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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 29, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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the cats was a free day. of course breaking news top twenty. so much. the dorset to play. stocks. good news
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ch. here is that she knows just what this mild for the cameras the family but to our ukraine's president prefers small guide to brussels defending his country will not be building was going to the eu anytime soon. children will die but students are not the easiest and how should the court. i love yellow shirt the feel of the state. yes it was protected dokic going all the hq this friday. the top right and the unions in europe. she walked up and have declined to be cracked down on it. with a serious little generation the un to say whether the one million children have been forced to flee the country in your report chronicling the stress and trauma founded the refugee camps. thanks for
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joining us with their daughter died on the brownie watching bank. we stopped in with that tug of war between the eu and russia fought a difference a but the former east and roll daily friday at a summit in if you aim your children motive that day but sign up to the use eastern partnership program for the year fell well short of its chief ago ukraine confirming he would not be taking calls. brisbane city to you clean it the stunning calling the decision he made last week to remain in russia's sphere of influence. there are a customs union we must get that despite meeting the eu he is that's the theory of summits for the last day. as one of the week of protests backing calls but that's got a tractor pulls from doing its own way of the state's attempts to bring ukraine into your info. a good according to the door to go it but that he had looked up the word about ukraine. and
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she did yesterday. i picked up until that morning the country people who are working on trying to come up with the card that i stayed in the all ukrainian government to think that you get the position that the cat typical of the pickup opening to a greater european integration that going forward. like it was able to go with the cream and even on that. the deal. i would buy it in clinching the pink unconnected to the school encouraged by the european other than that. the network but the video behind the scenes video of it yet because it's so cute with that i've dealt with the idea of us who love to get a kidney to the defeat if i can teach you because it is
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the beginning of the medical evidence giving gifts that we expected more but the brother of breach of protocol but the fact that on a website that it showed that the europeans up very very unhappy with it yet but that total but it should be good but that could be europe and the victory the rest of the moral of the conductor the real beauty of it that it didn't get a cut that to be trying to get the country the situation. he was actually one of the confessions from russia in the short term. you can sign up to that but that is the theme of the european union. it opened to the one thing to do that. but to me you try right now. it's an old unused china has raised the stakes further in its standoff with the regional rivals. beijing dispatching more things into its controversial defense identification zone ever lost weight of the east china sea china yesterday declaring the last week that jarrett reclaimed or so but japan south korea and taiwan announced that under its jurisdiction the prompting to get sold and the us the flight when it replaced through the area in to find silence on the two. join the marine corps too cold. on
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thursday the chinese army deployed several for it to just erase new controversial and defense identifications are in spurts and forgetful described the move is merely a defensive measure the defence ministry says about terror following the news are attempting to reassure their neighbors the establishment of an air defense identification zone does not mean we're expanding the existing territory or airspace near the insurer is more effective protection of our country's airspace. or that destroyed the soft to terminal c u turn on the issue and continued to most bancroft comply with the new policy. warne's you up. we hope that relevant country's airlines can proactively cooperate. there is moral order and sci fi in for flight research. all the pressure is mounting room chinese commentators criticized governments to what they considered is the lack of a strong response state run google news insisted china had failed in offering its going to annoy deal response. it will
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probably even in the morning the image of china's ministry forces in the strand since it's that age. china's neighbors and also pieced in japan has maintained that they will continue routine flights to the senate despite the restrictions. you know can you be and we have absolutely no intention of changing the plants just because of the china boom that could help the lungs the japanese government has asked analyst described on china's air defense animals ama in japan and allison confirmed that they will still falling through a testimony by china on routes to the same. the tide and now again to government protest is in season all the sin of the state's authority a crap one thousand strong taking control of the national army headquarters friday one of the surround the puppy cake orders of prime minister you know it she noe wat. that is directed at the prime minister to be a key to being a puppet for the former premier had exiled from a taxi to know what sickness is on the it's meant to be a highly secure compounds
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the day when more than a thousand anti government protesters forced their way into the headquarters of the thai army soldiers simply stood by. prime minister daniel chea know what's going down using violence against demonstrators. he read it to be calm atmosphere. forces wants to position supports its climb fences and forsaken again the haunting wheeler which joined the army's own protest is demoted once again the plan is to the top job meanwhile in another part time call hundreds marched towards the headquarters of the ring onto. i laugh i've had two hits and a true that i disagree with the government's behavior they are the coolest of all the countries worldwide. we need to keep pointing because he didn't like saxon system of governance. politics goes on to its white people. and though the country. on the lot she created a system where the policies
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the economy. protesters say you know optional it is an idiot. several of the brothers ian and businessmen time seems to know what is now living in he's a former tell abt it but to blame any of the country's rule and i've been working across the street test is only about an excuse to show to watch me of being corrupt. rates among the key. the man leading the demonstrations former deputy prime ministers who tend to lack of time has rejected calls for dollar note. even by the prime minister calls to be supplied to play today confidence and ornaments on thursday. there are eighty seven cover the bowl beat a team and the tinsel that killed execution style with gunshots to the head the incident occurring in him a shot at a predominantly sunni muslim area that economics is north of baghdad source indicates the men were taken from their hands dirty friday night and mitre uniforms with this no indication the army itself was engulfed. he just about
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wet tensions remain right side of a new laws restricting the right to protest at this tasting least one person killed in car during clashes the puppy eyed your excess of eighty by the stiff jail terms up to eleven he is handed out to a group of young women and girls. if a disrupting traffic. another sign that the cookies being turned back by the minute she backed government to the pre revolutionary era. a prominent demonstrator from two thousand and eleven out of the photo with the rest of the sea to sky was this that journal too. density and said in a statement the accusations against him were an honor for democracy campaigner was arrested in cairo on thursday after calling for protests and defines of the unusual techniques and three completely and to be honest the latest arrest company shell and its rate at the sentencing of women and teenage girls two years in prison. pretending accrue more c reilly in alexandria not smart the brotherhood
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supporters who joined by taking her to bits and even some countries in the new government on the streets of cairo. theme this time they've gone too far the end it's unfair to sentence nineteen year olds to let that he is imprisoned. even if we do not agree with him the muslim brotherhood. just to say the kind that has the support of the muslim brotherhood and the like type in st ut can do to cairo university to solidarity with the two women more minutes with tear gas into the chicken in the least one student died in the states. egyptian queen creek play near daily demonstrations since the recent history tonight the decree the community citizens don't want the destruction brought by content and defends the security force that can be turned. but others say them in the trees using
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tactics reminiscent of the mubarak regime the voices of dissent the serious civil war and for the tree could be cooked the sauce tricycle sequences of ethical picked on civilian lives the u n's refugee agency racing in europe or friday highlighting the plight that series children of one million children are going to be living in the refugees in neighbori countries call the total number of eggs inside syria. the report and his voice to the traumatized young people as they describe the violence and that they left behind them. unhcr saying that the syrian trustee says ontario since the euro a rwandan genocide that should be. children are loosing their own brothers or sister shot dead in front of him. we have child victims of coulter. we have children who are really being screwed according to unspeakable. it also says they are rioting in the region these camps. they need help. it's as if any progress is we need to be made known to suit the individual level but gomez boss number of. is this a one point one million
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center in red beach each door say we have to look at the site the social side of it. we have to look at it's getting people into school and keeping them there that's news to hear and europe where the big east europe wide unemployment figures being released base the friday stubbornly high jobless numbers in every scene isn't especially in spain or greece portugal and props to prove to be the basic cost of the economic downturn in the trend has been hard to read first. so does the money back with a slice of good news here in thrall to the number of jobseekers book two but fell off and gets business editor stephen powell adjoins a say in this g eight explain it even walked on this. it's just a slight improvement in these figures that we've gotten from the european union to headline rate for all twenty eight members of the eurozone is ten point nine percent the unemployment rates for all twenty eight countries that don't you dance like the on the last set of figures that the fray in the eurozone villages and improvements to ten point one percent twelve point one percent as the unemployment rates across the countries
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using the euro in october for their pro class of the heart and they were a year ago but it eats the trend is going slightly in the right direction just looking very briefly the individual countries greece remains the european continent as the highest unemployment rates twenty seven point three percent in august as part of this release from the european union today as well. at the bank stating the next highest for six point seven percent no grace and truth and error either here in france. it's like the start slightly lower rates for all this being given by friends that stands ten point nine percent about star city in line with national statistics. one positive point the horizon is art and of course at agnes it's a live program on the fifteenth of december unemployment fell from fourteen point five percent to twelve point six percent so that's the most dramatic improvement we see in these figures but still plenty of work for the eurozone leaders to do what a tear coming out of your bestie is on inflation as well that was all higher than expected eight point nine percent a sign people are spending more
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money. it is driving prices up. good news perhaps a future economic developments here as well. i don't think that much of fullback about this one the final thing that we haven't heard from again at the end of an ordeal for french footballer the evidence that greeted by his family to parry a shawl to go apple from thursday the company held against his release it in that awful seventeen months but didn't say is a financial to speak of the stuff that judge. that meant he could leave the country thier new receive the necessary exit visa the sweet release of letting the club refused to bite him back pay. the more one pm club is going to pay. they were very cowardly holding it out without any reason can the people responsible for that i'm going to pay for the day that we'll see some old won't be able to move or something. the swimmer david says this about it and we're back in just fifteen minutes of the stage. below are
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welcome imo is colson was still thinks today's show with the figure five point eight trillion euros. that's how much money lies stashed away in tax havens around the world according to our guests today he says that also. that said that money's not going anywhere or even as the g twenty has declared that the euro bank secrecy over embryos upon itself on the london school of economics and the university of california about the summer on a walk on tax havens and banking secrecy and has just come up with a book on those topics in french now you say that to five point eight trillion euros are hidden away in tax havens around the world. it has got to giving growing nor is the figure grow. the ski gear is a tree growing to have gone to seed enough skated the tiny fist addition to buying numerous beat
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the scorsese and the wealth into stevens and the guidance of the names of countries international investment positions of countries and to research the dead as eight percent of the world's financial wealth and thirty pence today. and since tooth and i do well because he does has increased by twenty five percent according to latest in a five point eight trillion. any swing set and it has increased by fourteen percent so the fear of being secrecy. he's not over did not surprise you the finding he did not really surprise me to be closer to thirty nine when the g twenty and you receive uk and europe in secrecy over them in person toward you with danny week it was owen's names and information exchange to what what happens the g twenty countries. because i failed stevens to sign. and only upon request information exchange. but what does that mean he's the fall when the country a new jail
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friends to update if you click on the west to update information. it has to have pride of suspicion. that's why i'm a resident the cbd taxi to have to think though about individual could speed baby hiding a caption in another country and that the settee and twenty speeds were mostly was soo good to know that these baggies get him might be a team so that's been some progress in to say that now we are talking about alternate each information exchange and he makes killing two years we have to make the information exchange that review the progress that the wingnuts. you know what's needed and it was when addition to what his needs he did. these are well to ensure registry. why because today. most of the wealthy thai students he's hailed who shun corporations off on patients all told. the and so there isn't a total capacity we do not know who really owns
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the way up to bat speed of debate tells me we always mean that you do not have greet each friday and some french audience why because in them who do will be don't stew and corporations in the preaching caution i didn't and so forth. what exactly would the end it's twelve financial registry then what will come. he tells an aunt who will be listed in the desert that that is a privacy issue coming in there as well the idea is just weeks tend to really study they just treat that exists in no country for instance to cross in seventeen ninety when the financial what sing praises sentiments when we create cds released a registry that going to get the keys who owns a real proper teams in each ict. and what we need to do is to do this statement of financial wealth that is full at a pre teens bones new preferred shares to read that it's a steward east who owes who
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knows and ensure that its ok im aiming to do these ads and google that much of the country to the normal nap today. each country registers of the sky will reach the deceased that already exist. madame manager mike tried it. institutions and would be nice to transfer the management of the stonehenge the registries you are not an easy chair and ninety units between the two registers that action or raging seas and the dead who were nuts to a complexity but that raises a whole new question doesn't it when it comes to privacy crews go boxes to my t tells said the mob might my name is d tells separate do we reach costs of wild party to be in charge all those kind of a detox i don't think that receives more and try to see the shoe is then then then the real estate registers that they cease to be in your country thoughts entries
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awful dk do have goals and no real proper tea registers in the big east team that you know it's it's a major privacy and the shoe and i think that you extend the beats are due to financial wealth would not raise at the mall. she was dead and the current spencer's into a treaty exists. who does oxidation the states want more of the profile of the people who stocked with their catch him in tax havens are that the very very wealthiest school just the very wealthy lot of other people as well when the beats that decision is is that at that to be jamie's been meaningful to go try hiding at twelve am edt two of the super wealthy the billionaires to do it danes love of mediums of wealth. fold the skeptic area that the creation of a whale he's into me and had snacks that folder. smaller accounts night with thousands of euros
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each section you can even freeze it and squeeze him and squeeze beings all now asking their friends customer that you know when you cook with hundreds and thousands heroes in their accounts to close their accounts just issued a scene on this bill will be a zoo it's a great idea from gap and to do because this to go with the dead doing extremely well extremely well know that their share of global wealth. he's right in the two countries and the us the road. emerging countries that did during their sand did anyone see a nice fit me well. i wanna come back to school one day you were making before. there have been hundreds of tax deals done in the past few years since the financial crisis for yourself you've identified the annual walk why haven't they been wonky because the loonie has been mixed to exchange information upon request and we did as good of a new citizen tend to frown. talk of tax evasion
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when do you need to cope exhibition fast you need concrete threats you need to spread to entice the villains of the economic sanctions one theme that and i'm getting the boot is that one way to approach a new corporate affairs agencies to script and then we trade pirates so that's when the new episode in port stephens to cooperate and not too new and put it that he didn't say can you be tween dance moves between the renault you into a fairly tight when things die stevens of union with god of cookery tv on because today countries of saying you know the deal is that there is no way to shake their debates and to die. these went down to wean dwindle supposed to do in terms of identifying the canyons community team to protect the three t's project audience or we need to think sears to the deck and a solution to these problems these do well. financial
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registry you have spoken there are few. of the suggestions that you put fortitude and that the financial data registry and also the will to take sharing all of a tax cheat and said it did. do you think that politicians though. if we look at the global leadership. it's a very wide to the group of people of course but are they winning and are ready to do the walk i see so you know because many countries bad for you to be dainty shoes in the fifty seat so many countries of the strong interest. get that thing secrecy as to tears the diaries or lack of utah nation. i think that's the key problem the reason i couldn't tell me share an image of trade could read his book is to provide feed garros date to an n b shares proposals into its new age is the site that has the information do you mean for the that the doesn't know what's happening behind
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the stalwarts that meets the course of four continents but the fog ominous if you want to. obtained a corporation to chew on the ice even school parents need to know where he stored and you know we need to know that what's with the cost of bank secrecy because the second was the custom in secrecy. then you can eat those crazed diaries that we knew the quarter to wax bank secrecy costs reached during talks and put in the snake what's the cost of text even stats but that tried to dreamed of and is getting poked and to have the guarantee promotion of the wealthy as he bends to the two can strike without real progress has been a donut. he spoke to him so singleton putting the shoes his new wealth and ensure that history does for the medial epidural around the district and of course the notion that we'd repeat do not disagree fall. in order to reach and four countries while countries on the main culprits at
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the state to use polka dots fits into full swing things in them though when i'm back steven full price it so well and the other unbeaten seasons we know they aren't these are hong kong singapore the keen eyed and smokes and there. they should stress that the tree did the steamship we can squeeze in any of that tasty veggies dairy kiev because many of the day. even that singapore for instance achieve these are subsidiaries of swiss banks to really squeeze into too many respects and a number when the concrete will be saying is that even if the money crosses borders that doesn't necessarily cross between different backs it remains within wanted to teach bad debts was happy so there is no doubt the pressure from the un is made he is sunday from the unsweetened and that sweats and happens with many swedes think your stories with the decision depends from squeeze it onto their subsidiaries in the other i
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sit in this abyss between colton to fight against these type of shifting you need a noble action in the clashes between countries that we force or as he does too cool for a place for eight innings and at least grade parents ok wouldn't have to wait and see if the global leadership keeps you cool cover those that come from the london school of economics on the university of california berkeley thank you very much in a city that i'm speechless when i was going to wrap up this edition although the polls find that into you thanks a lot. a green prawns join us for a look at the latest rumors. you can all make cultural and social news from prawns. the weekend thoughts and three point eight six forty five pm paris time. assigned to. he says is
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launching an emergency vaccination campaign against colonial a briefcase and syria. yet this month. more than twenty million children will be vaccinated several countries and countries including syria itself. also vaccinated jordanian refugee camp of some tiring. you can i say is targeting the defiance of thousands of children have already seen today. two palestinian doctors trained in georgia and a pioneering eye surgery in gaza. a part of the car makes china the temple to mom's authority had fifteen patients. another twenty five are on the way to waste the effort to highlight and the lack of access to my cat and specialized treatment in gaza. he told me in naples in its idiot campaigning for
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governor response of a kansas gas. and went into what they called triangle of death. an area known for its toxic waste. this was the model for what one has the cars to tell us what's going on with the facts in hand. no one is saying we have killed our children we see response to the decline of reading to see timorese children. the people breeding and i've eaten this weekend in london on tuesday he said the decades the local mafia dumped tons of toxic waste in the area of fifteen she was first identified in nineteen ninety seven. move move move. i will. gee. it is
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you will will will or will the story to continue supporting afghanistan are sold in the zone by may just begun during the meeting with the special representative of the un security council and head of the united nations assistance mission in afghanistan. john called its present in the tub i've said that context and is willing to support afghanistan to various projects aimed at the moment of the country including training afghan students. the parties discussed the issues of economic recovery of the country in securin


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