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be checking any of such antiquities the photo tour victories. after the us instead of from he experience and the kid that he will be one of them into an awesome semifinal and be happy enough with us for this particular case of the city hall the fourth track of the day has worked the things we did the rest is ukrainian police crackdown on protests in kiev as tens of thousands keep up the demolished for the country's leadership to resign. rejecting an eu association deal. some guantanamo prisoners reportedly agreed to spy for the us in exchange for cash and freedom. at d you or made them better for it critics condemned the c i a tactic same thing for suspects might go about while
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innocent men site opens out into. already authorities later made opposition leader in jail just like to be eligible for these. amnesty international says it's clear from all the key isn't interested in justice. intimate life from all that we keep going today. police used tear gas and buttons to disperse anti government protests in the ukrainian capital of the night people being onto the streets for a week now angry with the president's decision to reject an integration deal with the eu. he's an excuse that he is in the head during the week the essentials way out was the stage of the mass protest although support eu integration in opposing president a court decision not to sign the hero association deal in vilnius it is no longer the case right. elise is not
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controlling the area during the night several hundred police in kenya and dispersed the crowd. eyewitnesses say that the stress that was a rather rather violent novel that the two people were arrested at more than forty had to be hospitalized with different injuries the riot police cordoned off the air to the plate to anyone in sight. the square while the opposition still contemplating the next booth people are mixing integrates with what happened. this title what he actually expected that this friday with kids but especially considering that for the last three or four days was very very peaceful and no classes no fly lists of what's report that the fact is that only bring its thousands tens of thousands but have been protesting against the other coach's decision. i talked to some of them and realize that not all of them were actually aware of what the work of protests against let's have a look at my report. it's early police. spray. what to do
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you see what number of european countries has been protesting against brussels police ukraine is probably the only one where people are taking to the streets in tens of thousands to support the idea of your integration yes we use it to be in europe. nice to see if you would have allowed us to get better education in europe but this was not about being in the eu joining the union was not even on the table to two hundred page book rental the agreement never said anything about the visa free regime. my wife can go in poland by a lot of food for just ten for even that which is just over a dollar that's twice as much as i can bite you hard. we love them the government was concerned that ukraine's domestic product would be swarmed by cheaper you go it's the worst case scenario could it be that the coaches at a catastrophe unemployment rate
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in brussels was offering no compensation for any potential economic losses despite that great leadership has hinted at the lake to materialize in march next year. it would mean a longer winter on the streets for the angry crowd while refusing to go home. they want the presidents had before the team. it's a recessed an auntie. just say ukraine's leadership guru in groups for a better future by rejecting the eu deal but the government says that what economic changes to making this the agreement of the school school takes a look of what one girl appointment of power allowed access to the ukrainian president. the tea on a cold which comes face to face with the you think it's the first tigers still with her historic trade deal the whole thing. i adore it
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is. he has done. he actually should hope for sleeping and spread it to dvd disc with music intentions. eu. it is our sign to us. use the site short don't put it in competition. and we get the maiden up the feed. two x total pressure. nobody's from russia the mccarthy says the financial be a little cough isn't large enough to prevent damage to ukraine's waiting to call them a little snotty ukrainian businesses nor the government have this amount of money will have any time soon. that's when ukraine is not ready to take responsibilities is not capable of defending. but this is the situation ukraine's proposals for trying to fool with russia rejected by kicking the ball brussels finances. they don't allow them to increase
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the office he added the european union. mouse over on the employment throughout the course of the entire union they have the euro currency project which is up to yes to realistically the only thing the european union to try to do is keep liam storming anybody rush up to parents that calls the european union is ultimately for the pocket the saints side of the eu to talk to vilnius contemplating what might it be. despite causing present yanukovich they simply seemed unable to offer him a deal that was tempting enough stocks of tea vilnius the qa the officials condemned the police crackdown on protests is in canton ms who commented alexander and across all told me that he believes such statements are highly hypocritical. a radio for our tokyo that the european union the us and especially to the people in brussels are condemning the ukrainian government for using the potty stool just
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the tool to deal with this demonstrates is that if i can tell you in any of those countries and your bright moon to use the term goal in the nba you name it. these deals with a ruthlessly with all demonstrate this especially if these are demonstrations against the last edit it which is imposed on these nations by brussels. and for these same people who know and tell the ukrainian government that their heavy handed with that demonstrate this is just keep the accretion. ukraine's reluctance to strengthen trade with the eu comes amid criticism that the pool cause lost direction and sense of right wing groups across the continent of fighting against what they see as liberalism. i'm on to forge a new sense of identity. well respectable committed activists used to get caught in the wee all the youth conference and to even these young people in particular
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being the bowl combine the eu elite. it's in the trees spain portugal finding a job it is not that easy these days so of course people go team especially youn going looking and searching for solutions. i think that they're also in movements that connectivity solutions to the moment so today the second oldest in the world. the system must have cost the government's no order gop knew him. that day took to the torquay of arts de jokes all feeling people so we can see that people are looking for intelligence brief candle to say that it's effective and nationalist revolution he can just say that it's very logical thing to happen. this old building and people are left behinds this starts to organize themselves and they start to think. the c i a ten q and a likely source of talent according to media reports it's been suggested that that the beginning of america's war on terror guantanamo bay
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prisoners were turned into spies and other nations oppose freedom and safety instead of the pockets of cash in exchange for providing us with intelligence from abroad prices of recruitment and training was apparently carried out in secret court that has not fulfilled the detention camp designed to feel more like hotel rooms in prison cells. thousands of inmates will reportedly offered a job while only a handful of greek form of magic and security analyst michael murray explains why any exposure at any time like this. many of the secret program if there is one of his always damaging the question then is though was what is the relevance of you send these guys back what what that tangible love that basis to have him in the follow up and actually that recruiting. i think that's a serious question they even have a revelation that such a program might even exist. it can be very damaging to these individuals and i doubt that those who
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are in guantanamo now would really be a little back without some suspicion being cast upon them. in guantanamo the more guilty all the more chelsea haven't been used as a double agent monastic name of cattle morris davis a former chief prosecutor at the detention camp. i would assume like in any organized crime cases some time to make a deal with the devil to try to get someone further up the food chain. i think they call some consternation for my prosecutors who was in some cases we're asking them to prosecute people for war crimes and are settling in we prosecute the lieutenant this level. but with letters colonel go. we created this kind of paradox of the guantanamo where if you were a big enough issue potentially get a free ticket home in a wad of cash to take with you if you are going to get prosecuted. an internet lower category that included been cleared or still guantanamo and indefinite detention center the more guilty war may have been better for it. the babies
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become symbols open to women to become. families of the husbands who are languishing in israeli jails i love how they did it make to the south. what's the single big coin when the bite you. so go and things to them as a victim of the decepticons the soaring price. this milestone and the police uncertain future the break . the yankees become a god. and instead of walking on water. he's walking on paper. i walked in they were at. the what did they wear. but don't think i will demand a lazarus like moment when the bottom and friends and then he goes up to heaven. i think they're going to put this guy into
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the crypt and the county's getting those things go south though obliterated in the interview the good. i knew. the it will rain is more interested in something
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defend them seeking justice of the authorities refused to release opposition leader the bill were gentle giant much good to those new reason to keep him no compass he has served most of the two year terms it is eligible for release bill was backed from bahrain moore says an international pressure can force the train to change color. governments will release him if and only if there is significant pressure from cranes allies of meaning the united states united kingdom. on the ads in absence of the pressure. i think the government will still try and keep them in prison. in line with the campaign of him trying to prevent any sort of dissent are to create any sort of sick space for dissent. we saw daily videos of my time bombardments of villages in behind her desk. these are areas where there's no protests whatsoever going on the government just comes in and fires mass amounts of tear gas to punish citizens for expressing dissent or earlier protests. so we're not seeing the use of tear gas to talk me into this course of our gliders as much as we're seeing it to punish
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as a wealthy collector punishment received a reply to hold the so called national dialogue on with the opposition. but you can really have. this dialogue runners are so many political prisoners and representatives of the opposition. major players in the pension increase. slamming the brakes on gemini roads that he had to rate him to come into that led to a bind cruising speed restrictions on the plane boarded up. last week with his diet and effecting activists with a series of increasingly powerful earthquakes in texas is evidence of the ranges of shale gas drilling. the first post in women whose husbands are in is really jails face a difficult dilemma how can they start a family resort to force the reports five women from the oakleigh plate every piece of already given birth by finding ingenious ways around the obvious obstacles
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because his son connecticut baby. yet enough i knew he was born eight games for aunts. my grandma. the fact that mars was born has given us. he's everything to us in the end we won despite all the obstacles for us he is the ultimate extreme. much was destroyed his father's absence. i still can remember molly is in the news weakness in the way he's been sentenced to twenty five years for murder. the deal was afraid to tell younger people to have children by the time out. so instead of waiting for him. she did the next tasting and a brain focused and to be strong the first time i went to visit my husband is nice on the soldiers went crazy when they saw the baby like i was caring and all. they started asking questions like how come you have a baby striking spin from kristen is gaining popularity in the pants tomorrow. that face the community must approve all to this happens the procedure was quite straightforward. the first thing they have to get to go
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lucky that they have assembled from that of the house but i'm thinking that if they get to something we are asking a woman. why for the christmas mood to bake with the head who fears the kiddie lit it from had signed and who fears the connecticut from her husband's side. who needs to learn that the kid that does sound good but don't close the door the school month a month. this uncle can supply up to fourteen. i was before because in five bhp and four men have been approved for use is three months pregnant with her husband son and is serving an eighteen year sentence. through this if i had to include revenues. what has been put in prison the oldest time. the first time the prisoner's wife got pregnant she basically gave it to all of us. it's a puzzle for these weighty presence of this. in a mission statement insist that security means things and making connections with the visit is ok if he wanted it which makes optics exchange much more difficult they fed us all to think a
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nice landing of any kind none of the people we interviewed would get the skills of how this could be smuggled out from under the watchful eye of prison guards. there's almost no physical contact between security prisoners and the families. find great peace have been born this week. eighteen woman of treatment. whatever the code and bring a baby into this but despite the fact that his father is in the zionists risen in the form of resistance what is here too we spend. just reminding goal of the catcher would use window covering here on screen for double black friday gets out of control the cut price deals resulted in the memory of fallen to the states from city to city across the us including shutouts clashes and numerous arrests. and a fraud a nutshell turns deadly. in this gorgeous the kiddos got to wear a police helicopter crashed into a meeting eight people dead and many more trapped under the rubble
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source is in a rustic area of texas a perplexed by a string of increasingly strong earthquakes occurring local communities reasons they believe they know the coolest when he becomes a vehicle shale gas for two sites the process involves pumping thousands of tonnes of toxic chemicals to treat his old brooks on the ground the melody two years of tracking could potentially cause earthquakes but that's being called tobacco would take a full and there in texas held until one believes that hauling in borrowing fee cash could have irreversible effects. bernadette and it shows the injection well with all of a cracking noise is deposited and they have been linked to these are words that i think you'd be foolish to not think that all things going on underground is going to affect me know the long term stability of a heavier at the legislative level of the oil and gas industry has significant influence. probably more of
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the effects of the night view in any other state in the united states around the world be the impact that this has a meaning. you know by the time that you are here to hear the noise of the earthquakes are smelling the odors in the water as methane and it's too late at that point. and so you know that the damage that is being honored this commenting on he is going on for many many many years and it's not something that should be able to do. dubbed the christian festival of nine eleven tests in london has one aim of helping to keep your private life private. free crash courses include how to evade allowing spokes secure your email and browse anonymously norse with one of them to pick up some tips what now for the insane ex is still amazed and colton cultural and economic development of the golf swing the game since this date indicates the general topic is now
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realizing its own set of giants that they did that last if that's not news to these people. that's the kiss me i'm confused to find safe they found it interesting people. we've come together the crib to a festival that feels the heat seemed to bond with more than twenty blood starts to teach these stuff like how to have private conversations of instant messaging rates on hold encrypt your e mails browse the internet anonymously it's all aimed at no one asks that so i'm typing that only and will be able to bring it down some might jeopardize the state's me how to encrypt my computer to find that one thing you can see is that the base level security for me he just wanted to brush up and running. this allows you to surf. his web pages without that being said you are a confusing let me just now many people in the west that might sound quite as important but for so many places in the world with teeth existing website and
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everything it can be trouble and this web browser and creates a connection over the internet for other systems that. hyde said you are you when you are physically on the planet. i mean be applied in and the other people who adhere to a festival is that young people on being told the six years to seek a seat he died as a matter of course i mean something again soon needs more emo in the future online currency b cohen is now almost overtaken golden valley. the single the calling card the traits of a one thousand one hundred dollars members to show my minolta but has many respected doctor richard stallings president of the free software foundation about the car seat. but undaunted she says is freedom to spend money. anyway like one good thing about the quarries you can send money to someone who is now getting the permission of the payment company so for instance if you want to support within weeks which is a very good thing. i wish
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the us government doesn't want to let people support and has used extra judicial means to chase off the internet. partially due to succeed completely. well we've been calling you can do it. the critical one else is happening around the world this on a wild update six teams in namibia have found the wreckage of the mozambique airlines plane police said none of the thirty four people survived the crash. india croft was discovered completely burnt. the flight was bound for an ngo that total communications with a win last time the plane was a bit more from namibia. but his report to be told that during clashes between government supporters and opponents in thailand's capital bangkok hundreds of protests is roam the streets for several consecutive day the city authorities to resign accusing them of acting above the bowl demonstrations are triggered by a proposed amnesty bill which could see him ousted former prime minister return from . the us is open to destroy the most lethal costs
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of serious chemical also of an offshore facility the cause of this material should be transported out of the country by the end of the year the consent of or lack of volunteers to his homeland gospel which must be eradicated by mid twenty fourteen thirty five companies employed to assist with serious disarmament. it didn't. joe is false the purest water bombs on the frets. the eu wants to slam the brakes on the speed demons to come from around the world to see what the cars are capable of eagle pass a sign that says one twenty with a line through it. the gloves are off baby arrives. you can live really bad government is off your back in germany and lived them. it's as bad as fast as you will is there the renault group who will bring forth above. one minute speeches. given that the set to full flow of good relations. it's the drivers
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of the country was being high performance cars limited to a maximum of about one hundred and fifty kilometers an hour the lions club that would see posts that it would take the place that for two months he applies the brakes were never taught exceeds the speed limits in the area the idea is to increase highway safety. the two thousand people die every year with new roads become a new site result only in connection with a slowdown he said for months. statistics also show is that major accidents center on top of the old appliances on the other sweets offsite the autobahn and this is already very limits of the episode it's a clear difference to the european commission with a spooky. it should not since. the problem was the moment is that many of those rules are being made by the commission. but in all being subject to democratic accountability in the european parliament. and that seems to me. this is
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the source of an auction of the frustration and tension in thirteen countries. a decision on whether to the head with the idea is expected in the new year given dr is however the board made up their minds you'll kill the joy of driving hee hee and i'm against it limits will cause those jobs with all the wahhabi will not allow that to happen. mostly it's the whole reason we built beautiful roads was to drive on them properly it's gonna be a tough one for the eu to come. fitzgibbon is that this needs to be the cause of ruffles the soap soap and spells out so fun. as the germans. it's knit from eyes to the french or roast beef to the british. in all things the bigger one to give over control of easily. with all of us are soo good. who would have more intellectually sweeney in about thirty minutes man the meantime all to pray for our uk. here is this all sure
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going underground and on our team to nationalist or even of the veteran to realize he could no longer live in a man's body. it's coming up short the room one member of st petersburg legislative assembly is trying to get child beauty pageants and in russia started with his hometown appeal. i couldn't agree more with this gem on this issue is can the pack to settle the per ton of pressure on children to achieve something absolutely pointless. also pedophiles dream come true and or will very very creepy acquired the creepy because with the like are not human beauty is reted to so you try to make children to the pole and wear bathing suits to legislate active poses difficult it was the children and it's disgusting. although the packets are also sort of stupid at least
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the participants are all adults. because beauty pageants are obvious to relay the sexuality should be able to participate in them until you reach the age of consent in your country or otherwise is just a pedophile buffet but that's just my opinion i am. i don't like landed me an american talk about that. how to empower women are powerful if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who will either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers and the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent
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generation that understanding also on. i can't help but call out sick. the contest and one main iraq as the place. a stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over them being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye. so you know i would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased
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with how when a human powered up thinking. session. steve
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you knew long will the womb i knew. the is welcome to the journal here one twi was at our apartment had been used as a broker at our house once the shower. officials in scotland now say eight people died when a police helicopter crashed into a crowded moscow up. it rained lightly smiling break got it from your protesting yet. you get to the goal is to escape germany to become an acclaimed sculptor. now her work is on display for the first


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