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tv   Global 3000  PBS  November 30, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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one. i welcomed a cat will recount and so what do you think you could say this super typhoon high and which devastated the philippines another wake up call is climate change to play or was it really touched and natural phenomena and scientists outside of one thing we have to brace themselves for more extreme weather events in the future is what's coming up. more droughts storms and floods the greatest sentence of climate change. i'm living
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for the kids to how the environment is painting the tender place in fiji. our house the boys playing at cityscape from grey to green the stroke as many delegates will bring on the way to the un climate conference in morsel thousand and two dead and millions forced to flee their hands after the devastating secret i feel high and stop the philippines at the opening session the philippines chief negotiator was in tears of a bcs game and the destruction he was in full out that the ohio conference which was soon after the sixteenth time in it to the philippines back here. many declarations of solidarity hop in may but still didn't announce looking into is finding it hard to we still won. the un climate conference in warsaw was meant to make the frame was tiring than you expected global climate agreement the two weeks the delegates
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were unable to make any real progress. that means they'll be stopping at the same point when they convene next key in the night. many environmental denunciation see the climate conference is a fox. this time they made a point of leaving the summit before the negotiations were concluded. one main criticism is that industry still has too much influence on policy making. china has surpassed the us as number one ec and two emissions. beijing says the west as historical responsibility for the pain the ocean. the chinese say western countries have been pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere since the start of the industrial age so it's their problem meanwhile mother nature is doing everything she can to attract the delegates attention. just in time for the conference kicked off twice the height and shown below. what could be installed. super typhoon slammed the philippines with
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wind speeds of up to three hundred kilometers on now experts say it'll be months before the reconstruction backed by international aid can begin. when meteorologists a stillness in imitation of longtime climate change. the two entities that starts the vanities intends to sign. scientists suspect this may be due to the morning of the oceans all was when warm and rises from the ocean substance the higher the water temperature. look how awful the stall. the intelligence are especially concerned about such the station philippines china and vietnam. all right in the cost of may station typhoons. the coastal regions and densely populated and
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scarcely protected from stone less damage is caused by the twins themselves but by the torrential rains and subsequent flooding the latest un report on climate change for costs that many regions like the philippines can expect an increase in precipitation climate risk into extent of the situation is coming to a head. since nineteen ninety three the hat being fifteen thousand extreme weather events worldwide. the empty kayak and heat waves droughts and floods. the sweat that has taken hold in a company in the eyes and cause more penetrating your day's worth of material them but trying to distinguish between normal weather and climate change is a technological challenge even today. the cia honey on was just one in a series of severe storms. periods of rain caused some of flooding in southern and eastern
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germany and drought led to science that can seem tens of thousands of victims of devotional stadium. it's hard to to human activity is the underlying cause of individual severe weather events. but honey and provides an ominous warning of that is often some climatologist say we may say so in a rather late. the new lambton on climate change is ninety five percent saddened that we human beings are to blame for climate change the computer simulations and also send that were unlikely to stay even though the two degrees targets outside and is on the rise in temperatures below that sets itself compared to pre industrial levels. everything above that threshold is seen as causing the point of no return to devastating and irreversible climate change so what happens when these effects me start to kick in his ignorance of what may lie ahead. we humans released more than thirty four billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into
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the atmosphere in twenty twelve. that's more than ever before. in spite of all warnings climate change continues. so what will happen if we don't change. it all. some experts predict that global temperatures could rise as much as six degrees celsius by the end of the century. if those predictions come true glaciers and polar ice caps will melt in the sea level will rise. entire article echoes in some and areas would be flooded permanently not just the rural areas would be affected cities like london tokyo and new york could end up under water the year it's warming would cause more water to evaporate resulting in heavy rainfall and storms. ritter flooding would become a common occurrence in some areas rising temperatures would
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cause of the already battered regions to become even try resulting in more droughts and gets an expansion in places like the sahel region in africa. bloody war desertification and the resulting shortage of food and clean water which forced many people to leave their homes making them climate change refugees. cut with animals and plant species would be threatened with extinction because they wouldn't be able to adapt to changing conditions. that's why the intergovernmental panel on climate change laws to limit the temperature increased to two degrees celsius. so the consequences are still manageable many contradictions do come true though one day in thai islands will be swallowed up by the oceans. those who live on the molding for instance fit for the home is very existence car the man to carry ons is seeking insight into new zealand having to catch himself a climate
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change refugees. fifty two has affected many images that already playing a rose and fussing and personification of the crown court to accept many men without the traditional ways of finding a living as a result women have been thrust into the role of the breadwinner taken at the top changes in me to conceive that and the balance. in. the day begin to die to repeal prop boarding school. the children live on outlying islands in the real one with the delta connection to begin soon the eye. the island the drumbeat sequels stopped at school. today's lesson
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plans include shipping. you don't wait for others to do something for you think instead about how you can be useful to the community otherwise you're a silly is prayed for it the day. and it sets. i hate to miss these important in town can be a tiny village southeast of fiji's main island and eat eat it too. the four hundred something that is a common problem. it has become nearly impossible to grow anything here as a result of climate change. the river rises on a regular basis and not cause the damage that while causes are on stilts the brackish water rises from them though bekah vegetables because everything timed run away it's become more extreme emails as apostate. though
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recently in town was built to protect his image. it was peaceful with government and international aid. i wish that she mean much to be told to move away. we want to say is that in a trot children and grandchildren. the table but how can it sustain itself. the women of god to have found an answer. and she wrote a nice spot to the position. the two nations between reading and palm fronds. the technique is a well kept secret the dominican unaware whether it's on the line at eight something sacred privilege that was prompted to last night to meet the new pt says team. we won't ever allowed to sell the sand. but now with climate change and economic problems. amen requested permission from the king. the cost he is speaking about to sell them to it. sold for about three
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years each. and now account for nearly seventy percent of doctors income financially the man of god. i'm now almost completely dependent on women. it's amazing to changing their diets. it all until recently women and younger the leeches have little say. the fiji islands still not taken a little naked society. it's abundantly clear that the circumstances in a minute i really meant it to drink a cover to cover it curled it's good to know mr announced and is considered a real delicacy. the drink is also said to be healthy the was found initiative has led to great recession of people in the village. thanks
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to a gender equality training program by next weekend and funding. it has attended workshops where they learnt that they could solve the economic problems to check if the men and women live together as equals the women's representative todd school spirit that religion isn't forgotten the i a. no entry when the tv just fifteen when the bastions of male opponents are threatened the school management and respected member of the community is his complaints. and who normally for me gender is nothing to do with equality. mr newman and to make decisions on the weekend and we know that in the bible. another woman should obey and serve them the natural god given order chang true. the man he has
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ceased in the real horror is the tilt of the generations the smell it's wants to once more when the fish and shrimp in many areas. the fire station has slipped over to vancouver ocean. the warship contains all sentiment the seal cloaks the mangoes and destroys the fish breeding places. in the kitchen and see the effects of free time to take it by itself. sheesh it's me again. you'll break he made trips to defend her honor and the community to connect palm beach to defense everything that gracie is considered common property who better to do with my green coconuts to eat back from the plantation wood and branches that they use to
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make the fans. that's become our most important source of income. it dawned on me will be no chemical. it's a wilderness supply system that gets them in a darkened the opportunity to contribute to the beaches success the all have built over crumbs from the coconut palmsews. onef the women's representative it's my job to support my wife leigh on sea to the firewood and water wet i'm very proud that she has this important is it going i'm glad you recognize my way. examples of mutual respect and want to be taken for granted in fiji in the mean mom came down to the diligence of concrete for celebration. the high
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nineties to me today. faces and bodies are black and charcoal the unit least the young man you could feel each company on the new conditions. just like eighteen hundred teens again the he says he's like the scene had to learn some kernel of a unit is it ceded to the singapore was time to set an example by making the climb is in a suit and it should keep learning new regulations. add the green diamonds need to uninstall as a side effect many high rise buildings have also become rather nice to walk things are happening in singapore. the jungle is returning to the city. lush foliage and spreading out over a glass steel and concrete. buildings right out of a science fiction tale for
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nature taking back what it once was. i mean. these missionaries to the screen makes it. the wardle architects. originally from germany. shooting tennis has been living in singapore for ten years. she sparked a green revolution. it's been interesting to see it on someone living in one of the projects complained that he'd been stung by a debate on the twenty six dollars we took that as a complement. we think it's great that somebody giving them a twenty six cool. the bb spellbinding it can happen and you get to the or. singapore. glittering metropolis. laboratory for a green future more than fine
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the deer population is growing. he says in short supply. this state has an ambitious plan. he wants to transform the concrete jungle into the world's greenest city. the green can spread out. he stood straight up the green revolution in singapore is shooting skyward the government wants to turn high rise concrete into oxygen producing greenhouse the candidates both developers and gardeners alike because the state pays the costs. an entire sector is it so can you believe this vertical greenery the second time is a specialist or hanging gardens. with the goodies coming up close to each other. this little space for disease control and there's a lot of walls beings and that means a lot of my mental problem somewhat
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distraught moments dazs problems. you've had problems noise problems as the province because the law wasn't it. across the floating rates to keep me company. she has more green will be cared for by an automatic watering fertilizer supply system. what does promise is his customers that the plants will last twenty years. it's a form of therapy to counteract the claustrophobic feel of the big city. it is a city about the new movie out. when you see what he was beaten so wrong by taking a balcony had a nice big big jug of a green lawn. didn't even want species. suddenly feel less stressed and stressed in an open environment is the biggest problem in lebanon. so when she's among scholars of concrete the government promotes the idea with its own certificate. without the green label. no building permit. the green side is
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just beginning. it's all about sustainability. the six on my to read water for cooling air conditioning to lower energy consumption it's green experiment is a boon for singapore's architects. unchecked growth is in our picture i think that singapore is there to make it back into the city but in a very typically singaporean carefully controlled way. it's not a wild jungle. it's not dangerous it's controlled nature that improves people's quality of life the controller not to be sprouting just in high rise buildings and hotels but also in apartment buildings schools and hospitals winds are bringing storming back to the city. this hospital sponsors a community garden
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i know on the seventh floor we must sing and is quite come here three times a week the pensioners live next door. cutting their own garden is something the older remember from your child. i like easy simple we didn't socialize house. there's no room for a garden in. i'm going in awe. the budget cycle. looking back i see no pull a steelhead images he had done and done. this is the last time i can't let the tentacles on the relief innings in me. singapore is also found a solution to the problem of horizontal expansion. if space is needed he will be taken from the sea. so this one hundred secure area of land was created right next to the financial district. for this first project the garden singapore has approved a billion dollars. don't
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inspire the day. tropical park was the mightiest trees are made of metal fortunately you can. it's a worthwhile investment. he'd like to see the entire cd covered in green. because being green juice locations and advantage of the global competition for the red springs. then goes and not oily at the pumpkin it taste good though. doing business in eighteen twelve. but also accept these to leave. to wit to make sure to get me out making seen talking to a very desirable place to attract top talent. greenery the two together well in singapore. the talent from around the world could be treated by a man made waterfall cascading down from a heel made of steel reinforced concrete. complete with pumpkin fall. everything can be for free. so lovely it looks real. resetting and
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have to think it but let's cut across the south pacific have to take a look around at the iowa living room. on every monday wexford conservation fund out to cali my sis into the room was taken to sit next to k. you are. welcome to my getting real money. all the stuff they've placed the most comfortable couch. to this
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we thought that he gets to see tia it i have. i'm not that into his kitchen when i was around tinto took these so it is time in madrid and now across my house. only stole the paintings done by my maternal line up. in the very talented. which lead to tell them about the ski champion. i hate. i need it my son inherited his artistic skills. i'm not in a way that is nobody in the valley the eye. my model
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checked into the spokes to me so i have the plants to keep alive type of positions now it's here to our house too and i keep my mind keeps things in it. me and she made it to me when i was very young. that's why it's definitely things i liked and it seems i need schools. tt's it. stuff like that. thanks for stopping by i feel that it uses our time and i had to come back to chapel st the vikings. i was three thousand we find ourselves in getting some amazing and simple ideas that form especially when they helped improve the lives of many like the one ballot boxes for instance says he'll come up with a sinister cooking is already someone hot. these tell us about this and he is trying to get it out i bet. i
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the houses made of two years muscle power generators it's made of plastic bottles simple only the state could make life easier. what about you. the bright idea or know someone who dies. light to its intel us about your intention. we try wait to see what you come up with the same was already out that visit our website natural for this week. this new guy with a thousand thanks a lot saying bye bye. it is still
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in constant contact center he said. all spend my money first two. two explosions at its that time. it was. show me a story in many parts of
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oil. the wellness bike started a new full time job of top domestic chores and many within and outside source to get the feel compelled to count and they kicked in. we just picked a cute cute in many parts of asia. he seemed to happen. in the country the number of women in the workforce is ticking and it's cheap and impacts in countries outside the region. participation rates for women of twenty oh six inherited this from a point where it's needed twenty two percent error reaching the peak is loose too. for such success. just want to encourage more women testing the market they can the seeds make a difference we know this because the country's domestic hard to impose tax on high streets of work and we need. this is
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such a spectacle it's hard to upgrade to leave for the removal. it's the people i've become a second. in sweden for excel coal what is a comprehensive trick the system such as childcare and a strict one of th will go with the oscar winning ninety percent with intent to what was up to. it was as good a shot. what governments can provide. she was such benefits. in japan and korea when you say that hard wearing house would condone blocking out the brink of joining the workforce. what is at the mall or next winning book outside head. it is because more books remain in peace. i want to see that on top of this great if email is based in the market. cups used and maintained. as many developed countries struggle with the consequences of an aging population. the kids helped make the best use of
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limited resources. and citizens. i made for study suggests that companies are full with greater number of women in the workforce levels connected to its founding of the g seven countries. i think it can trace the path to gdp klein said. she said would retest of the workforce would make it easy to hack the main thing that can afford. ttc at a swimming stable workforce the credit it was soon makes good sense we'll get to watch him in the world you were ever you go. macy asked for your own tablet. this program schedules on demand video nope my name is pete oliver
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and i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available this is your marketplace today research makes the network. new new new new new. would it be to be you call or chat with the addition of a second generation i can. the deal are ninety celebrate the ninetieth birthday of bmw motorbike division. plus news from the l a and tokyo auto show this. a i tossed the bill would also think this is the opposite mine since i share a book reporting the latest auto show


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