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the artsy yet recent cnn interview may not show the full picture are the russian ambassador to the un claims that his interview was in third. his thoughts on syria. a look at what was missing. and the filmmaker with a history of crossing lines consider taboo. oliver stone the man behind films like scarface and platoon now has a documentary series about the un told parts of american history for un action and south. coming up. wallace
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called for an economic boost from black friday shopper the future may still be dire the new book the crash of twenty sixteen at warren's of a future economic catastrophe brought about by the dealings of wall street saying firms and government health writer tom hartman tells us more up later in the show. yet the number twenty nine four p m in washington d c i a mile you are watching our tv while starting on the power of the russian ambassador to the un claims the interview was censored. after appearance on cnn the trolley tour and says cnn made significant cuts to his interview with christiane amanpour which aired on tuesday nine. sharpton says the network. the majority of his commentary about the situation in syria in his assertions that a number of people in the country support president bush are all on
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sunday. cnn has since published a full transcript of the interview on its website. and also offered at this statement of tea the amanpour team conducted a lengthy interview making it clear that it was taped would be cut down for a blanket and time on air. this is normal practice for taped interviews we never do anything to interview and that would alter its meaning. meanwhile russian foreign ministry spokeswoman marie has after all of us said that such moves by western media and never moving bits and pieces of information it seems unnecessary to its viewers broader understanding are becoming euro and not the exception especially where a russian officials are concerned. i will continue to fall the story as it develops he and this is not the first time cnn has come under fire in recent months for its editorial decisions that the network mates. meanwhile the news program continues to slip in the ratings are teased kerry and barring look at those slipping ratings and what cnn is doing to reverse
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the trend. cnn is having their worst year ever. during an off election year. most news organizations will see their brief decrease the bay at the scene and are currently some of the loneliest their ratings have dropped to forty eight percent since november of last year for the imported demographic of twenty five to fifty four year olds. these ratings have decreased fifty nine percent. taking a look at their competitors. msnbc has dumped forty five percent since november two thousand twelveth and fifty two percent for the twenty five to fifty four year old demographic. the fox news channel always on eighteen percent drop in viewership since last november and twenty five to fifty four year old demographic is down thirty percent. so what if cnn doing wrong. jon stewart has highlighted some obvious that same examples. news network that shall remain nameless has been occasionally like to mail a frustrated though upset annoyed when there's a breaking news incident has that were just this reason and guesses as alt it might be happening. we get a shot
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of this chopper right here we can see. apparently using some to her rescue chopper is what they think something has happened. we don't know what it is. it's really bad zucker to over and see men's president in january this year. in the previous president and ceo of nbc universal. all the dead ending scene he found himself caught up in numerous confrontations. the biggest like the conan o'brien leaving the network altogether. or step down from nbc after comcast for just fifty one percent of the company. jimenez cnn press at eleven months at the same time at cnn as they seem to hear what were his countenance. during the week of october twenty scene and provided heavy coverage of the troubled obamacare website of robots the results but below is the weekly ratings for cnn and more than a year that we could see in an average three hundred eighty five thousand for moviegoers. fox averaged over two point three million
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while msnbc after six and eighty three thousand for that same week. maybe it's cnn's approach to breaking down complex issues that's hurting the readings. good thing or a bad thing to show the federal government down for a few dates seven in ten americans say a bad thing shut down for a few days nearly six in ten americans say it would be a bad thing if the debt ceiling is not great but really for intensity good thing remember that all but also remember that it's nearly six in ten have you believe in angels selling cnn is the spice things up. the bikini babes be the next step for cnn in light of allah the creator of bare essentials news is they need to fight fox news with fire. hunting there is any good to be a journalist of the elite. bare essentials news features and turns and bikini and speedo of the income from top journalism schools that columbia and northwestern they say the cast and to fox news channel is helping drive their readings. cnn has declined to comment on it they are looking at working
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with bare essentials news to revamp the cast at this party in washington d c perry and boring rte. well he spent years making a name for himself directing producing and writing fellows our men to lift the boundaries of societal taboos. the scarface natural born killers to platoon with his films have been left a lasting legacy on american cluster. oliver stone is that it once again with his documentary series the untold history of the united states. he examines warren drones the economy and much more. rt is this anzacs had a chance to sit down with a living legend along with the historian peter was nick who co wrote the serious take a lot. filmmaker oliver stone and historian peter cruise nick are promoting the release of their new series untold history of the united states which airs on blu ray and dvd. i sat down with both of them to talk about how events in american history may give us insight into recent news
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about nsa surveillance drones and wall street greed. and oliver stone explained to me why he feels like it does today. against the us empire owner peter thanks for sitting down with me the news over the last few months is focused on the nsa is focused on drone warfare american militarism and to pour economics here at home bad news is sort of ripped off the veneer of the us government have you rectify the way the us government is acting today with the vision that you've had in that americans of the way the government should be. i don't. i don't think that our government is in shadow government that has existed at all. no stroller in the seventy years or two. i think we get into that great when are seriously i don't have the wits out of control over was out of control and during the vietnam war and also prior to that in the civil rights movement and his mom a treat of commons
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since nineteen nineteen. you basically our battle with the enemies pm. ronald wilson time when we went into all that sure when we went to the commoners. i was much more important over the many gangsters or corruption in our unions and the pearson he didn't care about that he cared about communism the who's somehow the deadly enemy for him that would disrupt the american way of life on this issue of grover it's pretty well known that he was head of the fbi cooper had dirt on pretty much everyone from of members of congress members of the media everyone and some have argued that he had that black male power over especially everyone because of this. we know about the nsa to spy on everyone not just for our national security reasons but also for diplomatic reasons economic reasons. has the nsa become the new fbi. the nsa makes the fbi to look like amateurs. just like the nsa makes this the stasi the east german secret police to fight
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the characters. he starts his motto was to know everything about everybody they couldn't do it. a worm farm worse for the new look at the nsa been relieved now have the capability to know anything everything about everybody. and they're doing that. the fact that they've got all this information is stored and they can tap it whenever they want means that any kind of political freedom in this country is very very tenuous. this is not the way democracy operates accuser executive and the kids and police branch or security branch enormous power because we don't know what they have been fiercer as of this conversation every conversation is in the end can be monitored in the eyes say is i listen to it that time. it means moving into conversations but we fear that in the future would also increase heat to go still go back and help carry out every last word. this history every conversation so everything is on the table
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additional crimes in this terrifying is the concept in your series you praise henry while she's been very progressive former vice president of franklin roosevelt. as he read out that in nineteen forty four new york times on american fascism and i were to read your focus if we define american fascist as one who in cases of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings. then there are undoubtedly several million fascist in the united states there are probably several hundred thousand if we dare the definition to include only those who in their search for money and power are ruthless and deceitful when you make of that definition and even the american government's obsession with wealth creation. do we have been american fascism problem well if that is mostly one point forty two he says america's fastest of those people who think wall street comes first and the american people second. today we call them democrats or republicans this is that this is at
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the heart of both parties which is why there's so little difference between them. this would take the long view of american foreign policy more so than domestic policy. there's very little to fifteen democrats or republicans to militarism in corporatism together. runs this country to learn all the stains from drones to surveillance. to austerity economics. don't they all come down to a problem of american empire. i mean we're trying to serve build the entire world we have drones for trolling. skies across the middle east to deal with blowback of us intervention all across the world from the middle east africa to asia. how long can they sustain itself and how will you make the case to the american people. that and higher itself is a disease is so difficult to make our case because people cannot understand that appear on top islamists are the right thing. we are in this privileged position. oil economics we are on top of
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the world. we we kind of feel uneasy love that we know something's wrong. we don't really want to know too much think about it and i was initially in the nineteen eighties to mid late ninety three. i was doing script onto students that was seen with our esteemed and fifteen people there were actually been in psychiatry psychiatric hospitals are under surveillance to her back and see these kind of media midnight in subway stations strange places. i know. use one part of this system does clearly does not work over chops other economically was no incentive to work there was no compassion between people were dead. the dead. i didn't know was he and i think i was shocked and ended so quickly after that i think the middle at that moment a time until the dough into two different states because they were or were polar opposites the bill to the same thing as they were going through we look to our economy wonder between the gap between the rich to pour the sense of goodness they are the average life
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the period of much possibility anymore beyond a certain spirit you can get to a certain place to stay inside your ears hear. you can't get beyond that. above all the descendants of spending this much money on empire which is military economy of the soviet union was absorbing like forty to fifty percent of our economy is absorbing imported the military intelligence has deployed forty forty percent of our expenditure on real expenditure. i think the parallels i feel as though he doesn't realize yet like a bit of a distant. in this world. that decision against american empire the godmother the psychiatric us when we have freedom of speech so far. you know we can't ignore and we are being ignored by the media mainstream media weekend on national radio four. good thing is that there's an alternative worldut there and alternative media and our media appreciates what we're doing. we've done a lot of right wing shows the lead duo bought a progressive shows and people aren't all eagerly
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taking their information from the usual sort most people do most people. i'm sorry they do less with the numbers are i think something's gonna happen. i should approve the ball completely and history shows that i think something's gonna happen to feel it before i go to as could be intimate with him the rest of my life. you don't know what it's going to happen. they had no idea what set off our spring. it's tunisian street vendor was humiliated one time too many set of self ablaze and the middle east exploded and the united states can be used to him. owner peter thanks so much. thank you very much. it is. the lighting at rt before you spend all your savings on black friday deals be worried some analysts believe another economic crash could be all right then. we'll look more into the future financial calamity the wall street and government and in depth look at the crash of twenty sixteen after
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the break. the us. the quote for you. they would store this year. instead of working for the people politicians the mainstream media work. right on it. will
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too. while. they are. once again. i've never had that are they. woolmer. i do. i
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will. the road the new war the story. you know. you'll like it. picture. i don't well the black friday ads time when millions of americans and to the store before the sunrise this for a chance on a good deal on
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the latest gadgets and gizmos aplenty. that day for the american economy. but despite the fact that the economy is more or less on the move again after the worst financial meltdown in a generation. some analysts argue that the government's makers and broke several players haven't learned their lesson gets. in fact they believe we are on the brink of yet another perhaps more catastrophic crisis. impending doom is the topic of the new book called the crash of twenty sixteen the plot to destroy america and what we can do to stop it when my rt is that very own tom hart many here's my interview with tom to walk me through some recent events he says that our recipe for economic disaster. i think the government shutdown is a symptom of this rise of the royalist class. talk about the book on using the old prison fdr did spread the good of the billionaires and not only their attempting to seize total economic dominion power but also
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political power. really the crash started back in two thousand and six. and when the housing market to fall apart just like the great crash nineteen twenty nine through nineteen twenty seven of the housing market fell apart. each and we are still in. begun in two thousand and nine. we were losing seven hundred thousand jobs a month but obama was sworn in on and he didn't stop the crash what he did was he basically chant enough bubble gum and baling wire against it. that should just call it which is why we are still in this very very painful way. it's a testament in the nineteen thirties they did refer to as the great depression that bad raised in colombo nineteen forties. i think in a decade to decade smelling of your current of this is the great depression two thousand the twenty oh eight and twenty fifteen twenty six. so what does that ever session in twenty sixteen look like what kind of symptoms can be seen. i think we saw mum so that in two thousand when the market fell almost in
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half. i would expect that it's gonna be the bad and worse. can you conceive him war on a massive unemployment. a large drop in stock market. the risky part if you look at these crashes about every year's these things happen eighty years ago was the great depression many years to protect the civil war in forty years before the american revolution. the economic pressures are always followed by war years. so the question that we have to face now and this is something very scary considerations. how will this be followed by the war the good news of the kiss that americans are so war weary because bush wants them into waters that you know we said this quick note on president obama wanted a more uncertain. the other hand are things that might be out of our control and saudi arabia graham said the total of one stupid like that of china and taiwan. notice there are so many things that could. sok sam. and that i want people
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are hit throughout history that war has been used to boost the economy is your time so we are saying is possibly that the war can be used to try to help get us out of whatever crash a recession comes well and that sort of what happened to work to home. wars are massive spending programs and the most efficient way to get out of a pre crash is to have a massive corporate spending when it's tragic that world war two. what is the thing that pushed standing up to the point really really finally popped out of the great depression was the goddess three quarter scale and with other year with bpa in ccc things like that. let's hope it's time for the kids. we are in tune to reverse the trend that we seem to be on leading up to twenty sixteen or whenever it happens to be crash priscilla can happen anytime i'm projecting twenty sixteen because the obama demonstrations denouncing the bush restoration to that which is trying to hold off
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until after the elections of november. and that is twenty two dozen interest in this case twenty sixteen. i don't know to be successful. i'm frankly skeptical of what can we do the fundamentals have to be change we need to we need to break up the big banks can you start forcing the term anti trust act not just the big banks that virtually every industry in america it's been a liverpool since the hands of her three or four corporation said that in nature. broad and diverse as strong. andy and very narrow its fragile and every aspect of our economy now is like that impression from banking to add to comment on the blanks. so we go quicker mr forrest sherman act. bring back some to my class to go on to it gonna bring back the middle class can change your entry concerning trade policies. and these are things and that's just the beginning but basically it's workable bacterium tactics. it is largely rolling back the reagan revolution. we can successfully rolled back to the reagan revolution. we can
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stop this thing in its tracks but the political wills not their political will for these kinds of really big changes only come up with her so where are we to put the blame does the blame solely mine on the heads of these big banks and corporations or whatnot but as the plane go back to congress back to you and acne it blames the machine word because this this is the result of our forgetting what we once knew as a man in america knew how to get out of depression. we've done it three times during the abduction of the five or six times of my few minor corrections. and we just would cripple us. toynbee is said to have said that when the last man who remembers the horrors of the last great war guys. the next great war becomes inevitable the generation that remembered the mistakes he made in the nineteen twenties i'm hurting coming in august i can claim drop in income tax rate from ninety one
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percent of the twenty first of all that stuff generations died in her stocking. those lessons have been forgotten. lee morris making the same mistakes that would make it on. so that's really where the planets. um do that. the corrupt or zoom in and green pants you know they're always there. but we're allowing them to take over again just like we did some of the stories i highlighted in your book work is trying to cases where people lost everything. so will it take another generation of people losing everything to you to building it. we caught the country and how to coach a news anchor talking about it happen. he already halfway into a lost generation the people who are coming of age right now and have been for the last six or seven years the people who were in their late teens through their mid twenty s and ten are continue sowing doubt that it's gonna take them a decade or two just to get out of debt. my chanel much less start a family start building equity by buying a home of the kinds of
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things that people historically did. so we we are really into that last check him out. and that's the kind of all is that the next bubble bursts will be the student debt of the young young people in america to wake up and stay in a talent this week at an off hand that could be actually a very positive way that that would possibly provoke the crash occurred also provoked. harper's response. and i went on. you talked about some waste to fix this. but it did in a society that we have built in cuban government that would have voted and how reliable is it actually happened. i don't think any of these major structural changes aren't many of them have been proposed. it's a close he actually got a number of these things out of the house are presented its only be a filibuster of christmas. on the second sentence because of these things on the block around the house. so i don't
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think we're going to see the necessary political and economic changes happen until there's some overwhelming national consensus that's going to be that. best of the consequences. as the years. there it can be some light at the end of the tunnel air department isn't the big picture and author of a new book the clash between sixteen and so much for joining the ranks in case your interest and an abc and wanting to learn more about him that what america's financial future fund was probably discussing his new book that politics and prose on tuesday december third from seven nine pm well since the botched roll out of the affordable care act was signed health care got out of the hill the ministry should have been scrambling to get things right. d that by the end of the month. all major clicks it would be fixed and that the majority of americans would be able to apply for health care on line
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well it's the end of the month and it appears as if the administration of one sec and is attempting to quell the excitement by lowering its own standards winehouse announced on wednesday in that small businesses will be able to enroll online in the new health insurance exchanges in november of that next year or that it is republican opponents of so called obamacare and say it. this announcement is an indicator that the website is once again a not too far the lead contractor of the websites you adsense id says it has thirty to forty people work through the thanksgiving holiday to finish the fix this. this weekend the administration officials say the website is expected to handle eight hundred thousand people a day smoothly. and this has lead from the twenty seven thousand people who enroll online during the entire month of october. so once again it's a make or break moment for the administration of the consequences of yet
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another abbas will roll out could be the final nail in the obamacare company if this website doesn't get cpr and facts. nothing to do it for now from the stories we covered body youtube dot com five rt america. check out website argue that calms let us say and don't forget to follow me on twitter and nag and underscore lopez and stay tuned the last is next. long long will you choose to use the word dude he's actually more shootings. some of them or are very defensive. we were just want to do so they were taking someone's force
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this is. he said. fitly and some of them are are this technique some of them combined. that made it. its components. i see it with it's simple. ite is represented by what you and i know what the western world knows as the us. the change in scope that i'd chase that's the philosophy the art. i teach more beans traci. it's a thai boxing we have. iag the new york we have it on ox. so it's basically a martial art based on. a philosophy this dichotomy this nature the ruler who will. when
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will we. i eye. this is still coming to you from dw kinda like the chance to chat with us. brian thomas here's a look of the stories of the covering over the next thirty mbps. in ukraine capital thousands continue their protest against the country's decision not to sign a partnership deal with the european union. anti government demonstrations in thailand to escalate as opposition supporters for their way into the army's headquarters and s


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