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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  December 2, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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what. in the midst of everyday life in china. i'm just a mentor. last week of the high end restaurant. more than two of the un deputy today money matters for good teachers who agree to that question today what a genius
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for their help and deliverance. consumer quarter the pollution packed into a tiny few years funnily enough that they forget that they could change one child off to help the economy. but before that would take a look at the top rate of one year in china first up in security daily. the restricted housing policies after the premium still not stop the rise in housing prices. the china index academy over to play his one hundred cities housing prices died yesterday today november the average housing price the country's one hundred visitors to the vet and got to the un for square meter for about a hundred to two hundred dollars a square foot increased five point eight percent compared to the previous month. eighteen consecutive month for rising housing prices in stuttgart and twelve. many first and second years to implement the new restricted housing policy after the third clean up. market insiders don't believe the booker prize over short period of time the new puppy might have a positive impact in the future how i can cook them. in october
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the beautiful cover and on to provide new and plot structure. coverage is regulated the house and constructively and promptly sold the human price don't know where the director of the real adp country property after that their freedom the chinese government put more effort into implementing property taxes. he also said they would increase supply twin plot to control housing crisis. however don't recommend board until the pasta compared to what happened for me really wanted to know what the designers that about sixty thousand us dollars per month and a job there. that enter the bidding for job hunting and china kicked off recently and this new job there. a lot of people's attention and e commerce business with you for what the designer for the relatively obscure the high calorie about a hundred thousand in the kicking down the list for months. thousands of job seekers are now competing for the opposition the head of the business explained that because of the right professionals are scarce now they're willing to pay hike dollars to attract more talent the secretary of
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guangdong e commerce industry association. now they're about two hundred thousand kill people. sure you commerce industry the app development e commerce the current calendar include the mini market demand although six hundred thousand college and graduate from university in england don't pop by to devonport in recruiters to promote them are not qualified to handle the website to digital designers the e commerce has expressed that they would consider offering training the college student to make up the lack of talent finally from england. golden ever shows up on top now china's largest online shopping class went on about this cool quirky products and services weekly one shot off before the rest of yelling and called the children serpentine belt when three hundred offer short lived the price ranges from one to twenty nine in the breathtaking than three dollars or twenty cents us the top selling stores that are further divided into several different types including yelling over
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the phone calls internet to stop were like qq the services are paid for by the time and golden. yelling over the phone for five minutes can cost three dollars twenty cents us. just want them to talk about their problems. the service can also come for example consumers. according to most of the surviving doors angry and stressed the festivities of servitude than the frustration of recorded the fact that this might not be very healthy way to relieve the motion picture today yelling it's going to swamp the book drop it into reality. don't go with money matters were talking about dangers to every man. they can. men and china would be out of work to work for the country's addiction to online shopping. and apparently committed the dollar duke it out. that doesn't come easy. directing of life the doc and potholes inviting the bitter winds of winter to get packages for the likes of like going to the address to the doorstep
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in rain hail sleet snow worth picking up the polluted air to deliver medal ride to get paper package delivered deep in the life of the deal they are doing the work for honor of the post match that of the pecans. her conclusion on the job hunting website the result show up. mostly positioned to offer a monthly salary ranging from three thousand eight thousand renminbi were up five hundred to one thousand three hundred us dollars with that many white coat on the big city they get paper is delivered to make it hard to put the new sink and twenty cents us a small packet. they get their teeth into a big package intended to use when facing the pain can be even hotter than normal daily deliveries not understood the parcel. concord a common topic is usually around nine hundred us dollars. for some busy month with a large number of packages. lawful purpose than to make a working document one thousand six hundred us dollars each month. in two thousand to the average monthly salary in china. the four hundred us
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dollars. well into the middle class practice. however that i can come to pick up grueling labor. the coughing a lot. the end of october to put a more convincing honcho died during the delivery route. all of them died the effective cause of death was over working the delivery. the hundred that the parcel everyday to the comp and protect postman to deliver. online shopping becomes more popular the daily delivery of knots gradually increasing. mr thomas was basing his work overtime for several days following a flurry of delivery and healthy holiday the hike in the proposed method can be easily taken away. the techno weekend. i need to deliver all the packages on their arrival day if i did not reveal that at thirty two dollars b for my salary at the same time leftover packages will also make my next they weren't that much harder. so over
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time work is a common occurance. in china put you to go deliver mail by motorcycle. motorcycle we go upstairs to deliver packagese n occurrence for packages to learn from his motorbike into the vehicle and put in the daycare is important and heavy packages with them will deliver another package. go with the bank will continue attempting to slip or not they can. welcome back to china for clubs in today's money matters were talking about dangers to liberty that it might be confusing for someone in a foreign country the wise job difficult. when the major difference is that tiny delivered there used to cut energy to try to live remember how to use their cars and a packet. it often means of delivery man the driver on the most corrupt city. most of ours in each of the job involves driving recklessly parking illegally in getting into acting. it all comes to
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the extent of the dry for the delivery company does or in person at all. this can also be a problem for the personal well being. we don't get benefits like health care. and for this post and the vehicle. all the packages and the vehicle can be delayed. they don't give money back for most of any one trade the pick of the job. the social welfare for employees cannot be guaranteed to put in china according to labor daily over half of china's did not have basic employment sure and put him down and magical and unemployment chart paper by their place. will the health fund is not covered by french company. he expressed industry. like market. some companies have regulations forcing the painted post walter fun and for employees when the postman. i went to branch out that this cannot be that this man was coming to get away with or without penalty anyway. nor to deliver all the packages during the time i can pay me put it in for a few hours every day. they were good and the clock. you need to take on the reading of their first torpedo quick meal on the job this kind of like a major
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factor many of the health problems. cover the uninsured many posts are afraid of getting sick. because of the high pressure and poor welfare are quitting their jobs are really kind rate according to a job and just report issued by fifty one job dot com. the average residential rate to put in nearly thirty percent to eleven. very few clothes to keep working for one express company more than one year many even quit their job to four p country will pay every penny of their departure they take on the harsh weather dangers that the campaign combined with you all for the chance of making a living of the defender the country's average. many probably don't take the risk of lack of benefits beforehand. they just look of the potential salary. getting better benefit and people pay increase for every pot. if the deal in china four million shop online. people are dying on the job. it's probably worth it. consumers are more aware of the dangers they need to repeat what i think it's a package. don't
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go with the then requested a clear vision of the containers every man they can. and now time for question today. given that the current issues affecting their lives. today we have people must rebuild the top of the delivered it with people about the current situation. well i'm hoping that the postman can only have three hundred and thirty he was to list them on their work is family troubles well i haven't done any online shopping mall. can you spot the postman. neil postman some legal stuff on wheels to keep having to pay more money for an express speed. we can lincoln. n during peak time taken to the king hundred us
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dollars. at that apartment up and died caring for each they need to take care of their health and relaxation time. thanks for accompany drinking kaufman county the humors. no doubt the general idea of an unknowing and well. most men's monthly salaries can be only three or thirty dollars a month. no more than six hundred us dollars. i used to do some shopping online as far as i know. maybe i read it. for example husband came to a customer's house. but there was no wouldn't i. they had to do that again later i'd like to pay more for an express the view. the last time out war. i don't know much about it. in may and three hundred the men and a tiring job because they had to run around the back and forth the green bay i'm going to pay more money to oppose many as eight hundred to one dollars a month. i read a piece of news in the post man suddenly died during the war it's truly an atm card to
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withdraw because they have to run around on the street they deserve a higher salary but i think deceleration be imposed on my customers. it expressed the company's responsibility. i'm gonna go biking. it went from thinking about it. no my aching heart come on to win the al with because in twenty twenty your corner we take a look of trent green above the line in china. today school discussed why the chinese government prefers the dry air pollution problem but getting taxpayer money instead of corporate money porter park with a one page and air pollution readings he has not released were late two thousand twelve fifty two which continue to
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doubt the year. beijing the twentieth of october the first of november through the five days which extreme of the polluted air standard nearby stood in the other problem. also for the same terrible air quality the heavy air pollution diminish if i'm not going to lie between us. when the twenty million dollars to curb air pollution in the capital city and surrounding area. the local government to collect money for the to help air pollution problem. the dot com that can report a chinese dinner dessert and they will govern partner tammy to pay one hundred us. we're sticking with elders and local air pollution pee. when journalists cannot comment when contacted local government official. it made it to the government started to charge a few years. can we have to pay the fifteen us dollars per metre warehouse the official refused to explain the peace the government always easier to collect money from ordinary people rather than those in the top to invest in curbing air pollution the unfortunate because in most cases the ever present on the small contributor to
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air pollution in china through proms are big company. want a daily report from the chinese academy of time. due to the coal burning contribute most to replace the capital city and nearby areas. but thirty four percent of the total came to court by police. completion of twenty two percent. my vehicle emission limit of fifteen percent. mcgovern take out the english and can only look to make a lot of pride of the commission has occurred to me to sort the problem. the former dean of the ppp code with children that tax reform cord tissue that call. everytime when i care but the ministry of environment protection. when private car emissions contribute too much air pollution. i feel they are speaking on time. it might be the incarnation fairly complete air quality that much in beijing. the reason the former tv host was so angry because he has reacted to the new limit for getting away from play. the block to go until i can clean water to them before they can purchase a car. even if they get one
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are still five working days the people cannot drive the car according to what to throw out or by comparison mccartney effective at all as mentioned above. most pollution resources come from coal burning and into the production. to make do with the biggest polluters the demand for health and pollution during production china securities journal report. and the right of a problem. more than happy in the country to making company this is shocking because he went twenty of the country's total win territory the first half of the year in the process to produce three hundred fourteen million tonnes of steel. that tickled the wonders the nation. kudos to alpine if you do not iron production. air pollution ariel the terrible compared to most other places. have you wish to carry a gun the chinese government did a lot of attention. the problem is not that tall the steel making industry is highly of the local government gdp growth target of twelve in plenary. forbidding its production would cure me of
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the culpability in the area tiny containers all to spread their money and that one with ichiro quo. i used to joke that someday we need to pay for breathing fresh air but never tot of countries too early. another one in preschool. we did pay for fresh air when the governor plans to curb air pollution in the did you know you'll still be required to pay between ten p what a brilliant idea. some chinese users expect there to cut back to more directly to the government. one broke all the polluted air and it is not the fault of people who live there. the fall the government poured ministry capability the government should be punished but rather ordinary people. finally when we recap the pro quo. the governor should give us one document for person the loft in air pollution. neutering air quality problem the responsibility of individuals and the government over its money to hear what the ordinary people to reduce the pollution without addressing major corporation the problem the worse. more people live without you guys get cancer and die early
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moving on up to get the prize fund of trouble beating her to understand the cost of living. people must read. they get the map are protected by delivering them with the look of the guests. the running to him. twenty one. it was on a visit to swim with. i could do that the hunter. well i was saying. pointing to the shopping going to work the kids. or at least one
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hundred package that day high. he should fight insurance for company. i got my camera to get through to get nearly forty minutes for every package and they may have to deliver two hundred packages today. the postman has a total joke. they are efficient. my packages can ripen. more to pay extra fees proposed but not for the rest of them. and for pancakes the president of community in the i mentally tougher i arrived at the brooklyn born and king you might get the post man can and thirty cents for packing. i know it's a french company needs to get back. it did that day i get to the top of the region. and to lever up to the packaging. what usually does online shopping but we think of every law that the patient and he did
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he. they may have a good one to know it. small packaget for a big package that doesn't seem like much but i've not put enough to deliver hundred to keep active everyday. during the peak you can get to over three thousand four hundred packages every day. then out for development debate. we dig deeper into some the question should the future empress of china today our debate up and relax. the one cup of tea to help the labor force and thereatcomy. in november of this year china thirteen years of the discussion ton of new leaders. the defeat of on
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the one cup of tea the committed anyone one couple was an only child they could have attempted to birth a second child. you poking it into a job and population structure and reasonable way the complete entry on control total population. the court in front of two thousand tonnes per trip in two thousand and ten. the five point five percent of the tree to about fifty percent compared to lt ten years the donkey ratio of more severe than before. twenty more than a hundred fold. we mailed it to two point five to thirty five years old. maybe having two million e mail. aging population problem will become more curious attitude of thirteen. the population older than fifty years old will count for more than thirty percent on total population the new pope is expected to improve the dolphin ratio will ease the shortage of labor force in china. the un to hinge on the calm that i cannot come in off the field trip we visited called composite back in time the economy. first although pointed out the new poll to increase
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the consumption into chronically short of the long run. that could hit the board of education communication will travel. all he could be due to low capital. we are all committed to the polls he could also provide the labor force has improved and international competitiveness which on economic development. its economy like it like more high technology industries. modern service industries. i could on thursday. at that time. more tellingly report to reply the un to bet that you publicly commit to demand the time and all. he was a newborn babies. the major force in promoting innovation multiple industry. we are at the coffee helped increase to govern tax revenues and financial income the entire population structure the next ten years. the teen population too bright. you increase the government expenditures on medical care to impose security. the honor because of the faulty increase in new born population. when they get to work the weekend to be more tax revenue which is a government financial pressures. however there also
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some worried about the new ball. the article post on twenty percent of business herald said the new policy would like to be more positive increase social pressure to the new puppy might improve china's population structure as a result. part of the factors that affect the population structure that other ninjas are the most important factor in changing the population structure. the article pointed out that the chinese government wants to prove its population structure to encourage people to give birth this really possible no child bearing age and are being put in china. even though the number of new born baby is increasing it to bear more pressure when they grew up. if they get married. i have to take care of the parent. meanwhile the need to take care of the young baby. the article above to be a great economic pressure and mental pressure to them. the article worried that the shoe mostly chinese colleges and universities trail roman expansion plan the postponement of their native well. the article that would be a total turn in china. apart from the governed to change it its report to govern to do
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some other things to tackle he problem. the article suggested that the chinese government to consider increasing investment in education. this would decrease the cost of education to promote family is complete carried out to coffee. it would not change and population structure and positive way. indeed as many damaged camper have a second child. he dealt with in the consumption demand has resulted time you improve meanwhile calls for careful planning and for a person that i need to properly implement the policy otherwise it might just be open for anyone. okay that's all we have time for the date of the china price watch deleted a couple living in china. until that you can do a neighborhood that all line up he went out to be documented. and. xian
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the chins. they are all on my way up. it's like. it holds up the defence sources said. the breakup child in
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the nineteen th. democracy. i teach english and spanish the group only has strong support of the recent integration in the european union. celtic culture on the issue. he calculates an open with europe. albania bosnia. the man craig share surely you can. they could match the kenyan coast of the montenegro and i were checking out the details of economic and commercial shipping them to the eu. in many cases tell if the animals to teach me teach or preach or just an obstacle to regional cooperation. from the european continent and expected. twenty three countries and regions. you can eat a tasty dish or on line are you trying to fight against corruption and organized crime the outta here. when cutting them to
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express our readiness normal homework only by riots. but by a concrete situations country row tickets. and i think that is important that ppp. it was always the force behind the enlargement process and beyond to continue. the use of cleaning he is organizing its core fans. we must to hit them. a good target to reach. with lesser god. it's pop tarts or to peace in europe. top ten stocks process. we must to be taking a boat to shore up the problem of these us. it's impossible to have that jesus became our fallacious. even criteria such as teaching nineteen ninety three european council and denmark to find other countries eligible to join the eu the criteria required to state estimates that you choose to present democratic governance and human rights
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functioning market economy that's not the case the eu many reforms to me it sounded too quiet. he's going well but it could be better we expect only eu member states to respect the conclusions of the european council and two most of the dates for serbia for opening the accession negotiations before the end of the irish presidency that was a commitment to be with twenty seven so i don't have any reason to doubt that the eu member states will stick to their commitments montenegro. iceland's techie. former yugoslav republic of macedonia oven mitts scarves that country strict sense the people who criticize future announcement saying the eu is in danger of becoming a victim of a success. coming out in a neighborhood puts me in and took my kids agreed. some people thought that maybe worms six was enough. when a
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pro. what we're seeing is that you can units become better and better. i don't agree with those who ascended to heaven and often succeed because in that sense because of the market driven more by the dynamic europe we had otherwise the problems we have today and almost coming from announcements are coming from the reforms in very many of those member states geographically the toxicity of the western balkans in the region that it can import into the eu the exception to the eu and you won't charge you nine. the contents in the region the eu. i want to comply. it's true. which will be the next eu. don't worry you can find more information now what. ppp group don't eat until next time thank you for watching. it is. six
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season. says. goo. will you
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the one we will do the ira welcome to nhk world islam and you know tommy and total here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. air pollution engine reached a record level over the weekend prompting authorities to issue a special morning. anti government protesters in thailand are calling for a nationwide strike. as the increased pressure on the prime minister to step down


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