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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 2, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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it go down my stats. you don't want the secret war and though we had to do was come with such issues on the front lawn. i went on about how we each get one life to the store will think it looks official opening. in my cute baby quilts. the us mark says this incident might have had to step down
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hop on. but its findings in detail and anti science sequence on that ball in tight times. it all the tongue of me not far from the south west and china to its goal to set a box the ukrainian by police the protest as scientists told the president of the ending. welcome to cctv his army to me in that day. i was a prime minister said sexy models from opposition protest as on on the acceptable under the constitution in the ten devised a news conference from a state election what made it to add that she would not sta down as she appealed for an end to violence we want to have the findings are he said the appeal. and that i'm in the u n by and then the coffee the greenback be
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acted upon. read what is happening at the thought that i'd not thought to look into that now. the landscape studies find that in past wars the canon of opportunity but it's had thousands of protesters trying to seize government buildings mixed thai capital and protest lead acid ted talks of an impact says he won't seem not to step down and on the inactive people's console to see the new prominence to the health ministry says three people died in christ is on saturday nights and seventy one lead intact. another fifty six others were hats on monday. well the situation the inbound call connect and talk to don't respond tended to seek out some straight over that this is the hello that an eu test of fitness and technique last season with the situation of that yes that's right we just got back from one of the state's highest point in bangkok between thousands of protesters and police a very tense situation that much more extreme than what we
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experienced yesterday. no we were at the metropolitan police bureau way. the first line of defense is fine but much concrete barriers protest as many training to race yesterday today and look back and to finish the job we saw much of each track riding into these concrete barriers but that didn't succeed. now police are firing non stop around to see a cast of projects this one a tenant of course it being used and when we went that we heard what sounded like a very nice explosion the curtain from what it was and we dined really had the throw at it also reports that the police has intensified efforts to stop protests tears and started using rubber bullets as well i've now as i said before they met. there is too isolated areas with flashes of going on at the metropolitan police bureau and government house many schools and universities. i placed that business is operating as seen as usual and in other parts of the shady life goes on all the more credit than today
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rich had around the capital outflows to attend so they on very isolated areas away from any of the tourist hot spots right and sad to see the prom prom is the national mall just to conclude its head press conference appealing for an end to the violence in the country at war bbc. prom is exactly and couldn't help it and the vines. i miss the election alike gave a televised press conference making it clear that she would not step down as demanded by anti government protest as she is however at winning to attend every jolt to negotiate with negotiations in order to find a peaceful solution. now that i just need an expensive textbooks yvonne told supporters last night that he did meet up with the knock on sunday night. that said that he would be satisfied that he likes resignation or new elections. that means he said to his supporters that i've been eating the peanut did authentic thai primeiations minister three days to meet on the palate to get back to
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the people in court on channel seven's to stop whacking today that really didn't happen. now that the justice dobbs sunday and the three day out that fail to attain they mean the main goal of taking either the prime minister's office since i despite engaging in pretty intense street battles he not resigned upon painstaking lanes to avoid the use of deadly force so as street protests in kenya and still no one in this capital there is still no solution on how this is authentic. thank you very much indeed to seek account rate of fourteen from buying cold. aztec back to china chinese to make a tennis match with the visiting uk from interstate david cameron in beijing. a welcome ceremony was held by the cuts down on that in the disc then held talks in the great hall of the people and the uk prime minister by the monday morning teas tea she stayed in china for three days and is it is being fast but cameron in three years he said the team and are not delegation of several ministers and about one
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hundred and fifty representatives from the business and trade sectors to beijing south high until i can do. crime instead david cameron has at times it's the tiny uk business comics in beijing. the summit is the highest level exchange on trade between the two countries that sign say they want to further reduce restrictions on trade and abundance economic and trade cooperation will push ups this is just great. that's the theme of the time the uk business and engaging. you can send mr did a camel and give a clear message at the senate like you're new to you that we can be partners for growth. because we are different stages of development but complementary stages of development policy because we believe in open economies and heartless because they want to free up on trading system. china sash is encouraging chinese companies to take part in
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infrastructure construction in the uk including severely nuclear power plants and high speed railway is why it also promises to further open its market up to foreign investment. china hopes the two sides will work together and develop more economic policies to advance and the drug trade. the two sides have said that the target of one hundred the lead u s dollars worth of trade a twenty fifteen with you. what the companies and our two countries take advantage of china's before in an open up and bring our trip. licensed to a new stage the idea. david cameron has brought album from discount business delegation from various sectors including banking energy infrastructure information technology and healthcare. there were also three hundred chinese delegates from a chinese company. and i hit the summit in vehicles with that interested in wealth generation and generation. my curious and in the uk. china
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relationship is developing with very excited to be signing agreements with the standardization minister to china today. which is on the me too it makes good business and its method they use it on to stick with the countries in trade between the two countries and on business here in china via cycle it is sad to go off to work with and says that the country said to greg ups didn't expect that one and you just see what new steps camera will take the time education cooperation. this is the frisbee that that day the camera and tended and eighteen h on a uk business and that is the highest a double checked to see between the two countries. this here there are discussions on infrastructure to deal a new clean power corporation investment in the uk healthcare and others. all activities are expected to help to cut its trade and economic relations between the two countries. with some cctv edgy. the movie. combing
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the human beings and all. i will post soon. roper and explore. aunt trudy of time aunt cc welcome back to cctv means china has had success the last days. turn left or even approaching the moon found the speech on lives lost and saying southwest china is the fuss tiny tiny spacecraft to land on the set is of an extraterrestrial quality and fast i'm a row that will land on the moon in full with decades the mystery is a need to follow the success is the channel line and china two nations in two thousand and seven and two thousand and twenty pence for the chance. new al. it's
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illegal and it's the most ambitious than the nation like china. too much to read the rule could carry to term this to reel in a pearl button the role for the two albeit before the info to their solar panels on about how to get it. many technologies that teens use to be sure the pope makes a safe landing in the low gravity conditions the program will also see breakthroughs in remote control. and the moon and the years. like the use of the high frequency acts and observation system. anyway this boat manos to expand and future retailers it's the taking. no top. to perform a mosque in the mission is very much the re is part of the second phase of china's three staff robotic lunar exploration program of orbiting and then
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the ropes. followed by a mission to collect samples of the moon and return them. oh and here's call china became the third country off to watch the united states who independently come to an eskimo into open. they could be sending a sophisticated lender under goal for two to go. the term mystery which helped bring the country closer to come and do an image cctv. the beijing aerospace control to come and have male suspect in the state yet tasty and the chief designer at that time no one and also the chief scientist of town after a hit at best the successful launch its just the prospect of deflation and there are still many challenges ahead. well we have to assessing its successful launch of china's lunar probe time the story and hear the preaching or estates and told him the command center where carry on toughness to get the chance of joining with us this year. he is the chief designer time its first in
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the pro taiwan. told him to witness it. just the beginning first long journey with him. so what will be coming to this one just a little bit careful successful in ownership of the city. but the photos from the city. this is the peaking of march. i seem to increasingly we show that men need to put an amendment these activities. so we can't overcome or to cut the top and i expect as a tomb. what's that. she called so what is the biggest challenge is demanding holding overnight. i bought the view out the keys are tending to. anyway just to stop them. a week. and that's this fall. it's simple stanton have a d chord cool in the night. and the msc is
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ready to pop them in a cubicle. paul took seventy two separate the total votes from that. see the importance of timeouts and who partake in terms of china's deep space exploration. my opinion cos it just has to be keyed off to teach the use of which i'm not. it's what he said it's as baby p the progress of what that keeps these parties. post dispatch lemon icing. it's out there that it's easy for them it's the one. he halted. trying not to. so you think this is an important step two was time to be between us going to increase its place in the future. cos into teaching we chatted for a trip tips his hand. we want to put on to the chinese people. thank you thank you so much for your time. that's saying a
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pink and the chief scientist impact on the street the teller fail in a press call to the second place and time as the moon exploration program includes the country's fast and the lunar rover. and it's also the fastest spacecraft into the seventy s to make a soft landing on the moon since the soviet union's and doing a twenty four mission the nineteen seventy six the folio four to give you at panama make demonstration of the childless read in the nation. a lunar probe is compose of the lander and the rover sent out by an enhanced long march to me the carrier. the probe is expected to fly for five days in an arrest and transfer orbit make slight adjustments along the way to adjust its course. free will then enter hundred km lunar orbits after slowing down when approaching them. four days later the probe will transfer to elliptical orbits. after four more days time the cream
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will then go through six stages of the celebration until its fifteen km away from them surface. in order to mind quickly and safely the probe is equipped with high precision fast response answers to avoid obstacles once the promised land and the rover will be deployed to the race point to begin work in both the rover and stationery mentor who can defend the conduct scientific research was special generate a working port facilities. he did throughout the extremely cold winter nights the lender will work for year. while the rovers expected to function for three months. latest news on the launch of the time thus revealing a pair of vandals the uk prime minister david cameron's visit to china you can follow as cctv knees on the ungrateful don't come they've been watching cctv near some of the rat pack. i
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know. the us. i know. any us vice president joe biden's is set to start since the station visits which are taking to japan china and south korea. that is it is reported saying that her teeth easing tension in east asia. and he's fast all will be to punt. biden is expected to meet with japanese prime minister seems a lot and will make this. they're expected to talk about chinese hour and defense identification zone and other pcs in the region he will also attend an international conference on women's rights in beijing by to meet with chinese leaders to discuss the eighties and was on it he
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says. in south korea to visit at the dnc falling in salmon in ordering u s troops to die during the korean war. riley has been taking place in ukraine have to keep the protest is to pay a state government decision not to sign a deal because it ties in with the european union and several people including a you're a news cameraman have a ripple of it being injected clashes between demonstrators and police riot police clashed of this protest is attempting to storm the presidential administration building a security force is a used it and ask functions and the fact remains to push back the crowds else lah protest the storms and to prove that he's at tcc is council building. as a more than a hundred thousand demonstrators gathered in the independence class and they are on rallying against preston said the tenant and its refusal to sign a landmark association agreement. i don't have these at least a free trade and
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deacons political cooperation between ukraine and the eu the protest had been held daily in the teeth for more than a week. if i had just slept through and make it until the tray in the chinese owned in common. cheney having cp process getting seven chinese but this and said seriously injuring two others. the blaze spread house at about seventy and love through time sunday and the fact remove partially cots and place a possible cubicles in a country that refused to let his accommodation. that and create this box the stasi the fiat eleven people sneaking into the post at the time. that sucks counties in a bid to hundreds of chinese and had a sadist and look celts did you see in due course. good thing the expo with my kids. least cheaper ray kelly says adhesive for people getting killed and sixty seven of the scene just opted to train tube radio the bronx area of new york
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city eleven that the debt that they need to be in that critical condition and that didn't york city fire department said the sixty three people had been wounded and he'll have an actor until cuomo says that authorities believe everyone had a psych testing the council's full he confirmed the train guy that is among those in debt the crash was reported and seven twenty am local time and southbound the hudson line train from mum at her tea pot and cook it she was sad having to buy cent to ten male and the trained ear and as it went into the band's me as we can do boc to its station. none of the content of the hops a new look comment and read this mecha adjacent to the tracks at a national transportation safety board has begun its investigation to say there is no indication that the crash listening to an incident at the same size. westerners
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know this visit is this derailment associated with the derailment of living freight train in july. and the answer is of will be looking at that but at this point in time we have no indication that it's up. but its effect. the number of refugees crossing into full diary it in the late s increased it to mac to take over the last day according to the insta nations high commissioner for refugees more than five thousand applications for one side and read just that as of october this am and that's me in a full time j dissenting priests at the same period last year and this asylum seekers across from a taxi and prompting the bulgarian government to construct a fifty three km friends along the border between the two countries. the cctv respondent and pecan he has more from the bulgarian tech useful people rush into bulgaria along these pills daily seeking humanitarian are economical refuge however this is placing a lot of pressure on the small european union member. in an
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effort to curb this the bulgarian military is building a security fence along the tour a most difficult to control even by their date of birth and death from the gloom boom and idealistic sports kitchen it's scary. as it straight into the concert and it's also the guy that did lots of potential candidates for the checkpoints but bishop opened its rights act. this accord on here along with the fence will be built the turkish border at just a kilometer here to my right as you can see an example of the fence behind the barbed wire handling of reaching about three meters high in the meter and a half thick and it is estimated that this project will cost the bulgarian government about two and a half million euro the european union has granted its chorus member of the three million euros to help deal with the spike in refugees which the ministry of defense estimates will cost the country over five million euros by the end of two thousand thirteen. a large price tag on an already financially strapped nation bulgaria's border with turkey is also two hundred
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and seventy four km prompting some to question the project the attic a party called themselves bulgaria's patriotic party and she defends doing too little and coming too late. others of us the pump then that the glitch we think the thing should cover the entire border between bulgaria and turkey are hurt he wants to seal the border is ninety nine percent of the refugees are illegal immigrants. we insist border protection the wooden planks and everyone who is illegally entered the area be expelled. the small village of goalie on to vent sits close to where the fence is being constructed the villages here see no need for it. mike and i came on the end andhat god began to go to these people i need eat and trying to save themselves the afternoon trouble and we defeated them i keep them watered and a slice of rats. some have the fortitude to see that it's built into the system isn't too thin. absolute
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nonsense absolute sense to me is the greek people to come here was coming up. they have no cause any problems at all he in tow. unhcr is also opposed to the fence the procedures of people applying. and the supreme court to decide whether the person that buys qualifies for the students are not. but people cannot access and therefore we don't pay for anything to prevent people from crossing the border of any part of the border. this fence is beginning to reflect the growing divide within bulgarian society over the issue of refugees as this tiny country tries to find new ways of coping with the situation. not like i need for cctv on the bulgarian turkish border they call scott the musical collective known as african express is releasing an album next week aimed at highlighting the nice music retirement and revitalizing the country's music scene and albums reading beattie's comes just months out the sun is in the distance look
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pushed out that no money buy a plane connected with the train to bishan and east on its head in paris the sticky slimy carry a hole in the north. i mean secular music in the country when music is part of life records from obamacare. in the eye. you need it the way she missed the match cultural assets. it really does hold the troubled nation together. great stay connected positive present in it and pretended to our new stake in rebel held town actually cost him. it was him any money and an unimaginable tragedy. the news but it was
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about to turn off the mat and speak also mean you would never be postponed to cut off i mean it really mean a music harmonious society. i came into everything and all that because in fact music see inside this is x away we need to eat and drink. we also knew the music. and they know how mom. the cake but political correctness. i like and i'm sure someone can record an album and kept the band dave and kate murray the many talented musician in the hold on to lead. he is one of the tracks on the african express album i'm still full from the north with mommy. ato pitching team to take part in the cross cultural musical cooperation came in at that time. one of the gospel
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message it's the moment the most appropriate moment miss molly has just come through crises like it's never seen before. so with the team and we know that music is traveling far away beyond the borders of our country it is an honor for us to know that other cultures be seen even in places we are not. it's a great honor for us. oh well. a new patient involved in an apparent trend will perform in london the album titled policy next week. taking on a new take on the label states. at a time when more than an hour. mommy and one and only has to be hatched the ttp. i mean can you do not need the doc comes in today's edition the cctv knees for that latest news from around the less. alas as cctv news on twitter and facebook. me thinking. pa's
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use. ask. you know. lulu. eye
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all i can. it is. i willl
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y'all the ira. welcome to nhk world news line and chino tawny and tokyo shares a look at some other stories we're following this hour the us vice president will soon arrive in japan to begin an agent or as leaders in the region was concerned about china's air defense identification zone. anti government protesters in thailand are calling for an eat in one stride


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