted by an elite rejects the east indies the lights off. every country school defends its
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airspacend also commit to love that sound. its territory meet at the its sovereignty. ah safeguard it with the b fifty two bonus completing the mission on challenge. it seems china isn't yet for parents to carry out its threats. c area where the regime said. i read and the exclusion of present the shots often talks of the political transition now that's been a key condition for the syrian opposition and the upcoming peace talks in geneva from minus nine to bring in our complex in beirut at what can you tell us the crew of the cultivation of the route that the government did this with the help. that too given the position that the opposition. he showed me
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the key to that. i make it into the position that they will walk up to those. at that. that would not put up additional government. men respond to that the government to prove that the object to the exclusion of them from political conviction. the only thing that could have made it a lot today. she becomes. but mine did. you will not go forward that put up a transitional government led government will not go forward with or without. the traditional government that would be that the competition which could be king. the election the opposition. now look like i won't wish it would not
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more difficult to get that kind of agreement and that of the table. oh and thanks to sam accept that that's playing out in the region and i'm incredibly difficult situation and finding a successful end to the conflict and syria except i rest it warrants have a nation in egypt for two top back to this passover with the prosecutor's office calls inside the protests at one of two activists helped lead the revolt that ousted in a bar two years ago the rest were ordered after the men took part in demonstrations outside parliament he find a new law restricting protests. for a correspondent catherine stately has. due to a study demonstrating against the protest oh eight and meeting the trials the civilians that the protesters in downtown cairo outside the us house of parliament. the demonstration
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police state that if i mean it's just that. and then dusted with gold cannons into the rock tx full steam into the site streets in protest has retaliated with her inbox and bending time in the least and as a result of the dozens of people with a red state including some prominent egyptian activists many thing to claim that they were beaten and sexually harassed by police and a number of women who were arrested were eventually released that they would take a nap that day to read outside cairo in and let them now at. now with the old people that still being detained and questioned as to what happened and that some members of the competing rights the constitution suspected weapons of the detainee release so it's good enough yet but they'll be going back and let it die however we do now is will try to set up and later on today to visit again. calling people to demonstrate against the soul late this afternoon in downtown cairo. it's a significant because it's the first time since i make
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most effective in july that we've seen a revolutionary activist in the streets demonstrating against the new authorities. in cairo. they are content to take the lead at some other news stories covering for you this hour the shipwreck of a refugee boat in the bahamas has left crusty thirty dead. about one hundred and fifty haiti migrants run for the boat that capsized after burning the ground. survivors clung to the vessel four hours before being rescued authorities say the de hydrated my fridge and in that boat sailing for eight or nine days with little food and water and no life jackets the other day by about eight hundred bronze has seen eighteen evacuated. i can just north of paris is one of the biggest in france the latest in a series of moves from the french interior ministry to move the mike rounds out its appeals court here has confirmed the firing of a child can play for wearing of
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veils to work. a previous ruling had an open her initial firing from the private day care center for wearing the muslim veil of firing the woman's lawyers have labeled discriminatory french law prohibits the wearing of any outward signs of religion in schools and daycare but now that decision has been upheld any legal action. he pursued outside of france the european courts. two months in the making. it has finally been a breakthrough in coalition talks in germany chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the center left social democrats are not of him eating some might think this morning so that's got to be a good sign for more on that now let's hear from our police force by jessica salts. or twenty five members of the scope of the social democrats and the lack of ctu closely and insist upon the csu amount to a final act of creation tool
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to stop the seventeen hour this morning both sides scientists mining and things that will find it as a kid that response of course had to make concessions and they can make this agreement to form a connection conference i think the democrats. they stated that keep them on the minimum wage change of the national minimum wage here is sticking out what it says it's likely they will be at in late two thousand and fifty in all its position democrats will say bye to friends that do not agree to a women's clinic staff of experts and in that sort of unique content uploads of candy company. i'm able to manage to convince the government that i'm on a july nineteen seventy eight benefits general stands out like we can use the bcs he managed to stay that was controversial idea of i will learn the joy that using dna sample it at times and i'm going to attack recognize
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the state senate seat that ctu next. he said was that she actually can be a top tax rates cool it down to visit with him on tv. the ad spending. it is located to take down before going into twenty three billion and the next to the its. since consultant for land rover in the united states one of the biggies travel weekends of the year could be under threat. a wall of storms packing highest sleet and rain is not ending holiday travel plans as millions of americans take to the roads skies and males for thanksgiving. so far that deadly storm barreling into the mid atlantic and northeast have not resulted in many flight delays and cancellations but forecaste are expecting the weather to get worse throughout the day the annual thanksgiving holiday is tomorrow thursday and as millions of americans plan their family feast many of them won't be able to put that traditional turkey on the table. now each year millions of families find it so much more difficult to survive on low incomes recent funding cuts to the government's food stamps subsidy program now that some people are tightening their belts even more. former us
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marine and entered edwards doesn't usually get his thanksgiving meal from prep for the city. a washington d c cherokee. this year he says he cannot afford a turkey in his own. that's because at the start of november the government subsidy program known as food stamps have its funding cut by thirteen percent now than at this trouble stretching the budget to the end of the month. nor will it last week though with green bay. i have problem with you know one of my morning today that i've been clean now with that twenty dollars off for me that's like the cycle week's worth of when i get that that twenty dollars. charities like with the city to many of these supplies here at the cap to area food bank covering eleven thousand square meters. it's the largest hacking distribution center in the region providing about that he may get me into gear to those in the creek more people getting less and tough man captures the white kittens people realize what charities being that we don't know what's going happen. we
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went to prepare for the worse to live more food in the warehouse to get out into the community. the recession has come to an end here but they're still getting twice as many people using food stamps as a boy in two thousand and seven. many in congress say the system is too expensive and inefficient and both parties are now calling for further cuts something most charities disagree with those relying on handouts is here hope by next thanksgiving. affording a family dinner would be even more of a challenge. the link that you are what you think that the state in nineteen eight the deal and hats every weekday evening to an awesome life of the topmost least eight pm to be. lonnie from us a complete summary of the days when the truth for all students don't just mean to interrupt. the world of
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business and leisure sports the tall tall. i like. great news. eight pm to midnight i was going to be on full sun to. think an interview on the knit them. the most iconic images from bench in the arab uprising was that of women taking to the streets demanding a new kind of politics. nearly three years on it's a very different picture. empty the rise of political islam. if anything the strength in conservative attitudes towards women especially as political instability continues. and according to palm carried out by the thomson reuters foundation. egypt is now the west country women's rights in the air. well joining me now from london this money cannot. the chief executive of thomson reuters foundation money. thanks for giving us an update on the sides top of the findings
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of this that whole money which says that three out of five countries affected by the air spring i in fact that in the balkans find stats for women's rights. with each hit topping the beast named maya given the reports of extraordinary sexual harassment in the country terribly surprising is that it is not terribly surprising the subprime collapse that because the words country of the twenty two countries of the rv and as you said that in the five countries that do ddr up spring spree of them are in the fight for it so it didn't use this as this was a surprise. that's what what what what was really and not surprising is that the radicalization of these agonies and in a jeep. a defiant and stuff that's come with zits. and that of an empty seat when the crying kids can eat it and the makeover will go. i estimate that these were men that were on the square where shoulder to shoulder this was
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the man at a spa day. and coupled with iraq. and when not in such a position that the umno ranking wristband sunday review. which is where we know the woman's outfit in iran. sandakan is a gps study found sexual harassment high banks in the mountains for me it's nice and interesting conservative that the seven spirits of conchita to two pm my ranking. now that the military is back in control is not returning while you know that they're that it is that the section or read it so we've many respondents in the twenty two countries. that's what it says it is a picture of what happens in this case that in august and september of twenty thirteen that's nothing more. so this is another picture of what is it toou what the piece today it is the center. solar last summer as you know when to die. i've been very very tough month cd. and this was the day when macie was that
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it finally toppled. and then it needed some time scrapng repeat that human inequality human rights watch it at ninety one woman raped. even the net trying to side than on at the square is the cause of the nie is an an and reads it as a way. that and so still be deep in the corner i have been just that so i cannot tell you what is this petition today. this is the situation et-cetera but it was creepy green ants and all of the respondents i a jeep and eight when many of them that way at very late but there has been criticism directed at the sea and sand the methodology he applied his fullerton in some cases it's actually think for a second for instance weakening moment in fact it's been out on sat sun and sand. sorry but this wast a mistake that was read and not
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the typical topping the poll because taking the optical but last week the movies it's an eco it was wrong because of course party in me. adding to tell us that it did it the extreme kong honor of women's rights. at only female that tunisia is a country where abortion is the price is nineteen sixty to sixty five at the same way before the upa all froth of us. so there is no question that the situation of women in tunisia has nothing to steal the left is the station a woman in a jeep that but it's just how about tunisia very surprising as being tested by numbers six the use of some of the ready condition which has been a source link to share. and and you know that some of the announcement that isn't something they stay at the bay in tunisia and before the respondents spoken of the new raid on me again me and pretty in the case was discussed in rome. but some of the respondents say that it stops today in the beginning stopped again
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to me now what the leak is forbidden by the toe. how did she answer his critics to question the methodology that was used in this and that we have sent six. surveys of cities with statistics question. in sweden which is arabic and french for people to answer in the internet which allow them the more flexible. we have some of that. then we have used on me this thing under the city seeks survey is that in him back. we use for answers to the city's expect. so silly it's an eight cd set up the old station east of gender that. representatives of the angel is that where the country at techniques we'll years. dr is working the countries so it's a it's a very very bad mood for any deep in a jeep nobody but decided that it takes to me that when we didn't stay in this story in today's spots
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back in penning the dead and technical erected in dts as it was fun too. so it strikes me and then ago. these days his parents used by most of the people in it. well you know i mean they should have been in alms at the sydney there was some egyptian activists he took somewhat of an umbrage at a country themed christ lived in saudi arabia where women are not even allowed to drive. so the silent era to us said words and the reason is the respondents told that we took the news channel in its accounting and its security industry secure at and we have access to. hence a vacation finance at bats this season ups of eureka. they have no rights to cattle drive that they can go to the kennel group of eighteen they cannot do anything without them a god an accident it's the end this is why they're into words. but
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regarding security and safety more men in so doing they feel very safe i cannot get sick as they say it's a feature of this situation it's nothing more that this is what the respondents of august at the end of that money isn't it. conservative attitudes in islam which is the rate of the problem. in ot youtube you can say about that you can sew so that a country which was not violent school like a jeep. as the company's three years of ireland country where violence against women coincidence man and he sees it took to the new factor. he comes from the photos into new tea that people have to treat the crimes. haha so if you can read the woman and cool freebie if you can't keep them than the church and who will free the exit route you know thee ruler over all it's to be applied what
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happened in a queue that or was it into the river ocean it was like the ponies there was a you know it did these men beating up for the institutions any means not violence. i stopped to roll and fold the egyptians which os such as the country i know that when a jeep that in them many many times and every town that we have the wayside and weak upper body extended keeping the beat of the teaching that the nation. but everybody's surprise from a book about but it stands for years has been appalling what does that happen at and that's the station today i'm spending my time talking about the backsliding that's gone on since the spring but it really does appear that women are prone to become a very bad day when you think that a g tube a woman and you today are finding the words that can wear them with iraq it's really very very green at the time. each man woman in a jeep that stuff that suddenly during the revolution that they have a voice that they express
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what they want it. they are not in it and he and the kitchen and says let it get the gal told me to be at an end. this is very green although you can't sing and i think that i'll be putting in the sink so that you see that as he emptied a new room and doing their evolution at the corner of the parties would be fairer. that means that very important seeds of future so anything is not green but dissertation today for woman yes doubt in the western nation that own them of iraq has never been to us on the email for him ten years up in the american invasion and the end of british invasion of iraq wilma on the reedy in a very bad position of one point six million we don't let them relax is to work with only fourteen percent of women were a new law now. the site
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saddam was it the teacher that the country was functioning and woman at a job and going streets even in their whims of fate it said today it's just that and most attention. so you know it's not need a pair of spring these. is iraq and on the other site you see companies like that. mari is patient pays that all non number two of the best countries to wait. john donne an ad as an act and time were among the best of these fold it in the eighteen yet the site because we're running on time. i just want to send us anything because the tee at an age gap but that's it. as i said good good good news in a jeep and in the arab countries is that one and a spot of the critic of the plaudits and i am sure all the seats in the future but all the rest. today the teacher is very green and what we do is just eating a
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peach of a speech on economic and then have to make it there thank you so much for being with us and that's it for this edition of the funds paying kept in the distinction. i do. wrong
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d. ch. then great. i threw my stuff. reducing cost areas of the country too. such is the owner to make a quick thai food supply to sell themselves living among the dead. don't be unable to reach many of his most to me its details. join some of the supply of those great days and took refuge in a photo of the country. hunter the sun kept going. you and when you win. we will will
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will will will. the students all as a buyer has received the president of context and can usually national company os cardamom and inform the president about the company's activity and turning cars extent we transport and logistics hub in the region by two thousand sixteen fourteen regular container shuttle trains in europe asia currently run through kazakhstan. it is plain to organize three more train routes such as china central asia and china europe at the beginning of next


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