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tv   RT News  PBS  November 27, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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when we will. do. a before the eu summit to willie's eastern european partners fury new training he says that the lights and it until either the government's flavoring in signing up to try teams. i plan on terror and onto the russian capital but police say they the rest of the group of heavily on islamic extremists and . chipboard is the rest of the problem and a to b c span of a regime change in twenty
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eleven as police chase anyone to find new bill that restricts gatherings. cost you twenty four seven life from moscow you watch it on tape. madison eastern european economic get to get discussing on this site but this one country in the wings which is having trouble making up its mind placed upright tax to finance new crying demanding that the president did so with signing up to place the times picayune. even then he matisse being hasty could be costly at ici shares. he's fully upright texts protests are still continuing key of a loss to the overnight despite temperatures dropping well below zero and right now several thousand hardy seizing the government building in central kiev and
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visiting a warning coming hurricane for the general to abstain from any kind of provocation does that of information that some provoke the two groups were preparing some dry it's uneven and a possible attempted to go with a government building the flight to see this heavy police presence by police all over the place. when i walk into to the government building i saw that the hundreds of riot police all over the place there securing the government's ability to climb into the government building and the administration of president building. and judging by the fact that these people act and dance across the city they're not willing to go anywhere until friday until the summit and obviously those still clinging to this last hope of signing a two year associates and deal during the hardest assignment even though the series starts this coming from the government to cut this deal will not sign that it's not so difficult to see why. judging by the numbers of triggers that may cause a serious collapse of the ukrainian economy let me break down some of these leaders for unity the insurer may have started a few people but it's no surprise to those
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who hope that the numbers the country's economy has been on a downward slope over a year off with foreign debt at a staggering hundred and thirty six billion dollars it would've cost of a hundred billion dollars to more tonight's lecture east polk and so coaches would trigger massive unemployment and risky if cannot afford especially since the eu make it clear no immediate compensation that a huge gulp of industrial output from wall street with russia which said ukraine can all get loyalty points from everyone craig's decision has also started a political street fight between brussels and moscow as the two traded accusations of pressuring tf him. it was. i wanted to moscow friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from harsh statements do we really have to stifle an entire segment of our economy just to get them to like this. the fear is that with a free trade agreement only once with key of the russian market could be flooded with european goods
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and that could destroy the entire industries as tens of thousands of people out of four at. the no stamping on two key central square are adamant about becoming part of you. despite the risks to their own country's economic health. when exceed the bigger the ongoing iraq unrest in kiev from day one half of the law saying what needs to grampa he's in the cheese from the ferry cost of the demonstrations the crazed on economic conditions all the signs that as the main reason almighty has backed away from the eu deal on that in correspondence has the hearing reaction in europe with some believing the counter for the coma the itf ukraine's decision not to push for closer association with the eu that set out to be a blessing the latest european countries. that was going to have to be some two hundred thousand pieces of regulation
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that would amount to be changed to allow ukraine teeth fit into this new partnership. all of which will come to it being hateful find that european countries have these pieces of regulation range from quite big issues like down to things like the type of screws used on road signs and the gauge of railway tracks and lose the things that really european countries called afford to be painful right now we see a steep four million people on the brink of poverty across the european union is according to your roast on the european union's own statistics. oh can i say youth unemployment is in damage across most of europe all of these things that leading europeans here in ireland to tell me that swelled europe should look to put its own financial problems correct the courts are taking on the deaths of others. you'll be showing you and says say no the eu already has plenty of problems in his own right at the moment. for example both he'll be joining soon i will only create more problems
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three of china's i guess this will be expensive. we have not realized it yet but we just have to wait and see what they make it in the middle one is hard to say there are plenty of problems in ukraine in any case if we take them. it should be done under different conditions and all will. it seems you may have pillaged something of a financial goal is to fall in ukraine's decision not to poach was close to telling is. russian police and i have erased the fifteen members of an hour later the cell in last night the suspects reportedly called red handed with a cache of guns and takes place it's not easy to teach them about how small. russian security forces me to another member of the same group remember that the man was allegedly involved in recruiting young women to going here. he's a stud. now all of the list of members of
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those people that the team now are thought to be members of an extremist this flattening creepy station and were involved in a number of criminal activities to find dates. now this organization is described as a him not to accept her and found snow which inspired some of the tactics and methods of outcry that now that i've been easy to know was that creates hit back at the beginning of seven season the jets coworker leader the country's authorities that sets him back in twenty ten and russia also banned gets excited states. an egyptian prosecutor has ordered the arrest of teaching and to this nine for that night's hero and told me a long standing to take the posting on a twenty eleven the news comes off the police protocol several prior testing connor and under new middle of the band's demonstrations of more than ten people with that condition though to reports from the capital. we expect protests is once again returns the streets against this very oppressive real
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time security forces basically enforced on tuesday as the mass outrage at the he typically symbol of protest is pure but to stunning piece than thirty minutes of us hope that i'm in a given that demonstrate sing. now at just before midnight on tuesday the other poets and fifteen prominent activists female activists they had seen the success or could be thin and don'ts and it does it's off to big parts of the days to rest its own cheesecake for this demonstration piece pop up roll across the country i e sixteen eighteen fifties a place to be dropping into competition to spend a good session. many of the typical parties' cold for the job you were to be with always saying that this was the times the days of pumpkin or by request protest but basically i'm sad tt imagine cd or the situation and it does all this baby gets here a senior last few months but this new protest ill effects of the restricts at demonstrations in some cases criminalizing protest is not on people even gather for a few minutes on the streets in
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numbers of top ten the reason he's mean to the fist place to find it his own post with a face i stamped the title of the developments on falling our correspondent on the line. feeling the torch on to see a crow structure is far from ideal while the is ready to compete at sochi twenty fourteen is twenty times to get in shape for the winter games of the athletes with disabilities who will take getting trained and signs up for them they meant to shine with the wind to certain extent his one hundred days away i will say this is such a way as an immediate sense that this is a way that the media will be housed in the olympics and in the beautiful mountains plus a given that it's in my team today but that would take eleven one hundred days before the half and pizza drinks again. i peeked in to get all caught up from the beast. onesteel twenty the sixteen oz not much not
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that cold with the second day the excitement as well as sportsmen said. now the stuff has been taking advantage important steps that make you thought that that there is out with disabilities at the k four hour one of them is of rectifying the un convention on the likes of christopher with disabilities out we've seen how the transport infrastructure the restaurant and i was at the stadium as well as of the hotels have adapted to fill people with disabilities and that the only took a half before coming to compete on him but also for the state seat is now well into the blogging talking about this what do we have a box and label the band in pigs at the ten spies for the community acted on the evidence is that the palace in the bulletin which is what nobody quite excited abt gap the internet the relief of the pantry to get back on the torch has been going on to the country into places as blotted out in space and a bike cop and
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deadbeat or to put the hat you could see was the top of that twenty six of us that we call them silly to be just as exciting but will definitely be keeping the rain but the couple now but we knew them all as soon as we get it a recent study suggests britain is drifting into a comic a good society with the uk splice and ethnic minorities cheese into the pond was okays was nine discomforts and segregation with his fate could lead to hatred and intolerance among communities is even heads of the country's only time think ahead on racial equality and decided with this hobby denial on the issue of thoughts even on terror the expense without warnings that racing can be drifting towards becoming a contact rate it's a sight see. coming from the foam ahead at the aquatic see the human rights with in separate beds this that pits the two leading sen least that's the kind that most bad that you that's the lungs and what they'd done it. he states
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that between fifty thousand to one census and the tea thousand and eleven cents that celebrate the days due to fly in more than one hundred thousand people from acting like no it's the great sydney house in london instead of needing to add it to fit its predominantly white secret that expects me to sing called mixed berries but that'll only be if the plants might know if he greets the pensions bill delightful to me dizzy. if hit the headlines. it said recent weeks that the sun's rays and the community tensions between the two and a population of that recreates am not skinny. what this means that to say is that this could be a person that we see played out across the uk to segregation really needs to be a craft attic notice because of course it does have very serious implications whole community relations across the uk. it is estimated around six hundred times and won britain's left london in the last decade to settle in other parts of the country to
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the predominantly white politics professor eric kaufman from the university of london believes they are driven by the need to stay in the majority. one other negative consequences is that you are getting whites british people for eating very diverse area. so it's not because they dislike any one group but they just want to be in a comfortable majority stake to get a situation where my key parts of east london duomo or in parts of south london. tom each census there are fewer pure white british than it is possible that there will be areas that have very few to no not know but very few white british people living there. we see the same trend in the united states there are sections of the diverse cities like houston and los angeles with you it there are very few white people living and that could be a concern for integration. so it's just that inability to attract or retain white british population. some of these areas. maybe not so close to central london. but are not far enough away to be said of
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leafy greens with that belt where you might get this effect. it's nice and sleek racing down the streets of the us capital well in the form and lie ahead. we get to the prominent ad campaign to support the whistleblowers activists from my neck of the knife had enough of being spied on also coming up this is my friday she'll get this trait is red sweat the mind and i dominated by the state precisely because it is the most divisive force to fight it. as to whether the web's just excess of ninety three when the stewards and accompaniments the eye. i a the science technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia. the future. if any
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for gays. when an awful lot we all sang night at the traffic light thingy. it really helped me to do with them no i. i do know the right. war is probably
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the most complex. he did. are you. bob. really fire probably extends back to the intention of going over at the top. there were fewer people. reading ability. this summer on shoots but probably not in touch. the visiting because it was nighttime is for the morning. even touch the soul. going to make mistakes. this is all i feel rather let the water. and then and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context it has absolutely no plans
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the again i beat her in government reiterated its commitment to taking on that you need the peace conference in january. but in the rebel camp is that fresh trying to boycott the summit on the film recount this the armed wing of the main opposition the free theory on is that with easy to recognize the international peace efforts. the base commander says his forces will keep taking the pres the flight to present the suns government meanwhile radical rebel factions have formed an online school. he's coming from inside and go into real in syria. some on this site in the agreements reached at the geneva summit will have no effect on the ground the government is one of the two factions who can claim to be the same. i parked suv the new look
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the part of the dish incomplete. the increase in the feudal period presenting another group of student experience. but if the syrian government believes that goes into the cesspool politicians who represented the ground this is going to be creative because anybody who has ground to the studio. i could get some of the knees night demonstrations in bangkok and singapore. i think the evacuation times of crime fighting agency protest is a demanding the government sets and the surrounding state buildings cutting off electricity and water supplies. the government is right not to use force against the transfer the soup and the rest of the key protest leader. the readies for a spot on an amnesty bill that could see exiled from the trendy and tax and fuel an extensive time and the savings he dies and eight and the corruption john keats jimmie johnson's christian democrat party has reached a coalition deal with the scent
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of sh with democrats and that the grievance and in the school's christian democrats insisted on not a tax increase is obvious from the scheme to include a minimum wage and in our time and pay for the spd school it is i'll buy you could feel unwelcome in goma ninety five and nine policy during a previous grandpa relation to its china says it's one that is my sincere american b fifty two goal is to fail as the dispute to dine instance china sea on tuesday in defiance of a new thinkpad and defense and making amends the aspley spent the summer sunset that an effective action against any ashcroft in the area. the final point that define themselves the incident is being seen as a direct challenge from washington on parts of present ibanez a ship that its policy of containing china's growing kind someplace in iraq discovered the corpses of thirteen men into separate locations around baghdad failed belief
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has been executed by sectarian hit squads building shelves in the head with our hands tied behind their backs late on wednesday for the bloodshed still five people died in separate attacks in the capital twenty fifth the high speed tracks nice that the acc thousand and eight. we have an online project of the human tragedy cold and did a ton each county telkom. and. the greek snyder might have had a site
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called teams they can share your top secret santa for release in case he's captured or killed for his activities thus the failure of american and british officials who say the whistleblower probably get the files online to make them accessible to these contacts to be most ladies the psyche prominently in washington woman often the frank is key and each day and expects the space heating weekend the us and to the liberties advocates are saying they're thinking into a edward snow day. it said kraus dollars campaign still people across the country have donated small and large amounts. to get this message across. yes of the government edwards noting is that traders and civil rights advocates through campaigns like this one a show there are many who don't think so there are millions of people across united states to recognize that edwards could miss an american hero. in the queue at the mall to democracy worldwide. so it's
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important it's important to combat the message of propaganda that's coming from the obama administration and top leadership that are trying to demonize and one what he's done is a piece of plastic whistle blower. with the united states government classifies. it's evidence of its own criminal misconduct it's its violations of the bill of rights and all but dead. mr snowdon did was revealed the basic facts that the is entitled to know there are several legislative initiatives so right now all stemming from edwards known as revelations to make sure that legislators don't forget that every snowden supporters plan on launching new boss is around january when congress is back in session. in washington on friday shut down rt. more games against imaginary enemy itself onto the tiny any on inside the wolf any units. an exception not the telco we left at my son's biggest of the defence exercise against
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mask award tonight to hacking attacks and or he's just a few kilometers from the russian border or so online. read places of the world health organization off with admits to an embarrassing blunder in a report on hiv infections and grapes. here's to the highlands has once again flared up. imagine the world the history of canada. giant corporations are in today. a tree price to mass executions under the century's most guys red square has seen plenty of history changing offends the distinct types the size department fell on two fronts in brussels that the joke is
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this that things often many people even if it was popping the cherokee on facebook and now went to find ads like these stunts his son simon see any are right in the middle of red square what the expected find here the kremlin of forest lands month only and a sacred ground here in russia and destiny of the major landmarks we now have this gigantic blame it on box for just the strip behind me they let stand thirty beats high to the huge monstrosity of florence and there is a lot of social outcry about this box on twitter on photoshop. images have come up on mine regarding this gigantic and leave a tiny box now the people of my knitting content saying that sad this sacred ground has been training for commercial space tourism and do not have time now in regards to getting it saying he had been adjusted to honor their commitment to a department store has decided to go ahead and
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removed the box down there citing that it's not because of the outcry the outcry it's either because it's it's just a plea today so we're going to see this major limit on trying to be taken down in the coming days it was originally the city here for six weeks now they're saying it will come down. but in the meantime the stink eye seems the defendant to poseidon of this i don't wish to us let's quickly get its way to have a hidden message is the bean paste inside up against his removal. and these off some of them. at this link that says it's not just objects and refuse to paint itself to the grand rather long pr seats if you remember that we see the miles despite the cost of red sweater or site that claims to be symbolic and palm to people's history will if you can say these two accounts see what's been causing so much amazement the forties finally been next the young and exploited tanks into the cough reality of child labor in europe
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the list as well at least some kind of deal that can be no doubt this recent agreement between ran in the great powers is of historic significance. it could become the foundation for far reaching geopolitical shifts to the region but have no illusions the naysayers who intend to scuttle the deal and the use of force were told we may stay on the table the lit the torch is on its journey to such one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand one hundred towns and cities to share. the lay by fourteen thousand people. for sixty five thousand gallon. in a record setting trip by land air sea and other states olympic torch relay. archie
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and onto the card. it was little. it is. little. it is
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little. it is. ch ch. when
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will you . the news on tuesday. the answer straight nl to me teaching chapters could cry right. as protesters back to with police and for new bill introduced last week and which dance demonstrations with als police a pre pulled dozens of protests this well rested when he believes the new clampdown hamptons egypt spouse tools democracy tea is often a longtime president hosting the back was a haven for entering the spring protests police tried to gas and used was the cannons in the latest clashf


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