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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 28, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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switch to water for farming hi this is our tentative and she was saving valuable and each piece. when chc!vez wong will. i don't. watching these trying times that i need to tell. the international atomic energy agency says the rainy an official said the move by the inspectors to visit the pacific tea co is to build nuclear weapons kiara nonsense you accept feel that the agreement comes days after an intense cold
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deal to cut the run steam team development program. he tells of a planned inspection at the start of the agency's board meeting in vienna. he says. authorities in camera will get the respect as access to a hefty want to react to in the central city of basra. this is on to the local market if they match the needy and ukrainian officials nailed down any at this time. but the seventies still under construction expats say it could one day yield enough plutonium to produce new camera pans. it is an important step for much much more needs to be done. i continue to be around to reading them and you see that the agreement and is out of the ancients. i also lose practice of not being able to visit heavy want to be active for more than two years. and that your camera has also voiced concern that north korean authorities and firing
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up that disabled people can react to. i being an honest and discard that evidence suggesting one ks and awaken the stop in this country and in your own gun. he says the satellite images show steam rising from the site and suspected colonel want to be discharged in tyranny of time at that. the north koreans could use them and teach extract attorney and the possible use in new zealand bands. eames spent days of not being able to visit seventeen says the poet is in accounting and expelled them in two thousand and nine amato is calling on tommy and to once again extend to suspect as me. global demand in two thousand eight following an international agreement that i'll ever be announced in april there will be stopped if it's the tea eye chinese leaders are standing their ground in the face of more complaints over then you will establish
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and defense identification zone. it rejected a request by us company x ray finds its own bridges over the east tennessee. this phase of the naps areas claimed by japan taiwan and south korea feels funny kind and self giving and talked about the sound inside. south korean officials say biased against them is that tec engine expressed regret spokesman j expressed regrets. authorities in the tenth end up without prior consultation. his chinese counterpart one one john every corner you can get a bequest to the chill of this town. one is deputy chief of general staff of the people's liberation army the official st had told monday that south korea is considering expanding its own airspace. they say the price depends on a sixpence consent a chinese action could increase mitre tensions in the region. he devoted his whole corporate oaks among
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the countries can stand. they can have those await the way of requests from japan to scrap the new and different sounds. for most respects this incense the government has no plans to install or change it. to be the chinese government has repeated the debate our stance on the issue to the japanese side that beat. a spokesperson says officials in tokyo should show sincerity and create the right conditions before the two countries can hold diane on. japanese bolton said the man they can actually make a short lived american country pop in response to china's move to cheat and a second xi and the new us ambassador to this country today will work closely to get back she didn't tell caroline kennedy produced an extremely dangerous and raises serious concerns. he said in a speech on wednesday. other countries as it can stand and will
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cooperate with japan. see this if he appreciated the comments. to reveal that self defense forces have t need routine activities in this town says time as decoration. cool cool. grant still defence forces have routinely been conducting air and sea surveillance operations in china's air defense identification zone including the east china sea after the declaration you. we will never alter those activities for the sake of the shiny shoes. see this as sts chills in the zone have not check that every action from the ten. japanese and us leaders have warned the new sun could lead to unintended consequences both countries have shown that the pack for any outcome. a self defense was as count of making the training emphasizes that the us may be in the pacific god our health care yet the uss george washington to hiking trails off. ok not in
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southern japan. come on the swing going to disaster relief operations in the philippines and yet this month. planes take off and landed holiday inn on ninety us can monday's assists and six warships think that one this may sound defense system. i'm self defense force coast guard fifteen ships one was a kid that i just chilling at this one and dec makes it look like in at craft can get. the u s japan relationship remains the most important key to security stability peace and prosperity in the indo asia pacific region. so for friends which will continue to work closely with us something to improve our ability to respond together also in the last of my wisdom my own trails hiking to any specific country china's defence ministry says one of the times in the south china sea is suitable to become
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the country's fans and cough can act. the spokesman said money again told a news conference at the squirrel or combine high nine and is capable of working than they are mean and scary . its home port of qingdao in shandong province on tuesday. it passed through the taiwan strait the escort ships including may sound a story as a preamble and ten. a team and training mission in the south tennessee and surrounding areas. the down and is counting on to cats that china claims it developed based on a russian model accountable the success for the heck does take off and landing routines. china has territorial disputes but the philippines and other nations in the south china sea. this latest announcement is ninety two rounds consent from its defense. i am i this does to ditch
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the assembly of the oldest known as though the wheelchair got a thin posted deal to that us forces remain in the country beyond twenty fourteen. the past and coming karzai has surprised and a signing at the current decision reflects tension in our society about the causes and became pm point four cents a share giving them into a team from a criminal prosecution and especially device to vegetables market he said that reports. us forces in oct carried out the helicopter packing a gun east is east and probably sold on the hop. the us says the mission was supposed to clear the ration of extremists in the five children and teenagers died the most shots on and two grandchildren in law my uncle was killed. we are not terrorists or members of the taliban. he was sitting near their home when they
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were indiscriminately attack by the us military. shah says she protested to the us military received notice that the stock weeks probation in an open position up. she wants to know whether the people responsible have been punished. he says to make sure such terrible easton is never happen again us forces must be made accountable on the bathroom wall. there is no way u s forces should be given immunity from criminal prosecution. they should be expelled if they were allowed to remain in the country. he would do whatever they want they'll just keep flying around and killing people he knew the key to its troops was one of washington's key demands during negotiations over the bilateral security agreement. without the ol' boring forces would likely need to go to the end of next
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year. salam runs a company in kabul including furniture and other goods. hugh laurie's that the u s troops redrawn and security war since his business will suffer. dakota is gone things have been getting worse and works with the withdrawal of international forces approaching next year nobody is willing to buy the door for some months as a dentist in these foreign forces to stay in the country to maintain security. she believes giving them the immunity from criminal prosecution is the price was paid to jewelry i want us forces to stay longer. it leaves me all sorts of problems. the best interests of the whole country that allows them to read. it was inside the body over whether to allow us forces to remain and on what terms. we chip
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away at any sense politically that she chooses the decision will have a lasting impact he's had a country and beyond. mottaki said that it's gaylord kabul japan's finance minister and now the scene the trade balance in demand for this long and people collect debt trading houses saying that the shows i am prime monster of a cat at the end of this command. i had two sentences from this distance. i was standing at the top of us can beat the eight k co japan lived on eighty three billion dollars in a trade deficit last year i was the largest on record on house this year a japanese exporters are doing better overseas that but officials at traders group stayed there is a faster growth in imports and they predict japan's trade deficit this fiscal year will be new the record high. japan foreign trade council officials say the trade deficit will reach almost one hundred twenty billion
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dollars that will make the second year in seven new high. exporters are expected to sell nearly ten percent more over the previous fiscal year thanks to a weaker yen buyers abroad are snapping up more japanese cars auto parts and chips for communication equipments. but the rise in imports is expected to exceed export growth at fourteen percent power companies are paying more on the weaker yen for imported liquefied natural gas and crude oil and finance are purchasing more foreign aid smartphones. council officials projected deficit is shrinking the following fiscal year. they say it will dip to one hundred billion dollars and they suggested global recovery will help japan export more. but the officials expect a long term trade deficit to remain as more japanese firms shift their production abroad japanese consumers paid more in october for their goods and services. it marks the fifth straight month of
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gains. internal affairs ministry officials said the consumer price index was up zero point nine percent over last year. the index excludes volatile fresh food prices and that the cpi was due to higher prices of accident insurance and overseas package tours insurance was up over ten percent while overseas tourists increased about four percent. look how they look at stock now us markets were closed on thursday for thanksgiving but european markets ended higher continuing the upward trend for global stocks to feel like if you're in japan or treating we go to remain on guard standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. we may need to close at a record high for the year yesterday our theme that momentum continuing to apply wheezing a little bit of a pullback outcomes of adding a second vote yes on thursday indicated its highest closing level in nearly six years has been up over fifty percent so far this year outpacing even
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at the uso markets and we have had fresh economic data just before the markets opened here is where i just went over that which may effect on investor sentiment about the japanese economy we had the kiddos or output rising zero point five percent in october and that extends games for two months in a row now let's have a look at the opening doubles and you'll see what i'm talking about bit of a negative open here for the nikkei and the topics of both indexes down so far in the first ten minutes of trading behind the mickey's recent days however a great deal of money is flowing into japanese stocks because of the weaker yen but also because of corporate earnings which in the last quarter have shown some strong figures as a result of a lot of cost cutting and steve outing by a major japanese corporations still today as the us markets to close out we may see the nikkei i just trading a limited lord has been seen as evidence in the first few minutes of trading right now are ye and let the dollar popping a touch out that may just be the case us to the much where is the dollar yen a parent reading this friday morning
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remain. second let's have a look at the dollar yen right now and it's come back to some scotch. a hundred sheep and twenty eight twenty one squad almost four percent against the yen just this month to stop to get all the worst off the year high of hundred people in seventy three in late may and with the us on a holiday cards teachers may just sit back in touch at these current levels here again. it's not. it was in fact was it followed a rise in insurance ppi more than the market consensus right now two hundred and thirty nine points eleven to seventeen. not that tough cpi data may not lower expectations for the european central bank to cut its key rate for other just for now i'll monitor that as well also continue to attract asian indexes for any further guidance for japanese shares given that the us markets were closed. but as i sat there and then a bit of a pullback today with the nikkei and the topics compared to the gains we saw yesterday we'll see how it develops. i becky. i mean thanks alot for that update
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for me maliki's from the tokyo stock exchange and with that. that is all for months here at the business team. alito to tackle some other markets. it is the tools and conservative politician is preparing to move ahead with plans to meet one of the last most violent stations in the two officials in grungy rest of the classic one on monday and i miss the winamp sunday's presidential vote. as representative of the national conti officials say he won twenty six percent of ballots that one and eighteen percent accountant they see the leftist opposition candidates shall not cost a one twenty nine
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percent. the school can't eat it all conti stew respected his own singing. fernandez told and even sensible be custer is calling it an actual court she said data from her own exit poll shows he's the winner. topping their highest response to john came on as an insurance the central american country has the world's highest in the ranks. the president says he supports more than medium size as this is an amazing time and he stopped his four year ten at the end of kenya the chinese scotsman has reported more than six million complaints and read civil protection system in the past ten months of the cia additional rail officials briefed the media the system allows people to direct appeal to the central government of the troubles faced the two parties' and other parties'. officials said many complaints. paid
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compensation from the siege of buying local governments he did not clarify how many things for santos. officials must about allegations that some additions been forcibly hospitalized. the respondent they were on a lamp such cases. discus two and they tend to complicate things to get outside get past the hole to claim your eyes and could face difficulties having their petitions accepted the cause of much christine and it's hard to keep this helps plants and christmas lawrence national assembly has adopted a revised budget honesty and change the constitution and is disappointed the form and the cats. the festival came to the nation's top saint lds reaffirms the meeting all of the commoners county the reception on thursday four hundred eighty six members voted for the amendment out of four hundred a d h who were present. the constitution contains a new clause
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guaranteeing basic human banks such as this july and a clean environment. that the constitutional claim it remains the same excess the commons on ty's the leading force in the state and society and the state sector plays a mean bone in the national economy to this account that the band started crafting a revised constitution. citing the need to keep up the changing economic times during the revision process to pass the puck make a suggestion spine in tact some proposals suggested during other political parties and three independent branches for the state. but the one rejected. i i exploration as being too demanding of the finest bands and they said just now some small christensen said craig a chance to help it on clouds one group is clanking in the tech area. are you better
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treat for us. this ocean of the syracuse. let's put it to close. its precious cargo. a new fleet of three small deep sea research groups collectively known as a dope number one. she is particularly unusual as it grew out of the group of small factories. yukio sitting up. combined the brethren and capturing company spearheaded the project. he says he is so wonderful potential in the small japanese company he knew as strong technological capability. you look good hanging can you tell the recession so to showcase our technology we came up with a plan to develop its deep sea research vessel a contest. we wanted. the group developed a dope number one helper and universities and research institutions the development process to
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london in his specialist technologies used by the small trees. to me yellow part is made of rubber. developed by sinking oh and its partners they can conduct a review week normally it's difficult for radio waves that travel underwater. but rather allows them to beach he quit drinking fighting glass enclosure. after forty years of work. it took the number one was freaky to go true reason or to distort the way to catch the kid think slowly to the bottom. a clean record footage of the dark ocean floor. using light and a video camera. the proof is all still able to click monday my cramps before the developers hope it might help to cover me and minerals
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when the machine is complete i think no . weak and allows the coke float to the surface near the end of the pool. if any adult number one research probes week's death between forty thousand an almost eight thousand meters returning without a hitch at eight km down. i caught something on each day future. the ocean. you me and keeps you from you preach experts are currently looking into the fine. who can remember. small countries can do great things that we should be very proud all i think that new technologies from small businesses can lead to a revival of japanese
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manufacturing. a couple number one project was relatively cheap to develop at just two hundred thousand dollars makes it to work to lower the cost and fill dirt roads can be sixty feet issues across the world an hour to check on the web that it's a chilly morning here and catch up on the turn to thank emily has for me just laugh laugh track. hello there we had arrived earlier an unusually many parts of japan especially cool because of the us and the north minus fourteen degrees with only allowing cars to folk i know and we had the personnel of the season. here is human can come only in the bank and no actions. this morning. that's why no brainer. now in religion and drink your stomach condition still on going over the western flank of the country. quit talking about heavy snow showers and strong the past forty centimeters the pair have been tied up all the cars of
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hokkaido in addition a thirty centimeter is likely for the north west and one of the nation stronger than us behind the extent possible now see the snow is causing this and not trouble mr booth is over the western part of the korean peninsula. after the eighth and the news of new snow least likely into the new moon hours and dry weather for most of china and snow showers are kicking up once again over them only when it's not tiny leaves are also possible. i'm going to be in the thirteenth in the tropics that very chilly in the north for a decree to help you with mine this one for the high incidence of bed yesterday and much colder than the snow. look at fifteen he can eat and returning tomorrow at risk levels in eighteen twelve the curry was high on friday across the america s it's going to be a quiet thanksgiving holiday across most of the umass very gorgeous weather change on a wonderful time with your family and friends and there's few things i want to mention. are we looking at heavy snow share is over
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there with great lakes region at the twenty centimeters of snow with my clique. i should be looking at that having another round of heavy snow will be coming into this area ample room on the moisture is causing some snow showers are for the mountains and also cost of rain or the pacific northwest. no could become heavy at times the concrete to school on the am. the best looking tried that very chilly in the eight zero degrees for the high financial scandal well the one that you only have the full washington dc and what the craze in the ark and that is your figures that night citrus formally enters shopping on your black friday i across europe here to sponsor this to you whether one has been found and the other is the north you can see lot of cars knitting into the north. we have a low pressure system situated east of i plan to bring in some wet and windy conditions and this one while i cleaned of course the scandinavian peninsula and over germany and the low countries and your friday we talking about heavy snow and rain and
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strong winds when the going to be the primary threat to the eighty km hour or even high era possible. you may not be able to stand with support and think a change over to snow over the parts of europe on your saturdays to please watch out. and today found another area the sticky weather over the central mediterranean large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes are possible. and because i'm going to be quite chilly in the north on the ninth the crease for retirees nine decreased old woman and trade unions to unwind its our snow showers in spain yesterday was that unlike our winter wonderland out there. if you think that part i knew. do
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